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Toothpaste for acne and zits

Any over the counter toothpaste can be a good remedy for acne and zits. Dab a small amount of paste, just enough to cover the zit. Allow it to dry and then wipe off with luke warm water, then apply again. Do this before bed and you'll will find that the zit has lost it's glow (you'll also smell sweet peppermint dreams!)

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okay first wash your face with a cleanser of your choice...(i perfer clean and clear) wash off then put the green aquafresh toothpaste for about 15-30 min. then wash off then take a cuetip and put a dab of rubbing alchohal go to bed an dwake up your zits should either be gone or alot smaller!waa-laa
Tothpaste is a no no Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-21
ok heres what you do if you been burned put antibiotic ointment on youll see the layer pell of thats a good thing just not if its swollen and shiny dont pick because youll pell your main layer of skin off causing a horrible scar let it come off naturtally and it will be good and even after keep putting it on to prevent scars hope this helps ^_^
Warning I Advise You Not To Go to Sleep With Toothpaste On Your Face Comments By: Ashley on 2009-04-22
[Here's My Nightmare] One day this year sometime I had a huge disgusting pimple on my cheek. It was one of those pimple's where it didnt have a head it was like deep down in my pores. But it was humgous & red. You could even see my pores. So that night I decided to put some toothpaste on it & sleep with it on. Well the next morning I woke up & rinsed the toothpaste off with warm water. I noticed a huge burn where the pimple once use to be & I noticed it was like a scab also. Come to find out the toothpaste over dried the pimple & damaged/burned my skin. It was an complete nightmare. I was hoping I was still dreaming. But unfortuantley not. My skin begain to get irratated. It begin to burn through out the whole entire day. Not to mention I had to go to school with a giant burned pimple on my cheek that same exact day. I had alot of people staring at me well my burn/pimple. It was totally embarssing expecially when it came down to my boyfriend. It took months for my damaged skin to heel back up. Im just sharing my experience. I know some people just have to learn from their own mistakes. But I would advise you not to go to sleep with toothpaste on your face. Point Blank Period. But I mean hey, if you still want to do it then I wish you the best of luck. But I learned my lesson so now im trying to save you from a disaster! At least just put a dime size amount of toothpaste on your pimple & let it sit for 15 minutes then wash it off with warm water. Then rub it down with green alchol. Dont put anything on it such as make-up or anything b/c it can irrate it & cause trouble.

Hope I saved alot of you'all skin.

read. this is for real. Comments By: anon. :)<3 on 2009-05-15
k, well sometime in the summer, my friend chelsea told me that if u put toothpaste on ur zit it makes it go away. so i put some toothpaste on, NOT OVER NIGHT, THATS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE FOR UR SKIN , but i think it was somewhere from about 15-30 minutes , and the zit looked a bit smaller i guess, nothing special, and then we did whatever for the rest of the day, went to bed, and when i woke up, BAM . it was GONE. :)<3 magic my friends, magic. :)
btw, its really bad for your skin to leave it on over night.

Comments By: Anil on 2009-05-25
it works well after a while.the pimples don't go away completely but it does get smaller.PSit really burns
pops them easier. Comments By: Raeee! on 2009-05-30
I've done this for two days, and I've let it on from night to morning. When I took it off, it brought a good bit of pus to the top, so it popped. I recommend using it.
toothpaste Comments By: ashley on 2009-05-31
im justing putting toothpaste on my face now i hope it works
DIFFERENT SKIN Comments By: Ezra Chairez on 2009-06-01
Okay.. First of all if your gonna use toothpaste it has to be AQUAFRESH..just plain..no baking soda, extra cleaning, etc. All people have different skin and what completely works for someone may burn the hell outta someone else... My personnal opinion. I had like a break out on my cheeck, very bad. So I cam to this very site and tried Crest..burns bad..tried Colgate, burns bad.. Tried Aquafresh, worked completely well.FOR ME..if toothpaste doesn't work for you..try an oatmeal mask or drinking lemon honey water..LOTS OF WATER..and maybe take vitamin E pills specfically.

**Note- The reason I wrote all this is beacause I know how hard life can be with acne. EVERYONES SKIN IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! TRY NEW THINGS!(O and if you use toothpaste just use a dab on the pimple..not a mask, I always did overnight)

God Bless.

MY ADVICE Comments By: JLO on 2009-06-03
Ok so Im 14 and know how it is to have gInOrMoUs ZITS! I hate it!!!!!!!!! i was going 2 try toothpaste but the risk is just 2 big, so really its better 2 use a cleaner like 2 times a day and wait the zit out- Aubrey Organic Oily Skin Facial Cleanser
#1- it works really well and fast
#2- it gives u a really good tingly feeling
#3- its pretty cheap when u buy it online

Im not trying 2 advertize or anything im just trying 2 help people not blow holes in there face, oh and another thing that ive learned the hard way- dont pick at zits it only will make them worse!

idk Comments By: woot on 2009-06-05
i think i might try it but im scared i might have rash skin! so i think im not trying it im scared!!!heaven sake
Be Careful Comments By: lexi on 2009-06-08
Ok, this method does work for some people. I used toothpaste on a zit and it was noticeably smaller. I read somewhere else that you can put a band-aid over the zit with toothpaste on it and I tried it. It burned my face like you wouldnt beleive!!!! It HURT SO MUCH! I had to apply mouisturizer like heck. DO NOT PUT A BAND-AID OVER THE ZIT WITH TOOTHPASTE ON IT!!!!!!!!! That is where you go wrong. Please save your skin do not do that
It dose Work ! :) Comments By: roxane on 2009-06-09
i have been useing toothpaste for years , when i 1st starting get spots my mum told me to do it and i thought she was having me on but i try it anyway its the best thing to get rid of them , insaid i spending loads of money on spot creams thats dont work try this its great!
im not sure Comments By: Anon on 2009-06-11
I am noe sur bout thiis i really dont want to get burned by toothpaste it would look like it will burn you skin im going to try it tonite hope you guys are teeling the truth
OmG!!! USE IT OR NOT?! Comments By: HANNAH on 2009-06-14
WELL LETS SEE ...some people have very sensitive skin..and they will say it will burn there skin if they use it..if so DoNte it then!!!... just use wax and apply it on face and then peel it off..
or lemon juice or some kind of herbal tea..Tooth paste may burn..it just depends on the brand and how strong it its chemicals in it r... Aqua fresh is refreshen!!.. but i does not wor well.. it just depends..
just use what works best 4 u!!!!

Ouchh ! Comments By: Cherish on 2009-06-14
I just did this and...
It burnt the Crap outa my face ! Now I am freaked out that I'm gonna have a hole in my face ! Anyone have somethin to sayy ... ? :(

Worked suprisingly well Comments By: Rosemarie on 2009-06-19
I tried this method using AIM toothpaste. My skin is really oily and it took all of the natural oils off of my face. It noticablly made most of the acne disapper completely in a few days. It takes time! if you use a small amount covering your face(Dont leave it on very long! It burns the crap out of you if you do!)then qickly wash with water. It worked for me if you also have really oily skin...try it...But if you have dry skin...stay away!!!
Depends on what toothepaste Comments By: Anon on 2009-06-25

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