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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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Visitors comments

If the cat is crapping in one or two particular places, pour bleach there (yes it may destroy the flowers) and the cat will not come back. This may need to be repeated several times.

P.S. wow some of the comments above are ridiculous, thought the forum would help on how to get rid of them not hear so many opinions on cat lovers/haters etc etc.

I only know how to stop them from coming to their spot, but any useful advice on how to stop them from actually entering my garden would be helpful

my town has an ordinance but won't back it up Comments By: Deb on 2010-04-19
I have a neighbor who has at least 8 cats. I have put up with this for years, but, finally as I realized that they kept having more and more kittens I called the police department. I looked out my window and had 5 kittens on my shed. They apparently talked to them, because an ordinance says you cant have more than 3 pets. For a day or two, I didn't see the cats. Then out they came again. I waited almost 6 months, thinking that they probably needed time to find homes for them, then one day I looked out and saw 8 cats in my yard. I saw one peeing on my shed, they have used the sand that was down around the pool as their personal litter box. When I walk out my door, front or back, it smells like urine and poop. I called the police today and was told there was no ordinance that prevents this. I did see our ordinance that clearly states that animals cannot be at large. I'm not sure how they can say this is not a violation of the ordinance. I love cats and have my own, in the house where he is taken care of. I have spent alot of money this year having my yard seeded, which the cat is digging up. I certaintly don't want to hurt the cats in anyway, but I'm at my wits in. This is not right. Just venting!!! thanks for listening (reading)
Smelly Vermin Comments By: Cat Turd Expert on 2010-04-19
I have cats s******g on my lawn also and am just about fed of it. I've enjoyed reading some of the solutions including peeing on them once caught. I wondered whether eating asparagus prior to peeing on them would enhance the experience for the house-rat.

I started dating a women who had 9 or 10 cats - a foolish decision as everytime I went home I absolutely stank and had to shower and wash the clothes I was wearing.

As you can imagine the relationship didn't last long!!

Typically all cat owners are selfish or too bone idle to take the responsibility of owning a cat seriously enough to cater for their toilet needs!!

And unbelievably arrogant to suggest the only way to overcome their pet's s******g on my property would be to get a s**t machine of my own.

How to get the cats stop peeing at my door !!!! Comments By: SavageRose on 2010-04-23
I am sick and tired of the BAD SMELL of the cat PIPI which is spreading in the whole house when it comes to PEEEEE at my door in the EARLY MORNING !!!!
I tried the spray to get them off, it DIDN'T WORK !!! I'M REALLY THINKING TO POISON THEM ALLL ONCE AND FOR ALLLLLLL !!!!!!!!!

KeenGardener Comments By: KeenGardener on 2010-04-25
For those people who suggest getting a cat to get rid of cats is is not an option. I am allergic to them. So I have my neighbour’s cats destroying my vegetables and plants. There are some useful suggestions here which I will use to try to get rid of these horrible animals.
Howitzer Comments By: Roger Gale on 2010-04-27
I have tried everything under the sun, I bought a howitzer canon. I hope this gets rid of them once and for all, but it might knock next doors house down. Does my house insurance cover me?
darn cats! Comments By: anon on 2010-04-29
a cat recently ate my Koi fish. If I see it It's bad new for that cat. Keep it on a leash and in your own property!!
reply to ignorant cat owners(not all cat owners) Comments By: anon on 2010-04-30
I dont dislike cats or wish them any harm,but like most of you is really fed up of all the cat shit in my garden.I am open to any way to try and stop it.To all the blogs from people who have cats and think its ok for them to poo in other peoples garden.espically the one who wished these poor people a disaster I think you are compleatly selfish and ignorant and the world would be better without people like you in it.any decent person would try to prevent their cat straying into other peoples garden and damaging property and plants and shitting where it likes,and if you are aware of it doing it in your neighbours garden u should offer to clear it up.I do agree its not always the cats that are the problem somtimes it clearly is the owners..........
Pussy Lovers Comments By: Tom on 2010-05-03
The reason all you pussy lovers can sit there and say that us non pussy lovers are cruel is because we have friends we can socialise with, and therefore do not need the fake love of a pathetic 4 legged feline. I suggest that if you would like to know how it feels to have one of your pathetic animals sh=t in the area of where my child plays, then I should maybe pop round and sh=t in your garden one bright sunny day.

