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Cloves for toothache

Take two whole cloves, the kind you stick into oranges around holiday time, place them between the offending tooth and your cheek. You might want to chew them a little to release their juices. This is a centuries-old trick that really works.

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Might damage the nerve Comments By: TipKing on 2004-07-16
It has been pointed out to me that prolonged use of Cloves and Oil of Cloves can damage the nerve of a tooth. However I have used it many times, it does take away the pain and that is all that matters for me
Excellent! Comments By: Josie on 2004-08-28
My tooth was killing me tonight. I'm scheduled for a root canal on Monday. I tried 2 cloves as suggested and I still can't believe the pain is gone. Thank you
cloves Comments By: Shane on 2004-10-08
cloves work great! thanks
Cloves did relief my toothache Comments By: M PATAIL on 2004-11-07
It was 2 am in the morning and my molar suddenly ache, I ran out of paracetamol, the next thing I went into the net to get 'relief' and the cloves worked!!
SOOOO SATISFIED!!!! Comments By: BADGURL on 2005-10-27
Excellent ... it really does work Comments By: eve on 2006-05-15
I have had a toothache but was unable to see a dentist until after weekend so I tried the cloves.... thank you for this remedy.... it really does work.
Oh the relief!!! Comments By: Eve on 2007-01-02
My tooth ache was so unbearable I couldnt even close my mouth properly, the top teeth touching the bottom teeth was excrutiating! This worked within 10 minutes. Thank You!!!
ClOvEs Comments By: roxanne on 2007-02-11
went to Lyoyds and got some anbesol for my tooth ache, as im in sooooo much pain, and need a root canal but havent got a dentist yet! nothink is working for my pain, so im chewing 2 cloves and resting them on my tooth! HOPE IT WORKS!
I wish Comments By: James on 2007-02-11
Have got excrutiating pain with my wisdom teeth, put cloves in as suggested and was amazed that it never worked at all, i just got the foul taste in my mouth to add to the pain.
I don't know about you, but it worked for me!! Comments By: Amma on 2007-08-23
I have a cracked wisdom tooth, which is visibly infected. I remembered the suggestion of using cloves, but I didn't have whole cloves, so i used ground cloves. My gum feels PERFECT!!!! I am pregnant, so I have to be careful not to use it all the time, but I cannot get to the dentist for three more months-I am using the clove remedy at least once a week.
thank goodness Comments By: Stephanie on 2007-09-14
the cloves are helping, Thank God, maybe i'll sleep tonite
YEY Comments By: Anon on 2007-11-24
Had toothache for weeks now coz me scared of dentist (big woosy I know LOL), but these are helping numb the pain and trying to get an appt for dentist this week
I'm a believer!!! Comments By: Anne on 2007-12-05
Last night my tooth was hurting soooo bad, I couldn't sleep. I have an appointment for the dentist tomorrow, but I was desperate. The ibuprofen WAS NOT working. I put ground cloves on the tooth and gum, and, I swear, no more pain. Really!!! Wow....
No insurance and BAD toothaches Comments By: Michele on 2007-12-12
I have a couple broken teeth that are hurting me so bad, they do this once in awhile and last for days. The pain is unbearable. I take pain relievers and use orajel but, it doesn't always work. I have some antibiotics I was given for another treatment in the ER that hasn't expired so I am now taking those in hopes that it will work to get the infection out. I have a jar of ground cloves so I just put some around the gum and inside of the bad teeth. I really hope this works, I am tired of being in pain. I have no insurance and no one will see me without cash in hand which I don't have.
ground cloves works! Comments By: Don't go to dentist unless I have to on 2007-12-29
I a paper towel and put some ground cloves in it and folded it up and wet it and then put it between my bad tooth and the inside of my cheek! Amazing! Pain is gone! Have a family gathering today that I really didn't want to miss, plus its Saturday so I can't get a dentist appt until Monday....the cloves will make the weekend painless! Thank God!
this really helps! Comments By: Anon on 2008-01-18
it is temporary though...only lasts a couple of hours then you need another clove i guess :)
Works quite well Comments By: Mike on 2008-03-24
Normal pain killers usually dont do the trick for my tooth aches. I have wisdom teeth coming in and it has been killing me. A friend of mine recommended it and I'm glad i listened. Cloves help so much. Granted it doesnt completely get rid of it, but it dulls it enough so i can sleep.
It wroks!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Shah on 2008-04-02
I had serious pain in my tooth, got Dr's appointment after 5 days. Pian in tooth increased so much that i couldnt sleep..but thanks to cloves my 90% pain is gone & now atleast i can sleep...
Pain free, but kinda stinky! Comments By: George on 2008-04-17
I heard this and thought it was an urban legend, until I saw how many people raved about it. Sure enough, it worked like a dandy, but no one said how long to keep it in so I assumed you hold it in as long as you want to be pain free. I'm going on 6 days with it shoved inside the tooth and I still don't feel the pain. Then the weirdest thing happened. I started getting painful gas. That's not normal for me and the only new addition is the cloves. It's strange because the gas has a sweet odor, like lemon peels, so I don't mind that part but the intestinal pain is unbearable. Maybe I'll go a couple more days and see if it passes - no pun intended!
