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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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I have had a cat & now have 2 puppies. I have tried to talk to the neighbour about her 5 cats and doing something to try to make sure her cats don't get hurt,as well as to stop them from using my garden as their personal toilet. Both her & her husband's attitude was, "well it's nature if something happens". I am so worried that there is going to be a "blood bath" that I can't let the dogs out with out first checking the garden. So perhaps your comments that the owners being abused by the cats are selfish and should try to negotiate needs to be thought about ~ the cat owners just seem to shrug it all off and won't take responsility or try to come up with any solutions. Why is it the responsibiity of everyone else & not the owners?
I may have the answer! Comments By: Kevin Lewis on 2009-05-08
As a vegetarian, animal rights supporting animal lover, and many time pet owner, I can only feel shame about the way my neighbours' 20 - yes, twenty!- cats make me feel! I could never harm another sentient creature, but I'm at the end of my tether. My little boy has not been able to play in our back garden for years now, since I no longer have a dog on the property to scare them away. Why is it that cat owners so frequently feel the need to have so many animals? My guess is that cats are so rarely indoors, that increasing the number means that sometimes the owner is likely to have at least one pet around the house, thereby making them appear worthwhile to own! Mowing my lawn is like negotiating a minefield! I'll leave it to your imagination to picture the mess when I've inadvertently gone over a "little present" with the lawnmower; it's not pretty! I can't advocate hurting these animals for the reasons I've given, but I fully understand how people can reach the conclusion that they need a "once and for all solution" to the problem. So many cat owners seem oblivious to how unpleasant their "little angels" can be. My neighbours have seen me chasing away their cats back over the fence into their garden hundreds of times, but with no shame. I get on extremely well with my neighbours, and consider them to be my friends, but this problem goes on. I've tried: citrus peel, repellent sprays, mint (they crapped directly onto it!), motion sensor water sprays and sonic repellents, thorn bushes, lion urine (it rained the next day, what a waste of �6.99!), in fact I've done everything short of crapping in the garden myself to sort this problem, but to no avail. I feel myself being drawn to the nuclear option that I've devised: The clockwork Lemon. If you've seen the film or read the book of a similar name, I'm sure you'll recall the "aversion therapy" near the end. I intend to demonstrate to these cats just how anti-social their habits are by trapping them in a mesh cage, and p***ing on them for a day or so before releasing them- the unsubtle yellowing of the title of Burgess's masterpiece mirroring the fate of the individual cat- hopefully with their tails firmly between their legs! I'll make sure they connect their ordeal to my garden and me, by "showering" them in their numerous haunts on this side of the fence. This is likely to be a male-centric salve; a good aim being crucial! However, an escalation from a No1, to a No2 reprimand brings the ladies right back in there! And yes, that is what I mean! I know some people will find this cruel and unpleasant- I do too; but perhaps fighting fire with fire, so to speak, might be the push they require to have them explore pastures new! I'm putting this out for peer review in the hope that some brave/helpful/slightly deranged person might do the research to establish its efficacy for me, as although it strikes me as a potential solution worthy of further examination, I'm not sure if I have the fortitude to carry it through! One more midnight trip to my dustbin leading to a squidgy, underfoot encounter though, and I'll be sorely tempted! I'm just grateful that I'm not a sandal wearer with long toes!
And before anyone in the animal rights community (see, I didn't use brigade!) gets offended, this is almost homeopathic in its ideals: cats are territorial, I'm just being more territorial; cats are smart animals, I'm that bit smarter; I'm offended by the bodily waste of the cat, the cat will be slightly more offended by mine; I'll be happy when I've let him out, he's likely to be even happier!
I'm not some self-hating veggie, I just think that bad owners give a bad name to animals of all types; the animal knows no better. But until I can come up with something more prosaic, I think I might take to having the occasional wee on a caged pet! Sometimes revenge is a dish best served at body temperature!
I hope this is of some assistance to those suffering as I have been.

