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Toothpaste for acne and zits

Any over the counter toothpaste can be a good remedy for acne and zits. Dab a small amount of paste, just enough to cover the zit. Allow it to dry and then wipe off with luke warm water, then apply again. Do this before bed and you'll will find that the zit has lost it's glow (you'll also smell sweet peppermint dreams!)

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great Comments By: mandar on 2004-07-25
tooth paste really works
Amazing Comments By: Dani on 2004-08-04
A lot of people say not to use toothpaste, because it burns. It all depends on what kind you use. I've worked with this, and have found that Crest burns. Crest burns and it doesn't do a thing for zits. Use Aquafresh. Remember, it won't work if you've already picked the zit, though!

The best way to do this is to wash you face, apply a little aquafresh directly to the zit, and let it stay over night.

When you wake up, it will be noticably smaller.

Bad idea Comments By: adrianfallaize on 2004-08-09
I heard this a wile back and I placed a lot on my face, then I found my skin was peeling, like I had been burnt. Ruined my skin. Don't do it please
toothpaste Comments By: Christie on 2004-08-19
I used colgate w baking soda, but I use it as a face mask for 30 min avoiding the eye area. It works great & reduces redness. But I dont put gobs of it on I just use a thin layer over the whole face.

Also your skin will feel increadibly clean. People w dry or sensitive might just want to stay away all together.

Smaller Comments By: bob on 2004-08-27
Toothpaste definatley does work, it makes you zits smallers. It doesn't go away completly, but makes it smaller.
Be careful Comments By: William on 2004-08-29
I was told by a friend to use toothpaste on your pimples. Toothpaste is a BASIC (opposite to acidic) product which when placed on the skin, eats at the fatty oils and proteins of the pimple and surrounding skin.

For me the toothpaste works in that it keeps the pimples down to a minimum however i do use it with much caution. I used to use Clearasil facial wipes and it gave me nasty skin after chemically burning tissue under my skin.

Tooth paste can also burn a hole in your face so i wouldn't dream of using it over night. Try putting it on for a short period of time and then washing it off. If it irritates stop immediately.

If it does the job, well good for you.

DO NOT USE Comments By: Katie on 2004-09-05
I used colgate on my face to get rid of a nasty zit, i left it on for about an hour and it compleatly burned my skin, its been 2 weeks since ive done that, and the burn hasnt gotten much better, so dont use it.
refreshing Comments By: Spazzarific14 on 2004-09-13
i believe this helps to some degree. but i cant and wont guarantee it will work for all of us teens. but if u try it only apply a little bit. warm water, thin layer let set 2-3 min @ first then maybe longer let it tingle a little but not burn thats bad.then rinse with warm water. and also i use suave facial cleanser and st. ives apricot gentle scrub it seems to help a great deal.
take some time Comments By: preeya on 2004-09-21
it takes some time to get the acne to go away though..
.... Comments By: Ronald R. Humigburg on 2004-10-10
Um.. i dont think it is possible to burn holes in your skin with toothpaste...Actually that is by far physically impossible.. unless a reaction with another chemical occured, in which that case... would also be very slim
works wonders Comments By: holly on 2004-10-18
I use Colgate toothpaste on the zit(not my whole face) every morning and night for about 10 seconds. About the next day there isn't a trace. It sounds dumb but I swear by it.
Used It, YAHOO! Comments By: Slim Jim on 2004-10-18
I was completely oblivious to using lemon or toothpaste, but after adding that to my list of moisturizers, I have now clear skin and boys are practically DROOLING over me! Thank you, inventor of toothpaste! :D
Tooth paste...YAY Comments By: Anon on 2004-11-04
Toothpaste really does work and I do it all the time! I even leave it on over night and never has it burned a whole in my face! It had not bad effect at all! Everyone should try it!
Das is sehr gut!! Comments By: Heidibrant on 2004-11-13
sehr gut!! ya das is gut!! exellant!! ich bin sehr schon!! toothpaste mache miene skin sehr schon!! but das is sehr sehr interasant!!
DONT EVER EVER USE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: . on 2005-01-07

DEPENDS WHAT TOOTHPASTE U USE!!!!!!! Comments By: Anonymous on 2005-01-17
Ok, heres how it goes. I tried it out. Yeah, it burns like a mofo, that is, IF u use Crest. And i only applied it for 10 minutes before than pain was too much for me to bear. However, if u use aqua fresh, it works well. Also remember, EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT SKIN!!!!!! I cant stress that enough. It pisses me off to see ppl arguing like crazy because it worked for someone and not the other. PPL HAVE DIFFERENT SKIN. There are alot of other methods u can use, such as lemon, ive even heard of applying yogurt on ur face. Just remember, ppl have different skin, and what works for others may not work for u.
It works! Comments By: jamie on 2005-01-27
I think the people who are getting burns from toothpaste must have EXTREMELY sensitive skin. I use toothpase all the time on my zits and it clears them up. I put just a small dab on the zit and leave it over night. believe it or not- i have very little of a zit and no hole, let alone a burn in my skin. I've been doing this for about 12 years and swear by it. Many of my friends hae tried it too and it works for them. If I don't use toothpast, I fight w/ zits for weeks... hmmm..weeks, a night? weeks, a night? I think I'll stick w/ the night.
Maybe... Comments By: Lisa on 2005-03-19
It works, not for blackheads though...

Burning? I doubt it. What is happening is probably dry skin. That is why your skin peels. All you have to do is put a little oil free moustrizer (sp?) and ta-ta its done.

Green tea and honey Comments By: Bee on 2005-06-15
I started a diet using green tea with 2 teaspoons of honey. (I had 2-3 cups a day) Hot tea in the morning and iced green tea throughout the day. I have been drinking it for a week, and I noticed my skin tone evened out and my acne cleared up.

Green tea gets rid of the toxins in your body. I guess that is why my skin cleared up. I then went on line and typed honey and acne and bunch of stuff pulled up. I did a yahoo search. I also lost weight.

Through my search, it says to put lemon juice on your face for 10 min wash it off with cold water (lemon juice cleans out your pores from excess shredding of the skin) then I put honey on my face for 10 minutes and washed it off after 10 minutes(kill bacteria in your pores).

I noticed a difference in two day!

It really works! Comments By: Anon on 2005-09-01
I saw this tip on the tipking website and decided to give it a try. I used Colgate Total gel and the next morning the zit was noticeably small and the day after that it was gone! Thanks for the tip!
it made my screeen turn really red:( Comments By: anon on 2006-01-07
hey im 15 years old and i had some zits mabye 10 so i went in to the bathroom and put aenough on adn then went to watch tv it was bruning like heck i was like burning means workin i hope but then i wentto bed and then went i got up ever time i moved my mouth it hurt so i took a shwoer and when i went to the mirrow I Almost cried my face was very red adn it has make it peel and looked like blisters so it took a couple days of creams but it was back to normal so iwouild say to never use toothpast~!!!!!!!!
I heard it was a myth Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-18
But I guess it might work. I have sensitive skin.. Oh well, I'll give it a shot.
It didn't even work! Comments By: Nikki on 2006-01-20
Great, I'm stuck with my gigantic pimple for a week...
listen to me Comments By: maddie on 2006-02-02
The people who said it burned a whole in there face. LET me tell you YOU HAVE SENSTITIVE SKIN, if you dont well you should at least try it for like 15 minutes to see if it really burns but I dont think it burned a hole in your face. I would try it people!
My friend Ashley told me it Works!!!!!!!!! Comments By: marina gogus on 2006-02-03
i havent tried yet but she said it worked 4 her
Toothpast contains bicarbonate of soda Comments By: Dawn on 2006-02-18
Which can dry out spots but it can also dry out your skin and strip away the skin cells. So try the tip if you have nothing better (personally I'd buy a spot treatment, germolene or witch hazle) but if it starts to tingle, rinse it off straight away (as you would if a face mask started to tingle) and never leave it on over night.
maybe sooo!!!!! Comments By: Mariah Lusk on 2006-03-25
i read this funny recomendation in a bok called "Why do men have nipples?" yes funny title but good book. well i decided to try it and at first it burt really bad but only for a couple seconds and maybe it was because i have very dry skin iono and i put it all over my face too so maybe next time i will put on just my zit noy all over my face but toothpaste sertanaly doesnt burn holes in your face.. whoever thought of that is a little nuty i would say..lol
CAUTION! BE CAREFUL! Comments By: SARABETH on 2006-06-26
I put toothpaste on my face overnight in October of 2004.I woke up with a black mustache because I had a pimple on my lip and put toothpaste on it. We are now in 2006 and my skin has not been the same. I have small holes in my skin because it burned me. I also had to take yearbook pictures the next day. I took my photo and it will be memorable forever. My school labeled me '' TOOTHPASTE FACE''. I would never wish this on anyone so just think twice before acting. Maybe that happened because I slept with it on! JUST DON'T DO IT!
Works alright Comments By: Me on 2006-07-08
Yeah, i used crest and it burned..but it worked. I started using aqua fresh instead and like i said before it worked. it doesnt get rid of them but it makes them noticeably smaller and clears them up faster.
It doesnt get rid of it... Comments By: Anon on 2006-07-19
i should tell you that it doesnt work as well as other people say. Because i have oily skin and all it does is put like white stuff on you skin
Tips Comments By: Anon on 2006-07-25
You should NEVER sleep over night with toothpaste or any kind of face cleanser on. That's just stupid. Serve's all the people with the bad stories right, but you live, you learn.

Apply a thin layer, leave it on til it dries, wash it off. That's all. DO NOT LEAVE IT ON OVERNIGHT!

It WORK!! Comments By: Anon on 2006-08-03
it worked great for me. i put it on 15-20 mins and in the morning it was CLEAR!
Trust Me Comments By: Jillene on 2006-09-28
I am 16 and do modeling work. My recommondation for people with normalish skin is this:
Use a white (not gel) toothpaste on zits for 10 minutes
Then take off with a dab of olive oil and warm water
Last, put toothpaste back on zits and wash fash regularyly after it dries.

It depends... Comments By: Bri Bri on 2006-10-06
Ok,peoples,it depends on what kind of skin you have.My friend did this and nothing happend.I did this and every time I moved my face it would hurt cause it was so dried out.Yes,it did make my zits smaller but it also made my face very dry.
YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL!!! Comments By: liza on 2006-10-12
i dabbed on colgate at night before bed and it worked the first few times...until i kinda took it to an extreme. i put it on a pimple that was ALREADY popped and when i woke up the next morning, it looked like my skin was burnt and i had black marks! SO it could ruined ur face if ur not cautious with it!!
i ruined my skin Comments By: SFDG on 2006-10-12
IT WORKS!!!!! Comments By: Jason on 2006-10-22
Hey, toothpaste really works and i left it on over night. To all you people that say it "burns a hole in your face" you just have EXTREMLY sensitve skin. If you have acne you should really give toothpaste a shot.
works great!!! Comments By: anon on 2006-10-30
I have been using aquafresh toothpaste for 4 days now and my face is almost clear. The first couple of times it does burn.But now I only have a sore on my chin but it's almost gone. To prevent your face from drying apply lotion that is safe for using on the face!!!
NOT REALLY!! Comments By: TJ on 2006-10-30
well i put toothpaste on my face i think it was colgate cavity protection err sumthin and i did it over night... the next day it hella burned my skin but it doesnt give holes.

tip: it will take a few weaks to heal up if you have sensetive skin put lotion on your face like every 3 hrs. to make it softer and thats it!


Eh.... Comments By: Gabriel on 2006-12-04
I used Colgate Total and it worked a bit here and there, but as time went on, I noticed that it was making my skin a little irritated and blochy, it also burned the skin a bit. I have extremely sensitive skin so that's probably the reason why. My sister used to use Toothepaste for her face and it worked wonders, but she had normal skin.

My advice: If you have sensitive skin, don't use it, or use with caution, don't leave the toothpaste on overnight.
If you're having second thoughts about applying the toothpaste, i'd recommend not using it at all, because if you do, you might get a lot of stress from worrying and thus, stress will only make you break out more.

TOOTHPASTE ON MY FACE Comments By: FINA on 2007-01-15
BAD idea!!!! Do NOT use! Comments By: helper on 2007-01-31
I'm 15 and as we all know skin is an important thing to look good in high school.
So when I had a small blemish I thought, "i need to get this thing gone tonight!" so I tried toothpaste.

DO NOT DO THIS! That night as I washed it off and I noticed in the blemish area my skin was unnaturally pale, red, and peeling.
I had burned my face right between my eyebrows.

Solution: If you already made this mistake DONT pick at it. And DONT put stuff like hand lotion all over your face and the spot. It burns, and doesnt work. Use a moisturizor. Thin coat your entire face. Wait 10mins, wash off. Even if its one you rub in. If spot is still noticable repeat and then most important LEAVE IT ALONE.

I hoped this helped.

Does toothpaste work for acne? Comments By: Viveca on 2007-02-01
I think it depends on which kind you use. I used a clear toothpaste on my acne once, and it worked well. Then I used a random toothpaste that was not clear (opaque) and it burned my skinned!! I was so mortified. I had given up on using toothpaste, because I thought it wasn't working after all. But it did. Again, it depends on what you use.
DANG I DONT KNOW Comments By: ROMAN on 2007-02-07
dude it works. Comments By: tayloo on 2007-02-08
toothpaste does work, dont use crest it sucks, and doesnt do much. but ultrabrand deffinitly works, i keep if for about a 1/2hr. it will totally make your face look better. but people with sensitive skin stay away, i had friends who tried it and burned them for weeks, it al depends on your skin type. and put it on the areas that need it, or places that usually get acne.. trust me this wacky junk works.


it doesnt work Comments By: Anon on 2007-02-18
Ok well, i tried it and it didnt work for me but i think you should go ahead and try it. You never no all peoples skin are different.I think i'll try it again.
Do NOT use tooth paste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2007-03-03
Trust me, toothpaste will not work! I tried using colgate and I put it on over night. The next day my face was really red. I don't know how to get rid of it! I think people should just use Dove and Clearasil. It sorta works for me. Remember, DO NOT US TOOTHPASTE ON UR ACNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT REALLY WORKS Comments By: Anon on 2007-03-14
i had a big zit right in the middle of my eyes it was red and it hurt like heck... my sister told me to put toothpaste on it not a whole lot just enough to cover the zit.. i used colgate. i didnt leave it on for very long maybe 3-5 mins. after the first time the zit didnt hurt as much and ive been using it everynight before i go to bed and now its almost gone...
well i think it works Comments By: anon on 2007-04-16
i tryed putting on the toothpaste (colgate) 4 15mins b4 i wen 2 bed wen i washed it off t had reduced in size i was really suprrised i didnt think it would work but it did so if u dnt ave sensitive skin give it a try!!!!!!!!
OMG it really hurts/improves Comments By: Mari on 2007-04-12
WOW, its buring like...____...!!! but i have to keepit on 4 a little longer..i have way clear skin now but i still apply it 4 something to do before bed...DON'T GO AND GET A TAN IN A TANNING BED THEN APPLY IT THE SAME NIGHT!!! OUCH !!! YOUR FACE WILL BE LIKE....WOAH
It works Comments By: Simone on 2007-05-03
i tried this method one time, and i used aquafresh. the zit didnt totally disappear, but the zit was definetly smaller in the morn.
NO WAYYYYYYYYY! Comments By: trishhhhaaa on 2007-05-15
toothpaste doesnt work like hell NOOOO! my face turned out like i had sunburnt, ok WORST THAN SUNBURNT! it was peeling and red! yuck. gross. i hate it! i am now using aloe v. to cover up! look what happened to my face!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT USE IT IF YOU ARE NOT SURE. and i dont have sensitive skin, the prob lies with the TOOTHPASTE
Trying it right now Comments By: anon on 2007-05-21
Ok im trying this stuff on a few of my pimple's. im going to wash it off in like 5 min though. So i'll post again to tell u guys if it worked for me!
ARTICLE!!! READ Comments By: anonymous on 2007-06-16
I looked this up before trying (haven't tried yet), and found this article on medicinenet.com:

Toothpaste does more than help you achieve a winning smile. When dabbed on a pimple, toothpaste can get rid of it by morning. "It is drying and basically works like a clay mask," Kunin says. "It dehydrates the pimple and absorbs the oil," she says. Toothpaste works best on a pimple that has come to a head - like a whitehead, Kunin adds. "But be careful not to use a whitening toothpaste because they tend to have high levels of hydrogen peroxide that may irritate or burn the skin," she says. "If you are going to try it, use a white paste -- not a gel -- and skip this remedy if you have sensitive skin because it will be too irritating."

