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If your nose becomes really runny

Submitted by Mary Gold

If your nose becomes really runny, sniff a marker. The fumes will supress the nasal glands from producing mucus. It has basically the same effect as Vick's Vaporub.

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I CAN BREATHE AGAIN Comments By: Morgan on 2004-11-13
WOW Comments By: Kristen on 2005-01-18
I cant believe that it actually worked!! Ive been up all night on and off with this terrible runny nose. Benadryl wasnt working anymore, and I couldnt figure out what to do. I decided to look online and found this. I grabbed one of my Sharpies, and sniffed it.. instantly I felt better. Thank you for this great tip!!
concern Comments By: anon on 2006-02-08
sniffing a marker is a way of inhalence i wouldn't do it thats like sniffing white out
Kinda' did the trick Comments By: ANON on 2006-02-20
Tried it right away. It worked, but I wonder, for how long? Do I need to carry a Sharpie aound all day?
Wow Comments By: Phyllis on 2006-04-26
Didnt have no markers man
So used some glue
blotto or what

Hey!!! Comments By: Booger Dude on 2006-10-23
Well, it worked great, after a few minutes my nose started to burn. i did a small report... actually just letting it run by sticking tissue/paper towel in your nose will absorb the snot and pretty much stop it. Which color marker works the best?
OMG Comments By: The Lynda on 2007-02-15
I had the cold bad, googled on how to stop a runny nose and came across this. I tried it an it worked. I still have to breath out of my mouth though which sucks but at least my nose is not running anymore.
!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2007-05-11
YOU'RE A GENIUS! Although; it didn't quite help with my head ache.

but thanks all the same.

God Bless you Mary Gold Comments By: Erica on 2007-07-06
I love you.
holy wow Comments By: Patrick on 2007-07-15
It actually does work...
Ive been suffering a runny nose all day long... I googled for crazy remedies, since 3 different types of medicines did nothing, and found this.
I rarely believe what I see online, but I was ready to try anything.
It totally worked! No more drips! No more kleenex jammed up my nostrils!

WiFe Said She Can BREATHE Comments By: Jim on 2007-08-15
Thanks, first I was using a small tip sharpie. Didn't work. Looked around and there was my Permanent Marker. I told my wife to try it, and it Worked. Thanks!!!
Thanks Comments By: Dan on 2007-08-21
I read this then read the comments about how they found it after searching Google and I tried it and it worked so fast.
you are a life saver Comments By: Lynda Smart on 2007-09-05
I am a heart and diabetic disabled person. I live out in the country and it s about 10 miles to the store. they are open all night but I didnt want to get dressed and go to winn dixie at 2 am. I was mierable my nose started pouring .I got up and couldnt find any cold med s any where. I ran across what you said about the markers .Thank you so much. it works . I dont care if it makes me high just so it stops my nose from running. God Bless you .
sniffing markers ??? NOT SAFE dont do it! Comments By: Anon on 2007-09-20
This is sending our children and even for anyone to sniff a dangerous substance as a naural cure. havent you heard of peoples brains being fried over this and becomeing hooked to this kind of thing. google sniffing markers a little more and you will see its not a safe thing to do.
Brain or Nose? Comments By: Anon on 2007-09-27
Although you may stop your runny nose by sniffing markers, you are also damaging your brain. Think before you act.
Suffer brain damage for a runny nose? Comments By: FREAk on 2007-11-05
like i don't think it's a good idea to sniff markers if u have a runny nose...man just go to the doctors or use some tissuses i mean come one people...would u rather suffer brain damage just to stop a runny nose that can be stopped by the doctor or using tissuses?ur choice i'd rather not suffer from brain damage...sorry for saying that and thank u for hearing me out
We're not stupid Comments By: Rob on 2007-11-17
Its not going to cause brain damage if you do it for a few seconds, the people on the internet talking about brain damage from sniffing markers are talking about if your doing it so much so hard, it wont mess you if you do it for a few seconds every once in a while
ha Comments By: Rebekah on 2007-11-18
well if your brain is already damaged I don't guess it will matter. LOL
Not Sure Comments By: Anon on 2007-12-12
doesnt sniffing sharpie kill brain cells which dont ever grow back? =-(
I approve! Comments By: Neil on 2007-12-20
I've done this daily for the last 2 years, and I feel fine. I tell my employees to do it all the time.
thanks? Comments By: Anon on 2008-01-06
im sick. and i was nearly at my wits end. this helped. even though i knoe sniffing markers is not good. thanks for the tip!
Great tip Comments By: Happy Person on 2008-01-09
As strange as I found this thread, it really does work. My nose has been red raw from blowing it for the past few days with a cold. Found this thread but couldn't find a marker, however I had an old bottle of poppers (amyl-nitrate). This really works a treat. Thankls for the tip :)

awesome Comments By: StrungOutOnMarkers on 2008-01-12
it works! and i don't like nor trust doctors so if i can get my nose to stop running by sniffing a marker, i'll do it. allegra and claritin don't work for me, neither does benadryl. and it's not like i need a doctor anyway. it's just a sneeze.
Thank you!!! Comments By: jenny on 2008-01-18
I can't believe that actually worked.

I'm a nurse, and *NO*, you won't be causing any brain damage with the occasional sniff of a Sharpie. Nor will a brief 4-5 second sniff make you feel and different (or 'high') mentally.

