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Toothpaste for acne and zits

Any over the counter toothpaste can be a good remedy for acne and zits. Dab a small amount of paste, just enough to cover the zit. Allow it to dry and then wipe off with luke warm water, then apply again. Do this before bed and you'll will find that the zit has lost it's glow (you'll also smell sweet peppermint dreams!)

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Ok, heres how it goes. I tried it out. Yeah, it burns like a mofo, that is, IF u use Crest. And i only applied it for 10 minutes before than pain was too much for me to bear. However, if u use aqua fresh, it works well. Also remember, EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT SKIN!!!!!! I cant stress that enough. It pisses me off to see ppl arguing like crazy because it worked for someone and not the other. PPL HAVE DIFFERENT SKIN. There are alot of other methods u can use, such as lemon, ive even heard of applying yogurt on ur face. Just remember, ppl have different skin, and what works for others may not work for u.
It works! Comments By: jamie on 2005-01-27
I think the people who are getting burns from toothpaste must have EXTREMELY sensitive skin. I use toothpase all the time on my zits and it clears them up. I put just a small dab on the zit and leave it over night. believe it or not- i have very little of a zit and no hole, let alone a burn in my skin. I've been doing this for about 12 years and swear by it. Many of my friends hae tried it too and it works for them. If I don't use toothpast, I fight w/ zits for weeks... hmmm..weeks, a night? weeks, a night? I think I'll stick w/ the night.
Maybe... Comments By: Lisa on 2005-03-19
It works, not for blackheads though...

Burning? I doubt it. What is happening is probably dry skin. That is why your skin peels. All you have to do is put a little oil free moustrizer (sp?) and ta-ta its done.

Green tea and honey Comments By: Bee on 2005-06-15
I started a diet using green tea with 2 teaspoons of honey. (I had 2-3 cups a day) Hot tea in the morning and iced green tea throughout the day. I have been drinking it for a week, and I noticed my skin tone evened out and my acne cleared up.

Green tea gets rid of the toxins in your body. I guess that is why my skin cleared up. I then went on line and typed honey and acne and bunch of stuff pulled up. I did a yahoo search. I also lost weight.

Through my search, it says to put lemon juice on your face for 10 min wash it off with cold water (lemon juice cleans out your pores from excess shredding of the skin) then I put honey on my face for 10 minutes and washed it off after 10 minutes(kill bacteria in your pores).

I noticed a difference in two day!

It really works! Comments By: Anon on 2005-09-01
I saw this tip on the tipking website and decided to give it a try. I used Colgate Total gel and the next morning the zit was noticeably small and the day after that it was gone! Thanks for the tip!
it made my screeen turn really red:( Comments By: anon on 2006-01-07
hey im 15 years old and i had some zits mabye 10 so i went in to the bathroom and put aenough on adn then went to watch tv it was bruning like heck i was like burning means workin i hope but then i wentto bed and then went i got up ever time i moved my mouth it hurt so i took a shwoer and when i went to the mirrow I Almost cried my face was very red adn it has make it peel and looked like blisters so it took a couple days of creams but it was back to normal so iwouild say to never use toothpast~!!!!!!!!
I heard it was a myth Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-18
But I guess it might work. I have sensitive skin.. Oh well, I'll give it a shot.
It didn't even work! Comments By: Nikki on 2006-01-20
Great, I'm stuck with my gigantic pimple for a week...
listen to me Comments By: maddie on 2006-02-02
The people who said it burned a whole in there face. LET me tell you YOU HAVE SENSTITIVE SKIN, if you dont well you should at least try it for like 15 minutes to see if it really burns but I dont think it burned a hole in your face. I would try it people!
My friend Ashley told me it Works!!!!!!!!! Comments By: marina gogus on 2006-02-03
i havent tried yet but she said it worked 4 her
Toothpast contains bicarbonate of soda Comments By: Dawn on 2006-02-18
Which can dry out spots but it can also dry out your skin and strip away the skin cells. So try the tip if you have nothing better (personally I'd buy a spot treatment, germolene or witch hazle) but if it starts to tingle, rinse it off straight away (as you would if a face mask started to tingle) and never leave it on over night.
maybe sooo!!!!! Comments By: Mariah Lusk on 2006-03-25
i read this funny recomendation in a bok called "Why do men have nipples?" yes funny title but good book. well i decided to try it and at first it burt really bad but only for a couple seconds and maybe it was because i have very dry skin iono and i put it all over my face too so maybe next time i will put on just my zit noy all over my face but toothpaste sertanaly doesnt burn holes in your face.. whoever thought of that is a little nuty i would say..lol
CAUTION! BE CAREFUL! Comments By: SARABETH on 2006-06-26
I put toothpaste on my face overnight in October of 2004.I woke up with a black mustache because I had a pimple on my lip and put toothpaste on it. We are now in 2006 and my skin has not been the same. I have small holes in my skin because it burned me. I also had to take yearbook pictures the next day. I took my photo and it will be memorable forever. My school labeled me '' TOOTHPASTE FACE''. I would never wish this on anyone so just think twice before acting. Maybe that happened because I slept with it on! JUST DON'T DO IT!
Works alright Comments By: Me on 2006-07-08
Yeah, i used crest and it burned..but it worked. I started using aqua fresh instead and like i said before it worked. it doesnt get rid of them but it makes them noticeably smaller and clears them up faster.
It doesnt get rid of it... Comments By: Anon on 2006-07-19
i should tell you that it doesnt work as well as other people say. Because i have oily skin and all it does is put like white stuff on you skin
Tips Comments By: Anon on 2006-07-25
You should NEVER sleep over night with toothpaste or any kind of face cleanser on. That's just stupid. Serve's all the people with the bad stories right, but you live, you learn.

Apply a thin layer, leave it on til it dries, wash it off. That's all. DO NOT LEAVE IT ON OVERNIGHT!

It WORK!! Comments By: Anon on 2006-08-03

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