man stupid people Comments By: azn on 2007-06-16
ive been reading this and ive read stupid things seriously...dun put olive oil on ur skin...olive oil blocks pores. drink green tea..it works...toothpaste....dun do ur whole face on ur first time....onlie a little..man u people are weird.....
i only tried it once! Comments By: carlos on 2007-06-21
i don't really want to shoot peoples hopes down by telling them not to use toothpaste.but if you want to get rid of acne,zits,bumps,pus bumps,whatever the case may be(black heads) ewww! change what is in your diet,i found out some skin problems are caused by what you eat"some people react differently than others by what they eat.but the majority of people break out cause of greesy ass foods,and highly fat foods,try putting some honey on your zits,i found this works better than toothpaste, it's more natural,an it doesn't burn
This works like hell!!!!!!! Comments By: Joe on 2007-07-09
This works!! I put it on my zits and poof they were gone.
not for me Comments By: maria on 2007-07-12
I tried it on this huge, i mean really big, zit on my chin. I did it like my friend told me to, dab a little direcly on the zit and leave it over night...but when I did... it burned my skin, even worse then sunburn looks. It looked like i had a really creepy nasty rash on my chin and after a while it pealed in thick peices. It was disgusting. If you have sensitive or normall dry skin, dont you dare. And DONT under any circumstance mix it with clean and clear or another brand of skin cleaner!!!!! it will not be good
I DONT KNOW ABOUT ALL THIS!!! Comments By: ashley on 2007-07-18
ok my friend told me about this method an said that it works really good for her!!so of course today I got a REALLY BID ZIT so I tried it but see I popped it first then I put toothpaste on and it really burnt so now im gonna wait and see if it gets better and if not then ill try agin but maybe this time ill not popp it first!!!!
An other way is.. Comments By: JenniferCHINO on 2007-07-20
get a aspirin tablet and squish it untilits powder. then get a lemon and mix the two together. the aspirin will remove the oil and dirt and the lemon citrus will make the redness go away. it really does work and it doesnt burn your skin.
A good idea. Comments By: anon. on 2007-07-29
I have never tried toothpaste before.but i do have something that works for me.i go to a derm. and i have tried a couple medications.but i have found if you go swimming in a pool for about 20 minutes a day will help dry your face and get rid of dead skin.i did this for a week because of camp and i was so happy when i was almost completely pimple-free.and it also gives you exercise :]
satisfying tips that work Comments By: ashley on 2007-07-29
mmkay so im trying to lose a couple pounds ive gained since i stopped running and i looked cause my mom told me toothpaste works and read all teh comments below. ive been following that comment below about honey and green tea, and its helped me completely. sometimes pimpes and zits come from stress and sometimes it comes from fatty foods, lots of sugar ectect; so a couple days ago i had loads of candy and junk with my friend and the next two days later i got zits on my cheek and nose, i dont normally get them so they stood out completely. on top of that i was sunburned. i tried the toothpaste and it didnt burn, but it felt refreshing on my skin. its been helping but aftera couple hours my skin gets oily again and unfortuantly the toothpaste doesnt really clear up redness so i tried honey, works well. i also tried the lemon which hurt the burns a bit so i didnt really use it as much. and since its summer and hot you MUST count your glasses of water everyday. you cant make them up again if your forget thats the key. you must stay hydrated, a good way is if your lips get dry you know your dehydrated. first step to dehydration is feeling thirsty, bekon that call so it doesnt tsake it out on your face in the end. [email protected] if you want more tips.
NOOOOOOOOO Comments By: DrEwZ on 2007-08-09
no it doesnt work because ijust did for like two days overnight and washed my face and it left my skin all extra extra dry and peely nad now i dont know how to get my handsome face back and i have my first day of school next week somebody help me get rid of this peeling face and rash
It has worked for me for years! Comments By: anon on 2007-08-20
I have been doing this for YEARS and it has always worked. My suggestion would be to only use the paste, not the gel. I've never been burned by the paste itslef.
so umm Comments By: harry on 2007-08-22
do u just add it for 30 min or over night?
Perfect..Clear Comments By: Shilpa on 2007-08-28
I have been trying this only one time and all of my pimples was cleared..Wow amazing....
IT REALLY DOES WORK!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2007-09-03
This is going to sound really weird but my brothers friend used the toothpaste and it worked for him! Me and my brother now use it and it worked like a charm!

1.Before bed put the toothpaste on the zit.

2.Put a piece of gauze over the toothpaste and the zit.

3.The next morning take the gauze off.

4. wash the toothpaste off with an acne wash.

Use over until the zit is gone!

I'm not sure...... Comments By: Anon on 2007-09-03
I'm really not sure if it works, but hell i'll give it a try.....
i sometimes work Comments By: Anon on 2007-09-05
sometimes it works is depends on the zit type i am gonna try it tonight and should u get bangs or wil that give u more zits cause of the oil
Works great Comments By: Moriah on 2007-09-06
you should try it. it works.
serious stuff pleassee use caution Comments By: tomorrows big shot on 2007-09-08
i tried it,.
of course i used crest
and it really did burn my skin,
i mena i FELT burning.

i kept it on for not even 10 seconds,
yeah im a wimp but it hurt so bad.

i have sensitive skin,

it left a horrible red rash on my skin.

but i have mad eit way lighter.

PLEASE, if you try this.
only put in a small section,
like your forehead just on the zit where your hair covers it anyways..
if it leaves a rash DO NOT and i mean DO NOT PUT IT ON ANYMORE.

if you end up with a red rash, immediatley was your face with warm water,

then put some COLD water on a towel and hold it over the rash until it goes away i just attempted this before reading this board....
i still have the damp towel on my face but the rash is getting lighter and keeping it from drying up.

IN THE PROCESS Comments By: Kiley-n-Drew on 2007-09-10
I heard this works and I put it onearlier and washed it off and it looked smaller. I have it on right now almost asleep and it tingles but it feels good... plus, I have a side snack... just kidding I am in the process of using crest whiting plus scope... It tingles but really doesnt burn.. maybe for the first minute but thats it....... Plus... if u want it gone this is the way to go. Also peeps... just a heads up
all the guys will notice and say ewwww u look like an alien or whatever just please peeps DO NOT POP THEM.

seems to do something... Comments By: davey on 2007-09-25
seems to work for me....i sometimes get those ones tht u cant pop...its just a large lump of clear disgusting stuff which look horrible cz they're so big and sore. but toothpaste certainly did something

colgate for me :)

What you might have done wrong!! Comments By: Pamela on 2007-09-27
If you wash your face before you put the toothpaste, that might dry your fach so maybe you should take a towel (not to hard) and get any oil (of if your face is Really oily. Hope this helps and i think gel paste dont work.
What you might have done wrong!! Comments By: Pamela on 2007-09-27
If you wash your face before you put the toothpaste, that might dry your fach so maybe you should take a towel (not to hard) and get any oil (of if your face is Really oily. Hope this helps and i think gel paste dont work.
Toothpaste Dries Spots Fast! Really Works! Comments By: Larraine on 2007-10-01
Just dab a small amount of the white toothpaste, leave it overnight and it reduces the size of the spot. I have a sensitive skin but it worked for me.
trying it for the first time Comments By: darla on 2007-10-05
ok, my friend told me that toothpaste helps zits and i thought it was a trick to make idiots put toothpaste on their face, so today i was looking in the mirror at my sorta big zit like "thats gotta go" and i started wondering about this. so i looked it up on the internet and it said it works! so i put on the most regular non-fancy toothpaste i could find in my bathroom which happened to be crest cavity protection. it only had a sort of good tingley feeling, and i wanted to see if it worked for other people and found this website. everyone said crest was bad and aquafresh was good, so i had it on for and hour and a half, but took it off and looked in the mirror, and it looked and felt way smaller! but i dabbed on a thin layer of aquafresh and ive had it on for 10 minutes. no good tingley feeling :( but ill live. it smells really good. in a couple hours ill repost with the result of auafresh.
works amazingly well Comments By: me on 2007-10-27
i heard about it so i applied a thin layer (really thin) on my whole face. i left it for about 10 mins, then took a shower. it was great. the spots had become noticably smaller and my skin felt amazing. also, i wud recommend giving up smoking, drinking plenty of water and exercising. worked well for me :D
NEVER EVER AGAIN_CAUTION Comments By: Anon on 2007-10-30
i had perfect nice skin untill i got these 3 pimples on my cheek and 2 under my chin, i put toothpaste on them and i woke up in the morning with black blothes on my face, my face was burnt ive still got the marks today and the pimples were still in there, i ruined my perfect skin. The sits didnt go away for weeks and now i keep getting pimples in the burns and the zits wont go away, how do i make dried up zits dry 100% so i can peel them off without bleeding GRRRRR...

my advice stay away if you got sensitive skin.

make up doesnt even cover the burns its disgusting!

good Comments By: geoff on 2007-11-11
works good.
Toothpaste and Neo Comments By: Joe on 2007-12-01
Didnt sleep with it overnight but I did leave it on for about an hour. Then I rinsed off and applied neosporin and left on all night. It was going to be one of those big ones that stay for a week. When I woke up the next morning it had already started to go back down again. Never had a chance to make it's appearance. This is not the first time toothpaste and neo have come to the rescue. BTW, i didnt have anything other then crest gel. Still worked fine. Good luck everyone.
Doesn't work Comments By: Anon on 2007-12-05
I hate whoever said rubbing colgate tooth whitening on a zit works. I put it on overnight, woke up with reddish spots where I applied the paste. I skipped school 'cause I looked so ulgy. It is a little better. It looks as if I have a thin layer of plastic on my face in some areas. Don't do it. THANKS! [sarcasm off] What really blows is that I have just started dating our homecoming queen and now I am embarrassed to go near her.
It all depends on your body chemistry Comments By: *Lindsay on 2007-12-11
I personally use toothpast all the time and I get complemented on my complexion all the time. I would not recomend it to severe acne cases but for the person who has the ocassional breakout and occasional pimple, it woks wonders. I only put a thin layer on the infected areas and leave overnight. If you don't wash your face before though, it will probably not work. You have to cleanse and open up the pores so the toothpaste can get into the follicle/pore and work on the inflamed inner skin and sebum. You will see that you zits are dried out by morning but you should follow up with a gentle cleanser. Though the results are noticible they are not an overnight cure for acne. You will still have to have a loyal and dicsiplined acne washing routine for a couple of weeks before you will see any major appeareance altering results.
i'm confused!!! Comments By: hikki on 2007-12-11
hi there! i'm 16 yrs old and honestly my mom and i have been looking for the right medication for my pimples. i looked through your comments and i got really confused whether i will try to put toothpaste or not. well, i haven't really tried it before so can u guyz help me. like how long should i let the toothpaste stay and how much do i need to put???
please help me.. i really do hope this will work for me..

x] Comments By: Michael on 2007-12-15
It's Working For Me So Far.
Will it? Won't it? Comments By: Toby1 on 2007-12-22
I've just applied some colgate on the three spots I have on my forehead...I will keep you up to date.....has to be said that the only way I know that definetly improves acne is time on the sunbed.....you have to weigh up the whole cancer thing against the benefits- but if they're really getting you down about it subeds won't just improve your skin, but the UV rays help release endorphins which make you feel good too!
AquaFresh Works For Me!! Comments By: Winnie88 on 2007-12-31
Reduces redness and swelling!!
Be careful! Comments By: Stella on 2008-01-05
I think it all boils down to this:

1 Be careful and be aware of the consequences.
2 If it's your first time, try it on a pimple that wouldn't be noticeable (e.g. behind your bangs). Because in a sense, if it does leave a black hole in your face or clear the pimple up, at least you'll have your bangs to hide it. You don't know, so don't try it on a noticeable area .. like your cheek or your nose.
3 Read everything about this topic before you make your decision

I tried it and took it after 5 minutes. I don't know if it really worked, but I don't think I would try this again unless I was really desperate. It didn't burn a hole in my face and it didn't make it any better or worse, but it did sting when I put it on.

It's just stupid because I have a wedding tomorrow and have a big zit on my cheek (that decided to form this morning, no thank you).

The tried and true method is: Wash your face, don't touch it, don't pick it, let it dry on it's own

Just think .. every time you touch your zit, the oils in your hand add an extra day to it. That should keep your hands off of playing with it.

I HATE SPOTS :@ Comments By: DAWN on 2008-01-05
I really hate having spots, especially ones that hurt. I do wear makeup all over my face but no serious ORANGE liquid umpa lumpa crap. I just use powder. Every night i use a facial whipe on my face and remove m make-up thoroughly and after i was my face with soap and cold water. I also do this in the morning. Before i put on make-up i put on some facial cream to moisturise my face and think of it as a barrier between my skin and the make-up. I still have some small blackheads around my nose and i always get the occasional MONSTER zit (because of my age) and i think there's nothin worse than a yellow juicy looking zit so i have to pop them and squeeze out all the puss until blood comes out. Then i get a scab an them a mark/scar an it's horrible so TRY THE TOOTHPASTE TRICK OR OTHER REMIDIES BEFORE YOU POP IT OR SCRATCH IT!!
hmm Comments By: amyyy on 2008-01-12
well first of all.
dont leave it overnight at first if your not sure.
i wouldnt take a chance and get one of those nasty burns.

use aquafresh.
and the first time, use it on somewhere small. dont cover your whole face.
i suggest you leave it on for about 10 inutes, then wash it, and put lotion over it.
see if it works.

More dangerous and harmfull than ACID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2008-01-16
I had about 3 pimples witch I tried to dab out with toothpaste. I aplied it to the pimples and went to bed. The next morning I woke up to my horror that it BURNT my skin. Please anybody out there, never use toothpaste!!! It surelly ruend my face and my life
***IT'S TRUE*** Comments By: annonomous on 2008-01-15
It does work but u can't smear it all over your face or course.What the toothpaste does is dry it out so that the oil in you skin doesn't produce pimples.The tooth paste remedy is not supposed to work like proactive it is just for little pimples and little zits people!
The common factor here is..... Comments By: Heather on 2008-01-21
I've been using this method for a few nights now and ive seen an amazing differnce. I've been struggling for acne for years. The docs have givin me all sorts of pills and creams including differin. Nothing really helped until i started using the toothpaste. I've noticed from all the other posts that AquaFresh works the best without any side effects. Besides the tingling of course. But you get that even when you brush your teeth! I use Aqua Fresh for an fyi. Id say if your going to do this use aqua fresh!
Crest Comments By: Gabriel Todd on 2008-01-29
Well, I find this rather odd. I use Crest occasionally and it works very well. There is a very slight burning sensation, but nothing horrible. It's more a tickling than anything. What would the chemical difference be between Crest and these other toothpaste brands I wonder?
Cool Your Face After Applying Toothpaste!!! Comments By: Gary on 2008-02-04
i started applying toothpaste on my face a couple of weeks ago and i noticed that it wud burn......
so i went to my freezer and i let the cold breeze cool my face and it eventually dried the toothpaste......
and the results showed that my zits has faded
:D try it!!

dont know yet Comments By: Rebekah on 2008-02-04
i just washed it off a few mins ago
but at first it was still pretty red so i put on my lotion and some lemon juice, and the reddness went away
so now i have honey on because my skin was kinda itchy
it smelled good and it made my face feel good
:0 you should try it
and as for the people who got the holes and burns must have some REALLY dry skin

Don't Do It! Comments By: jenferocious77 on 2008-02-22
about 2 years ago i got a small zit on my cheek. our physics teacher had recently told us that toothpaste on a zit could dry it out.
so i put toothpaste on the zit and left it overnight. when i woke up, i had a lovely perfect circular hole in my cheek.

it hurt to even move my face and i had to walk around school with an ugly gash right where everyone could see.


Beauty is pain Comments By: JA on 2008-02-26
So, i tried the toothpaste and it stung, it was kinda painful and the corners of my mouth got really dry... because i put some toothpaste near there. After i washed it of ( witch hurt ) my zits did look smaller i must say, and dry. i put it on 4 different times today because i am trying to get rid of these monsters b4 2maro, and, so u all know, it does work, just a tad painful. BEAUTY IS PAIN
Everyone's different. Comments By: April K. on 2008-03-02
Some people are getting so crazy over how dry their skin became, or that it "burned holes in their faces", and others say it worked wonderfully. Some people have more sensitive skin, and others have normal skin. If it starts to burn and tingle, just rinse it off, and put on some moisturizer. I dabbed some Colgate on a few zits on my face, left it for about 8 minutes (it began to tingle), rinsed it off, and put on some oil-free, SPF10 moisturizer. It worked great and the next day my zits were gone. The fact is, everyone's going to react differently, and NO ONE should say "don't try it" just because they personally got dry or bad skin. Give it a shot if you know you're skin is normal, but do it sparingly to avoid drying out your skin.
READ THIS!!! Comments By: Luke on 2008-03-13
Wow! This has been the most halarious thing to read about all of the people burning their faces. However, I will say that i used crest and it worked, and no burn what so ever.
Different Toothpaste and Different People Comments By: Lili on 2008-03-23
Toothpaste really does work!! I am an African American teenager that has really sensitive skin (whenever I use something that is different it irritates my skin and then I have rashes). I started using it when I had ran out of my acne cream and kept for getting to buy some more. I decided to use it for emergency (school dance was coming up). I used Aquafresh toothpaste and it gradually worked. Takes time but it works.

