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Bleach for ringworm, ring worm

Bleach is very good at killing the fungus that is causing the problem. Simply dab the affected are with a cotton ball that has been mistuned with bleach twice a day. The bleach should not burn you, however do look for any allergic reaction. Reports are that the ringworm will be gone in as quick as 2 days.

The following was sent in by Nick

You decide on the strength of the bleach you use. You need to be responsible. Below are some guidelines

Fast treatment (1-2 Days)
100% Bleach
- Burning
- Scars

Quick treatment (2-4 Days)
- 50% Bleach
- 50% Warm Water

Normal Treatment (3-6 Days)
- 2 Cups Water
- 1/3 Cup Bleach

Safe, Slow Treatment (1 Week+)
- 3 Cups Water
- 1/3 Cup Bleach


Visitors comments

I have had ringworm several times and got it from animals, recently cats. The creams are not strong enough, and the expensive pills may work, but you have to be on them for weeks. I would use bleach dabbed on... 1 part bleach and 3 parts water. I soak a cotton ball and use it then keep it on hand in a baggie, I keep dabbing it on when I remember during the day. It does work. Sometimes you have to use an antifungal cream or virkon diluted or a paint on liquid anti fungal for athletes foot etc. put it on during the day and put a bandaid on it. Try to keep towels bedding etc. clean. Clear Nail polish works in a pinch if you have to go out or you may get in contact with someone. If you see raised little pink or red blisters that ooze pure clear serum, that can spread it, so that means it is not gone yet. Keep up with the bleach. It would not harm if you put a SMALL amount in laundry and even in your bath. Wash your clothes and stuff in hot water. Anything that can't get bleach on it and would get damaged in hot water, go to a livestock store and ask for Virkon or buy it online. It is a pink powder and hopitals, restuarants etc. use it. You can dilute it and spray it on carpets, your self, your tub, your clothes, toys it is an antifugal, antiviral, it kills germs in hospitals and in huge livestock barns etc. It is pink when you mix it... as it turns lighter it is getting weaker and when it turns clear, it is no longer working... super easy. You can bathe your animals in it, just watch out for their eyes,etc. You don't need to rinse it and if the animal licks it self it is not as harsh as bleach. Read pkg. and dilute do not use full strength dry or very strong mix. I have used it on myself, I have used it on cats and not rinsed... they have cleaned themselves, and they have walked on sprayed surface from Virkon, and they are fine. It smells decent, not like bleach and you can put it on clothes and scalp and not worry about it not washing out... ( dilute well and rinse for whites)
For the bleach treatment you can leave diluted solution on, and cover with clear waterproof bandages and it is treating it and smothering it at the same time. The bandage stays on in the shower and you can be around people and not worry they will get it. Good Luck all!!!

Recent details Comments By: Sam Hays on 2009-10-12
As a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practictioner, I have to worry about this stuff constantly.

When I got a ringworm infection on my hand, my doctor gave me Naftin and told me that it would take about a month to fully heal.

I let it go for about 3 days and it was getting more inflamed and worse in general. So...

I poured a some bleach into a bowl and put my hand into it up to the infected area, I then took a wire brush and scraped all the small "bubbles" off the infection and let the open wound sit in the bleach for about 40 seconds. (It burns but not terribly so).

Next day - obviously I have some scratches but the itch is gone, the swelling is going down, and generally things are looking pretty good. I went ahead and put naftin on the healing section as a precaution because it is an antifungal.

I did keep up the naftin just in case, but the swelling and itching were completely gone and healing was very noticeable in just a couple of days.

Thumbs up to bleach.