Works to a point Comments By: Lee on 2008-06-30
I have been experiencing a toothache accelerated from a cap falling off. My dentist has been on vacation but returning today, thank god. Nevertheless, I have been using Ambersol and taking Advil. This was working, but the tooth pain increases during the course of the evening. I have a nurse friend of mine that suggested putting a clove right into the cavity hole itself, so I did, and I was amazed, after 10 minutes the pain was not completely gone, but enough to allow me to eat and get a decent nights sleep.
great relief get some rest Comments By: veronica on 2008-07-19
I had a tooth ace all day, at 1:00am couldn't sleep tried the cloves and I feel like I can lay down now and get some reast. Thank you so much.
Cloves work Comments By: Pat on 2008-07-23
Ive had toothaches several times (one an absess) that the cloves worked great on. I use powdered clove mixed with water to form a paste. Smear it all over the gum and tooth. It kills the nerve.

ok, it HELPS Comments By: The TOothe on 2008-08-31
it helped out, didnt actually take the PAIN away but it helped make me more
Thank you Comments By: Lance on 2008-09-12
I can still feel it, but just barely. Now I will be able to sleep. Thank you.
it works...i just tried it Comments By: guddi on 2008-09-21
i wish i had come across this tip from b4...i had this bad toothache..(cavity) :( and couldnt sleep...took a ibuprofen but it only helped for few hours...atter that the pain was back...i tried the 2 clove remedy...and within 10 mins...my pain is 95% less... thanx to whoever posted this tip :)
it is fine in moderation!! Comments By: sumbul on 2008-09-21
It worked for me a lot of times!! but it seems it has some side effects, it creats a lot of heat in the body which can cause burns on the togue & also not good for stomach if taken in excess
Cloves really work Comments By: Laura on 2008-10-27
I had an awful toothache. Was taking ibuprofen and using Anbesol but got no relief. Saw cloves listed as a pain relief for toothache on several web sites. Tried it and it really did work. It eased the pain right away and helped me until I was able to get in to the dentist. Sometimes natural remedies are best! I've passed this along to several people.
no side effects Comments By: relieved on 2008-10-31
i love natural remedies. the prescription drug i was prescribed was way too harsh on my tummy. i vomited 3 x in 1 hour ( taking the recommended dose!) . desparate i tried the cloves. they worked like a charm . best of all no side effects !
WOW Comments By: max on 2008-11-01
within minutes, the toothache was gone! thank you!!!
cloves deffo work!!!!! Comments By: dee on 2008-11-08
thought i was dying i was almost crying cloves saved my life......
Thank Christ... Comments By: Daniel on 2008-11-11
For about two weeks now I've had an intense toothache that comes and goes every few days, and this time it has been constant since last night. Desperate, I asked my Dad if anything could be done, as we don't have the money for a dentist due to it all being private now, the nearest hospital is an hour away, and it's nine o'clock at night. He laughed and suggested this, and although I was skeptical, I was willing to try ANYTHING. Got one in my mouth right now and I feel a fair bit better. Can still feel the sensation about my tooth that something's wrong, but the PAIN is gone. I just hope that it stays away for a while, or isn't as bad if it does come back.
Take my word for it Comments By: Kurd on 2008-11-20
I am person who always say pain killers don't work. But truly take my word for it this stuff realllllly works. I had my wisdom tooth since Sunday and its been hurting so much. I used orjel severe pain reliever, supposedly that best stuff out there, but it really didn't help much. Today is Thursday and I just started using this clove think and it truly works. it is awesome. recommended over any tooth pain reliever.
works great !! Comments By: Erik on 2008-12-14
i was in sever tooth pain 5 minutes ago till i tried the cloves. works like a charm! about 98% of the pain is gone. i was afraid i wasn't going to sleep tonight. thanx to who ever posted this tip
cloves Comments By: Nathan on 2008-12-28
I've been chewing 3 cloves since i began reading this article and still have all the pain i began with.
Worked a charm Comments By: Ben on 2009-01-23
I've chipped a molar and havn't seen a dentist yet, I've already had to much paracetamol and it isnt working anymore, so i tried the cloves and it's GREAT major drop in pain; Thanks!
no more pain!! yay Comments By: Nikki D on 2009-01-24
I have been in severe oral pain for weeks. Too scared to go to Dentist and have heavy medication, vodka, oral gel, asprin mouthwash, I've tried everything. So much so I ovredosed myself on medication for Cancer patients, vomited all day. My Fiancee looked this up and to my surprise it has worked a treat. I am in NO pain taste is not very nice, but hey... NO PAIN... try it... and if it dont work then I feel sorry for ya!! Good luck!!
