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Bleach for ringworm, ring worm

Bleach is very good at killing the fungus that is causing the problem. Simply dab the affected are with a cotton ball that has been mistuned with bleach twice a day. The bleach should not burn you, however do look for any allergic reaction. Reports are that the ringworm will be gone in as quick as 2 days.

The following was sent in by Nick

You decide on the strength of the bleach you use. You need to be responsible. Below are some guidelines

Fast treatment (1-2 Days)
100% Bleach
- Burning
- Scars

Quick treatment (2-4 Days)
- 50% Bleach
- 50% Warm Water

Normal Treatment (3-6 Days)
- 2 Cups Water
- 1/3 Cup Bleach

Safe, Slow Treatment (1 Week+)
- 3 Cups Water
- 1/3 Cup Bleach


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it works!!! Comments By: anon on 2004-09-17
I couldn't believe how good this worked. I've been dealing with this sh-t for years - get rid of it - back it comes - then months later it finally goes after prescription creams or home remidies. I thought I had a regimen that worked with peroxide and then tea tree oil and a low carb diet. I realize now that it took months to get rid of it because it was just my body finding a way.

It came back on my neck and I started treating it right away and IT STILL WAS SPREADING. So I went to the web, found your site and started the bleach treatment. It was almost completely gone in 2 days! It is obviously working. Slight burning when I put on the bleach but very manageable.

Thank you a million times

ring worm Comments By: Anon on 2004-10-01
i dont know about all this... it burns a alittle ill write back and say how it goes...o wait it is burning alot
question Comments By: mark on 2004-11-02
Do you put the bleach on and leave it on for a couple of mins or do u wash it off fast?

TipKing Says: As with all tips sent into TipKing, trial and error is the key.

i have judt done it Comments By: anon on 2005-01-13
i have just applied the bleach to my forehead and its a slight burining sensation but quite satisfying as it feels like its killing the fungus. i will check back to inform on how it goes.
Itchy neck & scalp Comments By: Weda on 2005-01-16
Just tried dabbing bleach with cotton on my neck and scalp. Feels a little less itchy. I will try anything to make this stop!!!
It works well Comments By: Anon on 2005-01-16
After only one time it pretty much killed my ringworm, but I think I put on To much because it started to spread so I was trying to stop it, So I sort of burnt a portion of my face by using to much. Other wise it works great.
It works Comments By: Kay on 2005-01-24
I fought ringworms all through highschool. The kids I baby sat had them all the time, so I got them. I would put bleach on a bandaid and put it on there...I don't recommend this to anyone because it left a scar. But I so dislike the thought of a ringworm that I did it. It usually only took 3 days Max for it to be gone.you can rinse it off..but you have to leave it on there for at least a minute so it can start working.
let see and find out Comments By: TASHEEN on 2005-03-24

TipKing says: As with all the tips, trial and error are the key, try a few seconds to start with and then wait a day. That way you can prevent any burning or allergic reactions

Red Spot Comments By: wtamu_cowgirl on 2005-04-21
I tried this bleachin treatment and now where i had put the bleach is all red... is that an allergic reaction or what? Do i need to go see the doctor about it?

TipKing says: You must always see the doctor if you are concerned about your health in any way. Never rely on the tips and hints on this site or any other!

Treating ring worm on a 2 year old with bleach. Comments By: Danielle on 2006-02-18
How much bleach should i mix with water to put on my 2 year olds ring worm?

TipKing says: You must seek proper medical advice before using any of these tips on a youngster.

worried Comments By: shelly on 2006-05-02
question:my ringworm keeps coming back after i tried applying whitfield's ointment to it. im thinking something is wrong in my body. i'd like to know why they keep coming back.

TipKing says: You need to speak to a doctor.

i tried bleach Comments By: shelly on 2006-05-03
i tried the bleach and it seems to be workin...i have one question though...if a person has diabetes would that be the cause of recurring ringworms?
trying Comments By: amilee on 2006-06-06
i got ring worms recently and im trying the bleach thing....how long im suppose to leave it on....and how many times a day do i applie...i want it gone cuase its on my face...well ill tell u how it works later oh it burns but feels good...bye
Mad Comments By: Carolina on 2006-06-12
Ive tried bleach it went away but it comes and leave come and leave and there's a big white scar!!! Im embarrased of the scar I knew i should have never used bleach!!!:(
very happy with results Comments By: Andrea on 2006-07-01
i am the biggest skeptic there is i gota ringworm on my face by my chin. i was totally freaking out! i immediately got online and did research it is common sense when you look up what virus cause ring worm and then look at a bottle of clorox bleach and right there on the label it says that it kills that virus. well i ran to my bathroom and saturated a cotton swab with regular clorox bleach and put it on my ringworm. it does burn but it is not unbearable it feels like alcohol in a cut. within an hour it had shrunk by 50% i swear! the only thing is you need to keep applying abbout every 3 hours for the first two days because they are easily irratated and can come back so just keep applying and within two days it should be under control. you will have a scar but it will fade.
Bleach Does Work Comments By: Nurse Wanda on 2006-07-14
I had a ringworm/rash on my elbow that lasted for years. I put bleach on it and it did go away. However, I would recommend using bleach diluted with water. 1 part bleach to 10 part water. On the bleach bottle it tells u that is an irritant and when used full strength, will irritate the skin (especially the face). As with any treatment, it should be started gradually. Try the mixture on a test area. A small area. Try the diluted solution once daily. If well tolerated, try using the diluted solution twice daily. If spreading of the ringworm or more irritation develop, stop use and seek medical intervention.

Bleach is used in modern medicine to treat open bed sores. It is diluted tho. Not full strength. I hope this helps.

I'm A Fungus Chicken! Comments By: Fungus Queen on 2006-07-20
I read on this board to dilute the bleach so, in one nite I did 10-to-1 combo then about 30min later 5-to-1 and then about 2:00am straight bleach. I'm skivedout about this rinrworm crap. Well it looks lighter and a slight burning...I'll do straight bleach again tonight.
ringworm on upper neck, behind head Comments By: Michael on 2006-07-31
ok so...me having ocd about being clean almost had a heart attack when i found out i had a ringworm. i suppose i got it from one of my students at summer camp...anyway, heres how i got rid of it...it was a 4 day process of 1:6 part DILUTED bleach and Lamasil. i did this process twice a day and are happy to report that its gone. DO NOT put the bleach directly on the skin...this may cause scaring. if the bleach burn is unbarable, dilute it even more. hope this helps. goodluck.
trying it out Comments By: Racquell on 2006-08-01
well, i tried the bleach about 30 mins ago. it started to burn but it got better. most of the itching has stopped and it already looks better. i just wanna know if i can cover it with a band-aid cuz i'm so tempted to scratch it!!!!
Fungus Queen Comments By: Fungus Queen on 2006-08-05
The Saga Goes On..............
Once Upon a Time
My 3 yr old came home with a spot over her ear. I took her to the Dr. and I used an over the counter anti-fungal cream, it has gone it seemed to be gone in about 3 wks time. About 2 wks after my baby was well I got a "fungi" spot on my neck; my 20 yr old got three spots. It has now been about 3wks and I thought we were finished with "The Fungus" and now Again 2 spots on one of my legs!! What to do?

Bleach works but use CAUTION Comments By: Anon on 2006-10-21
After searching for ringworm remedies on the web I decided to try the bleach one.
I had read to use Clorox because it does not contain sodium hydroxide, commonly known as lye, a powerfully caustic agent that will burn holes in your skin. Use bleach that
contains ONLY sodium hypochlorite and water like Clorox brand. So, I diluted the Clorox 6:1 part water and dabbed on three areas of ringworm that were on my neck. Wow did it burn so I only left it on for a few minutes then rinsed with warm water. Within fifteen minutes the burning had stopped and the spots no longer itched and appeared less red.
I also tried using clear nail polish but do not recommend using it after the bleach treatment as the skin will burn terribly. This no doubt from irritation from the bleach treatment. But I also read that using clear nail polish works by suffocating the ringworm and has worked well for many. Right now I have no itching but redness on the areas that I used bleach and polish on. Hopefully tomorrow it should be better...

Bleach Works very Well... Comments By: Bleach definetly works on 2006-10-27
I had ring worm last year, after finding out about the bleach (use only hypochloride) it cleared up my ringworm in 2-3 days. BUT i forgot to wash a jacket I commonly wore when I had the fungus... Long story short it survived a year on my jacket and is now back with vengence. I am back to using a Bleach and Lamisil treatment and unfortunately the fungus is putting up a fight still after 2 days, but I think I am winning.
BLEACH WILL NOT BURN UR SKIN! Comments By: Anon on 2006-10-28
If you want to get rid of the ringworm fungus FAST then use the bleach method. The bleach will definately not burn your skin as long as it is diluted at least 5 times. Apply the weak bleach solution with a cotton wool ball, it does not even sting. Wash off after 5 minutes and it will have dried out the skin and killed the fungus. Repeat once a day and the ringworm should clear up. I tried EVERYTHING to heal the ringworm and most things failed this includes the creams (which don't work on ringworm which is persistent) Ringworm is killed by drying out the skin so the fungus cannot live without moisture and also by using something which is antifungal such as bleach which does both. I am sure Tea Tree oil also works in its purest forms along with sea salt to dry out the skin.
ringworm and home remedy Comments By: Anon on 2006-11-01
100% Tea tree oil will soothe ringworm skin if applied direct provided there is no allergy. Tea tree oil is anti fungal and anti bacterial. You can even put some drops into a bath and soak. I also found the biggest and most powerful antifungal natural product was Grapefruit Seed Extract bought inexpensively from a health food shop. If you research GSE on the web you will find scientific research confirming its benefits and you can even put a few drops in water/juice and drink it to help the PH of the skin making it more alkaline and therefore difficult for the fungus to survive. Hope this information helps.
help ! Comments By: anon on 2006-11-20
had ring worm since July. caught if off a stray cat i was feedin. Cant get rid of it at all. Had two lots of tablets and im still plastrered in little red lumps. IVe tried everything and every combination of creams under the sun. Im getting suicidal now . Im going to try the bleach programme as it cant be any worse than it is now. watch this space....
not tryed it yet Comments By: claire on 2006-11-25
just found out that i have ring worm , i have it on my back, i was horrafied when the doc told me, i,m going to try the bleach , i,m a bit nervious because i have excema,will let u now how i get on,
Old remedy Comments By: Concerned mom on 2006-12-01
When I was younger, about 15 yo, my grandmother told me to dab bleach on the ringworm. It worked and I have never been bothered with it again. Recently my son contracted it and I am debating if I should start him on the bleach treatment. His ringworm is on his scalp and I am concerned about hair loss. Has anyone used it on their scalp?
H.E.L.L..O Comments By: FIRE on 2006-12-14
i just applied the bleach cotton ball and it is burining like h.e.l.l..o! but hey you know when all else fails,
We'll see... Comments By: Anonymous on 2006-12-22
I have over ten patches of ringworm from my new kittens. I guess my body is having a really tough time fighting and resisting the ringworm because it won't go away - even after a doctor's visit and very expensive prescription cream! I tried the bleach remedy on one of the spots and it seemed to disappear, so I've since put bleach on all of the spots. We'll see! I know that the fungus can re-occur, so I'd recommend putting an anti-fungal cream on the spot(s) for a week or so after they seem to have disappeared.
Tried it for 2 days....it's WORSE Comments By: Dee on 2006-12-31
It burned really badly and my ringworm is more red and itchy. Maybe I had an allergic reaction? Anyway, back to the ointment for me!
SCARE TO DEATH Comments By: Skeptical on 2007-01-02
Okay, you guys are scaring me..don't know if I am going to use this..don't want burns/scars/etc...i'm just going to use tea tree and clear nail polish...THANKS! Hmm, this tea tree kinda burns...is that normal?
Scalp Ringworm Comments By: KellieDS on 2007-01-13
I have been doing the bleach for about 3 days now. It feels a whole heap of a lot better than before really less itching. I just dont know how long I should use the bleach solution I figure about 5 days? Someone with experience help please.
fact: diluted bleach kills fungus Comments By: karen on 2007-01-17
I have five ringworm patches on my leg-started with one a few months ago and it spread because the clotrimazole and lamisil is too lame to kill the fungus. used Lysol Mildew Remover which contains bleach (only 2% sodium hyperchlorite) in diluted form and is working very well. I spray it on a cotton ball, rub the area and surrounding skin very well (as the fungus may be living and spreading before you see symptoms), let it dry and do not rinse. You don't need to use straight bleach--it is unnecessarily strong and will burn (and possibly scar). Be sure yo are washing your clothes and bed sheets often!--use bleach if you can or dry them in hot dryer to kill the fungus.
TRIED IT!!!! Comments By: JESSICA on 2007-02-08
I tried the bleach just now. I have had the fungus for about 3 weeks now and not a single improvement with those anti fungal creams but let me tell you, I do think bleach works feeling a lot better now. Will keep on for the next 3-5 days.

Bleach does work Comments By: Meena on 2007-02-20
I have used bleach before and had forgotten about that home remedy. I just tried it again and it does dry out the ringworm, but will leave a scar. What's worse, a scar or a fungus? I can use vitamin e oil or cocoa butter on the scar. Ringworm is just nasty!
Thank God for home remedies Comments By: D. A. on 2007-04-14
I picked up this fungus from work. I worked in a damp, dusty and dark environment. I am not a big sock wearer. and I caught it. I've had it for almost a year. It's spread only to my ankle and the other foot has caught it too. I used Lamisil...Failure...I was going to get an oral treatment but my PCP said that it will effect my liver. So a lady at work and I were discussing house cleaning and hygiene and she told me that she puts a cap full of bleach in her water. I asked her "Does bleach kill germs on the body too? She said, "Yeah, it kills everything."

And reading this information was confirmation. Finally I can get this thing off of me. I tried it for the first time today. There was a slight burn. After a few minutes I rested my foot beneath the faucet. Even now, I see a progressive change. This is great. I can't wait to see what it looks like in few hours from now (and a few days from now too)

Oh My Gosh Comments By: Anon on 2007-04-22
Yes! It really works!!!!! On Black people it might darkin your skin for a couple of weeks but it works!!!!!!!!!!!
just put it on Comments By: james on 2007-04-25
i just put some bleach on and its notburning or anything i hope it works
Thank you bleach!!!! Comments By: lemon bleach on 2007-05-14
Thank you to whoever invented bleach. I went with a 1 to 3 mixture of bleach to water did not want to scar myself. Also if you use the lemon fresh bleach it give you a nice smell.
Best Cure EVER Comments By: Johnny on 2007-05-13
First off, to that gay dude: You're an idiot, HAahaAH. No common sense; bleach near genitils, umm LOOSER--I got a good laugh out of that one.
Bleach (don't dilute BE A MAN) works well with some kind of natural cure added over. Tree tea oil, grape seed extrat, garlic juice, vinegar, almond oil, neem oil, ginger root, etc. works good. First apply bleach and five minutes later saturate the area with the natural stuff. Works miracles. Gone with 3 days tops.

Tesco Thin Bleach Comments By: Mrs. L. Evans on 2007-05-20
Applied Tesco thin bleach to my daughters ringworm three times without diluting it. She was covererd in ringworm. After the third application ringworm has gone.
thick ringworm Comments By: anon on 2007-05-22
I have 2 thick spots of ringworm on my chin. the spots are about as thick and wide as a nickel I have been applying bleach and then lotrimin twice a day. for almost a week. It seems to be helping but the spots are still thick.
Money & Time Saver Comments By: anon on 2007-06-07
We treated our dog with expensive medicated shampoo 2X/week, used perscription strength cream and oral meds from the vet for two months! I read about the bleach and tried it. It was gone in 3 days. It did burn the first couple of times, so I would rinse it after a minute with cool water. It dried right up and flaked off. Once the ringworm is gone, it no longer hurts. My daughter had it also, but hers went away with the Monistat cream. FYI: My daughter has a white scar remaining but it was NOT from the bleach.
NO Pain no Gain Comments By: Segun on 2007-06-17
Im using the bleach treatment again because it works. I believe i tried it years ago and it worked. So here i am again with it on my feet.

I recommend going 100% bleach
When you use bleach on bathroom fungus or mold u see how fast it works. Its just as effective on any other fungus.

yeah it burns but. NO PAIN NO GAIN.

bleach works & rocks Comments By: charles on 2007-06-21
i have been having ring worm for over a year. i have tried all means to cure the ring worm ,it keeps coming back, finally i found this site, i used bleach, it cured my 1 year sorrow of ring worm in 3 days. bleach is miraculous
does work, but not as well as i'd hoped Comments By: nadine on 2007-07-02
after reading other comments here, i tried it a diluted bleach solution applied with a cotton swab. It did seem to make it a lot better, but even after about 1 week of use I'd say about 50% of the ringworm was gone --but it didn't cure it. Then I went out and bought some antifungal cream from the drug store. Now my routine is putting on some bleach in the morning for a few minutes, washing it off after 5-6 minutes, and then putting on the antifungal cream twice a day. My ringworm is almost completely gone now, but if I was still using the bleach only it wouldn't have healed. It's not as instant as everyone makes it seem, but it did help me.
I used it on my 1 1/2 year old daughter Comments By: Sexysly531 on 2007-07-06
I have a 19 month old daughter and she had got ringworm in her hair from her daycare. I tried everything to get rid of it. She had it for about 3 to 4 months and nothing was working. Then a friend told me about the bleach I took a Q-tip and dipped it in the bleach, then put it on her head the first time all night, then washed it the next day. I didn't do anything else until the next day. I put some more on and washed it out maybe 4 hours later. When I was done washing her hair I didn't see the ringworms anymore. I also want to say that I don't think that the bleach hurt her because she didn't cry at all while I did it.
bleach dried my ringworm!! Comments By: Alexy on 2007-07-16
it really works!!! i tried bleach on my ringworm for 1 day & it dried it out in like 5 minutes omg!!! try it...
Works Very Well Comments By: moleer on 2007-07-19
I tried 1/4 cup of bleach with 2 gallons of water and a cup of epson salts (always used the salts) in a foot soak just to see if it would work. The fungus isn't gone because I only did it once about a week ago. But it dried the skin immediately doesn't itch at all and after finding this site, I can't wait to get back to my weekly foot soak. In the meantime, I've just been using the creams twice a day and it's no better and no worse than the only time I used the bleach and water solution.
Bleach will kill Ringworm and Athletes Foot Comments By: Jim Behrens on 2007-07-29
I had Athletes foot once and dipped my feet into diluted bleach right after the shower for a few days and not only did it kill the athletes foot, it cleared up a couple of warts I had. I put my semi dry feet into white socks and put on the shoes and off I went. Gave me a warm sensation.

Recently I got ring worm. I again used diluted bleach (1 part bleach to 6 parts water) and applied it liberally with my fingers, enough times to keep it really wet for 10 minutes. I didn't rinse it off, just let it air dry after that. I did this 3 times a day and by the second day it was pretty much gone. I did it one more day to be sure. So after 3 days, no sign of it.

I know people say use the bleach undiluted, but why be uncomfortable if it is not necesary. I think the key is to let the bleach soak in long enough to do its work. Also be aware you can reinfect yourself if you don't wash all your bedding and anything you have worn that came into contact with this fungus.

I did look at the label on the bleach after reading some posts on here and the active ingredient is Sodium Hypochlorite 6%.

No burning!Good pr bad? Comments By: Dream on 2007-09-02
My mother,my dog,and I all have ringworm...I ahve it the worst because I sleep with my dog.It is all on my chet,and spreading to my chest and back.I and my mother have jsut done the bleach treatment 5 to 1,and it isn't burning.Is that a bad thing?(I'm 10,should I have used a stronger formula?)
bleach seems to be working for me Comments By: cat on 2007-09-04
i have athletes foot and a CVS pharmacist and one dermatology site suggested half a cup of bleach to a gallon of water. soak for ten minutes a day, twice a day along with an OTC antifungal cream. seems to be working.
bleach Comments By: ryan on 2007-09-09
I think i have ringworm on my side...so i put bleach...so i put bleach on the spot 3 times. burned but is tolerable..now its a red blotch. does that mean it is going away? how do i know if the bleach is working?
I have Ring Worms Allover my Body~!! Comments By: Tina on 2007-09-11
Ok!! i just recently found weird spots on my body and I did a search on line and it looked liked it's a ringworm so I went to CVS and got a cream, and all the sudden my ringworm become worst and become read bumps, I want to try the bleach can I soak my self in the tub just bleach and water?

TipKing says: No, No, No you could really burn yourself. As with ALL tips be cautious, try a little test area on a small affected area and work up from there.

If you are in any doubt leave well alone. There is no guarantee with any of the tips

Bleach WORKS! Comments By: MRS B. on 2007-09-14
I always get ringworms and as I child I had a large one on my right arm. My mother put on Bleach every threee hours and it killed it! I recently discovered one on my hairline in on the back of my head. Put Bleach on every three hours and it is almost gone in one day!!! LOVE THIS REMEDY! NASTY RINGWORMS! DIE
Peroxide, bleach, clotrimazole cream... Comments By: LongTermFungusVictim on 2007-09-18
I've had crotch rot for 40 years! From time to time I would apply Lotrimin LF and Ultra, and it would get better, but then I would stop and it came back. I just lived with it.

About three months ago I said "Enough is enough." I declared war on it. Lotrimin Ultra helped, but it wasn't enough. I started using peroxide 3% to wash the area. This is cool because it reveals the fungus by turning it white. I added black walnut and that helped too. But then I read about bleach. Now I wash with soap and water, wash with hydrogen peroxide until the infected areas turn white, and follow that up with full strength Clorox bleach! I use cotton balls to apply the peroxide and QTips to apply the bleach. When the bleach dries I apply clotrimazole over it liberally. It hurts something aweful, but the infected areas disappear, one layer after another. It seems that the infection is very deep with new sites appearing as other sites are killed. Now the itch is completely gone and there are only three little white areas. When they are gone, I will have conquered the damned fungus. I plan to use clotrimazole for weeks after it all clears up.

stubborn scalp fungus Comments By: HELP HELP HELP on 2007-09-27
Is it safe to use bleach on the scalp?
Bleach works! Comments By: Jack on 2007-10-02
Ring worm of the scalp of the face and beard. Atheletes foot and jock itch. it is all the same fungus. dilute bleach and water in a spray bottle. spray it on wait for a few minutes then shower with soap and water. spray bleach on your soap and wash. it works fast and is much cheaper and effective than lamisil. mix a few tbls. of bleach into your shampoo if you have it in your scalp. Strait bleach will burn you. Make sure you dilute it.
Bleach AND salt?? Comments By: savage on 2007-10-07
I'm going to use a bleach solution and mix salt mixed into it. The bleach will kill the fungus but I also want to dry the hell out of these things! So I am adding salt to the mix and see what happens. I used the bleach this morning and they are already pretty dry after 30 mins...
Bleach and Ringworm Comments By: APE on 2007-10-17
I have tried almost all of the commercially available products including RX based products and no luck. Today I used bleach the type that kills all germs 100%. Applied and as soon as I did i saw what appeared as small dark grey blotches under the skin left on for bit and they blistered and broke out. it's now 2hours later and I have some readening and will have some tiny scars where the fungus was burnt away. But the skin is already smooth and has lost the patterned edge and no itching. I'd say go for it. 100% bleach 1 min and lots of water to wash away the bleach stings for about 30mins.
good Comments By: blah on 2007-10-25
it feels like it working
my scars went away after like a year so its not to bad

Lysol air spray works well , I never tried the bleach thing Comments By: Andrea on 2007-10-27
I too have ring worm, missdiagnosed by the Doctors....It keeps coming back.
face and foot.......
Going to dilute the bleach and tried it...

im a scaredy cat i want mommy! Comments By: scaredy_cat on 2007-11-06
u guys are like my new friends haha yea prob not BUT i just got this so called ring worm like a couple days ago, i woke up one morning to realize what that scab looking thing on my forehead? I dont recall having that? today i asked the medic and she said ringworm,very contagious use blue star ointment, tried to go to walgreens & pick some up, they said since i had facicial ring worm i would have to get a prescription at the ER i havent gotten to make it to the ER yet tonight..ive been LITERALLY freaking ...so ive come to find you all are saying try bleach, it just so happens i had some clorox bleach..GOD i hope it works !
Does Ringworm Always Itch? Comments By: Julie on 2007-11-12
I have had an odd rash for over a month. I work with animals so assume it is ringworm. However, it doesn't look exactly like ringworm. It isn't dry or scaly. It isn't a perfect circle - more of an oval. It does not have raised edges. It doesn't itch at all. I've been putting anti-fungal creams on it and bleach. It won't go away. If it doesn't itch does that mean it isn't ringworm?
To bleach or not to bleach... Comments By: Unfortunate victim of a Brazilian stripper from Vegas with ringworm on 2007-11-27
So I'm going on a little over a week with these freaks on my face. I've used antifungal cream, vinegar, epsom salt, tea tree oil, & toothpaste. All have had an effect, but mostly limited. I'm considering going with the bleach method, but they're on my face. Let me ask all of you that used the bleach method something... Would you have used the bleach if the ringworms were on your face? I'm concerned about scarring.
Great stuff. Comments By: Anon on 2007-11-30
I was very skeptical about putting bleach on my ring worms, I thought with as many as I had and how bad they were I needed a doctor. Two days of trying the 'bleach treatment' my skin looks 80% better than it did a week ago. By the time I realized I had what I had, I had already spread it all over from the scratching. Does anyone know how long I should keep using bleach on them? I know where most of my spots are, even after they're 100% gone should I dab some on daily a week or so after they're gone?
I guess it works Comments By: Chelle on 2007-12-31
I guess Bleach works but I'm still trying to see if it will help my ringworms completely
CLUELESS Comments By: irene on 2008-01-03
Response to OTC creams making spot redder Comments By: Anon on 2008-01-07
I'm just now trying the bleach on my son..we've been using creams for a month or so...this is a note to the lady who said the creams made her spots worse..
are you covering the area? I started that way...putting a thick layer of antifungal cream and covering with a bandaid and it went out of control. Then I read about it needing to get dry and quit using bandaids and that helped a lot. So does salt in the bathwater. So it's a lot better now, but still hanging on, so we're going to try the bleach thing.

