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Toenail Fungus Success with Tea tree oil

Submitted by Nora

I have had great success with tea tree oil. My nails had been affected with toenail fungus for decades and were so thickened and curled at the top that walking was painful.

I have been using tea tree oil for a few months now and my nails are already much thinner and softer, no longer curl and are pink. I use a pummice stick to gently thin the nail from time to time before applying. Be gentle, you don't want to go through the nail, just make it easy for the oil to penetrate the nail as much as possible. The dead fungus or debris turn dark so, when you file the nail too thin, the top usually, it will turn dark and brittle. Apply the oil three times a day and go barefoot as much as possible.

I agree with others here: clean socks, vinegar baths, keeping all dead skin exfoliated all help. When you add tea tree oil, it works.

My nails look and feel nearly totally normal and I know they will soon be beautiful! I'm so happy.

Visitors comments

toe nail fungus/ alternatives to anti-fungal treatments Comments By: mojito on 2011-04-06
i`ve been diagnosed with a candida yeast infection that`s been going on for a while apparently. use of antibiotics, regular consumption of alcohol (sugar feast yeast), etc. also, what i have been suspecting for a while, i was told recently by a reliable source, became true: any signs of heavy metal accumulation in the body are directly linked to an overgrowth of the candida bacteria. can anyone confirm this additionally?
i am currently living in a part of the world, where typical, heavy-duty anti-fungus medication will be prescribed in these cases. i am tempted (as in desperate) to take this to get rid of the toe nail fungus. however, the mainstream antifungal medication takes a serious toll on the liver during the recommended time of usage. any ideas please???

i love this website and the solidarity that brings people from all over the world together exchanging experiences in order to help each other.


I tried this for a week now. Comments By: Henrik on 2011-05-03
I tried this for a week now. Is it normal the nails get more yellow when the swamp is about to die? It really changed my nails alot in just one week. they are not so bright anymore and I can peel something of now. I would say it looks really good, compared to the expensive products I have used.
toenail infection Comments By: anon on 2011-05-22
,gently useing emery nail boards to take off infected nail,clean with original listerine mouthwash and better result than any nail products iv used.do this twice a day.
Pondering mixed results Comments By: the ponderer on 2011-06-08
I'm wondering why Tee Tree Oil works better for some. Perhaps there are more than one king of fungus and some are more difficult to cure. Re-infection is a definite probability. Fungus have spores, if they are still in your socks and shoes they will still be on your toes nails! If it takes months for any product to work, a wash in the machine is not going to do it for socks. Perhaps shoes will have to be replaced.
perseverence is the key Comments By: katerina on 2011-07-05
I found this forum in February and started with the tea tree oil immediately on my infected nails. There was a slight improvement in texture quite quickly, but now my nails have grown by about 50% since then, and the new growth appears to be fungus free. I apply the oil all over and around the infected nails daily sfter showering, and file them regularly. This is the only teatment where I have seem results and not suffered unpleasant side effects, so go for it and good luck!
it really seems to be working. Comments By: Franco on 2011-08-22
I started using in March and was told to wait 3 months before expecting any big change. Then I noticed a yellow residue around edges of toes. When cleaning with an emery board I noticed a definite soft, spongy residue that I was able to scrape and clean away. Could this be the dead fungus?? When reading comments in March I don't remember so many suggestions about listerine, chlorox and Hydrogen peroxide and didn't use any of those combos, just plain TTO. Nails are much better but still have tinges of yellow on cracks and cuticles. Then I started treating my fingernails which have be a little cracked and discolored. Is there any danger of spreading the fungus if using same cuetip to apply the TTO? It is now six months and nails are definitely better. Now just what does the vicks vapor rub do??
I know a more effective treatment Comments By: AL_123 on 2011-08-18
I know a more effective treatment for nail fungal infection. I used to have it before and I applied Fungusil. And now i am free of fungal infection. It is nice and it help me to be more confident.
Lamisil causes cancer after 10 years Comments By: Sabrina Dey on 2011-08-22
Lamisil has caused cancer in 100% of patients that have taken it. Your cancer won't show up until 10 years after you stop using Lamisil. It poisons your blood forever. I take rash over cancer any day! I also think that a lot of people are treating other diseases and not fungus, that's why tea tree doesn't work for them.

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