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Bleach for ringworm, ring worm

Bleach is very good at killing the fungus that is causing the problem. Simply dab the affected are with a cotton ball that has been mistuned with bleach twice a day. The bleach should not burn you, however do look for any allergic reaction. Reports are that the ringworm will be gone in as quick as 2 days.

The following was sent in by Nick

You decide on the strength of the bleach you use. You need to be responsible. Below are some guidelines

Fast treatment (1-2 Days)
100% Bleach
- Burning
- Scars

Quick treatment (2-4 Days)
- 50% Bleach
- 50% Warm Water

Normal Treatment (3-6 Days)
- 2 Cups Water
- 1/3 Cup Bleach

Safe, Slow Treatment (1 Week+)
- 3 Cups Water
- 1/3 Cup Bleach


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RINGWORM DIET Comments By: James Liebsack on 2009-01-18
I realize the general discussion pertains to the use of bleach, however, I want to add this suggestion to people who suffer with ringworm skin disease. It is important to cure ringworm internally as with optional forms of topical treatment. Balanced diet it important to keep your body disease free. People suffering from severe ringworm should survive only on a fruit based diet at least for one week. The main idea behind a fruit-based diet is that this diet would clear all the unwanted and toxic materials inside the body, which is causing skin and other disease. After a week, patient may start taking bread, milk, vegetables, yogurt, etc.. Junk or oily food is not good for health and should be strictly avoided. Patient suffering from ringworm should also include vegetable juice in their diet.
How to make a bath for ringworm Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-19
A bath can be made for ringworm by taking a handful of sea salt, four drops of lavender essential oil and four drops of tea tree essential oil. Soak for at least 20 minutes. Dry completely, but make sure the area with the ringworm is dried last. This can be done as needed.
How to use essential oils for ringworm Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-21
To prepare the oil to treat the ringworm, add 30 drops tea tree, 20 drops lavender, 10 drops geranium and 10 drops thyme essential oils into a 2 oz. bottle, cover and shake the bottle. Take vitamin E capsules, and one at a time poke a hole in one end with a pin and squeeze the vitamin E into the bottle with the essential oils. Repeat with 10 capsules, cover and shake the bottle. Now the oil can be applied to the ringworm. Take a cotton swab, dip it in the oil and apply the oil to the ringworm. If more oil is needed, use a new cotton swab in order to not contaminate the bottle of oil. Apply three to four times a day until ringworm disappears and ten days after clearing to prevent possible ringworm recurrence. Drink plenty of water and avoid sweets and junk food, at least until ringworm is gone. One may also use an anti-fungal OTC cream such as Tinactin, Lamisil, or Lotrimin AF and Lotrimun Ultra once a day. Make sure skin is washed daily and clean before application of either oils or lotion and remove all dead skin. If you use bleach dilute it one part to six parts water, because the toxicity is not healthy for the skin tissue.
Tea tree oil is most frequently recommended for the treatment of fungus infections. Tea tree oil can be used undiluted on the skin, but in sensitive cases, some may wish to dilute it with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or olive oil. Oil of Oregano contains compounds that inhibit the growth of fungi, worms, and other organisms. It is an excellent anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent making it another option for ringworm treatment. An effective natural ringworm treatment includes: Avoid antibiotics, they kill the friendly bacteria the body needs to keep everything in check. Modify the diet to exclude acidic fungus loving foods, (milk, dairy, sugars). Cleanse the effected area with anti-fungal oils such as oil of oregano, tea tree oil, etc.. Use probiotic enzyme supplements to promote healthy intestinal flora. Note, probiotic capsules are best taken in the morning before breakfast with warm water to help digestion. Do not take Oregano capsules at the same time as you take the probiotics, because they do different things. The Oregano capsules kill bad bacteria, whereas the probiotics restore good bacteria in your body to keep it in check. Eat your vegetables, drink plenty of water, and eat more vegetables. Don't forget the best time to apply the essential oils to ringworm is after a bath or shower while the skin is soft. Clorox bleach is advised as a good disinfectant for your tub and shower and to be used to wash your clothing. Make sure you dilute it with water if you decide to use it as a ringworm treatment...
Recommended for severe persistant ringworm Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-03
Ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin. Virtually any part of the skin may be attacked, although the most prominent sites include the scalp, face, back, chest, abdomen, legs, and arms.
Ringworm is caused by a fungus known as tinea. This organism has a predilection for the skin and, in fact, thrives upon a protein in the skin known as keratin. It lives on the keratin in the dead cells that are shed by the skin every day. Tinea is readily destroyed by OIL of OREGANO, in fact, the organism is no match for it. Researchers have discovered that OIL of OREGANO is directly toxic to tinea, and, when evaluated in the laboratory, it totally destroyed all species of the organism. If the oil is applied regularly, a complete resolution of ringworm should be evident in as little as ten days.
Rub OIL of OREGANO on the affected region twice daily. Also, take Oregamax crude wild oregano capsules, three caps twice daily. Also, it is helpful to take a few drops of the oil once a day in juice or water. It is best to fight the fungus both topically and internally.
OIL of OREGANO can be purchased at almost any health food store and cost around $$40. for a bottle, but it is worth it's weight in gold if you want to say goodbye to the nasty ringworms that are living in your skin. Tea tree oil, lavender oil, cinnamon oil, lemon oil, and thyme oil are effective anti-fungal essential oils, however, oil of oregano is the most powerful.

