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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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Help!! Comments By: Bunny on 2011-01-30
I am a cat lover too. Last year Feb I found kittens that were a week old and brought them home. I have two males and a female. The female had an eye defect and lost one of her eyes, but other than that they've been really well, until now.

When I found the kittens we had just moved into a new home. This home was once a dumpy old place and stray cats including the neighbour's cats roamed there. So they claim it as their territory.

My cats, all grown up now have been hurt a few times by these cats, but never anything major. My cats are however, very timid and do not know how to fight back!

So two weeks ago, one of my cats was injured severly and an abscess had formed on his back...we've spent thousands of rands at the vet...he is now at the stage where he has lost complete control over his bladder and bowel function. His tail is going to be amputated because it is dislocated from his body and he has had to have 3 surgery's to control the huge abscess. He is on the strongest antibiotic on the market, which has the side effect of stunted growth. The vet has given us till the end of this month for his condition to improve, otherwise he will have to be put down.

Last week my female cat was attacked. She had a bite wound on her belly which the vet said was as deep as into her ribcage, and it also turned into an abscess. The vet says she will be fine, because it was detected early.

Now I ask...how do I keep the stray cats and the neighbour's cats out of my yard? My cats love the garden and they DO NOT go into anyone else's yards. I keep them in the house at night, but still my kitties are getting hurt! And they're not even a year old yet. PLEASE HELP!

You people are pathetic Comments By: Voice of animals on 2011-01-30
I'm sorry I thought cats were defenseless animals, you lot make them sound like some sort of garden terrorists. A little perspective please!! The outdoors belongs to the animals just as much as you and I.
VICIOUS KILLERS Comments By: S.CLARKE on 2011-02-02
I woke up this morning in tears to find my lovely tamed white,,redeyed rabbit ripped to shreds by these vicious killers that are called cats..i'm so sick and fed up of these stray cats i did not want to result to this but i have no other choice but kill them myself..my 2 kids are still trying to get over this devastating act,God forgive me for what i have to do but i have reached the end of my rope w/ these vicious killers..s
CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Sandra Guildford on 2011-02-05
I love animals but not when they come and poo or live in your shed for over a week!! My neighbour has now three lovely cats. I have been told to go to the local zoo and my some lion poo that should scare them!!!. Other people have suggested to buy hot chilli powder (cheap tesco brand ) will do as they do not like it on their paws. Alternatively human wee or a water gun!! Oh I will have fun this summer watching the little *********.
Tried and tested method... Comments By: Doh on 2011-02-07
I too have had severe problems with cats. Living on a large council estate, theres loads of cats that go around in "gangs" annoying the hell out of everyone. It got to the stage where it was so bad my girl friends house cat couldn't even go outside for a run around. I purchased a £20 bb gun (plastic air gun)to deal with them. You unload a few rounds at the cats in question & they wont be coming back...trust me. Plus it doesn't injure the cat...it just scares the hell outta them as a plastic bb gun will barely pop a balloon. Sounds harsh I know but cat lovers really have no idea what a nuisance outdoor cats are.
hunter killer Comments By: pauly one ball on 2011-02-15
ok all the cat lovers can moan and cry about how the cats have rights and can poo freely bla bla bla -i wonder if a cat just decided to play on their brand new factory fresh car would they still think the same- I DIDNT THINK SO .. . muppets. anyway i have two methods to get rid of the cats. 1 as said on here a few times a live trap[cat trap] and 2 my .22 magnum with a silencer:] thats right im going to get the little feline in my sights and whip its head off with a hollow point. you see i didnt just waste 20k on a new car for some dirty hairy good for nothing creature to scratch up costing me money. so i dont mind wasting 20 or 30 cents on a bullet to save my paint work.. let the hunter become the hunted ha ha ha ha ha ha [thats my evil laugh by the way]
Target Practice Comments By: Puss on Boot on 2011-02-21
My wife feels that I have a problem, as I become enraged when I see a cat mooching across my lawn, preparing to unload. I stow away rotten fruit and launch them like incendiaries toward the defecating beasts. I know that this is not a humane deterrent, but it make me feel slightly better. I do not wish to harm the cat but simply terrify the bejesus out of it and thus put it off entering my property again. I have been advised that a good alternative is to purchase a cat and have it tied to a leash in the garden to deter other cats. Iím getting one today!
How ignorant can you be? Comments By: Jessie on 2011-02-21
I have to say that I know there are some ignorant people out there, but wow. Do you really think that people have the right to trap and have killed any animal that comes into their yard? Animals have just as much right as people do to live on the Earth. If you ever read the bible, you would see that God left responsible for taking care of the Earth as well as its animals, plants and life. Having an animal killed for any reason other than for food is a waste and a sin. Well, the old saying is true...what goes around comes around.
Cat defication Comments By: furry bazouka on 2011-02-27
Been living in a rented house for over a year and when we moved in, the one of four cats, 2 houses down had been using the front and rear garden. After many attempts they have been scared off the rear garden but kept using the front as there litter box. I've had it, so I put some food down with twice the human dose of laxitive, didnt see the cat for a few days with the hope that he just exploded when at home and the owner having to clear it up, but it came back. the next thing Il do, is a catch and release scheme, so it will have a long walk home. if not then rat poison it is, and a shot gun in a field, just for my pleasure. If a wild cat came on your property in africa, you would be able to fire a warning shot, then blast it to hell and have a BBQ and sell bits to the orientals. I've also considered an electric fence, barb wire and drawing pins. Maybe in neverland i'l plant a minefield but the UN stopped that fun.