Hurts a bit Comments By: farbwesen on 2009-10-18
its very good it hurts not that bad my wrestling team members told me it hurts thaaaat much but its ok later i will see what happened
bleach for ringworm Comments By: Applied Zen on 2009-10-20
i have this circular spot near my eye and side-burn. started with what looked like a pimple. and now it's slightly bigger than a size of a quarter. I went to the doctor. doctor prescribed me antibiotics. I've been taking it for 5 days now, i need to take it for 10 days total. Eventhough i am in the 5th day, the itch is still there and it sucks cuz im afraid it'll continue to spread. I saw this bleach for ringworm thread and said what the heck, i am giving it a try. Last night i applied bleach with a q-tip. Man, it burned like there's no tomorrow. but the feeling is certainly better than taking antibiotic cuz at least it feels like it's doing something. This morning, applied it again, this time, i mixed the bleach with some water. It burns, but slightly better. Overall, the ringworm is still there, but i am only 6 hours into this process. I think another day or two should feel better. I will update to let everyone know. Thanks. Pray it works.
Use the bleach bath Comments By: jonathan on 2009-10-27
I have a nephew who takes bleach baths for his eczema so I tried the bleach bath for ringworm and it worked also. It is much more effective, especially when combined with spot treatment.
Nothing else was working Comments By: Joni on 2009-10-28
I got ringworm on my arm - used the fungus cream and it contiued to grow and then offspring. People kept telling me to use bleach. It's still not gone but it is dring faster than before and it doesn't itch as bad. I'm using it full strength twice a day. Wet a cotton ball and apply. I'm dark pigmented so I don't know what color the spot is going to end up but at the moment it's darker than my regular skin tone.
Jock itch What jock itch Comments By: Edward on 2009-11-04
Well I found Tipking 7.25am , applied the 1part bleach 5 parts water mix at 7.30am and I haven't itched all day ! Looking forward to a good nights sleep (after changing my sheets first)
BLEACH IS ON MI FACE KILLER LOL Comments By: trackstar/hurdler on 2009-11-13
i haven't had a ring worm since i wuz lil but now im using the bleach and idk wat its doin. i hope its killin it cuz i'm too cute for this. But overall gramps says that i should keep using it cuz it will help. SO I'ma keep using it i'll update later.It's taking forever
Go away u bad worm Comments By: Angel on 2009-11-16
i have a ring worm on my forhead, i put bleach on it, it look much better so im hoping that it is dieing...it itch but when i put the bleach up there it stop...it looks like it is drying out..
don't forget to clean house Comments By: D. on 2009-11-21
I haven't tried th ebleach thing yet, but plan to this time. But i am reading a lot of these comments that people are upset it keeps coming back; whenever I get ringworm, I always use bleach to clean my whole house, especially bathroom, bed sheets, the obvious - whatever can be bleached, bleach it, what can't, use very dilluted bleach. This includes your workplace if you get it from work like I do. I have never just had it return; I only get it from direct exposure to someone who already has it.
Ringworms Comments By: qwerty on 2009-11-18
The bleach or Clorox really works I have 2 ringworms I have been putting Bleach o there for a while now and my 2 ringworms are turning whie and it seems like its getting little bumps inside but it does not bother me at all because at one point they were all over my body except for my face what a relief! So instead I used Calamine Lotion very good product.
Do not use bleach on your skin Comments By: AK on 2009-11-27
Bleach is a corrosive. Any doctor will tell you to never put bleach on your skin. Ringworm can be treated with antifungal creams (1% OTC or 2% Prescription) and oral medication like Lamisil or Ketoconazole tablets. It takes time and persistence for ring worm to go away. I ran across this site in my fight to get rid of my ringworm, tried the bleach remedy listed here, and it turned into a nightmare. My entire body broke out into hives and I had serious reactions to it, itched and burned like crazy. Had to go to the doctor, get a steroid pack and antihistimine pills, and it took 5 days to go away. My nurse and doctor scolded me about the bleach myth, and said to never go off what you find on the internet and to never put bleach on your skin.
Do not use bleach on ringworm on face Comments By: appliedzen on 2009-11-27
Alright guys, this is a follow up on my previous comment. Press "ctrl F" and look for "appliedzen" that's my name from the previous post i had written 1 month ago.

I used bleach. Stated that it worked. Well, turned out, this was the worse thing i've done. I had a ringworm on my face. Started out as something that looked like a pimple. Then the pimple became an itching dime size. Then the dime turned into a quarter. Then it was twice the size of the quarter. It was located between my sideburn and my right eye. That's when i became desperate because non of that lamisil or pills my doctor gave me work. It was itching like crazy. That's when i found this site about the bleach method. At first, i used straight bleach onto a q-tip. Felt a burning sensation and felt like the itching went away. Next day, used bleach again on a q-tip and dapped it onto the spot. Again, it burned but much better than using bleach straight on without mixing w/ water. I then realized, although the itching sort of went away, i was also left with what you call a "chemical burn" on my face. A nice brownish color ring double the size of a quarter on my face. This was horrible as i didnt know how to tell ppl how i got this on my face and a chemical burn, man, i'll be lucky if it ever goes away. Immediately, i stopped the bleach method after that second trial. It was no good. I'm sure it'll work, but not a safe method at all, and you'll get a permanent scar if you keep going at it. Lucky me. I stopped.