NO Markers! Comments By: Unwell Bear on 2008-02-01
My nose is leaking so bad I want to cut it off! There are no markers in the house! Just my luck!!

OMG!! Comments By: rachel on 2008-02-23
OMG that marker worked! i have the worst cold ever!!!
sept now i thinki am high . MEH i have no runny nose!!! YEOOOWWWW i freaking love you!

What can i say Comments By: Mr Dixon on 2008-03-04
rescued mom Comments By: Jody on 2008-03-06
OMG! it works, it really works!

i'm a stay-at-home and very hands-on mom of a very active boy toddler and i have a very bad caes of allergic rhinitis. so you could just imagine the dilemma i go through whenever i clean up and dust the house. sometimes when my allergy gets so bad, i even ask my husband to come from work (it's that bad) just so somebody can look after our son.

so you see, how much thankful i am now for having crossed this very easy remedy! god bless you!

uhh Comments By: still running nose on 2008-03-13
this helps for like 0 seconds and then it doesn't
Right.. Comments By: Matt on 2008-03-14
I think everyone saying this method works is just too high to really know what's going on...
IT WORKS! Comments By: Laura on 2008-03-26
I am a totally normal, mother of 3, who's been suffering all day with a runny nose, just dripping off my face! (2 of my teenagers have the same thing going on) Uck!!!! It's bedtime and I'm wondering how I'm ever going to sleep when I can't stop the running and blowing... so I search online for a home remedy... and I find this... I too, hate to believe weird stuff.. but I'm desperate... I look in the desk drawer, find a short Sharpie permanent marker and give it a whiff... Whoala! It's totally unbelievable...but it really worked!

I hadn't gone more than 30 seconds without drippring ALL DAY, stuffing tissue up my nose, etc... and now... I'm going on FIVE MINUTES.. and nothing! Dry and breathing much easier. I agree, just a whiff or two isn't going to give you brain damage. As with anything in life... just use a little and don't go overboard. Honestly.. it's still working for me! YAY!!!!

Surprising Comments By: Mike on 2008-03-30
This actually worked. Don't really know what to say about this sniffing markers is dangerous stuff, and i don't really care. But hey, it worked. Thanks alot.
I worked Comments By: huha on 2008-04-06
i had a very bad running nose tday..... THEN I SNIFFED THE MARKER IT WORKED... THANKS MAN!!! Thank God it lessened the dripping..
Top tip! Comments By: Anon on 2008-04-11
I'm shocked it worked but hapy as can be, except I was hoping to leave work early with it and can't now! Lol!
did the trick Comments By: Richard from United Kingdom on 2008-04-24
so what if it damages your brain cells? fumes from cars do this, deodorants, household chemicals! we dont use masks for those items, a few long snifs on the old marker pens has stopped my nose from running! still a little sniffle but at least its not like a TAP now! its turned off haha
KILL ME IM HERE! DO IT NOW! Comments By: Travis on 2008-04-25
Dude your awesome it worked instantly.
oMq Comments By: miguel anGel cruz on 2008-04-29
I loVe iT
i swear it works Comments By: SVP on 2008-04-29
it might not be that healthy but u know what- since when is everything we do perfectly healthy???!!! it works in like 2 seconds and that's what we all r looking 4- instant relief!!
omg i cant believe i just did that Comments By: Naomi M on 2008-04-30
It actually does work....smells grose but works...hopefully for a while. I have a runny nose for 3 ays straight so far and happy to know it gone for now...thanks hahahahaha
Sharpies are NON-TOXIC Comments By: Anon on 2008-05-01
If you would read the fine print on the side of the marker, they are labeled as non-toxic, so I highly doubt you'll get brain damage. Plus, I can't believe this actually works! Yay! I've been walking around with cotton shoved up my nose at work all morning!
OMFG!!!!!! IT DOES WORK! Comments By: Anon on 2008-05-09
even after reading all the comments, i was still somewhat skeptical.. but it really works quickly. It doesn't stop it 100% but hey i'm not complaining.

and no you won't get high unless you really snort it hard.

iam gonna try it Comments By: penboy on 2008-05-13
i tried got to wiat and see.
i hope permanent marker is not bad for you?

hehe Comments By: pete on 2008-05-22
your all sick people.. on a seperate note will an artliner whiteboard marker work?
Good stuff Comments By: RoyalWitCheese on 2008-06-01
I'm sure taking 20 Psuedoephederine and 4 Benadryl in 8 hrs is more harmful than a couple sniffs of a marker.
Great stuff Comments By: Anon on 2008-06-30
It actually works. Dont over do it but a few sniffs of the black marker does the nose wonders
WOW!!! Sweet! Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-02
my nose was running really bad and i read this tip and it really did work. it worked in 5 minutes!!!!
i can breathe thru my nose now!

