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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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Visitors comments

Idiots Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-08
Cats are people family! They have a home and are cared for by some people. There are plenty of cat friendly ways of stopping them using you garden as a toilet with the stupidness of dropping them off at the spca centre! My cats are tagged so if they were to be dropped off 50 miles away which is completely over the top, I would put you in the boot of my car and drop you 50 miles away from home! I bet your neighbour has to put up with other disturbances from you i.e noise and the such like and the guy who says a pellet gun ought to be shot himself when trailing of his garden, see how they like it!
Various neigbours cats fighting and craping in my yard!!! Comments By: getting no sleep on 2010-08-09
I am absolutely over my neigbours cats. For some wierd reason thay seen to come to my yard. Early of a morning one is under our car with another one going at it trying to fight. There are three involved. I have decided to keep water bombs near the balcony to get them as their owners dont care. Too bad if they get hurt! but my families sleep is more important. Resposible cat owners (like my brother) put their cats away during the evening! CAll me what you want I dont care!!! I pay my mortgage not the bloody neigbours cats. I tried lemons didnt help. Cant wait for my gates to be back on the dog will sort them out.
Return cat poo Comments By: Shaz on 2010-08-10
I am sick to death of my neighbours cat using my garden as a toilet. I came on here for a few tips and am still none the wiser to the best method to use. I will try a few of the methods and see if they work for me. In the meantime i would just like to say that i get great satisfaction in returning the cat poo to its rightful owner. I throw it over the fence and into their garden every day and as yet no one has said a thing.They should just be grateful its not going through the letterbox.
TIP! Comments By: anon on 2010-08-13
just put 2 halves of lemons in your yard and your sorted, they hate the smell!
Vermon Comments By: Jack on 2010-08-18
I have spent the last 10mins reading some of the comments and the answer is there is no solution to stop cats fouling our gardens and property. lobby your MP and demand something is done to stop this vermon and irresponsible pet owners who know this is happening and just dont care.
mr whiskers lives to fight another day Comments By: murder most horrid on 2010-08-19
after deciding against the whole covert poison and kill operation...a little too much for my delicate consitution, i have decided to make my peace with the whole situation.

I had a bit of an epiphany last night while watching yet another programme on 3rd world countries and street children etc etc, and figure that I have a home...a nice home which is big and clean and filled with nice things, luxuries like hot water, TV, internet etc, with a drive way for my CAR- a nice car. I have money...not a lot, but i do have some- enough to buy us not just nessecities, but luxuries like wine and KFC and chocolate.

Whilst it is very irresponsible, selfish and anti-social of the cat owners to allow their cats to deficate everywhere they choose, and i do still get incandescent with rage when i have to go a poop-collecting...i also realise there are far worse things in the world.

If i lived in africa, i'd probably be starving, living in a hut, and running away from the neighbours cats. An lion poo is a lot bigger than your average cat poo! lol

I live in the hope that acceptance will win me some kharmic brownie points!

I work my a** off to keep my house and to keep it maintained Comments By: Keep cornwall clean on 2010-08-19
I work my a** off to keep my house and to keep it maintained. We all cant live the life of riley.... i work 2 jobs to keep a roof over my head. i live in a small house with a front garden, I live to keep my lawn trimmed and fence painted but everyday when i get home from work on my perfectly cut lawn right in the bloody middle of it is cat sh**!! This is everyday.I cant afford cat repellant so just pick the shi* up. I dont see why i should do this and dont know which cat it is. its driving me crazy.... When i find out where this cat lives i will collect as much s*** as i can from my dog and put in on there lawn, Lets see how they bloody like it after a long day at work! Talk about putting me off my dinner.
Re:Why have a pet if you don't take care of them? Comments By: My on 2010-08-20
That's the most ridiculous comment I ever come across! If people do not have the sense to look after their kids then they deserve getting ill by eating/sticking their fingers in cat feces and if pregnant women are that stupid so they pick up cat feces with their bare hands and get infected and loose their baby-quite frankly that is down to their own stupidity than nothing else!

Its disgusting to read some people's views on creatures that are not humans ...We are NOT above nature and can not tame nature or any other creature that is not human. Just deal with the fact that we are not alone on this earth and learn to share it with everyone (including cats who don't act like humans).