However, everyone is different (of course). We are all unique in our own different ways and one of our best qualities are our skin types. Toothpaste will work on some people but it will irritate the heck out of some people.

Overall, toothpaste work for like when you need it quickly and you ran of of your acne cream.

You Stupid People Comments By: Goddess on 2008-03-24
why the hell would you put olive oil on you face!? it just makes things way worse. and toothpaste does work. only use a small dab, dont use overnight first try and dont cover entire face first try. somtimes it gets rid of zit and sometimes it just makes it smaller.
MIN JUICE OMG IT WORKS Comments By: simran on 2008-03-29
sounds crazy, but i found that it works!! Comments By: lola on 2008-03-30
i have really bad breakouts, i'm talking wake up every morning with new pimples!! it was insane. i'm allergic to benzyl peroxide and so i never could use the over the counter stuff. a friend told about the toothpaste thing so i researched it than tried it. to my surprise it really does work!! use the white paste..not gel and cover the affected areas with a then layer, let it dry (5-10mins) and then wash it off. i havent had a breakout since i started using it a week ago! my skin feels fresh and clean, the redness is going down and my pores are even shrinking. i'd definitely recommend it!
Dont use it as a face mask!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-03-31
I've been putting some on every night before bed and it has worked for me! Like someone else said, it takes a while, but it'll most likely work. I also use aqua fresh. also i have a little redness under my nose and i put some on there, in a couple weeks it had faded alot. One thing i would advice is to NOT use it as a face mask. If your whole face does not need it, why put it on there? If it starts to sting to the part where it is unbearable, TAKE IT OFF! I have normal skin so i dont know if it doesnt work for people with dry skin.
it works Comments By: abc on 2008-04-04
I had loads of pimples after i came back from Afghanistan so i tried this and after i used witch hazel to sooth my skin.

IT WILL WORK!!!!!!!!! TRUST M3 Comments By: DOC. AMELINA on 2008-04-08
It depends on how you use it . Comments By: ammatus salam on 2008-04-17
use toothpaste only on the effected area do not use it as face mask , yes ur skin get burnt and becomes dark but please dont discontinue using tooth paste as it will remove the dead skin and the marks will be reduced , use a moisturiser or olive,almond oil so that it does not make ur skin dry ,and always wash ur face with a good neem face wash as it kills bacteria and, clean ur hands before u touch ur skin ,do not rub ur skin and drink lots of water , use sun protection cream ,and always keep ur skin clean.
Toothpaste worked for me! Comments By: KittyKonspiracy on 2008-04-19
I used a crest whitening toothpaste, which was not my first choice, but all that I could find. I noticed that it tingled and I only left it on for about 5 or 10 minutes. I used a q-tip to dab a small amount directly onto the inflamed zit. I popped it last night. I have never used the toothpaste method before so I am not sure if it always works this way, but it really helped me. It hurt the most when I was taking it off with warm water and a washcloth. I noticed that the zit had come to a head, and pus was coming out of it all by itself! It drained and is now a lot less red and swollen. I was so worried about this zit because it is Prom tonight for me, but now I can not worry about looking great! Since it seems to work so fast, I would definitely reccommend not leaving it on overnight, and testing it on a hidden patch of skin before you use it on your delicate facial skin. Another way to make sure you don't burn your skin is to leave it on for only 5 or 10 minutes. Other things I used to help reduce swelling and redness were a frozen spoon, neosporin, and 1% hydrocortisone cream.
?? Comments By: emma on 2008-04-23
r u meant to put the actual toothpaste on ya face or the foamy stuff from the toothpaste????
Wow... toothpaste DOES work. Comments By: Lyn on 2008-04-24
I put toothpaste(white) on my pimple in the morning for a whole day and washed it off the next morning. That pimple was GONE. Beware if you put toothpaste on a popped pimple/zit, you will be left with a black mark on that area. Again..
DO NOT PUT TOOTHPASTE ON A POPPED PIMPLE/ZIT! Oh ya, leaving toothpaste on over night will NOT get you a black hole in your skin.. geez thats IMPOSSIBLE,
I wonder what idiot said that.

It works! Comments By: Sara on 2008-04-27
I use toothpaste on my zits, but i put a thin layer ALL over my face, wait 10 minutes, and wash it off with warm water. It will make your face burn, but it works. It may turn your face red, but it will only last for a few minutes. If you tend to have dry skin, only do it every few days. Moisturize after you rinse it off.
Don't do it! Comments By: Anthony on 2008-04-28
I tried it lastnight, cuz I have a date tommorow. And it Completely left a BIG-Burn on my left cheek. Don't do it.
it does work use it right Comments By: yolanda on 2008-05-07
hi and i have bronze skin(brown) very light brown i started getting pimples in the summer of 07, 1.wash your face,2. dry your face,3.dab toothpaste(not gel, paste white,only on pimple)4.sleep overnight,5.wake up gone, or dried out, or merely gone
The biggest mistake of your life Comments By: Anon on 2008-05-10
unless you want to die in shame walking around looking like a loser with a burnt/blistered face.. Then you can do this. I left a blob ony pimple overnight and this morning much to my horror I had an angry dark red splotch staring at me.. My party is this coming Friday and now all I can do is hope and pray that the mark goes away.. Any suggestions how I can speeden up this process??? I am no one to tell you wat to do but please rily think 10 times before doing this... No amount of crying can reverse the burn if it occurs.. Atleast try it on an unobtrusive part of your face first.. And definitely- DO NOT LEAVE IT OVERNIGHT!!!
I wish you success in getting rid of those nasty zits.. And I'd rily appreciate some advice on how to get rid of my burn asap. Thanks!!!

ouch. Comments By: laura on 2008-05-14
yea. burnt a hole in my skin. not a good idea.
Fresh Feel Comments By: beth on 2008-05-15
I liek the burn.. it feeels like its working. and lets u no its working. smells good to. it might be red right after but thats because its raising to the surface to make an end to it :)
So Comments By: Me on 2008-05-18
I was completely shocked when some one told me they put toothpaste on their face for acne so i was like i guess ill try it i have pretty healthy skin just an occasional zit here or there so tonights my second night using it im not sure if i noticed any thing the first time i used it but i like how it feels i use acne free face wash as often as i remember which works but i found the best solution is to avoid stressful situation thats the best cure. But hey try it out if it feels uncomfortable wash it off simple as that.
LOL ? Comments By: JJ on 2008-05-19
I put it on my neck for about 6 minutes and then when I took it off I had a white dot puffing out of my skin. BUT THEN it feels refreshing ;). I don't really know if you should try it or not. I used crest =\. DON'T USE CREST!
DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: M DOG on 2008-06-02
bam its gone Comments By: anon on 2008-06-24
wow all of my acne is gone so try it,it really works i know it sounds silly but trying it couldnt ever hurt exspecially if you try this
DONT RISK IT Comments By: XYZ on 2008-06-23
its jus not worth it.i tried it and now have a big blister in my cheeks.jus don ruin ur skin.there r a zillion NATURAL ways to get rid of acnes,they may be slow but r effective
OMG dont us toothpaste Comments By: kenzie switzer! on 2008-06-29
what ever you do dont use toothpaste! it peels ur skin!and makes it red!
crest ftw Comments By: xmaddiehatesmeat on 2008-06-30
i don't know. i personally like the burn. it reminds me that my zits are getting terminated. like arnold. the mint kind works the best and it makes me smell gooddddd. i guess my skin isn't sensitive, because i don't get the physical burns that you guys are talking about. oh well. i like this idea.
works but not on popped zits Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-02
Definitely works on most zits. however for the really serious ones that are really hard to pop and you pop it do NOT put toothpaste on it. you get a big white lump there. takes days to clear up. but for the ones where they like pop really really really easily <-- more common you can put toothpaste on. anywyas yeah that was kind of graphic and pretty gross. but just apply to zits, dont put it on your whole face (unless you have a lot of acne).
lotion cream Comments By: Meaghan on 2008-07-04
I use mosterizing lotion then in a day or two it all clears up:)
It Works Comments By: Alex Chen on 2008-07-02
I put blobs of colgate on my face overnight and somehow the next day I had all these big black dried skin that looked like dried up blood. However, after about two days, thes black spots fell off, and my face was almost completely clear of acne. But I really think where one lives really matters because I live in a really dry area and that probably caused the black spots to fall off quicker.
This works, but not overnight! Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-09
I used Crest Brand toothpaste, and applied it to my face fro about 10 minutes, and then simplay washed it off. it works like a charm (well for me), just dont leave it on overnight!
Yes! and No! Confused? BITTER SWEET!!! Comments By: Andrew on 2008-07-09
Well Im a guy, im 16, and I tried this method. My friend from school told me about it. The first time i did it, i applied a very small amount to each pimple. Just to cover it. Like seriously small amount, and let it dry and slept with it. The next day my skin was really nice, and the pimples went down A LOT! Which was good because i had an interview. However the next day I tried it again, but went overboard. Pleased with the results I put on more than i should have. I woke up the next day and now i have 5 burns on my face. 3 Really bad patches. And they're purpally black. And they DONT cover up with make up. They're really dried skin. I have to work, and now i dont know what to do. Becuase i dont wanna try and exfloiate the skin and scar. So im in the process of finding a remedy. However no matter how bad it looks i would say leave it. Its better to look bad for a week or two than to be scarred for life. I mean you think a couple of pimples is bad, imagine a scar you know will never go away. So keep it moisturized, i would apply aloe vera gel. juice, whatever you have. If not keep face mositurised so skin can heal. For everyone out there, I would suggest not to use toothpaste for this problem. But if you do, use really MINUTE (SMALL) Amounts. JUST enough to COVER the pimple and wash it off after like 10-20 minutes. NEVER GO TO SLEEP WITH IT ON! It differs from skin type to skin type. For anyone who will try to say it, i have the furthest thing from sensitive skin. I dont have it all, but now in those spots i probably will. Toothpaste is acidic or something because it cleans teeth, and putting it on the skin. Its obvious you can get burned, remember to test ur skin before you use it. And be careful. If anyone knows how to fix the burns please let me know!! this is my second day with them. But im a server at a restaurant and i really need to get rid of them/cover them/w.e before my next shift. [email protected] THANKS!
And good luck.

Uh... wha? Comments By: Catherine on 2008-07-09
I didnt feel any burn and nothing happened yet. i may post again later when it sets in more... actully my chin is burning a little...
workss good some places burnt the rest! ;( Comments By: blakee<3 on 2008-07-10
wellll i startedd using it on my forhead and it cleared it rite up! thenn i started getting acne on my cheeks so i was stupit and rubbed it all over my cheeks! and i woke up wit severe burns and overly dry skin this morning ;[ and i dont kno wat to do ;/ try it but neverr put it all over ur face!
Oh my goodness Comments By: Cassandra Eckman on 2008-07-14
Ok, so this is kinda crazy here :P
Um, i am using toothpaste (recommended by my aunt who's career is makeup!) and it is working ok. I just have a lot of acne in between my eyebrows, so every night i clean my face and put a bit of toothpaste on (DAB IT ON, DO NOT RUB IT IN!) and i leave it over night. When i wake up in the morning there is a bit of a difference. I have been doing it for a couple of days now and i noticed it has slowly been going away, which is very good for me because i have tried many acne things to get rid of this trouble spot.
If you are a bit weary of trying it just try DABBING a bit on one of your pimples and leave it, then after a couple of minutes rinse it off and if it doesn't make your skin hurt or burn you or whatever these crazy people are talking about then you should be ok. JUST PUT IT ON THE PIMPLES, NO WHERE ELSE.

DON'T USE TOOTHPASTE! Comments By: melanie on 2008-07-12
Seriously, don't use toothpaste on pimples, I did because I've heard by so many people how well it worked but honestly DON'T USE IT! It works at first but if you use anything else after that it burns your face! My chin is burnt and and my left cheek(only a small nut size amount but still) I recommend Proactive...it really works and you get a free face mask that's really light and that's safe to leave on at overnight.

To conclude,
toothpaste is a VERY VERY VERY bad idea.
I haven't left my house in two days.

it dont work Comments By: ryan on 2008-07-14
it didnt even work it sucks

but idk what kind of toothpaste 2 use

watch it!! Comments By: anon on 2008-07-16
i would recomend this product to peaple who do not have sensitive skin only i used it and it really does get rid of pimples , but i left it on for about 15 minutes and my face felt clear and clean
but watchy it, it does cause a little redness, do not leave on over night.

works great if you use common sense Comments By: fabXC on 2008-07-22
I use toothpaste when I have a bad zit or pimple. its just common sense to not leave your face completely covered in toothpaste overnight. i use white toothpaste, usually use an acne pad before hand then apply the toothpaste, i use a little dab and when i wake up, its either smaller, or just peels right off.
use it only if you have used it before (and its worked) Comments By: Andie on 2008-07-23
see i was one of those people....i've been dabbing toothpaste on my zits for yonks and just last night, i did the same thing, i woke up with what looked like a burnt patch on my upper lip in the morning.

Someone mentioned dry skin, yes but very dark and patchy as well...probably some chemical reaction..but either way, i used colgate and i regret using it right now...

got this horrible scar on my top lip that makes me look as if i am going through my teen years - i am 25 by the way and this is the first time toothpaste failed on me. I looked like i've been punched and i've let the blood dry up...okay maybe i am dramatizing it a little bit but it really is HORRID!

i'm so angry but really there is nothing i can do now except to keep using aloe vera gel and concealer...(and even with concealer, use something that is non-clogging) and hope people around me are kind...

for instance, for work today, i did up my eyes to take attention away from the scar...and i'd say it worked because people had to come really close to see it...which doesn't help because i see it when i look in the mirror..

um yes, final say.

don't use colgate. use nixoderm.

TOOTHPASTE AND MEDICATION Comments By: RAE on 2008-07-24
YEA MAN!!! Comments By: Spanky on 2008-07-29
This remedy actually works! I didnt thynk it would, but to my suprise it did. I used it overnite,... And then when I woke up... NO ZITZ!!! Its amazing.U should use thys remedy, FO REAL! IT WORKS.
TOOTHPASTE DOESN'T WORK!!! FRESH SPERM WORKS!!! Comments By: Stephy on 2008-08-01
Hi I am a 17 year old girl and I tried this whole toothpaste thingy because of the hype and it works a little bit but then I heard from a friend that her boyfriend "cummed" on her face and it work(LOL). I thought she was lying but I tried it the weekend after with my boyfriend and the few acne spots on my forehead and cheeks were gone. I rubbed it in on the spots after the sperm was on my face and let it dry then washed it off. It really seeps into the pores and dries out the skin! Although this may sound moronic it was a very good home remedy.
Just perfect Comments By: Sue on 2008-08-03
At first I thought, this is never going to work. But I got curious and tried it for about 3 minutes. And guess what, it worked. It is now about 1/3 of it's normal size. It is going to take all other medicine off the market. Ha!
works Comments By: hi on 2008-08-11
i leave it on overngight all th time..for about 2 yrs now..a thin layer, an i peel t off in the morning..my face is smooth, and its weird, it makes my cheeks a bit rosey, and i like the look...works so good...but my skin is not senetive, it can take anything
DAM NO IDEA Comments By: dfhjdty on 2008-08-14
okay well i stuck it on for 3 minutes cause i was skared id get some black shiz on my face like you said, and it was my first time so i didnt want to push it, i stuck it on a realllll little one because if it did happen to burn it would be little cause the pimple is little. i stuck it on and it didnt burn like fuk like all you said it did. i wasshed it off with warm water and looked in the mirror and it was red but the red soonly faded. problem is i dont remember how small the pimple was befor i stuck it on compared to now, otherwise i wouldnt mind doing it again. but what ive learned in these things are that DONT USE CREST AND ONLY WHIT TOOTH PAST AND DONT PUT IT AS A MASK STICK IT ON LIKE ONE PIMPLE AT A TIME TO NOT RISK ENEYTHING. DONT STICK IT ON FOR MORE THEN AND HOUR ATLEAT TRY LIKE 10 MINUTES TOPS ID SAY. IF ITS REALLY STINGING WASH IT OFF IMMIDIETLY OR RISK OF THAT BURN.

good luck:p

It didn't work for me Comments By: Nickie on 2008-08-19
I've tried this a while ago, although, I did it a little differently.. I put toothpaste on my face, because I was told it'd help, but when I awoke, I'd broken out in all the areas I had applied the toothpaste.
It doesn't work for me, but then again, I have very stubborn acne. NOTHING seems to EVER work for me.
I wouldn't suggest it, but go ahead and try it.

loz Comments By: lozzy on 2008-08-20
my friends all use it and it does not work dont use it u just get loads more spot on your face i have tried me and my friends say never ever try it my friend has loads of spots shes say that she uses tooth paste and puts it on nearly everyday i mean like if you think its good for you face its not believe me and my friends omg i cant believe all of you people pretending that it really works because your making people have more spots come out al over there face dont believe all of this if you want to use something that really works watch all of the advertisements and use them there really good i mean like try some they on cost about 1.99 for like a full bottle of stuff to get rid of your spots or go to the chemist and get some spot treatments there try it out
even try face masks they always help you i mean like treat your left and it also relaxing like once a week you dont have to do it all the time but it is nice and relaxing if you can fit one in like one a week take some time of and relax it will help your skin and face to relax and keep away those awful spots x x x take the advice x x

toothpaste sucks! Comments By: vanessa on 2008-08-20
k well everyone always says toothpaste works. so i tried it and put it on my pimples and nose cuz i got blackheads n pores. so left it on over night n i woke up in the morning took it off and where i had put the toohtpaste at was burned and my nose had gotten really swallon and burned and the bad thing was it was on a wednesday and skool started monday. bt i gues thats wat i get for listening to wat everyones says.and nw its my job to tell ppl NT TO LEAVE IT ON OVER NIGHT... unless u want burned and swallowed skin... its nt funny. n nw here iam surfing the web to see hw to get rid of my burned nose n skin lol
DONT USE IT !!!!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2008-08-23
i used it for a day, it gave me a LITLLE red rash .. but i didnt really bother myslef with it because it wasnt noticible ... but the next day i used it again at night ALL NIGHT ! and woke up with a HUGE rash on my cheeks and i freaked out ! i put ice on it it made it worse , then i tried to cover it up with makeup ! i looked terrible ! so i decided to go and buy aloe vera gel.. walking shamlessly covering my face with my hair ! so in conclusion im using aloe vera .. its cooling it down , but havnt seen any progress yet with the redness !! im freaking out ! if theres anything that helped you out,please help!!!
fab!! Comments By: beth on 2008-08-27
tooth paste is great for zits people say that it burns your skin but that only depends on what type of tooth paste you use colgate or aqua fresh is best for the removal of zits
omg. Comments By: asdf on 2008-08-31
stupid people saying you had a HOLE in your face.
that's so stupid.
you can't BURN A HOLE IN YOUR FACE with toothpaste. it's almost impossible.
sure, you may have irritated your skin, but you didn't burn it.
and the more you mess with it, the longer it stays.

i tried toothpaste before. i wouldn't use it every night all night however.

