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Toothpaste for acne and zits

Any over the counter toothpaste can be a good remedy for acne and zits. Dab a small amount of paste, just enough to cover the zit. Allow it to dry and then wipe off with luke warm water, then apply again. Do this before bed and you'll will find that the zit has lost it's glow (you'll also smell sweet peppermint dreams!)

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IT REALLY WORKS Comments By: Anon on 2007-03-14
i had a big zit right in the middle of my eyes it was red and it hurt like heck... my sister told me to put toothpaste on it not a whole lot just enough to cover the zit.. i used colgate. i didnt leave it on for very long maybe 3-5 mins. after the first time the zit didnt hurt as much and ive been using it everynight before i go to bed and now its almost gone...
well i think it works Comments By: anon on 2007-04-16
i tryed putting on the toothpaste (colgate) 4 15mins b4 i wen 2 bed wen i washed it off t had reduced in size i was really suprrised i didnt think it would work but it did so if u dnt ave sensitive skin give it a try!!!!!!!!
OMG it really hurts/improves Comments By: Mari on 2007-04-12
WOW, its buring like...____...!!! but i have to keepit on 4 a little longer..i have way clear skin now but i still apply it 4 something to do before bed...DON'T GO AND GET A TAN IN A TANNING BED THEN APPLY IT THE SAME NIGHT!!! OUCH !!! YOUR FACE WILL BE LIKE....WOAH
It works Comments By: Simone on 2007-05-03
i tried this method one time, and i used aquafresh. the zit didnt totally disappear, but the zit was definetly smaller in the morn.
NO WAYYYYYYYYY! Comments By: trishhhhaaa on 2007-05-15
toothpaste doesnt work like hell NOOOO! my face turned out like i had sunburnt, ok WORST THAN SUNBURNT! it was peeling and red! yuck. gross. i hate it! i am now using aloe v. to cover up! look what happened to my face!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT USE IT IF YOU ARE NOT SURE. and i dont have sensitive skin, the prob lies with the TOOTHPASTE
Trying it right now Comments By: anon on 2007-05-21
Ok im trying this stuff on a few of my pimple's. im going to wash it off in like 5 min though. So i'll post again to tell u guys if it worked for me!
ARTICLE!!! READ Comments By: anonymous on 2007-06-16
I looked this up before trying (haven't tried yet), and found this article on medicinenet.com:

Toothpaste does more than help you achieve a winning smile. When dabbed on a pimple, toothpaste can get rid of it by morning. "It is drying and basically works like a clay mask," Kunin says. "It dehydrates the pimple and absorbs the oil," she says. Toothpaste works best on a pimple that has come to a head - like a whitehead, Kunin adds. "But be careful not to use a whitening toothpaste because they tend to have high levels of hydrogen peroxide that may irritate or burn the skin," she says. "If you are going to try it, use a white paste -- not a gel -- and skip this remedy if you have sensitive skin because it will be too irritating."

man stupid people Comments By: azn on 2007-06-16
ive been reading this and ive read stupid things seriously...dun put olive oil on ur skin...olive oil blocks pores. drink green tea..it works...toothpaste....dun do ur whole face on ur first time....onlie a little..man u people are weird.....
i only tried it once! Comments By: carlos on 2007-06-21
i don't really want to shoot peoples hopes down by telling them not to use toothpaste.but if you want to get rid of acne,zits,bumps,pus bumps,whatever the case may be(black heads) ewww! change what is in your diet,i found out some skin problems are caused by what you eat"some people react differently than others by what they eat.but the majority of people break out cause of greesy ass foods,and highly fat foods,try putting some honey on your zits,i found this works better than toothpaste, it's more natural,an it doesn't burn
This works like hell!!!!!!! Comments By: Joe on 2007-07-09
This works!! I put it on my zits and poof they were gone.
not for me Comments By: maria on 2007-07-12
I tried it on this huge, i mean really big, zit on my chin. I did it like my friend told me to, dab a little direcly on the zit and leave it over night...but when I did... it burned my skin, even worse then sunburn looks. It looked like i had a really creepy nasty rash on my chin and after a while it pealed in thick peices. It was disgusting. If you have sensitive or normall dry skin, dont you dare. And DONT under any circumstance mix it with clean and clear or another brand of skin cleaner!!!!! it will not be good
I DONT KNOW ABOUT ALL THIS!!! Comments By: ashley on 2007-07-18
ok my friend told me about this method an said that it works really good for her!!so of course today I got a REALLY BID ZIT so I tried it but see I popped it first then I put toothpaste on and it really burnt so now im gonna wait and see if it gets better and if not then ill try agin but maybe this time ill not popp it first!!!!
An other way is.. Comments By: JenniferCHINO on 2007-07-20
get a aspirin tablet and squish it untilits powder. then get a lemon and mix the two together. the aspirin will remove the oil and dirt and the lemon citrus will make the redness go away. it really does work and it doesnt burn your skin.
A good idea. Comments By: anon. on 2007-07-29
I have never tried toothpaste before.but i do have something that works for me.i go to a derm. and i have tried a couple medications.but i have found if you go swimming in a pool for about 20 minutes a day will help dry your face and get rid of dead skin.i did this for a week because of camp and i was so happy when i was almost completely pimple-free.and it also gives you exercise :]
satisfying tips that work Comments By: ashley on 2007-07-29
mmkay so im trying to lose a couple pounds ive gained since i stopped running and i looked cause my mom told me toothpaste works and read all teh comments below. ive been following that comment below about honey and green tea, and its helped me completely. sometimes pimpes and zits come from stress and sometimes it comes from fatty foods, lots of sugar ectect; so a couple days ago i had loads of candy and junk with my friend and the next two days later i got zits on my cheek and nose, i dont normally get them so they stood out completely. on top of that i was sunburned. i tried the toothpaste and it didnt burn, but it felt refreshing on my skin. its been helping but aftera couple hours my skin gets oily again and unfortuantly the toothpaste doesnt really clear up redness so i tried honey, works well. i also tried the lemon which hurt the burns a bit so i didnt really use it as much. and since its summer and hot you MUST count your glasses of water everyday. you cant make them up again if your forget thats the key. you must stay hydrated, a good way is if your lips get dry you know your dehydrated. first step to dehydration is feeling thirsty, bekon that call so it doesnt tsake it out on your face in the end. [email protected] if you want more tips.
NOOOOOOOOO Comments By: DrEwZ on 2007-08-09
no it doesnt work because ijust did for like two days overnight and washed my face and it left my skin all extra extra dry and peely nad now i dont know how to get my handsome face back and i have my first day of school next week somebody help me get rid of this peeling face and rash

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