If you are so delusional as to believe that one of the most independent species, comes back everyday because it likes you then you really need to get a life. If the person 5 doors down from you decide to feed the cat better or more food than you, it would live with them and sh=t in your garden.

Do the world a favour, buy a dog...at least legally you have to clean up its sh=t!

A solution? Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-04
For those of you who have fences, there may be a solution. I have bred birds in outdoor aviaries for almost 20 years and lost countless show/expensive birds by domestic cats causing night panic in the flights and attacking the birds as they cling blindly to the mesh. I have often managed to track the owner down but never got so much as a penny for vet's bills/replacements or an apology in return. I have lost more plants to cat damage than I can care to recollect.

For those of you at the end of their tether tempted to poison cats (easily done with rodenticides, paracetamol or dog flea treatment), it is worth mentioning that the approach is illegal, unnecessarily cruel and ineffective in the long run. A vacant territory will soon be filled by new cats as the owners' replacement feline appears. Rather, it is more effective to dissuade your neighbouring cats from coming into your garden at all - they will also serve to provide a safety cordon to prevent most other moggies from straying through their own patch into your garden.

The idea is simple and cheap and is based on aversion. The first step is to place parallel lines of simple garden wire very taughtly at the top of your fences through eyelets positioned every 15cms or so. This will discourage most cats from walking along your fences and entering your garden as it will prevent them from balancing. It is not unsightly if you choose the thin green variety. You can even grow climbers along the fence so the wires are of some practical use too.

For those cats which do persist despite this deterrent, place similar wires on the inside of the fence at the top (on the side of your property) with extended eyelets - they should stretch outwards from the fence into your garden at an angle for some 45 cm or so away from the fence in three lines of 15cm each. Again, they are not very visible and can be removed later. This will not keep cats out; rather, it will keep them in to your garden if they do stray into it as they will be unable to climb back out. Ensure that you are around for this part of operations or that fresh water is available at all times for the cat if you are out. Next you can catch the offending feline. The easiest way is to give it an obvious hiding place such as a large box in which it can hide when you appear. You may choose to remove the animal and take it to a sanctuary, although this parts the owner from their cat and is unfair. If the cat is microchipped, it will also be returned to the owner very soon and you will be back to square 1. Releasing it into the wild somewhere remote is also unsuitable. The cat at worst will be unable to fend for itself and perish; at best, it will prey on local wildlife. Instead, make a makeshift chicken wire cage on the inside of your box with a closable flap. Ensure that you can close the cage hidden inside the box from a distance using string. Once the cat is trapped, remove the box which concealed it and then SCARE the cat repeatedly in whatever way you see fit. You may choose to soak the offender with several buckets of water filled with ice and leave your dog (if you have one) to snarl around the cage. Repeat the process many times, siting the cage in different parts of your garden. You may then release the cat who will by then be absolutely terrorised and will avoid your garden altogether in future.

Although I am aware that this approach is rather draconian, it is very effective. You may wish to notify cat owners that you will use every means to deter cats from your property before you start, which allows them to take responsibility for their pet ahead of time. I have had several cats over the years but no longer keep them for the simple reason that cats need to roam. Mine lived indoors as I was keen to both avoid them upsetting my neighbours and the cats using my own garden as a latrine. And were they frustrated? Of course: they were unable to behave in the natural ways cats want/need to (my curtains still bear the signs). The thing to remember in this debate is that cats only behave the way they are meant to; they are not deliberately malicious. Indeed, they only become a nuisance if their owners do not take responsibility for them. There are many responsible cat owners - but all are given a bad name due to the behaviour of owners of 'easy-care' pets who believe it is reasonable to allow their pet to roam wild. They may well allow the cat to fulfil its instincts but they are engaging in a behaviour with is not only antisocial: it also places their own cat at risk of being run over or mauled by a dog.

