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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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reply to you evil people Comments By: carol on 2008-12-02
what is tour problem? if all you have to worry about is a bit of cat shit in your garden then your long overdue a visit from disaster! GET A LIFE! muppets! suggesting such vile ways of dealing with such wonderful creatures as cats. go ahead with your plans but remember you reap what you sow in life. i have 6 cats and i love them all deeply and take good care of them. If anyone hurt them in anyway as some of you have suggested i would make your lives a misery. the only way to stop cats going to the toilet in your garden is to have a cat yourself. you never know you may just love it. anyway enjoy picking up the pooh cat haters and by the way never any pooh in my garden. just verbal crap on thi blog written by you xxx
Cats and the law Comments By: Neutron on 2008-12-21
Some states dependt inwhich country you live actual require cats to remain indoors, if they are caught outside you have the right to shoot it. If I where to kill someone or harm an animal I would be arrested and charged, so why can cats get away with murdering native wildlife? A responsible cat owner makes a cat run in their yard and makes sure that the cat can not get hit by cars, eat toxic plants or destroy the property of others,if we vadalised property we get charged. I love cats as long as it's an indoor cat, otherwise I catch them and take them to the shelter. For nothing works with ignorant pet owners believe me. I've been there and done that, the polite talking aproach to the heres the bill for the damaged property, even bags of poop handed to them. They dont care the only way is to catch and give to the shelter or to give it to a responsible pet owner.
Natural cat deterent, DOGS! Comments By: CatHater4Life on 2009-01-28
The best way to deter cats from invading your property is a few big, cat eating dogs. Get 2 or 3 dogs, install an invisible fence and the only cats you will ever see are the ones your dogs have cought. Its mother nature at its finest. There is always another animal that will take care of pests. If you have a mouse/rat problem get a cat, if you have a cat problem get a dog!
unwanted cats help Comments By: sammy on 2009-01-29
i have a problem of wild cats next door has cats n she feeds them everyday so they know where to feed now , i hate them the mother is pregnant again the authorities wont do anything as they know cats wonder and they dont want to take a domestic cat by mistake , i hate them they are crapping in my garden ,on my window sill i have kids who cant play in the back garden im pregnant and i cant be near their poo n its everywhere ,the get up in the engine of my jeep , i hate them i really want them gone , i tried to ask the neighbour not to feed them ,but she wont , if i had a gum id shoot the lot of em , can i poison them ,if it were a dog the warden would be out if it were a kid the parents would be told but why can we do nothing about nasty horrible cats , any advice that works please , i dont mind poisoning them , at this stage
Stepping stones! Comments By: P.B. on 2009-02-01
I have to come home to these vomit inducing stepping stones on my flat doorstep most days of the week for six months now. Its in an alcove and on concrete so whats his problem! Maybe dead people do come back as cats and its someone from my past seeking revenge! Its my postman I feel sorry for, he must think im a vile person living with it there all day. Im now going to sprinkle drawing pins leading up to my door and leave stepping stones for the postman so atleast he knows im trying for his sake lol. P.S ive tried warning messages but this cat is so thick he I dont think he can even read!
To anon Comments By: Lucy on 2009-01-10
Please don't insult the human race by comparing f...ing cats to children - get a life!
Cats still think they live here Comments By: Dog Lover on 2009-01-11
We bought a house and the sellers happened to build a new house right next door. So...when they moved into new house, unfortunately cats still thought this was their domain. While renovating, I actually came down with my yellow lab in the a.m. to let her out and was hissed at by a cat which scared me to death and my dog went crazy. Now it's finally nice where we live and want the windows open at night, but all I hear are the 3 cats fighting and screaming all night. Owner says, "I know, I'll never get another cat". Well, they only occasionally leave "presents" for us, but I now have fleas all over for the first time since having dogs for 15 years. Looking for humane ways to deter cats and encourage them to move with their owners. Thanks for letting me vent!
Unwanted Cats Comments By: bugsy on 2009-01-14
I also have unwanted cats that crap right by my front door which also is coved so it really stinks it up, we have caught about 3 cats and taken them to shelters and other places, we've spread red pepper, doesnt work. We've called the shelters to get control over the out of control cat population but they are overwhelmed with pets, ive talked to the neighbor and he has a "Its not my problem attitude",I have a five year old child who has been scratched by these nasty cats in our own yard, ive tried to go about this a nice way but they've left no other options so we recently tried powder glass so we'll see how they like that in their paws. Hope it works, ill let you guys know :)
20yrs of cats invading my garden and house!!! Comments By: Chazah Dawn on 2009-02-12
My husband and I have had cats roaming our garden and house for 20yrs. They have sneaked into our kitchen at night and ripped bags open with sliced bread inside and eaten some of it - we have had to throw the bread away. We now have to make sure that no windows are open at night even in the heat of summer. We have been frightened awake at anytime between 1:00am and 4:00am with cats fighting and making their eerie wailing outside our bedroom window hundreds of times. Every time it rains or we water our garden the smell of cat urine is overwhelming and spreads its sickening smell right thru the entire house. Its very embarrassing when we have visitors or guests staying and this happens, as we have to apologise to them and explain, and we donít even have cats. Most of these cats are not owned but are strays [there are hundreds of them here]. And occasionally, one person/neighbour who thinks they are being kind to these animals by feeding them and then the cat population explodes and we are invaded even more than ever before. I am semi-invalid and have been very ill, so I rest a lot thru the day. Sometimes I cannot sleep at night thru aweful pain, so when I do get a good nights rest [which is often rare], its frightening and so frustrating and very annoying when there are cats outside our bedroom fighting at 3:00 in the morning, and my poor hubby still has to go to work! It also makes me feel more nauseaís to breathe in cat odour instead of clean fresh air in my own home. We are now seriously talking about getting some cat traps from the SPCA [which do not harm the cats] and dropping them off at the SPCA and let them deal with them. I think after 20 YEARS, we have given any owners plenty of time to do something about it Ė but nothing is done [and I guess its quite difficult to train a cat to stay inside its own territory when its in its nature to roam], but meanwhile, it has cost us a small fortune in remedies [that donít work] and compromised my health even more.

