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Toothpaste for pimples

Submitted by marylou q

Use toothpaste to get rid of zits or pimples apply a little over night or if you already took your bath apply to the pimple.

The following was sent in by EvanLeviBlinn

Please people, what is with all of the miss-spelled words and abbreviations? No slang or jargon is to be written on websites!

Many of you do not follow PRECISE DIRECTIONS!

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, or water.
  2. Make sure you have PASTE not GEL. Apply to the acne and surrounding areas.
  3. Leave the treatment on for 30-60 minutes depending on your skin type.(if you feel severe burning STOP! and DO NOT leave in over night!)
  4. Wash your face with lukewarm water. Make sure that you remove all traces of acne for if you miss some it could burn your skin!
  5. Pat your skin dry. DO NOT RUB!!!
  6. Get a moisturizer and apply in a circular or left-to-right motion to your ENTIRE face.
  7. Make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep and in the morning, your acne will be reduced (NOT CURED!)

Good Luck! :D

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Hot water Comments By: Tomoko on 2004-07-18
Get a cooton ball or flanel and soak it in boiling hot water. Dab onto the spot. It will pop immediately without scarring!
yeah Comments By: billy on 2004-07-27
Toothpaste relly does work as soon as I ready this I immedialtely put toothpaste on and it calmed my sore pimples down
toothpaste does not work Comments By: Sara on 2004-08-12
It may just be my sensitive skin, but when I used a dab of toothpaste on my pimple and kept it on over night, not only did it totally burn off the top layer or 2 of skin, but it became even more swollen and puffy and now I have a big scab where the zit was. It also really dried out the skin around my zit. So I suppose it did a good job of drying out the zit, but I don't think people with sensitive skin should use it. Unless you want an even bigger sore on your face. So my advise is to just wait for the zit to turn into a white head so you can pop it easily. Or just wait for it to burst on it's own for protection against scarring.
Burn?? Comments By: EmmaLee on 2004-08-16
Wouldn't it burn your skin and make a blister worse than a pimple or zit??
toothpate Comments By: Christie on 2004-08-19
Try using toothpaste as face mask for 30 min avoiding they eye area. It works great.

I have never used it overnight but the face mask works great for me & reduces redness. Sensitive skin might not want to try it though. Afterward my face feel increadibly clean & great.

Somtimes Comments By: annonymos on 2004-08-25
Using toothpaste to cure a zit or pimple sometimes does work it really all depends on your skin.

Try it and maybe it works for u but I have to recommend Eucerin face wash and the face cleansing lotion my skin has has less brake outs and the blackheads are almost gone and I feel clean and fresh unlike when I use a regular soap that makes my face feel dry and unclean.

For a quick pimple reliever I just pop it and wash my face and leave on toothpaste over night and wash my face in the morning and cover it up with cover up !!

