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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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cat madness Comments By: sasha on 2010-05-20
To cat lovers
you say that some of these angry people should be sectioned but the present situation is in itself crazy - the craziness lies in the default position of cats being seen as both pets and wild animals that should be allowed to roam free. If cats are wild, they are certainly not endangered, they are more like rats and they spread disease - this is fact, pretty they might be but I know at least two people whose children have lost the sight in an eye through contact with cat shit. So why is it mad to protect your children and your property?
I like cats - theres nothing sweeter than the sight of a cat with her kittens. But children, birds and other wild life are lovely too!
If cats are pets then maybe their owners should take proper responsibility for them. Too often cats are some kind of compromise pet - one you see from time to time but don't have to worry about while your at work for example. In parts of the States and Australia cats have to be treated like dogs - kept indoors or under control ie it means that their owners take them for walks, clean up their shit and properly look after them.
The attitude of some of you so called cat lovers makes me think that your pets are some sort extention of your own personalities, acting out primitive desires to kill things and shit on others peoples territory. The cat hating extremists are only preaching what you practise all the time.

Sick of other peoples roaming cats Comments By: B on 2010-05-21
I am so sick and tired of the bloody cats around my neighbourhood that seem to find it necessary to crap in my yard, dig up my plants and kill the birds nesting in the conifers. I've tried various things, bearing in mind I have a toddler that likes to play in the yard too. NONE of these pests have collars either. I'm tempted to get a trap and just take them all to the RSPCA. OR, let my dog have them next time I seem them in the yard. I don't let my dog crap in other peoples yards and I clean up after him. So YOU out there that don't even care to put a collar on your cat and let it roam to crap and tear up other peoples yards, well don't be surprised when they disappear. I'm at my wits end with trying all the natural rememdies. DOES NOT WORK!!
Boot up the backside Comments By: snowflake on 2010-05-25
how do you stop these creatures from hell I recently moved and began to plant and work hard in my garden and overnight these pests crapped in my flowerbeds I put orange peel down and for a while Bingo Then back with a bloody vengeance, the sneaky sod even drank water out of my can behind my back when I yelled at it it rolled about as if I was playing with it. Then my next door neighbour who is equally affected managed to kick its bottom. Hooray....... Yes you have guessed its come back and brought all its mates who now persist in howling and screaming all night. The government should introduce Cat Licences with an incredibly high cost then see who gets a cat. Finally I am going to pick up these vile pieces of crap that they leave and post them along with the bill for my poor dying plants through their owners doors. After all this is ASB by these poxy mangy felines. Tonight I have put Jeyes Fluid into old yoghurt pots and planted them around my plants and lets see tomorrow If it works I will be back on hear to let you know the success, but dont hold your breaths
'Tis the trapper again! Comments By: Kevin Lewis on 2010-05-28
Hello again my poor, tormented soul-mates! This really is the last time I'm going to tell you people of my cast-iron guarantee of a solution to our mutual feline problem. Re-reading subsequent posts to mine, I'm appalled by the minimal take-up of my bait/trap/cage/urinate/release method; perhaps I need a snappier title! I notice that a poster by the name of "Puss in Boots" has either plagiarised or independently developed a remarkably similar theme to mine, but she (and my libido decrees that a woman is responsible for such a moniker!), appears to be in a woefully tiny minority. In a similar paean by Bart Simpson on leaving Japan, who lamented leaving "her sparkling, whale-free seas", I too feel the oppressive crush of a garden free from the thrill of chasing cats, their turds precipitously hanging from the mothership (even I like that phrase!). But as in all long-term relationships, the excitement evaporates, leaving a calm to descend like a blanket of tranquillity and order. I wonder if some of you secretly enjoy the game of cat and mouse, as it were, of the almost Darwinian struggle between man/woman and our furry inturder (another gem of purposely misspelt linguistic artistry, and it's all free - I really should write this stuff down!). If you didn't, then you would surely have tried my method by now. You'll be unlucky to pay more than 40 pounds for a top-notch cage, and you'll get many hours of video footage that will keep you entertained into your dotage; I swear that nothing is more entertaining than a piss drenched cat almost resignedly accepting its fate after the third or fourth golden shower! If YouTube weren't so puritanical then I could post a video from which you could all draw some positive Freudian transference, and no small amount of succour. If I see no advocates on my next visit I'll surmise that you don't want a cure, merely a chance to whinge, and that my advice, encouragement and innovative wordplay have been as naught. I wait with baited (I've done it again!) breath. Enjoy!