KIND OF Comments By: Ella on 2008-09-06
I think it works for certian people but dont pick them before applying the touthpaste and I used crest and it didnt burn or anything(it wont burn if u dont pick them THINK ABOUT IT)i like it its worth trying.
My Own Experience Comments By: JamesM on 2008-09-07
This weekend I got 4 of those really deep zits on my forehead. On 2 of them I put Crest and the other 2 I put Clearasil. Left both on overnight. The next morning, the Crest-covered bumps were greatly reduced. The Clearasil ones were still there.

If I read these postings about overnight burnings before I did this because I would have been more careful with the toothpaste, but fortunately I didn't burn at all. My skin isn't really sensitive at all and it's normally very oily. The oil probably protected me from over-drying the toothpaste-covered areas.

So those are my results. For me, Crest put 2 of my 4 zits on the fast-track to recovery. Tonight the other 2 zits are getting toothpaste.

!!! Comments By: <--- on 2008-09-07
It does work, use it only for a few minutes (5 minutes tops), on unbroken skin, wash off with warm water GENTLY...And it'll reduce the zit in size. Don't use toothpaste on the zit more than once a day, or it'll turn your skin into shoe leather.
Kick Ass !! Comments By: WuTangClan on 2008-09-13
What I do is I use a cotton bud and dip it into the toothpaste and apply a small amount over the zit, and sleep. In the morning wash it off with warm water, then dry the face. Then I apply a very small amount of it onto my finger and rub it in until you can barely see it, skin will seem abit whiter than usual. This will get rid of alot of redness and it will still be curing your acne while you're out and so forth. I used Macleans X2 Whitening.
toothpaste works Comments By: Danielle on 2008-09-15
Toothpaste does work for pimples. As long as you don't put too much on or leave it on for too long.
it burns skin Comments By: enna on 2008-09-27
tooth paste can burn your skin if you leave it on a long time. i had a cavity and put toothpaste on the tooth and inside of my mouth and after awhile it burnt the inside of my mouth a decent amount. so yes on some people it can burn your skin. and it does burn on the skin so maybe try it but not over night and keep wiping it off every now and then to make sure it isnt damaging your skin,
So Confussed!!?? Comments By: 'Anon' on 2008-09-30
I am so confussed! Occationaly i get really bad breakouts. I also have scars from popping them! And i am really confussed because the comments i have been reading are saying yes use toothpaste than no dont use it! So someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!! =0
Just give it a try Comments By: Austin on 2008-10-03
I have very few zits but the ones i have i hate i used colgate on it and 5 min later i got it off and my zits were smaller
ignore the stupid people either works or dosnt Comments By: tom on 2008-10-10
i tried it last night, woke up, they all looked alot better.. but it didnt sting for me, so if stupid people are sat there saying, it burns, it must be working, wrong!! if it burns, your skins not right for it so dont bother, if it dosnt burn, then its working ;)
Tea Tree Oil & Aqua Fresh. Comments By: Todd on 2008-10-16
1) Wash your face thoroughly with warm water.

2) Dab your face dry with a flannel or a towel.

3) Apply AquaFresh toothpaste (NOT GEL) to the infected area.

4) Go see Pinny and wipe his hair grease all over your face and leave over night.

It's alright Comments By: Anon on 2008-10-17
I put a thin layer of colgate toothpaste over all of my pimples and kept it on all night... it hasn't burnt my face, but I don't think I'll risk doing this tomorrow night. It seems to have improved my skin just a little bit, it doesn't look as red and the pimples are less bumpy and shiny.
I'm Not Gonna Take 2 Much of a Risk... Comments By: Alison on 2008-10-18
I tried it, and I put a little on a small zit on my nose for a few hours, and it's practically completely gone! What I do is that I put some on my face 4 like, an hour, wash my face, and dab VERY little on my finger and put it on my zit for the nite.
Maybe Comments By: Tara Lynn on 2008-10-19
I'm 13 and i've had a lot of zits. so last nite i put toothpaste on it. it burned some but i left it on. when i woke up on of my pimples had a big green scb covering it. it made me want to throw up so naturally i picked it and it didn't hurt too bad. it also took care of the smaller blemishes too. so try it, but if your skin turns red and it burns don't come crying to me.
It really works! Comments By: Gabby on 2008-11-02
So i have used the toothpaste method for 3 years now and it really works,
a little tip to help with the dryness is try using Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer
this lotion really works
it moisturizes your skin and also prevent breakouts.

i just need help Comments By: Riana on 2008-11-02
Im only 12 i started my period at 7 and have been spotty ever since i need help a simple way to get rid of them im not going to wear make up cuz it makes em worse but getting teased at school bowt it is horrible!!!! plzz help !!!!
ACNE CURE!! Comments By: Nicole on 2008-11-06
This kinda wirks and like other people are saying it depends what toothpaste and what skin type but... SKID ID from neutregena is AMAZING i used to get like 20 pimples on my face and now im COMPLETELY CLEAR IT REALLY WORKS!!! get it
works for me Comments By: Anon on 2008-11-19
I have a somewhat oily skin with a few pimples here and there. I apply colgate total locally and leave it overnight. My skin doesn't burn, and my face looks a lot better when i wake up. Make sure you use small amounts and don't spread it all over your face, as it may dry up. Other than that it works perfectly, thanks Colgate ^^
only works if u do it right Comments By: rudolf the zit faced reindeer on 2008-11-22
It can burn and dry ur skin out pretty badly, the key is to try to only apply it to the pimple itself and try to avoid contact with your skin as much as possible. And i dont reccomend leaving it on for the entire night. Even if it doesnt burn your skin, have u ever had colgate in your eye? not fun, trust me. even worse when it wakes u from an otherwise restful sleep. haha. good luck.
At first, it didn't work for me Comments By: catey on 2008-11-21
When I tried this, it didn't do anything. But the other day, I had a huge zit and I used toothpaste and then covered it with a band-aide. It was noticeably small the next day.
Dont use on a wet face Comments By: John on 2008-12-12
Its on and off weather or not it works for me. My advice; try it if you want to BUT BE CAREFUL. DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO YOUR FACE IF ITS WET i.e just after gettin outta the bath/shower coz this burns like hell and the more water you splash onto your face ot geet it off the more it burns. Glad to help x
I dunno Comments By: That Person on 2008-12-14
K, I'm tryin' it right now... I've used everything and I've read that this either: burns your skin, leaves black marks, does nothing, or clears it dramatically. I'm hoping for the last one lol... I put aquafresh on it and it tingles. It doesn't burn like some people say but... It... feels like toothpaste :P It feels like it's cleaning but I'm not sure if it is or not... I say go for it if you've tried everything like me (because there's not much else you can do... :P) But don't expect anything either... kthxbai
it works... Comments By: kaitlyn h. on 2008-12-23
ok...so i started using the toothpaste on my zits and pimples this morning and my zits became noticably smaller.it started to burn but after about 3 seconds it stopped.it works like a charm.
Toothpaste sucks all the oils out of your skin Comments By: Eskay on 2008-12-26
Toothpaste sucks all the oils out of your skin, it works great for dehydrating any zit, even the annoying ones that don't turn into white heads and just leak clear oil. Leave it over night and use generously, just keep it on the blemish. If you got sensitive skin it might scab but it will be less puffy and heal faster. If its still red or puffy use some hydrocortizon and if it scabs put a dab of neosporin on, and that shit'll be gone in two days.
It burned, but it burned my eyes XP Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-25
Yeah I tried this, and it actually worked. It burned for the first 5 minutes I put it on but it felt better afterwards. Thanks to the genious who thought up of this.
NO DONT! Comments By: anon on 2009-02-01
I did this actually a minute ago but I put it all over my face. I didnt leave it on for a long pd of time i left it on for maybe 20 sec. and i washed my face and my face is BURNING and bright red like i have sunburn DONT DONT DONT DO IT.
well... yea... Comments By: yumi on 2009-01-16
I'm 17 years old and i don't think i can complain much about my acne, it's really light, but it has phases... lol.
I have used toothpaste several times, when I occasionally get one of those bumpy ones. It obviously has some effect, because it dries the pimple out of oils and all the nasty stuff. But it only DRIES it, doesn't make it magically disappear... that will be the skin's own renoval process work. So i would recommend you use it not as a mask (lol i laughed my ass off when i read about ppl that covered their face with it and left it overnight. Of course it will burn your skin if you do that, DUH! O_o) But i'm pretty sure that if you use it correctly, it'll help you getting rid of some ugly zits. Also, it's cheap! :D
Do this only at night, right before bed.
Wash your face with warm water and a neutral soap or a cleasing gel. Dry it completely. Then, apply the toothpaste (i would recommend colgate) on each zit. DO NOT apply it all over your face, only on the zits. Use only enough to cover each one of them, don't overdo it. It will sting a little, but it isn't that bad. Leave it on for about 5 minutes (meanwhile you can do other stuff, like brushing your teeth :D )
after that, just wash it off with cold water. Cold, because it gives a fresh feeling to your skin. And there you have! On the morning after, your zits will be dry and considerably smaller. Now let time work it's magic. Don't scrach it or peel off the dry skin, though it's tempting. And be sure to moisturise your skin, specially on the dried zit's area, it will help the skin to generate.
And there you have, this is my advice, it's worked for me ;D only temporarily, of course.

So far so good Comments By: Dan on 2009-01-20
I just read all of these comments and decided to leave TP on for 20 mins. I washed it off with hot water and now the pimple is noticably smaller. Ill give more feedback tomorrow!
Great Comments By: Dan on 2009-01-21
Like I said last night, it was working.
I woke up this morning and my zit was way smaller, lighter, and less noticable.

talk about over the top Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-02
it does not "burn a whole in your face"
that going way over the top
it mite sting but thats because you shove a whole load off other shit on there aswell

toothpaste has always worked for meee
and makes my skin feel smooth and fresh

oh dear stop going over the top Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-02
toothpaste does not burn a whole in your face
thats going way over top saying that
cause if it burned your skin it wouldnt be healthy to use on your teeth durhh!!

it only stings a little but that means the spot is shiverling up and slowly dissapering

i use it every time i get one
works amazingly
and makes me feel all fresh xD

I guess Colgate and Aquafresh work but Crest really hurt. I put it on and straight away it starting burning. After I read that Crest doesn't do anything I took it off after a minute though but it still stings..

My skin feels dryer and cleaner. The toothpaste was so minty it kinda made my eyes water really badly (worse than onions!!)

All red though. Not good.

I Dont Really Know Comments By: deborah on 2009-01-05
I dont know if it is just me, but nothing seems to work. I have tried toothpaste, prescriptions, and just about all the little no name brands and high name brands from nutrogena to clean and clear. Nothing works, dont believe everything you hear, it is just your skin, if you have oily skin dont use oil products if you have dry skin, dont use things for oily skin!!!
IT WORKED Comments By: anon on 2009-01-10
IT WORKS TRUE STORY.!!. Comments By: MRS. JONES on 2009-01-11




IT WORKS!!! Comments By: Jackie :) on 2009-01-11
I noticed i was gettting a zit so i put some toothpaste on.. then went to sleep then after a few times of doing that... the zit was gonee!!
It Burned my skin within 5 min!!! DON'T DO IT Comments By: naomi perez on 2009-02-11
I have a big red zit on my cheek, which I hate. I always have a perfect complexion until one big horrible zit comes around to visit me. I decided to apply Colgate Original Flavor and it burned my skin within 5 min. It actually made it worse and more red. I removed it because it was incredibly burning and applied Curel Lotion and it cooled it down. I hope I don't wake up to see it even worse....
Anyone willing to do it....i wouldn't be so sure, remember...I did it and I had previously picked on it, maybe that is why, anyways
let it alone and it will away, not worth to have scars for silly zits.

It's Good! Comments By: Gemma on 2009-02-12
It's really good,leave it on overnight and in the morning they will be smaller!
cheap and easy!!
oh and use aquafresh its the best

HMMM... Comments By: JOE-ANT on 2009-02-12

toothpaste Comments By: Anon on 2009-02-17
Use any toothpaste. It depends on what kind of skin you have. If you are a regular person with regular skin then it should work. If your skin is not like the skin most Americans have then... Toothpaste doesn't work.
Sting?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Comments By: emmi on 2009-02-18
is it supposed to sting!? owwwwwww
IM GOING......TO TRY IT! Comments By: samantha on 2009-02-22
reading all of these "it works" comments has given me some inspiration i think ill try it.ps will it have a mega negative effect if i wash my face first and also garlic helps to.
Hey it worked for me!! give it a try Comments By: Aggie on 2009-02-23
It really depends on 2 things: your skin and the toothpaste you use. I used Crest ones, and it burned real bad (When it burns, immediately clean it off!)I had this pimple that wouldn't go away for 2 weeks! I used Crest, next day, it was noticeably smaller. 2 days later, it was GONE!!! Give it a try, but follow your instinct: If you feel a burning sensation, its better to just let the pimple go away on its own....Good Luck!
What really works! Comments By: joe on 2009-02-26
i know this may sound disgusting but if you actually smear a fresh dog poo on your face it actaully works as a lotion to make it look clearer overall. i know from experience , it may sound disgusting but it really works
IT WORKS Comments By: Heidi on 2009-03-05
I used aquafrresh the green one because it's more mintier and it feels like its doing the job more than the blue one. Ok i had this horrid scar/scab on my forehead so i was like i'll give it a try so i applied it and the next day it went you could see a red mark. Plus the scab was real deep. It helps for me to keep spots away i put it on before i go into the shower/ bath than i take it off in about 30 mins time after i'm out of the shower or bath. than wa la it's gone. ITS COOL i would reccomend it to any one. Aquafresh the green one is the best but the blue one is still cool. thanks aquafresh people
(: Comments By: Tyler on 2009-03-09
Sister said it works but if you have sensitive skin (I do too..)
I would try to use just a drop of eyedrops -specifically one for redness reduction can help most. It may not remove it, but hey at least its not as big RED and puffy!

ACNE BE GONE!...kind of : ) Comments By: Missy on 2009-03-10
I have friends that swear by the toothpaste method. With the additional use of a good acne scrub/method.

A girl I work with (one of my friends who swears by it) came in to work a couple hours in the morning, went home, used the tooth paste, came back a few hours later and the swelling of her pimples had gone drastically!

i'm trying it for the first time tonight, but after having the aquafresh on for a few minutes and then washing it off my face ALREADY looks much clearer.

and I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin. I tried using proactiv and that chemically burned my skin. Please, never use.