wow.. Comments By: wow on 2008-07-12
Works instanly, thanks man!
Vick Vaporub does the same thing... Comments By: DankBudz on 2008-07-18
I was lucky enough to find some Vick around my place...So I just rubbed some in my chest and throat...No more runny nose!!! :D And it smells good xD
Marker pen Comments By: K1M07 on 2008-07-22
OMG I cant believe that actually worked. I wondered how someone worked it out in the first place. Maybe my nose will stay dry enough to let the redness go.
No one knew this already??? Comments By: julia on 2008-07-24
umm I'm sorry but you're not telling me all you people didn't know that this worked beforehand??? I knew that, a lot of the kids at my school who have bad allergys carry sharpies around on their backpacks. and no it doesn't make you high.... people should realize their sniffles would be cured with like 2 or 3 sniffs. it takes way more to get you high.
light headed!! Comments By: jps on 2008-07-31
its works :| buh now ive gone light headed.. was u only ment to sniff once..? lol
thank god for markers. Comments By: Anon, 15, UK on 2008-08-05
i've been variously ill this past week & the latest issue was i woke up this morning with THE worst cold ever. i couldnt even go down the stairs without clutching a tissue, my nose was running non-stop. i tried one of those nose spray things & that just made my nose even runnier. i came across this from google and it actually works. im still a bit sniffly, but at least im not having to grab another tissue every five seconds. and yes, i feel the beginnings of being high, but would you really guess that from the way i type? i wouldn't worry about it affecting brain cells, seriously :)
Holy heck, it really works! Comments By: Andrew on 2008-08-18
Sniffed a sharpie twice. Nose stopped running within 30 seconds.
praise the lord for mary Comments By: jason on 2008-08-31
the world thanks you
Sharpie fix works like a charm Comments By: Laurie on 2008-09-09
My mother's nose has been running like a faucet. I had her sniff a Sharpie and it worked like a charm. Amazing!!
Holy Frick! Comments By: Megan on 2008-09-12
This worked! Thank you so much! I don't care if I look like a druggie - I'm carrying a sharpie with me!
Sceptical... Comments By: Dave,England on 2008-09-20
.....but it worked,had a hellish 2 days,tried Benadryl and all the other usual stuff,I really suffer with this condition,many thanks.
good job!! Comments By: marc on 2008-09-20
worked in a few seconds!!

not sure how long it lasts,, but its a great party trick!!

>> thanks for the GREAT tip!!

No Way! Comments By: Drip Free in NY on 2008-09-26
I have been suffering from a runny nose for a few days now that nothing has worked on. I came across this and decided to give it a shot. Works great!! Just make sure you don't put a black spot on your nose from the tip of the marker.lol
WORKS WONDERS! Comments By: anon on 2008-09-30
do not over sniff..or u will get high lol
100 Dry Miles Comments By: Congestion Free on 2008-10-08
I have suffered from "snot in helmet" syndrome on my 100 mile round trip to London and back (unable to blow my nose through the motorcycle helmet) until tonight. Before riding my bike, one deep inhale of a marker pen up each nostril, a smear of Vicks under my nose, helmet on and a blast into Kent. Best ride home in weeks.
90% improvement, no headache. Thoroughly recommend to all motorcyclist who will, no doubt, suffer from snot in helmet syndrome. Many thanks Mary.

Yeaaaaa!!! Comments By: Aisha on 2008-10-11
Imma go buy me a Sharpie!!!
No one died from sniffing a sharpie. Comments By: Sarah on 2008-11-06
Of course its horrible to make a habit out of huffing/sniffing anything!

This is quite a good tip. Sitting at work, runny nose, needed meds but couldn't leave. Sniffed my marker and it cleared me up until I could get off. I didn't die. Feel fine. The author is not advocating addiction. get real people.

What now??? Comments By: maria on 2008-11-20
it worked for about 12 seconds, thanks 4 a great 12 seconds tho!!!!
Purple Nose Comments By: Koko on 2008-11-22
HAHA i just got permanent marker on my nose!
blessed relief Comments By: anon on 2008-12-01
Thanks a million Mary I feel so much better that I could give you a big big kiss
Excellent Post Comments By: Dawigr on 2008-12-08
I was annoyed by this runny nose at work when I came across your post. It worked instantly and only took a few wiffs to work.

CERTAINLY not enough to cause brain damage. GROW A SET BABIES.

Thanks for the advice

sony dvd marker! Comments By: Bex on 2008-12-16
I dont have a sharpie so i sniffed a sony marker pen instead! worked like a dream.. Thank you. Dont feel high at all btw. So i'm thinking i'll not worry about any brain damage!!
HEEEEELLL YEEEAAHHHH!!!! Comments By: Nessa on 2008-12-19
My partner has had a runny nose ALL DAY,it was driving us both insane.Poor buggar was so miserable..enter THE SHARPIE!!! AMAZING!! now he's snot free but pretty whacked haha the sharpie is glued to his hand,it aint going nowhere soon.
Thanks a bunch! Comments By: Jane on 2008-12-20
My nose has been running for 2 days..its raw..cant honestly tell if its snot or blood from being raw!
One Sniff on an old sharpy through each nostril and Im finally dried out!
Thanks a ton!

Be careful Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-25
I have not tried this personally as there are no non-toxic markers around the house. However if you are going try this just make sure that the marker or whatever you are using is non-toxic. That way it is absolutely fine to do so. However, if it is toxic or has solvents in, it can kill you instantly. I am not over exaggerating there either, I know somebody who has dies from it and have read many newspaper articles about it happening else where.
Mindwork? Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-03
Hmm...I tried it...and I'm suddenly not AS drippy as before. Yayyy ^^

BUT, could it possibly just be because we're BELIEVING that it's working, so our brains make it lessen?

