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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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what disturbing comments.I own a cat,it goes in her litter box and then goes outside. if any of my neighbours comlain,I ask them to call me, put garden hose on, and I will pick up my Kitty! cat owners have to be responsible! What is the world coming to!!! boo to all the cruel people. you can not be a christian. when God told Noah to build the Ark, he told him to put one Animal of each Creature in the Ark. that must have included a Cat.OPEN YOUR EYES to what is happening on Earth.Global warming, Artic melting,Floods,Earthquaces ect. call your Neighbour talk about the problem. clean up if neccesary with Gloves. Remember if You kill a Creature unnececeraly,You will suffer.Eye for an Eye
Selfish Cat Owners Comments By: Mrs Angry on 2010-07-17
I'm sick of clearing up cat shit from my garden, this has been going on for about 12 years, the person who stated that cat's bury their mess is talking rubbish, if they bury it how come I can see it every day when I go out, today was the final straw, my neighbours cat who normally runs back into it's own garden when it sees me coming was sniffing around in the border that the local cats seem to prefer, it started to run when it saw me, but it stopped halfway between the shrubs that border our garden and the neighbours, just as I was wondering why it had stopped running it's tail went up and it dumped what I can only describe as the most disgusting yellow mess, don't know if it was getting me back for chasing it all these years or it had eaten something it shouldn't and couldn't help itself. Anyway I have now declared war on this cat and the others, instead of discreetly putting the shit discreetly back on their side of the hedge I will now be chucking it over the hedge and I don't care where it lands, this cat has also ruined my gate and 3 fences using them as a scratching post. We are actually quite friendly with our neigbours and inadvertently a few weeks ago while chatting over the hedge my neighbour asked what I was working on in the garden as I do spend a lot of time and money trying to keep it looking nice, I told him I was taking away one of the borders (the one the cats like) because I was fed up of it being used as a cat's toilet, the words were out before I realised what I was saying, but then I thought well at least he knows now what we have to put up with, not that it has made any difference after today's performance. I certainly wouldn't do anything to maim or kill a cat, but I've had enough and will use some of the more extreme measures like the water and sugar with chillies. I've spent a fortune over the years on different sprays and also a sonic alarm which I will admit does work most of the time on the other cats but not the next door neighbours, only problem is if the batteries run out I usually only know about it because of the amount of shit that appears within a day or two. My youngest son was never allowed to play in the garden when he was small until I had checked it first we used to have chips almost to the back door and the cats used it like a giant litter tray, we had to eventually slab it but then they just moved to the flower borders instead! I fully agree with the people who say that cats should be kept indoors or at least trained to use a litter tray in their own garden which they can't get out of. I just wish they would introduce a law the same as for dogs.
These are domestic pets, they shouldn't allowed to wander all over the neighbourhood messing in people's gardens and damaging property. So called cat lovers who think their cats should be able to go wherever it likes are nothing but lazy selfish b******s! who don't give a damn about anyone else and for those on here who think we are making a big deal out of a little cat shit well you come round my garden and clear the mess up especially when the cat(s) have eaten something they shouldn't(or because their loving owners feed them any old cheap crap) see how long you can go without gagging and then tell me Iím making a fuss.