Get some good neutrogena oil free acne scrub and a tube of tooth paste : )

OMG OMG Comments By: joe on 2009-03-15
im 32 and have and acme problem all of the sudden>>very stressful so i heard the tooth paste myth from people, so like an idiot i put some on my face over night like a mask....no my skin IS BURNNNNNTTTT i look like an alien...will this go away or do i need to see a doctor

TipKing says: You should never have plastered your face. This is something that you need to see a doctor about

Know your skin type and condition it is in! Comments By: zit-zapper on 2009-03-15
Ok people. IF your skin is dry and sensitive it will not work. A. use all natural products and moisterizers to get rid of zits. If your skin ids not really sensitive and u moisturize, then it should work. know ur skin type before trying!
YOU PEOPLE ARE RETARDS Comments By: Shaun on 2009-03-25
It works but just leave it on for like 5-10 minutes
works if paste...not gel! Comments By: bob on 2009-04-05
tooth paste! not Gel! Works like a charm.
Using as I read Comments By: Cole on 2009-04-06
Saw this and using it as I'm typing and the one I use is Colgate and it burns but its more of a sensational burning not like stinging

Post up in the morning too see weather the zits have gotten better or worse

Not for me Comments By: Cole on 2009-04-07
Ok took it off after about 10 mins and it seemed like it got a little redder but hey coulda just been the toothpaste or my skin

Ill stick to my ace acne removal
Acne Wash from Kaiser

toothpaste for acne Comments By: gina on 2009-04-10
Toothpaste was recommended by my doctor to treat acne but you have to mix it with hydrocortisone cream that you can buy over the counter. It works great and the hydrocortisone prevents any irritation
HELP Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-12
I KNOW HOW TO MAKE TOOTHPASTE WORK BETTER! Comments By: Steph on 2009-04-14
okay first wash your face with a cleanser of your choice...(i perfer clean and clear) wash off then put the green aquafresh toothpaste for about 15-30 min. then wash off then take a cuetip and put a dab of rubbing alchohal go to bed an dwake up your zits should either be gone or alot smaller!waa-laa
Tothpaste is a no no Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-21
ok heres what you do if you been burned put antibiotic ointment on youll see the layer pell of thats a good thing just not if its swollen and shiny dont pick because youll pell your main layer of skin off causing a horrible scar let it come off naturtally and it will be good and even after keep putting it on to prevent scars hope this helps ^_^
Warning I Advise You Not To Go to Sleep With Toothpaste On Your Face Comments By: Ashley on 2009-04-22
[Here's My Nightmare] One day this year sometime I had a huge disgusting pimple on my cheek. It was one of those pimple's where it didnt have a head it was like deep down in my pores. But it was humgous & red. You could even see my pores. So that night I decided to put some toothpaste on it & sleep with it on. Well the next morning I woke up & rinsed the toothpaste off with warm water. I noticed a huge burn where the pimple once use to be & I noticed it was like a scab also. Come to find out the toothpaste over dried the pimple & damaged/burned my skin. It was an complete nightmare. I was hoping I was still dreaming. But unfortuantley not. My skin begain to get irratated. It begin to burn through out the whole entire day. Not to mention I had to go to school with a giant burned pimple on my cheek that same exact day. I had alot of people staring at me well my burn/pimple. It was totally embarssing expecially when it came down to my boyfriend. It took months for my damaged skin to heel back up. Im just sharing my experience. I know some people just have to learn from their own mistakes. But I would advise you not to go to sleep with toothpaste on your face. Point Blank Period. But I mean hey, if you still want to do it then I wish you the best of luck. But I learned my lesson so now im trying to save you from a disaster! At least just put a dime size amount of toothpaste on your pimple & let it sit for 15 minutes then wash it off with warm water. Then rub it down with green alchol. Dont put anything on it such as make-up or anything b/c it can irrate it & cause trouble.

Hope I saved alot of you'all skin.

read. this is for real. Comments By: anon. :)<3 on 2009-05-15
k, well sometime in the summer, my friend chelsea told me that if u put toothpaste on ur zit it makes it go away. so i put some toothpaste on, NOT OVER NIGHT, THATS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE FOR UR SKIN , but i think it was somewhere from about 15-30 minutes , and the zit looked a bit smaller i guess, nothing special, and then we did whatever for the rest of the day, went to bed, and when i woke up, BAM . it was GONE. :)<3 magic my friends, magic. :)
btw, its really bad for your skin to leave it on over night.

Comments By: Anil on 2009-05-25
it works well after a while.the pimples don't go away completely but it does get smaller.PSit really burns
pops them easier. Comments By: Raeee! on 2009-05-30
I've done this for two days, and I've let it on from night to morning. When I took it off, it brought a good bit of pus to the top, so it popped. I recommend using it.
toothpaste Comments By: ashley on 2009-05-31
im justing putting toothpaste on my face now i hope it works
DIFFERENT SKIN Comments By: Ezra Chairez on 2009-06-01
Okay.. First of all if your gonna use toothpaste it has to be AQUAFRESH..just plain..no baking soda, extra cleaning, etc. All people have different skin and what completely works for someone may burn the hell outta someone else... My personnal opinion. I had like a break out on my cheeck, very bad. So I cam to this very site and tried Crest..burns bad..tried Colgate, burns bad.. Tried Aquafresh, worked completely well.FOR ME..if toothpaste doesn't work for you..try an oatmeal mask or drinking lemon honey water..LOTS OF WATER..and maybe take vitamin E pills specfically.

**Note- The reason I wrote all this is beacause I know how hard life can be with acne. EVERYONES SKIN IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! TRY NEW THINGS!(O and if you use toothpaste just use a dab on the pimple..not a mask, I always did overnight)

God Bless.

MY ADVICE Comments By: JLO on 2009-06-03
Ok so Im 14 and know how it is to have gInOrMoUs ZITS! I hate it!!!!!!!!! i was going 2 try toothpaste but the risk is just 2 big, so really its better 2 use a cleaner like 2 times a day and wait the zit out- Aubrey Organic Oily Skin Facial Cleanser
#1- it works really well and fast
#2- it gives u a really good tingly feeling
#3- its pretty cheap when u buy it online

Im not trying 2 advertize or anything im just trying 2 help people not blow holes in there face, oh and another thing that ive learned the hard way- dont pick at zits it only will make them worse!

idk Comments By: woot on 2009-06-05
i think i might try it but im scared i might have rash skin! so i think im not trying it im scared!!!heaven sake
Be Careful Comments By: lexi on 2009-06-08
Ok, this method does work for some people. I used toothpaste on a zit and it was noticeably smaller. I read somewhere else that you can put a band-aid over the zit with toothpaste on it and I tried it. It burned my face like you wouldnt beleive!!!! It HURT SO MUCH! I had to apply mouisturizer like heck. DO NOT PUT A BAND-AID OVER THE ZIT WITH TOOTHPASTE ON IT!!!!!!!!! That is where you go wrong. Please save your skin do not do that
It dose Work ! :) Comments By: roxane on 2009-06-09
i have been useing toothpaste for years , when i 1st starting get spots my mum told me to do it and i thought she was having me on but i try it anyway its the best thing to get rid of them , insaid i spending loads of money on spot creams thats dont work try this its great!
im not sure Comments By: Anon on 2009-06-11
I am noe sur bout thiis i really dont want to get burned by toothpaste it would look like it will burn you skin im going to try it tonite hope you guys are teeling the truth
OmG!!! USE IT OR NOT?! Comments By: HANNAH on 2009-06-14
WELL LETS SEE ...some people have very sensitive skin..and they will say it will burn there skin if they use it..if so DoNte it then!!!... just use wax and apply it on face and then peel it off..
or lemon juice or some kind of herbal tea..Tooth paste may burn..it just depends on the brand and how strong it its chemicals in it r... Aqua fresh is refreshen!!.. but i does not wor well.. it just depends..
just use what works best 4 u!!!!

Ouchh ! Comments By: Cherish on 2009-06-14
I just did this and...
It burnt the Crap outa my face ! Now I am freaked out that I'm gonna have a hole in my face ! Anyone have somethin to sayy ... ? :(

Worked suprisingly well Comments By: Rosemarie on 2009-06-19
I tried this method using AIM toothpaste. My skin is really oily and it took all of the natural oils off of my face. It noticablly made most of the acne disapper completely in a few days. It takes time! if you use a small amount covering your face(Dont leave it on very long! It burns the crap out of you if you do!)then qickly wash with water. It worked for me if you also have really oily skin...try it...But if you have dry skin...stay away!!!
Depends on what toothepaste Comments By: Anon on 2009-06-25
CREST BURNS!!! i never tried aquafresh... but 1 that really worked on my was tom's organic toothpaste! i dabbed some on a zit and the next day, it was gone!!! and i was like... omg... mom this toothepaste really worked maybe you shoud use it for your zit! lol... but yeah... try tom's organic toothepaste.
Another success story Comments By: K-Swan on 2009-06-27
I have a very healthy diet with lots of fruits, veggies and water. My skin still breaks out like crazy, and I'm 26. Whoever said pimples stop with your teen years was lying. Anyway I use toothpaste on my pimples about once a week (unless my skin is clear) and it works like a charm. I use white paste, slather it on in a thin layer and let it dry. After 15-20 minutes I rinse it off with a warm washcloth and pat dry.

It tingles, but doesn't burn. It leaves my face extremely clean and refreshed. When I do it it's before bed so my face doesn't get dirty with the outdoors and daily activity. I find this works best.

The general rule is that if it hurts, don't do it. If your skin is sensitive, then take it off. Don't leave it on over night. Once it dries it loses its potency anyway, so you'll end up with crusty pillows and no extra success.

don't expect this to work like a miracle. It definitely helps, but won't take a mega zit away overnight. Be patient! Keep your skin clean and your body hydrated, as that definitely helps!

Crack Comments By: Lady on 2009-06-27
Didn't do anything but put a huge crack through it. Oh yeah, and burn.
it works just fine if u have the right type Comments By: lemke todd on 2009-07-03
i use colgate whitening with oxygen bubbles and it works really good as a mask because it drys it up and kills the bacteara that is thare because it has baking soda and perxide with are bolth known to kill zitz and a side afect is if u have a cloged nose it clears it up really fast
Burned Comments By: Ivana on 2009-07-03
Hey. I used Aquafresh Toothpaste (not the gel, i made sure) and now there is a hole in my face. Can someone tell me how to get it off PLEASE!!!!!!!
Kinda Comments By: Karrie on 2009-07-08
It works but it just makes it smaller but don't go by my say because people have different skin types.
Depends what your skin is like. Comments By: Anon on 2009-07-09
It didn't work for me but maybe it will for other people. When I tried it I put it on my chin (not a whole lot) and left it over night and it burned so badly so I was thinking that meant it was working, then I went into the bathroom the next morning and it looked like a I had a terrible rash and like I broke out more and it was all red,and it is still not gone and I use it in October of 2008! If you have sensitive skin or second thoughts don't use it. But my suggestion on using tooth paste for acne..don't use it.
i didnt leave it on all night Comments By: Avery on 2009-07-12
i didnt leave it on all night cuz of the horror storys. but i left the toothpaste on for a good 30mins and now, its even redder that before but no burns! :)
Burn Marks Comments By: Lamar on 2009-07-11
I used a Colgate brand with a cavity protection, the next day my skin was extremely red wherever i used it. Then it was like a heavy brown burn mark on my chin. If this happens to you, use hydro-cordozone.
RIGHT THIS SECOND!!!! Comments By: Avery on 2009-07-11
i have toothpaste on this insanely HUGE zit on my nose!!! it itches a lot!!!! I'll tell you how it works out tomorrow!!!!
It messed up my skin, I'm scared Comments By: Dia on 2009-07-17
Well I used to see my brother using it all the time, and he swears by it, so last night I put it on and went to sleep. When I woke up today I have a huge reddish-brown burn on my whole cheek and it hurts so bad. It isn't a "hole", but I'm afraid its going to scar my face! I'm hoping that it will peel off or something, but reading all of these have freaked me out. So yeah, not sure whats going to happen to my face...
Toothpaste should stay on your teeth, don't chance it :(

Works Comments By: Kristen on 2009-07-18
I have really sensitive skin. Last night I used some for twenty minutes, and it hurt, but worked and didn't burn holes. Today I used a different toothpaste and even though I have sensitive skin, it didn't hurt at all. If it burns you try something different!
idk if it works Comments By: Anon on 2009-07-24
i put some on my face at night( just where the pimples are) and it worked. my mom had told me that toothpaste will make pimples look smaller and less red and it really did!! it didnt burn my skin or leave holes in my face :) haha it worked for me and i hope that it works for you thx and good luck with ur acne
face pimps since 3rd grade Comments By: cap on 2009-08-08
i got my first one in 3rd grade but it didnt get bad till 4th, im in 7th now and i get picked on alot and turned down buy girls all the time becus of my acne.after i wile you get sick of fighting it and dont care. i just put on some crest and it does burn im trying to deside if im going to leve it on over night or not?
I tried it and believe me Comments By: Megan on 2009-08-09
I tried it and believe me it doesnt work. I was desperate and heard it would work so i did it and im still red and hella dry...dont do it
PLEASE DON'T EVER: Comments By: The Wondering One on 2009-08-10
Ok, here is the deal; I am in year 7, right. but it is the summer holidays at the momment, so i will be in year 8 in a week. I get spots really bad, Whenever they go they come straight back. one after the other, one after the other. truth is, there is nothing that can get rid of them in just one hour or whatever. it takes time, i tried everything, but please, please don't use Toothpaste. - Any kind of it, seriously. I used it, and left it over night. I woke up and i had burns all over my face-my spots were still there, yes. it has been over a year, and they are still not gone. It's horrible, don't ever ever try it. It'll only ruin your whole entire life - like mine. tbh, you just have to wait for them to go. It's a whole part of growing up. Although I seem to be the only one in my year with spots; which is really annoying... hmmph! oh well. right, I use: TCP, [yes it does sting sometimes, but it's only stinging because it is fighting the infection. if you really want them to go quicker then you will put up with it]. Sudocream [Sudocream works really well for drying up spots. and creating a scab, but when you do get the scab; don't pick it. it will be come within a day and your spot will have too. just put up with it!] - Tee Tree Oil is amazing, it drys them up like, really quick. I'd recommend that. And finally, just drink lots of water and with the right sort of diet-ta'da! spots no more. I really hope this has helped. But I just don't want anything like what happend to me to happen to anyone else. So please, don't do it! Thanks.
toothpaste Comments By: Haley on 2009-08-17
From what i've read it seems like you all put it all over your face. Thats stupid, because it WILL dry out your face, thats what makes it work. If you just dab on the actual zit and ONLY the zit it should help. It won't magically disappear over night, but it will be less red and not get any bigger. The toothpaste keeps the zits dry which helps it go away faster, because oil is the main cause of zits. In my experience it has not burned holes through my face and i doubt thats even possible. Are you guys sure you didn't put sulfuric acid on your face instead? jk. I don't even think it burns that bad, it kinda is like the stinging of hand sanitizer. I've slept with it over night as well, and had no negative side affects. I'd say just try it for yourself, everyone's skin is different.
wow Comments By: kl on 2009-08-18
Hmm this is interesting....:) read on... Comments By: Krystal on 2009-08-18
One day i saw one of my friends and she use to have bad acne like i do. Then like the next few days i saw her and realized her skin was clearing up and it had a little bit of radiance of shine and everything and it looked a lot softer. I asked her what she used and she said she used toothpaste. So one night i tried it and i put it on my face a little bit not much and i just rubbed it in gently and left it on for about 5 minutes... it was veryyy tingily it wasn't burning but it was like a refreshing feeling that your skin was getting cleaned.. so after i washed it off after 5 minutes i realized my skin was a little brighter, there was more softness to my skin and moisture..wierd lol. and the acne didn't look so red or painful. Everyone has different skin and if you have a bad reaction to the toothpaste maybe you should stick to regular acne medication, Because there are a lot of people that i have noticed on here have had toothpaste work for them and some that hadn't. Ill tell you toothpaste really works.. but again everyone has different skin. :)
I dont think so Comments By: josh on 2009-08-20
when i was a college student i really hate my face that fulls of pimples..and time comes i used toothpaste its just irritating my skin and create dryness and my pimples was spreading upon my face.. hu hu but i assure you that using a facial cleanser that contains an oxygen it would really work in terms of removing the pimples..
works Comments By: sean on 2009-08-21
i use colgate, paste, and it works. i put it on before i sleep, (it burns so little i can fall asleep). So try it yourself, because it works for me :)
Crest Pro Health works very well Comments By: Will on 2009-08-24
I use crest pro health. Use it on pimples before and after. Helps to clear my skin very well overnight. Does occasionaly dry my skin a little, but helps to get all the oil out of my skin. Never had any redness or burn reaction. It does sting a little, but it wasn't invented for skin, ya know? Deal with a little pain.
I kindA Works Comments By: Jessie on 2009-08-31
Well I. Read all the comments and I was confused if toothpaste worked or not so of course I tried it. I put colgate all over my face for ten min. And it dried out all of my zits and the redness went away. And best of all it didn't leave burnt marks so I recommend to use toothpaste wait one more things it burns.
I am trying this out right NOW! :o Comments By: D on 2009-09-02
Okay, I'm average 12 year old girl, and right now I have 3 spots on my face. I just applied white toothpaste on my spots. Now I'm atleast 10 minutes into the healing
(or the dreaded big hole story haha)Wish me luck, I'll replie!