At the risk of sounding cliche... Comments By: Jo on 2009-01-02
It really does work! My bottom wisdom teeth have had me in agony for a while and pain killers were not working at all (including oragel which is a local anaesthetic!) My dad heard something about cloves and found this site and i have to say they have worked a treat and ive been pain free for a good 5 hours! Another good suggestion is to fold a few cloves into chewing gum and chew it on the painful tooth, its especially good if its a tooth in an awkward spot and the taste of the cloves gets too much!
it does work Comments By: Valerie on 2009-01-02
i chewed on 3cloves instead of 2 because my toothache was just so bad! :[ The clove juice worked like a natural numbing medicine, but it also made me salivate a lot,causing me to have to spit excessively into a cup :/ It's been about 10 minutes since ive spit out the cloves,and the pain has subsided A LOT,im crossing my fingers andhoping the pain doesn't comeback!
It really does work Comments By: thankfulforcloves on 2009-01-07
I just wanted to thank everyone for the suggestions on cloves. My boyfriend used the ground up cloves and stuck them in the broken tooth and instantly the pain was gone. For those of you that it didn't work for, if you don't have an exposed nerve (or something close to it) it probably wont work.
strange..but it worked SOOO well for me Comments By: errdizzle on 2009-02-04
my cap came off my molar a few months ago and the pain left in the hole comes and goes every few weeks. then today it was the most unbearable pain i have ever felt in my life. i bought orajel, the severe pain one and it numbed everything AROUND my infected tooth. I read this tip and stuck pieces of ground clove into the hole about 20 minutes ago and i swear on my life i feel sooo much better. I can still feel that something is wrong in my mouth but the pain is almost completely gone. I might get to sleep tonight after all..
POWERFUL REMEDY for absess's Comments By: anon on 2009-02-06
Its 4 am and I awakened with emmense pain of an tooth absess. I googled home remedies using cloves and to my astonishing amazement, it works. Using 1/4 teaspoon of ground cloves with a few droplets of water,forming a paste, applied to the absess brings GREAT relief! I am sincere, within a minute the pain was 95 percent gone.
Cloves in chewing gums Comments By: hariharan on 2009-02-09

Eat orbit with clove favour...

it is very nice.i tried it.

i make us shill...

I can't believe it worked!! Comments By: CarrieB on 2009-04-24
I took a few cloves and crushed them with the back of a spoon until they were in a powder form. I mixed the crushed cloves with a little bit of water, made a paste, and put the paste mixture in the hole in my tooth and around the area. It has been mere minutes since I did this, and it's working!! I called out of work today because I didn't sleep a wink last night from the tooth pain. I only wish I had tried this last night.
An oral surgeon tipped me to Cloves! Comments By: benthurdondat on 2009-06-20
I had oral surgery to remove an impacted wisdom tooth years ago. This surgeon packed the hole with guaze with clove oil on it and I had no pain or need for pain medication. I have a tooth that the filling has fallen out of and I tried the clove powder and worked it into the cavity with my tongue...it works and it works well for me...I won't try the whole cloves and chew them because the tooth is already fragile...don't want to cause more damage...
Works! Comments By: avaroe on 2009-06-23
Ive got a wisdom tooth thats growing at an angle and its impacting my other teeth- everything above the neck hurts (except left eye go figure) Ive been told it could be up to 8 weeks b4 i see the consultant- even though the dentist has said it needs to come out! Ive tried compresses, ibuprofen, paracetamol and codeine and nothing is kicking it- in fact the codeine made it worse (?). My partner told me about cloves and i researched it a little and am now using it and it works!! Ive used both methods described here and if u want speed its the powdered/ crushed cloves with a bit of water to make it into a paste like substance and then apply to where it hurts- it goes very hot and then cools slightly and it started working within a few minutes- tastes kinda funny but id rather the taste than the pain. Crushing it with ur teeth works but less quickly though less messy and not so hot. Also be preprepared for ur mouth to saliva alot (my partner told me to spit this out because it can give u a bit of a tummy ache- and after this i believe every thing he says- for the time:) ). Hope this helps.
Have anyone here seen the movie Marathon Man? Comments By: anon on 2009-06-26
After Lawrence Olivier drilled a hole into Dustin Hoffman's teeth he gave him a clove oil to relieve the pain. Does anyone remember this scene?
my daughter didn't believe me... Comments By: tina on 2009-08-30
my daughter didn't believe me when I went to the kitchen and got the clove from the cupboard and told her put it where it was hurting; she has a partially compacted wisdom tooth that is pointing outward..to which I also suffer..my Grandma told me this little goodie and it really does work!!She got a bit barfy..weak tummy..too much saliva production..;)her fiance is a believer too..now..