There is more than one road leading to Rome Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-04
Ringworm is a common skin disease, caused by fungus. It isn't very dangerous, but highly annoying.
There are several remedies to treat ringworm on the body and face. Some of them are: 1. Soak a cloth or paper towel with natural apple cider vinegar and apply it on the ringworm for about 15 minutes, several times a day. 2. Take 1-2 pieces of garlic and mash them on a small piece of aluminum foil. Take the sheet with mashed garlic and apply it on the ringworm. Do this two time a day. It might sting but the ringworm should be gone in a week. 3. Turmeric is also very effective for ringworm. Apply the juice of raw turmeric to the infected parts. And you can even take of mixture turmeric juice and honey orally. 4. You can also apply Iodine on the ringworm. Apply for one week or longer till ringworm is gone. 5. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is also good for treating ringworm. It is not very costly and is good for all kinds of skin problems such as acne, dandruff and other fungal infections. Rub some extract on the patches, and put a band aid over it. Full strength extract from grapefruit may irritate the skin slightly, but is a quick remedy for getting rid of ringworm. 6. Tea Tree Oil also works well for ringworm. Apply drops of Tea Tree Oil to the affected region twice a day. If it itches, mix a few drops with a mild oil like olive oil and apply. 7. You can also use Myrrh Essential Oil, Oil of Oregano, Lavender Essential Oil, and Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil as they all have anti-fungal properties. I have found Oil of Oregano and Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil most effective, but the others are slower, but less harsh. 7. OTC creams Lamisil, Lotrimun, and Blue Star Ointment can be effective if the ringworm is not severe as well. 8. Some people benefit from the use of bleach. But if your skin is sensitive or turns red on application, do not use it. Use original Clorox type bleach that contains only sodium hypochlorite and water. Using diluted bleach prevents chemical burns and stinging, but should not be used on the affected area if bleeding or open.

If you can't bleach it out try cinnamon bark oil Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-09
The active ingredients of cinnamon bark oil contain antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, antispasmodic, and anti-fungal properties. Japanese research has shown cinnamaldehyde, one of the constituents of cinnamon bark, to be sedative and analgesic. Cinnamon bark oil contains antiseptic properties that help to prevent infection by killing decay causing bacteria, fungi, and viruses. One German study showed that the use of cinnamon bark suppressed the cause of most urinary tract infections and the fungus responsible for vaginal yeast infections. It is also helpful in relieving ringworm and athlete's foot.
Try using honey on it. Comments By: James Liebsack on 2009-01-09
There are numerous benefits of honey, it is very beneficial for skin disorders. It helps to rejuvenate skin and provides glow and softness to the skin, it also helps in eliminating fine wrinkles. It acts as a good moisturizer for the skin. Honey has laxative effect on digestive system, which helps in curing skin problems like pimples, acne, and other problems associated with constipation.
Honey has many antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It has an antibiotic action on human body. Honey helps in treating burs and scars, ulcers. Honey is a very viscous liquid for this reason it absorbs water from surrounding inflamed tissue.

