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Bleach for ringworm, ring worm

Bleach is very good at killing the fungus that is causing the problem. Simply dab the affected are with a cotton ball that has been mistuned with bleach twice a day. The bleach should not burn you, however do look for any allergic reaction. Reports are that the ringworm will be gone in as quick as 2 days.

The following was sent in by Nick

You decide on the strength of the bleach you use. You need to be responsible. Below are some guidelines

Fast treatment (1-2 Days)
100% Bleach
- Burning
- Scars

Quick treatment (2-4 Days)
- 50% Bleach
- 50% Warm Water

Normal Treatment (3-6 Days)
- 2 Cups Water
- 1/3 Cup Bleach

Safe, Slow Treatment (1 Week+)
- 3 Cups Water
- 1/3 Cup Bleach


Visitors comments

Tried it all and finally found what works!!! Comments By: Stephanie on 2010-06-30
I was put on oral medications that were horrible on my liver and also creams and the doc said give it a couple weeks. With upcoming beach vacation I didn't want to wait a couple weeks. I did some research and tried bleach. It did work but caused irritation which at first made it puss. The pussing therefore makes it spread twice as fast and burn. What did work only after 2 days!!!!! Clear nail polish!!! Paint right over them and around them and after one application you will be so happy! I woke up next morning and they were so light and half size. I still have some scarring from bleach and I am using nail polish just to make sure its not still under the skin cause I want to kill it all. Clean nail polish is the key. Twice daily and leave it on till its starts falling off. Nail polish remover on paper towel and put on DO NOT RUB! It will cause spreading. Reapply once skin is dry and please disinfect. I got mine from toilet seat at daycare. I keep clorox wipes by my toilet and clean it every time I sit down so my children and fiance dont get it and keep it covered at all times. It is highly contagious!!
dont do it Comments By: anon on 2010-07-05
I tried the bleach it does not work... it burns and leaves it so sensitive.... I stopped using it I started cleaning it with alcohol and useing jock itch cream.. seems to be working so far looks way better not then it did with the bleach but I think I'm gonna have a scare.. deffinatly think its from the bleach.. but yeah don't do the bleach... doesn't work
10 yrs&counting grey patch ringworm!!!!!!!!! Comments By: MFHW on 2010-07-09
9TH JULY 2010


cant believe it worked Comments By: meg fitz on 2010-07-12
i had ring worm for over a year tried everything left the bleaching idea for last. because i was very skeptical. but it took a day and a half and it's finally gone. only bad thing about uesing the bleach is it does sting alot. good luck everyone
Lamisil liquid spray. Comments By: anon on 2010-07-14
use the lamisil liquid spray. found at your store. use the brand name.

bleach just irritates the skin. and smells.

ring worm in the testicular area Comments By: ryan on 2010-07-16
i have had it around my balls for almost a year now and cant seem to get rid of it put some bleach on it today burn alot for a second than i dabbed it with wet tp and seems to be ok now
HEY PEOPLE don't kill your skin with bleach! Comments By: KS on 2010-07-18
Folks, wise up! You don't have medical degrees and you should not be self-medicating or offering medical advice... and you certainly should not be taking advice from some crackpot website. GO TO A REAL MEDICAL DOCTOR!

I'm a chemist, so let me explain what bleach does to your skin tissue: IT KILLS IT! So, when you put a bleach-soaked bandage on your skin, you kill a lot of tissue at one time and you open the door to scarring or, worse yet, a bacterial infection.

Take proper care of yourself and go to a doctor. If your problem doesn't get resolved, then go to a different doctor. These websites are often full of misinformation and can be dangerous!

Oh the FRUSTRATION!! Comments By: Jessi on 2010-07-22
Okay... I have about 12 spots on me now. I started out with 3, and now 12! Let me just say that Lotrimin and Lamisil are crap! I have been doing this for 6 weeks now, and not only are they not going away, they are spreading! I am so frustrated that they just keep appearing!

Apparently my doctor doesn't have a clue about ringworm because at first he said it was eczema. HA! WRONG! After he perscribed the steroid cream, they took off like crazy! It was like food for it or something... Went back, "oh yeah, it's ringworm, here's some lamisil."

So... here I come bleach! If this doesn't work, I don't know what I am going to do!

I find this weird Comments By: Jose on 2010-07-30
So, I first had ringworm on my elbow, it was kinda big but i took it off right awy with Clotrimazol, a really cheap anti fungal cream... But a few months ago, I got it again on my groin area, and the Clotrimazol cream won't work so much (I mean, the first time i used it it worked a bit, but nothing else!)... now i'm considering this remedy and others, like papaya, clear nail polish, garlic, or plain salt. I hope one of those remedies takes it away, because it has been 2 long months, and it has expanded to my stomach, about to reach my belly button... wish me luck!