Ehhh Comments By: Joey on 2009-09-14
i never did it before but im just saying, i would rather be healthy about what i eat and drink green tea instead of taking a cleaning shorcut, its your fault if you try this and burn your skin
HM I DONT KNOW.. Comments By: abbs on 2009-09-17
i just used it, and my face definetely feels cleaner. If you have SUPER oily skin, i recommend. It seems to have reduced the size of some of my pimples, but i guess i wont know until a few more minuted.
WHAT DO I DO? Comments By: sam on 2009-09-21
Aquafresh Extreme Clean! Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-26
What up! Ive got a BANGER on my snout, I just dabbed it with the forementioned toothpaste, it stopped burning after about 5 minutes (wasnt burning so bad I couldnt stand it). I can already feel that its drying the heck out of my nose, lol.. I'm gonna leave it on overnight! Hopefully my nose will crinkle up and the gallon of milk on my nose will expire! I will post again in the morning with results, so be on the lookout!!
TRY IT : ) Comments By: MEXICAN on 2009-10-10
It does work, but only a little dab on the zit itself. dont let it touch your skin, or it WILL burn it and turn red.
HAHAHA Comments By: Audri on 2009-10-26
WOW... burn a hole in ur skin? Get a life that has never happened to me and doubt it will to anyone else... it works and when it is burning that means that it is WORKING! So yeah use it it works!
it does work Comments By: :] on 2009-11-04
i had a HUGE pimple on my chin and i put toothpaste on it. at first i wasnt sure if it would work. i heard people saying that it did but i just wanted to try it for myself and it did! within like 3 hours, my pimple shrunk. i was amazed. but it was still super red.
works great on the right skin Comments By: Bri on 2009-11-09
this method definitely works for me. sometimes i put toothpaste on underground pimples as well as white-heads. sometimes it makes it smaller and sometimes it is completely gone by the next day. it does tingle a bit when you put it on, but nothing major. my skin is slightly oily, and my pores clog up like crazy. for those people with sensitive skin - you might want to try a different method... for those saying their skin burned - people remember it is different for different kinds of skin. not everyone's skin will burn, just make sure your skin isn't THAT sensitive - you can take it from me.
DO NOTT USEEE! Comments By: ashleyw on 2009-11-09
i put aquafresh on my face last night and kept it on overnight. when i woke up, i wipe it off with hot water, and i had red spots all over my face. i had to go to school today and allll my friends were askin if i had chicken pocks! i still have the red spots on my face. and i have put medicine on it. it better go away FAST!
HELP PLEASAE Comments By: Diego on 2009-11-19

TipKing says: If you are in pain then get to a doctor.

It works but, Comments By: Anonymous on 2009-12-03
First I popped my zit, to get rid of all the Icky stuff Inside. Then after it stopped bleeding, I dabbed a little toothpaste onto it, let it sit for about ten minutes. And the next morning my zit was basically gone. And trust me, it was huge before I started.
I'm Trying it right now! Comments By: KaylaBabayyy on 2009-12-12
I just put Crest pro-health all over my face. It really doesn't burn but its making my eyes water!! lol
NO.. i don't have zits all over my face. Only in one spot. But i want it too all look the same:) and it semlls good! haha
Wish me luck!

awesome!!! Comments By: brendalee on 2009-12-15
haha it actually works! im trying it right now! but im not leaving it over night im just putting it on for like 20 minutes then rinsing it off and putting it on again. and each time its less and less! haha i love toothpaste!!
Worked for me... Comments By: Charles on 2009-12-25
First off.... reading peoples comments makes me want to go die in a hole. Learn to !#$%ing spell people. "i try cus i dn't no cus make my skins burn" you guys fail hardcore at English, but yeah it worked for me. Don't cover your whole face and don't leave it on for long though.
Colgate worked for me Comments By: Anansi on 2009-12-28
One of my friends told me to use colgate total whitening on my face because of my bad breakouts, so i dabbed a few spots onto the bumps and left it on overnight, when i woke up the bumps were almost completely gone or at least less swollen and red and made my skin look even
eeeehhh Comments By: Kayla on 2010-01-10
i tried it a couple minutes ago. it reduced redness,made my skin feel really soft (and smell minty) but it didnt get rid of my zits
Whatever Trevor Comments By: rKA on 2010-01-10
Didn't actually do anything noticable.. but I have pretty bad acne. Burned for a bit (5 mins) then stops.. then when you wash it off it feels like it's burning for a bit (Colgate Advanced Whitening).

If you're really worried about your skin I'd give it a miss or only use it a small amount. If it works for you then great. Makes your skin feel very smooth though :)

omg! Comments By: AMBER on 2010-01-26
omg! i am 14 and i had acne BAD. all i did was put crest toothpaste on the pimples for about an hour, and then i washed it off and them applied nesporn. i woke up the next morning and my skin was glowing!!!!!!!!! that was the best day of my life. EVERYONE BETTER TRY THIS IF U WANT PERFECT SKIN!. :0:)
Toothpaste Comments By: anon on 2010-02-03
yesterday i had some big spots and i have an interview tomorrow for university so i was desperate to get rid of them, my sister told me toothpaste would work if i left it on overnight. i googled it just to check other peoples reactions and only found good ones so i cleansed my face then applied toothpaste on the affected areas. it really burnt so i washed it off immediately.
i should have left it there but my curiousity got the better of me so later when my face had calmed down i put the toothpaste on again and slept with it on for the whole night.
today i washed it off and there was redness underneath the toothpaste, i thought it might go in a while.
5 hours later there are still bright red blotches all over my face

all i can say is that if you want to use toothpaste apply it carefully, only on the spot because otherwise you will look like me.

please think very carefully about toothpaste on your face and ALWAYS try it out first on a bit of your skin you dont mind looking disgusting, as well as this research all treatments carefully, the good and bad reviews...
really wish i had

DONT USE IT THE WRONG WAAY Comments By: anon on 2010-02-06
Reasons why they people complain Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-13
People are saying it dosent work is because they either put too much or put it on and quickly washed it off. YOU SHOULD READ THE TIP MORE CAREFULLY!!!!!!!
People says it dries the pimple and stuff. So if you have dry skin dont use it!!!!!!!!!! Some of you guys just dont take their time to read things.

IT DEPENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: cheese and crackers on 2010-02-17
ok, the younger you are, the more sensitive your skin is. so if your 12, i wouldnt take the risk, and honestly, i wouldnt take the risk at all. ESPECIALLY CREST. if it starts to burn wash it off imediatley. get a bucket of water and soal your face in it. get a wet rag and constntly be rubbing it. use honey to take the toothpaste away (honey is much safer for sensitive skin). if you can get a humidifier and just put your face over it and let your face steam. hopefully that will do the trick. AND DONT PUT IT ON OVER NIGHT, dur duh dur.
to toothpaste or not to toothpaste Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-27
I am reading over all of these comments about toothpaste and as soon as i saw all the good comments on this site i went straght to the bath room and out some on.. then i went back ot my computer and started reading the comments again and saw about all the bad things that has happend to these people so i went straight back to the bathroom and took it off, i am turning 13 and i have really bad acne and i want it to be gone and you just have to follow your heart on what to do, its LIFE i say just to put on some moisturizer that has stuff to prevent acne in it... but please what ever you do, dont just do something cause its what everyone is saying to do it could turn out ot ruin your life and since my skin is really sensitive i have to be really careful, and i am in Junior high so i think i need perfect skin when i really dont thats just what i want.. you should listen to what you want to do and what your family has to say about it... not random people on the enternet saying USE TOOTHPASTE USE IT and then on the other side thier saying DONT USE TOOTHPASTE, i know this may not help you but by now you should know whats best for your skin and whats not, if you have really bad acne and nothing is working consult a doctor NOT THE ENTERNT! everyone wants perfect skin but no one has the same skin, so be carful PLEASE!!!!
only use colgate cavity protection toothpaste Comments By: hailey on 2010-02-25
if you use any other you cold dammage your skin. only dab not rub only cover the zit or boil you want to get rid of. leave it on over night and waash your face in the morning to get the dried toothpaste off. use every night till your zit or boil disappears use a spot treatment if you want to get rid of it faster
Types matter Comments By: Cassie on 2010-03-22
First i tryed crest..then i was reading about comments and i heard it was horrible and i did feel alot of burning! i quickly washed it off and put on some colgate. this one tingled but all face washes do!! it works!!!
YES USE IT!!!! Comments By: Prince J on 2010-03-06
I have been using Crest blue toothpaste with Cool Peppermint. I spread it across my whole face everynight before going to bed, and then use hot water with a washcloth in the morning to wipe it off for the day. I have been using it since the end of December 2009 and today is March 06, 2010. I am seriously acne-free and I have had bad acne since i am 12, i will be 20 on June 29, 2010! I am so thanksful for toothpaste--- IT WORKS WONDERS!!!
Definate thumbs up!! Comments By: anon on 2010-03-10
I suffered from acne for 7years. I personally don't leave it on my skin to dry as my skin is quite sensitive. I wash my face with it in the shower. wash your face with water for couple minutes to open pores, then rub it in your skin, leave for 30-40 seconds and then wash it off. Have been using it every day for about a month (oil free moisturiser) and has virtually cleared my mild to severe acne. I use sensodyne whitening. Now all i need is something for the scars =]
TOOTH PASTE Comments By: anon on 2010-03-13
i am going to try this out to see how it works for me. i have sensitive skin, so i am only going to have it on for 15 mins. i am using colgate fluoride toothpaste tartar protection crisp mint paste. lets see how this one goes:

1 minute- feels fine, doing good
2 minutes- kinda starting to burn, hardly at all. hopefully that means its doing its job.
3 minute- same
4 minutes- kinda smells minty... yum
5 minutes- the burning is getting no worse, i can definetly handle this
6 minutes- got a little worse, but nothing to bad. dang if this works i am going to use it every day.
7 minutes- same, same, and same.
8 minutes- ditto
9 minutes- so glad im trying this out. so far going along swimmingly
10 minutes- 2 thirds of the way there! wOot!
11 minutes- doesn't burn at all enymore.
12 minutes- la de da de daaaaa
13 minutes- almost done. this better work, cause if it doesn't than i am not going to show my face for another year.
14 minutes- ahhhhh! so close!!!
15 minutes- done! &#9829; now going to go wash it off. check back in a min.

ok here's the scoop: it didn't hurt, burn me, or make a hole in my face. also, it didn't do anything. maybe this is more of a long term thing, or maybe not. but to all you sensitive skin people out there, if you are looking for something on the spot, this isn't it. chao!

Colgate Comments By: Anna on 2010-03-18
I just tried Colgate toothpaste. It's still on my face, and it burns a little. My friend has Colgate Total, and she's trying it on her forehead tonight...
I hope I get good results back from her. It appears to be working, though... I wonder what other types would be better...

Burned Comments By: Bryan on 2010-03-24
I got a burn cause Im retarded and left it on overnight...
When will it be gone and what should I do.

It works Comments By: Lyndsay on 2010-03-25
It works for some people and i tried it earlier i put a lil layer of colgate on my face for about 3 to 5 mins and washed it off and applied moisteriser and it greatly reduced my spot size so i will def use it again but not EVERY night Xx
NOT A FACE WASH!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-27
only on the zit people.
if you think about it, tooth paste is for your teeth. Toothpaste is an accessory to clean and maintain the aesthetics and health of teeth. Its purpose is to scrub off plaque.
Toothpaste contains chemicals which can be VERY toxic toward your facial skin!
Apply ONLY to the PIMPLE. The chemicals in it dry out the skin reducing the size of your pimple and taking it's impurities out. IT WILL WORK.
You only want this action to take place in your pimple. Not your healthy skin. Unless you want dry, red, achy epidermis. :]

IT WORKS Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-27
Toothpaste does work Comments By: Alyiah on 2010-03-31
Im a 15 year old girl me and my 18 year old brother have been using this method for years and there was never doubts about it it always worked. after i use th toothpast i put proavtive reparing lotion on so my skin isnt dry and if you have sensitave skin i work recommend you not to use this method
THE BURNING IS FROM FLOURIDE Comments By: ME on 2010-04-01
It works to a certain point Comments By: anon on 2010-04-03
Yes using toothpaste does help your acne or zits to a certain point thought.getting rid of acne is a long process so don't believe people who say it will get rid of acne overnight.
White hard Stuff Comments By: D.K.D.&K.W.G.4EVA on 2010-05-02
Before I found this I was in my bathroom just now and there was this bump lik just under my nostrils and i put toothpaste on and it burned after lik 5 seconds so witha napkin i wiped it of then i notice the bump got smaller so i squeezed and this hard whit stuff came out and it looked kind of lik the stuff that cimes out of ur earhole if u didmt have on a earing on what was that that came out of bump bcuz the ting datz cumz out ur ear ppl call it "worms" ew is it really worms or what iz it...so i search what are th white stuff coming out of my pimple and I foundthis also tha stuff that cam out was not puss oh and also u should try keepin it on for lik a few sec. wipe with a tissue then squeez it work cuz even tho i want 2kno wat was tha white stuff it worked
Scared me!! Comments By: Nikita on 2010-05-03
I tried the toothpste for around 1hour and I took it off becuse it was burning really bad and I have dark skin and once I took it off my cheeks were very red and my pores looked huge and it felt like a sunburn I mousterized my skin and left it alone the next day it was still red and it began to peel and I took a shower tonight and the skin came off and my face is bad like the area where the toothpaste was is way lighter then the rest of my face and it hurts and I am in high school and I did not have the prettiest dace but I did not have the ugliest either and now I just don't know what to do just please don't try toothpaste on your face it could scar you it is just to a risk worth taking
Kinda Works Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-06
It burns like crazy if you use Crest! I spread some around really thinly but it killed for a few minutes, but then that went away.
It works Comments By: Alex on 2010-05-12
It cleared 5 pimples and 3 cavities on my face. Does Clorox cure athletes foot?
DEPENDS ON YOUR SKIN TYPE! Comments By: Jack on 2010-05-13
Don't listen to comments saying it doesn't work or work.It all depends on your skin type.If your skin is sensitive,avoid using toothpaste because it can cause a bad reaction(makes pimple worse).If your skin can handle the toothpaste try testing with a small dab of toothpaste on the effected area to see for yourself if it actually works.but remember there are better treatments for Acne out there!
ill give it a try... Comments By: Amanda on 2010-05-17
so i looked up how to get rid of acne and I saw toothpaste so i found some crest cavity protection because my normal toothpaste is aquafresh foaming gel and i heard that kills the skin so i put it on and im hoping for the best but everyone has different skin so you never know....
My friend told me this... Comments By: Jenny on 2010-05-20
My friend use toothpaste as a acne treatment. I used it under my eyes, she warned it`ll burn and it did. Got warm water and gotten it off, used my daily treatment, and next morning it was small and less redness! TOTALLY WORKS!!!
OMG IT TOTALLY. ............WORKS!!! Comments By: angel on 2010-05-25
use it for white heads (pop them first)
and red bumps and just put a dab and leave it on over night and it works NOTE: IT DOES NOT BURN HOLES IT IS NOT ACID DOES IT BURN A HOLE THROUGH UR TEETH??

Go for it Comments By: Dan on 2010-05-26
I'm an 18 year old guy still in high school.

I was recently hit with a minor breakout [roughly 7 or so spots] and was looking for a fast cure. I remembered hearing about toothpaste, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Before I even applied any, I made sure to find a tube of PASTE [not gel] that was UNFLAVORED to avoid the chance of irritation or anything of that nature

What I found was a small tube of COLGATE CAVITY PROTECTION REGULAR FLAVOR FLOURIDE toothpaste.

I only applied it to irritated acne spots, including one cyst [a hard, painful, deeper acne spot that can't be popped]. After about a minute, I began feeling a sensation on the applied spots. It was not a burning feeling like many people on here have described, but I felt a COOLING, TINGLING sensation on the areas. After leaving it on and checking out this forum, I decided not to leave it on overnight. I had it on for roughly 20 minutes, and then wiped it off with a cotton ball soaked with warm water.

My skin is noticably less red and my acne appears to have shrunk. I will most likely repeat this in the morning and at night, along with my daily regimen of ACNE FREE 3 STEP SOLUTION.

