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Toenail Fungus Success with Tea tree oil

Submitted by Nora

I have had great success with tea tree oil. My nails had been affected with toenail fungus for decades and were so thickened and curled at the top that walking was painful.

I have been using tea tree oil for a few months now and my nails are already much thinner and softer, no longer curl and are pink. I use a pummice stick to gently thin the nail from time to time before applying. Be gentle, you don't want to go through the nail, just make it easy for the oil to penetrate the nail as much as possible. The dead fungus or debris turn dark so, when you file the nail too thin, the top usually, it will turn dark and brittle. Apply the oil three times a day and go barefoot as much as possible.

I agree with others here: clean socks, vinegar baths, keeping all dead skin exfoliated all help. When you add tea tree oil, it works.

My nails look and feel nearly totally normal and I know they will soon be beautiful! I'm so happy.

Visitors comments

Tea tree oil Comments By: Chris on 2009-08-29
I have used TTO for many years for various sore bits, always about 20 drops in a carrier oil small brown bottle approx 20 ml size. It is great for the cracks between toes and almost anything similar. Read recently about toenail fungus and thought "that is what is wrong with that toenail" assumed that if one had the fungus it would be all the nails. So have been using it undiluted one drop twice a day for about 3 weeks and am sure it looks much better, pinker have pared of dry skin and nail debris every so often. So I think it works for me and whatever type of infection I have. Like everything works for some and not for all.
TTO Comments By: Luisa on 2009-09-12
After reading all you guys reviews i decided to use TTO, i have only been using it for about 3 days now!! I am very excited i will keep you guys posted on the results.
More effective and much cheaper than Tea Tree Oil Comments By: MalcH on 2009-09-15
After several years of using expensive commercial treatments and home remedies (including Tea tree Oil) without any real success I noticed after swimming in a salt water pool for several days while on holiday the nail appeared to improve.

Once home I made up a strong solution of salty water and poured this on and under the nail and applied this three times per day - after 2 weeks there was a noticable improvement and after 4 weeks the extensive infection disappeared and the original damage to the nail is now disappearing as the nail grows.

excited to try tto! Comments By: tired of ugly toes.... on 2009-09-24
hi there i have been fighting fungus on my fingernails for almost 2 years now,from getting the gel nail tips put on only twice(i guess the place that i had them done were not to careful on cleaning there tools) but they are looking better now! i used listerine mouthwash every morning and night. Now i have it on my two big toes,after reading your reveiws i bought some tto and i am going to start it tonight,i will keep you all posted...
this stuff is great! Comments By: lisa on 2009-09-28
i've been researching tea tree oil for the last couple of weeks and bought a bottle of 100% pure tto in dark bottle. i started last monday after seeing my podiatrist who swiftly gave me script for a drug. it is now one week later and the yellow part of the name just detached with no pain. the nail bed is partially exposed but is no longer hurting. i use twice a day after showering. it works yall!
Tea Tree has cured my toenail fungus Comments By: FSHK on 2009-11-02
Started using this as I have had fungus under about 1/4 of both big toe nails for about 2 years, but kept it covered up with nail polish! I happened to read the tea tree bottle which I had with me on holiday for insect bites - it said it was good against fungus. So, I clipped away as much as I could of the dead nail and started dabbing with tea tree. Then when I got home and looked at the net I found this webpage with positive comments, so have quite religiously kept it up 2x a day, since August. Big toe nails take a loooong time to grow but mine have nearly grown out and the fungus has gone - hurrah. Still keeping up the treatment until the nail has totally grown out. I had used Loceryl (spelling?) before, without success.
Success with Tea Tree Oil Comments By: selftreatingsuccess on 2009-11-17
I had toenail fungus years ago, and took lamisil to clear it up. I'm not opposed to drugs. When I recently saw those tell-tale signs it was back again, I promptly made an appointment to see my doctor for more lamisil. I couldn't get a non-urgent appointment for a month! The fungus wasn't too bad yet, and I was worried it would get much worse in the month wait. So, I tried tea tree oil (thirty percent, bought at Whole Foods) applied twice a day. I filed the thick parts twice a week with an emery board. I started with half of both my big toes discolored brownish-yellow. It has been almost a month and most of the formerly infect nails have grown out. The parts that still show signs of the old infection have pink under them and are almost gone. I'm impressed that it worked not just to inhibit the spread of the fungus, but seems to have cleared it right up! That was cheaper than lamisil. I'll see what my doctor says at my appointment, but I'm guessing she'll say to just keep doing what I'm doing. Tea tree oil is really worth trying, especially if you can't handle the side effects of lamisil or just can't afford it.
TTO is absolutely working Comments By: Mark on 2009-11-27
I've had obnoxious looking nails on my big toes for years and it seemed to "run in the fanmily" for the males. Occasionally over the years I would soak my feet and try a round of whatever the snake oil of the day was but never had results. I never gave a second thought to using an oral prescription that might damage my liver (thank God) A few years a go it spread to my other toes. Thick ugly disfigured yellow and black nails. I started using teatree oil a couple of months ago and religiously keeping my nails trimmed as much as I could. Every morning after showering I would dip a q-tip into a bottle of tee tree oil and spread it all over my nails and between my toes. I pull bak the nail on my big toes and let it seep in. It burns a bit but nothing so intense that I can't grin and bear it for half a minute. I could tell it was working after a couple of weeks and now after only 2 months the nails are healing, pink and thinner half way up with no sign of the mess going on on the other half. Sold. Haven't done or used anything else. Sold. During this time I also educated myself about pharmaceuticals-over the counter and prescribed. Just follow the money on that worthless bunch. All they want is repeat customers for their products and repeat customers for the products you have to use to remedy what their other products did to you. They aren't interested in cures.
I'm sorry for the people TTO hasnt worked for. Healthy eating surely compliments natural treatments too. Im no doctor, but common sense sure does go a long way.

Allergic Reaction - Be Careful, Did not Work Comments By: Dancer on 2009-12-03
After coming home from a very wonderful Cruise Vacation I developed a fungus in my big toe nail. I have never had anything like this before. After reading about different remedies online I tried the Tea Tree Oil. After a week of applying the oil I developed a painful rash on my big toe. The toe became swollen and developed a rash with red bumps/blisters. I have discontinued the use of the oil and will try something else to help the nail fungus once the rash has healed. I did not notice any change in my nail fungus during the use of the Tea Tree Oil.
toes, Comments By: charming gal. on 2010-01-05
hia, i have been using tea tree oil for three months and the toenails cuticles are now showing at last!!dont worry about the brown colour,thats the fungi growing out.its best applied after a footsoak,as the nail is softer and the oil penetrates better,i think once the years out,i will have proper nails again,yipeeee.

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