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Toothpaste for acne and zits

Any over the counter toothpaste can be a good remedy for acne and zits. Dab a small amount of paste, just enough to cover the zit. Allow it to dry and then wipe off with luke warm water, then apply again. Do this before bed and you'll will find that the zit has lost it's glow (you'll also smell sweet peppermint dreams!)

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It works Comments By: Alex on 2010-05-12
It cleared 5 pimples and 3 cavities on my face. Does Clorox cure athlete’s foot?
DEPENDS ON YOUR SKIN TYPE! Comments By: Jack on 2010-05-13
Don't listen to comments saying it doesn't work or work.It all depends on your skin type.If your skin is sensitive,avoid using toothpaste because it can cause a bad reaction(makes pimple worse).If your skin can handle the toothpaste try testing with a small dab of toothpaste on the effected area to see for yourself if it actually works.but remember there are better treatments for Acne out there!
ill give it a try... Comments By: Amanda on 2010-05-17
so i looked up how to get rid of acne and I saw toothpaste so i found some crest cavity protection because my normal toothpaste is aquafresh foaming gel and i heard that kills the skin so i put it on and im hoping for the best but everyone has different skin so you never know....
My friend told me this... Comments By: Jenny on 2010-05-20
My friend use toothpaste as a acne treatment. I used it under my eyes, she warned it`ll burn and it did. Got warm water and gotten it off, used my daily treatment, and next morning it was small and less redness! TOTALLY WORKS!!!
OMG IT TOTALLY. ............WORKS!!! Comments By: angel on 2010-05-25
use it for white heads (pop them first)
and red bumps and just put a dab and leave it on over night and it works NOTE: IT DOES NOT BURN HOLES IT IS NOT ACID DOES IT BURN A HOLE THROUGH UR TEETH??

Go for it Comments By: Dan on 2010-05-26
I'm an 18 year old guy still in high school.

I was recently hit with a minor breakout [roughly 7 or so spots] and was looking for a fast cure. I remembered hearing about toothpaste, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Before I even applied any, I made sure to find a tube of PASTE [not gel] that was UNFLAVORED to avoid the chance of irritation or anything of that nature

What I found was a small tube of COLGATE CAVITY PROTECTION REGULAR FLAVOR FLOURIDE toothpaste.

I only applied it to irritated acne spots, including one cyst [a hard, painful, deeper acne spot that can't be popped]. After about a minute, I began feeling a sensation on the applied spots. It was not a burning feeling like many people on here have described, but I felt a COOLING, TINGLING sensation on the areas. After leaving it on and checking out this forum, I decided not to leave it on overnight. I had it on for roughly 20 minutes, and then wiped it off with a cotton ball soaked with warm water.

My skin is noticably less red and my acne appears to have shrunk. I will most likely repeat this in the morning and at night, along with my daily regimen of ACNE FREE 3 STEP SOLUTION.

Hope this helped!

i put it on in night and woke up in mornin and spot was same as before dosent work for me wish did Comments By: demmi on 2010-06-01
it dont work left on all night and no diffrent just dry toothpast lol
A Little Here And A Little There! Comments By: Holly on 2010-06-02
Okayy, so I used Arm and Hammer Advance White. It made it noticably smaller after only 5 minutes. But, then it was sorta whitish, so I washed my face with my normal face wash, and the pimple is noticable smaller, and hardly noticeable. And let me tell you, this pimple looked like a boil, size wise. It was gigantic. and I was never one to exagerate. So, idkk how it might work for yours but mine turned out fine.
Im trying... Comments By: TERRYBOLGER on 2010-06-05
im trying it tonite, you should try it before you sleep in it to see if it burns.
I used it. Comments By: Shannon on 2010-06-06
I am 14. I have somewhat a lot of acne of my face. I always struggle with it and it never seems to go away. So i looked online and saw this toothpaste idea. (I also have oily skin) So i decided to try it. I dabbed it on the really bad spots. ( I used colgate total.) It burned alot actually so i washed it off. When i woke up, The pimples were noticably smaller. So i think it worked. :)) Maybe you should try it.
It all depends... Comments By: Kitty on 2010-06-17
(13 years old) My skin is super non-sensitive. I had crest, and actually was brave enough to put it on my face. Only on each pimple, not as a mask. I washed it off, applyed more. Waited untill it was dry, washed it off, applyed more. Waited about 30 mins, washed it off and my skin looked much better. It was still there, but was not near as red and didn't hurt near as bad. It felt cold, and then warm, but in a cozy such, not burning. As Previously stated, I have non-sencitive skin, so thats probobly why I had minimal pain. I'm very happy I tried this!!
IT DOES WORK! Comments By: Michael on 2010-06-22
in order for it to work you have to use a toothpaste regular like colgate not the gel one only the paste and leave it on a zit/pimple for 30 mins until you feel its dry and wash it off with warm water and pat dry your zit with a towel and you will the difference dont belive me try it =]
Matter of opinion Comments By: lively on 2010-06-22
Honestly, as with any facial cleanser or chemical based product you should always first test your skins reaction on a small area preferably that is not readily available. ( This does not mean private areas). I myself have had much success with using toothpast eon the occasional zit. It has always worked best if I used it prior to the zit getting a head. ALthough I did recently use this on a nasty monster my 10 yr old had on her nose. ( Seriously biggest Zit I have ever seen and I am 31 yrs old).She complained and whined a bit as most kids are want to do with their first zit. The result was gross but her skin is much much much better. Please note she also has extremely oily skin. Now I would not even begin to attempt this on my younger daughter as her skin is ultra sensitive. She cannot even use play makeup without it giving her a chemical burn. So as I said this method is best used with consideration and caution. I would personally avoid any type of bleaching toothpaste .. which could be where a number of the burn stories started. Remember those types have a chemical whitener in them. You do not want this on your skin period.
Be Careful Comments By: Jaspy on 2010-06-23
I used to use toothpaste to help acne and it does work good if you know what your doing.

But not knowing what I was doing decided to try a lot on my face (which was a terrible idea). Not immediately but the day after it turned red.

After turning red it got really gross and scaly, soon after the scaly bit started to crack and then turned flaky and gross.

So just be careful.

amazingg:) Comments By: Melanie on 2010-06-23
i love it. i hated my acne and my sister made fun of me for it. i used crest cavity protection, left it on for about 20 minutes. yes it hurts! but its soo worth it! but,
when you wash it off use a warm wash cloth and lightly wipe it off. Then dab it with cold water and dab it to dry it otherwise ur face will be red. But those of you who havent tried it;; go ahead everyones skin is different. and if u get these gashes those people probably used the wrong kind of toothpaste (NO GEL!). so best thoughts dont use it during the school year if you dont know how it will effect you use it over the summer and not as many people will see the mistake;) ...if there is one thats what im doing now and im gonna go wash it off! kinda hurts... oh well:)

Deffinetly Comments By: Allison on 2010-06-25
I found that if you have a pimple that needs to be popped at night before you go to bed then the best thing to do is to pop it then put a little bit of toothpaste over the pimple. It works. I do that alot and wake up the next day and all I can see is a little dot. You should keep it on all night. then wash it off with warm water. Don't put the toothpaste all over your face. just the areas that need it. :)

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