Blue Star Ointment and Pure Oregano Oil.... Comments By: Anon on 2008-01-13
Had ring worm on my cheek. Used routine of Pure Oregano Oil before bed (Available over the net, cures all types of stuff, slight burn, strong smell cost around $20) because of strong smell, and then blue star during the day when at work etc...dried and died in two days...and NO SCARS!!! good luck...
results worth pain Comments By: Barbara on 2008-01-20
I used bleach for posin ivy years ago and now tried it for ringworm .Creams made it worse I have been trying iodine it works but not as good as bleach . I did put bleach in my bath a (reasonable amount)for the posin ivy they put it in swimming pools so I figured why not it worked

this thing is awful Comments By: Max Smith on 2008-01-28
i have been fighting it for 7 months. I think stress caused it. I live in a very dry environment. Anyhow thanks for the advise with bleach, i just started it and will tell how this worked.
Please give me advice Comments By: Anon on 2008-02-01
iv been using bleach for almost three days and now the ring is bright red is that normal?? if soo how long before it goes away??

TipKing says: If you are in any doubt as to whether to try one of the tips, stay well clear.

Bleach does work on ringworm Comments By: Senee on 2008-02-11
First off bleach (undiluted) applied with a Q-tip kills ringwoorm within two days. Some cases need two doses. Whoever said it will not treat under the skin layers is incorrect. #1. All things topical enter the bloodstream by absorption through the skin. Scents, chemical cleaners, perfumes, etc. absorb through the skin into the bloodstream. It has cured Athlete's Foot & ringworm in my family. Both can be airborn & inhaled through the breathing so if it comes back in a few years then you've breathed it in. Any Vet can tell you this.:)
NO NO NO Comments By: Dr C Marley on 2008-02-10
i have spent years in the medical profession and so i ahve experience . i have treated many cases of ring worm and the bleach theory is false as it only clears the top layer of the ring worm as it can be deep into the skin cells if you aply bleach it penetrates the skin if you leave it it will start to burn a whole it may scar or worst case senario actually work the fungi further into the skin until it hit muscle and gradually eat away at the muscle my advice would be to see a Dr and get a natral remedy this can come in the form of gels,cream,bathsoak or tablet DO NOT USE BLEACH!
JUST TAPE IT Comments By: JIGGA on 2008-02-21
Lamisil then clear tape over it!
trying it rite now Comments By: Tee on 2008-02-27
okay guyz im a honest mayne its its feb -27-08.

i will not start the "expermint"

i will inform the WHOLE WORLD if it works.

starting now

ill be on this site for 3 days TOP to see if it works.

damn balls... Comments By: fungikiller on 2008-03-02
my scrotum is affected with this damnn fungus.. it almost covered it until its been years since i knew it was ringworm but its already large.. i tried anti fungal creams and powders... it just dried my skin.. very dry.. and still a red.. but the edges of the skin is still peeling.. so it means the fungi is still present and its lighter.. i try the bleach treatment 2 hours ago.. and it burns like helll!!!... love it..
very dry.. Comments By: needhelp on 2008-03-02
its very dry and no bumps but its still lighter and the edges of the skin still peels.. what will i do?..
we'll see Comments By: mother of 4 on 2008-03-04
well it worked on my sons face with a little help from over the counter meds for fungus burned a little but wasn't anything terrible.now my daughter has one on her arm and its taking a little longer than thr 2 days for my son so i tried hiolding it on for about 30 sec before taking it off ......piont being i would recommend clorox bleach it really works
we will see Comments By: tlcooper on 2008-03-08
I have a case of ringworms on both of my knees. I put the bleach on there, but do I need to cover them up with a bandage?
IM BACK!! Comments By: Tee. i was the tester. Feb 27. look up for me on 2008-03-11

WARNING: when you dab the bleach cotton ball on ur ringworm. DO NOT LEAVE IT THERE for long.

Just leave it for about 10 - 30 seconds.

and repeat steps daily till ringworm is gone

mines is. im shure am happy =D

but i left miens on for 10 MINUTES.

and it left a horiiable scare.

buti like the scar its in a shape of a heart.




i also heard that CLEAR NAIL POLISH kills the ringworm really fast and makes it look like it wasnt ever there!


Please HELP!!! Scalp Ringworm Comments By: Ringworm Fighter on 2008-03-14
I have scalp ringworm and I have been on antibiotics for 2 weeks with lamisil tablets 250 mg. It doesnt look like its working, How can I treat it with a topical solution?
BLEACH! BEACH! BLEACH! Comments By: Erica on 2008-03-19
Don't listen to people who say things like, "Bleach?! OMG, don't use that!". My doctor gave me some antifungal cream, but it actualy made it worse. Bleach dries the ringworm out faster than anything I've tried before. Remember, thats the main thing you have to worry about. Just try it, it doesn't burn at all..What do you have to lose?
Bleach is Scary Comments By: Doug on 2008-03-23
I just had my first ever case of ringworm at age 46. It was just above the knee on the inner thigh. Ironically this came just after my first ever case of jockitch. I'm sure they were connected.
Anyway, I tried over the counter stuff then the prescription creams...nothing. It didn't itch and it wasn't spreading but it also wasn't going away.
After much online research I first tried the apple cider vinegar treatment. It didn't work. In fact, it got worse!
So then I decided bleach was the answer. I used it full strength on the first day...about 5 minutes then washed it off...3 times. It burned A LOT! But I fugured, like a previous poster said, be a man! I dropped that crap on day two and used a diluted version. (about 4 to 1 h2o - bleach). It still burned A LOT! I suffered through the burn for a third day. By then, the affected area was basically wrecked! Redder than ever and feeling like I had dropped hot oil on it. I fried my skin! It's apparent that I have very sensitive skin but this is really something. Today is day 3 since burning my skin off! Right now I'm dealing with what is basically a bad burn. Very raw, scabby, with oozing...not pretty! I'm treating it with antibiotic ointment and letting it get air as much as possible. I wear long pants at work. Pants touching this wound is like stabbing it with an ice pick! So I have to wrap it all up in gauze pads while working.
So, my point in all this is...BE CAREFUL! If you have sensitive skin like me and want to try bleach, dilute it a lot more than I did and watch it close. You don't want to deal with what I'm dealing with! The ringworm may be gone. I just don't know yet. I guess we'll see when this burn heals.
Good Luck!

Givin it a try! Comments By: Chemical Test Bunny! on 2008-03-24
Just got this freakin shit from a friends dirty ass pussy!... Cat that is! lol
And I personally do not trust creams or lotions, they rarely work very fast if at all. I usually use rubbing alcohol to clean cuts infections of all sorts. So when I heard this bleach remedy, it didn't sound far off.
Just applied a 2 parts bleach/ 5 parts water solution. No burning @ all. I'm thinkin everyone complaining about burning has been scratching at @ it. Broken irritated skin... then add household chemical? You do the math... Anywho! I left it on for about 5-6min. Dried out the whole area.... But this is good. Fungi grows in moist areas... Aint moist no more you little fungi bastards! To top it off I sprayed anti fungal powder foot spray on it. Since I washed off the bleach, the powder will absorb any moisture on the skin, along with being for foot fungi, this will surely be a plus...
I'll let you know how it goes! Oh, and I bet the scaring everyone is talking about is from the bleach being applied to the open wound after scratching it as well.
I, have not scratched it as of yet! So if I'm not burning, (im not) and I'm obviously not have any allergic reactions (and I have sensitive skin) then I think the scratched open skin is the only thing I wild not apply bleach to. But hey thats just my opinion. I'll let you all know how this works out... But it is already looking better, and thats 30min so far...
I think it's going to work great!

March 24th 11:15am 2008 Comments By: Chemical Test Bunny! on 2008-03-24
This is when I started the test above!
tried it... Comments By: Mrs. Michelle =] on 2008-03-25
i got ringworm two weeks ago from a filthy hot tub here at our new apartment.
The tub look sketchy but the hubby&I just decided to get it BAD IDEA...
i got one on my leg. We used, peroxide,an antibacterial spray similar to Lysol. & what do you know within a day or 2. It dried up and started to scab away.
But little did i know that before we put all this stuff on, it would stick on everything! we thought we washed everything, [[bathing suits, blankets,& towels]] I FORGET, to toss out the body scrubber i have to exfoliate my face.

SO on Sunday, come back from my wonderful beach weekend, and take a shower
& use the god dang scrubber.

&&& NOWWW i have a gorgeous little sucker on my chin. It sucks, i cried for an hour. I love my face!! I even freak out when i have a pimple. SO with that being said.
I've been doing the same thing. Peroxide, and i tried the foot fungal cream, but it got worse after i did that!
do not put creams on it!! duh! these suckers need moisture to survive!! think about it!
So i was scared, i thought i much rather have a scar that FUNGUS!! anyday. even if its on my chin =/ so i got a q tip, rinsed it a lil bit, & dip it in BLEACH, like the original kind, for laundry & household things... & rinse it once more.

I dabbed it on the stupid ringworm & its been a couple minutes now & its drying out!!! wooo, its starting to look like its scabbing! so i'm excited.

I'll let you know how things progress.

you dont need to buy expensive creams.

bleach works :/ PART TWO Comments By: Mrs. Michelle on 2008-04-04
okay so the stupid ringworm officially died.
i finally figured out what had killed it the first time!!! the stupid antibacterial spray the LYSOL one!!!

Bleach helped kill the ringworm but it was way to strong for my sensitive skin
so now i have burn on my chin.

dilute your bleach alot more
i dabbed mine in regular bleach with a q tip and then ran it under running water then applied it for 15 seconds. EVEN THAT WASNT ENOUGH!!! soo be careful people!!!

SUCKS!! Comments By: Linds on 2008-04-09
SO i moved into my own place and for easter i bought myself a kitten!(i'm a big cat lover,plus i went through a lot to get her approved by my apartment complex)So i was soo excited to have her, but i noticed just after a few days of having her she was losing her fur. i took her to the vet and of course it was RINGWORM! i wanted to die! just a couple days after that i developed a spot on my arm. =[ then i got sick w/ a cold, and my immune system was down, so now my ARMS & CHIN are broke out w/ ringworm! EKKKKK! i hate it, and i work in a doctors office where i see patients all day and they have to see that crap on my face! =[ i have been putting antifungal cream on it, but when i read bout bleach treatment, you bet your ass i'm gonna try it!! i went home and put straight bleach on all my spots even my chin, and it already looks like its drying up! i'm soo excited! Now if it only worked the same for the cat!haha Everyone should use the bleach for their ringworm!
BLEACH - Works but may give you a chemical burn Comments By: FungusAmongus on 2008-04-14
After close to 5 days of using Neosporin AF, and not having any result, I had enough. I turned to a diluted bleach mixture as a last resort. Within seconds of applying a Clorox and water mixture(2 parts water, 1 part bleach)to my spots the burning sensation was quite powerful. It did not give me a serious chemical burn but I could see how someone more sensitive could burn themselves quite badly. In the end, I am pretty sure the bleach did the job; killing the patches I had completely. After applying the Clorox mixture two times within one day my patches became very irritated and you could tell the fungus was dying. I would recommend this to someone who has no problem with self-inflicting a chemical burn.
Currently using Bleach for scalp Ringworm Comments By: MatGrappler on 2008-04-15
It has been 3 days since I used 1/6 clorox and water mixture. I dab it on with a Q-Tip cotton swab. I hold it on the worse part of the ring for 30 sec and lightly spread the rest over the affected area. I let it dry for about 3 minutes and rinse off with water. I do this twice a day, hopefully for less than a week.

So far after 3 days, its only a little burned, meaning slightly darker than before, but NO ringworm in sight, I repeat, NO Ringworm in sight. If you don't believe, regardless of your faith in bleach, this will work. Bottom line.

Great for prevention of recurrent ringworm Comments By: Sue on 2008-04-21
I used bleach diluted with shower gel, I simply used it in place of my regular shower gel. I was in constant contact with infected animals and this method got rid of the ringworm and stopped further outbreaks.

If you keep getting it, maybe you don't realize how much you really need to DECONTAMINATE EVERYTHING that comes in contact with the infected area. Ringworm can live on wood and linen for aaages. Using bleach regularly until ringworm is gone is all that works.

Oh also be sure it is ringworm. Other skin conditions can take on the typical ringworm shape. And if you bleach it you could make it way worse.

Also alot of people mention scarring, I got scars from the ringworm itself. Not bleach. I wouldn't recommend burning yourself, I dont' think it's necessary. Depends how desperate you are, might speed things up.

Just tried it. Comments By: T on 2008-05-11
i just tried it. not sure if i did it right. hopefully it works. it does burn but its a good sensation knowing theres hope that it might be gone! what i did was put bleach on cotton. applied it to area. let it sit for 1-2 minute. damp a napkin with water and wiped the area i applied bleach to. i will be back to update OR i could be in the hospital hahaha.
these itchy thingz Comments By: Damikeea on 2008-05-05
ive just applied the bleach...and yea itz a slight burning sensation hopefully itz killing all the germs....ihave one on my arm and i c another one trying to form on the lower part of my other arm thatz just something i cant have.... these thangz look very disgusting and itz now hot outside so i cant cover them up...so i have to get rid of it as soon as possible they just came outta know where...i will check bacc in and let you know my updates.....
Not as expected (See Dermatologist) Comments By: MatGrappler on 2008-05-07
it has been a couple of weeks since I tried bleach for scalp ringworm. I tried it for a complete 2 weeks and although it does cure the symptoms quickly, they come back as fast as they left. I really think everyone should see a dermatologist at any sight of scalp ringworm. If you catch your symptoms in early stages, you can get rid of it faster by going to a dermatologist.

They will prescribe Ketoconazole 2% shampoo and Ketoconazole Topical cream to control the outer scalp fungus growth. However, in ALL cases, that will not fully kill the scalp ringworm. Only oral medications will be effective at this point.

The 2 most popular are Griseofulvin and Lamisil Tablets (not to be confused with the over the counter cream). Even these medications should be taken with caution, be sure to ask your doctor more about these medications and make sure you don't have any liver problems.

Finally, bleach only works as a temporary solution, but like anything else, it may be harmful if used for too long. Besides, it really does not kill the fungus completely. Get proper help and see your dermatologist as soon as you can. Scalp ringworm can be defeated, but not with bleach alone.

It may seem like it fully works at first, but it will come back as soon as you stop, and that's not healthy in the long run. It had me fooled at first too, but I am now seeking professional help.

In the past week, I had taken Griseofulvin (prescribed by dermatologist) for 4 days and found that it was causing very bad back and kidney cramps. I took a CBC (complete blood count) and LFT (Liver function test) to see if my liver is alright. After stopping the medication, my kidneys and liver feel good again.

I will come back and report what my dermatologist prescribes now that Griseofulvin might not be the medication for me.

Good luck everyone, and remember to kill scalp ringworm as soon as possible, its better for you and your loved ones in the long run.

ring worm on butt Comments By: bob on 2008-05-07
i got ring worm on my butt and i cant get read of it, so i tried beach. burns but not that bad. its has been on there for 20 min,and it does look better. i will get back to you in 1 day.
ring worm on butt Comments By: bob on 2008-05-07
i got ring worm on my butt and i cant get read of it, so i tried beach. burns but not that bad. its has been on there for 20 min,and it does look better. i will get back to you in 1 day.
Just tried it. Comments By: T on 2008-05-11
i just tried it. not sure if i did it right. hopefully it works. it does burn but its a good sensation knowing theres hope that it might be gone! what i did was put bleach on cotton. applied it to area. let it sit for 1-2 minute. damp a napkin with water and wiped the area i applied bleach to. i will be back to update OR i could be in the hospital hahaha.
Dermatologist Update Comments By: MatGrappler on 2008-05-14
My results of the CBC and LFT along with Comprehensive Metabolic panel came back with great results. It appears that most of the cramps and pain from the Griseofulvin was caused by my multi-vitamins interaction with the medication. In rare cases, multi-vitamins will increase liver function and cause a few problems with Griseofulvin or Lamisil tablets. I have been back on Griseofulvin for 4 days since I stopped taking them and I feel much better than before. Minimal back cramps and no trouble sleeping. Griseofulvin took the scalp itch away in 3 days and its clearing up fast. The medication however, must be taken for 6-8 weeks, in my case, 6 weeks. If its not taken for the entire course, the scalp ringworm may come back. Along with Ketoconazole shampoo and cream, the systemic approach is best for scalp ringworm removal.

I have done some research and despite some of the negative side effects of Lamisil tablets, I think it might be a better first line defense against scalp ringworm. As scalp ringworm has little defense against Lamisil and it seems to have a better medication time, from 4-6 weeks as opposed to 6-8 weeks with griseofulvin.

In either case, if you suspect you have scalp ringworm, and believe me, the incredible itching sensation will be like no other when it comes to the scalp itch. Immediately go see a dermatologist. If you run into a good dermatologist, he or she will look at it and quickly determine if Lamisil or Griseofulvin would be right for you.

If you're like me, skeptical about doctors and dermatologist, at least with ringworm, there is a simple cure with the right medication. Don't hesitate, and go get checked out, its worth it. I am so glad I went and got more out of it than not going. At least my itch is gone, the scalp is clearing up and I know my liver is in great shape.

Nothing to lose my friends.

Lamisil Tablets for Scalp Ringworm works best for most Comments By: MatGrappler on 2008-05-20
After lots of research and first hand experience, Griseofulvin is most certainly outdated. No doubt, Griseofulvin might still be better for microsporum canis (scalp ringworm contracted from animals). Over 90% of scalp ringworm among adults and children is not infected by animals. Meaning, 90% of the time, it will be contracted by another person. This is good news, because its much easier to get rid of.

Take note, Griseofulvin will most likely have a higher rate of failure over newer antifungal medication. Through experience, I switched from Griseofulvin to Lamisil 250mg tablets. So far, the benefits far outweigh the side effects, especially versus Griseofulvin. With Griseofulvin, you can't be in the sun for too long, must be taken with fatty foods and medication time is between 6-10 weeks and up to 3 times a day. With Lamisil, sun light is fine, taken with or without food, and its one pill, once a day for 4-6 weeks depending on your scalp ringworm severity.

Perhaps Lamisil might not be right for you, so ask your dermatologist. As for me, I have felt not a single side effect, and the scalp ringworm has cleared up significantly, as does the itch. With Griseofulvin, the infection came back even after a full week of medication.

Just some info on experience, as always, ask your dermatologist what's best, however, make sure you ask why Griseofulvin is better and why Lamisil is better. Your dermatologist might not give you a straight answer, but its more than likely that a good hearted dermatologist will prescribe Lamisil over Griseofulvin hands down. Despite the fact that Lamisil is labeled for toenail fungus, its still more than effective against scalp ringworm infection.

Take care all, and make sure you research and study all your medications, side effects and benefits before you see a dermatologist, so they will see that you are not in the dark and quite knowledgeable.

Knowledge is power.

