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Bleach for ringworm, ring worm

Bleach is very good at killing the fungus that is causing the problem. Simply dab the affected are with a cotton ball that has been mistuned with bleach twice a day. The bleach should not burn you, however do look for any allergic reaction. Reports are that the ringworm will be gone in as quick as 2 days.

The following was sent in by Nick

You decide on the strength of the bleach you use. You need to be responsible. Below are some guidelines

Fast treatment (1-2 Days)
100% Bleach
- Burning
- Scars

Quick treatment (2-4 Days)
- 50% Bleach
- 50% Warm Water

Normal Treatment (3-6 Days)
- 2 Cups Water
- 1/3 Cup Bleach

Safe, Slow Treatment (1 Week+)
- 3 Cups Water
- 1/3 Cup Bleach


Visitors comments

i found out the doctor says after 2 weeks if it doesnt go away all they do is scrape it off .. so i scraped gently with a razor and kept dabbing it in bleach then once the layer of dead fungis skin was off which u can see on the razor .. i would dab it on with a paper towel. dont go too crazy with the razor i did the first time and it scarred a lil. more or less just scrape gently, stops it in its tracks
burned but its worth it Comments By: dee on 2008-08-29
i had a ringworm on my right knee..1st,da mark was really small..kept on scratching it..den it got bigger like the size of my fist..bought anti fungal cream and it didnt work..den i saw dis bleach thngy on the web..i quickly bought a bleach bottle and applied it...4 hours later,no more ringworm..but i got a ringburn..:( but its worth it..:)
Jock itch.... Comments By: T on 2008-09-03
I have ringworm on my crotch!!!!How I got it there do not know???I am a bit scared to put bleach on that part? I am using the cream, can't tell that it is working yet? HELP!!!!!
get rid of it Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-11
Add about one cup of Clorox bleach to a full tub of water as warm as you can comfortably stand it. Soak in the tub for a good while every day until ringworm goes away. After bathing soak infected area with apple cider vinegar saturated on a paper towel for a few minutes then rub in tea tree oil, or jojoba mixed with tea tree oil and top that with lamisil. The ringworm should go away completely in about a month or so and relief of itching in a couple of days. Continue this regime for at least two weeks after ringworm has disappeared to make sure it is gone. Also, wash bedding and clothes in Clorox until you are rid of the ringworm.
Bleach did not only kill the rot but I found a new way of clearing my hard skin! Comments By: Lilly on 2008-09-13
I got ringworm from an ex boyfriend (nice eh) on my foot. It proved really hard to shift though the most effective cream was tinaderm which became unavailable since I moved from UK to NL . All NL treatments for this are as weak as water and it began to spread rapidly. So out of deperation I started using bleach. Well it kills all germs dead, it says on the bottle and it is a germ. I used loads of it while scraping my horrible hard skin off in the bath and lo and behold not only did it quickly shift the "mange" but also melted off, harmlessly the dead skin that builds up on my feet. 2 Victories in 1!

Also I pour boiling water into my shoes once a week, though not advised for expensive italian jobs, my socks in a bucket of boiling water and wash bedding/under bedding other clothes hot.