I mean a guy FROZE to death in a freezer...only the freezer was broken and not turned on....but he THOUGHT so..

The mind is an amazing thing.

Just thought I'd give my two cents. ^^

well it kinda worked.... Comments By: Alison on 2009-01-06
i can clearly see how this could work.... my nose is so stuffy and runny all at the same time i cant sniff anything through left side.... but on the right it cleared up a bit, not prefect but enough for me not to want to stuff tissue in there so i can fall asleep which is all i truly wanted in the first place... so thank you for that! and about the whole sniffing sharpie thing..... while using a sharpie on a project you would end up sniffing more that way the just a couple sniffs to the nose.... and if they were that truly bad for you they would have banned the markers people....yeah sure u may get light headed if you stand there and sniff it for for like 5 minutes but no one ever said to do that....
This sucks Comments By: Brain on 2009-02-03
this never worked i tried it a million times and dude this sucked
Comments By: sarah on 2009-02-05
I sniffed a yellow highlighter and it worked for 5 min but its back now.. but still Im working and need this to go away so i think ill be doing this all day
Comments By: amanda on 2009-02-12
waw. I didn't sniff markers as I had none in the house. But I grabbed some nail polish instead and took a little whiff. It worked just as good.
oh my god Comments By: Sara on 2009-02-20
I am LOVING this tip!!!!!!!! (i found out that in a pinch Purell Hand sanatizer works well for at least 15 minutes.) thank god for the internet.
what a laugh Comments By: nate on 2009-02-26
this works for all of about 20seconds then the runny snot flows again
It worked for me Comments By: Laura on 2009-02-26
I'm at work feeling miserable and my nose is getting sore from blowing so much. I read this great tip, grabbed the marker and tried it, and my nose has stopped running ... though I was worried it would start again because I was laughing at several of the comments. Thanks so much!
LOL! Comments By: Megan on 2009-03-03
you are a legend!
im a student and
i have a choir concert tomoroww
and i dont want to be seen on stage
witha tissue stuck up my nose.

rather be a druggie than a runny :D

Haha! Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-12
It's funny to read all of these kneejerk warnings about the dangers of huffing.

Your IQ will go up at least 20 points if you start asking yourself "Why?" about these things, kids.

(Which, incidentally, would help that guy who rated this advice low because he couldn't find a marker. Sheesh.)

it actually works Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-14
i can finally talk without sounding stuffed up!
what are you trying to tell people! Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-15
are you trying to get people hooked on this kind of thing? u can get addicted to it an get high all the time... an it all started with a runny nose? WOW... thats lame... dont be stupid... Dont try it!
you're amaziiiing. Comments By: jackie on 2009-03-15
thank you so much.
haha honestly-- this works !

You MESS Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-04
I cant believe you would sniff a marker pen to clear a runny nose for just an hour. Its like sniffing glue, druggies do this and it can damage your brain forever. If you want to do something about it, blow your nose really hard so its clear and then sniff some Albas Oil now and again. This works just as good as sniffing a marker pen but does not give you brain damage. DONT MESS YOUR BRAIN UP; MESS THE TISSUE UP!
Comments By: someone grateful on 2009-04-16
Thanks! I've used 10 packs of tissues in the past two days, and now I can use a lot less and breathe without dripping. I'd rather sniff sharpies than blow my nose until it turns red and I run out of money on tissues.
It really works!! Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-21
am at work and ..... just tried it!

IT WORKS!!!! no more red sores around my nose from the tissue blowing!!

Tried Albus oil.... 2hours ago. Nothing!

1 nostril down, another to go! Comments By: Wowed Welsh Girl on 2009-04-26
been annoyed all weekend at my nose constantly running, so decided to have a look for some tips! came across this tip an WOW it actually worked! me and my dad were sceptical at first, but hey from now on, i shall be reaching for a marker instead of a tissue!!
other methods Comments By: Ken on 2009-04-29
you can also boil water and sniff/breath the hot mist. Anything that will send a signal through the nasal passage to open up.
Gee Whizz Comments By: Emma on 2009-05-09
Thanks heaps dude. That's mad. Totes worked.
WOW!!! Comments By: Fas on 2009-05-14
I LOVE YOU ... its stopped Yay
sharpie marker Comments By: andrew on 2009-05-16
I believe that it actually worked but let me wait over 10 min and test blow with tissue. i check on tissue wow it's dry already. wow that strange i don't understand why people never told everyone about this many years huh? waste of people death for nothing.
Comments By: sniffy nose on 2009-05-22
OMG - I really didn't think this would work. At the risk of looking like a junkie I tried this at my desk. Worked within minutes!!!

