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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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Visitors comments

worse than the cats bloddy cat lovers aargh Comments By: trinity on 2009-03-13
I came onto this site to see if there was any harmless way of stopping my neighbours 2 cats using my front door as a litter tray!!! and i cannot believe the attitude of these cat lovers HUH i am enraged that they think its ok to allow there pets to roam and shXt everywhere !! i have 2 teenage boys and i know if they spat in the street or threw litter i would be held responsible for there actions with a fine (at least) so these so called pet lovers should be treated the same !! yesterday i had to walk past 6 cat poos to get to my house door now i sincerly hope anyone out there thinks thats ok ??? i have tried to be nice to the neighbours but they dont seem to care !! there is no legislation for cats so the wardens cant help me.... so yes i will now resort to badness nothing now would give me great pleasure than putting the flea drops or any other poision down !! enough is enough my children and i are more important to me than these filthy disgusting pests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
upset mother Comments By: dave on 2009-03-12
To all the cat lovers. My mother loves her garden and phoned me up in tears because some ones bloody cat her dug up her garden, and new plants. Cat lovers should get thier cats to do do it in thier own garden.
I have a dog and would never let in crap in my neighbours garden so why let a cat?

Damn Cats! Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-24
Loved reading the suggestions on here. Plan to try a few, but if no joy, I will be trapping the sods! We have a big garden and fed up of the buggers crapping everywhere. We don't have a dog cos I dont want to be scooping poop so why should I do it for someone else's animal, so when it comes to not being able to go out barefoot (in the Summer) in my own garden I get mad! Cannot believe the comments saying it is OKAY for cats to do this and to get a life. But I have kids and crap everywhere is not funny. I will be posting crap back to owners and see how funny they think it is when they have to pick it up.
Watch this space, I will report back once I find something that works 100%.

Cat Lovers Suck Comments By: Paul on 2009-04-03
I don't like Cat lovers, their animals creep into my garden crap in my veg bed, destroy the young plants and creep out again, I do not want a cat, I have a dog That I never let foul in my neighbours garden, when I take her for a walk I clear up after her every time. I have coverd all my raised beds with garden netting, yet the cats still manage to get in and mess in them. So to all the cat fans out there who think it is pefectly exceptable to allow cats to mess in other peoples gardens and think we should put up with it, I will quite happily bag up the dog mess and post it you so you know what it's like for your hand to come out covered in crap.
cats will be cats! Comments By: penny on 2009-04-12
use wire fence,or the plastice kind plants climb,just put it on top or an inch or two under the soil, they hate it.After a couple attempts they don't come back.eventually they stop trying.
Fed up Rae Comments By: Rae on 2009-04-17
big cats scare little cats. So therefore lion poo should work.
Solve the problem??? Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-19
Cats are teritorial so if you want rid of them buy a cat. You will no longer have crap in your garden and your cat will crap in others so you can get your ownback. Mabye not a way to rid the problem fully but at least you wont have to deal with it. =P
Loved this site Comments By: Mad Alf on 2009-04-20
I went on here to read solutions on getting rid of cats, but had more pleasure in reading peoples comments. Im not an animal lover and normally dont mean any harm to animals but the cat situation at my house is taking the mick now. I have a small phobia of cats and feel shut in as i dont have my doors open incase they wander into my home. I have 3 children and ensure that at all times they respect other people and their property so why are cats allowed to drive us mad. We are one of two houses that dont have cats out of a street of about 100 houses so what hope do i have in keeping them away. Is it illegal to catch the cats and take them to a shelter !!! Even if you dont find a solution that works from this site, it makes great reading :>
hilarious Comments By: vinni on 2009-04-23
Oh thank god. I thought I was going mad with hatred for cats in my garden. I see I am not alone. I have a pair of twins which sit waiting for birds and worst of all my visiting hedgehog which has been coming for a year. They eat the food I put out for him and have made him a nervous wreck. I hate cats. I have spent hundreds of pounds trying to deter them. They are the devils sperm in fur coats.
Permanent Solution Comments By: fed up on 2009-04-29
I have been dealing with a cat problem for about 3 months. Seems someone dropped their cat off in the woods behind my house. Now it was at my house all the time chasing my cat off to eat his food. I tried everything to get rid of it short of shooting the thing. Removing the food, chasing it off with pots and pans banging even using a low powered pellet gun. Nothing worked. It wouldn't leave. And I can't afford to feed both so one has to go. So I went and bought a live trap, caught the cat and took him to a no kill facility. Problem solved! The cat is gone without having to kill it. Now I still have the neighbor cats who come around occasionally. If they become a problem I know where they'll go....bye bye kittys.
Cat Owner Comments By: Geena on 2009-05-01
I have had several cats in my life...never do they mess in some-one elses garden.
The solution is quite simple....get a litter tray and keep cat in for a few weeks. They soon get used to it and from then only need access, via a cat flap, during periods of 'roaming'. I can say, in all honesty, that my cats come in from outside to use said litter try.
I still however, have the same problem as others with neighbourhood cats and can understand their feelings.
Some form of legislation is long overdue ref:laws on dog fouling.
And no, I am not a cat fanatic, I have also been a responsible dog owner, clearing up as I go.

