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Toothpaste for acne and zits

Any over the counter toothpaste can be a good remedy for acne and zits. Dab a small amount of paste, just enough to cover the zit. Allow it to dry and then wipe off with luke warm water, then apply again. Do this before bed and you'll will find that the zit has lost it's glow (you'll also smell sweet peppermint dreams!)

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I have very few zits but the ones i have i hate i used colgate on it and 5 min later i got it off and my zits were smaller
ignore the stupid people either works or dosnt Comments By: tom on 2008-10-10
i tried it last night, woke up, they all looked alot better.. but it didnt sting for me, so if stupid people are sat there saying, it burns, it must be working, wrong!! if it burns, your skins not right for it so dont bother, if it dosnt burn, then its working ;)
Tea Tree Oil & Aqua Fresh. Comments By: Todd on 2008-10-16
1) Wash your face thoroughly with warm water.

2) Dab your face dry with a flannel or a towel.

3) Apply AquaFresh toothpaste (NOT GEL) to the infected area.

4) Go see Pinny and wipe his hair grease all over your face and leave over night.

It's alright Comments By: Anon on 2008-10-17
I put a thin layer of colgate toothpaste over all of my pimples and kept it on all night... it hasn't burnt my face, but I don't think I'll risk doing this tomorrow night. It seems to have improved my skin just a little bit, it doesn't look as red and the pimples are less bumpy and shiny.
I'm Not Gonna Take 2 Much of a Risk... Comments By: Alison on 2008-10-18
I tried it, and I put a little on a small zit on my nose for a few hours, and it's practically completely gone! What I do is that I put some on my face 4 like, an hour, wash my face, and dab VERY little on my finger and put it on my zit for the nite.
Maybe Comments By: Tara Lynn on 2008-10-19
I'm 13 and i've had a lot of zits. so last nite i put toothpaste on it. it burned some but i left it on. when i woke up on of my pimples had a big green scb covering it. it made me want to throw up so naturally i picked it and it didn't hurt too bad. it also took care of the smaller blemishes too. so try it, but if your skin turns red and it burns don't come crying to me.
It really works! Comments By: Gabby on 2008-11-02
So i have used the toothpaste method for 3 years now and it really works,
a little tip to help with the dryness is try using Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer
this lotion really works
it moisturizes your skin and also prevent breakouts.

i just need help Comments By: Riana on 2008-11-02
Im only 12 i started my period at 7 and have been spotty ever since i need help a simple way to get rid of them im not going to wear make up cuz it makes em worse but getting teased at school bowt it is horrible!!!! plzz help !!!!
ACNE CURE!! Comments By: Nicole on 2008-11-06
This kinda wirks and like other people are saying it depends what toothpaste and what skin type but... SKID ID from neutregena is AMAZING i used to get like 20 pimples on my face and now im COMPLETELY CLEAR IT REALLY WORKS!!! get it
works for me Comments By: Anon on 2008-11-19
I have a somewhat oily skin with a few pimples here and there. I apply colgate total locally and leave it overnight. My skin doesn't burn, and my face looks a lot better when i wake up. Make sure you use small amounts and don't spread it all over your face, as it may dry up. Other than that it works perfectly, thanks Colgate ^^
only works if u do it right Comments By: rudolf the zit faced reindeer on 2008-11-22
It can burn and dry ur skin out pretty badly, the key is to try to only apply it to the pimple itself and try to avoid contact with your skin as much as possible. And i dont reccomend leaving it on for the entire night. Even if it doesnt burn your skin, have u ever had colgate in your eye? not fun, trust me. even worse when it wakes u from an otherwise restful sleep. haha. good luck.
At first, it didn't work for me Comments By: catey on 2008-11-21
When I tried this, it didn't do anything. But the other day, I had a huge zit and I used toothpaste and then covered it with a band-aide. It was noticeably small the next day.
Dont use on a wet face Comments By: John on 2008-12-12
Its on and off weather or not it works for me. My advice; try it if you want to BUT BE CAREFUL. DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO YOUR FACE IF ITS WET i.e just after gettin outta the bath/shower coz this burns like hell and the more water you splash onto your face ot geet it off the more it burns. Glad to help x
I dunno Comments By: That Person on 2008-12-14
K, I'm tryin' it right now... I've used everything and I've read that this either: burns your skin, leaves black marks, does nothing, or clears it dramatically. I'm hoping for the last one lol... I put aquafresh on it and it tingles. It doesn't burn like some people say but... It... feels like toothpaste :P It feels like it's cleaning but I'm not sure if it is or not... I say go for it if you've tried everything like me (because there's not much else you can do... :P) But don't expect anything either... kthxbai
it works... Comments By: kaitlyn h. on 2008-12-23
ok...so i started using the toothpaste on my zits and pimples this morning and my zits became noticably smaller.it started to burn but after about 3 seconds it stopped.it works like a charm.
Toothpaste sucks all the oils out of your skin Comments By: Eskay on 2008-12-26
Toothpaste sucks all the oils out of your skin, it works great for dehydrating any zit, even the annoying ones that don't turn into white heads and just leak clear oil. Leave it over night and use generously, just keep it on the blemish. If you got sensitive skin it might scab but it will be less puffy and heal faster. If its still red or puffy use some hydrocortizon and if it scabs put a dab of neosporin on, and that shit'll be gone in two days.
It burned, but it burned my eyes XP Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-25

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