Get rod of them...how? Comments By: Ricky on 2010-08-20
tea bags, hose, pepper, ak47! what a hell! besides shooting the cats and their owners nothing else seems to work... what is the final resolution?
mr whiskers lives to fight another day Comments By: murder most horrid on 2010-08-22
after much soul searching i abandoned the poison and launch plan some time ago and have decided to just make my peace with the situation.

I suppose there are worse things in the world. As it is i have a nice house, with nice things in it, i have a car and not a lot, but enough money to buy luxuries like fast food and wine and chocolate.

I watched a program the other day on starving third world countries and it kinda put things into perspective. If i lived in those places no doubt i would have more pressing things to worry about than cat poo....not that that makes it ok- i'm still fuming about the whole thing, but what can i do? Until a law is passed then there's bugger all anyone can do except suck it up and get on with it.

Cats are PESTS Comments By: Eddie on 2010-08-22
Cats are a total nuisance. It's about time people learned to relate to other people so they don't need props for their feeble emotional outlet.

Cats crap everywhere in my garden. They've ruined trees with their pee & scratching. They kill birds for fun, not food. Why on earth do the authorities not control the cat population. Nearly everyother house in our street has a cat. They fight at night too making a hell of a noise. Streets ought to be limited to 1 or 2 cats maximum and cat owners should have to pay a licence like dog owners.

DO NOT USE CAYENNE PEPPER Comments By: Leah on 2010-08-22
Mistakenly people assume that cayenne pepper to keep cats out of your garden. The worst thing you can do. Cayenne pepper does not keep cats away. Instead what it does is it gets in their noses and they will literally scratch their faces apart. It is the most inhumane and cruel thing anyone can do!
Seems like a big problem Comments By: Julie on 2010-08-23
It sounds like none of these cats are neutered. Males shouldn't spray if they are neutered.

And I'm surprised at the amount of outdoor cats.

I live in the country and feed and spay/neuter all the cats that end up on my property. But they all bury their poop under two large pine trees in our yard.

A co-worker has this cat that she used to feed and started shooing away once it started spraying. Now it poos right outside her door everyday as a revenge. I was trying to find tips on here to keep it away and I think some of those solutions (other than killing the cat) are worth a shot.

And please before taking dangerous measures tell the neighbour with the cats that you will do it if it continues. Then at least its their decision whether they want to put their cat in danger or not :P

Wow we have a toilet free garden after 2 years of putting up with cat mess Comments By: louise on 2010-08-24
We have suffered from our neighbours (3 cats and another litter on the way) and also surrounding neighbours cats using our garden as a toilet for over 2 years, not very nice when you think i had to picked up aleast 25 bits a month x`s that over a year and i can honestly say i hate cats (though i would not hurt them). We have tried everything under the sun and have now come to the stage we are not prepared to take it anymore. Our last resort has come to putting up a 3.5foot plastic mesh fence border above our 6ft fence all around our back garden from 1 fence to the other also including back gate, so there are no gaps/holes for them to climb through/up as its not solid enough for them to climb, and to our joy we have now had a two week toilet free garden. To my greatish please was our cat loving next door neighbour hates it and he was out in his garden placing up/down when fixing up and after a few words from him and my otherhalf i think he got the message. I only hope now he has the pleasure of a loving cat toilet garden..and many years of what we have suffered, though i doubt it as some other poor neighbour will probably encounter what we haved.

Just incase you would like to know what we used is the same orange plastic fencing you see along highways/builders but of cause in green to match our fence, cost 22 for 50mtrs plus treated 1inc wood nails to secure.

Cat Shxt Comments By: LAB on 2010-08-24
husbands urine in a spray bottle..Spray over soil ( not plants) IT WORKS....
How to make sure cats dont use your lawn as a bathroom Comments By: Desperate on 2010-08-25
does anyone know ways to make sure that my neighbours cats dont use my yard as a bathroom. I like animals but would prefer they dont use my yard as their personal toilet. Its disgusting and i have children.. HELP PLS!

people? Comments By: marianem on 2010-08-29

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