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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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SO SICK OF CATS Comments By: TA Crane on 2010-06-07
We have just moved in to our new house,and everyone has a cat, and they all shit in my garden. Have tried everything.So pissed as I cant even let my childen (aged 2&4) out in the garden with having to go looking for shit. I even found a cat sitting next to my new borns cot. Wot is the point of having a cat, you feed it and then it pisses off, its not even a pet.Its a againest the law if you dont pick dog shit up so it should be againest the law for cats to. If i find hows cats are shiting in my garden i will be giving it back to them. I HATE CATS!!!!!!!!!!
completelt and utterly un-trained Comments By: Michael Rammell on 2010-06-09
Me and my girlfriend have just moved into our first home together. The guys upstairs has 6 cats! (and he lives by himself). I just decided to clear our front garden and put some pots in to make it look a bit smarter and have come out to find cat Sh*t everywhere. Simply disguisting. I've tried all sorts but the only thing i find that deters them is to lay chicken wire down. it looks un-sightly and and i hate it but at least there isn't cat Sh*t everywhere. My other neighbour has even had cat sh*t on his bin lids. The cats don't even cover up after they've finished.I can't believe it! <<++Removed by TipKing++>>
Lilies are Poisonous to Cats Comments By: Sufferer on 2010-06-09
I do hope that everyone heeds the warning that Lilies are highly toxic to cats. The reason why I have planted so many in my garden is because this is my new hobby. It (of course) has nothing to do with the cat cr*p in my garden.
cats..grrrrrrrrrrrr Comments By: Arthur Sleep on 2010-06-10
we hate cats. my poor kids have to look where they are going to play in our own bloomin garden due to cat crap everywhere. i detest cats. yuk. wots the point of them. come indoors with dirty smelly germs,eat, sctatch you then clear off 4a poo in my garden. cats should be banned and hung in the tower.
Surrounded by cats! Comments By: Cat Lover-NOT on 2010-06-11
I am surrounded by cats, they plant themselves in my yard, garden, garage, deck and just about anywhere else they can get into! I have had my own cats in the past but always kept them as house cats! Unfortunately some of you cat lovers prefer to just let your animal roam, caring very little about who's property they are making a mess of!! And don't give me that bull about them being such wonderful creatures...I guess you haven't seen them walking through your yards with baby bunnies in their jaws as the poor creatures screech! Sorry but if I have to choose between a baby bunny and your cat the cat will lose hands down! I don't understand what people get out of having animals that they just set loose to terrorize the neighborhoods...and for you dog owners who thankfully keep their pets in their yards that doesn't mean we can't hear them barking all hours of the day and night! Maybe you can block out the noise but I shouldn't have to!
cats shit Comments By: garth on 2010-06-15
i have just payed 300000 for my new house only to have 3 cats regular use the garden in front of my garden

neighbor awnser is how do i stop them the shit posted through letter box dont go down too well house party this wk end
i cant be responsable for my guests there not my pets

Keep Cats Out of Sandbox Comments By: Shauna on 2010-06-13
My neighbor’s cat was using my kids sandbox as his personal toilet. I didn't want to use cat repellent spray because of the smell and the possible chemicals in my kids sandbox. So I found a motion activated sprinkler that does a great job of keeping the cats away. For more info go to other http://keepcatsoutofyard.com
all cats should be destroyed Comments By: anon on 2010-06-14
i hate them my neigbours cats have wrecked the paintwrok on my show car , they use my garden as a giant toilet so i cant even let my children play out its that bad , i wont have barbaques ib the summer as the smell is just too much , i have a queasy stomach so i cannont clean up after the horrible things , its so unfair that we have to put up with this
Get your own back on cat owners! Comments By: Cat are pests on 2010-06-18
My neighbour’s cats use my garden as a public toilet, day in day out. So, here is how to get them back.

Cats can’t resist freshly turned dirt. They will seek it out and do a shit in it. So, you freshly turn some dirt in an open space obvious to the cat. Place some board in the whole and tip in either anti climb paint or exterior gloss paint and pour it in thick and high straight from the can. Mix in somee cornflower if it is not thick enough. Will stay wet for at least a week.

Then cover with the fresh dirt. When Mr Shitarse comes along for his daily dump he will dig into the nice fresh dirt and get covered in lovely paint. Now he will return to his owners house and cover their carpets in fresh paint too. They will now know what it is like to have to clean up an awful mess after their cat. Continue as required until the owner gets the message that your garden is somewhere for you to enjoy and not a private toilet for their cat.

Worked for me a treat. If the neighbour complains just say what the fuck was your cat doing in my garden? I can put paint wherever I want on my property.


Make Cat Owners appreciate the problem! Comments By: Sian on 2010-06-19
Catch the cat, attach a plastic bag full of its crap to its collar and send it packing to its owners!
Lilles, my new best friend... Comments By: Joe the Gardner on 2010-06-21
Cats fu**** up your garden? Plant some lilies and watch the magic happen. If that dosent work "supersoak the hoe" literally. Mix pepper, hot sauce and some spoiled milk in a let's say, supersoaker and or sprayer and have your due. A true Gardner does all possible to protect what is truly theirs.
Advice of dog flea drops. Comments By: Bruce King on 2010-06-22
Where can I buy dog flea drops - are they available in UK and which is the most effective brand?
they are wild Comments By: elizebth on 2010-06-22
Cats can look after the selve.s they like the out side .and you can not stop them doing what they want give me a dog any time .
trap the cats and take them to spca Comments By: josh on 2010-07-06
trap the cats and take them to the spca.
return to sender Comments By: Mike on 2010-07-09
I love this site. Here in Denmark we have the same problems. I do 2. things: Catch the cats in a trap and kill them (legal in Denmark after warning neighbours once in writing) and 2. Cat-sh*t is catapulted by me into cat owning neighbours gardens!! The cat-owners for 2 years didn´t give a shit really, now I don´t give a sh*t, really!
Kill all rateaters and protect youself from Toxoplasmosis. Comments By: penny on 2010-07-13
All stray cats ruining peoples gardens, food like vegetables, chickens should be killed. They are a disease and the rspca should be jailed for harassing innocent people who are paying high mortgages for their land and property. There is this one sexually out of control rspca nut, banging on our door, and rubbing his penis,in front of my window and putting his mentally unbalanced and unfounded notes in our door.Is this sexual harassment from rspca, when he listens to the hallucinations of benefit scroungers who get tax payers money not only to feed themselves, plus 3 dogs and 5-6 rat eater cats and bird killers.
Why is the british government and the benefit system paying hard working tax payers money for these filthy useless,good for nothing freeloaders!!!
Anybody has any suggestion?
Denmark is a great country.Eradicate all cats.

true colours canada Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-15
what disturbing comments.I own a cat,it goes in her litter box and then goes outside. if any of my neighbours comlain,I ask them to call me, put garden hose on, and I will pick up my Kitty! cat owners have to be responsible! What is the world coming to!!! boo to all the cruel people. you can not be a christian. when God told Noah to build the Ark, he told him to put one Animal of each Creature in the Ark. that must have included a Cat.OPEN YOUR EYES to what is happening on Earth.Global warming, Artic melting,Floods,Earthquaces ect. call your Neighbour talk about the problem. clean up if neccesary with Gloves. Remember if You kill a Creature unnececeraly,You will suffer.Eye for an Eye

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