extreme hate of cats!!!! Comments By: anon on 2010-07-18
all you cat lovers mk me sick.i ave a 6yr old daughter with lukemia and has a form of fungal infection in her brain due 2 wen her treatment was intense & this COULD ave bin caused by cat shit.they are vermin and need 2 b treated like wise.we are avin a problem wid them sh*tting in our garden at the moment & are avin 2 kp her in.childrens lifes are surely worth more than 'cats'!
Vandalism Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-20
Having my neighbours 5 cats crap all over my garden, digging up of plants, wrecking my shed roof which was replaced 2 months ago reading some of your solutions has really made me smile. I can so relate to everyones comments if our kids/dogs did the same we would be made responsible There is such a thing as a cat loo and can be put outside!! My horrible neighbour refused to help me re-build my shed after the lastest bout of vandalism from his lot and called me 'tight' when I suggested a 'donation' would be much appreciated as it had cost over £100 to rebuild the roof structure. What a prick!! Have decided to turn the garage into a games room for my son and teach him basket ball with the hoop on the wall adjacent to their TV on their side lol...failing that the mustard on the bum therory really made my day and at this time i'd happliy plaster it over my neighbours backside along with their cats!!!
a cat for a cat Comments By: patrick on 2010-07-20
My neighbor's cat keeps crapping and p"ssing in my 3 year old's sandbox and we dig it up everytime we play so i started taking a spade and taking it to my neighbor's front door step. One day my neighbor caught me doing this and I just told him it's your blanking cat. He yelled back that his cat don't eat no corn, as I walk back to my house with a smile and the shovel over my shoulder.
Cretins Comments By: Mick on 2010-07-21
Its obvious that the problem isn't paticularly with the cats themselves but the owners, Why are cat owners such blinkered cretins.
Cats - Cute and Cuddly but still pests Comments By: Grt - UK on 2010-07-23
Cats - love em or hate em, personally I never liked the things, they sulk, they do things they want to do all the time, can't do any tricks like a dog (before anyone denies this, there are the odd one or two that can but on the whole...). Then they kill other peoples pets and wildlife - not cool. They pi$$ $h1t and scratch where they please. Also they pose a health risk, not only can they spread disease (Rats and Mossies anyone?) but some folk (my wife included) are allergic to their fur. So if there is a cat about I cannot have my patio doors open as I would like. The crap that they produce is not welcome in my veggie patch, I have a wormery for providing my nutrients, I don't want cat crap contaminating my food.
I am in total agreement with anyone that suggests things like - keep the cat indoors (like you would a hamster/gerbil/snake/lizard I bet they all love to "roam" and "hunt" as well) or with this special fencing in your own garden. If found in other peoples gardens then it should be a 3 strikes rule or something, twice return to owner or a shelter with the event documented - 3rd time of failing to keep an animal under control it should be put down (humanely of course).

Pros of a cat:
Some people think they make good companions
Can't think of any more unless pi$$ing your neighbours off is a pro.
No conscience - (how many times does a dog look guilty when caught doing something wrong, now think back to the last time a cat looked guilty?)
Health risk.
Poorly controlled (owners fault not the cats)
Often left to go feral as well.

I am biased but trying to use objective logic. I believe human health and well being and state of mind either outweigh rights of a cat OR should find a way of not letting a cat impinge on the health and well being of humans.

Cats winding my dogs up. Comments By: anon on 2010-07-23
My 2 dogs constantly bark at local cat's who wander around our front garden, driveway and our neighbours gardens. They wind every local dog up and the owners are receiving complaints about their dogs barking, all coming from the cat owners. I used to own cat's as a kid and my parents eventually sent them to a different home after my baby sister copied a cat and buried her own turds in the garden, they also ripped apart any pool we had and pissed over everything. As a result I dislike cats nowadays. There's one local cat who used to sit on our garden fence causing our dogs to jump up and bang against the fencing separating the gardens. The last I saw of this cat was a few weeks ago. It sat there with a look of utter satisfaction watching our dogs trying their hardest to get at it and it didn't notice me walk out of our back door, pick up the rake and jab it off the fence. It hasn't been back since but more and more cats have taken to enjoying our garden which is bad for our 1 year old. We have to make sure there's no cat crap on the garden before she plays and make sure none are hidden around the house when we leave our front door open to pop in to fetch something. It's a nightmare. I've been tempted to leave a warning message on the fence letting cat owners know that we have dogs and that they will rip apart any cat who decides our garden is theirs. Our dogs are incredibly well trained, they just hate cats with a passion.
Cat Haters Comments By: Lorraine on 2010-07-28
Lord, some of you really hate cats! I'm sorry about them messing with gardens and lawns but they are animals. You should do what you can, humanely, to stop them from coming into your yards but hurting them and hating them, too, is not the answer. All of you cat haters and those that want to hurt them are awful! I love animals of all kind, including cats (I have three strictly indoor cats that are extremely clean and tidy) and it breaks my heart to see some of you say things that could endanger an animal..... It angers me and disgusts me that humans, which are suppose to be so much superior, cannot figure out a humane way to keep critters out of your yards....
I Hate Cats Comments By: Pam on 2010-07-27
Our neighbor has been feeding stray cats, I have rock on the side of my home and every morning I go out there the cat shit is there all I pick it up throw it in his year, I am tired of spending my money on other peoples cats I guess Im going to get a BB gun and shoot the hell out of them Im at the point that I dont care what it does to them at all, they have fleas which now have got into my yard and my home now Im going to get rid of them my way the GUN way
The untimely demise of Mr Whiskers... Comments By: Murder MOST Horrid on 2010-08-05
Are you sitting comfortably??? Then i'll begin...