im trying bleach Comments By: bailey on 2008-05-21
well ive had ring worm for a while and i had gotten it once and it went away for a year then came back well i looked on here and the bleach thing im tyring it and it makes it a little redder at frist then it kinda fades it out so yea well ill let tall know how its going--o and it makes your skin softer.... the bleach does :) so ..o and im okay with the scaring ..ive got enought of those..it looks like a rough guys been in my body breaking it lol
Bleach is the only thing that worked Comments By: Kristie on 2008-05-21
I had the most persistent case of ringworm on my face for two whole months. The ringworm had spread to about 2.5 inches in diameter on my left cheek (I'm not joking) and about 1 inch in diameter on my forehead. Nothing was working, I tried Lamisil, all of the prescription creams, vinegar soaked pennies, and nail polish. I didn't ever leave my house and I was crying all the time. I was hesitant to try the bleach because I have dark skin that scars easily. I finally tried the bleach, using a q-tip to dab it on repeatedly until it burned like hell. It turned the skin into a dark scab pretty quickly, but it killed the ringworm too. I had to do this for about a week in conjunction with the ringworm cream because it would spread outside of the area I had killed it with the bleach. My face was covered in two huge black hard scabs for a couple of days until they peeled off and left pink skin underneath. I used the cream and made my doctor prescribe me three pills of Diflucan. Finally it was all gone, and I could cover it with makeup. Well it's been about four months and I am ringworm free except for two small faint marks which are 100 times better than ringworm .
Help Comments By: Beth on 2008-05-26
I have been suffering with what looks like ringworm for almost 8 weeks. I have been to the skin dr. twice and used two different creams. I finally tried the bleach. Used it for two days, burned horribly and it is very red and still there. Help...
is it a ring worm Comments By: shane on 2008-06-02
i Have a ring worm i think on my arm it is like a ring it is red and yellow around it is it a ring worm? HOPE IT ISN'T :(
Scalp ringworm Comments By: 111 on 2008-06-03
Surprising another good thing for scalp ringworm is MEDICATED Selsun Blue.. it works wonders!
Understand the lifecycle of ringworm Comments By: Anon on 2008-06-05
For proper treatment, it is important to understand the life cycle of ringworm. Most fungus live for 2 to 4 weeks and then die naturally. In order to control fungus on the skin (ringworm, jock itch, athlete's foot), you must prevent re-infestation of the spores. Since you have hundreds of fungus before you have any symptoms (a crop, so to speak), each one is in a different stage of the lifecycle. As some die off, new spores are released and sprout and start the entire problem all over again. Thus, treatment is aimed at killing the spores before they can sprout. Antifungal creams kill the spores not the fungus. Since spores are released continually, you must use it faithfully twice a day for 4 weeks. Miss even one day and spores have had a chance to sprout and these new fungus will also live for 2 to 4 weeks and you need to start counting the days all over again. Just because you can't see symptoms after 10 days or so, doesn't mean there aren't any fungus left still releasing the spores striving for an entire new crop. Diluted bleach (1:10) kills 80% of the spores on hard surfaces if left on for 10 minutes. Stronger concentrations do not kill more - 80% is all we get. Clean three days in a row and you have eliminated almost all spores as long as the environment is not re-infected. The antifungal creams are very effective at killing the spores on our body, much better than bleach and they are safe to use. Personally I find clotrimazole 1% (generic) best and can see improvement in only a few days, but I still have to use it for 4 weeks spreading the cream at least 1 inch beyond the red spot to catch all those spores. It will get so that you can't see any red, but you must continue to faithfully apply the cream. Those who don't find that in a month or two the fungus 'returns'. Really, it hasn't returned - it was never gone, it just took that long for the few spores that were left to get a big crop of fungus to grow. As far as killing the actual fungus, given the eagerness of the pharmaceutical industry to market as much as possible, don't you think that if the fungus could be killed (even with bleach) then there would be a product on the market that we could buy? Forget roaches, when the world ends, the only thing alive will be fungus.
Ringworm before beach Holiday!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-06-16
I had ringworm on the back of neck and was extremly horrified as i was goin holiday with freinds in a week so didnt want to sit on the beach with a huge ring in the back of my neck. i went out and brought as many creams as possiable finding clotrimazole 1% being most effective. I wasnt seeing much change then i came across this page, fort ill give it a try as i was reli desparate. Within 3 days the ringworm dried up and was visiably gone I continued using the Clotrimazole 1% cream throughout tho. I dulited the bleach with 9parts water then gradually increased the amount of bleach, as i was worried about burning my skin which ppl above sed happened to them, alothough i was fine. I did notice when using the bleach on the ringworm it would burn and go much more red but i carried on and it worked for me. I am stil using the cream to make sure it doesn't come back. Hope this helps....
So I've done it before Comments By: Princess on 2008-06-13
I broke out like crazzyyyy last year, the same exact day. And my mom used clorox on it, no diluting either haha. It went away like that. ^^. But this morning, I was covered in them D: So I was wondering, if I poured like a cap full in my shoewr gel, and then took a bath, would that be effective? I mean, I have them in places I didn't know existed, and they itch like crazy, I'm positive I am spreading them everywhere toooooo. Some one PLLLLZZZ answer me, I have triplets coming over soon, and they are five months, I don't want them to get it. Plusssss, I was wondering, how do I clean stuff? Lysol disenfectAnt wipes? D:
bleach works for a bit Comments By: anon on 2008-06-18
i had a very bad ring worm and i would have tried anything to get rid of it...i used bleach and it dried it up and got rid of it...i thought it was over and than it came back i use bleach and it is helping but i just wonder how long i will keep getting this..
KEEP COMING BACK Comments By: stacey on 2008-06-25
i have been getting ringworm off and on for about 2 years. The creams work but it always come back months later. I'm wondering if the bleach will kill the fungus once and for all. I'm not worried about scarring because it seems like a scar is always left from all the other ringworms i've had anyway. WELL IM ABOUT TO TRY IT! wuts the worst that could happen? This has been going on for 2 years and I will try anything cuz the creams seem to not work.
TRY IT ANDF SEE Comments By: YVETTE MCR on 2008-07-06
time Comments By: anon on 2008-07-18
im a wrestler in highschool and all my buddies tell me i should bleach it just the problem is how long would i have to leave the cotton ball on this dumb fungus?
Bleach is a proven method over and over again.... Comments By: Jon Doe Doy on 2008-07-21
Not only does bleach work for ringworm but it also works for posion ivy. Now im not saying go out and do what i do but i am highly allergic to posion ivy. It had spread all over my right side so my stepdad scraped it open and put bleach on it. It was gone a few days later and no itch or scars. I do the same with ringworm and it still works magic
BELIEVE THE HYPE - BLEACH WORKS Comments By: bleach works on 2008-07-24
I have had ringworm for a few months and its slowly got worse, not only in it's state but it's made me feel horrible. The doctor gave me a cream but I knew there was only so much a cream could do, so I took the tip of using bleach from this site, and within 12 hours the colour had DEFINATLY changed and I honestly think it's working. I was really worried about using bleach, but it didn't burn because I didn't leave it on for too long, and once it had been on for about 10 seconds I wiped cool water over it. DON'T BE SCARED OF USING BLEACH! I have made sure I use the cream as well, and I use the bleach at least 3 times a day ALWAYS washing it away with cool water afterwards to prevent scaring. will up date again in 2 or 3 days so confirm wether it has helped get rid of it completely.
Sucks Comments By: M23 on 2008-07-31
Yeah so I have a ringworm and it sucks. I put Clorox on mine and it did burn but only a little bit. I actually did it today and it has already improved.
Hey Comments By: M23 on 2008-08-01
So I did the clorox thing. Put the clorox on their then peroxide. Woke up and it is slightly gone. How ever you can also use lysol because it will kill it. On the lysol disnfectant bottle it will say that it kills fungus. I suggest that you buy some lysol disinfectant spray and spary it all over you house and everything you use and touch. Also to prevent it from coming again buy some black soap or antifungus soap. If you have a ringworm on your leg or arm then just use blue star ointment then cover it with a band-aid and it will go away it just takes awhile
Bleach works, but you must use it ALL OVER! Comments By: Fungus-Free on 2008-08-03
I suffered with it for a year (picked up at the gym) and finally started sponge-bathing with it after a shower every day and again at night. If you do not treat your entire body you will just be leaving areas for the spores to re-infect you. It took about a month and a half to completely rid myself of it. I diluted it with water about 50/50 and used a washcloth to wash my entire body except my privates. It stung a bit, but went away quickly. I never rinsed it off, defeats the barrier. My skin is not scarred, in fact it is beautiful, in great condition. I also washed my sheets every other day and used Bag Balm on it when the itch drove me nuts. It will appear to get worse before it gets better, this is just because it is deep in the skin and you are bringing it to the surface, and KILLING IT! Stick with it, it really works.
specifics about bleach usage Comments By: mike on 2008-08-07
Using bleach on the skin can be ''touchy.'' Some ppl with naturally dry skin are quite sensitive to it, others, not so much. Whenever i get athletes' foot, for example, i use a bleach pen early in the morning, let it air dry, then put socks & shoes on, and go about my day. This cured my toughest athletes' foot in 7 days, something that 30 days of lotrimin's 10-day formula couldn't even touch. but this is just me. One of my friends can't even handle a 10% bleach solution without getting a rash. I'd advise ''testing in a colourfast area.'' i.e.: somewhere that isn't vital (like the face) and somewhere that can be hidden (like the top of the foot, or bikini line) if you use it in your hair, then you deserve what's coming to you.
it really works!!!! Comments By: Melissa on 2008-08-13
I used the clortimozole cream by itself for a couple of days which wasnt working to well so I started cleaning the ringworm with bleach and then applying the cream and within a couple of days it was all cleared up. It did sting a little but atleast it is gone ;)
bleach worked .. Comments By: ray hernandez on 2008-08-24
i found out the doctor says after 2 weeks if it doesnt go away all they do is scrape it off .. so i scraped gently with a razor and kept dabbing it in bleach then once the layer of dead fungis skin was off which u can see on the razor .. i would dab it on with a paper towel. dont go too crazy with the razor i did the first time and it scarred a lil. more or less just scrape gently, stops it in its tracks
burned but its worth it Comments By: dee on 2008-08-29
i had a ringworm on my right knee..1st,da mark was really small..kept on scratching it..den it got bigger like the size of my fist..bought anti fungal cream and it didnt work..den i saw dis bleach thngy on the web..i quickly bought a bleach bottle and applied it...4 hours later,no more ringworm..but i got a ringburn..:( but its worth it..:)
Jock itch.... Comments By: T on 2008-09-03
I have ringworm on my crotch!!!!How I got it there do not know???I am a bit scared to put bleach on that part? I am using the cream, can't tell that it is working yet? HELP!!!!!
get rid of it Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-11
Add about one cup of Clorox bleach to a full tub of water as warm as you can comfortably stand it. Soak in the tub for a good while every day until ringworm goes away. After bathing soak infected area with apple cider vinegar saturated on a paper towel for a few minutes then rub in tea tree oil, or jojoba mixed with tea tree oil and top that with lamisil. The ringworm should go away completely in about a month or so and relief of itching in a couple of days. Continue this regime for at least two weeks after ringworm has disappeared to make sure it is gone. Also, wash bedding and clothes in Clorox until you are rid of the ringworm.
Bleach did not only kill the rot but I found a new way of clearing my hard skin! Comments By: Lilly on 2008-09-13
I got ringworm from an ex boyfriend (nice eh) on my foot. It proved really hard to shift though the most effective cream was tinaderm which became unavailable since I moved from UK to NL . All NL treatments for this are as weak as water and it began to spread rapidly. So out of deperation I started using bleach. Well it kills all germs dead, it says on the bottle and it is a germ. I used loads of it while scraping my horrible hard skin off in the bath and lo and behold not only did it quickly shift the "mange" but also melted off, harmlessly the dead skin that builds up on my feet. 2 Victories in 1!

Also I pour boiling water into my shoes once a week, though not advised for expensive italian jobs, my socks in a bucket of boiling water and wash bedding/under bedding other clothes hot.

I only use Domestos/Glorix

Bleach does work quick on ringworm - what about cats? Comments By: Cat rescuer on 2008-09-16
I am fostering 7 cats who had ringworm, I got it from them, I put straight bleach on it and it dries up in a day. Works great. Wondering if I can use it on the cats, they have had it for 3 months and I've tried everything.
Clorox for ringworm and what else? Comments By: anon on 2008-09-21
Why would black people bathe with Clorox?
Bleach-7yrs. old-scalp Comments By: KAE on 2008-09-22
I just tried a 1pt.bleach 5 pt. water mixture on my son. He has them all in his head-large with puss. I had to take action. He is on Grisofulvin, but it taking forever.He got a haircut and they spread before I knew thats what it was in his scalp. And he is losing hair from the spots in his scalp. This has been recurring for 3years now. I will report back in a few days.
I will let you know Comments By: R. Worm on 2008-09-23
I just started the treatment. It did not burn when I applied the bleach.
bleach huh? Comments By: anth on 2008-09-29
diluted? or straight? i dont give a crap about a scar. chicks dig scars. lol. its right under my bellybutton and itches like the meanest SOB. So straight or diluted?
Win the battle against the nasty fungal infection. Comments By: Anon on 2008-10-01
Listen I have experienced ringworm twice this year. Initially, I did not know what it was and the pharmacist told me to use anti-fungal cream. I used ultra-Lotrimin and it went away in around five weeks. Unfortunately, it came back in a different area of my body moving from the neck to my chest. I made the doctor's visit for the so called more powerful prescription lotion with steroids in it. After spending a couple hundred dollars to see the doctor the prescription lotion failed to completely kill the ringworm infection. Here is how I finally got rid of it. 1. add a cup of Clorax to a full bath and soak every day, until it goes away. 2. do not apply straight Clorox to any open sores, however, you can apply it straight on the ringworm after it has begun to heal. 3. Rub in tea tree oil first, and Lamisil or ultra-Lotrimin afterward. Any drugstore will sell tea tree oil or jojoba oil mixed with tea tree oil and it cost under twenty dollars a bottle. The oil and lotion should be applied after your morning shower and the bath should be in the evening followed with tea tree oil and anti-fungal lotion. 4. You can also apply straight Clorox bleach with a q-tip or cotton ball before the oil and lotion and leave it on, because there is no point in rinsing it off. Again, do not use straight bleach on any open sores, but only after the ringworm has begun to go away and you are past the oozing blister phase. 5. (Optional) You can also take a paper towel and soak it with apple cider vinegar for good measure. Hold it over the infected area for a few minutes, because the acid is a natural anti-fungal remedy. Do not rely on vinegar or rubbing alcohol alone, however, they are only added measures to fight the skin fungus.
go with bleach Comments By: amanda on 2008-10-03
i get ringworms every once in a while and the fastest thing to work is the bleach! put some on a q-tip and spread it all over the ringworm. it may leave the skin red from the bleach burning the skin but that heals!
You can SEE it working Comments By: Scott on 2008-10-10
Grab a Blacklight (UV) and you can phsyically see the fungus it lights up a neon green colour very cool, then you can work away at it with the bleach, im using it neat on a Q tip and just rubbing away at the fungus, its definately working! you can see the green fungus under uv flaking away and staying away, im also following this up with tea tree oil and then anti-fungal cream MASSIVE improvement in just one day.
It Works but There's Some Bad Effects Comments By: Ringworm Killa on 2008-10-10
Bleach will clean the ringworm up within days, but it will scar the skin in that spot and there's no effecient way of removing scars. But you'll just have to make the choice of if you want bacteria on your leg or a life long scar. Something that works better than bleach is a medication pill you can get from the doctor. It clears it up within days and it doesnt leave any scars.
Works but use an antifungal too Comments By: anonymous on 2008-10-11
My ringworm would not go away. After a month of using lamisil and tea tree oil it was worse, not better. So for the past 5 days I have been applying diluted bleach twice a day and it has made a huge difference. Definite fading and it stopped a new spot in its tracks. You still need to apply an anti-fungal like lamisil though or you could just end up reinfecting yourself. Continue applying the anti-fungal for 2 weeks after symptoms have stopped too. You also need to wash your sheets and clothes in hot everyday and the same with your washcloth and towel every time you use it.
just tried bleach, work in a pet store Comments By: Cadie bandy on 2008-10-14
I work in a petstore were, of course, ringworm runs rampent.
And freakin heck wouldn't you know I got the dang thing? I was obssesive about being clean, ridicuouslly so, and still got it. The bleach is working, remember, don;t use bandaids. But do cover it with gauze. Over the counter stuff is the best way to go however.
No one talks here much about fabirc, do I need to clean my sheets daily? Clothing I'm sure, but what about pillows? blankets? Couches? Will ringworm on the skin evolove into athlete's foot in the shower?

Ringworm spots leave marks Comments By: ANON on 2008-10-19
Ringworm spots will leave a mark when it heals no matter how it is treated and it will go away, at least somewhat, just like any 'bo-bo'. The OUTSIDE of the ring is the active infection. When applying ANY treatment to a spot start at the outside and work your way in. If you start at the inside you may spread it even more.
Why do people rate something they haven't tried? Comments By: Dr Feelgood on 2008-10-20
Why would you do that? You have no idea if it works or not. My favorite is the people that give it 1 star, say they haven't tried it, and then state they are off to do it now. Also, just because something is natural, doesnt make it good or work well (not talking about bleach). If I told you that rattlesnake venom cured your ringworm, you would try it rather than an OTC treatment because the OTC isnt natural. I will give this a 3 rating because it is unrelated to bleach, but at least I explain my rating.
How is it suppose to look? Comments By: Jody on 2008-10-24
So, after reading all these tips I decided to try the bleach approach. But My ringworm looks really weird and gross now. I don't know if it is going away so it looks gross. But its all crack-y and just plain awkward looking. Please someone help!!!
RINGWORM ON MY SKIN Comments By: Sandy on 2008-10-30
i got ringworm from work related, now i am on medication and home until i see my doctor again. i want to quick my job asap because i am afraid to go back to work and the ringworm comes back again. This never happened to me before as an adult. i sleep in the same bed with my husband and i am afraid of giving him the skin worms. i cry somethings because just the thought of ringworms on my skin. if i am on the medication the pill and cream can my husband still come in contact with the ringworm. Its on my upper body meaning my arms, stomach,shoulders, and my back. please help me because i am about to go crazy.
ringworm makes me psycho!!! Comments By: fungi free now on 2008-11-03
i had a 6 month episode with ringworm. got it in a tanning bed and will never tan laying down again! started under my right armpit, had no idea what it was. made the mistake of shaving-starting there. i was COVERED!!!! in a week. meds for 3 months didn't help. finally turned to bathing in a tub of full strength bleach. burned like hell but worked after a while. destroy everything you touched- wash bedding in hot water, scrub car seats, door handles, shampoo carpets... you name it... you MUST destroy any spores you may have left behind or you WILL be reinfected....
FYI Comments By: fungicidal maniac on 2008-11-07
The common name for this infection is misleading. I just wanted to reassure those who are confused/self-stigmatized: RINGWORM IS NOT AN INFESTATION OF WORMS,IT IS A FUNGUS. Ok, being host to a fungus is also disconcerting, but not nearly as unsettling as hosting worms. I had a spot on my skin that I thought was simply an irritation, but since researching and viewing photos of ringworm, this is definitely the culprit. As a cell biology major, the bleach treatment seems reasonable, as chlorine is toxic to most organisms. Be advised though, it is also toxic to skin cells. Dilution and thorough rinsing shortly after application should minimize the toxic effects to your skin. My affected area is on my lower back; I'd not even consider putting bleach on my face (as some posters have), due to the liklihood of scarring. I'll post my methods and the effectiveness after I try this treatment. Good luck to my fellow fungi assassains!
Bleach Comments By: Never Listen to Mom on 2008-11-11
My mom told me to hold the bleach on my arm for 5 minutes. I put the bleach on my arm for like a minute and now I have a spot on my arm without hair on it and it burns.
kill them suckers Comments By: james liebsack on 2008-11-16
Here is all you need in your arsenal, soap, hot water, tea tree oil, vitamin e cream or liquid pills, anti-fungal lotion lotrimin, or lamisil, apple cider vinegar and a bottle or two of Clorox regular bleach. First, take a hot shower in the morning to open up the skin pores and then massage ringworm infected area with tea tree oil, because it is safe painless and goes deep in the skin. Second, rub in the anti-fungal lotion. Repeat two or three times a day with light coats of tea tree oil alone. Before you go to sleep rub in Vitamin E cream and apply a large size bandaid with the apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil soaked on the pad and remove in the morning, this will speed up the recovery process. Third, if you enjoy bathing add a little Clorox to your bath, or if you want a bubble bath you can use palmolive anti-bacerial liquid dish washing soap. Mine was quite bad, but now it is almost gone six weeks later. Also, do not leave your shaving razor in wet areas, because the spores could reinfect your skin if your razor is not dry. Good luck, it worked for me.
Common sense when using bleach Comments By: Jason on 2008-11-25
All you need is a little common sense when using bleach on ringworm. soak a q-tip with bleach and gently dab it on the infected area. Don't apply too much, don't apply too little. You will know if it's right when it stings a little but not burn your skin. The fungus will die and you'll live happily ever after.
BLEACH = Nasty Scares Comments By: anon on 2008-11-25
from my experience i will never use bleach again. i now have 8 horrible red scars thanks to trying this method, it killed the ringworm off but i would much prefer putting up with them for a little longer than being left with these ugly scars for the rest of my life :(
i tried bleach as the creams i tried wornt working very fast. Also nail polish which i think aided in making the scars worse do dont try this one either.
i recommend that you use lamisil as it kills the fungus as opposed to other ones that just stop it from growing and make them die very slowly. i applied on so new ones that i hadnt put bleach on and they were gone in a week if only i had known this would work earlier :(
hopeing that others can learn from my experiance, its a horrible thing to go to.. and memba to wash sheets and clothes every night and clean bathroom to get rid of the stupid thing so u dont re-infect yourself... im feeling really depressed about my scars and so please dont use bleach on your skin, not ever!

The RINGWORM KILLER Comments By: James Liebsack on 2008-11-28
An anti-fungal drug is medication used to treat fungal infections such as athlete's foot, ringworm and candidiasis. Such drugs are usually obtained by a doctor's prescription or purchased over the counter. Antifungals work by exploiting differences between mammalian and fungal cells to kill the fungal organism without dangerous effects on the host. Unlike bacteria, both humans and fungi are eukaryotes. The fungal and human cells are similar at the molecular level. This means it is more difficult to find a weakness in fungi to attack that also does not exist in human cells - so, if you attack the fungus, you may also attack the human cells the fungus live on. Consequently, there are often side-effects to some of these drugs. There are several classes of anti-fungal drugs. Allylamines inhibit the enzyme squalene exposidase, another enzyme required for ergosterol synthesis. Terbinafine marketed as Lamisil in North America and Butenafine marketed as Lotrimin Ultra are OTC anti-fungal medications in this group classification. Alternative remedies may also be used to treat ringworm infection or fungal infection, too. Popular remedies are Tea Tree Oil, Neem Oil, Vitamin E, Vinegar Apple Cider, Lavender/Myrrh Oil, Goldenseal/Thyme, Ginger, Garlic Powder, Honey, Cinnamon, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Aloe Vera, Baking Soda, Salt, Borac Acid, Rubbing Alcohol, Garlic, and Bleach. Obviously, it is not necessary to use all of the above to kill ringworm, however, ringworm is stubborn and can spread if not adequately treated. I beat a bad case of ringworm after the failure of using a doctor prescribed prescription. I beat it using only the following; tea tree oil multiple times a day two to four times; Lotrimin ultra or lamisil once a day; a combination of apple cider vinegar/tea tree oil applied to a bandaid once a day before sleep and removed in the morning to break up the infection; later, I switched to using only tea tree oil and honey or Vitamin E oil rather than the Apple Cider Vinegar. Last, I recommend you use your God given hands to rub in the oils and lotions instead of all the dab and dot stuff with q-tips and cotton balls etc., the idea is to work it into the skin. After application with your Hands and fingers just wash your hands well with soap. I hope this gets rid of everyone's ringworm problem, because it worked for me. Be patient it may take a month to six weeks to totally eradicate the problem.
Mix bleach and water 50 50 dab with QTip Comments By: S on 2008-12-06
I acquired ringworms from a stray cat I rescued. I have a total of 27 spots. I have tried everything under the sun and am taking all precautionary measures in my environment, but miraculously the only thing that seems to noticeably work is the bleach. I mixed 50/50 bleach and water in a container and once a day I Q-Tip the solution on each spot give it time to dry then dab my athletes foot ointment on and its the first concoction that has finally shown any positive rewards. Good luck!
DILUTE DILUTE DILUTE Comments By: n on 2008-12-14
DILUTE DILUTE DILUTE. I didn't and ended up with chemical burns. at least dilute 1part bleach : 3part water. I am a bit concerned that the bleach made the ringworm worse and helped it to spread. bleach will kill the fungus but it will also eat the surface of your skin making it possible i believe for the fungus to spread and burrow into these new surface 'cuts'. this is how i believe mine became much worse... so be careful.. i found that patting a diluted mix of bleach with a cotton swap on the ringworm and letting it sit for a few seconds then rinsing off immediately under running cold water, and repeating this process a few times immediately afterwards once a day worked well. then i applied fresh aloe from the plant to help with the slight burns and let it dry on my skin before putting on a layer of anti-fungal cream. IF YOU USE BLEACH BE CAREFUL YOU DO NOT MAKE IT WORSE!! if done carefully the skin may turn red around the ringworm and the next day some of the ringworm may turn brown and flake off. moving carefully and taking a few days to gradually get rid of the ringowrm is much better than giveing yourself horrble and painful chemical burns that take forever to heal and possiblly scar the skin. and may not kill all the ringworm or give it gounds to spread
its not burning Comments By: sian on 2009-01-28
iv had ringworm 4 about 10 months now i now its descrafull but its on the bottom of my foot but im a model and i cant have this kind of stuff iv tried everything now im trying bleach i just put it on but its not burning at al i want to get rid if it i told my hubby it was a birth mark thank god he doesnt no ablout ring worm its never been itchy or anything but it is rin worm its in exactually the same shape as a love heart go figur is it still working if it doesnt burn
I'm just trying it. Comments By: vvfvfdvfvv bbbgdbf on 2009-02-01
I just put the bleach on and idk if I have to wash it off or not? idk I'm just gonna keep it on. It burns but not bad at all. I hope this works it's kind of red right now "/.
RINGWORM DIET Comments By: James Liebsack on 2009-01-18
I realize the general discussion pertains to the use of bleach, however, I want to add this suggestion to people who suffer with ringworm skin disease. It is important to cure ringworm internally as with optional forms of topical treatment. Balanced diet it important to keep your body disease free. People suffering from severe ringworm should survive only on a fruit based diet at least for one week. The main idea behind a fruit-based diet is that this diet would clear all the unwanted and toxic materials inside the body, which is causing skin and other disease. After a week, patient may start taking bread, milk, vegetables, yogurt, etc.. Junk or oily food is not good for health and should be strictly avoided. Patient suffering from ringworm should also include vegetable juice in their diet.
How to make a bath for ringworm Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-19
A bath can be made for ringworm by taking a handful of sea salt, four drops of lavender essential oil and four drops of tea tree essential oil. Soak for at least 20 minutes. Dry completely, but make sure the area with the ringworm is dried last. This can be done as needed.
How to use essential oils for ringworm Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-21
To prepare the oil to treat the ringworm, add 30 drops tea tree, 20 drops lavender, 10 drops geranium and 10 drops thyme essential oils into a 2 oz. bottle, cover and shake the bottle. Take vitamin E capsules, and one at a time poke a hole in one end with a pin and squeeze the vitamin E into the bottle with the essential oils. Repeat with 10 capsules, cover and shake the bottle. Now the oil can be applied to the ringworm. Take a cotton swab, dip it in the oil and apply the oil to the ringworm. If more oil is needed, use a new cotton swab in order to not contaminate the bottle of oil. Apply three to four times a day until ringworm disappears and ten days after clearing to prevent possible ringworm recurrence. Drink plenty of water and avoid sweets and junk food, at least until ringworm is gone. One may also use an anti-fungal OTC cream such as Tinactin, Lamisil, or Lotrimin AF and Lotrimun Ultra once a day. Make sure skin is washed daily and clean before application of either oils or lotion and remove all dead skin. If you use bleach dilute it one part to six parts water, because the toxicity is not healthy for the skin tissue.
Tea tree oil is most frequently recommended for the treatment of fungus infections. Tea tree oil can be used undiluted on the skin, but in sensitive cases, some may wish to dilute it with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or olive oil. Oil of Oregano contains compounds that inhibit the growth of fungi, worms, and other organisms. It is an excellent anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent making it another option for ringworm treatment. An effective natural ringworm treatment includes: Avoid antibiotics, they kill the friendly bacteria the body needs to keep everything in check. Modify the diet to exclude acidic fungus loving foods, (milk, dairy, sugars). Cleanse the effected area with anti-fungal oils such as oil of oregano, tea tree oil, etc.. Use probiotic enzyme supplements to promote healthy intestinal flora. Note, probiotic capsules are best taken in the morning before breakfast with warm water to help digestion. Do not take Oregano capsules at the same time as you take the probiotics, because they do different things. The Oregano capsules kill bad bacteria, whereas the probiotics restore good bacteria in your body to keep it in check. Eat your vegetables, drink plenty of water, and eat more vegetables. Don't forget the best time to apply the essential oils to ringworm is after a bath or shower while the skin is soft. Clorox bleach is advised as a good disinfectant for your tub and shower and to be used to wash your clothing. Make sure you dilute it with water if you decide to use it as a ringworm treatment...
Recommended for severe persistant ringworm Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-03
Ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin. Virtually any part of the skin may be attacked, although the most prominent sites include the scalp, face, back, chest, abdomen, legs, and arms.
Ringworm is caused by a fungus known as tinea. This organism has a predilection for the skin and, in fact, thrives upon a protein in the skin known as keratin. It lives on the keratin in the dead cells that are shed by the skin every day. Tinea is readily destroyed by OIL of OREGANO, in fact, the organism is no match for it. Researchers have discovered that OIL of OREGANO is directly toxic to tinea, and, when evaluated in the laboratory, it totally destroyed all species of the organism. If the oil is applied regularly, a complete resolution of ringworm should be evident in as little as ten days.
Rub OIL of OREGANO on the affected region twice daily. Also, take Oregamax crude wild oregano capsules, three caps twice daily. Also, it is helpful to take a few drops of the oil once a day in juice or water. It is best to fight the fungus both topically and internally.
OIL of OREGANO can be purchased at almost any health food store and cost around $$40. for a bottle, but it is worth it's weight in gold if you want to say goodbye to the nasty ringworms that are living in your skin. Tea tree oil, lavender oil, cinnamon oil, lemon oil, and thyme oil are effective anti-fungal essential oils, however, oil of oregano is the most powerful.

