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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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Visitors comments

f ****n Cat murdered pet turtle! Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-01
Our pet turtle of 10 years was killed by our neighbors piece of shit cat, when I found the turtle , the cat had crapped next to it, leaving his calling card. That stupid cat is always in our yard shitting, destroying,etc.. I never did anything drastic to stop it but I am going to get serious revenge on that bastard cat!!!!!
disgusting Comments By: , on 2011-04-04
I have found cat poo on my front door mat twice now...the cats spray up my door and on just about everything else. Its disgusting. I'm sick of them using my property as a toilet. I think they poo in our property because we dont have a cat. How unfair is that? My daughter picked up a bit of poo I had missed (have to check the garden before playing)thankfully I saw her straight away but had to deal with it and I am 5 months pregnant. Cats are disgusting animals not 'clean' as most owners will tell you. They think they're clean because they don't poo on their own doorstep do they?? no they poo on mine instead. Great.
Scarecrow WORKS! Comments By: Derek on 2011-04-07
The SCARECROW motion activated sprinkler system is 100% effective at keeping unwanted animals out of your yard/garden.
Visit www.contech-inc.com to find a retailer.

Thank you All Comments By: stiz on 2011-04-07
Thank you everybody for a few chuckles as well as some great ideas for eliminating unwanted cats in the yard. I may try some if my own idea does not work- and yes- I tried the nice talk approach three times. I intend to fill a bucket with water and add a nice amount of commercial dye- maybe red. It won't harm the animal, BUT since the cat is sometimes indoors- it could do a nice job on her carpet as well as uniquely color the cat. Ever clean up dye?? It spreads and spreads and spreads.
A bit extreme??? Comments By: Janet on 2011-04-08
I have a cat but also suffer because of other people's cats. I keep mine in and she's happy to be a lazy house cat. It is annoying but please don't poison them. I have to admit though, I have had a good laugh at some of the solutions. The AK47 is the best. Thanks for the mothball idea. It really does work.
As a cat owner Comments By: anon on 2011-04-25
As a cat owner, i apologise for any offence my cat may have caused you people. Come on though, training a cat to stay in your own garden and having the right to kill them for not knowing where to poo. You people make me sick. I would clean it up myself if the neighbour came round and asked, that said, throw it over the garden fence.
YOUR BOTH WRONG! Comments By: catluvr4evr on 2011-04-25
You are all a bunch of idiots. I rescue homeless cats, most were someones cat they did not fix and end up raoming to the point of homelessness, then I get to save them. TO you discusting cat killers, trappers...You appall me and should be put in jail for animal cruelty. For cat owners who let their pets outside, you too are idiots. A cat is like a child. You make them stay inside. My cats, most were homeless roaming around. I make them all stay inside and they are totally fine with it. "My cat gets upset if I leave him inside?" That is ridiculous. PLAY WITH YOUR CAT!! keep him happy and he will have no need to play outside. I know, I have more experience with animals than any of you!
advice or moan site? Comments By: A. on 2011-05-11
Rating for the tip 5, rating for some of the comments and moans, below zero!

I thought the purpose of original post was to advice. Few comment below were following the idea, but then comes the moan...
Come on people, get a grip. Stop moaning. And if you frustrated why don't you open a moan on cats blog and got there

Cat Rage! Comments By: Moggy in my sights! on 2011-05-01
Thank you so much everyone for making tears of laughter roll down my face. I particularly liked potato catstory!!!

I am so glad to find that there are people like me out there... I HATE cats!!! We've recently moved house and have just got our garden into shape and hey ho... along come the crapping cats using my lawn and my flowerbeds as their toilet! My 'Cat Rage' is such that it is not an infrequent scene to see me bolting out of the house like a crazy lady in my pjs, flapping and shouting at my crapping tresspasser.

I currently have 3 enemies - 2 are scared of my 'crazy lady' routine and run away (*after* they've crapped all over my lawn and dug up my plants, of course) but one is a defiant beast, it stares me down, it has no fear. Only yesterday it was sitting on the fence which separates me and my neighbour, eyeing me up as I watered the plants it had probably just crapped all over. I did my crazy lady run at it, even taking off one flip-flop and flapping it at it, but it just stared me down. I could hear the little boys who had been playing in the garden start laughing (yes, crazy lady run is accompanied by various kinds of roars, hisses and barks, you know the sort!). Defiant moggy didn't flinch and continued to stare at me; this is war, I thought. I picked up some small pebbles and threw them at the fence, below where the cat was sitting (come on, I'm a girl, I couldn't have hit it if I'd tried!). The stupid thing thought it was a game and looked to see where the pebbles fell. Defeated, I trotted inside to get some sympathy from the hubby. Turns out that next door's little boys had also run inside to do some tale-telling of their own. When I finally returned outside to try and face down my opponent one final time, just as I picked up the watering can, Mr Catlover Neighbour himself propped himself up on aforementioned fence and proclaimed "I DO NOT TAKE KINDLY TO PEOPLE THROWING STONES AT MY CHILDRENS'CAT". Cat Rage turned into Neighbour Rage: not good. As expected, he said it wasn't his cat digging up my plants, and then threatened to report me. (To the RSPCF, I can only assume? (Fences)). Anyway, short of catching the cat and getting my husband to pee all over it (something I think he'd be quite keen to do, actually), I think I'm going to to have to try and channel Cat Rage elsewhere.... perhaps I should turn my efforts to try and get rid of the neighbour instead?

