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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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re: Comments By: Annie on 2011-10-23
My new neighbor brought in her cat and feeds the other cats, so now I have a yard at night filled with cats and cat poop, so I made some sauce and will keep on making it until they no longer like it here. I used pepper powder, vinegar and will ad tar soap and tea to this mixture as I hate cleaning her cats poop up, plus it draws flies all over my yard.

I have to say that one area I added this mixture too they have stayed away from pretty much. I think it is rude of people to allow their cats to roam free and pee and poop and fight around other peoples homes, keep them indoor and buy a pooper for them, you are just to lazy to clean it is all. My dog is quiet and poops in her own yard, I am sure you would hate if she pooped all over your yard.


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