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Toothpaste for acne and zits

Any over the counter toothpaste can be a good remedy for acne and zits. Dab a small amount of paste, just enough to cover the zit. Allow it to dry and then wipe off with luke warm water, then apply again. Do this before bed and you'll will find that the zit has lost it's glow (you'll also smell sweet peppermint dreams!)

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NEVER EVER AGAIN_CAUTION Comments By: Anon on 2007-10-30
i had perfect nice skin untill i got these 3 pimples on my cheek and 2 under my chin, i put toothpaste on them and i woke up in the morning with black blothes on my face, my face was burnt ive still got the marks today and the pimples were still in there, i ruined my perfect skin. The sits didnt go away for weeks and now i keep getting pimples in the burns and the zits wont go away, how do i make dried up zits dry 100% so i can peel them off without bleeding GRRRRR...

my advice stay away if you got sensitive skin.

make up doesnt even cover the burns its disgusting!

good Comments By: geoff on 2007-11-11
works good.
Toothpaste and Neo Comments By: Joe on 2007-12-01
Didnt sleep with it overnight but I did leave it on for about an hour. Then I rinsed off and applied neosporin and left on all night. It was going to be one of those big ones that stay for a week. When I woke up the next morning it had already started to go back down again. Never had a chance to make it's appearance. This is not the first time toothpaste and neo have come to the rescue. BTW, i didnt have anything other then crest gel. Still worked fine. Good luck everyone.
Doesn't work Comments By: Anon on 2007-12-05
I hate whoever said rubbing colgate tooth whitening on a zit works. I put it on overnight, woke up with reddish spots where I applied the paste. I skipped school 'cause I looked so ulgy. It is a little better. It looks as if I have a thin layer of plastic on my face in some areas. Don't do it. THANKS! [sarcasm off] What really blows is that I have just started dating our homecoming queen and now I am embarrassed to go near her.
It all depends on your body chemistry Comments By: *Lindsay on 2007-12-11
I personally use toothpast all the time and I get complemented on my complexion all the time. I would not recomend it to severe acne cases but for the person who has the ocassional breakout and occasional pimple, it woks wonders. I only put a thin layer on the infected areas and leave overnight. If you don't wash your face before though, it will probably not work. You have to cleanse and open up the pores so the toothpaste can get into the follicle/pore and work on the inflamed inner skin and sebum. You will see that you zits are dried out by morning but you should follow up with a gentle cleanser. Though the results are noticible they are not an overnight cure for acne. You will still have to have a loyal and dicsiplined acne washing routine for a couple of weeks before you will see any major appeareance altering results.
i'm confused!!! Comments By: hikki on 2007-12-11
hi there! i'm 16 yrs old and honestly my mom and i have been looking for the right medication for my pimples. i looked through your comments and i got really confused whether i will try to put toothpaste or not. well, i haven't really tried it before so can u guyz help me. like how long should i let the toothpaste stay and how much do i need to put???
please help me.. i really do hope this will work for me..

x] Comments By: Michael on 2007-12-15
It's Working For Me So Far.
Will it? Won't it? Comments By: Toby1 on 2007-12-22
I've just applied some colgate on the three spots I have on my forehead...I will keep you up to date.....has to be said that the only way I know that definetly improves acne is time on the sunbed.....you have to weigh up the whole cancer thing against the benefits- but if they're really getting you down about it subeds won't just improve your skin, but the UV rays help release endorphins which make you feel good too!
AquaFresh Works For Me!! Comments By: Winnie88 on 2007-12-31
Reduces redness and swelling!!
Be careful! Comments By: Stella on 2008-01-05
I think it all boils down to this:

1 Be careful and be aware of the consequences.
2 If it's your first time, try it on a pimple that wouldn't be noticeable (e.g. behind your bangs). Because in a sense, if it does leave a black hole in your face or clear the pimple up, at least you'll have your bangs to hide it. You don't know, so don't try it on a noticeable area .. like your cheek or your nose.
3 Read everything about this topic before you make your decision

I tried it and took it after 5 minutes. I don't know if it really worked, but I don't think I would try this again unless I was really desperate. It didn't burn a hole in my face and it didn't make it any better or worse, but it did sting when I put it on.

It's just stupid because I have a wedding tomorrow and have a big zit on my cheek (that decided to form this morning, no thank you).

The tried and true method is: Wash your face, don't touch it, don't pick it, let it dry on it's own

Just think .. every time you touch your zit, the oils in your hand add an extra day to it. That should keep your hands off of playing with it.

I HATE SPOTS :@ Comments By: DAWN on 2008-01-05
I really hate having spots, especially ones that hurt. I do wear makeup all over my face but no serious ORANGE liquid umpa lumpa crap. I just use powder. Every night i use a facial whipe on my face and remove m make-up thoroughly and after i was my face with soap and cold water. I also do this in the morning. Before i put on make-up i put on some facial cream to moisturise my face and think of it as a barrier between my skin and the make-up. I still have some small blackheads around my nose and i always get the occasional MONSTER zit (because of my age) and i think there's nothin worse than a yellow juicy looking zit so i have to pop them and squeeze out all the puss until blood comes out. Then i get a scab an them a mark/scar an it's horrible so TRY THE TOOTHPASTE TRICK OR OTHER REMIDIES BEFORE YOU POP IT OR SCRATCH IT!!
hmm Comments By: amyyy on 2008-01-12
well first of all.
dont leave it overnight at first if your not sure.
i wouldnt take a chance and get one of those nasty burns.

use aquafresh.
and the first time, use it on somewhere small. dont cover your whole face.
i suggest you leave it on for about 10 inutes, then wash it, and put lotion over it.
see if it works.

More dangerous and harmfull than ACID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2008-01-16
I had about 3 pimples witch I tried to dab out with toothpaste. I aplied it to the pimples and went to bed. The next morning I woke up to my horror that it BURNT my skin. Please anybody out there, never use toothpaste!!! It surelly ruend my face and my life
***IT'S TRUE*** Comments By: annonomous on 2008-01-15
It does work but u can't smear it all over your face or course.What the toothpaste does is dry it out so that the oil in you skin doesn't produce pimples.The tooth paste remedy is not supposed to work like proactive it is just for little pimples and little zits people!
The common factor here is..... Comments By: Heather on 2008-01-21
I've been using this method for a few nights now and ive seen an amazing differnce. I've been struggling for acne for years. The docs have givin me all sorts of pills and creams including differin. Nothing really helped until i started using the toothpaste. I've noticed from all the other posts that AquaFresh works the best without any side effects. Besides the tingling of course. But you get that even when you brush your teeth! I use Aqua Fresh for an fyi. Id say if your going to do this use aqua fresh!
Crest Comments By: Gabriel Todd on 2008-01-29
Well, I find this rather odd. I use Crest occasionally and it works very well. There is a very slight burning sensation, but nothing horrible. It's more a tickling than anything. What would the chemical difference be between Crest and these other toothpaste brands I wonder?

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