cat menace Comments By: Eve on 2009-05-12
I went on to this site genuinely needing advice to get rid of the cat cr-p in my garden. I don`t hve a cat and just the same as the others hve spent a lot of money trying to keep them out of my borders. However let me tell you, even though I understand, being in the same situation myself, tips not working, ruined garden gloves, endless bought cat repellent products which don`t work, I promise you I have not laughed so much for a long time. This is hilarious...I thought I was angry with the cat problem, and still am, but my sense of humour takes away most of that. Anyone want to contact Chevy Chase or someone similar?
Cooking For Cats Comments By: Brian Dale on 2009-05-15
simply boil sugar and water until almost caramelised and allow to cool slightly. Then add a mixture of the hottest chill peppers available and liquidise. Pour over effected areas on non porous surfaces as well as fencing.
Get ready with your camcorder and watch as cats step into sticky mixture and then automatically lick it off.
Send your footage to you've been framed and receive 250. Photocopy the cheque and post copies to all your friendly cat neighbours with a thank you letter.

Cats,cats,cats Comments By: Rina on 2009-05-15
To: Anon & Eve
I live in a complex with 163 houses and in about 160 of the houses there are cats. The only problem is that they are not in the houses. They roam around in all the small gardens and poo.. whereever they want to.
I have one small French Poodle that stays inside but have access to the garden. I pick up his poo everyday. It is dry and most of the time with no smell at all. Lately I had to start picking up some of the crap of the 160 cats. The smell is terrible and as I love animals I never thought I would start getting thoughts of murder. I just wish I can catch them redhanded. I would take a spade and hit them to a pulp. It is impossible to find the owners of these cats. I started HATING CATS. If I had a GENIE my one wish would be to get rid of all cats on earth.

use your brains! Comments By: CHOPSY on 2009-05-16
Have you ever thought that it's foxes doing the damage, not cats??!? Cats don't attack rubbish bags and foxes poo all over the place. Leave the cats alone!
My right!!!! Comments By: Sue on 2009-05-19
If my dog was to go onto a farmers land and worry his sheep then he has every right to shoot it. Why then can cats freely come into my garden and worry my racing pigeons (some of which are worth a damn side more than these scabby moggies). The only time I like to see these kitty's furry faces are either through cross hairs or looking out of my dogs backside!!!
i hate cats too! Comments By: caz on 2009-05-18
spent many an hour trawling the internet looking for suggestions on stopping those mo-fo's shi**ing in my back garden.this site has been hilarious!i live in a mid terrace victorian house with only a backyard for a garden.so its small.i also have a 2 year old so have made the best of out concrete yard with raised flower beds.we have 2 cats one side and 3 the other so as you can imagine shit everywhere!resorted to covering the beds with shingle which seems to have worked.we have a 5 froot wall all around which doesnt stop them from jumping in.i actually caught one perched on one of my flower pots squatting down for a shit. i mangaged to chase it off before it dumped! .I am considering pigeon spikes on the walls. you see them on ledges of buildings and bus depots to stop birds perching.has anyone else tried these?i love animals but have a hatred for cats.the are not pets they are pests.lock them up
Not everyone like s cats! Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-18
Thank goodness I am not alone in my dislike of cats pooping in my yard! the smell is terrible. When I have company the first thing they say is what is that awfully smell. They pee in my yard and then go home! I wish someone could tell me to make them stop. PLEASE
Cat and Dog Repellent by Liquid Fence Comments By: katkat on 2009-05-26
If you have a cat problem in your garden, just give a spray of this stuff. cats will not like the odor, nor will dogs. it is made with plant oils.
I hate cats Comments By: catpotato on 2009-05-31
I hate cats . I do I hate them.Pointless selfish sneaky creepy animals.You cant train them they are genuinely cruel to other animals. My neighbor has just got two rescue twats I mean cats and they have taken to crapping in my garden. Now my wife is alergic to them and so is my daughter so I do not really think the attitude of a big grin and "oh are they pooing in your garden? well they dont do it in mine". Its as though they have a inbuilt part of their brain that makes them think that people who dont like cats are the weird ones.My next move is a bb gun and sonic alarm. I keep a potato next to the microwave which i have named cat potato. Its my 5th cat potato. Happily the first 4 gave their lives by hurtling through the night sky at squatting snidey looking felines .Two direct hits I might add.

