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Toothpaste for pimples

Submitted by marylou q

Use toothpaste to get rid of zits or pimples apply a little over night or if you already took your bath apply to the pimple.

The following was sent in by EvanLeviBlinn

Please people, what is with all of the miss-spelled words and abbreviations? No slang or jargon is to be written on websites!

Many of you do not follow PRECISE DIRECTIONS!

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, or water.
  2. Make sure you have PASTE not GEL. Apply to the acne and surrounding areas.
  3. Leave the treatment on for 30-60 minutes depending on your skin type.(if you feel severe burning STOP! and DO NOT leave in over night!)
  4. Wash your face with lukewarm water. Make sure that you remove all traces of acne for if you miss some it could burn your skin!
  5. Pat your skin dry. DO NOT RUB!!!
  6. Get a moisturizer and apply in a circular or left-to-right motion to your ENTIRE face.
  7. Make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep and in the morning, your acne will be reduced (NOT CURED!)

Good Luck! :D

Visitors comments

OMG OMG OMG Comments By: audrina on 2008-04-13
its really working.
when i took the toothpaste off after an hour it became smaller and less red
i then washed it off with warm water
then dried my face
then reapplied it again.
im going to leave it on for around 3 hours and see whats happens.
im using crest and it works.
all kinds of toothpaste works so dont worry
it burns at first but then it coolls down and then the buring feeling is gone!

tooth paste Comments By: pupupu pass on 2008-04-19
ok im a 14 year old girl with pimples on my face and back im puttin tooth paste on my face were i need it and it worked
but for ur back i tryed puttin tooth paste back there and it dident work i put hot water (NOT WARM)and it worked thank god

no Comments By: anon on 2008-05-04
It doesn't work for me at all, and my skin isn't exactly very sensitive to anything. So surprise, surprise, the toothpaste burned my skin and now I have a burn mark with a one centimeter diameter on my face a week before prom. =] It's fun stuff. I'm just trying to cover it with concealer, but seriously, don't. Buy legitimate acne/pimple stuff from like, Shoprite or whatever. Or see a doctor for these things.
yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Comments By: prettiest girl ALIVE on 2008-05-13
it work grat my face looks amazing... wel duh it always does!!!! lol well you should try it=)
works for most Comments By: Sara on 2008-05-21
for me, i put a REALLY thin mask on, or just dab on problem areas, and then leave it on for 10 minutes, wash my face with warm water, THEN STEAM MY FACE. I take a cloth with HOT HOT HOT water and leave it on for 2 minutes. It works wonders!
uhmm nothing really Comments By: Zoooee on 2008-05-22
i put toothpaste on a irratated spot on my forhead, and left it there for about ten to fifteen minutes, not that i have sensitive skin, i was just impatient. And nothing changed, i mean not even redness changed.
I decided maybe i didn't leave it on long enough So put a little bit less and im going to try it over night
(and this is an expiriment, do not worry, i can cover it with my bangs is it is a disaster :D)
I will update you guys on anything!

im trying it Comments By: Chloe on 2008-06-26
ok, i put crest mint on my pimples, im not going to leave it over night. just for an hour. im 14 years old. if this doesnt work, what do you recomend?
IM CONFUSED Comments By: looloo on 2008-06-26
everyone is saying use it use it!!!!!! but then there are a couple people saying heck no!! udk wat tipe of skin i have. i just no i brok out badly along my chin and my cheeks. i want to try it but what if it maks it wors. oh and i hav mentedent. will that stuff work or no? i need serious help for my acne but dont no how to get rid of it
Hydrogen Peroxide Comments By: Sorena on 2008-06-27
I'm sure the toothpaste works but to those of you too hesitant to try it or those who have tried it and it burned or whatever, just use Hydrogen Peroxide. Get a q-tip dip one end in the peroxide and then dab on your zit. If you can, set a drop of the peroxide on the pimple and stay still for a few minutes then wipe it off. In about 30 minutes or more (maybe less) the redness and swelling will go down and if you do this every day it will go away within a day or two.

The reason it works is because the peroxide dries the oil and kills the bacteria. Zits need three things to become zits. Bacteria, dirt, and oil. Take away at least one and the zit won't happen or it will go away.

WOW! Comments By: britt on 2008-07-02
you ppl are so dumb sometimes..DO NOT keep toothpaste on your face all night (unless you have teseted this toothpaste method indepth)..I'm telling you start off just a few minutes then you can go on for longer..never just try it once overnight you are setting yourself up for disaster!! Try it for a couple minutes everyday then double that time etc..eventually after a few weeks you can try it over nigth at teh rigth amounts :)
awesome Comments By: zanaja on 2008-07-02
it makes it look like makeup, you don't really don't see them. just leave on for like 30 minutes.
Pls dont use toothpaste Comments By: Teff on 2008-07-03
Dont be foolish to use toothpaste as a pimple gel. Try using aspirin (mixed with honey or yogurt) masks instead. Toothpaste BURNS the skin regardless of variant. That's why it's called TOOTHpaste. Our skin is too delicate and toothpaste would just burn the hell out of em. Tea tree oil, epsom salts, they all work the best. But definitely not toothpaste, hello!
It works for me.. Comments By: Honey on 2008-07-06
It works for me!
I've had small pimples for as long as i can remember, well since i was 12. And I've tried millions of products.
My mum has paid Hundreds, and all this time all i needed was toothpaste.
I heard of this from a friend at school. I had no idea how it workd though.
Luckily at home dad has this herbal toothpaste that he gets through a friend.
It's really good.
So I just tried it on my skin. Only on the area where i had pimples of course. I left it for only 10 minutes. It doesn't sound like much but trust me.
I had this Pimple that I thought I would never get rid of. But the toothpaste dried it out and it was fine. I rinsed it thouroughly. and patted it dry.
That was 3 days ago. Since then I've been using it. I have fairly sensitive skin. But if you just use your common sense than it wil be alright. I would neve use it over night.
Also try water. Drink LOTS AND LOTS of water.
It reallly helps .. =]
trust me
And it left my skin feeling extra clean!

I'm giving it a try Comments By: Katherine on 2008-07-10
Hello, my name is Katherine and I'm trying the stuff right now, I have mint toothpaste on and I'm having my doubts. Does Colgate work? It burns a little at the moment...
I'm trying it right now. Comments By: caroline. on 2008-07-12
Well, my friend told me that if you put toothpaste on pimples they go away. I was really suprised, so I looked it up which brought me here, and I'm trying it right now, after reading everyone's comments. I used mint gel tooth paste and I don't have sensivite skin . It burns alittle not much (i have it on right now) i'll get back to you to see if it works.
it works just have to use it right Comments By: Derek on 2008-07-16
See toothpaste works! I wouldnt reccomend leaving it on overnight though..
you could leave it on at 10 minutes at the most. and then after apply non clogging moisterizer. it works wonders!
: D

glycerin soap works Comments By: errol coutinho on 2008-07-22
heres wt i do....use a soap that is good for pimples ....i use himalaya herbal soap which contains turmeric,lemon and neem,,,,it works trust me...use a soap containing glycerin as it is good for pimples!
it really does work! Comments By: Sammi on 2008-07-25
Ive been using toothpaste on pimples for like a month now every so often and i really do see a difference. I have sensitive skin and you know its working when you feel a cooling or tingling sensation where the toothpaste is.

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