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Toothpaste for acne and zits

Any over the counter toothpaste can be a good remedy for acne and zits. Dab a small amount of paste, just enough to cover the zit. Allow it to dry and then wipe off with luke warm water, then apply again. Do this before bed and you'll will find that the zit has lost it's glow (you'll also smell sweet peppermint dreams!)

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Sting?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Comments By: emmi on 2009-02-18
is it supposed to sting!? owwwwwww
IM GOING......TO TRY IT! Comments By: samantha on 2009-02-22
reading all of these "it works" comments has given me some inspiration i think ill try it.ps will it have a mega negative effect if i wash my face first and also garlic helps to.
Hey it worked for me!! give it a try Comments By: Aggie on 2009-02-23
It really depends on 2 things: your skin and the toothpaste you use. I used Crest ones, and it burned real bad (When it burns, immediately clean it off!)I had this pimple that wouldn't go away for 2 weeks! I used Crest, next day, it was noticeably smaller. 2 days later, it was GONE!!! Give it a try, but follow your instinct: If you feel a burning sensation, its better to just let the pimple go away on its own....Good Luck!
What really works! Comments By: joe on 2009-02-26
i know this may sound disgusting but if you actually smear a fresh dog poo on your face it actaully works as a lotion to make it look clearer overall. i know from experience , it may sound disgusting but it really works
IT WORKS Comments By: Heidi on 2009-03-05
I used aquafrresh the green one because it's more mintier and it feels like its doing the job more than the blue one. Ok i had this horrid scar/scab on my forehead so i was like i'll give it a try so i applied it and the next day it went you could see a red mark. Plus the scab was real deep. It helps for me to keep spots away i put it on before i go into the shower/ bath than i take it off in about 30 mins time after i'm out of the shower or bath. than wa la it's gone. ITS COOL i would reccomend it to any one. Aquafresh the green one is the best but the blue one is still cool. thanks aquafresh people
(: Comments By: Tyler on 2009-03-09
Sister said it works but if you have sensitive skin (I do too..)
I would try to use just a drop of eyedrops -specifically one for redness reduction can help most. It may not remove it, but hey at least its not as big RED and puffy!

ACNE BE GONE!...kind of : ) Comments By: Missy on 2009-03-10
I have friends that swear by the toothpaste method. With the additional use of a good acne scrub/method.

A girl I work with (one of my friends who swears by it) came in to work a couple hours in the morning, went home, used the tooth paste, came back a few hours later and the swelling of her pimples had gone drastically!

i'm trying it for the first time tonight, but after having the aquafresh on for a few minutes and then washing it off my face ALREADY looks much clearer.

and I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin. I tried using proactiv and that chemically burned my skin. Please, never use.

Get some good neutrogena oil free acne scrub and a tube of tooth paste : )

OMG OMG Comments By: joe on 2009-03-15
im 32 and have and acme problem all of the sudden>>very stressful so i heard the tooth paste myth from people, so like an idiot i put some on my face over night like a mask....no my skin IS BURNNNNNTTTT i look like an alien...will this go away or do i need to see a doctor

TipKing says: You should never have plastered your face. This is something that you need to see a doctor about

Know your skin type and condition it is in! Comments By: zit-zapper on 2009-03-15
Ok people. IF your skin is dry and sensitive it will not work. A. use all natural products and moisterizers to get rid of zits. If your skin ids not really sensitive and u moisturize, then it should work. know ur skin type before trying!
YOU PEOPLE ARE RETARDS Comments By: Shaun on 2009-03-25
It works but just leave it on for like 5-10 minutes
works if paste...not gel! Comments By: bob on 2009-04-05
tooth paste! not Gel! Works like a charm.
Using as I read Comments By: Cole on 2009-04-06
Saw this and using it as I'm typing and the one I use is Colgate and it burns but its more of a sensational burning not like stinging

Post up in the morning too see weather the zits have gotten better or worse

Not for me Comments By: Cole on 2009-04-07
Ok took it off after about 10 mins and it seemed like it got a little redder but hey coulda just been the toothpaste or my skin

Ill stick to my ace acne removal
Acne Wash from Kaiser

toothpaste for acne Comments By: gina on 2009-04-10
Toothpaste was recommended by my doctor to treat acne but you have to mix it with hydrocortisone cream that you can buy over the counter. It works great and the hydrocortisone prevents any irritation
HELP Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-12
I KNOW HOW TO MAKE TOOTHPASTE WORK BETTER! Comments By: Steph on 2009-04-14
okay first wash your face with a cleanser of your choice...(i perfer clean and clear) wash off then put the green aquafresh toothpaste for about 15-30 min. then wash off then take a cuetip and put a dab of rubbing alchohal go to bed an dwake up your zits should either be gone or alot smaller!waa-laa

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