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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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my cat hated orange peel Comments By: catpoostopper on 2010-01-19
my cat started pooing on patio and neighbours flowers, we put orange peel down and she instantly stopped doing it.
Ahhhhhhh! Comments By: grannyinthebox on 2010-01-22
Up until 3 months ago I had no idea just how bad it can get with cats. The house i bought had been empty for some time before i bought it and next doors cats had been using my front garden as a toilet. It has got so bad that i have had to block off my garden completely, to stop anyone (especially grandchildren) from going on there. My husband put up outside lights for xmas and both he and the ladder was covered in faeces. As for the people who say speak to the cat owners, the neighbours are horrible,everyone in the street has warned me about her but i still tried talking to her, did she give a dam, did she hell!! and so I began spending every waking hour thinking up terrible revenge against these cats, if any one had told me i would be in this much of a state over a bloody cat 3 months ago i would of laughed at them, all i can say is thank god for this sight, Ithought i was going mad! My house smells like a toilet every time i open my front door and I am dreading the summer. ALL CAT OWNERS OUT THERE, WHO DON!T GIVE A TOSS EVEN WHEN YOU DO TRY TO REASON WITH THEM I CHALLENGE YOU TO SPEND SOME TIME IN OUR HOUSES, LIVE WITH YOUR CATS, REALY, SHIT AN ALL AND THEN AT THE END OF YOUR STAY TELL ME WER'E MAKING A FUSS OVER NOTHING......
Preventing [any more] cats on property. Comments By: Charles on 2010-01-26
In this PC correct day and age, it's weird that cats and dogs have almost the same rights as people . . . this is absurd. I lived in rural Canada for some years and kept horses. Some local dogs kept bothering [horses in the stable!]. I spoke to the city born folks about this - they laughed and claimed this was "country life." The dogs continued to worry the horses for 2-3 more weeks. I shot one of the dogs and brought it to the local RCMP dispatch. He filed a report of "dangerous animal - hazard to livestock." I never saw my neighbour again - nor the last remaining dog. You have to make your own decisions about how to deal with proble animals. Sorry dog - you had it coming.
4 strays won't leave my yard Comments By: Kathy on 2010-01-28
How can i safley get rid of these cats? I've called all sorts of shelters no one will take them. I don't have anyone to adobt them, they are driving me crazy and there not mine.
Have Had Enough!!! Comments By: Peter on 2010-02-14
My property has been trashed by roaming cats for years. My palm trees and window screens are all scratched. My BBQ, outdoor furniture and pot plants around the house have all been pissed on so often the smell is now permanent. Every morning I have to go out and remove up to 3 lots of cat shit from my garden and throw it over the fence to the neighbour’s yard who owns 2 cats. I bought a really nice fence screen for privacy around our pool and it has been trashed by cats climbing up and down it. There were some birds who built a nest on top of one of our pool fence posts and a cat killed the baby birds once they hatched. Reading all the posts it is quite obvious that there is a real problem with stray cats in all communities around the world and that cat owners don’t get it. I am at a loss to understand why cat owners don’t find it a problem that their cats shit in their neighbour’s yards… Oh it’s just a bit of cat shit they bury it anyway…until there is a law that imposes hefty fines for owners of stray cats I can’t see a solution to the problem. Cat owners don’t seem to understand how much stress and anger their cats cause. I bought a trap and have caught 4 cats now and delivered them to the pound and it hasn’t changed anything. I have had enough now and would like to thank all the people who posted on this site with helpful tips to find a solution and the only option for me now is to bait. To all the cat owners who let their cats roam the streets at night you are all a bunch of selfish scumbags.
im starting to hate cats Comments By: tash on 2010-02-14
im sick to death of cats my neighbour has six of the things and other surrounding neighbours have them two, i look forward to cats pooing daily in my garden , i have show car's and i can't even get them out of the garage with out a cat jumping on the paintwork , one cat attually went in my garage and sprayed urine , i cant let my cjildren pkay in the garden as its just vile and i cannot clean it up it makes me sick so i have to leave it yet the neigbour that has the cats seems to think im a nuisance cleaning my car's tbh these cats are making my life a misery
well Comments By: thomas on 2010-02-14
To those who believe cat's have their own rights too ---- have you ever thought of my 2 year old daughter and my pregnant wife? I don't think you really care... you hypocratic evil people!
You lot are nutters Comments By: suzy on 2010-02-16
You lot are crazy - owners cant stop their cats from jumping a fence into someone else's garden - dont you people have lives? Get a grip! there are worse things to have happen than a cat shi**ing in your garden.