Thank you!

are you all crazy??? Comments By: lady on 2009-06-03
YES they can cause you harm.......you idiots....unbelievable......GROW UP
New Tip That Works !! Comments By: josh on 2009-06-13
Get some chinese peppermint oil from a helth or herb shop , 6 a bottle , fill a cup 3 quarters ful of boiling water and put 3 or 4 drops in and put you nose over and breath deep through it.You will feel it after 5 min.
Worked! :D Comments By: Marc... on 2009-06-24
love the internet
Best Day Ever! Comments By: Savannah on 2009-07-20
Me and my friend had been trying everything so that we would stop the snot in time for our competition (We street race!) We were sitting in vibrating chairs, shoving ice up our nostrils, everything until she looked online and found this. I took a Sharpie from my brother's room and smelled it. She asked me if I felt dizzy and I felt great!!!! So when she tried, we were totally ready for the race. We wouldn't have to stop skateboarding to blow our noses and we would be able to possibly make the race to the G50.
Well, thanks, Mary, we will try this everytime we come back from surfing in the Pacific (Talk about an icepack lost at sea!) and to all those morons who claimed they got "High" because of this, that's because they became addicted. No addict (To anything!) knows what they're talking about, so try to "detox" Kay? Thanks.
Peace, my sniffling people and wish me and Aijha luck on our next race!

Lifesaver! Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-15
OK so we all know that sniffing a marker isn't the most sensible thing to do and if I was just at home with my cold, I wouldn't bother but I have a date tonight and was so worried about my runny nose, but tried this and it works! Yay! Thanks so much :-)
Wot are you talkn bout Comments By: Roger Harris on 2009-08-17
I got sick cuz i sniffed a marker...Dnt do it its a scam
Believe it! Comments By: Mike on 2009-08-20
Yes sniffing markers can be bad, but not one brief time now to help with a runny nose.

I've had a cold etc and today my nose will not stop running and it makes me sneeze too.

Sniffed a marker, couple of seconds in each nostril and now the its stopped running. I'm sure it will only last for a few hours, but it is certainly helping me get through the day.

Try it! Just dont abuse it!

love ya Comments By: diego on 2009-08-27
Im free of runny nose

works! Comments By: Paul on 2009-08-28
This actually does work. I used a red sharpie
omg sharpie buzzzzzzz Comments By: bitch29 on 2009-09-11
cant belive it work cheers mary xxxxxx
didnt work Comments By: Anon on 2009-10-05
didnt work, where did i go wrong, now ive gone bk to stickin tissue up my nose :(
Worked great for me! Comments By: o0dakaros0o on 2009-10-08
Wow this tip really did work! I get a bad runny nose at this time of year so I sniffed my sharpie and the runny nose stopped after one big blow! Thanks for the tip, I dont know how u ever thought to do that lol.
well half the nose is clear Comments By: lollljesse on 2009-10-12
I didnt think this would work even though i read almost every comment. Then i did it... I have horrible seasonal allergies, sniffed up the right nostril.. stopped immediately, went for the left.. well its all clogged up and i cant breath through it so that side wont stop!
can't believe it worked Comments By: DC on 2009-10-16
I so didn't think this was going to work! I have a cold and basically had a river flowing out my nose, it was driving me crazy. so typed "how to stop my nose from running" into google and this came up...so i had a few sniffs of a sharpie and the river stopped! nose is still a bit blocked but i can deal with that. thanks so much!!
Such a relief! Comments By: Phoebe on 2009-10-17
Whenever I have a runny nose there's never a permanent marker around, but I sniffed white out, and it solved it for about an hour. It was such a relief!!

And no, I am NOT addicted from sniffing white-out ONE time.

brilliance Comments By: Liliane on 2009-11-11
I sniffed, it worked. Still can't breathe, but it works.

I'd have to say it's much better to have JUST a stuffy nose, rather than a stuffy nose that is dribbling with snot, and not being able to feel the snot dribbling because there is no sensation around your nose area from blowing it so hard into tissues....

Thank God For That!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-26
Brilliant, I can put thoses tissues away!!!!
halleluah! Comments By: Caz on 2009-11-27
Thanks! It's worked & i am not running to every few mins to get a new box of tissues! Hope it lasts! Fingers crossed! X
hhmmmm Comments By: bob on 2009-11-27
how can you sniff a marker if you have a blocked/runny nose?
ula Comments By: kelly on 2009-12-01
i know yer exactly, you cana smelly thing that you smell or this wipe thing that you smell and its stops your nose from running, the fumes are really strong thow. you can get them from basically any super market :)
woo hoo! Comments By: Tawny on 2009-12-20
Worked for me a little bit!! im so happy i found this!
okay not very good Comments By: 2pac shakaur on 2009-12-24
i got blocked nose n nuttin happen man
Worked for me! Comments By: me on 2009-12-29
Seriously, it worked. You should get a knighthood or something.

because i got high Comments By: anon on 2009-12-30
ahah its amazing. im trying to do homework and everytime i look down my nose runs. i looked this up. and bam it works like a charm.

because i got high now my nose is dry ahha. awsome.

also i think everyone has such good comments on this because there all high so they just feel all happy. ahahhaha. sickkkkk.

Fantastic Comments By: shay on 2010-01-01
I did not beleive that a marker could stop my runny nose. But the comments encouraged me to do so. As I was desperate, I emptied the tissue box in couple of hours.
Sniffed the marker(parminent one) and now feeling ok. I dont know how long it will last but fingers crossed.

Works great Comments By: Sir Drips Alot on 2010-01-08
I have a weird condition where only one side of my nose drips constantly all year long. It's annoying and I've tried the strongest of prescription allergy meds with minimal results.

I just tried this and I think it's working...or maybe I am high? But I would know if my nose was dripping and it's not!