Saved me from self-denistry Comments By: Jeremy on 2009-09-24
About 2 weeks ago, my back molar started giving me horrible pains. The filling had fallen out a few years ago and I never went to get it replaced. The last week was the worst. I slept maybe 2 hours a night and it wasnt pleasant ,restful sleep.The last day before the cloves, I went looking for my pliers. It was that bad! I even tried to pull it out with my fingers before that! A friend told me to mix ground clove and a bit of olive oil and put it in my tooth and bite down to push it further in. It has been working like a charm. I wont be able to see a dentist for some time, so I will keep this up. Nerve damage or not, I prefer the 90% reduced pain to keeping whats left of a dying tooth in order.
bit hard to believe Comments By: jfk on 2009-09-26
but i hope the effect doesnt wear off in the middle of the night and i wake up with a killing tooth
was blind now i see Comments By: jennifer on 2009-10-12
i did the ground cloves paste remedy and now i don't feel the need to marinade my mouth in liquid vicoden, my doctor prescribe a steroid inhalant and neglected to tell me to rinse my mouth after each use and one of the side effects is swelling of gums and tooth pain . i was taking too much tylenol and my bff and her ma told me to do this . it really works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so far so good Comments By: demha on 2009-10-26
didnt think it would work, but so far its worked like magic. I have a gaping hole in my upper left molar from a filling that fell off while flossing. current residents are two pulped cloves, and the pain is vamoosh
Clove better than the Oral Surgeon Comments By: Wisdom on 2009-10-28
Had right bottom impacted wisdom tooth pulled. Had pain every since, on 4th day went back and he put some clove stuff in it, didn't pack it. Said need to come back in couple of days to check it out and that I would not need to take anymore pain meds. Well that was at 2pm and at 8pm the pain came back. Therefore I applied my own clove bud oil on a gauze mixed with water and left it for about a min. It has been 18 hrs and still no pain :)
co-incidence? Comments By: Marsha on 2009-11-15
Well, its been almost 4 hours with an 8 year old with a severe toothache and can't go to the dentist till Monday...so I tried the clove thing, both powdered on a bit of wet cotton batton, and a whole one he chewed a bit. Within minutes he smiled and it seems to have abated. Co-incidence? Well after this many hours of constant pain, I don't care...he's sleeping finally!
Instant Relief Comments By: Charisma on 2009-11-16
I've had broken wisdom teeth ( all 4) for a few years. Way too chicken to go to the dentist, panic attack last time. Pain causing me to take ALOT of medications that didn't help and only made me sick. Put ground clove on all four teeth and gums, and instant relief. Thanks!
Cloves!! Comments By: AJ on 2009-11-17
Omg, I've had the worst toothache ever! it's been killing me for about 3 days now, I've been taking ibuprofen for it, until last night I started getting a horrible stomach ace from it, so i read all the side affects of Ibuprofen and hearing all that didn't do anything good for my anxiety lol. so tonight i tried cloves that i been hearing so much about and WOW my pain is gone! Thank God!! i can sleep tonight now, and not be in pain from a toothache or worked up from anxiety from the Ibuprofen!
finally the pain is gone Comments By: alex k on 2009-12-03
i have had the cloves in my mouth for only five minutes, but already feel tons better. i have to teeth which are half-way gone with exposed roots. going to the dentist today but now i can survive till then.
Ground Gloves and my dog Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-07
My little dog had several teeth pulled and was doing well. But now I noticed her pawing her mouth and tilting her head a lot. So I checked her mouth and noticed maybe bone or tooth. I'll have to make a vet appointment for her. Until then I used ground cloves in a paste and rubbed it on the boney spot. Within 10 minutes she is now resting by my side. I think it has helped.
I have been in pain for 4 days now Comments By: Sharon Andrew on 2009-12-09
I haver been in pain for 4 days nows on and off but has been constant for a whole day now,went to the dentist today and they gave me antibiotics which will not kick in till at least saturday i have been taking ibupferen but still has not really kicked in,i read this article and i was like yeah what a load of cobblers untill i tried it.I placed 2 cloves in my gum where the pain was for about 20mins but then started to eat my tea but as soon as i started eating the pain came agian so did not eat all my tea (good Diet lol)i then got 5 cloves and placed in between my teeth and crushed to make sure it got to the pain i am sat here writing this with them in and i am pain free,but i do have to spit every now and again as i have alot of saliva so at the moment so far so good. I will sit here all night with these cloves when it is keeping the pain away good luck and hope it works for you
WELL !!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: MIKE J. on 2009-12-11
Thank you so much! Comments By: familyof5 on 2009-12-16
I have two inpacked molers upper and lower on left side and both are in need of removal but no insurance and no job so I followed suggestions of using ground clove and a few drops of water to make paste applied with a q-tip to both molers and in less than two mins....pain was gone, hope it last all night it's been 4 days since I have have any sleep. God Bless
Amazing relief!!!!!!! Comments By: Ben. on 2009-12-27
My girlfriend has had raging toothache all over xmas. I trawled the net till i came across this site. Luckily i had been given a spice set which contained cloves. She chewed on two of these for 5 minutes and the pain has almost gone. Truly amazing. I get some peace and quiet now!!!
