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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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Get a cat to get rid of cats? YOU ARE INSANE Comments By: Woodsman on 2011-06-27
The above is the MOST absurd advice I've ever heard of. Get your own cat to get rid of stray cats? That's like throwing gasoline on the fire. IDIOTS.

Here's some further clues for you cat-brained fools.

Trapping as a solution is a failed concept from Day-1.

Considering that there are now about 150 million feral-cats just in the USA alone, and 86 million pet-cats (60 million of which are still allowed to kill all wildlife), this means that the cat-population is already oversaturated for a long time now. There's only 311 million people in the USA. 2 cats now exist for every 3 people, from infant to senior. All thanks to those who outlawed destroying them in a faster, more efficient, often more-humane, and more cost-effective manner by shooting them. While they also promoted their slow, random-chance, inefficient, and failed trapping programs.

For example: I alone was able to completely rid my land and woods of all feral-cats by shooting them. Feral-cats had completely decimated the food-chain here, destroying not only all the prey that their cats disemboweled and tortured for their play-toys, but all the predators that depended on those animals for food, starving all native predators to death as well. (Now THERE'S *real* animal cruelty for you, caused by *all* cat-lovers!) Shooting cats on your land is perfectly legal where I live, and is even a more humane method when done right than agonizingly slow and terrorizing trapping methods and animal-shelter methods. One moment they are happily stalking some helpless animal to torture, the next they are dead and don't even know what happened. Making your land 100% cat-free is something that feral-cat advocates all put together haven't been able to solve nation-wide for 30-40 years. Here on my land, only 1 person in only 2 seasons was able to accomplished what they could not in all these decades. Why is that? It's time for you all to grow a spine and do what needs to be done.

Nobody wants more than 86 million cats for pets. Now take into consideration their exponential yearly growth-rate of x^5.4. An average litter of 5 new cats every 5-6 months. 2 cats can become 42 in only a year's time. Increasing at the rate of powers of 5.4 EVERY YEAR. No amount of people trapping them (if you could even get them all to enter traps), nor valuable resources (materials for traps, transport costs, vet costs, etc.), man-hours, nor money will ever catch up to their growth rate. You now have an ecological, human-health, animal-welfare, social, and financial disaster on your hands, ALL thanks to cat-lovers and TNR proponents. The faster that cats can be destroyed the better it MIGHT be. Even when using guns and having all stray and feral cats shot on-sight we might still not be able to catch up to their exponential population-growth rate. Not even until every last land animal (including humans) is gone from this earth, due to cats destroying the whole food-chain, with nothing but cannibalistic cats left walking the land. Just ask any TNR group how many cats they've trapped this year. They haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the problem that they are only exacerbating with their blatant lies.

Your best bet is to make cat-ownership AND care-taking of feral-cats a FELONY with hefty fines or prison sentences for anyone failing to comply until this problem that they created is brought under control by any and all means possible. Shoot-on-sight is, without a doubt, the fastest, most economical (0.3 cent to 3 cents per cat depending on ammo prices), and most effective method available. This is also the only method that doesn't endanger nor harass any other animals with non-discriminatory random-chance traps. Though avoid poisons if at all possible, that once entered into the food-chain, will go on to destroy more of the very wildlife that you are hoping to save from destruction by cats. Whatever you do though, please bury or incinerate the carcasses so all the deadly diseases that cats now carry won't go on to further infect the native wildlife, nor any other humans that might come in contact with them.

Here is an interesting post from someone who believed in all the lies she was told about TNR practices, found at http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/science/2011/05/the-secret-lives-of-feral-cats/

"I have been battling a feral cat population explosion on my farmette for 7 years. TNR does not work, as the trapped and neutered cats do not keep new cats from moving in and adding kittens. I have trapped over 25 kittens, tamed them, and found homes for them, but every spring there are dozens more. I have spent countless dollars neutering females and males, but they just keep coming! I have few wild birds now, fewer snakes, and there are bunny parts all over my property (cats must not particularly like the back feet). I wish there was a birth-control feed available, since many of these feral cats donít come near the traps even when hungry. I wish every pet owner would neuter their cats so that these colonies werenít added to.
These are not happy feral cats, they frequently have infected eyes, worms, and are skinny and mangey. I donít know what the answer is, but even in the country, a feral cat doesnít live a secure, comfortable life.

Comment by Dawn Hawes ó June 21, 2011 @ 9:38 am"

And YOU TOO can have a financially-stressed life ruled by cats and cat-lovers and have all your native wildlife destroyed JUST LIKE THIS if you also believe in TNR *LIES*.

this works for me Comments By: cats are useless on 2008-05-18
moth balls

I toss a few in my garden and they don't go near it.
Also, if you have the opportunity to see cats, a spray bottle with water aimed at them works. This may take a couple of times.

Alot of people don't know that cats have to be leashed the same as dogs. I don't come over and crap in your garden/yard, so keep your damn cat out of mine