Once upon a time, in the Land of West Midlands, UK; there was a girl who lived with her 4 year old son in their lovely house. Her son played happily for hours in the garden and she tended her herbacious borders with tender loving care, until they were the best most beautiful in ALL the land. Her life was idyllic.....until Mr Whiskers moved into the house next door.

Mr Whiskers despite his saucer eyed, ginger fluffy charm, soon showed his true colours...he lurked in the shadows at the end of the garden...the second fir tree from the left of the knobbly fence post- watching....waiting....then he would implement his devious plan- to launch a relentless poop and shred assault on the poor young maidens perenial shrubs, and the young boys outdoor toys and gravelled play area.

Well...what could she do??? She was distraught. She searched the world(wideweb) high and low for a potion or a hero that would rid her of this dastardly fiend, armed with the knowledge bestowed by some kind and equally troubled forum dwellers she spent days and nights implementing various strategies...cayenne pepper, chilli peppers, white pepper, teabags soaked in jeyes fluid, broken egg shells, boxes of drawing pins, shards of glass, waterbombs full of water and vinegar, catscare cats, sonic devices, expensive stinky cat repellants, jars full of water, motion sensor water jets; she cut up hose pipes, strung taught wire along the fence, planted mint and lavender, spread holly leaves on the floor, layed chicken wire on the floor, generally ranted raved and chased him away but alas to no avail!

She had underestimated his sneakiness!!!! The vile underhanded beast had recruited a faction of the most pugnatious, feline assailaints the land had ever known, and with renewed enthusiasm- they began an attack on both the gravel drive and back garden with a voracity the world had never known.

For every trap she laid, a counter-attack of surprising intelligence, cunning and dexerity was launched...

Well the maiden was at a loss...what could she do...with great trepidation she approached the door of Mr Whiskers humans...but was chased away with a vigour usually reserved for villains- the shouts and taunts of being a cat hater and pathetic and over-reacting echoing in her ears;

So taking matters into her own hands she gently took the rat poison and mixed it in with the bacon and positioned it in view of Mr Whiskers and his scurvy companions...and then she waited...and waited...a scuffling and rustling and a quiet miow... with bated breath she moved closer to the window and looked outside...

Mr Whiskers was proving to be too intelligent for his own good...not only had he eaten all the bacon he had managed to pick most of the rat poison from it and leave it in a fairly neat little pile next to the bowl?!?!?!?!?

Suddenly the girl realised it was all out WAR...time for the very untimely demise of Mr Whiskers and his crones.

Before all of the self-righteous, indignant do-gooder cat owners and general busybodies have a moan about the rat poison, i would like to justify myself.

I USED TO BE A CAT OWNER! I had a very happy 5 years with my rescue cat. I used to spend many happy summers being sprayed with cat-poo infused grass cuttings splattering my legs while mowing my lawn, as due to being a neutered, fairy of a cat he pooped on my lawn regularly...not to say he didnt poo on any one elses lawn- he dis have a favourite spot on my elderly neighbours fave gladioli patch...i was unaware of this- foolishly thinking he was only bestowing his wares upon my lawn- but as soon as my neighbour came and told me he was doing it, i did all i could to prevent him going there- orange peel and all the usual guff- which as recently proved doesnt work, which is why once every 2 days i used to go round her house and do a poop-pick in her back garden. I agree about picking up after dogs- so i figured i should do it for my cat too. This was a reasonable compromise and she was happy with the solution. Although it makes me wonder now about of the other gardens that my cat might have violated- even though he didnt stray more than a garden either side...hangs head in shame
However since my cat died and Mr Whiskers moved in, my garden is now neutral territory for all the cats on the estate. My drive, being cotswold gravel is like a huge deluxe kitty litter tray for them and they do make full use of the facility.