Tooth paste is good sometimes Comments By: Joey Joe Joe Junior on 2004-09-14
The toothpaste works to an extent, but it doesnt do miralces. It will still take a few days for the pimple to clear up. WArning tho: I used alot of tooth paste around my mouth one night and the next morning my face was so dry it was like a rash. It looks pretty bad, and its been a week and its only just starting to clear up now..if anyone knows how to get rid of really dry red skin, let me know!
Take heed Comments By: Miss Real thing on 2004-11-01
Hi, I just finished reading you comments and I have one of my own. Toothpaste is great for skin, but under no circumstances must it be left for more than an hour after cleansing. My sister left the toothpaste on her face overnight and recieved severe burns the next morning. Do not try this at all and mark my word-1 hour/three times a week-makes you have fabolous, pimple-free skin.
dont use mint tooth paste Comments By: Anon on 2004-11-28
i have used tooth paste on my acne pimples. the 1st few times it worked great. but then i tried it again expecting the same resolts and i got brown spots as well. the problem...mint toothpaste. it irritates the skin really bad. the brown spots are scabs that tried to form under the toothpaste from the damage of the mint,it burns the skin. try a non mint toothpaste.
it only burns irf you use mint toothpaste Comments By: tess on 2004-11-28
Any tooth paste works: Comments By: Anon on 2004-12-01
Mint toothpaste or any toothpaste would work on pimples. the reason it burned is because it drying out the pimple dissolving dirt and oils. If you get scaps then your face is to sensitive.Out of all the people I ask . they use it and don't get pimples. I myself use it to. It works better than the AVERAGE ACNE MASK.
Toothpaste Comments By: toothpaste on 2004-12-10
toothpaste works really well, even though it might burn people with sensitive skin, for others it is a miracle!
owesome Comments By: Sand Gigga on 2004-12-28
it works try it for few hrs if ur sensitive skin like me and if ur not over night zits are done gone over nite ... voossh amazing im gonna patent this idea
toothpaste has ruined my week Comments By: Bexy on 2005-01-05
Toothpaste does help rid of spot but leaves scarring and my skin is not sensitive at all. Now i have to go about all week with a large scab and the spot still under my skin. Any overnight help? Please!
Owie Comments By: Sam on 2005-01-19
I had toothpaste on my pimples for about only 20 minutes, I rinsed it off and now it hurts. I never thought I had sensitive skin.. but I guess I do.
It works Comments By: sarah on 2005-01-25
It seriously works iv tryed it i tried mint n it didnt burn or scar my face it just dryed the pimple out so yeah!!!!!
NOT RECOMMENDED Comments By: Dr.waelmaher on 2005-02-22
I think it would be better to leave ur pimples to fadeout naturally (No squeezing+No tooth paste = No scars) if its annoying you.. i recommend to seek medical advice cuz only a doctor who can decide the type of ur skin and the best treatment for it
Toothpaste Plus... Comments By: Cristi Morrison on 2005-03-02
Leaving anything as drying as toothpaste on your skin overnight is damaging, even if your skin is dramatically oily. Instead, apply the toothpaste only to the affected areas. After 15-20 minutes wash your face with a 1/2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water. This removes the toothpaste completely and works as a mild antiseptic.
Bye Bye Toothpaste Comments By: Brittany M. on 2005-03-21
Say bye bye to toothpaste and start using water. When I say water I mean you got to drink it.

Since Hurricane Ivan came through we had got free water like 3 times a day. then we got so much of it i was drinking it for fun.

Drink about 4 12oz. of water a day, and within 1-2 weeks you should see less zits.

This work for me. There is only one thing stay away from french fries, sodas, and junk food! Hope this helps others!

Another cure Comments By: Alison on 2005-03-25
Tea tree oil is the best remedy for spots. Pure tea tree.

I'm trying out the toothpaste one to see if it works, well give everything a chance.
Exfoliate twice a week, that gets rid of any build up of dirt that can get into the pores causing this bacterial effect. Use a tea tree exfoliator, very good to use.
Water is good, it's also the best moisturiser for the skin. No not to put on your skin, but to drink as much water as you can a day *8 glasses but more is good!*

Cleans your face twice daily, don't use any cleansers that contains, SD alcohol *strips and drys*, mineral oil *sits on the skin*, Lanolin *can cause sensitivity*,

Artificial colour *cosmetic acne*, No Isoprophyl Myristate *creeps into the follicle* and no Artificial fragrance *photsensitive*
So try and use the most natural cleansers as possible and moisturise with a natural moisturiser.

Tea tree helps amazingly, dermalogica have a good range but not saying spend heaps in money, just look out for the most natural product.