There is more than one road leading to Rome Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-04
Ringworm is a common skin disease, caused by fungus. It isn't very dangerous, but highly annoying.
There are several remedies to treat ringworm on the body and face. Some of them are: 1. Soak a cloth or paper towel with natural apple cider vinegar and apply it on the ringworm for about 15 minutes, several times a day. 2. Take 1-2 pieces of garlic and mash them on a small piece of aluminum foil. Take the sheet with mashed garlic and apply it on the ringworm. Do this two time a day. It might sting but the ringworm should be gone in a week. 3. Turmeric is also very effective for ringworm. Apply the juice of raw turmeric to the infected parts. And you can even take of mixture turmeric juice and honey orally. 4. You can also apply Iodine on the ringworm. Apply for one week or longer till ringworm is gone. 5. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is also good for treating ringworm. It is not very costly and is good for all kinds of skin problems such as acne, dandruff and other fungal infections. Rub some extract on the patches, and put a band aid over it. Full strength extract from grapefruit may irritate the skin slightly, but is a quick remedy for getting rid of ringworm. 6. Tea Tree Oil also works well for ringworm. Apply drops of Tea Tree Oil to the affected region twice a day. If it itches, mix a few drops with a mild oil like olive oil and apply. 7. You can also use Myrrh Essential Oil, Oil of Oregano, Lavender Essential Oil, and Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil as they all have anti-fungal properties. I have found Oil of Oregano and Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil most effective, but the others are slower, but less harsh. 7. OTC creams Lamisil, Lotrimun, and Blue Star Ointment can be effective if the ringworm is not severe as well. 8. Some people benefit from the use of bleach. But if your skin is sensitive or turns red on application, do not use it. Use original Clorox type bleach that contains only sodium hypochlorite and water. Using diluted bleach prevents chemical burns and stinging, but should not be used on the affected area if bleeding or open.

If you can't bleach it out try cinnamon bark oil Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-09
The active ingredients of cinnamon bark oil contain antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, antispasmodic, and anti-fungal properties. Japanese research has shown cinnamaldehyde, one of the constituents of cinnamon bark, to be sedative and analgesic. Cinnamon bark oil contains antiseptic properties that help to prevent infection by killing decay causing bacteria, fungi, and viruses. One German study showed that the use of cinnamon bark suppressed the cause of most urinary tract infections and the fungus responsible for vaginal yeast infections. It is also helpful in relieving ringworm and athlete's foot.
Try using honey on it. Comments By: James Liebsack on 2009-01-09
There are numerous benefits of honey, it is very beneficial for skin disorders. It helps to rejuvenate skin and provides glow and softness to the skin, it also helps in eliminating fine wrinkles. It acts as a good moisturizer for the skin. Honey has laxative effect on digestive system, which helps in curing skin problems like pimples, acne, and other problems associated with constipation.
Honey has many antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It has an antibiotic action on human body. Honey helps in treating burs and scars, ulcers. Honey is a very viscous liquid for this reason it absorbs water from surrounding inflamed tissue.

Idk about this... Comments By: Lawrence on 2009-02-03
I've been using this method for a day and a half now and I'm not gonna lie it's kind of gotten redder and worse. I'm gonna keep doing it I'll get back to y'all
I'm shocked, but it does work Comments By: Sarah on 2009-02-06
I had two spots that I've been trying to take care of with OTC creams for over a week, but they weren't working. I had heard of bleach and got desperate enough to try it.
On one of the spots, I used it and left it on, on the other I used it and then washed it off. The one where I washed it off is not better, but the one where I left it on is amazingly much better. Wow!

To further experiment, I did a 2nd application of bleach on the better one, and tea tree oil on the not-getting-better one - again the bleach is working best! Crazy.

SKIN FUNGAL INFECTION TREATMENTS Comments By: Anon on 2009-02-05
The main treatment is diet (fruit and vegetables), supplements, anti-fungals and probiotics. There are some direct treatments that help relieve symptoms to some degree. Avoid scented or antibacterial soaps, instead use coconut oil based soap, available at the health store, or wash thoroughly with plain water. After shower or bath, rinse the area well with an apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and water mixture, (mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or the juice of 1/2 lemon into 2 cups of warm water. Pat it dry, but do not rinse it off. This restores the natural acid layer of the skin which helps fight fungal infections. Rub coconut oil into the affected area as often as possible, alternating with baking soda which is patted or dusted on. Baking soda paste can be applied to affected areas as well. Put a little water in a small dish and add baking soda to make a pasty consistency. Taking baking soda, or baking soda combined with epsom salt, baths helps all skin problems. Add 1/2 cup of baking soda to your bath water, or use 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup epsom salt. Twice a day rub antifungal solutions well into all areas that are affected. Use 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with five drops of one of the following, or use a combination 1. tea tree oil. 2. garlic oil. 3. oil of oregano. 4. clove oil. You can also rub the oils full strength into affected areas, but if the skin is open or oozing it may sting for awhile or feel like it is burning. However, none of these oils actually burn the skin, but they do generate heat which is part of the healing affect. Last, it is equally as important to go on a vegetable and fruit fast to clean out your system from the inside and so as not to feed the fungus and help it's proliferation.
TREAT RINGWORM NATURALLY Comments By: Anon on 2009-02-10
These are my recommendations. Start taking a good PROBIOTIC. If you take this for a few months you may just get cured. Avoid PROCESSED SUGAR, any time you have a fungal problem it will feed on it. Use straight TEA TREE OIL on affected area three times a day until it is healed. This will dry it up and relieve itching. Another way to treat ringworm is to use GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL. You can alternate this with TEA TREE OIL and use same as above. Slice a piece of GARLIC and band aid it over the infected spot overnight or between application of oils. I recommend you use the TOUGH STRIP BAND AIDS that don't come off until you take them off! I strongly recommend you go to the health store and get OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT, because it inhibits fungus and other parasites inside the body. Also, take a ZINC supplement, GARLIC, and Vitamin A and E supplements as well. It is also wise to use a powerful bath oil loaded with oils and minerals for bathing or you can use sea salt and 2 drops of Thyme Oil, 2 drops Lavender Oil and 4 drops Tea Tree Oil for a bath. Avoid scratching and hard scrubbing as this will only aggravate the infection. First thing is to take the PROBIOTICS on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before eating with warm water. Supplements are best taken in the afternoon and evening after meals. Include plain yogurt in your diet daily to help build up good bacteria to fight off the bad bacteria also. It can be sweetened with a little honey or fresh fruit. Take in lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, but not at the same time. Limit or avoid meat, dairy, sugars, bread, for faster recovery. Sauerkraut, olive oil, raw carrots,yams, green vegetables, cooked garlic, and green and red peppers and especially good. Fruit juice should be the natural unsweetened kind. Use an antifungal shampoo in the morning shower and add a couple drops of tea tree oil and mix in your hand this will benefit your hair and can clean your skin of germs as a body wash. Leave on at least 2 or 3 minutes before you rinse your hair and body. If you do all of this your ringworm will not only go away, but your overall general state of HEALTH will dramatically improve.
LIST OF BEST NATURAL ANTIFUNGALS Comments By: Anon on 2009-02-13
1. PROBIOTICS. Indiscriminant use of antibiotics leads to overgrowth of the normal intestinal yeast, which may initiate problems or compound existing ones. Probiotics replace the normal intestinal flora. They are important for the manufacture of B vitamins. They also protect against cancer, eczema, allergies, acne, and digestive disorders. 2. OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT. Olive leaf extract has the ability to kill invading fungus rather than merely inhibiting its growth. It contains a phenolic compound called oleuropein, which has antiviral, antifungal, antiprotozoal, and antibacterial properties. 3. GARLIC. Garlic in its natural form is a highly effective, broad spectrum antifungal. It can be eaten raw, cooked in recipes, ground up in juice, or taken as a supplement that offers it in its whole albeit dried form. 4. GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT (GSE). Grapefruit seed extract has been used in humans in the treatment of human fungal infections. It is more effective at killing yeast than bleach, colloidal silver, tea tree oil and iodine. It has a bitter taste and must be diluted in water or juice (preferably carrot juice). It can be taken internally or used topically. 5. PAU D'ARCO. May be taken in a capsule or a tea. 6. HERBS AND VITAMINS. Most herbs and many vitamins that display health benefits, like the antioxidants (Vitamin E, A, C, Zinc, etc.) have antifungal properties. 7. MALIC ACID. Malic acid is found in apple cider vinegar. Although vinegars and most sauces are not encouraged in a antifungal diet, malic acid is antifungal. One might use a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of room temperature water to consume once a day. 8. GOLDENSEAL. 9. OIL OF OREGANO. 10. CLOVE OIL. 11. COLLOIDAL SILVER. 12. RED THYME OIL. 13. NEEM SEED OIL. 14. TEA TREE OIL. 15. LAVENDER OIL. (lavender oil and tea tree essential oils are also very good for scars as is vit. E oil). 16. Baking Soda. 17. CARROT JUICE and CARROTS. Enjoy a carrot today!!
Feb 14, 2009 Comments By: Juliet on 2009-02-14
I had my friend stay at my house last week. Now I knew that she had ring worm, but she said that her ring worm is gone. So I didn't think anything about it. Until 2 days later. I called her and told her that her ring worm is not gone. Since I now had a little white head looking thing on my hand that itched like all hell. Now I knew it was ring worm because about 4 month ago I had ringworm in 23 spots and my daughters had it in about 15. So I knew what it was.
When I had it before I used Blue Star on it. It took about 2 months for that to work. I don't have 2 months to wait now.
I leave for Las Vegas in 4 days.
I also have 2 children that depend on me picking them up.

So here I go, I'm going to try this bleach method. I really hope it works.
Everyone in here says different things about how often to put it on. So I put it on 2 times already. Once at 8:30pm (burned very little bit) and then again at 9:30pm (cold itching feeling). Well wish me luck in getting this off my hand. Is it crutial to rinse it off?

Will post when it is gone.

my son is 15 months with a ring worm on his bottom Comments By: Diane Mejias on 2009-02-21
Is the bleach treatment safe to use on babies??My son has a ring worm on his butt cheek n i just started using selsun blue for fear the bleach will burn my son..soooo confused
I've Tried Everything, Now This Is My Last Resort Comments By: FrosD on 2009-02-25
I hear bleach works very well, especially any bleach with Chlorine (Chlorox). It would be wise to mix it in a solution of 1 part bleach and 6 parts water so that way you don't damage the skin. I've tried rubbing alcohol 91%, hydrogen peroxide 3%, vitamin e oil 10,000 i.u. with aloe vera and I tried soap and washing everyday. The worst part is it kept spreading and I have 2 bad spots on my face but I might be able to get them to heal with bleach then the vitamin E oil and vaseline.
I LEARNED THE HARD WAY Comments By: James Liebsack on 2009-02-26
The first episode of ringworm was on my chest about a year and a half ago. I treated the infection with lotrimun ultra for about six weeks and it visibly went away. At that point, I thought it was over. A few weeks later, it came back on the back of the neck and center of my chest. Not understanding how to deal with this I went to see the doctor. He prescribed a cream he claimed was stronger than OTC antifungal creams and some pills to relieve itching. I left the doctors clinic confident I would cure the skin infection. A month or so later the large tube of prescribed lotion was empty and my ringworm was controlled, however not eradicated. I decided to try self help treatment and went to the local health food store with a supply of tea tree oil. The tea tree oil was soothing and relieving and controlled the spread of the ringworm and improved my condition, but again was not by itself effective in eradicating the skin disease. I then spent several hours researching the causes and cure of this skin infection, because I was determined to defeat the aggravating and unpleasant experience for good. I am 49 years old and for the most part never had any serious illness in my entire life. Right now, as I type this account I am cured of ringworm and my skin is clear with only a few small scars that I am working on to lighten the appearance. So here is how you get rid of the problem. First, understand it comes from the inside of your body (parasites/fungus) and it survives and spreads from your diet through the bloodstream. Thus, a topical treatment of any kind will not get to the root of the problem. First, cut out all junk food from your diet. My rule is if God did not make it then it is junk food. Examples, soda pop, candy, pastries etc.. Second, eat foods that not only have some anti-fungal capability, but also that clean out your system. A few examples are garlic, onions, cabbage, brocolli, any green leafy vegetable, brown rice, yogurt, granny smith apples, lemons, any non-sweetened berry juice, beans, peas, carrots, coconuts, olive oil, coconut oil, sauerkraut and if you must have bread go for sourdough bread. So the first step to cure yourself is clean up your diet, which will clean up your body and starve the fungus so it dies. In addition, take supplements after your dinner meal such as zinc, garlic capsules, vitamin e, vitamin a, and vitamin c. Also, take one or the other grapefruit see extract or olive leaf extract. Grapefruit seed extract is the stronger of the two I believe and is best taken in liquid form drops (five to ten drops) mixed in juice or water. Other helpful options are to eat one clove of raw garlic before you go to sleep. By the way, this practice will also protect you from cancer and heart disease also. Introduce yourself to probiotics, because they restore the normal balance of good bacteria in your stomach and intestinal tract. They are to be taken in the morning with warm water before eating. If you can afford it take two every morning during ringworm condition and then scale down to one every day for the rest of your life. In the morning mix a half tea spoon of celtic sea-salt to warm water one hour before eating this also will kill internal fungus and other parasites inside your intestinal tract. Next, combine grapefruit seed extract and warm water to the infected area on your body and do not rinse, but wait until it drys. Do not use straight grapefruit seed extract, because it will itch like hell. I used a few drops mixed in my hand with warm water. After it has dried and seaped into the skin rub in about six to eight drops of tea tree oil. This should be done at least twice a day, preferably after morning shower and evening bath. Lavender oil, clove oil, oregano oil can also but used alternately with tea tree oil. Ten drops of lavender and or tea tree oil can be added with a handful of sea salt to your bath, or you can use a cup of clorox bleach, too. One or the other is better for the skin infection than plain water. Do not use scented, or antibacterial soaps on the infection, because this will not cure it and can cause irritation. Last, before you sleep cover the infection spots with band aids (tough strips, they don't come off). I believe in alternating what you put on the band aids, so as to shock the fungus. Here is what I used neem seed oil, honey, lamisil, ultr-lotrimin, vitamin e liquid pills, lavender oil, tea tree oil etc.. THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES TO HEAL CHRONIC RINGWORM, AND REMEMBER IF THE FUNGUS OUT NUMBERS GOOD BACTERIA IN YOUR BODY IT CAN RETURN SO NOW YOU KNOW HOW TO HANDLE IT.
Hey it worked really good with faint scar, I think the bleach is working out pretty good, all I need to do now is just finish up the last of it, I might try bathing using small amount of bleach.

I used a 1:5 solution (bleach:water), I advise you dont rub because it can end up bleeding really badly. The bleach is much more abrasive then rubbing alcohol or anything like that, and rubbing alcohol is what caused this in the first place.

Be careful with the bleach, the fumes are bad for your brain.

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU MIX WITH BLEACH! Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-06
Vinigar and bleach can, when mixed together, cause fumes capable of killing you when it is enhaled.
I have just finshed trying the bleach on my scalp...sure hope I will get the relief so many of you have told us about. Thank you all for your information

Wizard Knows Comments By: WIZARD on 2009-03-06
I will break this down so anyone can understand. Go to the health store and buy NUTRIBIOTIC GSE Grapefruit Seed Extract liquid concentrate. Read the instructions or ask the store clerk how it is to be used. Take it orally and apply it topically. Avoid it junk food especially sweets. Oh, and while your at the health store don't be so cheap as to not buy some tea tree oil and celtic sea salt they are also helpful in solving your problem.
It worked perfectly! Comments By: FrosD on 2009-03-08
Reporting back, it worked extremely well, they both left pretty faint scars, now I just to get rid of the last of the ringworms using bleach.

Bleach works perfect as long as you dilute it and your careful. It isn't as harmful for your skin as most people think as long as it only contains Sodium Hypochlorite which is safe to use on human skin
and not Sodium Hydrochloride which will eat holes in your skin, probably leaving a terrible chemical burn, a lot of bleeding and it will absorb into your blood stream, when its all over it'll most likely leave a terrible scar, so make sure its Clorox or something.

I used Family Dollar Bleach, and it worked fine enough, it was only a $1.50 for 96 .oz. Make sure you apply your solution night and day and you shake the bottle of bleach to make sure the mixture with Sodium Hypochlorite is even, then put it in a plastic container like a water bottle, and dilute with water by the cap-full with 1 part bleach to 5-7 parts water. I put 6 caps of bleach and 30 caps of water and it gave me more than enough for the treatment period :)

What also helps is to put scotch tape or clear nail polish over it. Overnight you could put clear scotch tape, masking tape, or anything that seals it from the air, I advise you put Vitamin E oil or Cocoa Butter on that ringworm spot with a Q-Tip to help it heal up the ringworm faster.

I'm glad this works quickly, effectively and so cheaply, I don't know how I could live without Sodium and Chlorine (because then salt wouldn't exist).

Clorox bleach is anti-fungal, however, it can be dangerous if applied on open or bleeding skin. Also, it can create allergic reaction to some people as well as chemical burns if not used properly. It has no value for fighting skin infection as far as internal usage, therefore it is not really the best way to treat skin infection especially if it is chronic and persistent. One with a chronic skin infection such as nail fungus, ringworm, athletes foot, jock itch and candida have two optional courses of action. First, you can see a doctor and obtain a powerful anti-fungal steroid cream and a slug of antibiotics. Antibiotics are non-discriminating when it comes to killing bacteria and internal fungi/parasites. Unfortunately, the good bacteria necessary for good health are also destroyed. This can lead to an overgrowth of candida, bad bacteria, and other parasites which can encourage a wide variety of health problems and disease. Thus, I recommend the safe and more natural approach to cure any serious skin infection. 1. HEALTY DIET. 2. SUPPLEMENTS. 3. INTERNAL ANTI-FUNGALS, GARLIC (raw), GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT & OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT ARE MOST EFFECTIVE. 4. TOPICAL ANTI-FUNGAL TEA TREE OIL, OREGANO OIL, NEEM SEED OIL ARE EFFECTIVE. 5. SEA SALT IS AN EFFECTIVE AGENTS AS WELL. Good luck people, I am only doing this for YOUR benefit, because I am cured of my skin infection also have lost ten pounds of fat and FEEL GREAT...
Going Nutso! Comments By: Gypsee on 2009-03-09
I have (what I believe to be) ringworms all over my scalp. My history with it is more than bizzare. Back in Oct. I began to have open sores on my head. There was also acid-like liquid that oozed out of my scalp and onto my face. It burned like acid. It was running on to my face and eyes so quickly, my eyes swelled to slits. I also had granules that could not be washed away. It seemed they were an inch thick. I spent hours in my shower for 2 days. I would stay until the hot water was gone ( I was using the water at lukewarm) I searched the net to find out all I could but, Morgellons was the only thing that seemed close to fitting the symptoms.
Because of the open sores (I think) I developed MRSA! That ended with a 3 week stay for me in the hospital.
I continued asking the doctors what was wrong with my scalp, but, I recieved no answers. They just almost ignored it because they were so focused on the MRSA (Thank God the MRSA responded to the antibiotic they tried), yet, they still sent me home with only an antibiotic ointment for my scalp. The sores went away and yet, my scalp was a mess. I felt areas that simply felt like a bruise very deep, that area would stop being sore after a couple of weeks and then, another place would become sore to the touch. It was so bizarre! Here I had this huge amout of granules. It is salt, and, there is so much of it, I can't allow my hair to become dry as some of the salt gets powder-like ( in the air, on my face, etc.) This is so horrid! I was freaking! Finally the next that happened was the circles that felt like tiny balloons all around the outer edges, and, when I pulled at them, they would burst and the burning, acid-like, liquid would come out. I learned to keep a tissue at the site in order to catch the stuff that oozes out. It is the same feeling as blood, sort of thick, sticky, yet, it is clear, and, it hardens very soon. When I look at it through a magnifier of X-100, I see many black dots in a clump of what appears to be a big cluster of salt melded together. A friend mentioned ringworms. I doubted it, but now, I feel it is. I have waited since Nov. 3, 2008 until now to see the dermatoligist.

Every day, I have spent hours trying to get these off of me. I have finally gotten down to my scalp and much of the granules are finally gone, yet many remain. I started shampooing in the shower over and over, about 10 times. I now only need to shampoo about 4 times and,several weeks ago, I began using the dish washing liquid "DAWN with BLEACH" I figured, it would not be any stronger that what would be in a swimming pool. This began to help rid me of the salt granules and it really gave me a lot of relief.
This is one reason I was so very happy to find this thread. I wasn't sure how to use bleach so I dabbed straight bleach on the worst areas. There were 2 places that were raised a lot so I started there. I have been using it for a few days now and I am getting better. I'm also using an anti-fungal med.
I have never read about anyone going through such bizzare symptoms and I would love to hear from anyone that has. I wonder now if I had the (crop of ringworms for a very, very, long time), and, I wonder if the morgellon syndrome was there also. I am really confused. The burning liquid made my face turn bright red ( It really came down from my scalp so fast, I was covered with it before I even realized it. I honestly had such a horrible burn,but, once it healed my skin was quite soft, smooth and pretty. I had many compliments. Believe me, I am not vain and would not wish that on my worst enemy and I certainly would never go through it again if I had the choice. Hmmm a free chem burn treatment) LOL
I am going to add a little more bleach to the "Dawn" tonight and see what happens. I know it will burn, as my scalp is really quite painful all the time, even when I am not doing anything. I am hoping this might help me get to all of the areas. I am really hoping this doctor will have some answers to help me tomorrow. This has been a long, scary, painful wait, to see him. I hope this may help someone else and I hope to hear from anyone that has gone through the same symptoms I have. You can write to me at [email protected]
Warm Regards,

omg look where its at Comments By: bad place to have it on 2009-03-14
i got ring worm in a very strange place. my husband has jock itch. so one night when i was bathing i saw a little round circle on the center part of my leg and the next day it was bigger. i looked at it several times and even told him it was ring worm. well long story short it spread from the center part of my leg to my virgina lipps and down my leg.close to the side of my virgina im clueless on what to do so im trying nail polish and nail polish remover and bleach ill try anything. to get rid or ringworm in that spot. help please. also can jock itch casue the ring worm ?

TipKing say: You really should seek medical advice

I've been using Bleach for 4 weeks with maximum success, increasing strength; no allergic reactions. Comments By: FrosD on 2009-03-16
I've been using bleach for 4 weeks, I'm down to a 1:2.5 solution, a little more burning but I find the stronger bleach solution works as quick as 2 days. They're all dying, quickly and with little scarring, one day they're ringworm, the next day they're gone. I might go straight bleach, there are no allergic reactions, it doesn't even seem to be drying out the skin much (in fact it feels more hydrated and soapy but that's just the sodium hypochlorite defatting and saporificating the skin).

I might try a bath with about 20 ml of bleach or so for 20 minutes to rid of the spores on my body. If you don't get allergic reactions keep moving up the strength and make sure to use a Q-Tip. Take off your clothes or something because I've ruined 2 shirts using this, otherwise everything is dandy.

Acne is what makes ringworm much harder to get rid of because the spots where you had acne commonly get infected with ringworm, and then you have a problem for a few weeks, but with bleach you can remove the ringworm in 2 days and you should get some kind of acne treatment (I've been using clearasil face wash day and night for 3 weeks straight and I'm almost acne free finally).

Don't give up! Even if your allergic to bleach there are several other treatments, and if the bleach doesn't seem to be working well enough but your not allergic, try stepping up the strength, use a Q-Tip for precision so you don't get it anywhere else you wouldn't want it like your clothing.

If you have ringworm in your scalp, try putting a teaspoon of bleach in your shampoo. If you have ringworm on your crotch or legs you definitely need to use a Q-Tip and 1:1 or 1:2.5 bleach solution to get rid of it fast. I had it there for a short time but it just 'didn't like it' so it started moving back on my face and my upper body. I think I might have a few on my upper back but those will be gone with a bit of bleach and soaking up in the bath tub.