In truth i think it might me Kharmic retribution...all those folks that say an eye for an eye....i reckon they're right- just wait till your own deficating little darling dies- you'll be the new local public amenity for loose bowelled moggies.

So it was with delight that i just mixed in best roast chicken and left over pork, with thick chicken gravey and with a skip in my step and a twitch in my eye joyfully sprinkled 2 x 500mg solpadol paracetamol over the top, stirred it and poured in into 2 seperate bowls ready to put out for Mr Whiskers tonight.

I am hoping his cunning has a limit and that the disguise of the thick gravy will hide the smell and taste of the (allegedly) deadly concoction...oh and what a last meal!

i shall take great pleasure in scooping up the last of his crap and throwing it back over the fence, followed closely by a rather more subdued Mr Whiskers!

I did consider the whole catch and wee on it thing- but being of rather a shy disposition and living in a built up area this was not really practical to put into action- plus as a single parent who has already spent hundred of pounds on anti-cat equipment- another 40 quid for a trap wasnt an option- i have to spend that putting the damage that the cat inflicted to my garden, sons toys, and my cars paintwork right.

Not to mention putting right the psychological damage of having a vendetta against a small furry animal, which saw me sitting sniper style at a bedroom window, blanket around me at 2 am with a basket full of waterbombs filled with cayenne pepper, water and vinegar- my left eye twitching more and more each day.

After 2 endless shit filled years of silent, doorstep stealth pooing and spraying, car scratching, plant and bird murdering, i have finally become unhinged
and i am afraid that Mr Whiskers' reign must come to a sudden and brutal end.

Cat S**t Comments By: sam on 2010-07-30
My neighboure has two cats and feeds strayed cats, this isnt a problem the problem is them s**ting in my garden! I have two small children that cant play in their own garden till this mug has gone and cleaned up the neighboure cats poo! NOT ON...

How about i come and and lay a dump in your garden (cat lovers) and let you clean it up!!! ahhh....

Any idears how to stop this but dont want to kill them ;) ;)

Iv used pepper, spices and things like that but no good!


CAT HATER Comments By: julie on 2010-07-30
I pour white spirit around my front door porch at night they don't seem to like it sick of picking up my neighbours cat shit i chuck it all back in there garden been doing it for 5 years now ready to kill them one way or another
It's simple !!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-31
Kill all cats. Problem solved. What use are they anyway ? Pointless animals, they serve no purpose.
cats suck Comments By: griff on 2010-07-31
i like pams idea about the crate but instead of taking them to the shelter i will b droppin them off about 50 mile away. also i now pick up the cat poo and throw it in the owners garden as it belongs to they're cat, but the crate is a good idea, cheers pam. i made tonight this is driving me insane, freaks consider these to be pets, my sister got a cat but its a house cat and thats where it stays, the law needs to be changed and make cat owners responsible for the horrible things, till then its open season ! ;-p
bl**dy cats Comments By: Craig on 2010-08-03
have the same problem in my garden, bl**dy cats, continually clearing up cat sh+t after them, will be giving some of these ideas a go, i like the mustard trick, if i can get near the rotten moggies.
Show the moggie who's boss Comments By: dan on 2010-08-05
I too suffered the agony of 4 different crap dropping moggies using my garden as a public toilet and murdering birds off my feeders,aswell as spooking my chickens. I tempted one into the turkey run and let noel the stag have a word..have not seen the ginger one since. As for others..lured them in with nice words and a smile before zapping 2 with a pressure washer and 1 with a cricket bat. Needless to say..these little gits avoid my garden at all costs now. Harsh..but fair. you have to be cruel to be kind. I also recommend delivering the crap to the offenders owner with the question of how would they like it if my 3 yr old son come and coiled one out daily on their veggie patch and gravel drive? Why should i put up with it?

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