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: VB on 2010-01-07
Comments By: TOOFUS on 2010-01-09
It actually does work!! But the taste... Ugh!! It's cool... I''ll trade the pain for the taste any day!!
this works for me 95% of the time Comments By: Zanny W. on 2010-01-10
I can't remember where I first heard about cloves for toothache, but whenever I get one I always jam a clove or two (depending on how bad the pain is) between my lip and the offending tooth. After about 10-15 minutes (and a bit of a tingling sensation) the pain will be gone or at least significantly lessened. I only gave this four stars because every once in a while it doesn't work, I dunno why. But most of the time it does. Oh, also another little problem is that it's kind of pokey, but adjusting the position of the clove(s) will help with that.
this really works Comments By: kate on 2010-01-30
Have a tempory crown whilst waiting for new one to be made and had raging tooth ache in the middle of a Saturday night. Googled for help and found this site. Willing to try anything as pills wernt working. Didnt really beieve it could help but WOW within 20mins of putting 2 cloves on my gum pain had subsided and I was able to sleep. 8 hours later I ve managed a cup of tea and still no pain( yesturday everything i drank and ate caused pain)Have cloves at the ready if pain returns but am feeling so much better. Try this it really does work
this really works Comments By: kate on 2010-01-30
Have a tempory crown whilst waiting for new one to be made and had raging tooth ache in the middle of a Saturday night. Googled for help and found this site. Willing to try anything as pills wernt working. Didnt really beieve it could help but WOW within 20mins of putting 2 cloves on my gum pain had subsided and I was able to sleep. 8 hours later I ve managed a cup of tea and still no pain( yesturday everything i drank and ate caused pain)Have cloves at the ready if pain returns but am feeling so much better. Try this it really does work
Pain free Comments By: Ralfstics on 2010-01-31
I have 2 broken molars with root exposed,savere pain, I tried ibuprofin(waste of time) tried orajel( diddnt work)put clove oil on a Cotten ball and rest it on both molars for about a minute each, instant relief and the pain has not come back.. Yet, it's been about 20 hours
It's amazing!! Comments By: lisa on 2010-02-15
thank you, thank you ,thank you all !!!
it's better to bite on or put directly on to the effected tooth. pain is gone!!

OMG IT WORKS Comments By: not important on 2010-02-21
i took about 10ish cloves crushed them up roughly and placed it between my cheeks and teeth and wow about 50% of the pain is gone...still waiting for it to take full effect awesoem!
cloves oil Comments By: RyanUkAus on 2010-02-21
I need a root canal on my back molar, half of it is nearly chipped off and missing with visable decay. I've had panadol, paracetamol, ibuprofen, codine tablets and even stronger morphine based tablets that did bloody nothing. Clove oil after about 5 - 10 minutes dulls pain right down.
it works! Comments By: Sasha on 2010-02-22
i've been having intense persistent pain in one of my molars since 3 days ago. the pain was so bad, even my inner ear was aching and my head throbbing, and it was impossible to sleep at night. as i couldn't see a dentist (it being a weekend), i suffered immensely. i took ibuprofen, analgesic, anti-inflammatory but none helped. then last night, i remembered the home remedy tip on cloves and put 2 cloves on the side of the tooth. in less than 2 minutes i felt relief! i kept the cloves all night as i slept and the pain didn't return. this is much much better than any drugs!
cloves helped me today! Comments By: shells177 on 2010-03-10
I had temparin in my tooth, to cover the hole so that the nerve isn't exposed. The pain came hard yesterday and the temparin doesn't seem to work anymore. I only had powdered cloves, so I moistened a cotton ball, dipped it into the cloves and placed it on the irritated tooth/gum. I feel a little throb, the pain is gone!
wow its really works!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: yasmin on 2010-03-18
this is amazing i had a crack tooth and was in horrible pain all day and night yesterday and now and i tried it and it was amazing the pain was gone yay..........
Cloves-best thing since sliced bread. Comments By: elliemay on 2010-03-22
I have known about this for years and it really does work. Can't afford a dentist now, but with a clove in the tooth and on the gum-I am pain free and can eat sliced bread!
Delicious Comments By: david on 2010-03-31
Didn't really get rid of the pain but it did numb the rest of my mouth. It was however, delicious so I gave it a 2. I'm pretty sure that if the damage to my tooth wasn't as severe this would have at least took the edge off.
HALLILUIAH! Comments By: Chris on 2010-04-01
Just had my wisdom teeth out... low and behold I was in some "healing discomfort" or miserable as all get out, lots of pain, went back to the surgeon, they told me they would pack it with a cloth covered in Clove Oil... Been at work all day! No pain!!! I might even try a hamburger tonight LOL
OMG this is so amazing Comments By: Love Cloves in Houston on 2010-04-01
I have a bad wisdom tooth that is broken and down to the nerve. Tried the 2 cloves and pain stopped. Thought I would get bold and use the powder and Qtip and it is kinda grainy, and put it in the hole and pain is gone. Love Love Love IT!!!!! Thank you!