Sodium, Chlorine and Water, what would mankind be without? Bleach is a lifesaver in these kinds of situations, it's also cool to mix it with hydrogen peroxide to make oxygen gas.

not so sure Comments By: s on 2009-03-17
i just tried this yesterday on my sons tinea on the face and it turned bright red looks like it is going to scar but also it gave him a chemical burn on his face a little one and the clorox was dialuted!!! but in all it seems like the tinea is going away!!!
its improving Comments By: rick on 2009-03-19
i have this ringworm on my arms and legs, i just tried the straight bleach treatment, and it seems like its improving, and its only been like 15 mins!! this might be bullcrap though, so i will let you know in about 2-3 days how its coming.....
bleach does work Comments By: J.R. on 2009-03-22
My husband got ringworm a few weeks and we have tried everything to get rid of it, then i decided to go online and look for treatments and came across using bleach. So far so good, maybe it will work enough for him to come off Quarantine....
The Young Restless and Ringwormed Comments By: Luther Smith on 2009-03-23
I've usally never had a problem with RW for years bad hair cut you know. Until my wife took in a stray cat in March. I did'nt think the itchy bumps were ringworms.They spreaded rapid legs arms butt Now i'm reduced to wearing long shirts and pants to hide them. I thought what am I doing I've used bleach before (bad hair cut)and it was destroyed. I just started it I'll let ya know the results but it has worked before for me a old southern remedy from my mother
The Bleach Works Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-26
Well after dealing with a patch of ringworm on my arm for months using over the counter treatments from pharmacies, not much was working. I found Lamasil AT to be the only cream that helped, but the ringworm was still getting larger. I tried the straight bleach method at first, that was not a good idea. At first I felt nothing so I applied more and more of it, using a cotton swab. This resulted in a chemical burn. BUT it did kill the ringworm! Unfortunately another small patch of ringworm has developed on the same arm in a new location. I have been taking a cap full of bleach and diluting it with 5 cap fulls of water. This does not burn much at all. I do this once or twice a day. If you skin is getting too damaged from the bleach skip a day and instead apply Lamasil. Your skin will heavily dry up where you applied the bleach. The area will become very red and eventually over a few days turn to a brownish tint, at this point stop using the bleach and turn back to an over the counter cream and the ringworm will slowly go away. If not, go back to the bleach. It does work, be careful of chemical burns.
Anon Comments By: Ms Dont be an Idiotbox!! on 2010-08-05
I saw your question and.... Black People take bleach baths to exfoliate the skin. As you should know WE ALL shed skin daily. And for a radiant glow, bleach enhances the scrub of a washcloth. And at the same time, cures mosquito itch and crap like ring worm! I'm hoping your question wasnt derrogatory but a curiousity?? It also works for White skin and ALL skin. You know, since we all need to shower daily. What do you think that film is when its rinsing down the drain?? DEAD SKIN. Thats not a black nor white thing. Just natural in ALL Breathing creatures INCLUDING trees!!!!
I us3d bl3ach. Comments By: Ms.Dominiqu3:) on 2009-04-08
w3ll im thirt33n y3ars old and i got a stupid ringworm on my fac3!!!! I didnt know what to do so i look3d on th3 int3rn3t and found this sit3 that strongly sugg3st3d bl3ach. W3ll i us3d 100% bl3ach on a pap3r tow3l and dabb3d it on th3 b3autiful fungus for about 5 minut3s. Its b33n burnig for 10.. Ouch
W3ll.. I hav3 no r3sults y3t, but ill l3t you know.

helppp Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-09
can i use hydrogen chlorite to get rid of the ringworm?

TipKing say: Nothing on TipKing suggests that

can I put a scarf on my head? Comments By: Marquis on 2009-04-11
Im 14 ( and Im african american) I tried the bleach and the first 2 minutes it burned kind of bad, but i know the bleach is killing it. I have one ring worm by my hair line on the right side and 5 on the back of my neck. I wear a Du-Rag everynight ( a scarf) and i was wondering if it is okay to wear it without it interferring with the worm going away
( I just want it all gone in at least 4 days!! ) please help me if you know how to get rid of them

Bleach didn't work Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-12
Have cats which had ringworm and tried bleach. Did nothing but irritate the cat's skin and run when they saw me coming. I called my vet and he said to use any cream for athletes foot. It got rid of the ringworm quickly.
ringworm cure Comments By: robg on 2009-04-16
No bleach does not work. The majority of the bloggers are taking piss. They are lying to see which fool falls for this wanna be cure. You must go to the dermatalogist and seek professional medical help.
BLEACH DEFINATELY WORKS A TREAT!!!! Comments By: bleach queen on 2009-04-21
Having ringworm for three weeks - i noticed that the anti - fungal creams i was prescribed were doing absolutely nothing at all!!! the ring worm was even growing wider and wider per day!!!! so out of pure desperation to rid myself of this disgusting fungus i came across this particular website, where i read the testimonials about the bleach method - so for three days i applied undiluted bleach with a cotton bud. At first i didnt even feel a slight sting, by the second day i applied it again and it stung really good! by the third day it had formed a scab and died!!!!!!!!!!! - two days later the scab came off, and now i have a little scar which is fading very quickly - so in conclusion - bleach definately does do the job, so forget those so called anti - fungal creams. bleach killed my ringworm in 3 days!!!!!!!!!
ring worm Comments By: anon on 2009-04-25
i have ring worm and nonthing is workin igota cream and it still isnt what do i do .im a little scared about the bleech please helpp.
ring worms itch Comments By: WORM KILLA on 2009-05-07
clorox bleach really works!!! Comments By: jack coleman on 2009-05-15
last november i developed a really bad case of ring worm on my upper thighs and crotch. store bought creams did very little. my doctor perscribed a cream with steroids that also did not work. i tried every cream in the drugstore over a three month period. nothing worked! out of desperation i tried clorox bleach[one part bleach to ten parts water. i started to dab it [not rub it] on the affected areas after my shower in the morning and again in evening. i dabbed it on and stayed nude until it dried, then put myclothes on. thank goodness i read this website and tried it. within a week my itchy raw red disgusting ringworm was totally totally gone!! however, when i stopped using the clorox it started to come back. so i went right back to the morning and night dabbing of one part clorox to 10 parts water and this seems to be preventing any reoccurence. i apply it with a fresh cotton ball and it does not burn at all. IMPORTANT!! the first few days that i started using clorox the affected area got even more red but then as it dried up the ringworm; all the redness disappeared!
OUCH! Comments By: tayy on 2009-06-08
okay so i have two ringworms one on my chin and another on my neck. i read about using sea salt and water and that should dry it up. it wasnt really working that well. i kept reading about this bleach thing and decided to try it. im typing this while using bleach for the first time and IT BURNS LIKE A MOTHER!!!!!!! but i can already see that its not as gross looking so im kind of getting excited. hope this works!
just started.. Comments By: lala on 2009-06-29
straigt up bleach..shit i can take the pain if it means it'll get rid of it faster..

ive been using otc and it seems to be getting worse so cross my fingers on this one..

Woohoo, Welcome to the Ringworm Club! Comments By: Malulani on 2009-07-12
I adopted a kitten from this crazy lady, she said he had a "rash" on his ear. 1 month later my other cat, boyfriend and I all have it. Guess this is what I get for being nice. Why hasn't a doctor figured out some sort of miracle cream yet? The bleach thing does work but it's a bit harsh. I'm willing to do anything at this point...I live in Hawaii where it's extremely humid. I now have over 10 lesions,(it's been a week since my first and 1 pops up new daily)I feel like a walking disease. I hate ringworm!!!!!!!! Friggen nasty!!!!!
it works Comments By: Dennis Crus on 2009-07-19
i've been searching a cure for my skin problem that is located on the head at first it started like a dandruff as time goes by by i've noticed my problem becoming worst that i've realize its a ringworm. i'd tried doctors prescription but nothing works then i try to search in the web for cure for my problem then i've read using a bleach is effective then i try. the first i notice is the scaling of my head have been gone, until now i use bleach a week from now over night and wash it in the morning to get rid of the smell of the bleach. there's just a queastion i like to ask how long i will use the bleach to cure the problem
i hope you will reply

It works but have caution ! Comments By: anonymous on 2009-07-24
I been had ringworm on my ear for about two months now from the kids I work with in a daycare. I tried creams but they just seem to maintain it from spreading and not get rid or it . I used bleach on my ear twice a day and it worked very well. . . I'm guess some of the bleach got on my face when I was applying it because my face broke out really bad and was really swollen . I had to go to the ER to make sure it was just an allergic reaction . SO just be very careful with the bleach and dont put it anywhere but on the infection !
Dont be stupid by putting bleach on your scalp! Comments By: 10 years of ringworm on 2009-07-29
You dont want to loose your hair do you?
Cut a strands from your hair and dip it in bleach. Watch what happens... the strands are dissolving yes? Thats what I thought! Dont be stupid by putting bleach on your scalp!

BLEACH will sting you like a bi*** and leave scarrrrrrs! If you do choose this remedy, make sure you have not scratched the affected area before applying it. Dilute if necessary. There are other ways i.e. wash and change your clothes and bed clothes everyday. Keep your nails SHORT AS POSSIBLE! Have a shower twice a day. Use baby wipes to wipe away the flakes then apply the affected area with vinegar using the wipes (not you fingers!). After, apply Nizoral Shampoo (anti-fungus)to the effected area. Dont use flannels. After you dry it apply your anti-fungal cream. Bath in anti-fungal solutions and vinegar. Cover your affected area with a bandage (not a plaster). Keep your hair up if it is in the ears or on the neck. Wash your hair frequently and apply anti-fungal solutions on the scalp (part sections of the hair). Your family should be under the same treatment as you so you will not pass it to them or get it back. Keep affected area dry. Do not itch! Itching will spread it. Do not share towels, combs etc. Drink plenty of water. Cleaning the body from the inside will prevent it from coming back.

Try: 8 glasses a day (when you wake up, drink 6 glasses in a row. This will take up time. Do not gulp fast!)You will need to urinate more times than usual. This will clean the blood and fungal viruses. You MUST do this two hours before breakfast. the remaining 2 glasses you will drink in the day. You will feel healthier. Make sure you do not exceed the daily amount of 8 glasses.

We have used it on cats at the Veterinary Clinic. Comments By: Fungus Among Us on 2009-07-29
I worked at a veterinary clinic where we would sedate the cats, put eye lubricant in their eyes for protection, give them a bath, then pour a 1 part bleach to 9 parts water mixture over the cats using a cotton ball to dab around the head. We would towel dry them, then use a hair dryer to completely dry the bleach mixture on them. The sedation and fast drying prevented them from ingesting or otherwise being hurt by the bleach mixture. Then we would reverse the sedation and wake them up. It seemed to work for the cats, so I'm trying a 10% bleach solution on my ringworm now. We'll see how it goes. Don't forget, you need to change your bed sheets, clothes and any other fabric that comes in contact with the ringworm fungus and wash them with bleach or bleach alternative. I use hot water, but I don't know if that matters.
I tried it...I used it in my bath Comments By: James on 2009-08-02
o.k good so far it cleaned me. I feel very fresh. The first layer came off, which is a good look because I did doubt this remedy. However I would not totally rely on this remedy. I would use creams also. This site advised T-tree oil and that has stopped my itching in 3seconds...not completely. so thank you. I cant wait till this s**t goes! I did not know that there are so many fighters out there just like me. I feel too ashamed to share it with any1 so this site is good for ppl to come together and share their experiences and victories. Im trying everything at the mo. from T-tree to Canesten creme and the solution to bleach to Nizoral anti-fungal shampoo and capsels. Lets c how it goes! My question is if I use the bleach will that make the other medicine ineffective? will it stop working due to different chemical collisions?
2 VERY LONG SHOWERS A DAY! Comments By: james on 2009-08-02
Once in my ringworm life, I stayed in the shower for a very long time...doing this twice or at times 3 times depending if I used public transport. This dries out the layers of ringworm. I did not even use medication for the infection. I drank loads of water...only water. My complection looked bright and my spots even cleared. Most important my ringworm went. I used wipes during cleansing episodes and creamed my skin using finger rotations for a while. IT WORKED! now a year later it came bk BOO!
I may have a ringworm Comments By: Ty on 2009-08-16
Have a black spot with alot bumps on my left arm that look like they formed a circle. I just tried using bleach and I feel no pain and the spot doesn't seem like it going away. Should I keep using bleach,
DO NOT USE TEA TREE OIL ON CATS/KITTENS Comments By: Catlover on 2009-08-18
PLEASE don't use tea tree oil on felines. I made a tincture of tt oil, neem oil, and lavender oil (all straight, per my cat care book's instructions) and I almost poisoned my kitten. She got lethargic, had tremors, and would lie down for hours and hide. This was completely unlike her formerly playful and energetic self. I washed the tincture off, left her alone for a couple of hours (checking on her every 20 minutes) and she finally felt better and started acting normal. I Googled each of the ingredients individually and got huge hits on the tea tree oil poisoning cats. Their nervous systems and livers just can't handle it.
I haven't figured out what the answer is yet to her ringworm. but it's NOT tea tree oil.

STOP! READ THIS and thank me later Comments By: Andris on 2009-08-20
Put away the bleach, and use Dettol in a higher concentration. Fill a small bowl with warm water, mix in the Dettol- about 2 capfuls. Using a washcloth, apply all over the affected areas and let dry. In my case I had it all over my shoulders and back. About 30% of my back was affected by ringworm- thats how severe it was. I've struggled with ringworm for over 5 years, and now it is history. I saw results imediately and in 3 days it was gone. I just reapply once a week as a precaution- probably not even necessary. It is also good to use Dettol as a pre-soak for contaminated clothing before it goes into the washer. Try this and see for yourselves! You can soon be rid of this awful nuissance for good. If it worked for you please send a response and let me know!
annoyed Comments By: jordon on 2009-09-01
i had ringworm ages ago and it has left a huge pale mark on my back it is really ugly and i hate it does this mean the ringworm is still there or does it scar?
Collodial silver Comments By: Infected and itchy on 2009-09-14
Collodial silver and bleach are the only things that have worked for me. DONT MIX THE TWO, ITS ONE OR THE OTHER. Bleach will scar, I have had the scar for almost half a yr. now and its big and ugly! Seriously bleach works. Tea tree body wash is soothing as well. Note: stay away from hot showers.
Trying this out... I'm quite desperate! Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-19
Okay, so I'm thirteen,
I have ringworm ALL OVER.
I'm talking about my back, my chest, my stomach, my lower stomach, the area just before my genital hair starts, and on my panty lines. It's miserable. So I had my mom put the bleach on my back and stomach, and I got my boobs chest and other areas I just didn't want her going near. It burned. And I really hope it works. I'll continue to do this until it's gone... Wish me luck!

my 1st time Comments By: joanna on 2009-09-20
i am 16 and have ringworms.its killing me n i dont kow what to do. right now im lookin on line for home remedies cuz i cant go to da doctor. my sister told me bout the bleach i tried it and i guess i didnt have any patients with it. im tryin not to ich but its jus right there on ma arm n chest ima try again n tell u how it goes
i think is working Comments By: moreno67 on 2009-09-23
well this morning i give this a try i have fongus under my arms and my feet..and now the itch when away...i think this is gonna work i hope so ...
I have had ringworms for 1 week now Comments By: melinda on 2009-09-27
I got a couple ringworms like a week ago and i just went to the pharmacy to get the cream..ok that didnt work so i went to the doctor and he gave me pill form and cream form...and it has spread all over my body now.. i have at least 35 on me now..and im going to try the bleach method i mean if alot of u say it works what is the harm in trying it out..going now to try it out..ill be back to see what happens!
Fastest Remedy Comments By: Austin on 2009-10-02
I am a wrestler and ringworm is pretty common,being that i cant wrestle if i have ring worm i needed to find a fast way to clear up the fungus i found that bleach killed the ringworm in about 2 days and its cleared up within 3-4. i have never scarred from the bleach. just apply the bleach on a cotton ball and hold on the spot for about 2 min and rinse off. this has worked every time for me i hope it works for you.
That was amazing!!! Comments By: itchyscratchy on 2009-10-02
I've had ringworm for about 3 weeks now and it has been getting progressively worse over time to unbearable levels. As a last resort I have just discovered the bleach technique and the results are amazing. I would say the solution I used was quite strong, about 1 part bleach to 3 parts water in the sink. I just got a normal cloth, soaked it in the liquid then rubbed it over the area for no more then a minute and a half. It seem like it has almost disappeared. I think the key is to keep rubbing the solution on the area. My skin feels a little ruff, however there is no itching and I am sure this will subside!!!!
Bleach Really Works Comments By: April on 2009-10-05
Tried creams and it took for ever....Bleach started working in two days...
You can dilute it and it still works Comments By: The Idea Gurl on 2009-10-09
I have had ringworm several times and got it from animals, recently cats. The creams are not strong enough, and the expensive pills may work, but you have to be on them for weeks. I would use bleach dabbed on... 1 part bleach and 3 parts water. I soak a cotton ball and use it then keep it on hand in a baggie, I keep dabbing it on when I remember during the day. It does work. Sometimes you have to use an antifungal cream or virkon diluted or a paint on liquid anti fungal for athletes foot etc. put it on during the day and put a bandaid on it. Try to keep towels bedding etc. clean. Clear Nail polish works in a pinch if you have to go out or you may get in contact with someone. If you see raised little pink or red blisters that ooze pure clear serum, that can spread it, so that means it is not gone yet. Keep up with the bleach. It would not harm if you put a SMALL amount in laundry and even in your bath. Wash your clothes and stuff in hot water. Anything that can't get bleach on it and would get damaged in hot water, go to a livestock store and ask for Virkon or buy it online. It is a pink powder and hopitals, restuarants etc. use it. You can dilute it and spray it on carpets, your self, your tub, your clothes, toys it is an antifugal, antiviral, it kills germs in hospitals and in huge livestock barns etc. It is pink when you mix it... as it turns lighter it is getting weaker and when it turns clear, it is no longer working... super easy. You can bathe your animals in it, just watch out for their eyes,etc. You don't need to rinse it and if the animal licks it self it is not as harsh as bleach. Read pkg. and dilute do not use full strength dry or very strong mix. I have used it on myself, I have used it on cats and not rinsed... they have cleaned themselves, and they have walked on sprayed surface from Virkon, and they are fine. It smells decent, not like bleach and you can put it on clothes and scalp and not worry about it not washing out... ( dilute well and rinse for whites)
For the bleach treatment you can leave diluted solution on, and cover with clear waterproof bandages and it is treating it and smothering it at the same time. The bandage stays on in the shower and you can be around people and not worry they will get it. Good Luck all!!!

Recent details Comments By: Sam Hays on 2009-10-12
As a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practictioner, I have to worry about this stuff constantly.

When I got a ringworm infection on my hand, my doctor gave me Naftin and told me that it would take about a month to fully heal.

I let it go for about 3 days and it was getting more inflamed and worse in general. So...

I poured a some bleach into a bowl and put my hand into it up to the infected area, I then took a wire brush and scraped all the small "bubbles" off the infection and let the open wound sit in the bleach for about 40 seconds. (It burns but not terribly so).

Next day - obviously I have some scratches but the itch is gone, the swelling is going down, and generally things are looking pretty good. I went ahead and put naftin on the healing section as a precaution because it is an antifungal.

I did keep up the naftin just in case, but the swelling and itching were completely gone and healing was very noticeable in just a couple of days.

Thumbs up to bleach.

Hurts a bit Comments By: farbwesen on 2009-10-18
its very good it hurts not that bad my wrestling team members told me it hurts thaaaat much but its ok later i will see what happened
bleach for ringworm Comments By: Applied Zen on 2009-10-20
i have this circular spot near my eye and side-burn. started with what looked like a pimple. and now it's slightly bigger than a size of a quarter. I went to the doctor. doctor prescribed me antibiotics. I've been taking it for 5 days now, i need to take it for 10 days total. Eventhough i am in the 5th day, the itch is still there and it sucks cuz im afraid it'll continue to spread. I saw this bleach for ringworm thread and said what the heck, i am giving it a try. Last night i applied bleach with a q-tip. Man, it burned like there's no tomorrow. but the feeling is certainly better than taking antibiotic cuz at least it feels like it's doing something. This morning, applied it again, this time, i mixed the bleach with some water. It burns, but slightly better. Overall, the ringworm is still there, but i am only 6 hours into this process. I think another day or two should feel better. I will update to let everyone know. Thanks. Pray it works.
Use the bleach bath Comments By: jonathan on 2009-10-27
I have a nephew who takes bleach baths for his eczema so I tried the bleach bath for ringworm and it worked also. It is much more effective, especially when combined with spot treatment.
Nothing else was working Comments By: Joni on 2009-10-28
I got ringworm on my arm - used the fungus cream and it contiued to grow and then offspring. People kept telling me to use bleach. It's still not gone but it is dring faster than before and it doesn't itch as bad. I'm using it full strength twice a day. Wet a cotton ball and apply. I'm dark pigmented so I don't know what color the spot is going to end up but at the moment it's darker than my regular skin tone.
Jock itch What jock itch Comments By: Edward on 2009-11-04
Well I found Tipking 7.25am , applied the 1part bleach 5 parts water mix at 7.30am and I haven't itched all day ! Looking forward to a good nights sleep (after changing my sheets first)
BLEACH IS ON MI FACE KILLER LOL Comments By: trackstar/hurdler on 2009-11-13
i haven't had a ring worm since i wuz lil but now im using the bleach and idk wat its doin. i hope its killin it cuz i'm too cute for this. But overall gramps says that i should keep using it cuz it will help. SO I'ma keep using it i'll update later.It's taking forever
Go away u bad worm Comments By: Angel on 2009-11-16
i have a ring worm on my forhead, i put bleach on it, it look much better so im hoping that it is dieing...it itch but when i put the bleach up there it stop...it looks like it is drying out..
don't forget to clean house Comments By: D. on 2009-11-21
I haven't tried th ebleach thing yet, but plan to this time. But i am reading a lot of these comments that people are upset it keeps coming back; whenever I get ringworm, I always use bleach to clean my whole house, especially bathroom, bed sheets, the obvious - whatever can be bleached, bleach it, what can't, use very dilluted bleach. This includes your workplace if you get it from work like I do. I have never just had it return; I only get it from direct exposure to someone who already has it.
Ringworms Comments By: qwerty on 2009-11-18
The bleach or Clorox really works I have 2 ringworms I have been putting Bleach o there for a while now and my 2 ringworms are turning whie and it seems like its getting little bumps inside but it does not bother me at all because at one point they were all over my body except for my face what a relief! So instead I used Calamine Lotion very good product.
Do not use bleach on your skin Comments By: AK on 2009-11-27
Bleach is a corrosive. Any doctor will tell you to never put bleach on your skin. Ringworm can be treated with antifungal creams (1% OTC or 2% Prescription) and oral medication like Lamisil or Ketoconazole tablets. It takes time and persistence for ring worm to go away. I ran across this site in my fight to get rid of my ringworm, tried the bleach remedy listed here, and it turned into a nightmare. My entire body broke out into hives and I had serious reactions to it, itched and burned like crazy. Had to go to the doctor, get a steroid pack and antihistimine pills, and it took 5 days to go away. My nurse and doctor scolded me about the bleach myth, and said to never go off what you find on the internet and to never put bleach on your skin.
Do not use bleach on ringworm on face Comments By: appliedzen on 2009-11-27
Alright guys, this is a follow up on my previous comment. Press "ctrl F" and look for "appliedzen" that's my name from the previous post i had written 1 month ago.

I used bleach. Stated that it worked. Well, turned out, this was the worse thing i've done. I had a ringworm on my face. Started out as something that looked like a pimple. Then the pimple became an itching dime size. Then the dime turned into a quarter. Then it was twice the size of the quarter. It was located between my sideburn and my right eye. That's when i became desperate because non of that lamisil or pills my doctor gave me work. It was itching like crazy. That's when i found this site about the bleach method. At first, i used straight bleach onto a q-tip. Felt a burning sensation and felt like the itching went away. Next day, used bleach again on a q-tip and dapped it onto the spot. Again, it burned but much better than using bleach straight on without mixing w/ water. I then realized, although the itching sort of went away, i was also left with what you call a "chemical burn" on my face. A nice brownish color ring double the size of a quarter on my face. This was horrible as i didnt know how to tell ppl how i got this on my face and a chemical burn, man, i'll be lucky if it ever goes away. Immediately, i stopped the bleach method after that second trial. It was no good. I'm sure it'll work, but not a safe method at all, and you'll get a permanent scar if you keep going at it. Lucky me. I stopped.