TOOTHPASTE REALLY WORKS Comments By: Kendra on 2005-06-11
I'm not sure, but then I used toothpaste and the next morning there were dried blood around it. I was horrified. But then when I wiped it off my pimple was gone completely. It really works.
You people are doing it wrong Comments By: dani on 2005-07-04
Those of you who are getting burns are just doing it wrong. You need to wash your face and hands prior to application. Now, the most important part: choosing the toothpaste. It must be PASTE! The gel crap WILL NOT work!!!! It burns! Secondly, it must not have mint in it. By that, I mean it must not have mint; meaning it can be mint-flavored as long as that's not an ingredient. Dab a thin layer over the pimple. remember: if the layer is too thick, it won't dry and thereby won't help. After application, go to sleep. It takes all night to work, so don't think this is gonna be a one-hour endeavor. Be careful while going to sleep and/or while the toothpaste is still wet. When you wake up, wash your face, add some astringent and/or mosturizer and call it good!
Toothpaste Works Well Comments By: Momof5 on 2005-07-04
I have never had trouble with my skin until just recently. I tried the toothpaste on a few pimples. It made the pimples appear smaller, less red and less swollen and some of the hard acne bumps came up to a head.

Since this worked I tried a thin layer over my entire face (except eye area) and the toothpaste exfoliated, made my pores smaller and made me look like I had just had a professional facial.

I think it works great!

it will make you worse! Comments By: anon on 2005-07-10
it only makes your skin angry and red, very sore and ugly!
Worth A Shot Comments By: Linds on 2005-07-11
I've tried it, but personally it doesn't work for me it just makes them redder & it's just a mess.
Have Some Sense... Comments By: Jayda on 2005-07-26
1. Don't be an idiot and slap the toothpaste all over you face test it underneath you chin to see if your it will burn your skin.

2.Don't use toothpaste on zits, spots, pimples etc.. you've already poped it will just burn.

3.Try to use a non minty toothpaste if you've got sensitive skin the mint flavouring in toothpastes is spicy and can burn if its really minty.

Oh and try to dab and rub, rubbing will irritate the skin in my opinion do not use toothpaste as a mask just dab it on zits.

attempting.... Comments By: kell on 2005-12-26
ok i have read everyone's comments, and I am attempting the formula write now lol, kk,I've just dabbed a little bit of toothpaste(mint, cuz that's all i have) and I'll gonna take it off in about an hour, I'll get backt o you guys!!
DO NOT DO NOT USE TOOTH PASTE Comments By: nicole on 2006-01-28
please please please ppl do not use toothpaste i was reading these comments and i have a really important shoot 2moz in london and i have just noticed a few spots on my head so i was determined to get rid of them so i was reading some other stories about its soooo brilliant but its not !!!! beware i am a model i have perfect skin not sentitive i dabbed toothpaste over my spots on forehead woke up next morning my face was a TOTAL RECK !! it does not work at all i woke up with BLISTERS IT HAD BURNT MY SKIN AWAY so please ppl do not use this make sure you drink plenty of water and have face saunas twice weekly no TOOTHPASTE !! ooo and drink at least 4 glasses of water a day or even orange juice or lemon juice i no i av been told by plenty of models bye !x
Question Comments By: N00bie on 2006-02-28
Does floride in the toothpaste have an affect on wheather u burn or not?
i dono Comments By: allison on 2006-03-23
ok well i havent done it yet but i am going to right now and then once something happens then i will come and say something!...ooo and my title will be did it work!
Forget the toothpaste I have a better solution Comments By: Peggy on 2006-04-06
Forget the toothpaste. When you see you have a pimple coming, don't squeeze it! Before going to bed at night place a dab of Calamine lotion on your pimple and the next day your pimple will be almost gone--no burning--no swelling--just drying out. I have sensitive skin and works fantastic for me.
CAUTION!!!! Comments By: corinne on 2006-05-22
this is the worst idea any1 can ever think of. i did this for 2nights straight and have severely burned my skin. i have huge holes in my face and it has caused wrinkles under my eyes. this is no joke & sadly it is ruining my life. i only had a few small pimples around my nose and forehead but took things too far and sure enough more pimples have come back then before. i do not reccomend this. my skin is extremely leatherly. before this-i was always mistaken for 16 and the other day my professor thought i was 24!! i am 19 and have tried facials & european moistorizers to correct it but nothing will work. please people don't use.
YES IT WORKS! Comments By: Amanda on 2006-05-30
Toothpaste works very well IF you follow certain guidlines. First, do NOT use toothpaste with mint as an ingredient( may be mint flavored though). Second, use a whitening toothpaste. Third, apply overnight AFTER washing your face with ONLY water. Last, only apply in thin amounts.