Was in maddening pain and found relief! Comments By: anon on 2010-04-09
I had a wisdom tooth crack in half a few days ago. The oral surgeon is booked for three weeks solid and I was literally going mad with pain by day three. In desperation I searched the net and tried putting a few cloves between the cracked tooth and my cheek. I was skeptical but after 15 minutes the pain in my tooth and throbbing in my jaw subsided! Have had a clove or two in there for a few days and have been nearly pain free while I wait for my appointment.
thank u so much! Comments By: Ruby - London on 2010-04-12
had a wisdom tooth removed and the pain and sensitivity afterwards has been killing me, cant work, cant sleep, cant do nothing. tried cloves, and im actually crying from relief. i cannot believe that i can now feel no pain at all. i've been overdoing the ibuprofen, thank you God, and u guys for posting this remedy. bless!
OMG IT WORKS Comments By: Teresa on 2010-04-17
I like several others have no dental insurance and hubby just lost job so no money. I have been having pain for 4-5 days straight sharp throbbing pain. I tried the peanut butter the aspirin and water paste....it worked for a few min. but pain came back. A friend gave me some whole cloves and i put a couple of these on my teeth and felt the pain go away immediatley. I just want to say thanks to everyone that posted this advice. I also read somewhere that for infected teeth you can take fish mox ... it has amoxicillin.
ooooooooweeee pain free!! Comments By: Dale on 2010-04-19
Had a broken tooth that was on fire. Loaded up on ibuprofin and that barely dulled the pain. Used salt water and that helped a little. The clove sounded strange but was ready to give anything a try and the clove was amazing
Thank you Lord Comments By: latenighttoothpain on 2010-06-07
I have taken everything, nothing was helping, not oragel,not hydrocodine,not salt water, sensitidine, NOTHING!! I remembered in a staff meeting the clover oil helped alot with the pain. Didn't have any of that so I followed some of the other suggestions about cloves...It worked Thank you lord, now I can get some sleep.
mmmmmm clovessssssss Comments By: Lisa needs Braces! (Dental Plan!) on 2010-06-16
WOW! it really works!!! I chew on two of them and use it as a filling!
THIS REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!! Comments By: believer on 2010-06-30
I have a bad toothache and couldnt get rid of it. It was so painful that I couldnt even sleep at night, and believe me I have tried every remedy out there out of desperation. But this REALLY work. I came across this and the minute I tried the the pain started going down, 10mins later Im 90% pain free. I can finaly sleep and eat. THANK YOU!!!
cloves work Comments By: Ian kerry on 2010-07-03
For 3 days i was in agony with toothache.painkillers didn't work so i tried clove oil and BINGO it worked like magic and i got a good night's sleep.It got me though to a visit with my dentist.Thank you cloves.
IT REALLY WORKED! Comments By: Bree on 2010-07-04
I cannot believed this really worked. It's a 3 day weekend and my tooth starts hurting Friday afternoon. By Sat my jaw is swollen and the throbbing is horrible. I have Vicodin for a knee injury and it did nothing for the pain. So I made myself go out and but some ground cloves and made a paste. I hadn't slept well so I laid down and the throbbing started to subside. I fell asleep and when I woke up the pain was gone. I can still feel that there is a problem but the pain is 90% better. Who would have thought this would really work. I'm a believer.
Whole Cloves Helped Me :) Comments By: Amber on 2010-07-12
Was iffy about trying it but hey it really helped me once I chewed the clove up a bit....my pain was unbearable to point where I wanted to cry! Definately couldnt sleep last night because of the pain..tonights lookin good...get my tooth pulled in morning! You should give this a try if you feel like nothing is helping you...works just like Orajel :),if not better!
yes it does help !! Comments By: Noel on 2010-07-21
just had the pain gone after 5 minutes thanks very very much now i can sleep & tomorrow i can go to work tiredless hope it will last a bit long !!!
instant relief Comments By: Brandi on 2010-08-12
wow... i can't believe this works so well. A filling fell out of my back molar and the throbbing pain has been waking me up at night. I stuffed a pinch of ground cloves into the hole and the pain vanished within five minutes. I'm a little skeptical on how long i should leave the powder in/ how hygenic this is but the pain relief makes it worth it.
Oh God Great!!! Comments By: Manoj on 2010-08-14
i have a majour tooth pain, after putting 3 clove it is now controllable.
horrible Comments By: Dolly on 2010-09-26
In my experience it didnt work, and your left with a fawl pain in your mouth plus the pain. :(
unreal... Comments By: tracey rigby on 2010-10-08
have got a tooth ache..top and bottom..driving me nuts...cloves are working...fantastic.
AWESOME!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-09
Oh man that's freakin awesome!!! I've heard of cloves but didnt try it because I doubt it is good enough for my pain. I had real bad tooth decay and my gum is throbbing deep to the bone. I took 10 ibuprofens at once but it didn't help much! I checked seasoning rack to see how well it work... Found grounded cloves and put it between cheek and gum like it is chewing tobacco. It really killed the pain in few minutes! No more waking up in intense pain and overdosing on ibuprofen every hour! Just don't swallow but keep spitting or you'll get nauseous!