HOW THE FLIP DOES THIS WORK!?!? Comments By: JJJH on 2010-01-20
I have a Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer look going on after two days of a leaking freaking nose where I've been blowing it every 2 minutes or so. In desperation I VERY skeptically tried this and OMG! It worked...Hilarious!
help me :( Comments By: sjs on 2010-01-27
its not working for me :(
all i want to do is chop my head off
bad times :o(

Try Mustard Comments By: Karen on 2010-02-01
I read comments on this site, after a day of non-stop runny nose but thought marker pens an unsavoury option. But it reminded me of when I had recently consumed too much mustard in a meal - aside from making my eyes water, it made my nose tingle. I had a crazy idea of inhaling mustard and - within a minute or so - my nose gradually stopped running.
There is some science behind this too - details not to hand as this was a couple of weeks ago.
Has anyone else tried this?
Specifically I used pot of ready-made Dijon mustard. Don't inhale deeply (it isn't the lungs you want to fill), just the sinus area, to breath in gently. Give it a minute to work. Safer than marker pens I hope!!

WOW!! Comments By: Anonymous on 2010-02-02
im sitting here at work, at a front desk where all sorts of executives are running around. and i can't stop blowing my nose..and everyones looking at me funny..i just tried the marker idea and im not doing as much..it hasn't stopeed clompetly cuz i keep sneezing..but it worked for the most part
WHATS WRONG WITH MARKERRS!! Comments By: noname on 2010-02-06
im not being funny but how stuck up are some of you lot to kick up a fuss about sniffing a marker ! it doesnt get you high , i used to try my best , poppers now theres an answer too about 20x as strong as any marker or deoderant & they are sold legally.. to be fair just about any drink or drugs will sort out your blocked nose.. coke always makes my nose dry, weed clears my throat & helps me breathe better, all of these things dehydrate you so its only natural that they will dehydrate your nose too. anyway my point is with all the stuff around kids these days from about the age of 12 where does anybody get off ranting about a marker !?
Very nice Comments By: candice on 2010-02-08
Thanks a sniff!
worked nicely Comments By: Brandy on 2010-02-16
have had a runny nose all day.. and this stopped it in its tracks thanks =)

oh and for the people who keep saying its dangerous. it would bemore dangerous to be cleaning with windex than sniff a simple sharpie

Eucalyptus Oil Comments By: Bernie on 2010-02-22
Twist open a bottle of eucalyptus oil and sniff from there. It is safer and worked!
worked for me Comments By: ahmed on 2010-03-05
had runny nose from 2 days.lemsip n other medicines didnt helped alot but this one .ohh my god worked instantly and finally i can sleep tonight...thanks alot
Sort of Comments By: Stephanie on 2010-03-07
It did work, it gave me a good twenty minutes of relief or so, but as I sit here typing this, I can feel my nose running again. So good for short term relief when you really need to be able to think about other things in the meantime, but not good as a runny nose remedy.
What the. :o Comments By: NanaseChan on 2010-03-14
Does any marker works for that? O_O
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G o.o

But it doesn't work on my sistah D:
I'm suspecting my sharpie though :/ Aw I feel it, running nose is like hell ._. As for me I'd rather prefer fever or headache instead of running nose xD

I wouldn't do this if I were you. Comments By: Manley E. on 2010-03-21
I never tried it and never will. I'm not going to risk my life so I can breathe on my nose. Think about it, what are you going to pick? Breathe easily, and get hi all the time. Or deal with stuffy nose, and it will go away eventually. So think before you act!
My nose knows now! Comments By: Snotty on 2010-03-23
You all love this person because you're all HIGH! lolol

It works...but now not only is my nose red...but has little black dots all around the openings.

UNREAL Comments By: Karen on 2010-03-29
I have a BAD cold and my nose was DRIPPING.. I sniffed the blck sharpie for like 10 seconds, it went away... I still have a cold, but the runny nose GONE! WEIRD!!
It did work! Comments By: Tracey on 2010-03-31
I've been dieing all day, went through an entire box of tissues. Eyes are watering, under my nose is all red. Vick's, neti pot, steam, sudafed nasal spray, nothing has worked.

Tried it, then read through the comments, it's already slowed WAY down.

That's amazing.

Hey I sniff them when I don't have a runny nose. At least I have an excuse now!

Awesome! Comments By: B on 2010-04-08
Wow... not only has this dried up my leaking nostrils, but it smells SOOO GOOOD! I've been giving my marker a good long whiff every couple of minutes and haven't felt better in aaaages! Seriously, this has changed my life!
Seriously Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-25
I've yet to try it, though my nose is runny. My friend told me about this a few days ago, and my other, very intelligent friend tried it, said her nose felt better, but immediately asked me an extremely stupid question quite uncharacteristic of her (We're the ones that ask her about chemistry work more often). I'd rather not kill my brain cells.
OH MY GOD Comments By: ANON on 2010-05-03
going strong Comments By: Very happy 17 yr old :p on 2010-05-23
i think its working, i just blew my nose before i tried it and i doubt it'll last more than an hour but i suppose its better than nothing, thank you tho, brilliant idea :)
oh geeez Comments By: nicole on 2010-05-27
My nose has been running allll day non stop and it's not the kind you can just sniff up. it's like a never ending waterfall so i look on here having huge doubts that it would work. and it did. amazing. thanks :)
Live a Little Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-01
I by no means condone the taking of drugs, but if it works - then why not? as for damaging brain cells etc are you planning to ignore the multitude of studies relating cell loss to mobile phone use, cancer etc to coffee intake and even worsening of ones site through even the minimal use of a laptop/tv - please grow-up and stop being a bunch of scaremongers.