Cat owners/lovers are very loud and pro-active about all this so-called cruelty Ė but thats because their cats usually donít do these things in their own yards and houses but roam off and do these things in other peoples property. So they complain the loudest because they donít have to put up with it. I cannot abide seeing animals suffer Ė but this has now escalated far beyond a joke and something seriously has to be done!

Brilliant Comments By: simone on 2009-02-13
Had a really good laugh reading this lot - it should be published
cats in garden.. Comments By: jean on 2009-02-15
There is a plant COLEUS CANINA. (scardity cat) this works as cats cant stand it. its only an annual so you need to keep the seeds.
People VS Cats !!!! Comments By: Joe on 2009-02-23
Reading all above I found people is harder to deal with not cats. I am here just to find a nice way to have a space with other living things like cats.
My thanks to the ones who gave an advice to help the situation in a human manner.

soak them with kettle water and bleach Comments By: davie on 2009-02-24
i dont believe that cats should be allowed outside unless there on a leash, if i find a cat in my garden, i boil the kettle and pour it into my water gun, i also add bleach, i dont want to kill the cat, i just aim to spray the cat in the eyes and blind it, the first cat i sprayed was a huge ginger cat, it let out such a huge screem, that i shaked, even though i done it from the bedroom window.
pet owners have a responsibility Comments By: davie on 2009-02-24
i have read alot of your comments and have to admit that i have only killed cats in my property,(less than 15 cats) but after listening to lazy cat owners i feel like trying to catch and trap all cats i see, but i wont do that because i dont want it to become an obsession, i realy wish that pet owners could accept responsibility for the animals they have adopted, if you buy a cat you should look after it.
cat poo Comments By: ANON2 on 2009-02-24
we used to live in a neighborhood where this lady from 2 blocks down would walk her dog. i watched her "everyday" stop her dog in my yard and ONLY MY YARD, to let him poop. I got so fed up with the constant stepping in or having to clean up the poop. I couldn't even walk to the mail box without stepping in HUGE piles. NOW i had a 130lb dog myself and i made sure that he didn't poop in other prople's yards. And if he just "couldn't make it" and he did i always came back with a bag and a shovel to clean my mess up.but this lady didn't. and i would even go and stand on my front porch and give her "evil" looks. she knew that i didn't like it. i would even start walking towards her at which time she would quickly leave. SO WHEN I CLEANED UP HER DOG'S MESS I WOULD PUT IT IN A PLASTIC BAG AND RETURN IT TO HER. NOTE POSTED "YOU FORGOT SOMETHING". i ALSO ALLOWED MY 130LB DOG TO LEAVE HER very large GIFTS. SINCE MY DOG WAS TRAINED, HE COULD POOP ON COMMAND!!!! She finally got the picture. If it was me, I would start returning the unwanted gifts. I have a cat and i keep him fed. now the neighbors' cats know where food is and are constantly eating my cat's food. If their owners would feed them i wouldn't have to chase them off all the time. it is madding!!! my cat is not even one yet. so he gets beat up a lot. OH! THE PELLET GUN WORKS GREAT. NEXT STEP RAT POISON!!!
Success at last! Comments By: BirdLover on 2009-02-25
After many failed attempts to get rid of next door's cats in our garden, I ended up using a cat scarer like the one at http://www.catscarer.co.uk - at first it wasn't effective, but eventually the cats got the message.

One of the more territorial ones still occasionally wanders in, but he's not around for long. Hopefully he'll stay away for good soon!

worse than the cats bloddy cat lovers aargh Comments By: trinity on 2009-03-13

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