I only use Domestos/Glorix

Bleach does work quick on ringworm - what about cats? Comments By: Cat rescuer on 2008-09-16
I am fostering 7 cats who had ringworm, I got it from them, I put straight bleach on it and it dries up in a day. Works great. Wondering if I can use it on the cats, they have had it for 3 months and I've tried everything.
Clorox for ringworm and what else? Comments By: anon on 2008-09-21
Why would black people bathe with Clorox?
Bleach-7yrs. old-scalp Comments By: KAE on 2008-09-22
I just tried a 1pt.bleach 5 pt. water mixture on my son. He has them all in his head-large with puss. I had to take action. He is on Grisofulvin, but it taking forever.He got a haircut and they spread before I knew thats what it was in his scalp. And he is losing hair from the spots in his scalp. This has been recurring for 3years now. I will report back in a few days.
I will let you know Comments By: R. Worm on 2008-09-23
I just started the treatment. It did not burn when I applied the bleach.
bleach huh? Comments By: anth on 2008-09-29
diluted? or straight? i dont give a crap about a scar. chicks dig scars. lol. its right under my bellybutton and itches like the meanest SOB. So straight or diluted?
Win the battle against the nasty fungal infection. Comments By: Anon on 2008-10-01
Listen I have experienced ringworm twice this year. Initially, I did not know what it was and the pharmacist told me to use anti-fungal cream. I used ultra-Lotrimin and it went away in around five weeks. Unfortunately, it came back in a different area of my body moving from the neck to my chest. I made the doctor's visit for the so called more powerful prescription lotion with steroids in it. After spending a couple hundred dollars to see the doctor the prescription lotion failed to completely kill the ringworm infection. Here is how I finally got rid of it. 1. add a cup of Clorax to a full bath and soak every day, until it goes away. 2. do not apply straight Clorox to any open sores, however, you can apply it straight on the ringworm after it has begun to heal. 3. Rub in tea tree oil first, and Lamisil or ultra-Lotrimin afterward. Any drugstore will sell tea tree oil or jojoba oil mixed with tea tree oil and it cost under twenty dollars a bottle. The oil and lotion should be applied after your morning shower and the bath should be in the evening followed with tea tree oil and anti-fungal lotion. 4. You can also apply straight Clorox bleach with a q-tip or cotton ball before the oil and lotion and leave it on, because there is no point in rinsing it off. Again, do not use straight bleach on any open sores, but only after the ringworm has begun to go away and you are past the oozing blister phase. 5. (Optional) You can also take a paper towel and soak it with apple cider vinegar for good measure. Hold it over the infected area for a few minutes, because the acid is a natural anti-fungal remedy. Do not rely on vinegar or rubbing alcohol alone, however, they are only added measures to fight the skin fungus.
go with bleach Comments By: amanda on 2008-10-03
i get ringworms every once in a while and the fastest thing to work is the bleach! put some on a q-tip and spread it all over the ringworm. it may leave the skin red from the bleach burning the skin but that heals!
You can SEE it working Comments By: Scott on 2008-10-10
Grab a Blacklight (UV) and you can phsyically see the fungus it lights up a neon green colour very cool, then you can work away at it with the bleach, im using it neat on a Q tip and just rubbing away at the fungus, its definately working! you can see the green fungus under uv flaking away and staying away, im also following this up with tea tree oil and then anti-fungal cream MASSIVE improvement in just one day.
It Works but There's Some Bad Effects Comments By: Ringworm Killa on 2008-10-10
Bleach will clean the ringworm up within days, but it will scar the skin in that spot and there's no effecient way of removing scars. But you'll just have to make the choice of if you want bacteria on your leg or a life long scar. Something that works better than bleach is a medication pill you can get from the doctor. It clears it up within days and it doesnt leave any scars.
Works but use an antifungal too Comments By: anonymous on 2008-10-11
My ringworm would not go away. After a month of using lamisil and tea tree oil it was worse, not better. So for the past 5 days I have been applying diluted bleach twice a day and it has made a huge difference. Definite fading and it stopped a new spot in its tracks. You still need to apply an anti-fungal like lamisil though or you could just end up reinfecting yourself. Continue applying the anti-fungal for 2 weeks after symptoms have stopped too. You also need to wash your sheets and clothes in hot everyday and the same with your washcloth and towel every time you use it.
just tried bleach, work in a pet store Comments By: Cadie bandy on 2008-10-14
I work in a petstore were, of course, ringworm runs rampent.
And freakin heck wouldn't you know I got the dang thing? I was obssesive about being clean, ridicuouslly so, and still got it. The bleach is working, remember, don;t use bandaids. But do cover it with gauze. Over the counter stuff is the best way to go however.
No one talks here much about fabirc, do I need to clean my sheets daily? Clothing I'm sure, but what about pillows? blankets? Couches? Will ringworm on the skin evolove into athlete's foot in the shower?


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