Finally i'll sleep Comments By: George R. on 2010-10-17
After 48h of no sleep i'll finally be able to rest... tooth broke on friday night and wont be able to see the dock for another two days. This SAVED ME!!! Thanks everybody!
It was magic Comments By: Nelly on 2010-10-18
Had toothache and gum disease for weeks. Couldn't get immediate dentist appointment. Have been on Nurofen for a week and still couldnt sleep or go to work. My friend recommended cloves. I boiled whole cloves in water, allowed it cooled down and used it as mouth wash. It was MAGIC!!!! I was immediately off to work. I really cant believe the magic within 5minutes
Powdered Cloves, only 44 cents. Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-25
omg my mom was in so much pain. she tried orajel, Advil, Tylenol, vinegar, saltwater, and tea bags. nothing would work,she was crying and said the pain was worse than child birth. but then we tried the cloves and the pain was gone in like 10 minuets. she said that it stung a little at first. but she put the powdered cloves in a paper towel and folded it then whetted it. cloves worked like a charm
I love this! Comments By: Jen on 2010-10-31
I heard from a family friend that the ground cloves would take the pain away from my exposed nerve. I was nervous to try it, finally decided to and it works!! I also found that when I am searching home remedies on the internet and reading what others have to say, it takes my mind of my tooth pain and actually helps me to feel better.
Cloves Oil Comments By: SteveDespin on 2010-11-09
If you want something that works even better than Whole Cloves...Go to a Walgreen's or CVS Pharmacy and buy actual Cloves Oil...It is absolutely amazing and is the best thing I have found yet for toothaches.
Worked for me Comments By: Ben Jimenez on 2010-11-14
I have had a cracked tooth for some time and the nerve is exposed, I've been using pepper to stop the pain, but the pain increased to much and the pepper didn't help. I put some powdered clove into the tooth and on the gums around the tooth and after a few minutes the pain started to go away. The clove powder can burn your gums or tounge, but it works. I heard that if you keep puttingit on the nerve it will kill it witch will stop most of the pain.
It work !!!!! Comments By: Cutie on 2010-11-26
My tooth was killing me and I used the clover powder. It worked great I would suggest this to anyone.
Another YES from me! Comments By: nicojo on 2010-12-26
Worked for me - got a hole in my tooth and pain was intense. Put ground cloves mixed with a little olive oil around my tooth - pain now gone!
GOOD STUFF!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-28
This really WORKS!!! :)
i was hurting big time Comments By: sister Christian on 2010-12-29
ok i am getting a tooth pulled soon a top one its cracked... getting a bridge after removal- cha ching$ tonight i got a bottom tooth toothache went downstaire grabbed 2 cloves and BAM it felt better in a few minutes still sucking the cloves and every once in awhile chewing to break down the juices above the hurthing tooth- its working- thank u Lord JESUS!
GODS WONDERS Comments By: ANON on 2010-12-30
Cut out a piece of greensward (sod) in the morning before sunrise, quite unbeshrewdly from any place, breathe three times upon it, and put it down upon the same place from which it was taken.


Ground Cloves are it!!! Comments By: Cristy on 2010-12-31
Ground cloves are the only way to go! Don't use whole cloves and chew them, that defeats it all. Use ground cloves mixed with a drop of warm water and pack it where it hurts. Give it ten minutes, it may burn but will work!
Awsome Comments By: Adam on 2011-01-02
I suffered for 2 days this holiday weekend and had 1 more to go. I was eating vicodin like skittles with no help so i tried cloves and the pain was gone. I will see my dentist Monday morning with some rest now.
FINALLY relief from excruciating pain! Comments By: Amy on 2011-01-11
I have a wisdom tooth that needs to be pulled-- eating and drinking cause excruciating pain (despite using tylenol and advil) which goes along the nerve along the jawline...
Pushed a clove next to the tooth and in minutes I have no pain! PHEW!!!!

Sanity Saver Comments By: JenK on 2011-01-09
My 10 year old son has somehow irritated his gums or something and was constantly complaining no matter what we did. He's autistic so things that might just annoy me cause him more pain. A friend suggested making a paste of ground cloves and put it on there. In minutes he was saying it felt better and going back to bed.
Does not work in all cases Comments By: Hokken on 2011-01-18
I have no doubt this is effective but, as someone rightly stated, only if the clove juice can reach the area where the pain originates from. I have a bad abcess under a molar but does not wotk at all in that case.