KIDS! Comments By: Phil on 2010-06-13
Stay in school ;)
A Little Relief Comments By: Philemeski (AUS) on 2010-06-26
It worked. I woke up with a burning/ tickling sensation in my nose ( like if you were going to sneeze etc) i have had a shocking flu so wondered if it was contected. My nose is still running but it has helped. My eyes have stopped watering though thank god.
Sucks Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-23
doesn't work at all.
Eh Comments By: Erin on 2010-08-03
Don't know if it worked or not. My nose is too sore to tell anything right now but when my nose is runny I would rather be knocked out then have a runny nose. Will tell you this, chemicals can do a lot to make you feel better for a while...especially the ones that get you high. XD
holy crap Comments By: MIA on 2010-08-21
I can't believe it worked... but it DID!!! It's been about 15 minutes since I sniffed the marker, (only a few times) and my drips have not come back yet! They have had me miserable all day, and kept me from sleeping last night. I took 3 different OTC pills and NOTHING worked. I do this marker trick, and almost instantly, the drips stopped. Bless you!
Worked :D Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-23
Wow, actually worked! :)
OMG Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-28
Your a genius you should be a expert at this, this is fantastic thanks thanks thanks :) FEELING GREAT
Hello, breathing! Comments By: Sunflower on 2010-08-29
This method ACTUALLY WORKS! Originally, I had a stuffy nose. I iced my sinuses (held ice under my eyes) and this gave me the ability to breathe, but made me drippy. I took 2 3-second sniffs of the Sharpie, and guess what? SNIFFLE FREE!!!!! HALLELUJAH!
But... Comments By: Sunflower on 2010-08-29
Wait... Your nose is running, but do your feet smell? If your nose runs and your feet smell, you definitely have a problem. The problem is that you are upside-down.
IT REALLY WORKS!! Comments By: Robert on 2010-09-02
I was googling how to stop a runny nose and this was the first site I came across. When I read the fist comments I thought it was a joke but when I saw how many people said it actually worked, I decided to try. So guess what? It works, no sneezing no runny nose anymore! THANKS!!
dont do it Comments By: buddy on 2010-09-08
wow, i sniffed 3 times.. then was high for 3hrs...
DOES NOT WORK Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-17
Tried 3 or 4 times and nothing nose is still running, in fact irnmade it worse
OFF MY GORD Comments By: Leaky Joe on 2010-09-27
Just had a good pull on a few permo markers and I'm off my gord as I write this. Taped 5 together and went to town. Nothing seems to matter any more. Enjoying the bright colours. Run Forest run.
WOW Comments By: daflad on 2010-09-28
It works but i sneezed now i got a marker of snot and a hitler tosh but hey i aint dripping :D

No markers - got some paint varnish Comments By: Mario on 2010-10-01
Do you think varnish will work? I've no markers at home lol but love the varnish anyway haha :D
Sniffing to end the snuffles Comments By: Fan of Leaky Joe on 2010-10-09
Got some industrial strength clear floor varnish and stired it with a permanent marker (clockwise of course) then added 2 drops of tipex, one eye of toad and the beak from a crow. Hop three times chanting runny nose be gone. Burnt my eyebrows off but the nose is fine now!
didn't work for me Comments By: Joe Blow on 2010-10-15
been running all night and still running. Just tried sniffing a marker, gave me a headache and my nose is still running. Reminded me of my youthful days huffing gasoline.
Brilliant Comments By: Richard on 2010-10-15
Thanks so much. You've actually saved me.
HELP!! please Comments By: fed up female on 2010-10-20
Oh god...i tried this marker thingy to stop my runny nose and guess wat happened?? my marker also started leaking....plus it stained my boyfriends bedsheet...uff i feel like cutting my nose off...arrrgghhhh and i cant work...i have only a week left for my diploma project submission...bloody all at wrong time!!!
no marker? use colon on a paper towel Comments By: bob on 2010-10-22
didn't have a marker so i used some colon on a paper towel and sniffed it for like 5 seconds/snifs and it works well
Fekin Great! Comments By: Ol'bob jenkins on 2010-10-24
Worked a treat, now i can sit down and relax without flooding the damn place. All you homo's saying you'll get addicted after two sniffs of the damn thing are retarded and paranoid, so grow up, get a pair and GTFO.
Uhh Comments By: Beth on 2010-11-12
Am I the only one it's not working for? I caught a cold from my boyfriend a few days ago and whenever I have a cold, I get a really runny nose at night. Usually what helps me is if I get up and walk around a little, it goes for a minute or two, which is why I was looking for a longer lasting remedy. But when I tried taking a sniff or two of my pen (a whiteboard marker pen) nothing happened! My nose is still blocked and runny, the only difference is now I can't feel it running until its out of my nose and approaching my lip!!!
No this is faulse Comments By: Cait on 2010-11-21
Sniffing fumes could make you very high and destroy your brain.
It works, it really works! Comments By: Caz on 2010-12-07
Been at my wit's end all day, my nose just wouldn't stop streaming and it was SO sore. Read this tip and thought I would give it a try - and there's very little chance of brain cell loss from a quick sniff - and it worked! Thank you so much, I shall be keeping my marker pen with me.
health Comments By: ahmed on 2010-12-17
is it healthy over the long run?
Instant Relief Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-03
My nose has been streaming for hours - I feel lousy and its impossible to sleep. One quick sniff brought instant relief. Thank you.
AWESOME Comments By: Jonathan B. on 2010-12-20
It really did work this is awesome now i don't have to go to work with a runny nose even though im sure it will just start up again but still this worked
MUSTARD Comments By: Taylor Simonson on 2010-12-29
I tried the marker thing and it helped alot but i still had crap comeing out of my nose. then i tried what some other girl did. Sniffed mustard and it WORKED!!!!!!!!! OMG i can finaly breath frish air! i thought i was going to have to cancel skying with my friends. So all the people hew are to scared to sniff a marker or sniffing a marker dident work just sniff MUSTARd!!!!