Anyway, what I'd really like to know is this: has anyone actually been reported for scaring/threatening cats??!! ...I do rather enjoy crazy lady routine! :)

car engine Comments By: frustrated car owner on 2011-05-12
My next door neighbour has a cat and it keeps going into the engine of my car and pooing in it, scratching all the leads and basically trashing the inside of my engine. I've had to have it repaired 3 times now. What can I do?????
little bastards Comments By: KUKU on 2011-05-07
To all you 'cat lovers' you are in denial. If its a pet keep it. do not let it stray into other people's gardens and homes. how is it your pet if you rarely see it. what pleasure do you get from an animal that actually spends most of its tiem in other people's gardens? My garden looked like I was actually growing cat shit this morning. its unfortunate i do not know the cat owners because if I did i was going to have words today. the animal knows no better its the stupid owners who want to pretend to the world that they love anumals and yet they leave the dirty work to others. I will try the pepper but i fear i will be forced to take drastic measures if this carries on. KEEP YOU DIRTY LITTLE ANIMALS IN YOUR HOMES. ENJOY YOUR PETS AND THEIR SHIT. IF I WANTED A CAT I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT ONE MYSELF.
bloody cats Comments By: Anon on 2011-05-07
This site is hilarious!!! I was crying myself laughing at the comments! My partner & I have this same problem and have a few ideas- buy a pet lion, collect lion poo from your local zoo and put it round the garden for a while, spray hose pipe at it. Good luck getting rid of them everyone!!
Cat crap Comments By: shay on 2011-05-13
our neighbours have about 10 cats and none are desexed and thier all inbred the babies are now having babies and daughters having babies to fathers its just pathetic how some people can just let thier animals be like this some people need shooting. i have a cat myself and hes desexed micro chipped and vacinated we have security cameras and at night we can see nothing but thier cats crappy every where in my gardens and peeing on every thing my front yard smeels we have tried every thing we are now going to try carpet rods in hope of them standing on them they crap on my lawn and my kids can not even play outside in front yard i have asked owners to lock them up at night hahaha what a joke no wonder people poision cats. i have complained to council and rspca and nothing can be done. if all else fails im laying traps and catching cats and taking them to pound if they are in my yard and catch them to bad for who ever owns them. my cat is locked away at night like local councils here say is law. i am not a animal hater ilove animals and have them myself but no 1 should have to live with that feral smell
Hello Kitty Comments By: Maggie on 2011-05-17
Briliant forum :) I'll use some of these ideas and leave feedback afterwards :) Thanks for good advice.
coleus canina Comments By: anon on 2011-05-18
this doesn`t work the demon cat next to me just dug it up and crapped all over it!!! waste of money
Fed Up in Ny Comments By: Gold Dust Woman on 2011-05-25
I've been smelling cat feces in my garden for far too long. I had to sprinkle baking soda over the mulch chips because the smell hits me in the face as i come out. Don't know if that was smart, but i clean cat crap everyday, and there are too many of them...not to mention people are feeding them, but then the use my yard as a litter box, not right. The girl comes for Catch, Nueter Release but when she comes back it seems like she's bringing more cats to our block? Doesn't make sense, i used to like cats but it's like Cat City over here. I've tried Pepper, coffee, until I found out you have to sprinkle every day.

Guess I just have to water down the area every morning and night, see if that helps. I've seen them walk across my sidewalk so the water doesn't seem to bother them, who knows.

For the posters who think we don't have lives, or we are mean, try smelling cat spray, urine and feces and letting the smell hit you in the face as soon as you open front door. Or feel uncomfortable to invite people over because it's an embarrassing odor. The smell actually makes me sick, and I gag. Not to mention gets stuck in my nose....can't open windows.

Also, I read that cayenne pepper could hard a cat, which is NOT Good. The poor thing could gauge it's eyes out...even if it happened one out of every thousand cats, that's not right.

cat vigilante Comments By: who cares on 2011-05-28

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