I continued searching on the web days after days. Found another website about some guy working at an airport and he caught ringworm all over his body and face. He tried everything the doctor gave him, but didnt work. Then he found a link that talked about "sea salt". He applied sea salt in a form of a paste, basically, just adding a few drops of water onto the salt and make a paste out of it and applied it on those spots. I did the same. Went to whole food, or any supermarket should sell it, bought the sea salt, went home and applied it twice a day for 3 days, and waaaalaaaaa,,, like magic, all gone.

The dark round ring was still there however, due to the bleach method i used. Forever, no more bleach. Very unsafe method. Use "sea salt" and believe me it'll go away. What sea salt does is it'll dry up your skin and fungus cannot live in dry area. That's how they die out.

Even after using sea salt and the fungus seem to be disappearing and/or die out. I still wasn't satisfied because of the brownish looking spot on my face. I kept searching and reading more on the web.

This is what i found, and to me, this is the true magic here. I bought the "all-stop-ringworm" from this link. ..


and my face went back to normal, even the brownish mark disappeared after several use. This was the life saver right here. Yes, i spent almost $50, but well worth it. I spent much more then that going to the doctor and buying useless medicine. This was magic for me. And thank you thank you to whoever made the all-stop-ringworm product.

Dr. C Marley is Fulla sh*t Comments By: Dr. Berrylicious on 2009-12-06
"i have spent years in the medical profession and so i ahve experience . i have treated many cases of ring worm and the bleach theory is false as it only clears the top layer of the ring worm as it can be deep into the skin cells if you aply bleach it penetrates the skin if you leave it it will start to burn a whole it may scar or worst case senario actually work the fungi further into the skin until it hit muscle and gradually eat away at the muscle my advice would be to see a Dr and get a natral remedy this can come in the form of gels,cream,bathsoak or tablet DO NOT USE BLEACH!"

The user Dr. C Marley posted this response rather early on in the discussion board. I just want to let all of you know that what he said IS NOT TRUE. It was because of his comment that I almost didn't use the bleach, but I am so glad that I did. I am taking 4 martial arts classes, most of which involve a lot of personal contact, so I had to get rid of that stupid crap fast. I didn't have weeks to sit around and wait for the cream to work, which takes 1 to 2 weeks. I have one little scar that's barely noticeable, and for me, that's MUCH better than having the ringworm.

Lysol Worked Better Than Bleach for Me Comments By: Ringworm is 100% effective birth control on 2009-12-08
My nightmare started with one fu****g spot on my neck that grew to cover the front portion of my neck much of my scalp, chin, ear, chest, left nipple and eventually my left foot, left leg and right butt cheek.

Needlesstosay it was the ultimate form of birth control.

I put full strength bleach on it multiple times a day. However, while bathing, the running water down my body gave baby spores a train ride to new territory on my body.

It was a cat mouse game that lasted for damn near a month.

I stopped using the bleach because I was getting an infection/fever from it. My poor liver couldn't filter it out enough.

I ended up in the ER room. The doctor recommeded I take benedryl orally for the itching, and use 2% vaginal yeast infection cream.

Well I slathered it on as a full body lotion and sprayed lysol on myself

The end of their crusade came when I took benedryl orally, used 2% vaginal yeast infection cream as an all over body lotion, and sprayed lysol on myself.

The lysol increased my fever. But read the back, it says it kills ringworm.

I sat in my window starring into the clouds with a revolver close to my head, when I noticed "dead skin" falling off me.

Lo and behold, I took a piece of paper and rubbed part of the area and more skin miraculously feel off.

Lysol and vaginal yeast infection cream saved my life.

holy crap Comments By: crazylady on 2009-12-18
I found a spot on my back, tried vinger and epson salt for 3 days prescribed cream and a band aid. now the bandaid made my skin raw and i now have gone from a dime size to a 6x6 spot on my back. So i started the pills on my 2nd day, will put prescribed cream on and hope for the best, took 2 bendrill and hope the itching is going to stop, i am tired of this it has been 8 days of washing clothes and sheets daily, changing clothes and unders 2 to 3 times a day...... hate hate this... i am ocd and i may never stop putting the cream on ......
bad Comments By: crazylady on 2009-12-19
do not use hand sanitizer on skin, it breaks out like road rash......... omgoodness
ringworms, gross Comments By: Spiller on 2009-12-26
It sucked cause I couldn't hug or kiss anyone at Christmas cause I have ringworm all over my neck and I had sex with my boss after the company Christmas party before I knew what it was and now I'm afraid I gave it to him. Just tried bleach, hope it works!
i can't take this anymore! Comments By: kevin on 2009-12-28
i caught this in a barber shop like 3 months ago, went to the dr. He said clotrimazole or lamasil, so i did both at separate times still came back. read this site like a week ago, and tried bleach 100% not diluted. thought it was gone, then i look in the mirror right now and it's coming back on my neck and now one is trying to grow in my hair. this is so depressing :( i thought it was gone, i even developed a scab where i fried my neck with the bleach. I just don't know what to do :(
REALLy important question Comments By: anusn on 2010-01-06
Does anyone know if i put bleach on with no water, nothing at all and just put it all over the spots that i have the ringworms on would anything bad happen?
it stings alot!!!!!! Comments By: shane on 2010-01-08
i've been struggling with my ringworm problem for over 5 years. its always been a secret shame for me so i never went to the hospital when it came back after the first time. its sooo embarrassing having red itchy splotches around my groin. i finally tried using the bleach treatment and it burns alot!!!!!! i'll gte back to you with my results.
its red Comments By: daisy on 2010-01-10
stupid antifungal creaMS made it worse so i just applied bleach... it burns a little bit hope it works =)
Bleach? Last Resort? Comments By: helpplease on 2010-01-12
Ive had my ringworm for three to four months. It seems like its going away then it comes back and worse. Its not spreading. I have never had one in my life and have no clue where I got it from. The expensive cream are not working. Should I see a doctor? I might try the bleach thing. I tried vinegar. It didnt work! Is something wrong with me and thats why it wont go away? or is it just that stubborn of a fungus
Trying the Bleach, but there are other ways... Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-27
This is not the first, nor will it be the last time, I have to deal with Ringworm. This time, I got it on my groin! Right next to the opening of my vagina :( Super weird... but I guess it makes sense, since fungus like warm and humid areas. Anyway, last time I had it on my hand/arm or something, I remember I read about using Tea Tree Oil. You use a Q-Tip, and dab it on. It burns a bit, but definitely tolerable. And best of all, it worked. It started drying up little by little, and disappeared leaving no scar. This time, I do not have any Tea Tree Oil at my disposal, so I am trying the Bleach thing, and am also using a little bit of Lotrimin anti-fungal cream to help it a long a bit... Here goes nothing!
Absolutely Comments By: Deborah on 2010-01-29
Will take the itching away almost immediately. Creams and pills did nothing for me. I got my ringworm from a kitten I bought at a cattery. A bugger to get rid of it on her too. I used LymDyp, meds and antifungal shampoo. Doctors cannot recommend bleach for ringworm maybe because of possible tissue damage but what do you want? Good skin with ringworm or to get rid of the ringworm? Don't use a bandaid and keep bleach on for at least a couple of minutes but no more than 5. Ringworm is a fungus and bleach is a cheap, good fungicide. It works! Don't be afraid to give it a chance. The pills that they give you for ringworm do more damage than the bleach.
Finally! Something that works. Comments By: Dee on 2010-01-29
I have been battling this for a little while, I had it for about 8 days without knowing what it was and by the time I figured it out, it had spread all over! 2 doctors, 3 creams - ALL CRAPPOLA!

I used a 3:1 ration of water to bleach and used a fresh cutip each on each spot. Be sure to cover spots that have been consistantly itchy even if you don't see anything yet as it grows on your skin for days before you can see it. YUCK. After one treatment, it was less bumpy and lighter. Can't wait for tomorrow.

ON MY DING DONG ! Comments By: ON MY DING DONG !!!! on 2010-02-04
look here ppl no lie on my danga lang and was very ready 2 get rid of dat crap so check it out i bought all 4 -Calamine Lotion , Lotrimin, Tinactin and Lamisil creams and 70% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol , Hydrogen Peroxide , Germ-X , Apricot scrub , AND Bleach . I washed and scrubed with body soap and apricot scub then the peroxide frist ( rinsed ) then alcohol (rinsed ) then dipped the que tip fully in bleach put it on the areas let it sit for about 35 seconds (rinsed)then ( dryed )germ-x BUT i dont rinse it burns like a motha but it gos away after a minute or 2 then (when dry) i put all 3 tinactin lamisil and lotrimin together as one cream mixed together then add a top layer of Calamine Lotion . Done did everyday till it was gone fully . IT WORKS AT LEAST MY WAY DID AND IF U DONT BELIVE ME I GOT BEFORE AND AFTER PICS YA FEEL ME HEH . Dont listin 2 nobody untill u try it urself dont trust nobody untill u have seen with ur own eyes and i cant stand doctors but if its serious i would see a doctor .
Bleach works FAST Comments By: Bill on 2010-02-16
Don't need to use full strength, this will BURN you. use at least 1 part bleach to 1 part water. 1 to 3 works fine too. Dilute it even further for tender areas or face. Don't forget to bath with 2 cups bleach for 1 full tub with good ventalation at least once a week for a month to get rid of spores(seeds)and outbreaks you havent seen yet.
.Do not rinse off. Use bleach with your laundry and lysol the funiture and floors for a month.

The Creams are LAME.

Bleach Bleach Bleach !! Comments By: JB on 2010-03-06
I read all the posts and got really excited about it so I drank a gallon of bleach. It killed the virus for sure and shorty after killed me too...

Ok jokeing aside I actually just thought to try Bleach before I found the site and it dose work. Bleach is good for killing many viruses.

Good luck to you all, bugz be gone !!

former wrestler with some advice Comments By: P.A statechamp135 on 2010-03-07
bleach does work..i have used it numerous times when i use to compete. it works best if you scrape it a little bit then pour some bleach on not to much though...this will burn but this will definately kill the fungus..you may have a scar but it will eventually go away
FYI; ringworm is caused by a fungus, NOT a bacterium Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-13
FYI; ringworm is caused by a fungus, NOT a bacterium. Therefore, antifungal agents must be used to treat it. Antibiotic agents target BACTERIA, not FUNGI (yes, they are different). So if an affected area is truly ringworm, do not use an antibiotic to try and treat it.
im scared Comments By: tj on 2010-03-15
I put bleach on my ringworms and yea it burned but not that bad as people say so im wondering if i put the right amount? And does it really leave a scar? thats what im mostly worried about and i just want it to go away.
Jock Itch Battle.. Time for War! Comments By: PJ on 2010-03-15
I have been battling Jock Itch for close to 2 months now. It started on very small on both sides of my goin area then spread to genitals. I have spent a small fortune on every cream, oil and natural remedy found on all the websites. Nothing worked!! I am now going for the bleach diluted with vinegar. I will then put tea tree oil mixed with grape seed oil and mix lotramin and Lamisil cream on it! I did this earlier and it burn for a minute then goes away. I hope that this will work. I will try to report back with the results! Please say a prayer for me!!!! PJ
idk . worried :( HELP . ! Comments By: sarah on 2010-03-17
my ringworm is on the side of my face. DIIZZ IS BAD . ! im 13 nd have a big thingey at school to qo to in 2 days iiTried the bleach to tek it off quick, rite>? bhut its dark in color. !! :( . iiNormally use makeup to cover it up . soo noone notices. BHUT IDK WHAT TU DO NOW . !
bleach very awesome Comments By: bridger on 2010-03-19
I was a wrestler the mats get reall moist or from,cats but ive always scrub hard with bleach way burns gone in,a,day
epsom better Comments By: mamba on 2010-03-26
Ringworm has spread to my wife and kids and nothin seems to work...until...

We just started adding epsom salts to our baths three times a week and I have to say the results are nothing short of miraculous. Before you bleach and scar your skin, try this and you'll be sold. The rash at my feet has dried up and is flaking off, and the itchiness all over is steadily disapearing. My hair no longer feels like dried hay, and the hot sweating is gone.

Ringworm cured ! Comments By: Frank on 2010-03-31
New kitten infected with ringworm. My wife developed 3 spots and I one. 1/2" in size. This is how we cured it using information from this site. Mix 1 part clorex bleach with 5 parts water. Soak a cotton ball and hold it on the spot for several min. Rinse with water and apply Lotrimin clotrimazole 1% cream in a heavy coat on band aid. Cover the spot with the band aid. You can use a uv black light to see the active spores. They glow a bright blue. Do this for 2 days twice a day. The bleach will kill the spores. Use the bleach only for 2 days. The next two days apply the Lotrimin coated band aids twice a day. The final 2 days get Nortons sea salt with idoine. Make a paste with water. Apply a heavy coat of the salt to a wet cotton ball. Hold the salt covered cotton ball onto the spot for several min.then rinse off with water. This will dry out the spot and help the new skin grow. Let dry for a hour or so then a light coat of Lotrimin for several weeks in the spot area. You can recheck the area during this time with the uv light. Change your clothing and bedding each day. To prevent additional infection put a cap full of bleach in a bottle of shower gell and shower with this soap. Wet yourself then a heavy coat of gell. Soap up real good. Let it stand for a min or so then rinse off. This cured our problem. Thank you all for the great pointers. You don't need to burn and scar yourself. Only use the bleach for 2 days.
help me Comments By: anon on 2010-04-01
can i use this treatment on my puppy also ?
Bleach in bath NOT pure bleach applied Comments By: Devo on 2010-04-06
Bleach baths have been found to be very effective for eczema, ringworm, some skin infections, etc.. About 1/4 cup bleach to a tub of water, soak at least 5 minutes, daily or a few times a week. Check medical research articles online for valid research and results.
BLEACH PEN Comments By: Keenon on 2010-04-08
I tried regular bleach all it did was burn and agitate the ringworm. then i bought a CLOROX BLEACH PEN and yes it still burns but the ringworm died within 2 days. DO THIS !!!
Why is it Spreading?! Comments By: ringworm girl on 2010-04-10
okay well i have ringworms on my inner thigh, stomache and lower back and ive had them for about 6 months -__- i hate them. first i tried apple vinegar twice daily and it didnt really work. NEXT! i tried putting clear nailpolish on it so it would dry up the ring worm but it just peeled it off, it didnt get rid of it. So i kept hearing about the whole bleach thing and decided to try it. I think everyone with a ringworm is desperate to get rid of them quick. So i applied the bleach straight up! And it burned like a b*tch. They got smaller instantly but i have two huge stubborn ones that werent budging so i applied the bleach and put clear nailpolish on them i have a feeling its going to work. i applied about 15 minutes ago, and have yet to take the nailpolish off. i heard you leave it on there for a day? So heres goes nothing!
It's worth a try Comments By: lisuthsi on 2010-04-11
I just went to buy bleach after reading this. I'm 44 and this is the first time in my life having ringworm; I am thoroughly disgusted! It seems I contracted it at the beauty shop will getting my hairline trimmed (it's on the back of my neck). Anyhow, I used it straight and it burns like crazy but I don't care! I just hope it works.
does bleach really work?????? Comments By: j on 2010-04-20
i have been lookin on here too find something to get rid of my ringworm. I start the bleach treatment. its been two days i really don't see no differents. but i hope it works
ringworm is your bitch Comments By: chris on 2010-04-19
ringworm is nothing to worry about ive been wrestling for 4 years and ringworm is a daily thing. in fact most wrestlers hope they get ring worm out of all the other fungus there is because its so easy to get rid of. Ive had ring worm on every limb of my body and you just put some bleach on it and your done
bleach it and leave it... Comments By: Bleach_Believer on 2010-04-22
Well about a week or so ago i notice these things on my 5 yr old and my 3 yrs old left arms, so i thought it was there exezma flaring up, so i put Triamcinolone Cream on the areas, but yeah that didn't work. So I asked my friend, what she thought it was. A ringworm, she told me a friend had put bleach on her son and it worked. I was still skeptical so when I went to class one evening and a classmate told me about the bleach she said to damb a small amount on the area and then the medication that i had recieved from the doctor, so that night when i came home from class i did just that in maybe a hour or so after that I truly saw the difference in size on my children. So I would recommend it to others. My 3 year old cried like a baby the first time I put it on him so i diluted it the next go round but it's been 2 days later and it has worked. So I say Bleach it and leave it. Also i recommend to put a cap full of bleach in the tub when you or your kids take a bath just to kill all the fungus, think about it why do you think they put cholrine in the pool when you're out swimming, to kill the germs.
Waiting to see. Comments By: Gunner on 2010-04-24
I have it all over my legs butt and waist and arms. I'm going to try and start with my arms.
My babies!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: kyona on 2010-04-29
So Both of my daughters were going to a daycare and the day care provider had the ring worm,(didnt know when we enrolled)on her hands.She was consistantly touching there hair Im assuming. Here it is a year later cause of course I took them out. They have it in there hair.....:( I've taken them to dermetologitst, and he's givin them a steriod that is taken for ever. The doctor basically told me and this might gross you that they have eggs and they just keep spreading and spreading. I've done the bleach thing and the only thing with that is they will return if you don't consistantly use so that you are free of the eggs!!!!!!(im itching now)But Im just hoping and praying for this to stop. Im so tired of this cause its effecting there hair. PLease help!!!!!!!!!lol
WRESTLING Comments By: fitzy on 2010-05-09
I been wrestling for about 14 years and always get all types of ring worm and what not. The coaches and officals tell you to use bleach to kill it. Faster way is poke the ring worm about 5 times with a sharp needle then apply blech on the wing worm. Takes about two full days
Little black dots - ringworm? Comments By: pete on 2010-05-13
I was hoping to get some advice as to weather the bleach method would work for me. I stupidly tried to pop a pimple near my hairline with a pin. And I have since developed about 4-5 little black dots in that area where I pricked the skin. Does this sound like ringworm or a fungus that could be helped by applying bleach? Thanks.
worried Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-11
i have had a ringworm for a about a month now and ive been to my doctor to see wat i can do.So prescribed me some anti-fungil cream to put on it. that was about 2weeks ago, so i was desperate for a treatment so i looked in the web and saw the bleach treatment so i got some bleach from the cabnet and took a cotton swap and dipped it into the bleach and put it on the ringworm, it started to burn. The thing i am worried about is that i didnt dilute the bleach.....its been about 20min since i have used the bleach (non-diluted) and i dont see a allergic reaction on the skin but i was just wondering if it was a big threat to my skin if i didnt dilute it??
bleach killing ringworms Comments By: its works so get with it on 2010-05-14
All I have to say is after reading this thread I used bleach and it was gone in 2 day but I used it for 3 so the people here that it didn't work for sorry but it did for me :p LOL thanks for the advice!!!!
yuck ringworm Comments By: amanda on 2010-05-17
i discovered this itchy stupid thing like on my jawline left side of my face it started itching i think its a ringworm hell it looks like one too. hope the bleach works will get back!
Bleach is THE most effective treatment for ringworm! Comments By: Catgirl on 2010-05-20
I know from experience; yesterday I had a large splotch (been there for over a week), and I used straight Clorox on a cotton ball every three hours, about 4 times. I also sat in the sun for 20 minutes. It's now nothing but a memory. Ringworm is a fungus, not an actual "worm". Bleach should not cause scarring, although it WILL burn. This is harmless, and means it's working! Keep using it until your rash starts drying up. I got this remedy from a feed store owner in Indiana 15 years ago. PLEASE don't waste your money on doctors and antifungal pills that will cause liver damage! Also, avoid oils, antifungal creams and sweating; moisture allows the fungus to thrive.
It Works...Just not as soon as many say... Comments By: Jay on 2010-05-25
I been checking out this site for about 2 days reading most of the comments about bleaching ringworms since I been suffering from ringworms for the last 2 months. I tried all the creams & even a spray(5 different ones to be exact) & they all barely even work. Even tried the nail polish(layers upon layers of it on my ringworms) & it works "ok" but I got tired of peeling the layers of nail polish off day after day & I couldn't use nail polish remover because the nail polish was so thick in layers.
So I decided to bleach my ringworm today with 1 part bleach:5 parts water...There was no burning AT ALL as many would say here but alittle itchy tho..only affect it had is the crown ring that the fungus makes went down. After about 2 minutes I washed it off & did it AGAIN about an hour later THIS TIME 1/2 bleach, 1/2 water. After about 5 minutes I washed it off & let it dry(BTW I have ringworm on my arms..about 20 I count). The ringworms crown went down even more like as if I had new skin again BUT you can still see the damage (scars) that the fungus made..since the fungus makes your skin flare up because it becomes inflamed & red..so I'm thinking it will take some time to heal..I'm still on my first day using bleach so I'll let ya'll know if it really works as many say.

I been fighting Ringworm so hard & been losing..if this doesn't work..I'll just have to peel my skin or something..LOL!

Back again..The day after the bleaching! Comments By: Jay on 2010-05-26
So I did the bleach thing twice since last night(once in the night & once in the morning). It didn't burn at all when I applied it but it did itch alittle...anyway I went to work and my freaking ringworms still itched...esp in the sunlight(which it always does).
BTW..for those that say sunlight kills ringworms...it really doesn't. I work 5-6 hours in the sun 5 days a week for about the last 2 months and the only thing to sunlight does it make it itch MORE.

But anyway throughout the whole workday it just itched and itched. I never touched my ringworms tho..BUT as I was at work i was still looking up how bleach works(web on my cell) & I saw one case in which someone rubbed the ringworm till it was red THEN appiled the bleach..maybe this is why when I did the bleach 2 other times before that it didn't burn..Because I never hardly scratched or rubbed on it.

This would be why people say it burns when they apply bleach..because they scratched it all day due to itching! So I came home & took a scrub brush & scrubbed on the ringworms till they were red(not raw..but just red) THEN I put the bleach on..It burned!! BUT about an hour later I can't even feel anymore itch. The ringworms are still there but it probably takes some time to heal after a while. I'm gonna bleach them again tonight & see if they itch in the sunlight again..if so..then the fungus is still there & I have to be persistent with the bleach. I don't wanna do this everyday because it's bed for my skin but I have to get rid of this crap because I been had it for almost 3 months now..and I'm getting 1-2 new ringworms a day since last week.

BTW...My skin IS NOT scarred from the bleach..I did 1/2 water, 1/2 bleach..but of course I'm black so it might not appear as well.

Bleach kills poison oak too!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-28
I got poison oak from working in my yard. Someone told me about bleach. I put it on my places and within about 3 days, it was all gone. The first summer I had went to the doctors. It came back. Next I jumped in my pool, which has bleach in it. It hasn't come back.
Back again..Day 4! Comments By: Jay on 2010-05-29
I'm bleaching every morning & night now my ringworms are going away..no itching EXCEPT a couple new ringworms\s that's trying to survive but I just bleach them at the beginning or end of the day.

Listen...If you do this bleaching with the ringworms you better MAINTAIN the bleaching everyday for at LEAST a week. You could bleach once & say "WOW they're gone" but they'll just come back a2 couple days from now. I suggest you clean your house & everything you touched from the time you 1st had ringworm. Use Disinfectant Spray..they do kill fungus & germs!

BTW....Once again SUNLIGHT does not work for ringworms. If anything it irritates them. As said before I had ringworms on my ARMS I worked 5-6 hours in the sun(no sleeves) 5 days a week. It will itch more in the sun..almost like the fungus is digging deeper into my skin trying to hide from the sun. Maybe that's how they hate the sun..that's don't mean it kills it.

Bleach !!! but take off ur shirt first Comments By: dumbazz on 2010-06-03
after having this little boogers for a while. i got fed up and went full strength on the ringworms in my head. but i forgot to take off my brand new shirt and f***ed it up. no more ringworms though.
Back again..10 days later Comments By: Jay on 2010-06-07
Well my ringworm is gone. But I still bleach my arms about every 2-3 days just to make sure they don't come back..because you know how they are..they're "itching" to come back.
My arms were "burned" by the bleach 10 day ago but now the burns are almost gone as well & my arms are getting back to normal.

Just keep bleaching the area where you previously had the ringworm(s) and you'll be ok..ALSO be on the look out for other ones on that same part of the body 7 you'll be ok. :-)

Bleach killed my ringworm!!!!!!!! Comments By: Mark on 2010-06-12
I've had this fungus on my hands for the past 5 years, tried every over the counter cream on the market, even went to a dermitologist, he wrote me a prescription for "halobetasol proprianate", $65.00!!!, didn't phase it!
I put full strength bleach on my fingers, no shit, after 24 hours of applying it 3 times a day, it was damn near gone,,,,,,no kidding!
I honestly think all the doctors know this cheap fix, but why the hell would they tell us??, that is money out of their pocket.
Oh well, I know now, and so do all my friends,,,,,,,sorry doc, you lose........