cats are rodents Comments By: nancy on 2010-05-29
cats are glorified giant rats destroying everything in site. they are smely and spooky and are just as destructive as a giant rat. this site gave me some ideas. i will use any means to rid of the pesky things. urine smell is disgusting and my flowers are dead from this cat trampling all over them. i will resort to any means necessary to rid of them. glad i am not the only one that dislike them
I LOVE MY 2 CATS!! Comments By: Lucy on 2010-05-30
I have just spent the past 20mins reading these comments some with a smile & some in disbelief! I have a kitten which has to stay in at the mo & use a litter tray but my older cat does go out to do her toilet which she does in her own garden (mine) I aslo have 2 small children & I keep an eye on them so there is no chance of them playing with poo!! I simply clear the garden myself. Its no big deal & surely there are bigger issues to deal with. Maybe those who have a problem with stray/neighbours cats should get a cat of their own, I'm pretty sure the strays would keep clear of your flowerbeds & then u'd only have 1 lot of catpoo to clear up, or if your lucky none as they may go elsewhere! LOL
death to all cats Comments By: dan on 2010-05-30
hi i have just recently moved to my new home and i have a 4year old son who likes playing with his slide and in his playhouse in the garden and i also have just planted loads of new plants and growing my own veg and rhubarb and i have spotted a couple of cats which have came into my garden and done their buisness and dug up my new plants which i am furious as i hate cats altogether i have tried orange peel which has not worked at all and also cut my hose pipe and put it amongst my flowers and also failed and i have gotten to the point if i catch them again i feel like killing them i know one of them belongs to a family across the path from me and i haven't said anything yet as they always go away and when they come back i miss them by minutes as they go out again now i would appreciate any advice and i have read all your comments and have taken down notes which i pray they will work but enough is enough i say death to all cats as they are rats
eradication Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-30
im am aquiring a .22 and taking care of my neighbor's cats for them. I have a cat and a dog, the cat stays inside. Both are treated with flea and tick treatment and have their shots every year. Now I am getting an increasing amount of ticks in my yard, and with them a new cat. for a long time it was one that i would see every so often passing through, i would scare it when i saw it to keep it out. but it has started to hang out here more and more, with that i observed increased ticks and fleas, and not to mention my wifes hard work in the garden for nothing. now there is a second one, they dont even seem to try and hide the fact that they are in my yard now. last night early in the morning i went out and one was at my doorstep, the other pawing at my shed. this afternoon i look out and one is lounging in the yard. my dog has been attacked and injured. its amazing how we have two pets that none of my neighbors even know about because we take care of them, yet i am tormented because of some irresponsible, selfish person who wants a pet but it too lazy to care for it.

as i said, neighbor, if you wont take care of your pet... i will take extra special care of it for you.

To the people who think cats have the right to do as they please Comments By: Daniel on 2010-06-02
I found this site after searching for a solution to a serious problem, and will try some of the advice- thanks.

To the 'cat lovers' on here- who think it's acceptable for cats to mess anywhere they like- please let us all know where you live so we can all come and do our business all over your gardens day in and day out.

shot umm Comments By: C. Killer on 2010-06-02
Just cleared my garden and seeded it for grass, about 10 cats's use this as their toilet. tried everything, got fed up and shot one with a bb gun. Haven't seen it back. waiting for my misses to head out for the day and gonna pick each one off with a water gun. Cat's are vermin and the owner's are just sad, lonely people that need to get a life. Instead of staying in on a sat night and talking to their furry friends. FACT.
Cat deterent Comments By: Christine on 2010-06-03
I tried the dried teabags soaked in Jeyes Fluid and it really worked. Having put a lot of hard work into clearing my small garden to have pebbles laid, I didn't want the cats coming into the garden and making a 'mess'. I placed a few bags soaked in the Jeyes Fluid at intervals and haven't seen a cat since. PLEASE DO NOT USE NEAT JEYES FLUID as this can cause the cats who are pregnant to have deformed kittens.
Get rid of the cats by... Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-03
Put a motion activated sprinkler in your garden or yard.
Blow an air horn at the cat when it comes in your yard. (thats what I do)
Throw rocks at it.
Capture it with a have a heart trap, and then have it put down.
Save up all the cat poop for a month and then deliver it to your neighbor.

toileting and eating my cats food? Comments By: Katie on 2010-06-04
i have a problem with at least 5 other cats coming into my garden sparaying and pooing, i also have 3 cats of my own 1 being a cat and the stanger cats keep coming in eating my cats food which is getting frustrating and expensive, it's summer and i like my back door open as i have a toddler who likes to play outside, any idea's on preventing them coming into my house?
To those who say cats should be able to roam and poop anywhere Comments By: CatHater on 2010-06-04
why don't I come by your place and pee and poo all over your belongings? Your kids crib? Dear goodness forbid he or she actually be allergic to anything.
I'm quickly becoming a cat hater. Not only am I allergic to them, they are all over the place. I agree with another person, that cats should be licensed and leashed. For those saying "cats should be able to roam", there are MANY dog breeds that were BRED to roam. Shall I let one of those dogs roam in your yard and poop/pee/puke/etc all over your belongings?

If you don't like dogs in your yard, then deal with your danged cats.

Horrible little things Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-06
I also suffer with cats crapping on my lawn and under my bay window. Visitors always comment about smell. I have tried chasing them, throwing water, orange peel but to no avail. When I was shooting cans in the back garden one was walking across lawn and I shot a can right next to it and the cocky little sh1t just stared at me. I couldn't believe the cheek as it just strolled off as I reloaded. I am now a cat hater who feels pushed to the limit to try poison. Going to try chilli with sugared water tomorrow and if that doesn't work it's defo poison time
Sadistic cats Comments By: stan on 2010-06-10
My wife has 2 cats which i detest. If I was to catch and maim a small animal then poke it so it flops around in agony for half an hour before getting bored and walking away to let it die slowly id be locked up.

It amazes me cat owners (who claim to be animal lovers) can be so oblivious to the way in which their cute cuddly pets slaughter the local wild life.

As far as I am concerned the damn things should not be allowed outside. Keep them as pets of you want to but they should stay inside where they cant slaughter the local bird population or shit on other peoples property.

SO SICK OF CATS Comments By: TA Crane on 2010-06-07

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