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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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Visitors comments

like a cat on a hot tin roof Comments By: Timmy no cats on 2009-08-25
I have found a bag of hot dried chilles works wonders, sprinkle them all over the lawn once a month for a few months and no more cats,job done
Caustic Soda works a treat, but.... Comments By: C on 2009-08-25
I was in hysterics reading through this, but also found my own "cat shitting in my garden prevention technique" after burning myself with caustic soda while unblocking the sink.
Sprinkle it where the cats been shitting and when he walks on it something happens, because three days later my kids advised me that the neighbours were crying because their cat had 'gone to heaven!' Sorry neighbours, but hopefully your other one won't shit in my garden!
I'm off now to enjoy some gardening! :)

bloody dirty cats Comments By: wendy webb on 2009-09-05
my neighbour has 4 cats and at least 2 poo on my front drive every day they do not cover it up they just do it and go, i`ve tried everything, i now let my dog out and tell her"cats" she races around making a lot of noise although she wouldn`t hurt them it deters them for a while, why can`t the owners get a dirt box then their bloody cats wouldn`t poo on my drive!!!!
Comments By: Pops on 2009-09-08
Firstly 'chopsy', you are the brainless one love because cats DO rip up rubbish bags, i witness them doing it. I'm not surprised that you say this though as in my experience it's only dimwits that own cats. Thank you everyone for not only a damn good chuckle but some excellent tips. I shall be choosing caustic soda. I'll soon find out which cats are using my flower tubs as a litter tray.
Sticky Cats Comments By: Desperate Cat Hater on 2009-09-08
Best quality Superglue and plenty of it. On Polythene over your door step - perfect for the little b------s.
Cats do damage...its not the fox!! Comments By: myle on 2009-09-11
Some pet lover has taken time to make a comment about foxes being the cause of ripped open rubbish sacks, fouling other people's gardens and paths and being a general nuisance! What planet do they live on? Foxes resemble nothing like the furry felines who have fouled my yard for over 4 years. Cats do all of the above and more...I have seen and smelt the evidence first hand and because of their ugly characteristics I hate all cats. They are the worst pets any abnormal person would ever want. If you own a cat, train it not to foul your neighbour's gardens, dig up flower beds and hang aroung their yard. Jeyes fluid, hot chilli pepper, black pepper, orange peel, water pistols, catapaults and any other object that will rid the damn things from coming into my front and back garden and stop the damn 'crying' noises they use to disturb me and my child shall be used forever!Just when I get rid of two from coming our way a new neighbour moves in with 3 moggies! yelp!! Shame we don't live in China. Cats are nasty especially if you don't own one but have to continuous deal with poo left around your home! Give me dog any day. At least they listen.
Cats im my garden get hurt lol lolol Comments By: Catkiller on 2009-09-16
I hate cats with passion.. and thankyou all you normal people with ideas of ridding this skanky smelly pests. To all you sad lonely cat lovers.. how about i get a dog and bring it around to yours for a shit everyday??? Think about it u stupid sad cat loving people!! Just remember this when you look at your cat, keep it out of my garden if u want to keep looking at it.. simples.. i will poison and shoot with my air rifle all cats visible.. Shit or no shit!!

I hate cats!! They should all be kept on a lead or in a hut like dogs or any other pet..!! Or they should all die. Im glad im doing my bit for society by eradiCATing these dirty things!!!

to all cat haters keep up the good work.. one day they will all be gone hopefully lol..

to all cat lovers, GET A LIFE. Coz only sad depressed people with no friends own cats for comfort.. i bet some of you even have other relations with your cats.. uuuuhhhhh u dirty people!!!

Exploding soil Comments By: David H on 2009-09-25
I like the idea of burying an inflated balloon and covering it with a thin layer of dry soil then wait for the next cats who wants to crap in my garden to scratch the soil.

I will try this but need to set up a cctv camera first to give me hours of pleasure watching the reruns.

Owners can't control their cats Comments By: Keith on 2009-10-03
As has been said before cats are foul and disgusting. I suffer cats defecating on my garden and they do not cover their pooh (Clarissa take note). I should be able to distribute their mess back to their owners but I am certain I would be prosecuted. I will try some other remedies suggested as most of the strays like Cat-u-pult do not work.Let's get rid of these pests (they are vermin in disguise) or their owners should pay compensation!!
Thank you all.. Comments By: Mo on 2009-10-03
Just chanced on this site searching for way to rid our garden of cats. Been here 6 weeks and have counted 12 different cats...have to clean all the c..p of the front lawn before I can mow it. Love all your comments, would try the gun, trap and rat poison if I dare..but more likely I'd get put in prison before a murderer... you made me laugh so much tho, really cheered me up to know that a lot of you have also thought it would be nice to get rid of them..permanently..
I agree with pam Comments By: sarah on 2009-10-05
I have a cat problem also so if i can get hold of the horrible sly over grown rat i will take it for a drive to the furthest shelter where it will hopefully die painfully. I have two toddlers where i caught 1 of them playing with cat crap which i throw back at my neighbour my child is ok this time so why should i keep my kids in when cats are let to roam
unwanted cats Comments By: anon on 2009-10-05
Just because you apparently dislike "cats, doesn't give you the right to feel that all outside cats need to be sent to a shelter...you wouldn't say that the neighborhood kids that play in everyone elses yard but theirs need to be sent to an adoption agency now" would you?