You might wake up in the morning with blood around the pimple, however once that is washed off there will be no traces of pimples in the area.

If you do not want to use toothpaste or are afraid it will irritate sensitive skin here are some more suggestions.
1)Have a variety of washes. You may find that for a few weeks a wash may work, but after 3 weeks or so it stops. My recommendation is to have a variety of different washes to alternate so your skin cannot build an immunity to the wash.

2) NEVER use soap unless it is specifically facial soap. Other soaps are to harsh and will cause irritationor dryness.

3) Drink water. Water helps to clear the skin.

4) Be active. When you sweat the sweat runs down your face clearing out your pores.

Hope this helps!!!

Celebrity tip Comments By: Anon on 2006-05-30
Something commonly used by celebrities is a combonation of one part water and one part yeast. Hope this helps!!!
good idea- not for everyone though Comments By: Johnie on 2006-05-31
The mask should only be put on for about 30 minutes. I would never sleep with toothpaste all over my face. I have tried the mask and it works wonders. toothpaste severly dries out your face. i have also tried putting it just on oily spots or zits/pimples over night and that works great too. i wouldn't use if you have sensitive skin. For me it does have a little burning sensation but its more like a tingle. I just know its working. I have never gotten a rash from it.
good idea- not for everyone though Comments By: Johnie on 2006-05-31
The mask should only be put on for about 30 minutes. I would never sleep with toothpaste all over my face. I have tried the mask and it works wonders. toothpaste severly dries out your face. i have also tried putting it just on oily spots or zits/pimples over night and that works great too. i wouldn't use if you have sensitive skin. For me it does have a little burning sensation but its more like a tingle. I just know its working. I have never gotten a rash from it.
Toooothpaste Comments By: Bob on 2006-06-21
I used it for about 15 minutes then i wiped it off, gotta say the pimples look much smaller and harder to notice... i would not use it overnight tho
Toothpaste Does Wonders Comments By: Anon on 2006-07-04
I have super oily skin so i find that this does work for me... i wash my face with unsented dove bar soap and pat my face dry. then i apply a THIN layer of toothpaste and leave it on my skin for abotu 45 min (depending on the season... my skin is dryer in the winter so i only leave it on for about half an hour but in the summer i leave it on for an hour)... then i wash it off with the dove unsented soap. i do this twice a day, in the morning and in the evening and my face appears flawless!
DOESNT WORK FOR NUTTIN Comments By: ALEX on 2006-07-25
The Major Solution's Solution (Rated 4.5 Precicely) Comments By: Jon on 2006-08-03
Dear Sufferers of Acne,
I have a , you could say, Acne System that is very safe! I have used different toothpaste on my skin for a while, another words, experimenting. And I have learned things I would like to share!

1-Do not use Mint Paste, Many of people said that it does not matter, some say it does, the truth is , it does!
2-Do not use the Paste on a "Popped Pimple",the toothpaste is for mixing with, fighting, and dissolving/killing the dirt and impurities in the pimple. The Toothpaste will not cure the actual mark!
Use it on the pimple/zit when it is not popped!
3-Only Apply and let it set for 1-1.5 hours! The paste will kill the impurities pretty fast (Half-1 hour) but you need time for the dryness to take effect.
4-If you know you have sensitive skin, do not apply for more than a Half to 1 Hour!
If you do not know, apply till burning starts to increase or decrease. Obviously if it increases, rinse of thoroughly! If not, leave on for 1-1.5 hours!
5-Only apply toothpaste to the pimple/zit AND a small section (the area in circular direction around it) around it!