CLOVES DO WORK!!! Comments By: Merlin on 2011-01-22
I had a terrible tooth pain couple of nights ago, I was so desperate and thanks to my husband he told me to chew cloves which I did, and in 10 minutes that horrible pain was gone for couple of hours and put couple of more cloves, kept doing this until midnight when I at last could fall asleep,my appointment with my dentist was another 2 days away and my pain got worse-kept chewing the cloves and that night I fulled my mouth with cloves and fall asleep, that morning I could not wake up, it was 10.30 I could open my eyes and the rest of the day I was like over the moon, so relaxed,so calm and so wanting to sleep. this was the only side effect I had that I wanted to share
The miracle that is the clove!!!!! Comments By: Arkansas Aaron or Ack on 2011-01-30
In the past month and without warning I have been stricken with the most god awful toothache-I use the over the counter stuff which makes it almost bearable and until I found cloves would last for a good while. I put a little clove between the tooth and check and its gone in minutes.
chewing cloves Comments By: Andy on 2011-02-14
I have had severe pain from receding gums for some time now, many sleepless nights I have seen my dentist she applied some sort of cream that gave an instant short term relief and then prescribed a strong tooth paste to help to cure the gums but the pain still remains I found dabbing some sensitive tooth paste on the worst areas helped for a while , but so far the best thing I have found is to chew on some whole cloves for a very quick relief for 5 minutes or so swirl it around and spit it out (how long it will last I dont know) but just for a while is nice, its now been an hour since I have spat it out and the pain has not come back yet, only just a tingle .. thanks
Well I do not have any dental insurance Comments By: Jay on 2011-03-02
Oh my God!!!I've had a bad!!bad!!bad!!
tooth for months,that has been hurting
me sooo!!!bad.Well I do not have any dental
insurance or the money to have it taken
care of.But thank God for his natural!!!
medicine call clove!!!I made green tea today,and added some clove.Well me not
knowing why my tooth stopped hurting,until
I thought about what was in the tea? I
did this google and it was the clove power
that I put in my hot tea!!!Our planet
creator is awesome!!!!!!!

OH-EM-GEE Comments By: Mikayla on 2011-03-05
So my back bottom tooth cracked and nerves are exposed nd I have to wait for Monday to come so I could go the dentist!! pain was excruciating I was in tears trying everything in the book !! So why not try cloves I chewed on it just a little to get the flavor out nd within like 10 minutes it went away i was so relieved and I have to go out to a celebration tonight nd I thank god for it going away bc I for sure would of had a lousy time so I'm just going to take some cloves with me just in case !!! It really does work :)
wow reaally work Comments By: Sharah on 2011-03-06
i am having tooth pain since 3 weeks and unable to sleep but after reading this i tried and it reaaly work thanks a lot!!!
Amazing :-) Comments By: Roo on 2011-03-22
Hey have been geeting savage tooth pain for a while now on and off . I have tryd every thing this worked! I swear iv lost half my life of sleep from this pain but now i think ill actualy sleep a whole night. Thanks for the remedy guys.
Home Remedy Comments By: Anita on 2011-04-29
I have been having a tooth ache for the last couple of days waiting for my dentist appointment. I took a couple of cloves, put them on the affected teeth, bit down on them gently so that they would fit over the cavity, and went to sleep. I didn't feel a thing, and when I woke up, not only did my teeth not hurt at all, my whole mouth felt clean and fresh too. In India they have been using this cure for centuries.
It does help Comments By: Sepie on 2011-05-28
I've got an impacted wisdom and 2 broke teeth, all side by side. I work 6 days a week and couldn't afford to miss work. I'm on atibiotics, took ibuphophin and vicadin. Nothing was helping so I got on here and read all this.I have to say that it has helped make it more bearable!
Empty Socket Relief Comments By: Amanda in OH on 2011-06-04
I had my impacted wisdom teeth pulled last week and the pain was so awful I went back to the dentist. He basically accused of me of not brushing my teeth and made some other insulting comments, put some eugenol? on it and sent me on my merry way. I found cloves as an home remedy and it worked fabulously. This was the first home remedy I ever tried and I can't believe how well it works.(Found out later this is an active ingredient in cloves.)I reccommend this to anyone with a dentist as worthless as mine.
Wisdom teeth or rotten/broken teeth Comments By: Jess on 2011-06-08
This will NOT work on wisdom teeth that are impacted, or any tooth that hasn't cut through the gum. For a tooth that has a large cavity in it, and you know for sure it can't be saved or if it needs a root canal, using the clove will deaden the nerve and help with the pain until you can get it fixed/removed.
Soo painful Comments By: ELIZABETH on 2011-06-27
I have just gotten my wisdom tooth removed and the dentist is unable to see me until a week from now! I have a horrible tooth that needs a root canal/post/crown. I had been trying the whole clove but didnt seem to work that well. I created the paste and worked much better. Still in a bit of pain but is defenately better than how it was.
Life saver! Comments By: kfhbd on 2011-07-22
Ground clover REALLY WORKS! I was in so much pain it felt like I was gonna burst into tears. My gum was swollen and all, it not only took the pain away but also took the swollen down THANK GOD! Clover you rock!!
WOW! Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-07
I was having terrible pain with a cracked tooth and I put 2 cloves or so on it and chewed down on it often and it really helped! I was surprised, didn't think it would :)

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