From Across the Pond Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-17
Have laughed so hard - Kevin's solution is hilarious. After being gone for two months I came home to discover stray cats took up residence in the hay shed. I am hoping my dog will take care of them. But if not may try his solution.
Don't tolerate them. Comments By: Cats Graveyard on 2010-02-19
I suggest a .22 air rifle, with silencer and laser dot. Watch for the times that the vermin foul your garden, then drop them when no ones looking. Head shots only and .22 at 10ftlbs or above is essential as cats are v tough but a good head shot will drop them every time and avoid the squealing, leaping, etc. Dead cats are easily disposed of in houshold waste. Strike a blow for native birds, rodents, reptiles and amphibians.
Lion Poo Comments By: happygirl on 2010-02-21
· Use Lion poo which you can get from a Zoo as the cats will smell a larger and more dangerous predator and back off!!!! Mix in with compost
It's called common sense. Comments By: Cara on 2010-02-26
I have been reading all the comments on here and I'am disgusted with those of you who can condem people for using any means possible to get rid of stray cats.I have 3 cats and a dog the difference is I also have 3 litter boxes and a fenced in backyard for my pets to do their buisness in. I also clean these areas myself. So for all the bleeding hearts out there that keep saying to go talk to the owners of these cats or to handle it humanely let me let you morons in on a little know thing called common sense. If you own a cat you should clean up after and take care of it yourself you are an adult no one should have to take time out of their day to come ring your doorbell, and tell you that your cat just pissed all over their patio furniture,plants,ect.It's your responsibility I hope you people aren't breeding yourselfs if this is your way of solving the issue.Talking to irresponsible owners doesn't work if they gave a damn in the first place their cat wouldn't be in someone else's yard or they would be cleaning the mess up themselves. To people saying to handle it humanely it's not humane to let your cat wonder on it's own so it can fight and get injured it's self or injure someone else or another animal,it's not humane to not have your unneutered or spayed animal roaming around having kittens that are starving because you can't feed all of them. What's the first thing you tell a child when he or she wants a pet "Pets are a big responsibility"
carol Comments By: sally on 2010-03-01
if you thought anything of your cats they wouldnt run all over the neighborhood to catch some disease or get killed by a car or attacked by coyates or bobcats.
Cara You Don't Make Sense Comments By: Peter on 2010-03-04
Everything you said Cara didn't make sense. You are an irresponsible cat owner with 3 cats! Don’t tell us you know where they are and where they go when you let them out of the house…You are full of shit!! They would jump your fence and cause chaos in your neighbourhood. Unfortunately there are thousands and thousands of people who do not take responsibility with their cats and let them roam their neighbourhoods just like you!!! And thousands and thousands of people get cats and don’t have them neutered. Are you going to tell me you don’t hear the screams at night from cats in heat… wake up you stupid fuckwit! I have been woken up 3 times this week from cats chasing geckos (small lizards) on my fly screen windows scratching and causing ridiculous damage. Every morning I go out and remove up to 3 lots of cat shit from my garden beside my front door and throw it on the neighbour’s car who owns 2 feral cats. I will not go and speak to my neighbour because I know he is a cat fuckwit like you Cara… WE CANNOT MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT DAMAGE YOUR CATS DO…you are a disgrace to the community and should have hefty fines imposed on you… Or at least get you to pay for all the damage caused. The day you put a leash on your cats to stay on your property or better yet KEEP THEM INDOORS YOU FUCKWIT… we will need to take matters into our own hands in order to protect our most valuable asset…OUR HOMES!!! At first I tried to scare them away…didn’t work. Then I tried catching them and delivering them to the pound… didn’t work. Then I tried pepper, lemon, water bottles, sprinklers, strong chillies… didn’t work. So now my only option is Tylenol! And I am furious that cat owners have forced me to do this because it’s their irresponsibility that has caused this to occur. They are responsible for the death of their cats!!!
Comments By: ALAN on 2010-03-06
My drive is being used as a toilet by the local cats,i went out to the bin to be greeted by the fowl smell of fresh cat crap that made me wrench my guts up.I have dogs if iam caught not picking my dog mess up i get fined so what gives these cats the right to crap all over my drive,i need a solution to deter these cats as iam now getting rather upset with it,PLEASE HELP"!!!!
just leave them Comments By: david on 2010-03-15
if its their poo your worried about just leave them it worked for me dont know how
funnyn Comments By: anon on 2010-03-13

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