I have declared war on them.
to be fair the neighbors have bought me some pepper and spray but why should my garden smell of either cat crap or the fouls smelling stuff designed to keep them away. Its my garden i didnt ask for them to tresspass on my property they must be foiled

hilarious! Comments By: Emma on 2009-06-04
i love this site!! i live in nz and have recently moved house (and still having the same cat problems!) i am an animal lover but there is only a certain point of 'loving'you can extend yourself to before the hate starts kicking in! we have only lived here for a week and there is already three parcels along the driveway, and i would hate to think how many in our front garden! i was told pepper, didnt work, dis-solve it (orange based natural stain remover), didnt work and finally i just read cayenne pepper on here before, i have been needing to get rid of the box (my partner tries to sneak it into meals) so i happily sprinkled it everywhere turning the garden orange, came back inside, went out again to check and there was a damn ginger cat on the fence and a freshly dug over pile in the garden!!!! they Are too smart for their own good, i truly do hate cats now! they are evil and there is a grey one that sits on the neighbours garage watching me all day. This site has bought some humour to my horrible thoughts! i thought i was alone! i wouldnt go as far as killing them but does anyone have a suggestion or remedy that doesnt involve having to spend money?!
try this Comments By: mandi on 2009-06-06
my husband was sick and tired of clearing up cat pooh in the garden as not all cats bury their poo. he spoke to the neighbour who wasn't interested so now he just launches it straight over the fence into his garden. no warning or anything. once they were all outside in the garden when he tossed one over. when the neighbour confronted him my husband said - nowt to do with me mate you need to speak to your cat! my husband has been given lots of advice on how to rid the garden of cats permanently and i think it won't be long before he starts to put them into practice. I really don't care about you weird people that call yourself cat lovers. take a leaf out of a dog lovers book - buy a poop a scoop and start clearing up like normal well mannered people do! But thats why you have cats isn't it cos you are lazy lazy people!!!!
no help yet! Comments By: anone on 2009-06-09
I really enjoy reading all of the omments on our cat problem, but please how do you get rid of the little monsters. they have almost drove me crazy! How do i keep them out of my Yard?Just one fool prove way o stop them.
To all ignorant cat owners Comments By: Citizen on 2009-06-13
I can't believe some comments on this page! One lady compared a cat to children, another tried to convince us if the only problem we have is cats count your blessings. An animal is a pet, sorry people, its not a person. You own your pet. If your car hits my car, you pay for the damage. I concede that we do not have the right kill cats, I'd like too, but if I parked my car on your lawn you'd have it towed. Same with your cats, if its on my lawn, I'm going to get rid of it. the cat next door has crapped in the garden and my son ended up getting a serious eye infection. It has also scratched my cars hood so bad that if I want to ever sell it I'd have to repaint it. I want a new car but I can't get one. I don't want to pay 30,000 for a car to be scratch by a cat. Wake up and keep your cats in doors!
instant Comments By: jacbitch on 2009-06-11
12 guage instant cure and they make ok fertilizer. It's your cat! keep it in your control. Like my dog wandering around scaring your kids or you (He's 156lbs)?
cat despizer Comments By: wyatt on 2009-06-18
I am one that will love to kill cats if in my YARD. But before i put my gun in use i sometimes use water ballons by filling them with them with vinager they dont come back for a year . i also let my dog out and let him take care of it. . But if that dosent work i just pull the pellt gun out. any ways good luck to all the others that have the same problem. And ps any one else that likes cats are poor sap losers

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