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Bleach for ringworm, ring worm

Bleach is very good at killing the fungus that is causing the problem. Simply dab the affected are with a cotton ball that has been mistuned with bleach twice a day. The bleach should not burn you, however do look for any allergic reaction. Reports are that the ringworm will be gone in as quick as 2 days.

The following was sent in by Nick

You decide on the strength of the bleach you use. You need to be responsible. Below are some guidelines

Fast treatment (1-2 Days)
100% Bleach
- Burning
- Scars

Quick treatment (2-4 Days)
- 50% Bleach
- 50% Warm Water

Normal Treatment (3-6 Days)
- 2 Cups Water
- 1/3 Cup Bleach

Safe, Slow Treatment (1 Week+)
- 3 Cups Water
- 1/3 Cup Bleach


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Further advice! Comments By: jjjjjjjj on 2010-08-21
Make sure you dilute your bleach people or it can burn and scar your skin. Start with 1 part bleach 3 parts water and increases to 50/50 if that doesn't work after a couple days. Don't use full strength!
Save me Bleach! Comments By: Lily disgusted with ringworm on 2010-08-22
So i am freaking out! I have been treating this so called ringworm spot on my thigh for about four weeks. I have been taking 1 tablet of fluconazole 150mg every week and putting anti fungal cream. Well its not working as i just noticed a new spot a few inches right above the other one. So i want to just cry, i think this is so disgusting! So i decided to try bleach today. I have not been scratching so i don't have any cuts on it, so i'm gonna try just the clorox alone non-diluted. I put straight bleach (clorox with active ingrediant "Sodium Hypochlorite...6.0% with a q-tip and it burns a little not too much but after it seemed like it dried up the spots real good. About 30 min later i put lamisil on top burned a little more. I'm gonna keep doing this every four hours. Feels like the bleach is working. We will see what happens with combination of both. Crossing my fingers!
This burns, hope it works Comments By: Sporty Black guy on 2010-08-25
Two days ago, I realized that I had ringworm once again. Frustrated, I began to work at it a bit, with some anti-fungal cream. No change, so I am trying the bleach method, mixed with the sea salt method. I washed the bleach off after 1 min. I don't care about scarring, but it would be nice not to have it. The sea salt is cooking my skin as we speak. No clue how this is going to work, but it sucks cause I have school next week. Down with Ringworm.
Small Comments By: Rhian on 2010-08-30
I've got ring worm on my arm it only seems small compared to others but I want rid quickly, it's about the size of my finger nail, is this safe enough for me to use on it?
not too much Comments By: Robert on 2010-09-08
I was introduced to bleach treatment for ringworm many years ago by my Vet.. It works very well. He said, to use a dilute solution 1tbs. of bleach to 3tbs. of H2O. Apply 3x a day to affected area with cotton ball untill problem is gone. Usually 2-3 days. It might take a few more applications, but no noticeable tissue damage. Problem solved. Straight bleach is far too caustic,for yourself or your pets.
IT WORKS!!!!! Comments By: Travis on 2010-09-14
Well after WEEKS of using all the usual products, the only thing my ringworm did was spread!!!! It started out as a small spot on my groin (got it at the gym) and spread all over my groin all the way to my butt.....Then it made its way down my legs and up my back!!!! Finally It decided to make a nice comfy home on the palms of my hands, that's when I decided to go with bleach. I used a 50/50 mix and a rough cloth for application. (yes it hurt like hell) Let it set for 10 min before using a soft washcloth with warm water to pat the areas down real good. I did this every 4hrs. After 1.5 days its gone!!! Skin is tender and rather irritated but the fungi is dead!!!
Jock itch, fungus-kill it with bleach Comments By: Jake on 2010-09-22
Glad I found this site. Good education. Bleach works (indicates it kills fungus on label) but do not put it on skin without heavy diluting. Otherwise you will weaken your skin and make it more subsectable to fungus attacks in the future. IMPORTANT: As others have pointed out-be sure to use the Clorox brand with "Sodium Hypochlorite" as this is easier on skin and doesn't smell as strong. Before knowing this I first went with a generic bleach that has smelled worse and was harder to rinse off skin. I used it in bath with 2 cups for almost full tub 3x and has been great relief.
Last resort! Comments By: Peter on 2010-09-22
I noticed the ringworm on my arm about 3 months ago and went to the doctor. He gave me some cream for it. It started spreading on the same arm and eventually transferred to my other arm. Went to the doctor again a month later and he put me on cream and meds, but it keeps spreading!! Im going to try bleach and if it doesn't work, Im going to become an amputee! Keep you guys posted!!!!
words from my mama Comments By: tedo on 2010-09-22
i just went to the doctor today and found out i had it. 3 weeks ago my mom said she thought it might be ringworms too. i got my prescription from the doctor but i remembered my mom telling me 3 weeks ago to put just a little bleach on it.. i never did and it spead all over my stomach. so just 5 mins ago i had my roommate dab some bleach on my spots. hopefully in two days it will be gone.

oH yeah.. my mom says if you take a bath and put to bleach caps full in the tub and sit in it for a while it will help it go away. also you should use dial soap, or some sort of anti bacterial soap... also sitting in a tub with oat meal works as well.

