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Aloe Vera for acne

Break off a leaf of Aloe Vera from plant; the gel-like liquid inside the leaf when applied to acne pimples helps heal acne faster and without scarring. Can also be used to wash entire face to keep skin looking healthy and to prevent acne in the first place.

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Aloe plants are good Comments By: Sara on 2004-08-12
It's a great idea to have an aloe plant around because the gel inside helps the healing of burns and it cools your skin. Great for sunburn. I havent tried it on my zits tho yet...but I'll have to try it.
I agree Comments By: christa on 2004-08-16
Aloe vera works very well to heal zits and red marks from previous acne as well.
helps heal without scarring Comments By: Simone on 2004-09-07
I used aloe gel from a fresh leaf and in a week my zits were reduced significantly without any redness or dryness. The second week was very beneficial for reducing scars. I am in my third week now and the healing is still continuing well.
Its so good Comments By: Christopher on 2004-12-31
Ive used aloe for one day! and it works amazingly, the pimples diminised and all the redness is gone. I can only imagine after a week what im going to look like.
alove vera? Comments By: leese on 2005-05-03
Im glad to see the results are well seen with aloe vera! I have seen some products at my local health store with aloe vera (99 5 alove vera listed), and was just wondering if this was as effective as using the gel from the plant.

Also, where can I find msyelf an aloe vera plant, are they easily available ? How much, and how ofetn should i use aloe vera?

thanx a bunch!


I strongly suggest it! Comments By: Anon on 2005-05-20
I usually get huge red bumps, that leave sacrs on my face. But ever since I have been using aloe vera on my face it has changed dramatically! YOu can get a plant at Home Depot, and its really cheap too! I love it and use it every night on my face!
Aloe Vera gel? Comments By: kat on 2005-07-14
just wondering if aloe vera gel has the same effect? or do you actually have to use the pure aloe vera?
aloe Comments By: Shannon on 2005-08-26
you can get liquid aloe vera (100%) from a good health food store. My facial lady recommends putting in a spray bottle in the fridge and spritzing your face as much as possible. I think I need to stop wearing makeup and use hats instead of sunscreen until my skin clears up. What a pain!
Aloe Gel Comments By: jezz on 2006-02-19
I've tried the 100% gel, and it does reduce scarring and redness, but it hasn't cleared up much of my acne. I guess the real stuff from the plants work better.
NO!NO!NO! Comments By: NELLIE on 2006-03-24
err... not so Comments By: daniel on 2006-06-11
i ahv neever try those alor vera stuff b4, for my information alooe vera juz treat fro inflammination, wound \.... but isnt it good for acne and acne scar? er.... i dun think so.. i means acne SCAR
!!Miracle medicine!! Comments By: anon on 2006-06-21
We have always owned many aloe vera plants in our family. Ever since I was little my mom would use aloe vera for cuts, burns, acne,scars and many other things. Aloe was the only medicine we ever owned! I have bad acne and I have always known that aloe vera would be my answer, but for being lazy I never used it. Graduation was coming up and I started using aloe vera for about two weeks prior, and for graduation my skin was fresh and I was looking gooood! Now my skin is blemish free without ever using expensive products. I just wish I would have started using sooner. *you can leave on aloe vera over night like a mask, and your skin will feel wonderful in the morning*
its a miracle Comments By: marina on 2006-07-11
ive had reallly bad acne for 2 years now and my face used to be really red from all the facials and all the cosmetics that have chemicals in them which make it worse. i tried aloe vera for 1 weeek now putting it on my face and my red spots have blemished away and my ance is becoming much better. i had alot of inflammation in my skin and aloe helps the inside come out and then dryes it up leaving no scars. i like it alot and it really does work. however the gel i used also and it makes ur skin more red so i wouldnt suggest it. the real plant works better cuz its herbal and nautural not mixed with other ingredients
Ok Comments By: Tyler on 2006-07-22
I have aloe vera moisturizer I got from GNC. I am trying it now (my first day) so I really really hope it helps my acne. I will post back here in a week.
Aloe Gel Comments By: Anon on 2006-09-07
I have had a serious bout of acne recently. I tried everything (tea tree oil, benzoil, salycic acid)... and once I finally let up using all of that crap that dried out my face and gave me more pimples and started using an aloe gel all over my face -- my acne cleared up in a matter of days. Not to mention my skin is so soft. It now looks as though my old acne scarring is being reduced. I do not have the bottle with me to let you know of the brand, but just make sure you read labels and know that what you are using is 100% pure.
Aloe is AWESOME! Comments By: Kristin on 2006-10-11
Aloe vera works for just about anything INCLUDING ACNE! It works really well if you peel a couple pieces and boil them with just a LITTLE water. You can put it in a jar and keep in the fridge, then when you apply to your face it is very refreshing.
how To boil Aloe veRa? Comments By: Anon on 2006-11-16
boil it with a little water?..can tell more detail pls?like..boil until when..and the water turn how..saturated?
as moisturiser? Comments By: mel on 2006-12-06
do you hav to wash the aloe gel after u apply it?wont it be sticky?so it can be used as moisturiser?
Yup Comments By: Michele on 2007-03-11
Yup, you just peel off the skin, squeeze the gel out and apply it onto your face. Using it as a mask is very good.
how do i use it? Comments By: spitz on 2007-06-14
do i just leave it on for like 10 minutes and then rinse it off, or do i leave it on over night
psoriasis Comments By: Ange on 2007-06-22
Does help heal psoriasis a lot or a little bit?

TipKing says: Try it out! It is a natural remedy and will not hurt

how long? Comments By: notsure on 2007-08-17
i was also wondering how long to leave it on. i tried the toothpaste and left it on overnight and it burned my skin so i dont want to do that again. I'm not sure about this and i really want t no be4 i try it out and do it wrong.
face masks Comments By: Julie on 2007-08-17
at ur local shoppers drug mart u can get these face masks in a little package. they have enough for about 3-4 masks. i recomend the calming face maskwith aloe vera and mint..it works wonders on your face. i love it. i recomend u use it about once every 2 weeks. leave it on according to the package and rinse off. it works the same as the actually aloe and is alot easier to use as a mask.
aloe vera on my acne Comments By: sheryl on 2007-10-18
its great!!!! my aunt use 2 use it n she tld me 2 try it ive been using it 4 a week and its great scars are goin already!!! but advice use the plant for betta effectiveness!!! i use it in da mrn n at nite.
Fantastic Comments By: gagzy on 2007-11-08
this stuff is fantastic, but, you have to make sure u use the whole bottle of gel (abt 200ml approx, hence a course of 1 month ~ daily ) before u see the complete desired results! this is because, skin is renewed every 28 days, and requirses this much time to adjust itself to the external remedy.
Although aloe vera gel is a fantastic way to clean up the skin, i must stress, drinking lots of water and eatin fruit and veg are sooooooooooo important!!!