Idk about this... Comments By: Lawrence on 2009-02-03
I've been using this method for a day and a half now and I'm not gonna lie it's kind of gotten redder and worse. I'm gonna keep doing it I'll get back to y'all
I'm shocked, but it does work Comments By: Sarah on 2009-02-06
I had two spots that I've been trying to take care of with OTC creams for over a week, but they weren't working. I had heard of bleach and got desperate enough to try it.
On one of the spots, I used it and left it on, on the other I used it and then washed it off. The one where I washed it off is not better, but the one where I left it on is amazingly much better. Wow!

To further experiment, I did a 2nd application of bleach on the better one, and tea tree oil on the not-getting-better one - again the bleach is working best! Crazy.

SKIN FUNGAL INFECTION TREATMENTS Comments By: Anon on 2009-02-05
The main treatment is diet (fruit and vegetables), supplements, anti-fungals and probiotics. There are some direct treatments that help relieve symptoms to some degree. Avoid scented or antibacterial soaps, instead use coconut oil based soap, available at the health store, or wash thoroughly with plain water. After shower or bath, rinse the area well with an apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and water mixture, (mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or the juice of 1/2 lemon into 2 cups of warm water. Pat it dry, but do not rinse it off. This restores the natural acid layer of the skin which helps fight fungal infections. Rub coconut oil into the affected area as often as possible, alternating with baking soda which is patted or dusted on. Baking soda paste can be applied to affected areas as well. Put a little water in a small dish and add baking soda to make a pasty consistency. Taking baking soda, or baking soda combined with epsom salt, baths helps all skin problems. Add 1/2 cup of baking soda to your bath water, or use 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup epsom salt. Twice a day rub antifungal solutions well into all areas that are affected. Use 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with five drops of one of the following, or use a combination 1. tea tree oil. 2. garlic oil. 3. oil of oregano. 4. clove oil. You can also rub the oils full strength into affected areas, but if the skin is open or oozing it may sting for awhile or feel like it is burning. However, none of these oils actually burn the skin, but they do generate heat which is part of the healing affect. Last, it is equally as important to go on a vegetable and fruit fast to clean out your system from the inside and so as not to feed the fungus and help it's proliferation.
TREAT RINGWORM NATURALLY Comments By: Anon on 2009-02-10
These are my recommendations. Start taking a good PROBIOTIC. If you take this for a few months you may just get cured. Avoid PROCESSED SUGAR, any time you have a fungal problem it will feed on it. Use straight TEA TREE OIL on affected area three times a day until it is healed. This will dry it up and relieve itching. Another way to treat ringworm is to use GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL. You can alternate this with TEA TREE OIL and use same as above. Slice a piece of GARLIC and band aid it over the infected spot overnight or between application of oils. I recommend you use the TOUGH STRIP BAND AIDS that don't come off until you take them off! I strongly recommend you go to the health store and get OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT, because it inhibits fungus and other parasites inside the body. Also, take a ZINC supplement, GARLIC, and Vitamin A and E supplements as well. It is also wise to use a powerful bath oil loaded with oils and minerals for bathing or you can use sea salt and 2 drops of Thyme Oil, 2 drops Lavender Oil and 4 drops Tea Tree Oil for a bath. Avoid scratching and hard scrubbing as this will only aggravate the infection. First thing is to take the PROBIOTICS on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before eating with warm water. Supplements are best taken in the afternoon and evening after meals. Include plain yogurt in your diet daily to help build up good bacteria to fight off the bad bacteria also. It can be sweetened with a little honey or fresh fruit. Take in lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, but not at the same time. Limit or avoid meat, dairy, sugars, bread, for faster recovery. Sauerkraut, olive oil, raw carrots,yams, green vegetables, cooked garlic, and green and red peppers and especially good. Fruit juice should be the natural unsweetened kind. Use an antifungal shampoo in the morning shower and add a couple drops of tea tree oil and mix in your hand this will benefit your hair and can clean your skin of germs as a body wash. Leave on at least 2 or 3 minutes before you rinse your hair and body. If you do all of this your ringworm will not only go away, but your overall general state of HEALTH will dramatically improve.