Bleach, techniques, antifungals Comments By: KM on 2010-10-07
If you are treating groin or feet fungus (any type including ring worms) to put your socks on FIRST then underwear, AND take your underwear off first then your socks. You can pass this back and forth from feet to groin and groin to feet. When you put underwear on first then you will pull the fungus from feet to groin and pulling off underwear will pull it from groin to feet.
Do NOT use the same towel, bleach tub after you get out to prevent spread or repeat infections. You can also use ANY other the counter anti-fungal agents. Sorry guys but Monistat (for ladies yeast infection) can be your best friend- apply 2ice daily for 6 weeks if you want to go that route incase bleach does not work.
I WOULD certainly say dilute the bleach at first to ensure you will not have an allergic reaction to it. If on your feet soak your feet in diluted bleach/water.
I am actually going to try the bleach on my son, I have been using an antifungal and it is just not working quick enough for me (we want it gone in 2 days). Ring worms live off of dead skin on the body. The bleach probably works by debriding that dead skin off of the body. I am HOPING this works. I am an RN and had never heard of this but I also work in ICU so I do not see this very often. If it does NOT work I will write back.

Thanks bleach Comments By: Peter on 2010-10-03
I dont have to remove my limbs!!! Bleach does the trick. I used one part bleach and one part water, twice a day for a week.
dont do it Comments By: anon on 2010-10-03
bleach burns really badly and leaves an ugly scar....if you want to get rid of a ringworm try blue star oinment although it burns it doesn't leave a scar and it starts working within two days....just put it on 2-4 times a day and i promise you'll see a drastic improvement
Finally!!! Comments By: Happy on 2010-10-21
I have had ringworm once before on my arm near the elbow. I remember it took forever to treat with over the counter medicine. I noticed that I recently got it again, but this time it was on my hand!!! It is highly contageous and it was driving me crazy because I had to be really careful about touching anything and spreading this thing to other parts of my body. It was a pain!!! I had to do everything with one hand. So I went on line and started looking for quick fix remedies... I tried nail polish, which made it worse, then I said screw it and continued using the over the counter cream "Lotrimin", which was helping, but was taking a really long time. Then... surprise!!! I found another patch of ringworm, this time it was on my crotch!!! I must have scratched myself in my sleep or something because I assure u I am a clean person. I washed my sheets every day since I discovered this little number on my hand. And I always shower 2ce a day. Anyways... long story short, I was devistated. This would put another month of over the counter treatmend on my schedule, so I went back online. I saw the bleach treatment option, and I figured what do I have to lose? I was floored at how well this worked for me!!! Finally!!! the ringworm on my finger was completely gone, and the ringworm on my crotch was gone in 4days... I continued treating it for another 4days, just to make sure it was gone for good. but I am happy to say that I am now ringworm free :) I definitely recomend this to everyone.

This is what I did....
I bought Clorox bleach, and because I was still sceptical about this treatment, I also used the Lotrimin cream as well. I soaked a clean cotton ball in bleach (people say to delute it, and u probably can, but I didn't) Then I would cover the ringworm with the cotton ball for about 1 minute, sometimes less then a minute depending on how long I could withstand the burn. Then I would air dry the area and put lotrimin on top with a Q-tip. (I didn't rince the bleach off, I just put it right on top after it dryes) After that, I covered it with a bandaid so I can go about my day without worrying about what I touch. And this was done in the morning. At night, I would just put Lotrimin on it again before bed, and cover it with a bandaid. some people did the bleach 2ce a day, I only did it once because I was affraid of the scarring, but it worked for me. I hope u guys find this helpful. Good luck!! :)

If you wrestle... Comments By: Mike Carr on 2010-10-20
this stuff works, iv had ringworm on and off since freshman year, and that was 3 years ago. I tried everything I could get my hands on, but nothing can beat the bleach treatment. What i like to do is: fill spray bottle with bleach and water 1:3 ratio and spray on everywhere before practice and after shower
Testing Out Bleach Comments By: Tom on 2010-10-21
This is burning pretty good, to me that just says it working. I didnt even dilute the bleach, I honestly dont care.

Its not big its about the size of he head of a spoon (on my wrist). I tried Lamisil, didnt work. Im not even desperate to get it off I just want my skin back. Scarring doesnt bother me too much. Hope this works!

Trying the bleach... Comments By: Crystal on 2010-10-27
I have had these two ringworms for about a month or so now, and have been spraying with Lamisil and covering with a bandaid. I'm so tired of having these things on me! I feel disgusting! I'm gonna try the bleach thing...I don't mind a little scar, so long as this fungus is gone!!

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