I continued searching on the web days after days. Found another website about some guy working at an airport and he caught ringworm all over his body and face. He tried everything the doctor gave him, but didnt work. Then he found a link that talked about "sea salt". He applied sea salt in a form of a paste, basically, just adding a few drops of water onto the salt and make a paste out of it and applied it on those spots. I did the same. Went to whole food, or any supermarket should sell it, bought the sea salt, went home and applied it twice a day for 3 days, and waaaalaaaaa,,, like magic, all gone.

The dark round ring was still there however, due to the bleach method i used. Forever, no more bleach. Very unsafe method. Use "sea salt" and believe me it'll go away. What sea salt does is it'll dry up your skin and fungus cannot live in dry area. That's how they die out.

Even after using sea salt and the fungus seem to be disappearing and/or die out. I still wasn't satisfied because of the brownish looking spot on my face. I kept searching and reading more on the web.

This is what i found, and to me, this is the true magic here. I bought the "all-stop-ringworm" from this link. ..


and my face went back to normal, even the brownish mark disappeared after several use. This was the life saver right here. Yes, i spent almost $50, but well worth it. I spent much more then that going to the doctor and buying useless medicine. This was magic for me. And thank you thank you to whoever made the all-stop-ringworm product.

Dr. C Marley is Fulla sh*t Comments By: Dr. Berrylicious on 2009-12-06
"i have spent years in the medical profession and so i ahve experience . i have treated many cases of ring worm and the bleach theory is false as it only clears the top layer of the ring worm as it can be deep into the skin cells if you aply bleach it penetrates the skin if you leave it it will start to burn a whole it may scar or worst case senario actually work the fungi further into the skin until it hit muscle and gradually eat away at the muscle my advice would be to see a Dr and get a natral remedy this can come in the form of gels,cream,bathsoak or tablet DO NOT USE BLEACH!"

The user Dr. C Marley posted this response rather early on in the discussion board. I just want to let all of you know that what he said IS NOT TRUE. It was because of his comment that I almost didn't use the bleach, but I am so glad that I did. I am taking 4 martial arts classes, most of which involve a lot of personal contact, so I had to get rid of that stupid crap fast. I didn't have weeks to sit around and wait for the cream to work, which takes 1 to 2 weeks. I have one little scar that's barely noticeable, and for me, that's MUCH better than having the ringworm.

Lysol Worked Better Than Bleach for Me Comments By: Ringworm is 100% effective birth control on 2009-12-08
My nightmare started with one fu****g spot on my neck that grew to cover the front portion of my neck much of my scalp, chin, ear, chest, left nipple and eventually my left foot, left leg and right butt cheek.

Needlesstosay it was the ultimate form of birth control.

I put full strength bleach on it multiple times a day. However, while bathing, the running water down my body gave baby spores a train ride to new territory on my body.

It was a cat mouse game that lasted for damn near a month.

I stopped using the bleach because I was getting an infection/fever from it. My poor liver couldn't filter it out enough.

I ended up in the ER room. The doctor recommeded I take benedryl orally for the itching, and use 2% vaginal yeast infection cream.

Well I slathered it on as a full body lotion and sprayed lysol on myself

The end of their crusade came when I took benedryl orally, used 2% vaginal yeast infection cream as an all over body lotion, and sprayed lysol on myself.

The lysol increased my fever. But read the back, it says it kills ringworm.

I sat in my window starring into the clouds with a revolver close to my head, when I noticed "dead skin" falling off me.

Lo and behold, I took a piece of paper and rubbed part of the area and more skin miraculously feel off.

Lysol and vaginal yeast infection cream saved my life.

holy crap Comments By: crazylady on 2009-12-18
I found a spot on my back, tried vinger and epson salt for 3 days prescribed cream and a band aid. now the bandaid made my skin raw and i now have gone from a dime size to a 6x6 spot on my back. So i started the pills on my 2nd day, will put prescribed cream on and hope for the best, took 2 bendrill and hope the itching is going to stop, i am tired of this it has been 8 days of washing clothes and sheets daily, changing clothes and unders 2 to 3 times a day...... hate hate this... i am ocd and i may never stop putting the cream on ......

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