You Just Leave It On Over Night..... Comments By: Do Whaaa Ditty on 2008-03-01
I get me off a big leaf of it. I peel of the out side skin and apply the inside all over my face at night before I go to bed ( I let it dry then go to bed). I put the rest that I don't use in a baggy and put it in the frig. I do this till that leaf runs out. Then I wait like a week and go get me another leaf.
Aloe vera is good for zits! Comments By: Sicourney on 2008-03-20
If you try Aloe Vera you will get fast results and beautiful skin!It's great!
Aloe Vera Burn Comments By: Rose Mary on 2008-03-22
I use Retin-A on my skin and have used it for 20 years. I also use organic aloe vera liquid (99%) to minimize the redness and it usually works well. A few days ago, I was putting on my aloe vera liquid once every hour as I usually do to minimize the redness quickly, and I ended up having a chemical reaction somehow that burned my face as if I had had a chemical peel. Since I have had many chemical peels in my life, I know how to care for it, but for the life of me I can't figure out how I could have gotten an allergic reaction to the point of it burning my skin as this has. I am researching to find if anyone else has had this type of a reaction with aloe vera, but nothing so far. If anyone knows something, please post.
APPLYING ALOE PLANT Comments By: JASON on 2008-03-31
hoping..prayin Comments By: jenny on 2008-04-25
i've tried several remedies for my acne and now im trying aloe vera gel..hopefully it'll work for me too...
Aloe Vera for Acne Comments By: Tracy on 2008-05-05
I have bad ace for at least 3 months now. I've been using all kind of products such as obagi, dermalogica, proactiv etc ... you name it but none of them works .. I'm recently using Aloe Vera (leaf) and I actually feel it works. I still have some scar and redness, but I strongly believe that those scar and redness will be gone soon.
ALOE VERA PLANT Comments By: SUSAN on 2008-05-13
ANY IDEAS ON WHERE I CAN GET THE ALOE VERA PLANT FROM??? cos i want to be using the plant on its own not the gel..

Does it burn? Comments By: Guam Girl on 2008-05-14
I have really sensitive skin. I have always had blemish marks with little tiny bumps all over my face since high school. I'm now 35 years old and I dream of just clear skin. I've read everyone's comment, so I really hope it works.
Warning Comments By: Jen on 2008-05-20
I've been reading about the benefits of aloe. In my search I found that you have to be careful when scraping the gel inside. The edges are tougher and sometimes have a redish or brown tint. These browish areas are very irritating and should be avoided. Only use the gel center. An earlier posting described a chemical reaction. My guess is from this brownish area.
Differin Comments By: Chris on 2008-05-27
Should I stop using differin or any other acne product while i try the aloe vera or is it ok to use both at the same time
Beggining of the best Comments By: darkly on 2008-06-15
I have recently began using aloe vera straight from the plant on my acne scars. I have been told it is excellent but on many arguements as to if it actually fixes scars and acne. This is my second day and i have taken a photo so in a month i shall see if there is a differnce, stay tuned!
sweet! Comments By: mp on 2008-08-09
ive used it 4 like 3 nights now n i feel prety confident right now
First Time Comments By: hug00l on 2008-08-28
i hope it reduces my redness I have from the dryness i got from acne products
Does it really heal acne scars?

more usage Comments By: Dan Tyler Wynn on 2008-09-02
Hey guys you've all heard the potential of aloe vera, it works very well if you stay consistent, I do recommend a facial wash anytime of the day if your getting oily. Not only that aloe vera can also be eaten, and has a Full effect on your body and skin. Furthermore fruits, vegetables, good nutrition, avoiding spicy foods often, and recommended amount of sleep and excercise will keep you mint. Hope this helps.
Aloe for acne Comments By: Elle on 2008-09-08
I've used aloe vera for my acne. I wouldn't say it heals acne fast.. it took me several week.. but then my acne was gone and left no scar
It works Comments By: Carolina on 2008-09-19
Aloe Vera is cheap and it works. You have to be consistand that's all.
I love Aloe Vera Comments By: Riez on 2008-10-06
I have tried many kinds of acne creams and even went to a beauty centre to treat my acne. Not only do they make my acne worst, my face has also become very red and dry. With my cousin's advice, I decided to give Aloe Vera a try. Within just 2 days, I noticed the redness on my face has reduced and so are my acne. I also try not to touch my face so often. And drink lots and lots of water helps too. Aloe Vera is cheap and safe. Just be careful not to use the yellow part of the gel. May irritate the skin.
Yes?Does it? Comments By: Hottay on 2008-10-08
Aloe Vera has tightened my pores, my my skin less oily, and cleared up some pimples. But it hasn't done a thing for my redness and acne scars! I have been using the gel however. Someone who has used the gel and the plant, tell me: what is the difference (if any!)??
=] thanx!!

Aloe & Acne Comments By: Michelle on 2008-10-08
the aloe plant works with anything, yes i have tried it all.
it deffinatly works with acne, i used it once & i could tell a difference.
i dont use it all the time but i do use it some. i mostly use Pro Actice & it DONT work. =(
it really sucks because some people dont have the heart & say bad things about you just because you have acne & that is not right but if you use aloe vera or one of the plants it really works.

I'll give it a try Comments By: Anon on 2008-11-13
I just used a face mask and it completely burned my face. I applied it unevenly so there wre red splotches all over my face!!! I used cold water to decrease the redness and it worked a little. THen I tried aloe vera gel and left it on all night. It worked great!!! thanks!
ALOE VERA WORKS WONDERS TO ACNE Comments By: DeeDee on 2008-11-06
Aloe vera works wonders to your skin. I have used it for years. People have always complimented me on my skin. My face was irritated with pimples before. This is my regimen. Wash your face with Aveeno Face Bar, Rinse with cold water, Use a cotton ball and add Witch Hazel as an astringent. Let it air dry, and then add Jason's Aloe Vera and let it air dry. WATCH YOUR FACE BECOME BABY SMOOTH AFTER 2 to 3 WEEKS OF USE. Those zits will diminish and you will be confident!
QUESTION Comments By: Sophia on 2008-11-22
Dee dee. I have a question for you

Where can i find the Jason's ALow Vera.
Please reply back

Aloe Vera is great Comments By: mike on 2008-11-24
I've been using aloe vera for weeks now it does work. my skin used to be reddesh and have massive annoying pimples now it reduces and my skin is feels alot softer and smooth also i've noticed my skin became less oily than it was before. not only aloe vera good for the skin it's also good for the hair. haha
ance scars Comments By: Peter on 2008-11-28
I use aloe vera on my acne, and i was just wondering, is it possible for the aloe vera to bring out the scars more?
becuase i have realised it has given me more blemishes and it looks like the beginging of scars? any help

Gel Comments By: SS on 2008-12-08
Hey people, i noticed that everyone has tried aloe vera PLANT for acne, scars, inflammation, reddish marks. But i was wondering if the aloe vera GEL would give the same result ( or a slightly lower result ). Will using the gel irritate your skin more ? Hit me back, thnx loads !
Works for me Comments By: OT on 2008-12-09
++ You can order Jason's Aloe Vera from iHerb.com ++ I used their Aloe Vera 84% & Vit. E

I had inflammation on my neck skin from using different kind of acne medications. Then someone from my health store recommended aloe vera. I have been applying this gel for 3 days and the result is amazing!! Friend at work saw the big difference. Redness is all gone, the pimples gradually disappear.