LIST OF BEST NATURAL ANTIFUNGALS Comments By: Anon on 2009-02-13
1. PROBIOTICS. Indiscriminant use of antibiotics leads to overgrowth of the normal intestinal yeast, which may initiate problems or compound existing ones. Probiotics replace the normal intestinal flora. They are important for the manufacture of B vitamins. They also protect against cancer, eczema, allergies, acne, and digestive disorders. 2. OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT. Olive leaf extract has the ability to kill invading fungus rather than merely inhibiting its growth. It contains a phenolic compound called oleuropein, which has antiviral, antifungal, antiprotozoal, and antibacterial properties. 3. GARLIC. Garlic in its natural form is a highly effective, broad spectrum antifungal. It can be eaten raw, cooked in recipes, ground up in juice, or taken as a supplement that offers it in its whole albeit dried form. 4. GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT (GSE). Grapefruit seed extract has been used in humans in the treatment of human fungal infections. It is more effective at killing yeast than bleach, colloidal silver, tea tree oil and iodine. It has a bitter taste and must be diluted in water or juice (preferably carrot juice). It can be taken internally or used topically. 5. PAU D'ARCO. May be taken in a capsule or a tea. 6. HERBS AND VITAMINS. Most herbs and many vitamins that display health benefits, like the antioxidants (Vitamin E, A, C, Zinc, etc.) have antifungal properties. 7. MALIC ACID. Malic acid is found in apple cider vinegar. Although vinegars and most sauces are not encouraged in a antifungal diet, malic acid is antifungal. One might use a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of room temperature water to consume once a day. 8. GOLDENSEAL. 9. OIL OF OREGANO. 10. CLOVE OIL. 11. COLLOIDAL SILVER. 12. RED THYME OIL. 13. NEEM SEED OIL. 14. TEA TREE OIL. 15. LAVENDER OIL. (lavender oil and tea tree essential oils are also very good for scars as is vit. E oil). 16. Baking Soda. 17. CARROT JUICE and CARROTS. Enjoy a carrot today!!
Feb 14, 2009 Comments By: Juliet on 2009-02-14
I had my friend stay at my house last week. Now I knew that she had ring worm, but she said that her ring worm is gone. So I didn't think anything about it. Until 2 days later. I called her and told her that her ring worm is not gone. Since I now had a little white head looking thing on my hand that itched like all hell. Now I knew it was ring worm because about 4 month ago I had ringworm in 23 spots and my daughters had it in about 15. So I knew what it was.
When I had it before I used Blue Star on it. It took about 2 months for that to work. I don't have 2 months to wait now.
I leave for Las Vegas in 4 days.
I also have 2 children that depend on me picking them up.

So here I go, I'm going to try this bleach method. I really hope it works.
Everyone in here says different things about how often to put it on. So I put it on 2 times already. Once at 8:30pm (burned very little bit) and then again at 9:30pm (cold itching feeling). Well wish me luck in getting this off my hand. Is it crutial to rinse it off?

Will post when it is gone.

my son is 15 months with a ring worm on his bottom Comments By: Diane Mejias on 2009-02-21
Is the bleach treatment safe to use on babies??My son has a ring worm on his butt cheek n i just started using selsun blue for fear the bleach will burn my son..soooo confused
I've Tried Everything, Now This Is My Last Resort Comments By: FrosD on 2009-02-25
I hear bleach works very well, especially any bleach with Chlorine (Chlorox). It would be wise to mix it in a solution of 1 part bleach and 6 parts water so that way you don't damage the skin. I've tried rubbing alcohol 91%, hydrogen peroxide 3%, vitamin e oil 10,000 i.u. with aloe vera and I tried soap and washing everyday. The worst part is it kept spreading and I have 2 bad spots on my face but I might be able to get them to heal with bleach then the vitamin E oil and vaseline.

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