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Toothpaste for acne and zits

Any over the counter toothpaste can be a good remedy for acne and zits. Dab a small amount of paste, just enough to cover the zit. Allow it to dry and then wipe off with luke warm water, then apply again. Do this before bed and you'll will find that the zit has lost it's glow (you'll also smell sweet peppermint dreams!)

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works Comments By: hi on 2008-08-11
i leave it on overngight all th time..for about 2 yrs now..a thin layer, an i peel t off in the morning..my face is smooth, and its weird, it makes my cheeks a bit rosey, and i like the look...works so good...but my skin is not senetive, it can take anything
DAM NO IDEA Comments By: dfhjdty on 2008-08-14
okay well i stuck it on for 3 minutes cause i was skared id get some black shiz on my face like you said, and it was my first time so i didnt want to push it, i stuck it on a realllll little one because if it did happen to burn it would be little cause the pimple is little. i stuck it on and it didnt burn like fuk like all you said it did. i wasshed it off with warm water and looked in the mirror and it was red but the red soonly faded. problem is i dont remember how small the pimple was befor i stuck it on compared to now, otherwise i wouldnt mind doing it again. but what ive learned in these things are that DONT USE CREST AND ONLY WHIT TOOTH PAST AND DONT PUT IT AS A MASK STICK IT ON LIKE ONE PIMPLE AT A TIME TO NOT RISK ENEYTHING. DONT STICK IT ON FOR MORE THEN AND HOUR ATLEAT TRY LIKE 10 MINUTES TOPS ID SAY. IF ITS REALLY STINGING WASH IT OFF IMMIDIETLY OR RISK OF THAT BURN.

good luck:p

It didn't work for me Comments By: Nickie on 2008-08-19
I've tried this a while ago, although, I did it a little differently.. I put toothpaste on my face, because I was told it'd help, but when I awoke, I'd broken out in all the areas I had applied the toothpaste.
It doesn't work for me, but then again, I have very stubborn acne. NOTHING seems to EVER work for me.
I wouldn't suggest it, but go ahead and try it.

loz Comments By: lozzy on 2008-08-20
my friends all use it and it does not work dont use it u just get loads more spot on your face i have tried me and my friends say never ever try it my friend has loads of spots shes say that she uses tooth paste and puts it on nearly everyday i mean like if you think its good for you face its not believe me and my friends omg i cant believe all of you people pretending that it really works because your making people have more spots come out al over there face dont believe all of this if you want to use something that really works watch all of the advertisements and use them there really good i mean like try some they on cost about 1.99 for like a full bottle of stuff to get rid of your spots or go to the chemist and get some spot treatments there try it out
even try face masks they always help you i mean like treat your left and it also relaxing like once a week you dont have to do it all the time but it is nice and relaxing if you can fit one in like one a week take some time of and relax it will help your skin and face to relax and keep away those awful spots x x x take the advice x x

toothpaste sucks! Comments By: vanessa on 2008-08-20
k well everyone always says toothpaste works. so i tried it and put it on my pimples and nose cuz i got blackheads n pores. so left it on over night n i woke up in the morning took it off and where i had put the toohtpaste at was burned and my nose had gotten really swallon and burned and the bad thing was it was on a wednesday and skool started monday. bt i gues thats wat i get for listening to wat everyones says.and nw its my job to tell ppl NT TO LEAVE IT ON OVER NIGHT... unless u want burned and swallowed skin... its nt funny. n nw here iam surfing the web to see hw to get rid of my burned nose n skin lol
DONT USE IT !!!!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2008-08-23
i used it for a day, it gave me a LITLLE red rash .. but i didnt really bother myslef with it because it wasnt noticible ... but the next day i used it again at night ALL NIGHT ! and woke up with a HUGE rash on my cheeks and i freaked out ! i put ice on it it made it worse , then i tried to cover it up with makeup ! i looked terrible ! so i decided to go and buy aloe vera gel.. walking shamlessly covering my face with my hair ! so in conclusion im using aloe vera .. its cooling it down , but havnt seen any progress yet with the redness !! im freaking out ! if theres anything that helped you out,please help!!!
fab!! Comments By: beth on 2008-08-27
tooth paste is great for zits people say that it burns your skin but that only depends on what type of tooth paste you use colgate or aqua fresh is best for the removal of zits
omg. Comments By: asdf on 2008-08-31
stupid people saying you had a HOLE in your face.
that's so stupid.
you can't BURN A HOLE IN YOUR FACE with toothpaste. it's almost impossible.
sure, you may have irritated your skin, but you didn't burn it.
and the more you mess with it, the longer it stays.

i tried toothpaste before. i wouldn't use it every night all night however.

KIND OF Comments By: Ella on 2008-09-06
I think it works for certian people but dont pick them before applying the touthpaste and I used crest and it didnt burn or anything(it wont burn if u dont pick them THINK ABOUT IT)i like it its worth trying.
My Own Experience Comments By: JamesM on 2008-09-07
This weekend I got 4 of those really deep zits on my forehead. On 2 of them I put Crest and the other 2 I put Clearasil. Left both on overnight. The next morning, the Crest-covered bumps were greatly reduced. The Clearasil ones were still there.

If I read these postings about overnight burnings before I did this because I would have been more careful with the toothpaste, but fortunately I didn't burn at all. My skin isn't really sensitive at all and it's normally very oily. The oil probably protected me from over-drying the toothpaste-covered areas.

So those are my results. For me, Crest put 2 of my 4 zits on the fast-track to recovery. Tonight the other 2 zits are getting toothpaste.

!!! Comments By: <--- on 2008-09-07
It does work, use it only for a few minutes (5 minutes tops), on unbroken skin, wash off with warm water GENTLY...And it'll reduce the zit in size. Don't use toothpaste on the zit more than once a day, or it'll turn your skin into shoe leather.
Kick Ass !! Comments By: WuTangClan on 2008-09-13
What I do is I use a cotton bud and dip it into the toothpaste and apply a small amount over the zit, and sleep. In the morning wash it off with warm water, then dry the face. Then I apply a very small amount of it onto my finger and rub it in until you can barely see it, skin will seem abit whiter than usual. This will get rid of alot of redness and it will still be curing your acne while you're out and so forth. I used Macleans X2 Whitening.
toothpaste works Comments By: Danielle on 2008-09-15
Toothpaste does work for pimples. As long as you don't put too much on or leave it on for too long.
it burns skin Comments By: enna on 2008-09-27
tooth paste can burn your skin if you leave it on a long time. i had a cavity and put toothpaste on the tooth and inside of my mouth and after awhile it burnt the inside of my mouth a decent amount. so yes on some people it can burn your skin. and it does burn on the skin so maybe try it but not over night and keep wiping it off every now and then to make sure it isnt damaging your skin,
So Confussed!!?? Comments By: 'Anon' on 2008-09-30
I am so confussed! Occationaly i get really bad breakouts. I also have scars from popping them! And i am really confussed because the comments i have been reading are saying yes use toothpaste than no dont use it! So someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!! =0
Just give it a try Comments By: Austin on 2008-10-03
I have very few zits but the ones i have i hate i used colgate on it and 5 min later i got it off and my zits were smaller

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