Hoping For The Best!!! Comments By: Hannah on 2008-12-16
I'm going to try it for the first time tonight... I was bored so I was reading the back of our gel bottle and it said it could be used for blemishes.... Does the gel have the same affect as using it straight from the plant? I'm hoping it does.... Our gel is 100% natural with nothing added so I imagine that it will work... Anyway, I'm hoping for the bast and I'll check back in a week with my results. = )
Help Comments By: John on 2008-12-20
I have been applying aloe vera gel straight from the plant to my face for about a week now. I haven't seen much improvement from my acne or my scars. So a question i have is should i keep applying the aloe to my face? Please respond. Thanks.
aloe vera gel with yogurt Comments By: Sana on 2009-01-30
I've been using aloe vera gel with the same proportion of yogurt for last 2 months. I apply it twice a day for 5 minutes and then after a light massage, rinse it with water. My skin has become very soft and it looks clean. I ordered a bottle of 100 % aloe vera gel online and I keep the mixture in a small bottle to keep it handy. It also helps reducing acne and scars.
its good Comments By: minu on 2009-01-23
can u pls tel, is it good to wash our face with any face wash after applying alo vera
Burnt face Comments By: Mel on 2009-01-30
hi i recently got Retin-A from my doctors as he suggested i have mild acne never have i suffered from acne, anyway i put it and after a day my whole face burned like crazy, it's so red, really depressed about this i want to use aloe vera but i'm really worried that i would have another reaction, i have ultra sensitive skin, someone let me know if they have sensitive skin and aloe vera has worked for them? Thanks
Aloe Vera Really Works!!! Comments By: Adz on 2009-01-12
Hi All,
I have suffered from acne for at least 10 years now. I recently did amajor detox to rid all the toxins from my body, which is the best step to starting to clear skin. It did however cause a MASSIVE severe breakout which made me really depressed. I guess all the bad stuff in mybody had to come out. If you dont give your full insides a major clean, acne will just keep coming back.
Since I had a bad breakout my mum suggested I try and use aloe vera. We have a plant so I cut the leaves and coated my face with the sticky gel.
I usually leaveit on over night or two-three times a day if I am not at work.
It has been 1 week now, and am pretty amazed with the results. It dries up the pimples without scarring. I dont think it does much for a lot of old scarring, but I use Vitamin E cream for that.
If you are like me and have triedEVERYTHING please give it a try, it is amazing.
Please understand that it only assits to heal acne, you have to have a good diet drinking LOTS of water (i drink 3 ltrs a day), lots of fresh fruits and veggie.
Basically any acidic foods must beavoided!

Well good luck!!! xxoxx

3 yrs of suffering acne scars and acne:( Comments By: Michael on 2009-02-25
Hi guys, i have read all your comments and suggestion here on this website and it really give me the force and enthusiasm to use the aloe vera plant(Leaf). Because i think this will help me in wiping all my acne scars and redness of the pimples around my face. im suffering acne scars,oily skin, redness of pimples all over my face for about 3 years already. I've use pimple clearing creams to minimize my pimples from coming back those creams having sulfur. i also tried to use sulfur soaps, sulfur soaps helps my face healthy and it stops my pimples from growing. but the problem is my face is still suffering acne scars and redness.. Could the aloe vera plant help me with this annoying problems on my face?.:D i hope u can help me guys.. thnks.. repz asap.:D btw, im from the Philippines.
it works!!! Comments By: K on 2009-03-03
i use 99% aloe vera gel since my face was covered with acnes in the past 2 weeks. but since i start using the gel in the past 3 days the acnes have started to diminish.. and the redness is slowly going down too. i feel my face brighter and dark spots lighter.
i don't know if this is all psychological but i care for my face so much i took a picture of the "progress" everyday and i can see the difference! just wondering if i can use aloe vera gel on my face everyday? or i should only keep it at the time of healing?

How to use aloe vera gel ?? Comments By: Roddick on 2009-03-05
How to use vera gel on skin ??
We have to use at day time or night??

my story Comments By: no more acne! on 2009-03-13
i ve suffered from acne for over 8 years and now got almost clear face, just have some post acne dark spots. the only thing that really worked was Retin A gel which i ordered from switzerland. i ve applied this gel for almost one year except for summer time + before applying the gel i moistured my face with aloe leaf. both work well together on me. try to leave aloe on your face all long as possible and it will tighten your pores, gradually, ..yeah i forgot + take skin vitamins, i liked vitabiotics (bought in uk) and alphavit (from russia) . good luck!
can it be used ass a cleanserr?? Comments By: jordannn on 2009-03-14
so i was wondering if aloe vera can be used as a clensar, like are you aloud to put the plant gel on in the morning and then wash it off in a couplee minutess??
please tell me!!thx

aloe vera Comments By: Dina on 2009-03-17
I developed this red puffy rash under my eyelids after being allergic to a makeup I was using. The gel from inside the leaf has really soothed and healed the burn under my eyelids. I felt the healing on the 2nd day. I wear it under my makeup and it makes my skin look younger too. It feels a little tight as it dries but after the makeup is on. It looks and feels great.
Acne, that was me!! Now I am free!! :) Comments By: Jenny on 2009-03-19
I started having acne about 6 years ago. Tried pro active's system, but was too strong and drying for me. Tried a bunch of diferent products, trying to get rid of my acne...over the counter and professional lines...clean and clear, salicilic acid, PCA, dermalogica, neutrogena...you name it.

Nothing was helping and my concern about my acne pushed me into becoming an licensed esthetician to learn more about my skin and it's problems. I became very frustated as nothing seem to help my acne and I was starting to get ugly deep scars as I picked at them. The more I picked at them the more they appeared on my face. I know is hard to see that zit on your face, but you MUST leave it ALONE!! And please DO NOT put any spot treatment like 5% benzoil peroxide as it might burn and scar your skin on the spot you applied it.

I visited dermatologists...they gave different meds. Differin and many others as well as antibiotics. Tried it, did not see any changes.

Finally I tried JUST acne free wash twice a day (just the cleanser) as by using it alone is not as drying (overly dry skin from products can cause more breakouts) then I use ALOE VERA as a moisturizer and or mask. This 2 have work wonders for my skin. I been using this for about 2 months. So far I have had ONE zit (I am serious) and my facial skin is baby soft with the aloe vera.

I now WASH MY HANDS WELL FIRST WITH AN ANTI-BACTERIAL SOAP, then wash my face twice a day with acne free the amount is the size of a nickel to help fight the P Acnes bacteria(cost about $7 at walmart).

Then I apply aloe vera gel straight from the plant to my face. I use the gel of a young plant since the smell is not as strong as moisturizer during the day and under my makeup. Then at night I wash my face again with acne free and use the gel of an older aloe vera plant (has a stronger smell to it) and leave on as a mask until next morning. Then in the morning I wash my hands and rinse of the aloe vera with cool water as it will help shrink your pores(not warm or hot)

After rinsing the aloe vera off my face, I wash my face with acne free...(if you have clean hands the acne free will form a nice lather) (if your hands are not clean is not going to make any lather)

Now I own about 5 plants. I don't use anything else. I am very happy... as this 2 together worked for me and they are NOT expensive at all. :) GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU GUYS... I KNOW IS HARD... KEEP POSITIVE AND BE GENTLE WITH YOUR SKIN.

amazing effect! Comments By: madzei on 2009-03-27
mine was hormonal pimples, when my period is nearly approaching my pimples start to pop out off my face and its very awful and distracting on my part, so uncomfortable. The pimples appear so reddish and a little bit large... i tried lots of products even going for a treatment every 2 weeks but nothing helped. Until I decided to try aloe vera fresh cut leaf, after a week or more, so very dramatic change... really amazing! try it for those pimple/ acne sufferers, apply it regularly... you'll have clear, clean, smooth, baby skin,,, good luck!
OMG Comments By: blah on 2009-04-27
Ever since i enter my youth, my skin condition started to aggravate due to hormone changes.My skin even deteriorated recently and it was SO demoralising.Hanging out has since been a nightmare for me!
Its was not long before my cousin who recommendated me the aloe vera remedy which treats ACNE and PIMPLES,and it really got me interested.Miraculously,this stuff really works!In only a few days time,my skin condition,blemishes,acnes,pimples, scarring,what-so-ever improved tremendously.Aloe vera really works wonder!
Even then,you will have to apply it on a daily basis to see EFFECTIVE AND FAST results.
However do bear in mind that a proper diet and personal hygience also play a prominent role in maintaining a healthy and glowing skin.And most importantly,DO NOT pick or squeeze your acne or pimples as it will leave permanent scarring or worst still.Dont believe,go try it out yourself.
Although this few days i encountered HUGE swollen pimples,but i solely believe that patient and consistency will regenerate a new healthy and flawless in no time!!!