How to get rid of neighbor's cat tauntin my indoor cat! Comments By: Fed up on 2011-02-27
I have a cat that stays indoors all the time. Never goes out. One of my next door neighbors, who's never home, has an outdoor cat that comes over to our house, climbs on the window sill and taunts our cat. Whenever this stupid cat comes over, our cat gets into a frenzy, pees and shits on the carpet, etc. When I've banged on the window where the cat is, the cat actually hits the window back! I managed to spray the cat with water and got rid of it for a while, but now it's back again. I'm totally against guns, but I'm ready to shoot this cat. I'm really fed up. I love reading this page; around here everybody "loves" animals and a lot of idiots take animals a lot more seriously than humans. I'm going to staple some barbed wire on the window sill next week!
Karma Comments By: Puss on Boot on 2011-02-28
Being realistic about this, nobody wants to hurt cats but cannot any of the cat owners understand that there are simply too many cats wandering the streets / gardens, doing their business anywhere that they please? Not acceptable!

I have young children who play in the garden, not to mention that we grow our own vegetables. I constantly find cat faeces in the flower beds and these faeces can be very toxic It is possible to contract toxoplasmosis in different from these faeces. Severe forms of toxoplasmosis are dangerous because they may cause damage to the eyes, brain and other organs. I will not accept that risk for my family.

So cat owners, do you expect me to accept this or react by trying to keep cats off my property? However I see fit. Knowing cat owners however, you are most likely to accept risking the health of your family over your precious pussy! BRAIN DEAD!

This is not a site to deter cats its a bitch site Comments By: Beverly muir on 2011-03-02
A lot of good tips but why so much moaning ?? I have two cats I have a garden and I have a dirt tray but it doesn't stop your cat from going else where to do there business
and for those of you that don't like cats CATS do have there uses they rid the place of rats and mice, so the person saying they get someone into get rid think of the child your hurting because it could be there pet.

god and animals Comments By: chris on 2011-03-03
People who say animals shouldnt be harmed because of a reference to religion, Wasnt Jesus a fisherman? hasnt fishing led to low stocks of fish in our sea? Hasnt religion caused more wars in the last 200 years. so are peoples lives more important than animals. If god exists where are the dinisoaurs in the bible? The cats still poop on my lawn and I will be trying caustic soda next.

stray cats! Comments By: bob on 2011-03-05
I also live next to someone with 7 cats they let them roam the area. They are strays that they feed and let go into their house. I've tried mothballs, mouthwash, orange peels, citrus oil, hot peppers, myself urinating around the perimeter, borrowing a dog for a weekend. I put up a fence around the yard, I fenced in under my porch, I installed doors on my porch... needless to say I've incured some expense from this DAMAGE. Its been 6 years of this! now im noticing that their habets have changed and over the past 2 years since I've removed their litterbox areas as they now spray the basement windows and the tires on my car.

Im at the point now where im ready to leave bowls of antifreeze for them but i just cant do it. I cant harm any animal, not even a stupid cat.

I can't put the motion sensing automatic sprinklers because they come during the day and the mailman won't be impressed with that one.

Can someone please help? What else do i need to do other than trapping and driving them 40 miles away? I also havent tried coffee grounds yet.

By the way, when i leave in the moring for work, i drive around the block and return home only to find 3 cats sitting on my porch, They know i don't like them and they stay away when i'm at home. When i drive by they satter.

To any cat "owner" reading this, If you want an outdoor pet, take up bird watching. If i had 4 dobermans and they were sitting on your car you'd be yelling up and down. And if i was urinating on your car every morning you'd call the police. you are very selfish and inconsiderate!

sick Comments By: austen on 2011-03-08
some sick sad people on here i suppose when you have got rid of the cats you can start on all the other animals that might crap in your gardens foxes,badgers,birds or maybe the vermin where theres no cats mice and rats ,if you dont want cats in your garden move house you sad twats
Fu************ing Cats!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Cat hater on 2011-03-12
I've had problems with cats pooing in my garden for the past two years. I am at my wits end. It's time to fight back. Yes, keep chasing the dirty little f***ers away, but don't stop there. Chase them all the way back to thier owners home and take a massive dump on thier veggy plot and see how those inconsiderate arseholes like it!!
CATS Comments By: tomtoot on 2011-03-15
Having read so much on this bulliten board and had the unsavoury experience of cats in my garden - I am of the opinion that the only way to treat a cat is to attack it.
Firstly with a hose, secondly with a deterent spray, thirdly to trap it and dispose of it at an animal refuge - and finally send it to cat heaven

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