I think cats should be allowed to go where they like! Comments By: charlie on 2009-05-01
Cats are wild it is in there NATURE to be like this. If you lived in say Africa and a cat came and had a crap on your garden would you go out there and run after it?
No don't think so!
Why carn't cats go outside why should they have to live indoors they are not dogs they nothing like dogs.
It is so impossible for a cat owner to keep a eye on where the cats go once they climb over fences. IT IS YOUR JOB TO PROTECT YOUR OWN GARDEN LIKE YOU WOULD YOUR HOUSE!!
I can see your all not animal lovers!!

Works for me Comments By: Julie on 2009-05-03
White pepper works in my borders. I've put a thick layer down in my border and they haven't been near!
Get This Comments By: frustrated on 2009-05-03
So, my boyfriend and I do NOT like cats. We are not animal haters, and don't want to harm them. BUT, we don't want them in our yard, on our cars, etc. Our dog is fenced in the back yard. My boyfriend's mother is a cat lover. She FEEDS the neighbors cats when she comes to OUR house!! He will say, "MOM, don't feed that damn cat. I don't want it hanging around here." She thinks they are hungry...she thinks every animal she sees is hungry and it's owners aren't feeding it! And, she is very sensitive. It wouldn't take much to hurt her feelings and her stay away for months...! So, when she leaves, I sweep up the food that she carries in her car and leaves on our deck and throw it away! He doesn't want mothballs all over the yard...we work very hard to have nice floewr beds, etc., and he doesn't want to see moth balls all over the place. (He owns the property). So, I don't know what to do. They drive our poor dog crazy. People should be able to own, or not own, any pet of their choosing. We choose not to own cats. We shouldn't have to deal with them climbing all over our cars, crapping in the flowers, etc. Not much we can do about his mother feeding them, it's not worth hurting her feelings (although it's extremely inconsiderate of her to feed them if you ask me). But, if I could put something down all over the yard that would make them stay away, food or not, that would be ideal...
cats Comments By: charlie on 2009-05-05
If you feed the cats in your garden then normally a cat would NOT poop where they eat so maybe feed the cats where they poop it might help but problem is you may get other creatures coming to eat it lol.
I would say don't hurt cats for pooping in your garden just try different things like white vinegar/pepper water bottles/ horse poop/orange peels etc and it might keep them away. I am very hurt by some of the comments made here, hurting cats for pooping in your garden. I think it is disgusting and you should have the law on you for doing such a cruel behaver. Animals where her before humans so they have just a right to be here as much as you. Maybe if you are nice to the cats they might not POOP in your garden maybe they are doing it on purgers!!

HELP Comments By: Marianne on 2009-05-06
I moved into a house 6 weeks ago and my next door neighbours have 5 cats. I have 2, 18 month golden retriever puppies & these cats are driving them crazy. These cats will not stop coming into the garden,use it as a giant toilet & dig up the plants. I've tried cat repellant spray, spraying water, plants to deter them, running at them, letting the dogs chase them, etc. ~ everything. They come over the brick wall from the neighbours. When I let the dogs out in the morning it's a full on chase & because the cats are panicking a few times it's been like "Tom & Jerry" ~ just back & forth. I've talked to my neighbours who don't seem that interested with comments like "well, it's nature & we never thought someone with dogs would move next door". They have a cat flap and the cats come & go at all hours. They've been outside staring through the glass at the dogs at midnight. I seem to be more worried about this then they are!!! I used to have a cat ~ so am not a "cat hater" ~ but at this rate I can see how people start to detest cats. I control my dogs & don't let them use anyone elses garden as their toilet. Any suggestions on what do to would be great ~ I will try anything!
To the comment by Amazing Comments By: Marianne on 2009-05-06
I have had a cat & now have 2 puppies. I have tried to talk to the neighbour about her 5 cats and doing something to try to make sure her cats don't get hurt,as well as to stop them from using my garden as their personal toilet. Both her & her husband's attitude was, "well it's nature if something happens". I am so worried that there is going to be a "blood bath" that I can't let the dogs out with out first checking the garden. So perhaps your comments that the owners being abused by the cats are selfish and should try to negotiate needs to be thought about ~ the cat owners just seem to shrug it all off and won't take responsility or try to come up with any solutions. Why is it the responsibiity of everyone else & not the owners?

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