How to get the gel out Comments By: Adam on 2009-05-03
Will my plant die if i get the gell out and how do u get it out

TipKing says: It practically runs out from a broken stem

JUST TRY IT GUYS! Comments By: david on 2009-05-05
guys ive had pretty bad skin for the past couple years. started off with clinda-tech, then went to tables such as minicilyn and some other thing. then was prescibed differen gel, then used benzyol perozide. can i just say how much i regret using all that stuff! the more i used that stuff the worse my skin got. wasnt for the past cople months ive been using natural substances. instead of prescribed drugs i now go to a health food store and buy acne tables called bio s. theyve got zinc, vit a and some herbs which reduce inflamation. i now use aloe vera on my skin and i swear by it. i also bought aloe vera juice which u can get from your health food stroe....expensive $30 for a 2l bottle but worth it. i also every now and again cut open a vitamin e capsual and put th liquid onto my skin. vit e is great for ur skin. protects it formt he sun and protects your skin form free radicles such as the bacteria which acne is made up of. i really dont want people to make the same mistake i did and use prescription medication. using differen gel, my skin cracked until it bled. i couldnt smile for a week until my skin regained moisiter. clinda tech smelt like nail polish remover. dont make the same mistake i did. do your research about natural products and just try things. i wish u all the best
great Comments By: jamie on 2009-05-06
works for pretty much anything, but beware if ur skin gets to dry or u have a cut on ur face it will make it apear dark red or brown. just avoid trying to get ur face too dry before using it, but it works amazingly.
Aloe is AWESOME. Comments By: Emily on 2009-05-09
I'm 15 and a natural redhead with very fair/ sensitive skin. Any acne product I've ever tired made my skin red and itchy. And any Aloe Vera gel from the bottle had a burning effect. But the Aloe Vera plant is amazing! No irritation whatsoever! My sunburn was gone almost completely over night! This stuff is a miracle, and I recommend it to anyone! I bought it at the local grocery store and it was only 99 cents!
saira x Comments By: anon on 2009-05-10
i had a aloe vera plant at home so i thought id give it a go and within 2 days my redness has gone down and my zits appear to have gone down. i also bought an aloe vera gel for my face from holland aand barrat which i use at night.i would recomend it to people who have redness,spots and also acne scars.
*** amazing**** Comments By: daelds on 2009-05-24
Aloe Vera gel is good for the hair too... my great grand is about 103 years old she's using aloe vera gel as a shampoo sence she was a young.. she never had a grey hair until she get 95 years old with a thick hair..just try it. good luck!
aloe vera is best Comments By: naman on 2009-06-04
i have been using aloe vera for 3 months and i am getting awesome results,really it works on pimples.
Use aloe vera as an amazing cleanser Comments By: Sahan Devinda on 2009-06-14
Get a piese of aloe vera leaf(size of a fingure).wash it.cut the right & left sides of the leaf.cut the leaf from the middle and open it as a book.then take a spoon and take out only the liquid using the spoon's back side.to do that just give a little pressure on the inside ofthe leaf and push it gently.do not take pieces.and then take a lime and cut a piece about 1/4 of it and put juise to aloe juise mix well. apply well on skin allow it to dry. and then after about 30 mins wash it out.It is not only cleansing your skin. will treat acne too!
natural remedy Comments By: morph on 2009-06-23
ya aloe vera has unique effects on acne,i m using it...i found it best for acne..
lets c........ Comments By: sarah on 2009-06-30
well....i'v read the comments.n m sick n tired of my acne!!!!!!!m gonna try it now.lets c....i hope it works..
aloe & acne & dry skin Comments By: paula on 2009-07-01
I began using aloe vera for sunburns about 20 years ago. Soon after I also began to use it as an after shower moisturizer, for my face in particular. Skin tends to feel rather tight and dry following a shower. This became part of my routine and I haven't looked back.

For 20+ years now following every shower ... occasionally at other times during the day I have been using aloe. I have always liked the fact that it was natural, non-greasy and essentially disappeared about five minutes after using with no residue leaving your skin properly moisturized. Evidence suggests that aloe provides significant benefits far exceeding simple sunburn treatments. This seems to be backed up by the fact that island residents where aloe is prevalent and used regularly tend to have skin looking years younger than the user's true age.

My preference is towards the more natural. Aloe from the plant is a clear gel - not green as many products show it. I suppose some manufacturers have made it green because that color is either expected or more pleasing in some way but if you are looking for natural you want it clear and as close to 100% aloe vera as is possible. Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera fills the bill on all fronts. 100% aloe vera, no added color, no added alcohol etc. It has become our house favorite.

Side note: at the time I began using it I was not seeking a youth potion, just a way of getting rid of that tight dry feeling following a shower. I don't know if credit belongs with the aloe, heridity, luck or some combination but my skin appears quite a bit younger than my age should dictate. Take that for what it is.

A new fan of herbal medicine. Comments By: Michael on 2009-07-04
I started putting aloe vera (banana boat) on my face after a HORRIBLE sun burn and realized that it cleared my acne up and starting healing the scars!! I couldn't believe it. I'm 21 and have been suffering with acne for a decade and tried everything. I am completely amazed and very happy.
AMAZING Comments By: Aaron on 2009-07-05
A few years ago I sustained horrible sunburn and was unfirtunately out of hydrogen peroxide. I had read earlier in a magazine that aloe vera can speed up the healing. And by late the next day my skin was free of redness. Now I'm using it on my acne and the stuff works MIRACLES. Forget proactiv, i'm pro-aloe!
aloe the natural way Comments By: Jason on 2009-07-10
I've put in a lot of internet research into aloe and I have heard nothing but positive results. So far I have only just begun my Aloe Vera (Plant) regimen, and it does reduce the red swelling of my skin. As for acne, which is the main reason I am using it, I will see in a couple of weeks.

As for "Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel," I'd deeply recommend avoiding it! If you look at the name, it is "100% gel" and not "100% Aloe Vera." Very sneaky and misleading. It also does not mention that some of the ingredients are dangerous and possible carcinogens.

Right now I prefer using the plant because it is the most natural and potent form of aloe vera. However, I am not sure if the plant will survive my indoor living because it does not get much sunlight so I found that "Aubrey Aloe Vera" is the best form of convenient Aloe Vera because it contains ONLY Aloe Vera, grapefruit extract, and vitamin C. It is the most natural bottled form of the stuff.

Good Luck!

Aloe Vera really works!!!! Comments By: Jesus on 2009-07-14
I am 17 years old i have been suffering from acne for the last year. Acne can really damage your life. My mom recently told me to start using aloe vera. I applied it and its been working. Also just maintain a good diet by drinking lots and lots of water. Exercise very well and your acne will reduce in a couple of weeks.
Refreshing Comments By: saleemah on 2009-07-16
I've had adult acne for several years and nothing worked for me. I used pro active once and it burned my skin so bad i have roscea and it darkened the skin around my eyes. I just started using aloe vera gel from the plant and i love the results. I scoop out the gel place it in a bowl with egg whites and cucumbers then I pour it into a blender on low. Once it takes a foamy slighty thick texture i pour it into a small bowl. I use a portion on my face as a mask for an hour then rinse and place the rest in the refrigarator covered. I try to do this 4 to 5 times a week, its a great concoction for healing and reducing pores.
method.HELP ME HELP ME.PLS Comments By: dhiraj on 2009-07-16
hey guys.I have the same problem of acne & scars. can any one help me in explaining the methods to apply aloe vera straight from the plant. i mean do's & dont's while applying it. what should i do after applying. please explain me in brief. please help me please.i hope somebody will help me.
*Please Help* Comments By: cj on 2009-07-21
does the aloe vera 100% gel that comes in a bottle work as effective as the liquid from the plant? Thanks