Bleach does work on ringworm! Comments By: Happy mom! on 2010-06-21
My 8 yr. old son had a spot of ringworm on his right cheek bone. I had tried different creams but it was going nowhere! Read about bleach as a cure but was afraid to use it on my son. After calling his pediatrician and trying to get a perscription for it, she told me the perscript. were no better then over the counter and to keep using them for well over a month!! So I dilluted the bleach with water a little, and put in on a cotton pad (be careful of fumes too!). After doing this, I used the cream immediately....I was gone within 3 days! I'd for sure use it again!! Thanks!
Worked REALLY well for me Comments By: Meg on 2010-06-22
Ok I have had ringworm chroniclly for 10 years. First of all I saw 3 seperate doctors that misdiagnosed it now after many years of dealing with this I know why it is so easily misdiagnosed. If you dont have any knowledge of ringworm when you get it you wont know not to itch it. So you itch and it makes it itch worse and causes breaks in the skin that weep (ooze a clear liquid as if your skin is crying) this makes the itching much much worse.

Now anytime you have ring worm once it is gone your skin where the ringworm was will be dark red and then brown and may even appear scarred. BUT if you use bleach on your ringworm while it is weeping OR when there are patches of light pink new skin (from where the ringworm has healed and flaked away) you could easily give yourself a chemical burn which will likely develop into a scar.

So what I do is use the bleach when I can catch the ringworm in stages where it is just forming or after it is starting to dry out. I use 1 part bleach 7 parts water. I apply it every two hours but again this is because I ONLY use the bleach method when there is no broken skin. I personally leave the bleach on and do not wash it off after a few minutes and I find it works better. Using this method has made mine be 50% one after just 4 applications numerous times. Again it does leave the skin red and then an almost bruising brown but that has always been the case when i get rid of it weather i use bleach or not.

Just so everyone knows ringworm doesnt always look like a ring and isnt always a perfect circle I used to get it as an oval on the back of my neck all the time. mostly because if it starts to go away before it develops to far the ring just wont develop so if you have red itchy bumps it is a good idea to treat it somehow and when in doubt have it looked at and dont be afraid to tell your doctor you suspect ringworm because again i have had it misdiagnosed as at least 3 other conditions including eczema, hives and just plain oversensative skin.

Just remember to wash EVERYTHING you get close to when ringworm dries out it becomes a fine powder and can become airborn mostly only if the infected area is itched but its better to be safe than sorry. Do you really want to go through this again?

Tried it all and finally found what works!!! Comments By: Stephanie on 2010-06-30
I was put on oral medications that were horrible on my liver and also creams and the doc said give it a couple weeks. With upcoming beach vacation I didn't want to wait a couple weeks. I did some research and tried bleach. It did work but caused irritation which at first made it puss. The pussing therefore makes it spread twice as fast and burn. What did work only after 2 days!!!!! Clear nail polish!!! Paint right over them and around them and after one application you will be so happy! I woke up next morning and they were so light and half size. I still have some scarring from bleach and I am using nail polish just to make sure its not still under the skin cause I want to kill it all. Clean nail polish is the key. Twice daily and leave it on till its starts falling off. Nail polish remover on paper towel and put on DO NOT RUB! It will cause spreading. Reapply once skin is dry and please disinfect. I got mine from toilet seat at daycare. I keep clorox wipes by my toilet and clean it every time I sit down so my children and fiance dont get it and keep it covered at all times. It is highly contagious!!
dont do it Comments By: anon on 2010-07-05
I tried the bleach it does not work... it burns and leaves it so sensitive.... I stopped using it I started cleaning it with alcohol and useing jock itch cream.. seems to be working so far looks way better not then it did with the bleach but I think I'm gonna have a scare.. deffinatly think its from the bleach.. but yeah don't do the bleach... doesn't work
10 yrs&counting grey patch ringworm!!!!!!!!! Comments By: MFHW on 2010-07-09
9TH JULY 2010


cant believe it worked Comments By: meg fitz on 2010-07-12
i had ring worm for over a year tried everything left the bleaching idea for last. because i was very skeptical. but it took a day and a half and it's finally gone. only bad thing about uesing the bleach is it does sting alot. good luck everyone
Lamisil liquid spray. Comments By: anon on 2010-07-14
use the lamisil liquid spray. found at your store. use the brand name.

bleach just irritates the skin. and smells.

ring worm in the testicular area Comments By: ryan on 2010-07-16
i have had it around my balls for almost a year now and cant seem to get rid of it put some bleach on it today burn alot for a second than i dabbed it with wet tp and seems to be ok now
HEY PEOPLE don't kill your skin with bleach! Comments By: KS on 2010-07-18
Folks, wise up! You don't have medical degrees and you should not be self-medicating or offering medical advice... and you certainly should not be taking advice from some crackpot website. GO TO A REAL MEDICAL DOCTOR!

I'm a chemist, so let me explain what bleach does to your skin tissue: IT KILLS IT! So, when you put a bleach-soaked bandage on your skin, you kill a lot of tissue at one time and you open the door to scarring or, worse yet, a bacterial infection.

Take proper care of yourself and go to a doctor. If your problem doesn't get resolved, then go to a different doctor. These websites are often full of misinformation and can be dangerous!

Oh the FRUSTRATION!! Comments By: Jessi on 2010-07-22
Okay... I have about 12 spots on me now. I started out with 3, and now 12! Let me just say that Lotrimin and Lamisil are crap! I have been doing this for 6 weeks now, and not only are they not going away, they are spreading! I am so frustrated that they just keep appearing!

Apparently my doctor doesn't have a clue about ringworm because at first he said it was eczema. HA! WRONG! After he perscribed the steroid cream, they took off like crazy! It was like food for it or something... Went back, "oh yeah, it's ringworm, here's some lamisil."

So... here I come bleach! If this doesn't work, I don't know what I am going to do!

I find this weird Comments By: Jose on 2010-07-30
So, I first had ringworm on my elbow, it was kinda big but i took it off right awy with Clotrimazol, a really cheap anti fungal cream... But a few months ago, I got it again on my groin area, and the Clotrimazol cream won't work so much (I mean, the first time i used it it worked a bit, but nothing else!)... now i'm considering this remedy and others, like papaya, clear nail polish, garlic, or plain salt. I hope one of those remedies takes it away, because it has been 2 long months, and it has expanded to my stomach, about to reach my belly button... wish me luck!

P.D: I'm from Peru, by the way, so I hope my english is good... :)

Big (maybe dumb) idea Comments By: John on 2010-07-30
I've read a lot of possible treatments for ringworm, and i came up with something: since i have a quite big patchin my groin, i'm thinking about applying a bit of nail polish in one part, a bit of bleach onn other, some fresh papaya on another, and some garlic in another. i'm not kidding, i just want to see which one works better so i stick to it. and it's expanding to my stomach, goddamnit!!!!!!!!!!!1
use green walnut Comments By: Donna Bosken on 2010-08-01
bust open the green walnut hull? and leave it on the skin for about an hour a day till gone. Read Dr. Hulda Clark online about ringworms and what works. She was locked away before. I believe it was some people from the medical association trying to keep her quiet about cures. I am serious. I don't know if she is still living. She ws a scientist and physician. YOu will be amazed if you read her stuff on the Dr. Hulda Clark site.
BEEN THERE. DONE THAT. Different Circumstances. Trying it again.... Comments By: Detroit, MI on 2010-08-05
08/03/2010. About a year ago my 6 year old had a ringworm on his side. He's a daycare kid, so it happens. His pediatrician DID give him CLOTRIMAZOLE 1%. Of course we want the sucker GONE!! So I used BLEACH (full strength)for up to 20 seconds. OH he Screamed. I blew on it to cool it down. Then applied the cream. I did that for i believe three days, even after it turned into a scab. Juuuuust to make sure. I continued to use the cream until the scab started to flake off. It has never returned. It however DID leave a scar. We are African American. We have plenty melanin in our bodies. I just checked his spot yesterday and I dont remember which side it was on 'cause it's GONE!!!
NOW.... My 5 y/o has Ezcema (excessive dry skin). She gets dry patches all the time. Around December she had a small dry patch believed to be her condition. Daycare suggested it was a ringworm. Noooo, I said. It isnt raised. BUT THE CIRCLE KEPT SLOWLY GETTING BIGGER.... About a month ago, I stopped putting the ezcema compound on it and used JUST the CLOTRIMAOLE 1%. After a few weeks, I saw that it WAS clearing up SMOOTHLY. Until.... yesterday I saw a very small one pop up on the middle of her And creamed it again at night. This morning, I bleached it again and her arm has a HUGE reddish looking scab on it! I bleach it anyway. Blew on it to cool it down and creamed it.
Now the jury is out on this one. She's had it so long without me knowing it was an actual ringworm, will the bleach work? Did I REACTIVATE the ring worm when I started to kill the old one?? Is it true that it can be LAYERS down underneath? If so, How many?? How long should I do the bleach this time?? She whines because it burns. Better safe than sorry though. SHE GETTING THIS BLEACH!! Hey, I will try to remember to update with results.
HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE.......... Stay Tuned!

It works.. def. Comments By: ANON on 2010-08-10
I used bleach after reading all this information.
Listen, im no ringworm expert, but really it is one of the hardest things to get rid of. It's all I think about day in and out. It started with my kitten, and I saw two circles on me and I didnt know but they were extremely itchy. Bc I didnt know, they spread all over my body and it took me two weeks to get it under control. I have it in about 40 places, and im still trying to control the area on my butt where my pants rub. I would strongly suggest seeing a doctor, I had to. I saw my general practitioner and then a derm bc I knew I needed someone with expertise. I am taking lamisil tablets, using oxistat prescription AND washing in selenium sulfide.

Guess what? It's not enough. Bleach so far has been the ONLY thing that has controlled and killed the areas of infection. I have clean every corner of my apt, thrown out my AC unit, bleached my bathroom, wash all clothes in hot water and bleach alt for colors. Still not gone.

I dilute bleach 1/10 and it works for sensitive skin. My derm said to chnage sheet every 2 days and wear long things to keep the spores from shedding into the environment.

Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, so if anyone on here know that bleach baths are not harmful please say so. It doesnt sound too good.Its going to take a long time to be done with it and I am extremely envious of those who have such an easy time fighting it off.

it works it works Comments By: monica arthur-pople on 2010-08-14
trust me in the Bahamas its hot now and i noticed a small one on my wrist. i started using the clorox bleach and this is day three and its dry now am using palmers coco butter to remove the dry spot but i will tell you more within the week.
its gone Comments By: monica arthur-pople on 2010-08-17
the ring worm is completely gone after using the bleach everyday. the bleach really works but remember to be very careful of where you lean and dirty animals because it can cause ringworms and yes it can spread. but my problem is gone thanks to the bleach lol.
Further advice! Comments By: jjjjjjjj on 2010-08-21
Make sure you dilute your bleach people or it can burn and scar your skin. Start with 1 part bleach 3 parts water and increases to 50/50 if that doesn't work after a couple days. Don't use full strength!
Save me Bleach! Comments By: Lily disgusted with ringworm on 2010-08-22
So i am freaking out! I have been treating this so called ringworm spot on my thigh for about four weeks. I have been taking 1 tablet of fluconazole 150mg every week and putting anti fungal cream. Well its not working as i just noticed a new spot a few inches right above the other one. So i want to just cry, i think this is so disgusting! So i decided to try bleach today. I have not been scratching so i don't have any cuts on it, so i'm gonna try just the clorox alone non-diluted. I put straight bleach (clorox with active ingrediant "Sodium Hypochlorite...6.0% with a q-tip and it burns a little not too much but after it seemed like it dried up the spots real good. About 30 min later i put lamisil on top burned a little more. I'm gonna keep doing this every four hours. Feels like the bleach is working. We will see what happens with combination of both. Crossing my fingers!
This burns, hope it works Comments By: Sporty Black guy on 2010-08-25
Two days ago, I realized that I had ringworm once again. Frustrated, I began to work at it a bit, with some anti-fungal cream. No change, so I am trying the bleach method, mixed with the sea salt method. I washed the bleach off after 1 min. I don't care about scarring, but it would be nice not to have it. The sea salt is cooking my skin as we speak. No clue how this is going to work, but it sucks cause I have school next week. Down with Ringworm.
Small Comments By: Rhian on 2010-08-30
I've got ring worm on my arm it only seems small compared to others but I want rid quickly, it's about the size of my finger nail, is this safe enough for me to use on it?
not too much Comments By: Robert on 2010-09-08
I was introduced to bleach treatment for ringworm many years ago by my Vet.. It works very well. He said, to use a dilute solution 1tbs. of bleach to 3tbs. of H2O. Apply 3x a day to affected area with cotton ball untill problem is gone. Usually 2-3 days. It might take a few more applications, but no noticeable tissue damage. Problem solved. Straight bleach is far too caustic,for yourself or your pets.
IT WORKS!!!!! Comments By: Travis on 2010-09-14
Well after WEEKS of using all the usual products, the only thing my ringworm did was spread!!!! It started out as a small spot on my groin (got it at the gym) and spread all over my groin all the way to my butt.....Then it made its way down my legs and up my back!!!! Finally It decided to make a nice comfy home on the palms of my hands, that's when I decided to go with bleach. I used a 50/50 mix and a rough cloth for application. (yes it hurt like hell) Let it set for 10 min before using a soft washcloth with warm water to pat the areas down real good. I did this every 4hrs. After 1.5 days its gone!!! Skin is tender and rather irritated but the fungi is dead!!!
Jock itch, fungus-kill it with bleach Comments By: Jake on 2010-09-22
Glad I found this site. Good education. Bleach works (indicates it kills fungus on label) but do not put it on skin without heavy diluting. Otherwise you will weaken your skin and make it more subsectable to fungus attacks in the future. IMPORTANT: As others have pointed out-be sure to use the Clorox brand with "Sodium Hypochlorite" as this is easier on skin and doesn't smell as strong. Before knowing this I first went with a generic bleach that has smelled worse and was harder to rinse off skin. I used it in bath with 2 cups for almost full tub 3x and has been great relief.
Last resort! Comments By: Peter on 2010-09-22
I noticed the ringworm on my arm about 3 months ago and went to the doctor. He gave me some cream for it. It started spreading on the same arm and eventually transferred to my other arm. Went to the doctor again a month later and he put me on cream and meds, but it keeps spreading!! Im going to try bleach and if it doesn't work, Im going to become an amputee! Keep you guys posted!!!!
words from my mama Comments By: tedo on 2010-09-22
i just went to the doctor today and found out i had it. 3 weeks ago my mom said she thought it might be ringworms too. i got my prescription from the doctor but i remembered my mom telling me 3 weeks ago to put just a little bleach on it.. i never did and it spead all over my stomach. so just 5 mins ago i had my roommate dab some bleach on my spots. hopefully in two days it will be gone.

oH yeah.. my mom says if you take a bath and put to bleach caps full in the tub and sit in it for a while it will help it go away. also you should use dial soap, or some sort of anti bacterial soap... also sitting in a tub with oat meal works as well.

Bleach, techniques, antifungals Comments By: KM on 2010-10-07
If you are treating groin or feet fungus (any type including ring worms) to put your socks on FIRST then underwear, AND take your underwear off first then your socks. You can pass this back and forth from feet to groin and groin to feet. When you put underwear on first then you will pull the fungus from feet to groin and pulling off underwear will pull it from groin to feet.
Do NOT use the same towel, bleach tub after you get out to prevent spread or repeat infections. You can also use ANY other the counter anti-fungal agents. Sorry guys but Monistat (for ladies yeast infection) can be your best friend- apply 2ice daily for 6 weeks if you want to go that route incase bleach does not work.
I WOULD certainly say dilute the bleach at first to ensure you will not have an allergic reaction to it. If on your feet soak your feet in diluted bleach/water.
I am actually going to try the bleach on my son, I have been using an antifungal and it is just not working quick enough for me (we want it gone in 2 days). Ring worms live off of dead skin on the body. The bleach probably works by debriding that dead skin off of the body. I am HOPING this works. I am an RN and had never heard of this but I also work in ICU so I do not see this very often. If it does NOT work I will write back.

Thanks bleach Comments By: Peter on 2010-10-03
I dont have to remove my limbs!!! Bleach does the trick. I used one part bleach and one part water, twice a day for a week.
dont do it Comments By: anon on 2010-10-03
bleach burns really badly and leaves an ugly scar....if you want to get rid of a ringworm try blue star oinment although it burns it doesn't leave a scar and it starts working within two days....just put it on 2-4 times a day and i promise you'll see a drastic improvement
Finally!!! Comments By: Happy on 2010-10-21
I have had ringworm once before on my arm near the elbow. I remember it took forever to treat with over the counter medicine. I noticed that I recently got it again, but this time it was on my hand!!! It is highly contageous and it was driving me crazy because I had to be really careful about touching anything and spreading this thing to other parts of my body. It was a pain!!! I had to do everything with one hand. So I went on line and started looking for quick fix remedies... I tried nail polish, which made it worse, then I said screw it and continued using the over the counter cream "Lotrimin", which was helping, but was taking a really long time. Then... surprise!!! I found another patch of ringworm, this time it was on my crotch!!! I must have scratched myself in my sleep or something because I assure u I am a clean person. I washed my sheets every day since I discovered this little number on my hand. And I always shower 2ce a day. Anyways... long story short, I was devistated. This would put another month of over the counter treatmend on my schedule, so I went back online. I saw the bleach treatment option, and I figured what do I have to lose? I was floored at how well this worked for me!!! Finally!!! the ringworm on my finger was completely gone, and the ringworm on my crotch was gone in 4days... I continued treating it for another 4days, just to make sure it was gone for good. but I am happy to say that I am now ringworm free :) I definitely recomend this to everyone.

This is what I did....
I bought Clorox bleach, and because I was still sceptical about this treatment, I also used the Lotrimin cream as well. I soaked a clean cotton ball in bleach (people say to delute it, and u probably can, but I didn't) Then I would cover the ringworm with the cotton ball for about 1 minute, sometimes less then a minute depending on how long I could withstand the burn. Then I would air dry the area and put lotrimin on top with a Q-tip. (I didn't rince the bleach off, I just put it right on top after it dryes) After that, I covered it with a bandaid so I can go about my day without worrying about what I touch. And this was done in the morning. At night, I would just put Lotrimin on it again before bed, and cover it with a bandaid. some people did the bleach 2ce a day, I only did it once because I was affraid of the scarring, but it worked for me. I hope u guys find this helpful. Good luck!! :)

If you wrestle... Comments By: Mike Carr on 2010-10-20
this stuff works, iv had ringworm on and off since freshman year, and that was 3 years ago. I tried everything I could get my hands on, but nothing can beat the bleach treatment. What i like to do is: fill spray bottle with bleach and water 1:3 ratio and spray on everywhere before practice and after shower
Testing Out Bleach Comments By: Tom on 2010-10-21
This is burning pretty good, to me that just says it working. I didnt even dilute the bleach, I honestly dont care.

Its not big its about the size of he head of a spoon (on my wrist). I tried Lamisil, didnt work. Im not even desperate to get it off I just want my skin back. Scarring doesnt bother me too much. Hope this works!

Trying the bleach... Comments By: Crystal on 2010-10-27
I have had these two ringworms for about a month or so now, and have been spraying with Lamisil and covering with a bandaid. I'm so tired of having these things on me! I feel disgusting! I'm gonna try the bleach thing...I don't mind a little scar, so long as this fungus is gone!!
TOM' S RESULTS Comments By: Tom on 2010-10-26
IT WORKED!!! I took a paper towel and folded it in 4 and dabbed Clorox bleach on it. It burned like hell (as I said before) but I didnt know if it worked. Then next day I went to my doctor's office and he told me the bleach had killed off all the fungus and that no living bacteria was visible.

Although the bleach did inflame my skin and turned it red a little, the doctor gave me an ointment to take care of that and its working great, THANKS GUYS!!!! USE THE BLEACH ITS WORTH IT!!!!! :):)

getting redder Comments By: dnote on 2010-10-29
I started using bleach 48 hours ago and although the itch is gone, the spots are awfully red...but drying out. Is the redness normal? Please respond quickly!
horrible Comments By: bianca on 2010-11-02
i had ringworm da oda month .dont no were i got it from.went docs they gave me cream and it went strait away..bought a kitten 2 weeks ago..and all kittens got it and beinmedicated ,but this time its come bak with a vengeance .i tried bleach n vinegar today cos am desperate,it seem s to have gone worse but am hopin .its get worse b4 it gets better
Tetraderm Topical Cream Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-10
Never tried bleach, but I got a bad case of Athletes Foot while in Mexico and a Pharmacist sold me a Tetraderm Cream. It cured it very quickly and I later used it on Ringworm that I suspect I got there as well. Worked great but it had to be applied for several weeks even after the redness was gone or it would come back. Did leave a scar but is on my leg and not too much of a problem. This cream is suppose to lighten scars as well, so I will continue to use it. Can't get it in the USA but can order on line from a Mexican Pharmacia or get it in Mexico (cheap). It has three antibacterial products in one med.
Betamethasone dipropionate, Gentamicin sulfate and Clotrimazole. Not sure why you can't get it here, if you have concerns suggest you talk to you Doctor.

stupid Comments By: luca pompili on 2010-12-03
it burned my skeen up it was a disaster im a 12 year hold child and i was crying as if someone stabbed me in the back
rubbish Comments By: luca pompili on 2010-12-03
im a 12 year old boy and the bleach stings so badly its so wasted it was like cooking me in the oven
i hate ringworms ugh Comments By: LELE on 2010-12-08
i have struggled with ringworm for 7yrs. now and for a while it just kept passing from house to house and child to child and adult to adult have been to the dr. hundreds of times have had all the creams gisofulvan which makes u sick and they continue to come back i used bleach and it does kill them instantly and we will go 3 or 4 months without it and then it comes back i just dont know what actually stops it completely HELP????
Burns!! Comments By: greg on 2010-12-11
i have a ring worm that just started not to long ago i used bleaced it burned but noting happend im not even sure this is safe for my body do its not that good
WORKS FOR ME Comments By: Mia on 2010-12-17
Thanks for this site! I have this ringworm nightmare for almost two months already. There only three spots on my right arm before. so I used Antifungal creams and soaps. Well, just as the three spots were gone, there were spots on my other arm and it keeps on spreading. I tried this bleach remedy, and it pretty works for me. I used Zonrox bleach at home, dab it thrice already and it dried quickly, it doesn't burn me at first. I scratched one spot so for the next application it was a little bit stingy. I still continue to put antigungal creams and soap to go with it to make sure this ringworm will be totally gooone! I wanna see if i can have them totally removed and i'll be back here for updates! :D
Use Dettol, NOT Bleach !! Comments By: Bellydad on 2010-12-17
I have had ringworm for 7 years and it was starting to spread so I got serious. I've tried lamisil, clotrimazole (both tabs and cream), bleach, oil of oregano, tea tree oil, salt, apple cider vinegar, Dr Scholls spray and even Lysol - nothing worked ! Then I tried Dettol (1:5 concentration - 2x day, leave to dry) - hard to find here in Canada (Shoppers Drug Mart) but works in days. The medical 'cures' only kill the spore - bleach and Dettol kill the actual fungus but Dettol is much easier on your skin. Please believe me and try this - you will thank me (although I don't know how)
Lets see how this goes Comments By: ring-around-the worm must die on 2010-12-18
I recently discovered some itching on my neck. Thought it was a pimple, so heck I scratched it back. A couple of days later, I realized it had turned into a circular sore. OMG, it's ringworm !! I went to CVS and bought an over the counter cream. Also went to the doctor who said I should keep using the cream for 3 - 4 weeks. Got tired of the cream, didn't seem like it was working fast enough for me. I started using bleach today, 1:5 ( bleach to water ). It stings a little and the color is a lot darker. Keeping my fingers crossed. Can't afford to go into the new year with this nasty ringworm !
itchyringworm! Comments By: candiva on 2010-12-23
i got ringworm on my forehead when i was in highschool. it was manageable though. i just applied "katialis" once and its completely gone.. but 7 years later it cameback! I had my full trust with "katialis" but it burned my skin and the ringworm got worst! now i have a big ringworm at the back of my knee around 5cm diameter! i asked my doctor and advised me to use candiva cream. it's working and its almost a week and im still applying it. it still feels itchy so i think its still there!
now i'll try to apply some diluted bleach and see how it works!
can somebody help me on how to get rid of this burned mark on my leg??? this lowers my self-esteem =(