P.D: I'm from Peru, by the way, so I hope my english is good... :)

Big (maybe dumb) idea Comments By: John on 2010-07-30
I've read a lot of possible treatments for ringworm, and i came up with something: since i have a quite big patchin my groin, i'm thinking about applying a bit of nail polish in one part, a bit of bleach onn other, some fresh papaya on another, and some garlic in another. i'm not kidding, i just want to see which one works better so i stick to it. and it's expanding to my stomach, goddamnit!!!!!!!!!!!1
use green walnut Comments By: Donna Bosken on 2010-08-01
bust open the green walnut hull? and leave it on the skin for about an hour a day till gone. Read Dr. Hulda Clark online about ringworms and what works. She was locked away before. I believe it was some people from the medical association trying to keep her quiet about cures. I am serious. I don't know if she is still living. She ws a scientist and physician. YOu will be amazed if you read her stuff on the Dr. Hulda Clark site.
BEEN THERE. DONE THAT. Different Circumstances. Trying it again.... Comments By: Detroit, MI on 2010-08-05
08/03/2010. About a year ago my 6 year old had a ringworm on his side. He's a daycare kid, so it happens. His pediatrician DID give him CLOTRIMAZOLE 1%. Of course we want the sucker GONE!! So I used BLEACH (full strength)for up to 20 seconds. OH he Screamed. I blew on it to cool it down. Then applied the cream. I did that for i believe three days, even after it turned into a scab. Juuuuust to make sure. I continued to use the cream until the scab started to flake off. It has never returned. It however DID leave a scar. We are African American. We have plenty melanin in our bodies. I just checked his spot yesterday and I dont remember which side it was on 'cause it's GONE!!!
NOW.... My 5 y/o has Ezcema (excessive dry skin). She gets dry patches all the time. Around December she had a small dry patch believed to be her condition. Daycare suggested it was a ringworm. Noooo, I said. It isnt raised. BUT THE CIRCLE KEPT SLOWLY GETTING BIGGER.... About a month ago, I stopped putting the ezcema compound on it and used JUST the CLOTRIMAOLE 1%. After a few weeks, I saw that it WAS clearing up SMOOTHLY. Until.... yesterday I saw a very small one pop up on the middle of her And creamed it again at night. This morning, I bleached it again and her arm has a HUGE reddish looking scab on it! I bleach it anyway. Blew on it to cool it down and creamed it.
Now the jury is out on this one. She's had it so long without me knowing it was an actual ringworm, will the bleach work? Did I REACTIVATE the ring worm when I started to kill the old one?? Is it true that it can be LAYERS down underneath? If so, How many?? How long should I do the bleach this time?? She whines because it burns. Better safe than sorry though. SHE GETTING THIS BLEACH!! Hey, I will try to remember to update with results.
HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE.......... Stay Tuned!

It works.. def. Comments By: ANON on 2010-08-10
I used bleach after reading all this information.
Listen, im no ringworm expert, but really it is one of the hardest things to get rid of. It's all I think about day in and out. It started with my kitten, and I saw two circles on me and I didnt know but they were extremely itchy. Bc I didnt know, they spread all over my body and it took me two weeks to get it under control. I have it in about 40 places, and im still trying to control the area on my butt where my pants rub. I would strongly suggest seeing a doctor, I had to. I saw my general practitioner and then a derm bc I knew I needed someone with expertise. I am taking lamisil tablets, using oxistat prescription AND washing in selenium sulfide.

Guess what? It's not enough. Bleach so far has been the ONLY thing that has controlled and killed the areas of infection. I have clean every corner of my apt, thrown out my AC unit, bleached my bathroom, wash all clothes in hot water and bleach alt for colors. Still not gone.

I dilute bleach 1/10 and it works for sensitive skin. My derm said to chnage sheet every 2 days and wear long things to keep the spores from shedding into the environment.

Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, so if anyone on here know that bleach baths are not harmful please say so. It doesnt sound too good.Its going to take a long time to be done with it and I am extremely envious of those who have such an easy time fighting it off.

it works it works Comments By: monica arthur-pople on 2010-08-14
trust me in the Bahamas its hot now and i noticed a small one on my wrist. i started using the clorox bleach and this is day three and its dry now am using palmers coco butter to remove the dry spot but i will tell you more within the week.
its gone Comments By: monica arthur-pople on 2010-08-17
the ring worm is completely gone after using the bleach everyday. the bleach really works but remember to be very careful of where you lean and dirty animals because it can cause ringworms and yes it can spread. but my problem is gone thanks to the bleach lol.
Further advice! Comments By: jjjjjjjj on 2010-08-21

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