TipKing says: It is always worth a try as bottled Aloe is great for sun burn

curious to use aloe vera Comments By: Anon on 2009-07-22
I've just started using aloe vera.i hope it works.I have acne and i'm trying to find a solution.So far nothing i tried work.I'm gonna give it a try any ways.I would like to know how exactly to use it.Can i use it in the morning and night or only at night.If i only has to use it at night how do i care for my face in the morning.Please help.I'm using the plant.
Aloe Comments By: Jen on 2009-08-02
I have tried a very natural aloe, and I applied it on my face and as someone else stated, it did burn my skin, reddness, burning, ...I tried it on a sunburn, same stuff, and it was fine. Then I burned myself on the oven and applied all over my arm, and it burned my arm and caused swelling for a bit. I of course washed it off. I haven't used that brand since. I haven't given up on aloe, I am just trying another brand. So we will see!
Meh, it's worth a try. Comments By: Jessie on 2009-08-08
I've used Aloe Vera gel from GNC before on my face, when I used a stupid Aspirin mask on it and it burned my skin.
I left it on all night and I have to admit, it was hard to sleep, but in the morning my face looked and felt really nice.
I also had a really annoying pimple on my face and it reduced the size and the redness.
So, I've been using it for quite a while and considering I'm just going into high-school and bad acne is in my genes, I have quite an amazingly clear face.
I only get a few zits every once in a while.

where can i get it?? Comments By: leanna on 2009-08-12
i really wanna try this, but i wanna know if i can buy the 100% aloe vera gel at a drugstore, such as shoppers drug mart, or someplace like that? anyways, i live in toronto, so i wanna know if there's anyplace close. Also, i dont want to buy the aloe vera gel online. so yeah, if anyone can help, i'd appreciate.
it worlks!! Comments By: ashley on 2009-08-14
avoid fruit of the earth aloe!! it makes your pimples more red and burns them also avoid lemon and toothpaste because it burns slits in your skin which makes it easier for bacteria to come in. use the natural plant aloe its great. and tea tree oil is good for pimples. hope this helps
forgotten healing powers Comments By: Ari O. on 2009-08-14
When I was younger my Gran had an aloe vera plant. If my cousins or I got a scratch or cut while playing outside, we would run to her and she would apply the slimy, clear aloe substance right on to the open sore. The cut would feel much better and it would heal in a couple of days.
Im 20 now, and over the years I had forgotten about these nartural healing powers. Then I went to the beach with my best friend the other day and came home with a bright pink sunburn on my face. Im half black and half white, so when my skin is bright pink you know i've got it bad. Anyway, I haven't gotten a sun burn in a few years, so I ran out of that commercial aloe gel poduct a while ago. Suddenly, I remembered that my dad was growing an aloe vera plant in the back yard. I walked out there, snipped one of the tips off, and applied the slim to my face.
When I woke up the next morning, I looked in the mirror and realized that my skin looked really good. My pores had reduced, giving my face a smoother look. I had been breaking out on my cheeks, but the bumps were reduced. And best of all, most of the pink had faded from my sunburn plus it didnt hurt as bad!
All of these benefits surprised me and when I came on here to read other peoples comments, I realized that I could be appling the aloe slim straight to my face daily to keep it looking this fantastic all of the time!

Aloe Vera With African Black Soap Comments By: Amber on 2009-08-18
Try it. It will work wonders, trust me.
-Use African black soap as a cleanser.
-Use Aloe Vera gel as a moisteriser.

I guarantee in a less than a month you will have the flawless complexion you did as a child.

This combination is by far the most amazing and effective thing for acne cure.

African black soap is also known for fading dark spots, brightning your complexion and it makes it feel so smooth!

Try this, it will not fail you and you will never have to try anything else again.

African Black Soap is avalible in a range of different online stores starts at a price of $1.00, it is so cheap!

and aloe vera is pretty much avalible everywhere!

Hope this helps.

Email me on [email protected]
if you would like to know further on acne cures.

and remember the real cure is from the inside.

ALOE DOES NOT WORK FOR EVREYONE! Comments By: Thalita Marcial on 2009-08-29
you must be SURE that your BLOOD TYPE is compatible for aloe vera before you use it, or else you might have serious issues.

to find out your blood type you must go to a doctor, or have a blood test. From there you can find out ANYTHING from what you can or cannot eat, to what is great for your skin and what will injure it.

knowing your blood type will also really help you become healthier.
so what I know, is that ALOE VERA IS NOT GOOD FOR PEOPLE WITH AN "O" BLOOD TYPE.(blood type pos. or neg.)

i am an O blood type, and even though i may not use aloe vera for my health i can use other things, L'OREAL has great products and most dont include aloe vera, or neutrogena.

It works Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-11
Although i dont have severa acne, when i do get a spot they are huge and usually in the most obvious places (mid forehead!). Recently i have started using aloe vera from the plant. Whenever i can feel or see a spot coming it helps to stops it growing and decreases the sizes of spots that are alredy there. I would recomemmend to appl it before ou go to bed so your aloe vera can work on the skin duing the night.
This works wonders Comments By: Karen on 2009-09-09
I have very bad acne. I have used retin-a, triluma, doxy, tretacycline, medicantons with sulfur, clydinamycin, and the list goes on. I started using Aloe vera ( the plant) directly on my face. I cute the pulp out rube the skin on my face and let it sit on while i sleep and was it off in the morning. My scaring and pimples have vanished. I even blend the pulb in juice or cut up the pulp swallow it with water and it seems to work better.. TRY IT. however give it at least 2wks for results.
Fed up from Acne Comments By: Leena on 2009-09-10
I have pimples when I was in 9th standard. I took so many medicines to eat and apply on my face. My face remains fine if I take medicines but once I stop taking them, condition becomes worse.It is so embarrassing when I go to work with red spots on my face. Please suggest some remedy.
I'M TRYIG THIS MAGICAL PLANT! Comments By: luKY_girl on 2009-09-18
Thnx alot everyone for telling use about how good this Plant works =)and will give it a try;)
I'm very thankfull, and i hope it works On me! PLiz Miracle plant help me xD

God Bless U All =)

Do you have to apply on moisturizer Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-28
Do you have to apply on moisturizer after using aloe vera? or could it be substituted as one too?
aloe vera Comments By: temi on 2009-09-30
i hv moderately severe, acne 3 mnths ago a beautician told me abt applying aloe vera on face for acne,, i tried it n in juz 5 days i felt big diff,, then on 6th day 1st i applied fair n lovely n then aloe vera on tht at bed time n nxt day i was shocked my skin waz full of acne again,,, then i left it n tried DUAC ONCE DAILY GEL it works 4 me but whenever i stop using it my acne comes back ,, i want a thng tht cure my acne forever,, now i hv again started usin aloe vera on my face 4 three days n hope it will cure it better
Pure Maple Syrup Comments By: David on 2009-10-16
I suffered from acne from the time I was 12 to the time I was 23. I believe from my years of experience that it is a mult point problem. That means that it is not can be caused by one issue or multiple issues. As such the solution can vary.

Personally I've found that it is somewhat diet related. If you have a deficiency in something it will worsen acne.

Im not kidding try to cut off all artificial sugar and try to only eat fruits and drink water.

Now also a major thing is try to buy PURE maple syrup from the grocery store NOT artificial maple syrup. Maple syrup has a high percent of ZINC which aids in healthy skin. Having a deficiency in zinc can be a major factor in acne.

Trust me I started putting maple syrup in my coffee and in pancakes and the acne stopped appearing.