Peter read before you type!!!!!! Comments By: Cara on 2010-05-04
I never said I let my 3 cats outside they are INDOOR cats my dog however goes outside in my fenced in lot,which we clean.Our cats once again are INDOOR cats and we have LITTER BOXES which you can train cats to use instead of others yards.So yes I do know that my cats aren't in others yards, because they don't leave the house. Once again and third times a charm they are INDOOR cats.We have an issue in our community of cat owners who let their cats roam,and they enter into our yard. My point was that my family is responsible enough to clean up after our pets. Why then do the owners of the roamers not have enough responsibility to do the same.
cat crap Comments By: del on 2010-05-06
Cats sh=t where other cats sh=t, so if your neighbours cat sh=ts in your garden, pick it up with a small gardening trowel and throw into their garden. Solved the problem for me!
get rid!!! end of story. Comments By: gnlfc on 2010-05-09
i am sick of walking into my front garden every morning to the smell of cat urine. and then thinking that my neighbour doesnt give a shit about what there cat does or where it is half the time. i wonder if it never comes home one night will they actualy miss it? why is it a dog cant do the things a cat can do. bullshit i say. if your in my garden and i dont want you there, then you are a tresspasser and i will dispose of you how i see fit. if you cat lovers really give a dam about your cats then why the hell dont you listen to the people who are trying to express there feelings. if you choose not to respond then more fool your stubborn arse. yes cats are living things but so are dogs and you wouldnt want them shitting and pissing in your garden. cats beware. my garden is a no cat zone.
Cat Owners Comments By: Cat Parent on 2010-05-12
NOT all cat owners are selfish or too bone idle to take the responsibility of owning a cat, Turd....

Cat or dog owners NEED to be responsible. Don't let your dog run out without a leash and poop on someone else's lawn. Train your cat and supervise him when and if you let him go outside. Give him a few hours...3 or 4 and then bring him inside. If you see him doing something wrong at the neighbor's...teach him not to do it again. Be a responsible pet owner. Don't just let him go out and pee/poop a storm on someone else's property. I wouldn't like it, so that's why I look after my cat and give him a little time outside. I argue with my guy alot about the time he gets outside. He says let him out, without much care and I say he does NOT have to go out and I am very passionate about it. So I give the cat some time out, but I never forget about him and go on with my business. You have to treat your pets like you have kids. I am sorry for those who are having issues with cats and irresponsible pet owners. Find a save solution to end the frustration.

Water will get rid of cats Comments By: grado2003 on 2010-05-14
the solution in an electro-mechanical product called the Scarecrow
(http://www.scarecrowinfo.com). This is a battery powered motion sensor used to control a water sprinkler. When a cat comes within 40 feet of the detector it turns on the sprinkler for a 4 second burst, enough for the impulse-type sprinkler head to rotate 180 degrees. The combination of sound, sudden motion, and falling water startles the cat and chases it away in the most humane manner possible.

Getting rid of cats Comments By: Ivan Pascoe on 2010-05-18
Shoot the sob. 12 guage white out.If you miss then did a hole 8" x 4" place a tarp over hole.Sprinkle Catnip over tarp. When the cat goes for the catnip. It falls into the 8x 4 hole.The fill the dam hole and continue on your way. Results: Got the cat, Buried the cat.Then go after the owner for the work of getting their dam cat. This will work for dogs.If the cat owner complains then ask him to cross over the tarp. Then pour cement into the hole. Soon his slippers will be heavy then take the owner out of the hole and have him walk across the deepest part of a river. PS Should be open season on loose cats and dogs.
You people are sick Comments By: anon on 2010-05-19
Killing cats just cos they do what comes naturally to them? You people must have something wrong with you. Why would you want to harm any animal? They have as much right to live their lives as we do. Maybe animal cruelty is legal in America but here you will go to jail for sadistically murdering an animal. I hope you people reap what you sow.
And I would like to know just how a cat is meant to be stopped from roaming. I'll talk to my cats later, I'm sure they'll understand. YOU SICKOS SHOULD BE LOCKED UP!


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