Hope this helped!

i put it on in night and woke up in mornin and spot was same as before dosent work for me wish did Comments By: demmi on 2010-06-01
it dont work left on all night and no diffrent just dry toothpast lol
A Little Here And A Little There! Comments By: Holly on 2010-06-02
Okayy, so I used Arm and Hammer Advance White. It made it noticably smaller after only 5 minutes. But, then it was sorta whitish, so I washed my face with my normal face wash, and the pimple is noticable smaller, and hardly noticeable. And let me tell you, this pimple looked like a boil, size wise. It was gigantic. and I was never one to exagerate. So, idkk how it might work for yours but mine turned out fine.
Im trying... Comments By: TERRYBOLGER on 2010-06-05
im trying it tonite, you should try it before you sleep in it to see if it burns.
I used it. Comments By: Shannon on 2010-06-06
I am 14. I have somewhat a lot of acne of my face. I always struggle with it and it never seems to go away. So i looked online and saw this toothpaste idea. (I also have oily skin) So i decided to try it. I dabbed it on the really bad spots. ( I used colgate total.) It burned alot actually so i washed it off. When i woke up, The pimples were noticably smaller. So i think it worked. :)) Maybe you should try it.
It all depends... Comments By: Kitty on 2010-06-17
(13 years old) My skin is super non-sensitive. I had crest, and actually was brave enough to put it on my face. Only on each pimple, not as a mask. I washed it off, applyed more. Waited untill it was dry, washed it off, applyed more. Waited about 30 mins, washed it off and my skin looked much better. It was still there, but was not near as red and didn't hurt near as bad. It felt cold, and then warm, but in a cozy such, not burning. As Previously stated, I have non-sencitive skin, so thats probobly why I had minimal pain. I'm very happy I tried this!!
IT DOES WORK! Comments By: Michael on 2010-06-22
in order for it to work you have to use a toothpaste regular like colgate not the gel one only the paste and leave it on a zit/pimple for 30 mins until you feel its dry and wash it off with warm water and pat dry your zit with a towel and you will the difference dont belive me try it =]
Matter of opinion Comments By: lively on 2010-06-22
Honestly, as with any facial cleanser or chemical based product you should always first test your skins reaction on a small area preferably that is not readily available. ( This does not mean private areas). I myself have had much success with using toothpast eon the occasional zit. It has always worked best if I used it prior to the zit getting a head. ALthough I did recently use this on a nasty monster my 10 yr old had on her nose. ( Seriously biggest Zit I have ever seen and I am 31 yrs old).She complained and whined a bit as most kids are want to do with their first zit. The result was gross but her skin is much much much better. Please note she also has extremely oily skin. Now I would not even begin to attempt this on my younger daughter as her skin is ultra sensitive. She cannot even use play makeup without it giving her a chemical burn. So as I said this method is best used with consideration and caution. I would personally avoid any type of bleaching toothpaste .. which could be where a number of the burn stories started. Remember those types have a chemical whitener in them. You do not want this on your skin period.
Be Careful Comments By: Jaspy on 2010-06-23
I used to use toothpaste to help acne and it does work good if you know what your doing.

But not knowing what I was doing decided to try a lot on my face (which was a terrible idea). Not immediately but the day after it turned red.

After turning red it got really gross and scaly, soon after the scaly bit started to crack and then turned flaky and gross.

So just be careful.

amazingg:) Comments By: Melanie on 2010-06-23
i love it. i hated my acne and my sister made fun of me for it. i used crest cavity protection, left it on for about 20 minutes. yes it hurts! but its soo worth it! but,
when you wash it off use a warm wash cloth and lightly wipe it off. Then dab it with cold water and dab it to dry it otherwise ur face will be red. But those of you who havent tried it;; go ahead everyones skin is different. and if u get these gashes those people probably used the wrong kind of toothpaste (NO GEL!). so best thoughts dont use it during the school year if you dont know how it will effect you use it over the summer and not as many people will see the mistake;) ...if there is one thats what im doing now and im gonna go wash it off! kinda hurts... oh well:)

Deffinetly Comments By: Allison on 2010-06-25
I found that if you have a pimple that needs to be popped at night before you go to bed then the best thing to do is to pop it then put a little bit of toothpaste over the pimple. It works. I do that alot and wake up the next day and all I can see is a little dot. You should keep it on all night. then wash it off with warm water. Don't put the toothpaste all over your face. just the areas that need it. :)
It works great Comments By: :) on 2010-07-01
It's actually SUPPOSED to burn, it's kind of like a sign it's working. Just put a dab on there, and wash it off later. But I do suggest avoiding the eye area, and it's not supposed to make it vanish, it just makes it increase in size.
Really Works! Comments By: Lauren on 2010-07-02
So basically toothpaste works as a chemical to dry out the pimple. A lot of acne treatments do the exact same thing. I wouldn't say toothpaste is any better than an over the counter acne treatment, but it will work. If you have sensitive skin and you can't use certain over the counter treatments or face washes, then don't try toothpaste! But for normal to oily skin, this works. It will take a couple of days...but it should reduce redness and the pimple size. I like to use Colgate acne treatment, regular paste. It burns a bit, but it definitely reduces redness!
Just try it. Comments By: Kimmy on 2010-07-07
Right now, I have little dabs of Aqua-fresh Iso-active foam toothpaste on my acne areas. It doesn't burn at all, it actually feels awesome, like you're using a minty face mask. Everyone's skin is different so yes, be careful on what you use. That's why we find things that we can feel comfortable with. I wouldn't necessarily say, "Don't use toothpaste, it doesn't work" or "It burns my skin so don't use it" Maybe it didn't work for you but it might work for someone else. Every acne remedy has it's pro's and con's. Just like everything else in life. Just try this method, if it doesn't work, you're bound to find another and another, so on and so forth, until you find that one remedy that does work. Just keep in mind, take every remedy with some bit of caution. :]
Eh. Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-05
Toothpaste on un-popped pimples works MAGIC. But if it's open, and scabbed, it does nothing but makes them red!
just do this. Comments By: may2010 on 2010-07-06
Dont waste your time with toothpaste. Just go to your doctor, and ask him/her if epiduo is right for you. I have used it for allmost a year and it has done wonders for my skin.
Good for when you don't have money for acne products ! Comments By: Christina on 2010-07-09
Toothpaste worked really good on my face . It was clear the next day of acne , but some people cant put toothpaste on their face because the strong flavor of it might turn your face red or make it peel , if you know what i mean . But other than that it works good .
Honestly.. Comments By: Chicagoo :) on 2010-07-10
I would rather have a hole in my face, than a pimple. Especially the huge underground ones that don't pop. I call them undergrounders. I HATE THEM!!!!!
IT REALLY W0RKS Comments By: Megan on 2010-07-12
Works! Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-13
I had A big zit on my lip, I used colgate total plus and rubbed it all over the zit, I left it for 30 minutes then washed it off, it helped open up the zit so I could get out puss and dirt and stuff.
ouch Comments By: anon on 2010-07-19
don't use the cinnamon rush it burns
IT TRULY DEPENDS Comments By: Rick 17 on 2010-07-21
My skin does not get to many pimples, and
being almost acne free this summer has been quite awesome. However a few had recently popped up and I had grad parties to go to. I quickly dabbed some toothpaste on and after dried I rinsed it off. The pimples looked just a tiny bit smaller. When I got home that night I continued appling toothpaste. I did this for the next day or two until today when I woke up in the morning and rinsed off my face. I found two big red spots where the toothpaste had been. What I have learned is that toothpaste can be good for fighting acne depending on your skin and the type of paste. DO NOT USE TOOTHPASTE if your skin is even a little sensitive. DO NOT use it overnight. And for the paste, I have heard that the more mint it contains the better. Good luck to anyone using this so called remedy, and be very careful! Time to figure out how to heal these dried out red marks. For all of those who got marks like these, I will keep posted to let you know what gets rid of them!

Works, but for me u gotta be careful Comments By: AcneHelprt on 2010-07-29
Ok so really it does work but you should be careful.
I used this sensitive toothpaste, i dont have sensitive skin but it did help the size of the pimples but not the glow..it keeps it red WHEN YOU USE IT OVER NIGHT. so I'm gonna try it tonight to do it for 30-45 minutes, and then wash it off. I also use face wash, prescribed face pads, and proactive cream, cream works WONDERS if toothpaste dont help. But crest burns, colgate nd pretty much any other normal over the counter toothpaste that you can buy at a store, should work. This might be confusing, but EVERYONES SKIN IS DIFFERENT, u can try it but IT MAY/MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU, it all depends. Be very careful on how much you use and the time frame you use it for. Small dabs and 30-45 should do the trick for people who don't have very or no sensitive/ oily skin, I would suggest for people who dry skin. I'll update later if the 30 minute thing works better than overnight. Thanks for reading. And if I were you, give it a try. If it works, it works, if it doesn't, there's always methods to clear up or hide it. :)

it is okay Comments By: anon on 2010-07-31
The solution worked okay but I am thinking if there's a way to take minor bump break outs so I can go out later in peace
DONT DO IT IF YOU HAVE SENITIVE SKIN , I HAVE A BETTER FIX ! Comments By: D'andra on 2010-08-01
I did something really stupid, I have senitive skin and I had this pimple in the middle of my face a little higher than my eyebrows but anyway I wanted it to go away fast ! So I thought if I put toothpaste overnight it will go away . Well I woke up and washed it off and I had a big reed dot and the pimple was gone but an hour later I checked it and it was actually a burn and it was WAY worse than it started !

HELP: if you made the same mistake I did all you can do is wait, I say you should leave it alone don't touch it and you can put Face lotion on and wash your face 3 times a day and apply the face lotion.

BETTER FIX: if you have sensitive skin like myself I highly reccomend you stay away from chemical scrubs or creams. I actually heard and use this homemade scrub. Its 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of brown sugar. Its works, and you can see the results in a few days. This is a better way and safer way.

Anyway, good luck annd I hope this helped (:

Burning...well it's your own fault! Comments By: Kayla on 2010-08-02
I used Aquafresh for 5 minutes then washed off with warm water then patted my skin dry with a clean towel. It did wonders. I had over 50 small zits and 1 huge one, they were all very red. After the 1st time I used it I had about 15 zits and they were all very light. I have sensitive skin as well. IT ONLY BURNS IF YOU LEAVE IT ON TOO LONG! BE CAREFUL WHEN USING AND YOU WON'T HAVE THIS PROBLEM!Good luck to first time users, and remember to go with less time rather than more, just to be on the safe side...
Gave my skin red blotches Comments By: ohboy on 2010-08-03
I had always heard that toothpaste worked great over night, and going on a date tomorrow, i wanted to give it a try. I used colgate, and now my skin has red blotches on my forehead and I don't know what to do!
Few tips for toothpaste remedy... Comments By: Catblaster on 2010-08-06
Few tips:
-Do not try if your skin is sensitive.
-Use a paste and not a gel. The gel takes longer to dry and I find it a little harsher.
-I would not recommend a paste with whitener, it too is harsh on your skin.
-Use only on small area of face, avoid eye area and skin around mouth. They are very easily irritated by this method.
-Can be left on overnight, but not necessary. Just wait till paste dries and wipe off with warm cloth.
-Several applications might be needed (2X per day)
-Do not combine with other topical acne medicine.
-My favorite is Colgate Total Clean Mint Paste.
-I use it all the time for mild acne and problem blemishes, and it usually does the trick if I use it 2X a day for 2-3 days.
-Good luck! I am a 22-year-old female who suffers from occasional breakouts, but I know how awful blemishes can make you feel about yourself. You are your own worst critic, and most people don't even notice your spots! :)

NO REPEATING Comments By: PixieLLL on 2010-08-11
the problem with repeating the steps is it WILL BURN your skin. by no means to leave overnight.

PS try Clinque specifically for zits.

! Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-12
GREAT! Cleared skin well crest 3d white works well dont use for a long amount of time at first like 5 minutes and almost is like a facelift or a day after you use it!

Try This! Comments By: Tina on 2010-08-22
dont use toothpaste. my skin isnt sensitive, but heres what to use : Clean n Clear 2 times daily and Sea Breeze. They can be found at a store. use both 2 times daily, and look at your skin!

This Does NOT work.. Comments By: Liya on 2010-08-24
This Does NOT work.. I put toothpaste on my face.. But not reconizinq the ''gel'' kind.. Now iHave Burnt looken marks on my face. Im tryinq my best to qet it off with the Stuff my doctor qave me b4 i even tried usinq toothpaste for my pimples. hopefully the stuff my doctor qave me for my acne will clear the bruns?
DO NOT USE I REPEAT DO NOT Comments By: Lauren on 2010-08-27
about a week ago a small pimple like blemish appeared on my face. i put toothpast before and after i popped it. I left it on for quite some time, all day and night, and I continued to apply it. Bad idea. the next day i had a huge red peeling burn. it was very noticiable. luckily, two days later, it is peeling and i can see my new skin that has grown in.

if u want your burn to heal like mine you must NOT touch it, wash your face with a bar of soap at least twice a day, and apply neosporin after washing. it should take 2-5 days for it to go away.

Just did it, and well just read Comments By: Michelle on 2010-09-02
I just put toothpaste on certain parts of my skin (nose, and chin mainly).I did use crest, that was before i know about the horror stories. It tingled, didnt burn but i kept it on for ten minutes. I have extremely sensitive skin, and it seems like the pimples have smoothed over, a little irritated but nothing too bad (i've had worse!) Just dont keep it on too long wait til it dries.

-->And!! read this!!! NEVER leave anything on your face over night. UNLESS! you are instructed to. Toothpaste will dry out your skin, ripping apart the layers of skin! just like sunburn! Also, if your skin is irritated after you do this try applying something really cold to the area.
Always moisturize, be nice to your skin!

toothpaste isnt a miracle for skin, but depending on your skin type it may help you. just be careful.

It really works!! Trust me!! Try it even if u dnt think it works try it!!! Comments By: WildfireXXX on 2010-09-05
Listen guys!! Ppl always says it doesn't work but it's diff for everyone ok? So jua give it a try an if u doesn't work for u then try other remedies!! ( but I promise this should work for most ppl) now if u wake up in the morn an u have school an u find a pimple/zit on if nose then put tooth paste on it untill it dries! (may take 30 min tops) but the longer the better!!! Then wash of with Luke warm water!! An u should see results!! It will be noticably smaller an it won't be red!!! An u can repeat this to highten ur results!!! (I recommend twice) now I know some ppl say it won't work if u pop it or pick it but dnt wry it will trust me I did it an it works fine!!!! Yea it might burn allitlle more than if u didn't pick it......but it works(actually faster than if u didn't prik it) yes when u put the toothpaste on it will tingle or burn some ppl like the tingle sensation an some dnt!!!