First time trying it and I love it Comments By: Alexis on 2009-10-23
Tonight is the first time I try Aloe Vera, my mom used it when she was in her teens and all her scars went away. Now I'm trying it and I hope that my scars go away. I have way too many and they're not good for the self esteem at all. For now, my skin feels really fresh and soft. I'm loving this natural product!
Aloe vera?? Comments By: Chulai on 2009-11-04
woww......im using aloe vera n its...still in progress...but yet i wonder whether aloe is NOT SUITABLE foe those who r blood type O??????? rily???
plzz help Comments By: Tehreem on 2009-11-04
i have a very bad acne problem :( ...plz tell me 1 thing.... in which season i can use Aloa vera on my skin??? as we know that winter season is almost come , so i can apply aloe vera on my skin ??? is it work ????? plz give me full information about this ..and 1 more thing Aloe vera is only for marks left by pimples or also for remaining Pimples????...i will be very grateful to u ..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
omg pimples hate it Comments By: angie on 2009-11-08
i have spend so much money in products, just hope is can help me i bought a plant at super stop & shop for 1.99 it just feel very stiff on my face more like a face mask, i just spend 130.00 on 4 life products. to detox my interal i dont now what esle to do until an old lady told me about aloe vera the plant just put it on your and that is it omg like see what happens
so again? can I cut a leaf, squeeze teh pulp and use it on my face directly? Comments By: svg on 2009-11-08
I have had a plant.... for as long as I have had acne! It never occurred to me that instead of trying expensive stuff to get rid of my adult acne, use the aloe vera plant at home...

how do I use it?

ALOE VERA Comments By: Sachin on 2009-12-15
I do not have acnes on my face, can i apply ALOE VERA every day??
AMAZING Comments By: priscilla on 2009-12-17
so ive had acne for about a year now.
and its horrible D: last week me and my mom went to the farmers market and we bought an aloe leaf. ive been squeezing the gel out and putting it on my face for only 3 days now and my acne/scaring is clearing up (THANK GOD) and my skin.. feels like a babys bottom. it is so soft! ive tried sulfur, tea tree oil and proactive none of them worked. but this stuff does! i can only imagine how its gonna look in a week! :D

BLOOD TYPE..GEL...WTF?? Comments By: Jay on 2010-01-02
Look man...I suffered (notice I said suffered past tence) from acne for 9 YEARS!! And aloe vera did what even the "miracle drug" ACCUTANE coulndnt do...it completely got rid of my acne and redness you just have to be consistent and keep using it DON'T EXPECT TO SEE RESULTS IN ONE WEEK FOR GODS SAKE..all topycal medicines are doing are damaging ur skin. those people saying it burns or you might hurt yourself if your blood type doesn't match WTF are you smoking!..aloe vera helps BURNS not BURNS YOU!..these people are idiot telemarketers trying to scare you. They don't want you to find a cure so that you keep buying their stupid products..I NOTICED PEOPLE THAT SAY IT BURNED THEM ARE BECAUSE THEY USED BRAND NAME GELS BOUGHT AT STORE...DO YOURSELF RUN TO YOUR LOCAL HOME DEPOT AND GET YOURSELF AN ALOE VERA PLANT...I GOT MY BABY FOR $6....that's right..$6 bought me my confidence and freedom back..my freedom to go out and show the world the beautiful skin that was hiding under my cystic acne..and those $2,500 I wasted on accutane...I miss them :(..ALOE VERA is truly the "miracle plant"..
totally effective Comments By: magic east on 2010-01-05
hi,I have used aloe vera gel from the plant,its amazing,my skin feels smooth and oil free with no pimples and no dark spots,I wish it would take away all the scars,it did took away some of them,I will keep using it for youthful and smooth skin and hopefully scars will fade.Also I use it for burns because it will reduce the pain and for cuts too.I think its better used with moisturizer and its much better than pricy products.I use it also on my legs for shaving rush,its the best.Just keep a plant at home
Aloe Vera the BEST Comments By: sweetpeez on 2010-01-14
I have been using aloe vera straight from the plant now for a week (started last week) and I can see it's working definitely, my face looks brighter and clearer, very smoothe too.

I don't even have to wear make up. My husband didn't even realize I wasn't wearing make up either, seriously!

I use a wash cloth with soap to get rid of the dead skin and then put the aloe vera on, I do this every morning and night. the aloe vera make my face feels a bit stiff when it drys but after a few minutes it feels normal again. It moisturizes my face quite well.

At work I notice people taking a second stare at my face, they don't ask yet but I can see that they notice the difference of my face and tone. I love it "no more expensive products for me".

ps the Clean and Clear Astringent for sensitive skin also works for me to remove the acne scars as the aloe vera doesnt seem to remove it. I put it on just on the scars and it clears it.

Aloe 1st Timer Comments By: besos_19 on 2010-01-16
When I was younger ,up until about 16, ppl always commented on my skin; its smooth caramel-y complexion always garnered a compliment. Then I started lightly breaking out. And it was no big deal until the pimples increased in size and then would flatten leaving dark spots (then it became a big deal). I have been struggling for 3.5 yrs now w/my acne and dark spots. My docs have prescribed clindamycin, birth control, doxycycline,benzoyl peroxide, retin-A and nothing works (only burns or shows no improvement).It can get disheartening. And just recently,last week, I was prescribed(by a derm) retin-A micro and retin-A gel. Way too strong. My skin has worsened w/burned spots. I called another doctor this morning who has prescribed aloe vera gel. And after reading the awesome, spirit-lifting comments, I have commissioned my mom to Home Depot to buy an aloe vera plant. I can't wait till she returns so I can begin my face back on the road to recovery and hopefully return to its caramel-y perfection (or close to it). Stay posted to hear about my progress.*Amor.Paz.*
aloe works on acne Comments By: anon on 2010-01-18
i use aloe for my face
trust me it works! Comments By: aneli on 2010-01-23
this work like seriously when i was 7 i fell and scraped half of mahh whole face mahh mom told me to put aloe vera on mahh face so i wouldnt scar nd ta da not only did it prevent me from getting a huge scar but made mahh facee all nice nd soft
READ This, all you need to know! Comments By: Valentine on 2010-01-27
When you use Alove vera, use spoon or blender to blend it,(when u peel the aloe vera skin ,try to avoid taking the green peel and yellow muscus,it's poisonous which can cause dierreah if u eat it) and put it in the fridgerator so u can ise i for whole week. Then use any soft thing(cloth, your fingetip) to put it on your face ater you wash it)Put it on there for 30 minutes. If u feel itchy a little bit,(which is caused by the poisonous yellow muscus) don't worry just keep putting it on for 20 minutes and wash it, keep doing that ur skin will get used to alovera. If u feel really itchy, u might get ang allergy which is rare ,STOP using it, wash ur face. WHen use aloevera u have to wear hat or avoid the sun as much as u can. Just use once a day, overuse it is not good becasue ALOe vera is really abrasive, When u use aloe vera, u will notice your skin feels smoother ann" thinner" so don't over use it, when u see the remarkable result, decrease your usage to 2 or 3 times a day. You can put it on yor whole body to have smoothskin , do it before tkaing a bath, do it 2 times a week for yor whole body will help. Good luck!
Aloe vera works! Comments By: peeka on 2010-02-17
I have been using aloe vera straight from the plant for about 4 months now. I filet a leaf, add about 5 drops of lemon juice to it and mix it in a blender. I keep it in the bottom of my fridge, in an opaque container and it doesn't turn brown because it's not being exposed to light.

I wipe my face with a cleansing cloth and then apply the aloe mix to my face. My skin rarely breaks out now and when it does the mix clears it right up. I got itchies in the beginning but I felt like it was "healing" my skin more than irritating it. Kind of like how when a cut or something is healing and it starts to itch?