p.s for all the people hew think that if you sniff a marker your going to get high or lose a brain cell your more likely to get high or lose a brain cell with all the crap you clean with and tv
so shut up!!!!!

WOW:) Comments By: MANDER<3 on 2010-12-31
my brother had the flu i think he gave it to me!!!!!.... but i readdddddd this and my nose was like a waterfall constently blowing!?!?!?!? but i sniffed the expo dry erase marker for like 6 seconds then again and if one nostral is already blocked and one is runny you aint gonna get the other one unstuck well anyways my nose dryed up and quit running but ther other is blocked but i still have to blow my nose butnot every second
It Really Works Comments By: Amy on 2011-01-05
It Works I Tried It After I Read What Everyone Said About It ... Totally Awsome If Your Suffering From Runny Nose Thing Just Sniff A Marker Although It Sounds Weird
It works! Comments By: James on 2011-01-09
I was skeptical as well. Tried and my situation with the runny nose improved a lot!
great now I have a mustache Comments By: still ill on 2011-01-22
great now I have a mustache
I am so sick I drew on my face!

nah it didnt work for me Comments By: mr t on 2011-01-31
i have such a clogged nose on my right side i cant breathe or blow it nothing comes out its just fuckin clogged and drips this yellow liquid. i cant find a way to get rid of it though i did a netti pot ,mucinex, drank a shit load of hot tea and soup used nasal spray and everything and still completely clogged if you have and suggestions besides mustard and anything ive tried id appreciate it
Darn... :( Comments By: Kayla on 2011-02-03
So I grabbed a magnum sharpie after reading this, and it worked for like a minute after smelling the marker for like 5 mins.... but i don't even smell the marker, i made sure it worked, i marked on my nose, hope this doesn't affect me later lol
Wow Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-10
Wow! It works! : ) Thanks!
Felt like a million bucks Comments By: mark on 2011-03-01
Felt like a million bucks after doing it for ten min I think that's why I am writing this ..good tip mates !
praise mary Comments By: tabitha on 2011-03-09
I am sitting in bed and I couldn't take it anymore I been doing the classic " tissue up the air holes" to stop the leak and then I came across this! Thank you so much!
hmmm Comments By: klk on 2011-03-20
it kind of works but my nose is stuffy and is still a little runny.
AWESOMESAUCE Comments By: Anthony on 2011-04-12
Nose isn't running anymore, still sneezing but no more runny nose yay
Not well on the very plugged nostril! Comments By: A mom on 2011-03-25
Worked great on my left nostril that was milder than my clogged right one. The right side still running. As soon as it calms just a tad, I will try again and I'm sure it will work great!
Really good stuff Comments By: Iby Yassin on 2011-03-27
This is amazing, Ave Maria! :L I have heard of this before but I thought it was an urban myth. Tried it out using an Expo Dry Wipe Marker, and the dripping cleared Instantaneously! Thank you! :D
Even for a pensioner it works Thank U Comments By: Liz on 2011-04-02
I knew I had incurred an allergy reaction from a chocolate binge, but as about to do a new diet anyway thought it wouldn't harm. Only this time the allergic reaction included a non-stop runny nose and my nose was sore from blowing and my breathing difficult. Had tried alternative and OTC pills but still it ran and ran. Then I googled "Nose won't stop running" and found this thread... rummaged for a permenant marker and sniffed... IT WORKED... I am not high and I can now go to bed and get some much needed sleep... Thank You!
thanks for the suggestion Comments By: heyhey on 2011-04-08
i didn't think that this will work but my nose has stopped running after sniffing my permanent marker. the only downfall is that i accidentally poked my nose twice.. so i've permanent marker ink on it now :( but seriously, i've accumulated lots of tissues over the past hour and now that has stopped. (:
FN works Comments By: Slippery Lip on 2011-04-11
Skeptical? Try it. really works, at least short term. Thanks!
It works in chicago Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-29
Wow I was shocked to see this really works. Thank you.
Great! Comments By: Haz on 2011-07-01
> I was lucky enough to find some Vick
> around my place...So I just rubbed
> some in my chest and throat...No more
> runny nose!!! :D And it smells good xD

Did you check this with your girlfriend? Vivk smells like you rolled in rhino puke! :)

what about.. Comments By: dieing on 2011-08-15
would liquid paper work?

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