I find this comment stupid .kids dont go round sh#tting in other peoples gardens

cant beat em join em Comments By: leo on 2009-10-05
the best thing to do is get a cat yourself because Ive noticed that all cat owners don't have the problem with cat sh#t,In there own yard because there cats sh#t elsewhere
get rid of cats Comments By: G on 2009-10-06
3 words
this is what I'm going to do after trying all the powders and ultrasonic [email protected] with poor results

Cats are VANDALS Comments By: Penny on 2009-10-09
Cat owners will never respect other peoples gardens.The police recently told me that We have every right to stop these beasts or humans from tresspassing in our garden.Recently I was actually ordered by the cat owning benefit sponges who live off other peoples tax money to "pass her her f.....g cat to her. I hate foul language, and said NO. I am allergic to those filthy worthless animals. I said It has NO right to be on my property and damage all our food, vegetables.This anti-social hooligan and rat eating cat lover actually told me that she was Glad our garden had been ruined by her cats and would ruin it even more.We cannot even get close to the edge of our garden which those Benefit Bandits are using a tip to dump their rubbish, before they get their violent mental dog to bark and shake the fence uncontrollably.
Some pins appeared on top of the fence and since then No RAT EATER problems, but then they chased after the rspca, and what right has the rspca to intereferE in other peoples fences? Rspca are not collecting the filthy rat eaters turds all over my garden, Nor compensating us for the destruction of our food, vegetables and chicken by those rat eaters. The Police have told me that I have every right to protect my home and garden and we shall do so. Obviously cat keepers don't care for their filthy disgusting cats, that's why they are on someone elses property.We know what we have to do.

cats, cats, cats, and more bloody cats Comments By: JJ on 2009-10-10
I have never had a problem with cats before until now. I recently moved to a fairly new housing estate where everyone has pets except me, as were having good weather I decided to some gardening but I wasn't prepared for what I would discover, the whole of my garden was covered in cat litter. I was fuming and didn't know what to do or where to start, I had used Jeyes in the pass to deterrent the foxes from ripping the rubbish so maybe this would work. Well it got rid of the smell but it not deterrent the cats, it seemed like I was cleaning up after them and I was attracting more and more of them. I tried black pepper, moth balls, citrus powder, bleach, bottles of water but nothing seemed to be working my only alternative was to address the issue to the owners, all I got was alot of abuse and threats that cats are free to go where they please and I should learn to live with it especially as I lived on a housing estate. Well I wasn't going to leave it as that, this made me more determined theses cats were not going to beat me as my children need to play safe and where else can they do that in their own back garden needless to mention the front as that was just as bad. What are we to do people as no one wants to be held accountable for the mess these cats are creating. Environmental health, animal warden, local council, owners, police etc., need I go on want to know or get involved. They are very quick to take action against dogs owners so why not cat owners. Cats kill birds, frogs, mice and bring them home and interfere in fish ponds along with digging up or rummaging through flowerbeds. I cant stress enough cats are a big nuisance and am beginning to hate them with a passionate which is a great shame as I grew up in a family of 1 cat and 3 dogs and never did these problems occur and pets were well trained, dogs were trained to fowl in the road and cats didn't like you to seem them mess and cover it up. Well cat owners be warned you wont be getting away with this lack of don't care attitude, I cant stop my cat from where it goes,this has gone on far too long people will be taking action to get the law changed. How much does it cost to buy a litter tray and train your cat to do its business there, instead in other peoples property as you clearly have no intention of clearing up after your so loved cats but you dont want any harm to come to them. There is only so much people are prepare to put up with, some of us spend a fortune on are gardens, properties etc and shouldnt have to spend extra to deterrent your unwanted cats who could come to harm. It is only fair that children, people, birds should be safe in their gardens, properties and be able to relax and enjoy the benefits of their labour without the frustrating of your annoy cats, stop and think about that. For you government offical its only a matter of time before cats start littering on the pavement.
Paracetamol (acetaminophen) Comments By: Pete on 2009-10-11
Paracetamol (acetaminophen) ie. Tylenol or Panadol is deadly to cats. Even a small amount (200mg) in a can of tuna or a meatball will cause all nine lives of kitty to expire promptly

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