I am hoping now that it helps with my hyperpigmentation because I have gotten A LOT of scarring from years of adolescent acne breakouts.

not good for everyone Comments By: serina on 2010-02-24
I used aloe vera on my face for over a week but instead of clearing my marks, I was left with brown patches I suppose it doesnt work for everyone
Not just saying "it works!" Comments By: Paige on 2010-02-25
I tried absolutely everything from the time i was 13 til now 21. ProActive, differin, retin-a, clean n clear, neutragena, clinique, i spent TOOOO much money. I tried the 100% aloe vera from my local healthfoodstore and my number of outbreaks have decreased SIGNIFICANTLY. when i see a pimple, proly once a week now, I know it will be gone in a day. i use witch hazel as a toner then apply the gel night and day. I NEVER post on these kind of things because if things work i dont wanna bewitch myself and if they dont I dont wanna get depressed talking about it...

But this works! I hope I'm helping someone...

alove vera Comments By: Nina on 2010-03-17
I tried everything.bio-oil,olive-oil,solugel nothing work for me.Now i am trying alove gel from plant. It's look better.No break out or itcehing for me. thanks alove.
PLEASE HELP!! Comments By: niamh on 2010-03-18
ive started using it from the plant and its not working much.. :( but i think that might be because im not using it right..
how are you supposed to use it? someone please reply im sick of gettin called pizza face because of my spots :'(

the best ,best,best Comments By: candybaby28 on 2010-04-22
I used to have very radiant and glowing skin as a teenager, but when I turned 20 all hell broke loose. I started suffering with acne , and was trying everything an I mean everything. using so many chemicals made my skin very dry,raw, uneven, blotchy, and just plain ugly. well I'm 28 now and I'm wanted to let go of chemical products and find natural products for my skin. I've been using african black soap that has help sooo much,but I wanted a good moisturizer. I used jojoba oil which was good but in the summer not so much. so I went to whole foods for a pure aloe vera gel and I found aloe life 99 percent skin gel,and it is awsome. I think it works better than the plant because its not sticky and its sets in the skin very well also its organic and contains vitamin a, c, e and herds. when I tell you within 2 days of using this stuff my skin appeared plump not swollen but like a baby no dryness are oilly. it also had a glow to it, my hyperpigmentation marks had already started to fade. I could not believe that something could work so fast. after 2 weeks I barely had to wear foundation, the combination of the african black soap and the aloe life skin gel worked one huge miracle on me battered skin. loves it!
help me?? Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-26
i have had acne for 3 years and my doctor gave me benzoyl peroxide and antibiotics... if i start using aloe vera do i have to stop using ither products my doctor gave me or no???? please help me
how to use the aloe vera plant(help lol) Comments By: saima on 2010-05-08
hi, ive had the aloe vera plant for ages, really its my dads he doesnt no i tuk sum leaves off,, (he's going to kill me lmao), yh i wanted to know how to use it on my face. how do i get da gel out of the leef and do i put the leaf in the frigde after i used sum, please tell me
Works wonders Comments By: Jameelah on 2010-05-11
I have been using the aloe vera plant on my face for a week. I have seen major changes in my acne. I HIGHLY suggest getting the plant.
beautician Comments By: AKSHAY.G.(AKKU) on 2010-05-28
ossom,very effective,genten on skin and the best part is no side effects.NOW I ENJOY ADMIRING MY SKIN.
USE IT AT NIGHT! Comments By: Dylan Bennett on 2010-05-30
Use it at night before you go to bed and dont go outside in the sun while using aloe or else your screwed(brown patches of skin)!
nightmare of every acane Comments By: akku on 2010-06-06
Good,Very Useful,Cheap and the best part is no "SIDE EFFECTS only"a "HEALTHY" and"GLOWING"skin.For very good results avoid....................................
"OILY FOOD".Dont use any"ARTIFICIAL SUPPLEMENT"for your skin.

BEST Skin Remedy for EVERYTHING! Comments By: Cinthia R. on 2010-06-08
I'm 20 years old and Ive suffered from acne since i was 12 years old.I started using aloe vera a few weeks ago for my acne and scars, my skin has honestly never looked more beautiful!

Aloe vera is also great for:
Scars, Stretch marks, sunburns, infections, constipation.
& so many other things, its like a miracle plant!

how long? Comments By: shakiya on 2010-06-20
i just started this at night its making my skin a little red but i see my acne starting to dry up so i hope in the next couple weeks it will clear up
heard abt it Comments By: dawn on 2010-06-23
I've heard abt aloe vera an how its good for acne and marks.today is my first day using it,oh I also heard that its good for younger looking skin.So I'm off to see what it will make my face look like in a few weeks.
ALOE VERA SOAP? Comments By: Neha on 2010-07-03
please name some pure aloe vera soaps available in market..
Im going to start today Comments By: Iz on 2010-07-05
I literally read all this comments and 98% are positive its kinda funny because my sister just bought aloe vera gel yesterday i didnt pay attention to it then read the bottle and it said it was good for the skin and started re searching. HOPEFULLY IT WORKS
I started using it YESTERDAY ! :D read. Comments By: Angelica on 2010-07-12
Hello, i'm a 15 year old Hispanic girl :) Well i've been going crazy with acne for about 1 1/2 years, & none of the ads online or anything on tv worked for me. everything seems like it's gonna work, then it doesn't. my parents have like 2 aloe vera plans. yesterday they told me to use it was good for like EVERYTHING :D & i started using it, & tried not to pick.. which was hard . but i'm doing it! && well redness has reduced so much, & the marks are lighter:o which is amazing..trust me. if this is working on me, it'll work on just anyone. I have mild acne. & like 1 month ago it was getting more & more severe. i'll deff. post back here if i see more improvements. this page helped me so much ! right now i'm gonna go buy the aveeno active nature moisturizing bar 4 dry skin & dickinson's witch hazel which i saw on here is good :))<3

good luck to all!

THIS DOES WORK, not kiddingggg! my regimen : Comments By: Angelica on 2010-07-19
Hello :)
Well yesss! I do have a regimen which is working fabulous for me. In a comment up there ^^^ I have followed that regimen & it's rlly workig. Ok, so first of all you NEED to stop picking the pimples & popping them. If you don't, this WONT work!!!! In the morning I wash my face with Aveeno Face Bar for dry skin, I bought it at Walmart :)
(if you have more time & your acne is not that bad I recommend that instead you buy this, they only sell it online. if you buy this don't buy the face bar. Most likely this works MUCH better, i might buy it in the future. http://www.amazon.com/African-Shea-Butter-Black-Ghana/dp/B0036LMFYO/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top)
Then I use Dickinson's original witch hazel astringent with a cotton ball, which i bought at Wallgreens. I let it dry.
I then use Aloe Vera. I have a plant but I prefer to buy the leaf from Publix just because the leaves are bigger & have more gel. I've never used the gel that they sell in bottles, but i'm pretty sure that the REAL thing works MUCH better. I cut a small rectangular chunck from the leaf & cut it in half, I take one of the halfs & pass the gel (still in the leaf)all over my face(even where there is no acne). I do this in the morning & b4 gng 2 sleep. it works rlly good! you'll see the diff the FIRST day. I've had SO MUCH improvements it's amazing!! the pimples start dissapearing & the red marks and brown marks. its just AMAZING. its all cheap so you should try it. the witch hazel smells RLLY bad, lol, but it doesnt matter bcuz it works! if you have sensitive skin this doesnt burn AT ALL. it feels like putting water on your face.