BLEACH Comments By: Nasty ringworm on 2010-12-25
Ok so I got a ringworm on my cheek so I was using a cream oh my face then I got so frustrated that I tryed the bleach treatment n happy to say it has dried out!!!! Thanks for the advise!!!!
keep treating even if it looks gone Comments By: anon on 2011-01-24
Ringworm needs to be treaded well after it looks gone like 6 weeks,its hides out under the skin like a dandilion root and will always always come back if you stop treating after it "looks" gone! you also have to wash evrey thing your ring worm might have touched,be very carfull drying with a towel or you will have it every wear and treat under ur nails if youve itched it,i used to used a cuetip then toss,take showers,not baths,use head and shoulders on ur whole body,never cover it with a bandaid ,unless u like ringworm and want it stonger,insted cover it with somthing thaat can breathe,i usted a sock when it was on my wrist,let it get sunshine,
Bleach and water solution is the only thing that works!!! Comments By: busymom1976 on 2011-01-11
My household had ringworm for over a year and we could not get rid of it. I was even on pills to clear it up which are very dangerous for your liver. The only thing that worked was the bleach and water solution. As well you need to wash all towels, clothes and bedding in borax to get rid of the fungus on them unless they are white and then add the bleach to your laundry. This IS THE ONLY THING that worked.
Did I leave it on too long?? Comments By: Anon Martin Paredes on 2011-01-09
I'm a wrestler and this is my first year, so I couldn't tell a bruise from a ringworm. I did notice it however 3 days before my invitational, and thought nothing of it. The day of the tournament I go to weigh in like every other wrestler in my underwear and get in line to weigh in. Well the guy who was heckling everyone noticed my ringworm on my collarbone and said I couldn't wrestle. Man, I was bummed. Basically, I'm looking for something to cure it right away so I can wrestle. My coaches told me about te bleach so I decided to look it up. I found this and tried it. But I think I was a little eager, because I left it on for about 20-30 minutes and now it looks like it's bruising. Do I continue treatment, and don't tell me to go to the doctor, I can't
Im trying it, I don't care at this point Comments By: Orchid214 on 2011-01-14
I've had ringworms since middle school. Now a mother and wife Im embarrassed to even be intimate with my husband because its all over my body! Not to mention, my three-year old had one by her little toes. Thats it Im killing this ringworm asap...I do wash my dishes with bleach...I don't see why I can't do the same with my body.
no need to worry Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-20
i keep seeing comments about concerns over scars on skin, things getting worse, etc. i wrestled throughout highschool and college and ringworm was a problem with many people, including myself. each and every time i've used bleach (not diluted) and it has worked every single time - yes, it burns a little, but that's because it's working. ever use acne medication on a zit and it burns some? same thing - that's because it's working. if things turn super red and irritable you are experiencing an allergic reaction; rare, but possible - and fixable (see a doctor). if you have ringworm, dab a paper towel/cotton swab with bleach and apply it to the fungus once a day until it disappears. it works and you needn't worry if it burns a little. hope i helped.
Using Clorox Bleach ETC. On Ringworm Lesions Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-20
I volunteer in 3 animal shelters and have just been diagnosed with Ring Worm(1 lesion on arm) All 3 shelters said using the Bleach method "diluted" with water will help to "dry" the lesion..NOT "kill the Fungus! Drying and not seeing it isn't "curing" or "killing" it!! It helps with the itch and is disinfecting the skin,but the Prescription cream and precautions are where it's at!! Bleach is an extra. have gotten some really good info from reading this site and am glad to have found it!! 'm going to try the Bleach and water too!! But along with the cream. - The One Problem I see as I read is that a lot of people NEED to see a Doctor and "stick" with the Prescription Cream program! Doctors do what is supposed to be done,the rest is up to us! Also,to realize that it's a Fungus carried by Spores. It's "not" a virus! The cream kills the Fungal infection over a 3 wk period of time. After 3 weeks,the Dr. said to "continue the cream for "2 more weeks" even though u don't see it anymore!! Fungus hides and Spores can survive if other things aren't done.So for those of u who "just live with it,or say "great after 3 days "it went away" etc.,NO,it doesn't "go away" and it isn't "killed" It's a long damn process and part of educating ourselves about RW and how to deal with it is part of it all. It's a vicious cycle if the cleaning of the environment,bedding etc. isn't done. It's endless,I se it at the shelters. Anyway,Thank you for this site and the sharing. I'm going crazy over it too and it's only the 4th day!OMG!!
questiono Comments By: anon on 2011-02-01
i kno i should leave the bleach on for about a minute but can i wash the bleach off after?
Dammmmm! I cant believe this! Comments By: cant wait! on 2011-01-27
had this shit for over a year now. on both my rist on the inside and back of my neck. thank God that im not ugly and have enough hair to cover the back of my neck. my rist look like im spider woman getting ready to shoot a web out of my veines and my neck makes me look like one of those women who never wash there neck!!!!!! any way just started the bleach today 1-24-11. just started using iodine too. both work great. bleach will burn or sting for a little while(SO WHAT)that means its working.
The only thing I use to treat! Comments By: Shelley on 2011-02-01
I work at an animal hospital and have contracted ringworm at least 6 times. Well make that 7 now :( The only thing I use to treat it is bleach. I learned that trick at my first job at the humane society. We used to have all sorts of sickly animals that had it, so you really had no choice, you just learn to deal with it. We would mix the pet shampoo with bleach for the affected animals to be washed in. We would take Qtips and cottonballs with bleach on them and scrub our spots. No lie, it burns like hell fire, but it goes away quick. Its a lot cheaper than all the creams and pills you would have to buy! Good luck!
Thinking about it.. Comments By: anon on 2011-02-02
Im thinking about useing the Bleach but im not to sure just yet. I have ringworm, AGAIN, but on my shoulder this time and im not exactly sure where i got it from now. I use to have it on my both my arms and ive used Lotrimin cream but im not exactly sure if thats working because i dont see improvements useing this cream. Sooooo I dont remember how the ringworms from the first time went away but i did use Lysol Disenfectent spray because it does kill viruses and bacteria and ect. I just spray it on a q-tip and apply it to he ringworm and i think thats how i got rid of it the first time so im trying it again. If this doesnt work then im useing the bleach.
lets hope it works!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Chris on 2011-02-11
im pretty sure what i have on my arm is ring worm although its not a full circle, but its getting there and is very icty. i just put some bleach on it (bleach pen cause i have no bleach liquid) and i felt no burning what so ever. lets hope it works tho. ill definitely be keeping it posted.
Lysol, Rubbing Alcohol, Clear Nail Polish Comments By: Heartless Vixen on 2011-02-18
Ok, I got ringworm for the first time, and I felt completely sick to my stomach. I bathe regularly, and wash clothes damn near every day. OCD :/ My step dad got it from a co-worker (works on cars), and I got it from him. SUCKS.

Well, this is what I did to KILL it within approximately one week:

Day 1: I panicked, so I immediately tried using rubbing alcohol. It dried somewhat, but was still itchy and red.

Day 2: I used rubbing alcohol again, continued to dry it out, but the outer ring was still very red and ALIVE.

Day 3: I'm desperate now. I spray on Lysol Disinfectant Spray, tingled a bit, but it felt like it was working better than the rubbing alcohol. As it dried out, I put clear nail polish on it to suffocate it while the lysol basically did it's job.

Day 4: Peeled of the nail polish, which was actually a little fun lol (comes off with ease once fully dried). It was very dry, but I still noticed a little red left, and wasn't cool with that. I was confident that I wasn't breaking out though (this decision is up to you!). Sprayed more lysol, then applied more nail polish. Left it on overnight.

Day 5: Peeled off nail polish again. Ringworm scabbing and very dry. Sprayed more lysol just to be sure. At night, applied another quick spray and nail polish.

Day 6: Removed polish, ringworm dead and dry. No red anywhere, no itch, and I'm happy! Just to be safe, I sprayed on another application of Lysol.

Day 7: Just stuck with scabbing that can be peeled off over time, and a few dark marks. I'm going to start my cocoa butter application for a while with Ambi cream (Yes, I'm african american). I'll be back to update!

After research, I don't advise using bleach at all. I really don't. It kills the surface of the ringworm, but does not go deep into the skin, and I've been told, bleach scars from ringworm are harder to lighten. In other words, it can come back when it wants! I wanted to try bleach initially, but I was terrified. I'd use this home remedy listed above for those afraid of the bleach method, and follow up with a cream for fungus. I don't suggest creams for ringworm because they keep it moist - ringworm needs to be DRY to die. Use the creams later! GOOD LUCK!

TRYING.. Comments By: Joshua on 2011-02-27
HEY GUYS.!! i think i have ringworm.. I'm trying the bleach thing.. it burns like hell.. grrr., I'm just afraid because after I apply bleach there's a little fluid oozing from it.. is it normal?? PLS REPLY!!! waaaaa.. thank you guyz.. this is my first day trying the bleach.. ;]
NuSkin instead of fingernail polish Comments By: Fellow sufferer on 2011-02-27
Perhaps consider NuSkin instead of fingernail polish. It is a liquid bandage and intended to be used on the skin. It also is antiseptic.
iT'S WORTH THE BURN!!!! Comments By: NIKI on 2011-03-01
Absolutely NOT Comments By: Perry on 2011-03-03
I had ringworm awhile ago and tried this method. It not only burned so bad, it doesnt get rid of the bacteria underneath your skin. I can pretty much power through burning/pain if it is helping but after a few days I had to go to the doctor. My rings were scabby and when i told my doctor what I did she freaked out and informed me that no matter what you should never put bleach on you skin, especially any kind of abnormal skin problem!! People please do not try this!
Is It Supposed To Sting? Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-04
I've tried it once, is it supposed to sting though? If so how long
Is It Supposed To Sting? Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-04
I've tried it once, is it supposed to sting though? If so how long
delute your bleech Comments By: ian crawford on 2011-03-05
your going to leave a burn that looks worse than the ringworm if you dont mix you bleach with water. 1 part bleach and 8 parts water should be adequate
Rworm and bleach Comments By: Betty on 2011-03-10
I have used this on my son when he got ring worm from his pony, 25 yrs ago. I have a friend that got 5 spots, i used it on day 2 when they were found. I also used anti itch after the bleach dryed. with in 3 days they are gone.
entertaining to say the least! Comments By: too busy to deal with this! on 2011-03-11
ok, so i have read several of these comments and while i'm sympathic with all of them it's almost funny. I guess we don't realize how common something is until we get it! LOL. got a puppy, got 3 kids, got an 'older' boxer, GOT RINGWORM! so i currently have mixed thoughts on the bleach because the lamisil actually worked on my kids. it's completely gone on one of them, almost completely gone on the second one and still got a little work to do on the third but it is working. So, i want it off my dogs! can't really bleach them now can i? I've been using the lamisil on them too but not sure if i'm seeing a difference and i'm using the shampoo the vet recommended as well oral medication for them. It just takes too long, maybe i'm not being patient enough but this has been ongoing for a few weeks now and puppy has had a spot on her head for OVER 2 months....
when is it no longer contagious? When is it ok to handle the animals again?

dnt b stuipid like me Comments By: nonya buniss on 2011-03-19
look u guyz im african american and sadly i have ringworm it sucks butt and i have tried erything in tha book tha bleach thing is stuipid i put it on for ten seconds it burns of course and there is still no improvement and well bleach is dangerous you can get chemically burned or Chlorine poisining i mean dang if u want 2 get rid of ringworm all u gotta do is go swimming POOLS HAVE CHLORINE IN THEM!! DUH! so you can have fun while tha ringworm is dying kinda like bathing in bleach without tha harsh side effects hope dhis wrks 4 u guyz i havent tried it yet tho wat i did is i put on some caladryl lotion with calamine in it then put 3 coats of clear nail polish then put on some baby powder so far it looks lighter than eva dont b stuipid and risk your life using bleach like me dnt do it. thankyou 4 ur time and also pray for healing to God. well deuces yall have fun killin em.
LIESSSS Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-22
I did this and it grew bigger and there was that nasty pus filled bubbles!
a question Comments By: phil on 2011-03-22
i havnt don it yet but alot of wrestlers are telling me it works. my only concern is if i hav to add any water and if i hav to wash the bleach off after a wile or just leave it on?
NO!!! Comments By: Jack Adams on 2011-03-25
Do not do this all it does is fuck your body up even more trust me. just go to the store and buy some anti fungal creme. do not hurt your self even more when it already is bad enough
Try athlete foot spray and lotrimin cream together Comments By: Monique on 2011-03-26
Last week I got ringworm for the first time. My sons get it in his scalp and I guess somehow the spores were still around and i contracted it by selfinflicting. I used lotrimin cream for ringworms and athlete foot spray lamisil and it worked. I sprayed like 5 times a day and in between sprays used the cream. It's healed but you still need to continue for four weeks after. Bleach I tried for a day and decided to do my combination instead so I don't know how it would have worked out. Good luck all!! It sucks having ringworms! Don't pop bumps around it it will spead!!!!
harsh chemicals....avoid this Comments By: gab on 2011-03-29
hey guys, had ringworm for a while on my inner elbow, didn't even realize for almost a month. don't resort to bleaching your skin! forget those harsh unnatural chemicals....TEA TREE OIL is the answer it is anti-fungal and generally antiseptic, has healing properties, and moisturizes the area! feels good and tingly when you put it on, cools the itching, and in a few weeks your set. also to help along the way, make a salve out of fresh papaya and/or raw papaya seeds, along with some diced or juiced basil, and some diced garlic. strap this on for a few hours a day and use tea tree oil a few times a day=ringworm gone. mother nature has all of the answers. bets of luck in your healing! :)
harsh chemicals....avoid this Comments By: gab on 2011-03-29
hey guys, had ringworm for a while on my inner elbow, didn't even realize for almost a month. don't resort to bleaching your skin! forget those harsh unnatural chemicals....TEA TREE OIL is the answer it is anti-fungal and generally antiseptic, has healing properties, and moisturizes the area! feels good and tingly when you put it on, cools the itching, and in a few weeks you're set. also to help along the way, make a salve out of fresh papaya and/or raw papaya seeds, along with some diced or juiced basil, and some diced garlic. strap this on for a few hours a day and use tea tree oil a few times a day=ringworm gone. mother nature has all of the answers. best of luck in your healing! :)
Used Bleach for Ringworm Comments By: 3 months of ringworm on 2011-04-10
I think I have/had ringworm. I had a semi circle on my hand for about 6 weeks, I tried A&D ointment, neosporin, eucrin, and nothing worked. I went to my regular MD and was dignosed with contact dermitis. I was prescribed a steroid cream, which masked my lesion but never took it away, it calmed the inflamtion but still no cure. So I got anti fungal cream and used as directed, twice a day for 4 weeks, and still nothing! I am/was convinced it was ringworm and am/was desperate for it to go away. I have read many sites stating bleach works, so last night I gave it a try. I didn't dilute it, and just applied it to a cottonball, at first it didn't burn, but then it slightly did, I didn't rinse but did apply my steroid cream to calm the redness and inflamation, I did it once more about 3 hrs later. It is extremly red and really irritated, it feels like a regular burn.So now I'm just waiting to see the results.
Getting Better Comments By: KayCee on 2011-05-14
Ive got like 8 wingworms on my leg i have no clue where they came from the ointment treated my first wingworm i got a month ago but it took FOREVER !! i have to get rid of these ringworms in a week so i tried the bleach like an hour ago nd its working but there really red is that bad??
does the bleach work for head ringworm Comments By: Michael Brown on 2011-05-15
I had a massive ringworm on my head, i found out this when i had my hair cut recently. I use to have afro on my head and it never occur to me how i got it on my head. I need to know if bleach could work for this too? Thanks
WOW!! BLEACH Comments By: Jade Pagaduan on 2011-05-29
Thanks for all your help and your advice and information. To all the people who has fungus rash take my advice try using bleach 2-3 times a day it worked for me and the fungus rash went away. Mahalo for your help.
public jacuzzi Comments By: MiamiNiceShyGuy on 2011-05-30
Ok .. say you have a fungus among us ...
outbreak ... under your arm pits .. crotch rot ... toe jam fungus (stinky feet)
Fungus behind your ears .. between your legs
on your neck ... on your back....

There is an easier way to go thank mixing
up a batch of homemade brew .. bleach bath.

Go take a Sauna .. then after you are all sweaty just walk into a public jacuzzi and
sit there for as long as you can take it.

I really don't like the heat, but they put
so much Chlorine with fungicide in all public jacuzzi that you will smell it on your skin for sure when you come out.

This is good advice .. plus .. make sure you wash everything with a touch of bleach, even colored clothes .. you have to do it or it will come back !!!

Absolutely works, did not burn Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-02
I used Clorox after reading this thread and finding the ringworm the same day...within an hour it was drastically reduced, I did a second application, then it was gone the next morning. Fantastic, I'm black, no affects to my skin at all, no burning, scars, darkening nothing. Amazing. Saved me a very expensive trip to the Dr.
^^ Update for earlier post Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-08
Tanning on top of all that is killing it!
Just starting the treatment Comments By: Shayla on 2011-06-06
I'm just starting the treatment of the ringworm with clorox and I'm not diluting it any. As I have read, it does burn but it is bearable. I hope the other steps follow suit and that my ringworm will be gone. I could care less about the scar because it's in a place that is always covered. But I'll be back tomorrow with an update!
soo far.. Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-06
So I had a red spot on the side of my upper thigh/butt for like 3 months and just thought it was from new detergent.. now I've got it all over my upper thigh and stomach. I'm pretty desperate to get rid of it so I've tried everything. I went to the doctor and he said use medicated sensile blue and lamisil cream for two weeks and if it doesnt go away, come back.
That's great. I need it gone now, so Ive been doing a mixture of things. I've done the bleach directly on the skin, which was awful.. I only chemically burned it. So now I bought dermisil and I'm taking bleach baths. Im also using lamisil and the sensile blue on top of that.. so far..
no change.

ringworm what to do Comments By: anon on 2011-06-13
i have a question. i have ringworm. i had been hearing that you shouldnt cover it with a bandaid that it needs to be air out and also thats its highly contagious. i have a 1yr old and i dont want her to get it. so do i cover it up
2 treatments in... and well... Comments By: jennifer on 2011-06-19
well i did a bleach swab around 10 last night, it did burn but i went to sleep last night & woke up this morning & most of of the inflamation & redness is gone. The itch is still there so I did another swab of bleach this morning. I use straight bleach. Burns, yes but relieves the itch.

I have had ring worm along my hair line on the back of my neck fow months and blue star ointment & prescription ointment healed it but has not rid my skin of it. It worked great for my sons ringworm on his cheek, but not me.

So three weeks ago was out sweating in the sun and that night I felt a pimple on my neck behind my ear, near the already diagnosed ring worm. Now the newby has formed & it is ringworm. So I am hoping the bleach will work on both. I will pop back on tomorrow to give another update.

Tried it on a test spot! Comments By: Sherri on 2011-06-23
I have no idea how I got ringworm on my scalp except possibly through my dog...and then I have no idea how she got it...but we are dealing with it. I first went to the doctor first of last week. At that time it was misdiagnosed and I was put on antibiotics and strong clobetasol (steroid) drops. It just kept spreading all over..the entire back and top of my scalp is covered. It finally dried up some because of the coal tar shampoo and it wasn't until this last weekend that I could actually feel the circles and ovals and then I knew what it was. Have been frantically searching ever since for a good remedy.....
Ok move up to this week..went to Dr. Yesterday...she confirms ringworm. She has no idea how to treat it...was going to use just ointment at first....had to talk her into some oral...so ok I am now on fluconazole...for 6 weeks! Ugh...how on earth did this happen...ok anyway...found this site..
move up to right about 2 hrs ago...tried the diluted 1pt clorox to 5pts water...also have a few suspicious places on my arm...dabbed it on there..held in place for about 3-5 min each spot (4 of them) Omg...the two on my fingers are barely noticeable now...the two on my forearm have shrunk up considerably probably by half!! I also put clotrimazole on right after to moisten and give topical anti-fungal...god knows this is everywhere now in my house...(that is a monumental task for today...house and dog get treated!)but it works...people this does work but you have to dilute it...do not burn yourselves please with straight bleach....it isn't worth it..and not only that...you risk a worse infection by tearing up the skin with something that harsh.
The areas on my scalp are much worse than my arm...so I am going to take it really easy and probably go 1pt bleach/6pt water at first to see how it goes or even more diluted right at first...this stuff is very tender and painful for me...so I want to start off slow.
I keep a soaked bleach rag beside me all the time...so if I scratch...I have my washcloth to clean my fingers with. I soak my brush in bleach after each use...all my towels immediately go in washer..clothes get washed as soon as I remove them...all spaces where I sit get wiped off with bleach water. Now how am I ever going to clean the dog bed ....I have not a clue..but I am sure it is a huge culprit right now.
Thank you sooooooo much for this page/site!!
by the way...I am a nurse...so big tip...less is more...start off with test spot...see how it goes. Again please ya'll do not use it straight. :)

Working on it Comments By: Kristen on 2011-07-18
My daughter had ringworm when she was around 4, and Lamisil worked great on her.

I recently found one on my torso (4 years after my daughter's incident). I am unsure where it came from, except I clean people's houses, and sweat, and sometimes my customers have dogs and I interact with them. So it is possible I picked it up cleaning, from an animal, and then due to sweating etc. it liked the environment. I'm a fairly clean person!

I started using Lamisil as I had for my daughter but it didn't seem to be helping, so after doing a lot of research I did try a bleach solution on a swab. I diluted it about 1:4 bleach to water. The first time I did not rinse it, but after that I did. I used it several times yesterday and again this morning. The skin is now a red circle but there is no itching, no inflammation, and from what I can see no active ringworm.

I will continue to bleach it each morning, and use Lamisil cream as a follow up every day. Possibly using the cream more often. I washed my sheets in bleach and covered it overnight with a bandaid after dabbing Lamisil onto it, to protect my washed sheets.

Also I think staying clean and dry, cotton clothing, air conditioning, etc. to help keep your skin from becoming sticky, helps.



ring worm spredig all over body Comments By: praveen mohan on 2011-07-25
doctor as given me a tablet for 14 days
wich costed me 150 dhs.an a tube oinmentof 2.please tell me a good sugestion how to bleach and were will i get the bleach how to use it.

Itchy and Irritated Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-02
I've had ringworm for over a month. The doctor prescribed a cream and that made it worse. It spread like wild fire all over my body. So my doctor gave me a shot and pills. That cleared up some of it, but I still have some, so I'm trying the bleach method now, hopefully it works.
IT WORKED ON MY CAT Comments By: 1kclady on 2011-08-20
Cat owner over 30 years NEVER a RW problem.
Been fighting it now for 4 months on 2 cats.
Other cats (all indoor cats) did not get it.
Used Trasaderm from vet
Used lotramin cream and gel for weeks NO Success!
Quarantined infected animal of course.
Cleaned environment 1:10 clorox brand bleach
First cat finally!! Cleared up!
2nd cat shows signs (vet cultured & was +)
Same medicinal treatment used on 2nd cat without success and it spread!
I have an electric Woods Lamp (not all strains of RW fluoresces). This strain did.
Used 1:10 CLOROX brand bleach
In 3 Hours fluorescing decreased
In 2 days NO fluorescing!!!
Used twice daily, dabbing - not rubbing- with cotton pad.

I plan on continuing for a few more days to be safe and will keep cat quarantined for at least another week to ten days. (RW may be present but not produce any signs/symptoms for 7-10 days) PS. I never got RW Wash hands thoroughly after handling infected animal.

#1. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN the environment
#2. Constantly check pet for outbreak
#3. What works for one may not work for another!
#4. Do NOT overuse any product or remedy.
#5. High temps to wash and dry pet beds.


burn Comments By: anon on 2011-08-03
i was worried i was getting a ringworm on the side of my face..so i applied straight bleach to it and must have put to much because it burned the skin right off and started to bleed..how do i heal that? btw it killed the ringworm instantly
Natural remedies for ringworm Comments By: MWegner on 2011-08-09
Ringworm isn't easily detected at the outset, and the the microbes causing it are stubborn. So, it is important to continuously treat it. There's a lot of natural remedies that help address this condition. You can apply 3 to 5 drops of essential oils of lavender or tea tree. You can also use echinacea tincture, goldenseal tincture and/ or myrrh tincture. Rubbing crushed garlic clove several times a day over the infected area can also help in fighting off the
ringworm. If the ringworm has already spread to other parts of the body, say for instance, on the feet, there are different otc products that one can use to avoid the condition from worsening. For instance, a product called Zerofungus is said to be effective in eliminating stubborn microbes.

For those asking: How to get rid of the scars in less than two weeks Comments By: ByeBye Scars on 2011-08-26
Use Nizoral Shampoo and Mederma. I found this on another forum and I swore if it worked I would try to share it in as many places as possible. I had three ringworm scars, one on my shoulder and two on my tummy (all a half dollar size or bigger). After I used my prescription cream (I didn't try the bleach)for two months, my doc told me it will take up to a year for the scars to go away. I wanted to cry. But in less than two weeks the scars are gone/light shade. This is how I did it: At night put Nizoral Shampoo on the spots and go to sleep (let it dry), in the morning take a shower and scrub the area using an exfoloating glove/rag ( I did it hard). Pat dry and use the cream the doc gave you for the rest of the day. Repeat this process for seven days. On the seventh night instead of the Nizoral shampoo use Mederma ( both are available over the counter) in the morning take a shower and you will see the dead skin and scar wash down the drain. Just to be sure dry off and rub the rest of it using a towel. Please note at times it might burn or be irratated an you might question yourself, but I promise you will see it dry up and look 100 times better. The following week I kept using the cream from the doc during the day and Mederma at night. Just make sure your fungus is healed before doing this. Good luck! And please share with others!
got it on my chin Comments By: michael. on 2011-09-19
got it on my chin,bout to try the bleach to see if it will work,will get back to you...this better work..will post the results..

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