PAIN SHAME, THEN RESULT Comments By: anon on 2010-10-09

BURNED Comments By: lola on 2010-10-21
i wouldnt take the chances just make an appt. with your dermatolagist casue i tried it and it BURNED my face :(
amazing.. Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-25
i used aquafresh and it worked....it burned a little( maybe cuz im sorta drama queen...) but i decided to ignore it, washed my face, went to bed, and next moring....ta-da all GONE!
It does really work but not on all types of skin Comments By: Riyana on 2010-10-29
I was told by a friend to use apply touth paste overnight. it is my third day using white paste and believe me it has reduced!!! My face is clearing.
It does really work but not on all types of skin Comments By: Riyana on 2010-10-29
I was told by a friend to apply touth paste overnight. it is my third day using white paste and believe me it has reduced!!! My face is clearing.
worked last time Comments By: Robin on 2010-10-30
i used the white gel part of o gel/paste mix, two nights later, clear skin! this time i have colgate and im not sure its a pimple, and its not woring so well and it dosent burn, the pimple dosent react, so im still trying
It Works Wonders Comments By: Alycia on 2010-11-10
Well I tried it last night and woke up with little pimples on my face! CAUTION: IF YOU NO YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN, PLEASE DON'T USE TOOTHPASTE! I don't know how much more I can stress that. Anyways,If you are using the toothpaste face mask, DON"T KEEP IT ON OVERNIGHT! It will dry up the pimple and make it smaller, BUT It could dry up that area!!! Try putting a little at a time to see how it works for you! Also, to keep your face smooth and soft add a moisturizer or lotion and see how it helps! Good luck

Warning: Results my vary! =]

It Works Wonders Comments By: Alycia on 2010-11-10
Well I tried it last night and woke up with little pimples on my face! CAUTION: IF YOU NO YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN, PLEASE DON'T USE TOOTHPASTE! I don't know how much more I can stress that. Anyways,If you are using the toothpaste face mask, DON"T KEEP IT ON OVERNIGHT! It will dry up the pimple and make it smaller, BUT It could dry up that area!!! Try putting a little at a time to see how it works for you! Also, to keep your face smooth and soft add a moisturizer or lotion and see how it helps! Good luck

Warning: Results my vary! =]

not really Comments By: tasfia on 2010-11-09
ive used colgate toothpaste and ive puted at night n washed it the nest morning.
it didnt burn my skin but it didnt work either :/
my pimple is just the way it was.
so idk what 2 do next :/

not really Comments By: tasfia on 2010-11-09
ive used colgate toothpaste and ive puted at night n washed it the nest morning.
it didnt burn my skin but it didnt work either :/
my pimple is just the way it was.
so idk what 2 do next :/

IT WORKS!!!! Comments By: Ashley on 2010-11-15
i put toothpast on my face when ever i start to see a little bump.. i dont get bad huge zits but i hate havein the little bumps and Auqafresh has worked for me for 2 years now... STRONGLY recommended
Works like a dream Comments By: Fabgirl on 2010-11-19
It works only with any white Toothpaste, best results with Colgate Total. First soak cotton wool in warm salt water and place in the zit for 3 minutes, then pop the zit gently using tissue to get the pus out, then put honey on it for 15 minutes. Rinse then put a small amount if toothpaste only on the zit. Leave overnight. Exfoliate your face and apply alot of moisturizer. Repeat and the zit will be gone.
hmmmmmmm Comments By: maddy on 2010-12-06
ok well i put it on 20-15 mins ago and its not burning my face which is a good sign but i guess ill get to see what happens next DONT SLEEP WITH OVER NIGHT,btw its sorta relaxing if you want to be postive leave it one for an hour :)
magic! Comments By: bob dole on 2010-11-19
one time i held toothpaste in my hand and just squeezed it really hard and then in four months all my pimples were gone and on my friends faces too. it works.
Works for me. Comments By: Jamie on 2010-11-25
I did it last night and this morning they were smaller. They weren't gone though. Still works

Toothpaste Works Fine for Me Comments By: Gentri on 2010-12-06
I just put enough toothpaste on to cover the zit after washing my face good and go to sleep with it on. The first few minutes it really stings, but when the toothpaste is dry is doesn't burn at all. I did notice that certain kinds do sting more than others at first, but they all have the same effect. When I wake up it's usually not completely gone, but it's hardly visible and after two nights, it's gone.
Color of your skin Comments By: Bill MCdougal on 2010-12-14
If your black the dark spots that are left behind after "burning" the pimple off just blends with your skin
I thought it was the best thing ever Comments By: JOJO on 2010-12-14
I put colgate on my face for like 10 min tops and when I washed it off my pimples were visibly smaller I love It
it really works Comments By: deana on 2010-12-21
i never normal get zits or anything like that but one day had this one red spot and i tryed put aquafreash toothpaste on it overnight and it was all most gone it very small and it was not red anymore toothpaste tottally work :)xx
Bad Idea.. Comments By: Mia on 2010-12-21
I have normal skin, not oily but not dry and I put it on for about 10 minutes and it burned SO BAD. If it works for you, GREAT. But for me it burned and my face was a little red. It causes irritation.
But that's just what works for me.
But if you have normal skin, DON'T use. Or at least don't use Colgate Total. (That's what I used.)

Not a good idea.. Comments By: Mia on 2010-12-21
I have normal skin, not oily but not dry and I put it on for about 10 minutes and it burned SO BAD. If it works for you, GREAT. But for me it burned and my face was a little red. It causes irritation.
But that's just what works for me.
But if you have normal skin, DON'T use. Or at least don't use Colgate Total. (That's what I used.)

Works in moderation. Comments By: brandon on 2011-01-03
Toothe paste does in fact work, but you can't put too much of it on there.. I put a little bit of toothe paste on a zit one night and the next day it was smaller... And i was going to see a girl the next day so i decided since it worked i would slather my whole face in it to make sure i was completely pimple free.... this is a bad idea lol i got up the next morning with what felt like a 1st degree burn. The toothe paste takes all the moisture out of your face so do not slather it on there.. just use a little bit on the spot
Dr. Sasha Knowland Comments By: Sasha Knowland on 2010-12-22
Hello all. Yes it is true, toothpaste can help clear up acne. Please keep in mind that you want to use a white toothpaste. Please do not use toothpaste a whitening toothpaste. These whitening toothpastes have agents in them that burn skin and cause irration. Try a plain white toothpaste and it should do the trick. However, this is not recommended for individuals with sensitive skin...you should see a professional.
Wow ya'll Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-26
Ok, so I have used this trick for years. The only problem I have ever had is the burning feeling from certain pastes. For lord sake you only leave it on your skin long enough to get into the zit. 5 to 10 minutes. Not until your skin burns. For those of you saying don't do it, it is probably due to a bad experiance. I'd say you probably don't listen well to the whole only certain kinds of paste and not too long. Some kinds of tooth paste are ment to clean off thick plaque from gums and is too strong for skin.
Crest & Aqua Comments By: Lala on 2010-12-28
Both toothpaste really do help. I rely on toothpaste to keep my face clean. I apply to my whole face for an hour or sleep with it on. I also use it as face wash three times a day and in the shower for my face, back, and chest. When I miss 24 of using toothpaste on my pore, then I starting breaking out like crazy. I rely on toothpaste! Don't use the toothpaste gel (it sticks and burns)!
Really works Comments By: Danielle on 2011-01-01
It really does work. Put it on,then go to sleep with it on. The next morning. Its nearly gone!!
Apply before shower Comments By: Justin on 2011-01-05
my friend told me about this and it works to a certain degree, i apply it to spots before i take a shower and the next day the spots aare usually smaller
Depends On Toothpaste Type Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-17
I used Crest and it burned my face!! Then i put on a gel toothpaste...and tht burned too! I want to get Aquafresh cause tht one seems to work, but we went to the store to buy crest already....grr, but yeah, try it with Aquafresh first..
if i'm trying it u should Comments By: cassie on 2011-02-01
so i was reading a magazine and it sayed a easy way to get rid of pimples is to put toothpast on it but i did not belife . so i gooogled it and found this website . and well i tryed it . and gess wat im 12:) well lets see if it woeks :)
idk Comments By: lilly on 2011-01-29
I used kirkland pro complete fluoride toothpaste and it kinda burned but i think it might be the thoothpaste you should give it a try....
WORKS Comments By: RyRy1 on 2011-02-04
it burns a bit when you first put it on but after 15 mins i whipped it off with luke warm water and my spots redness had pritty much gone down straight away. i use aquafresh toothpaste works a treat. i dont get spot often so i only had 2/3 of them dont know if this will work with people who have spot prone skin
IT WORKS Comments By: kat on 2011-02-04
ok it dose work ok im 12 and it works , but if u have sinstive skin it can hurt but it dose work so take a advice from a 11 year old turning 12
It's no myth...it works! Comments By: Shanelle on 2011-02-04
It has been proven that using toothpaste really does help clear up acne. It was actually on the show "The Doctors"....BUT BE SURE TO USE TOOTHPASTE THAT DOES NOT WHITEN!!! the chemicals in the toothpast that whiten your teeth WILL burn you skin. You just have to use a regular toothpaste! Good luck :-)
Toothpaste Is Excellent! Comments By: ANON on 2011-02-09
No matter how many expensive products that say they will reduce spots or prevent is a load of manure for some people like myself. However thankfully toothpaste works for me as I have bad acne. Cleansing my face then applying toothpaste on over night reduces the size by a lot.
works for me Comments By: tomer on 2011-02-09
well... i guess some ppl get some probs.
i know i'm considered to have my skin a little bit sensitive.
any ways, to the point, so i just decided to put a very tiny bit of toothpaste on the middle of each zit or bumps i had on my face after my shower, left it for the night, and the morning i woke up it was pretty clean. my advice, try a tiny bit on a tip of one zit and c if it works for you. mine did great and im keeping it as a habit till its all gone.
hope i helped :P

aquafresh only Comments By: neil on 2011-02-14
people listen carefully aquafresh the most responsive to spots trust me gotta be overnite dow but yeah it works and it dont burn
DONT DO IT! Comments By: Dissapointed on 2011-02-24
I just woke up to find that I had acne, and I am really young to have acne. It was all over my chin and nose so I used toothpaste and it DIDN'T work. It burned my face and my face is all red. I suggest proactive! DONT DONT DONT DONT DO IT!
It may work! Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-22
So for those who say their skin gets red and it starts to peel heres maybe why
you may have a bad brand of toothpaste for acne
when your skin peels its because new fresh skin is underneath
when its red its too harsh OR its starting to work

ask me !!!!! Comments By: Elvis on 2011-02-26
i heard about toothpaste killing your zits or pimpes.i seen it on youtube and a week later it worked.but i only use calgate.the mint freezes it.
ermmm... Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-27
Hia , i used aquafresh, i left it on for 5 mins as i was reading through this page the BAM another horror story it has changed it slightly it is as red or angry just a little sore i wouldnt recomend leaving it over night or for long than 10mins as mu sister use it and it mad e her face sore she doese have oily skin mines just normal with the occasional zit on my nose but i get horrendously scared and parnoid of the way i look for a quick and easy WORKING way please follow these 5 steps;
1 apply a drop of perfume to your finger and hold on the zit for 20 seconds (it will sting)
2 Use Garnier Pure Active just apply to the zit leave it for 5 mins and remove.
3 use Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 wash and mask use as a 'mask' on the zit leave til dry and remove.
4 use aquafresh toothpaste apply a thin layer of it just COVERNG THE ZIT.
leave for 5mins(no more than 10)
Your zit should of shrank and not be so red

at ur own risk Comments By: anon on 2011-03-08
i had used colgate twice on d zit when it ws just abt to cum n fr d whole day i kept it by washing it n reapplying it belive me it worked d pimple disappeared n i ws so happy it felt as if i had nt got one
but after 2 weeks i had gt another zit i applied colgate but i think in grt amount n left it overnite but to my horror mornin i saw it had completely burned dat area of my skin nd it looked vry bad
d burnt mark has gone down in 3mnths time but i wud say only use it at ur own risk keep on checkin it and apply in small amount.

it depends Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-22
it depends who you are and how much you put on. but if it stings, reduce, if stinging continues(i'm talking big sting) then discontinue to something like lemon juice:)
didnt really work for me. Comments By: anon on 2011-04-01
I tried putting it on (colgate total) for about 30 minutes and it didnt burn or anything, nor did it do anythingg. so does anyone know a toothpaste that would maybe be better?
Kinda Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-05
I put it on and it really stung at first so, I washed it off and the pimples decreased in size. You should try it but not if you have sensitive skin.
Best remedy Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-06
I have to say toothpaste works better for me than anything else.

I use anything colgate, I use it like a face mask (thin layer though) only do it once a month just before i fully break out due to my period... works a treat.

this isn't for everyone though, some people burn others get rashes or it just doesn't work. It all depends on your skin type really.

Useless Comments By: somefaggot on 2011-04-11
I used it, let my colgate 12-HOUR PROTECTION dry. Washed it off, nothing happened.
Dont use toothpaste people ~ Comments By: Mercedes Wilson on 2011-04-13
i used it on the side of my face like where my eye is over a small break out..... burned me all up i have this big 1x1 scab thats peeling and now that some of it is peeled off my break out still there it was just laying underneath this scab.... smh.
Works for me Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-16
I have used the toothpaste treatment off and on since I was a teenager. It always worked for me -- the pimples were much less red and reduced in size and not nearly as noticeable. I still get the occasional pimple (I am 48 now), and break out the toothpaste. My choice has always been Crest regular paste, and I have never had any problems with it. I have relatively sensitive skin, too. I just dab a bit on and leave it on for a 1/2 hour or so and then rinse it away. I have left on overnight as well with no problems. Hope this helps someone!
LOVE IT !!!! Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-21
Its Great If Youe Have Sensitive Skin Then Don't Use It.But Give It Try You Never Know.I Have Colgate On Right Now.
It's the peppermint. Comments By: Courtney on 2011-04-24
Toothpaste works, but it's not necessarily because it's toothpaste; it's because of the peppermint that makes your breath so minty fresh. Peppermint is really great at reducing redness, absorbing extra oils, and even making things less painful. If you want to use toothpaste, use one with the least extra weird additives; try Tom's of Maine (it's more natural, and there's more peppermint!) and definitely don't use anything that is for whitening or other special tooth-related purposes, as that's where the burning will start. If you can go out to a store and get something, diluted peppermint and witch hazel will also do the trick
what kind of tooth paste Comments By: joe hingson on 2011-04-27
what is the best kind of toothpaste to use to get rid of zits?i have colgate.. and my zit just appeared a few weeks ago and it is small
If you feel burning... Comments By: anon on 2011-05-16
Most acne fighting cleansers and other types of face cleaners will give a burning sensation, and it isnt a bad thing! If you feel burning then its working!!! But if it turns from a burning sensation to actual pain then you should discontinue the use of whatever product you are using, whether it be toothpaste or a facial cleanse.
i havent seen any diffrence yet Comments By: anon_x on 2011-06-10
hi im a 12 year old girl and i suffer from out spots.i have about 10 on my forehead and 1 on my nose.i have just tried putting tooth paste on my spots,i haven't saw any difference yet.i left it on for about 4minuets and my face feels cold.i used a white tooth paste called macleans.it dident sting at all.im abit worried because people say there is sugers in tooth paste and sugars make you have more spots! but overall i think you should try it because it might work!
nooooooooooooooooo Comments By: :( on 2011-06-13
it did nothing... it brought up the puss from underneath.. made zits more inflamed. DONT USE. (and i went the safe route with Aquafresh) still no good.
Weeell Comments By: Angie on 2011-06-19
I startd uzn toothpaste last nyt,put it on most parts of ma face..burnd 4 the first 5 minutes then i was gud..its got sme cooling effect ya...left t on for abwt 45 minutes n washd t off with warm water..my face kinda felt clean bt i didnt c a big difrnce..i just applied t again 45 minutes ago..am gona wash t off n hope t makes a difrnce 2dy..and il do this n drink lotsa water erday..hope il b bk in a coupla months 2 gv my testimony :) ...oh n am uzn colgate triple action
ok!! Comments By: anon on 2011-06-19
hi i think it dpends on your skin type if your extremely pale dont use it im quite pale and had to take it of after 2 mins because it felt like my face was burning i wasnt burt but my zit was smaller if you dont have pale skin i say go for it it does work but pale skin with toothpaste is a big no no!!!
Woohoo toothpaste!! :D Comments By: Kylee on 2011-06-19
Remember people have different skin! Also it depends on the toothpaste. I have pretty normal skin but I do get breakouts. My friend told me about the toothpaste trick and what to do, her grandma does it and her skin is AMAZING! You wouldn't believe that she's 70! Okay what you do: wash your face as normal then (what I do is) put toothpaste as a mask or just on the effected areas. I leave it on for about 10-15 mins. Once that is done I STEAM my face for 5 mins with the toothpaste on. Steaming it is what makes it work for me. Then I wash the toothpaste off and put on a lightweight moisterizure. I do this ONCE a month! :D I didn't think it would work but it really does. :) I'm so happy! P.S Use a PASTE toothpaste, color doesn't matter just make sure it's a paste and not a gel :)
please don't Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-15
I had two pimples and I hated them. I read online that toothpaste works so I tried it on for one night and in the morning I was disappointed because it hadn't work the way I thought it would. soon it was red, puffy and started to peel. I wasn't burned very badly but I wouldn't try it again. I also had been using benzoyl peroxide so I don't know if it was the combination between the two or if it was just the colgate toothpaste. i was reading these comments to see what happened to other people so I hope this comment helps.
Depending on the toothpaste and skin type! Comments By: Anon. on 2011-08-12
OK. so everyones arguing about it, so HERES THE WHOLE THING:first, it depends on the toothpaste: DO NOT use whitening toothepaste or gel toothepaste if you can help it! try to use plain non-gel toothpaste! NEXT: if you have sensitive skin, it is taking a chance to use toothpaste but DONT use gel, i use colgate plain toothpaste, the solid coloured green stuff and i have extremely sensitive skin. NEXT: if you use toothpaste, wait a couple minutes and if it burns for a few seconds then stops you should be fine(just a little red, but it goes away quickly) BUT if it stings badly, take it off immediately! if you take it off and it stings and its really red DO THIS: wash your face with cold water really lightly, then grab an icecube or ice pack or something really cold and press it on the red area, it will help soothe it. then if you have aloe vera, USE IT! spread it on your skin and leave it for a while. keep doing the ice and aloe vera for a while then its all you can do. i used whitening cinnamon flavoured Colgate gel toothpaste, and it stinged so much to the point that i couldnt handle it, and it turned red and it was unfortable for a while, so do that and it will help, i promise. when I use the regular colgate toothpaste it really helps, and MAKE SURE YOU ONLY PUT THE TOOTHPASTE ON YOUR ACNE!!! i hope this helps!
DO NOT USE TOOTHPASTE Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-25
last night I went to bed with toothpaste on my face on two really big pimples, when i woke up this morning it was burning lots and felt sore. when i washed my face i had two HUGE REB BLOTCHES on my face and my skin was incredibly dry! I've done this before with detol when i was younger and toothpaste had the same effect! used in tiny amounts for 30 minutes tops it works alright but not worth the risk PLEASE DO NOT TRY IT! it is dry now almost 8 hours later and the redness hasnt gone down its also nearly imposibble to hide with make up so DONT!

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