Extremely sensitive skin!! Comments By: Meriah on 2010-07-29
I have really sensitive skin and the aloe vera leaves were to harsh for my skin. the aloe vera gel I have been using for 20 days now is easy on my skin but is working! The redness is gone and the pimples reducing. I don't have any new pimples. The aloe vera gel is for people who have sensitive skin, using the leaves cause redness, burning, and can cause a rash that lasts for a few hours. USE GEL FOR SENSITIVE SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does not irritate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it works!!!!!! Use at night after washing face with normal routine. (Do not add any lotions or toners, just use your normal cleanser or scrub) Coat your face in a nice even layer, sorta thick, and let dry. Go to bed with it on. It might feel a bit weird against your pillow, but it is worth it. Leave until morning, then rinse and continue with your morning rountine of cleansing, etc. Do every night for a period of 30 days! Keep with it!!! Don't get discouraged!!! I also recommend using this with an avacado clay mask, which drys out the skin, and then using the aloe gel to put moisture back into the skin. Together or just by themselves they work wonders.
every night and day Comments By: shakiya on 2010-08-05
use it 3 times a day make sure it gets alot on the exact pimple i hade my graduation comming up and i started this and thank god for it..it may have took a while but it really works i use it morning day an night every time i wash my face with soap i put it on i use "fruit of the earth 100% aloe vera no color added" its cheap and works great!!!!!!!
aloe vera Comments By: jessica on 2010-08-16
i used aloe vera for like 2 weeks now and my acne and acne marks kinda went away but i dont really see a difference.. but will aloe vera get rid of dark brown acne marks then less than a month cus i starting high school and i want to be confident to talk to boys there.....pls help!!!!!!
Forever Living Products Comments By: Jennifer on 2010-08-23
Aloe vera has some amazing healing and cleansing properties and is quite rare to find, and when you buy the plant you end up not caring for them properly so they lose their initial overwhelming beneficial properties. I would like to interest all of you in looking at the Forever Living Products they specialise in a pure aloe vera gel perfect for applying tot he face they also come with a range of makeup and bath products containing the active aloe vera ingredient which can give back confidence to those who felt insecure about their skin. I must also say that it is never too late to try them and on top of these aloe vera products making you look beautiful on the outisde their is a nutritous range of vitamins and juices which will completley cleanse your system and bring you youth and vitality. and as a bonus it even comes with a toothgel to give you those sparkling white teeth we all want. i would reccommend looking into these products and for those that live in london it can be hand delivered to your door. and you can talk to the team as we tell you the benefits in person thats if you fail to see our glowing skin and youthful composition.
aloe vera not for acne Comments By: neha on 2010-08-28
i don't think aloe vera is good for acne. i have been using this from plant for long time but no good result yet..........
aloe vera not for acne Comments By: neha on 2010-08-28
i don't think aloe vera is good for acne. i have been using this from plant for long time but no good result yet..........
Blood type is only relevant to internal consuming Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-20

Many people eat aloe as a natural laxative that soothes the colon, however some have said "O" blood types will not benefit from aloe -- but only when eating it. The gel is soothing and healing for all skin regardless of blood type.

For Indian skin Comments By: Preethi Chabria on 2010-10-05
I have a brown skin, and had acne for a longtime but they hve reduced to a great level over a period of time as i didnt bother them much, but have a few scars and have also developed a patchy and uneven skin due to the Sun. Wondering if Aloe vera wud work? Suggestions??
Aloe Comments By: Maria on 2010-11-03
I haven't had acne since my teens but lately this year my acne went crazy. I have tried and spent so much money in different products and doctors. My mom kept telling me about the plant (aloe) or as she calls it (sabila) to use it for my face. I've even cried because it hurts and it looks ugly I honestly put my hair towards my face because I'm embarrassed of my face. I've been using aloe straight from the plant since Sat. night and I've seen some change. The aloe sucks everything out and heals the area plus it has helped me with the redness too. I will continue this for a few more weeks and lets hope that it goes away.
THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS! Comments By: grace on 2010-11-11
i suffered acne during my college days... and i discovered the benefits of aloe vera via tipking and tried it later on... and this is really working for me... my pimples are shrinking and healing faster.. and leaves no red marks at all..
HAVE a QUESTION PLEEASE HELP! Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-30
okay so ive had mild acne for about two years ive used menocyline ,retin A ...and many face washes.... seemed to have extremely dried out my skin.. so one day i decided to put the alo vera goo straght from the plant and it made my skin really tight , and red??? is this normal? and how do i wash my face with just warm water then the Aloe for moisture at night only or night and morning????? oh and do i use water to wash face off first before i put aloe or do i use a specific face wash? please someone answer back! deff. appreciate it!
AwesomE Comments By: Hailey on 2010-12-01
well ive never had really bad acne, but always had my run in with pimples. my dad always kept telling me to use aloe vera straight from the plant. he said its been a miracle plant for thousands of years and well, i always kept putting it off. like "ya right dad, im gonna go outside, cut some pointy plant up, slather my face and my zits are gona dissapear". and one day i thought, what the hell. so i tried it. and WOW. i kept using it persistently for about a week and i find as soon as i put it on, my skin feels tighter, my pores are smaller, it dries out the zits but somehow moisturizes your skin and took away previous acne scars.

Usually i aply it whenever i can. we have millions growing around our house, and i take from the biggest ones, and from the very bottom of the plant because the ones at the bottom have the most healing power. I do it when i get home from school (im in highschool) before i go to bed and sometimes when i wake up, or 4-5 times a day on weekends. but i always wash off the previous aloe vera with a hot wash cloth to open up my pores for the next round. and when i put it on in the morning, i let it dry and put my makeup on over it :D it does beautifully

aloe vera Comments By: D on 2010-12-18
aloe vera gel is a great aftershave
ALOE VERA PLANT is THE TRUTH!!!! Comments By: Kalirose on 2010-12-31
I have been suffering with horrible bouts of acne,blackheads and whiteheads for the past 3 years this year being the absolute worst. I met a man who suggested I rub fresh aloe on my face. Man. I bought an aloe vera plant 2 days ago and I have been placing the gel from the plant on my face since. The acne on my face has drastically been improved. My face already looks so much better.I am excited!!!! I can't wait to see what it is looking like after a week!!!! It's amazing that we will spend so much money on beauty products and medicines when there in something as beneficial and healing as an aloe vera plant. I rub the aloe vera gel over my face and sleep with it on it. In the morning I rinse it off. I wash my face with it also.
I'll check back Comments By: anonymous on 2011-02-06
I'm 13 and last year and this year my acne has been coming and going and I've started to wear mineral makeup and use the Clean and Clear system, but none of it has been really working. I recently bought a Zeno and I will see if that takes me anywhere, and suddenly my skin became so dry that if i put moisturizer on it it would dry up in a minute. I will try this and see how it works.
great for acne Comments By: Jaeda on 2011-02-19
Aloe vera is great for the skin in general but it works really good on acne. I rub the gel over my face every night and go to bed. It dries within minutes and doesn't leave a scent. If I have a bump, I put a piece of the gel on it, and in the morning the bump is dried and the bump is reduced.
Aloe Vera u beauty Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-19
I am here to help all those people that are fed up with acne. I have used facial cleansers, herbal tree medicines, Duac cream, antibiotics and every natural remedy under the sun. Aloe Vera gel however is magnificant. I have had acne since secondary school and it was moderate, but during a holiday to Spain, my acne just flared up BADLY! The acne was so bad that scars appeared after i did everything to get rid of them. After 6 months, despite getting rid of the bad acne, i still have the occasional spot and the scars. This is were aloe vera gel comes in handy! I used the gel on my face and left in on for a while, then washed it off. Th results are great....i mean the scars look so much faded and any new spots just decide not be bother and eventually fade away leaving NO SCARS! Thank you aloe vera!Please, give it a try if u need something that will not let u down!
fantasticc moisturizer Comments By: mynamehere on 2011-05-17
ive been using proactiv, and these two spots on my face started to peel and flake! VISIBLY!! it was absolutely HORRIBLE. id apply a heavy moisturizer, but literally within minutess the flaking would be back. so one night i put on aloe, and it was fantastic!! it took hourss for the peeling to come back! then i skipped one night of proactiv on the spots, applied more aloe, and now theyre not irritated at all!! and i use proactiv on them!! now aloe=my daily moisturizer (***at night***)


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