poo! Comments By: c. monkey on 2008-05-19
Cats are obviously very stupid. Next doors cats were constantly using our garden as a toilet. One day our greyhound caught one and killed it, has its brother learnt? No chance. Now I have to check its not there before I let the greyhound out because I cant face going and tell the owners again. Hardly fair that we have to check out our own garden before using it.
next door cat attacking my dog Comments By: karen on 2008-06-15
i have a 3 year old german shepard dog who keeps getting attacked by the next door neighbours male cat, he spends all day winding my dog up and its driving me mad, my dogs nose is covered in scars from this bloody cat and i cant seem to deter this cat, i have sprayed water at it, shooed it off but still tries to get into my garden while my dog is sitting there, please can someone help as i feel i want to kill this bloody cat!!
Bloody cats Comments By: Lizzie on 2008-06-26
I loathe cats - probably close to a phobia - and am totally sick of them prowling my garden. It amazes me that animals kept as domestic pets are allowed to roam onto other people's properties. They are pests which cause damage and potentially spread disease (toxicara) and should, in my opinion, be treated in the same way as rats - with poison. Extreme I know, but my feelings about them are also extreme.
Gits Comments By: Yuri on 2008-06-27
I spent two days of backbreaking work clearing my front garden of weeds and grass tufts, putting membrane down, then bark chips. Only to find that it is now a giant toilet for two or more furry gits in the local. I have tried orange peel in the back garden section, and that seems to have work, so will be heading along the shops today to buy the biggest bags of oranges you can get, chopping them up like a frenzied nutter, and scattering them like a woman possessed. used to like cats, but not after removing numerous presents. I'm a single mum with two kids and can do without this hassle. Down with the fluffy gits. Round up the owners and make them clean the gardens!!! Yep, like they care.
Tired of Neighbor's Cats Spraying Our Property and Scratching Our Vehicles Comments By: G. C. on 2008-07-04
I love animals, BUT I am really extremely tired of our neighbors attitude "that cats will be cats." I attempted to speak to the lady next door about her cats, but, somehow, she thinks her cats have the right to pee all over our property, chase off the birds from our birdbath in the front yard, and scratch the **@@*@*!! out of our vehicles. My husband purchased a brand new $45,000 truck a couple of years ago and only had it about 3 weeks before her cats put scratches all down the side of it. Our dogs don't chase the cats for the reason that we keep the older dog in the house and the young dog in the back yard. (And, no, our house does not smell like pee. Our older dog is well-trained and is allowed to go out frequently. We do not allow him to run loose like our "wonderful" neighbors with the cats do). We do not allow either one of our dogs to run loose (and they are well-trained. Of course, we do not have a "cat problem" in the back yard (or the house) as we have a dog there. Cat Lovers would be the first to complain if we allowed our dogs to do what their cats do. I am at my wits end! The neighbors with the cats do not care about the destruction that their cats have caused to our property. They would not like it if our dogs destroyed their home. If they love their cats so much, then they need to keep them in their house since they "can't stop them from roaming because it is the feline's nature."
mouse traps Comments By: Richie on 2008-07-10
i was thinking about putting down loads of wooden mouse traps around the garden. Do you think that it would snap on the feet or nouses????
Unwanted cats in your garden Comments By: Reena on 2008-07-21
Here's something I've tried to keep cats out. Sprinkle hot pepper flakes (a spice) all over your garden. They don't like the smell or the taste when they lick their paws. It worked for me!
i want to kill the cat next door-help!! Comments By: karen on 2008-07-30
i am sick and tired of my next door neighbours cat not only free roaming my garden all day and all night,the cat attacks my dog daily on a regular basis,it rips my rubbish to shreds and leaves it all over my garden, it has also ruined 2 swimming pools i have brought my kids and i have had enough! i have spoke to the owners only to be told " i cant watch my cat all of the time" well i wont watch my dog when it accidently gets into her garden and eats her cat! wonder if she will complain then? i have tried everything with this cat and still it comes back,has anyone got any tips for me please? i dont let my animal roam around in other peoples garden so why the hell should cats be allowed to roam around in my garden, there should be a law brought out!!
i want revenge Comments By: ratking on 2008-08-06
in my close there's about 6 or 7 cat's every morning next to my front door there is a cat crap i cant leave my door open on hot day's or when im cooking i cant open the window cos its next to ny fronyt door and i dont wont fly's coming in off it. iv tried curry powder and dont wont to get rid of cat crap bye putting a massive lion turd there? and dont want to p##s in my front garden. i just want revenge!!! i'v even booted them when there in my garden and shot them with a bb gun they just come back, it's war. as u can tell i dont care for there heath. i have 4 pet rats maybe i should let them round people's front garden. Or go take a turd outside there house see if it ok with them. does anyone know how i can eradicate this problem permanently.
garanteed way of ridding yourself of the problem Comments By: peter on 2008-08-10
this tip works every time - borrow / buy an AK47 with a full mag of ammo, seems to do the trick with me!!
To Pam Comments By: ANON on 2008-08-25
Cats do roam and this does not give you the right to pick them up and take them to a shelter...there are ways that you can be humane and scare them off e.g. water. Maybe someone should trap you and put you in a cage and cart you off...!!!!
cat trap Comments By: cat killer on 2008-08-27
place a trap , in garden catch the bloody things , drive about 40-50 miles a drop the bloody thing off
Neighbor feeds stray cats Comments By: NJ homeowner on 2008-08-31
My neighbor feeds the stray cats in the neighborhood plus she has a few of her own. My front and back gardens are full of cat feces and urine. The smell is disgusting. We tried "critter ridder" and red pepper but to no avail. My next attempt will be moth balls. I don't want to confront her as she is a very kind and giving person but her love of animals goes too far.
cat fouling Comments By: jenny on 2008-09-15
i've tried water bottles, powder from b&q and citrus peel nothing works!! i'm trying to sort out my garden so my young daughter can play in it but can't get rid of the bloody cats there's about 12 on our estate that all use my garden help!!!
amazing Comments By: Clarissa on 2008-09-16
reading through the comments I am not surprised that the world is as it is. Total selfishness resulting in cruel solutions. Few people have said that they should try to negotiate with the owners and share a solution. Also cats bury their poo if there is poo on the surface there is something wrong. To the lady who daren't open her window has she thought of clearing it up so she can open her window and talking to her neighbour??
Why are you all so intent on destroying the animals?? What sort of people are you?

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