1-Rinse Face With Water thoroughly!
2-Apply medium size amount on pimple/zit and small surrounding area, you can refer to step 5.
3-Let Sit on Area for a period of time-
4-After Time, Rinse of thoroughly (Till all paste is gone)
5- Pat Dry with towel

I hope I help you with one of the Worlds top facial and medical problems :)

H.S.S Jon A. Coendour

Dont use toothpaste or soap! Comments By: Robert on 2006-08-08
Firs thing, dont use toothpaste if your skin is sensitive, it will only irritate you problem worse and rash your skin and leave a scar. My solution is take a needle or pin and poke a hole through the top of your zit/pimple and if there is any pus inside squeeze it out and wipe it away. Directly after, take some rubbing alcohol on a cloth or cotton swab and apply directly to the affected area. The alcohol may dry out your skin but nothing too bad or too noticable, just apply oil free lotion to it after. The alcohol will kill all the bacteria inside your pimple/zit...afterwards wash with warm water thoroughly.
My Solution!! Comments By: Sandralina on 2006-08-14
Hey everyone!! I am fifteen and I had really back acne. I tried everything you can think of.. i have spent hundreds on facial cleansers and pore minimizing lotions but nothing ever seemed to work intel just 3 weeks ago I found a solution... and the best part about it is the fact that is cheappp and very easy to use. first wash your face with water intel the water from ur face runs clear. then use an oil free gel cleanser (any brand) rub in a round motion for about 2 minutes and then wash with hot water so that your pores get a chance to open up and breath.. then pat dry and use a pea sized pile of toothpaste as an exfolitater.. leave on for about 5 minutes and then wash off with cold water.. this will tighten your pores so that any bakteria will stay out. then take a mild moisterizer and apply it to the part of your skin without any acne or bumps, this will prevent your skin from drying out and becoming visibaly noticable. your face is now freshly clean and has a layer protecting your pores from dirt, dust and other unwanted fugus'. the should be done only at night, usually before bed time, dab a thin layer of calomine lotion on all open wounds and all unwanted acne areas. this will dry out the surface completely without overdrying or burning your skin, even if its sensitive. in the mornings, give your face a quick wash with only water just to remove the calomine colouring. pat dry and apply your moisturizer again. i suggest using a slight bit of vaseline before aplying your makeup to prevent it from sinking into your pores and increasing your chance of getting more ance. try this for about 2 days and i can promise you a noticable change. its pain free, cheap and easy to remember... and most importantly... IT WORKS!!!! i am proof, i remember not so long ago, my face was so red and so bumpy to the point where i didn't want to leave my house. i couldn't even look at myself in the mirror without crying.. now i feel fresh, clean and surprizingly.. beautiful. i feel blessed and i think its only fair that i share my soloution with everyone possible. good luck. you might want to copy n paste the to a word pad so you can print it and that way you wont forget what you need and the steps to be followed. take care. any questions or concerns, email me. [email protected]
Expert Testimony Comments By: Anon on 2006-08-20
This excerpt is from:


Toothpaste does more than help you achieve a winning smile. When dabbed on a pimple, toothpaste can get rid of it by morning. "It is drying and basically works like a clay mask," Kunin says. "It dehydrates the pimple and absorbs the oil," she says. Toothpaste works best on a pimple that has come to a head - like a whitehead, Kunin adds. "But be careful not to use a whitening toothpaste because they tend to have high levels of hydrogen peroxide that may irritate or burn the skin," she says. "If you are going to try it, use a white paste -- not a gel -- and skip this remedy if you have sensitive skin because it will be too irritating."

flouride!! Comments By: Margarita on 2006-08-26
I was jus on a website shop4prom.com - and it said that toothpaste with flouride won't work because it jus increases the chance of having more pimples in that area. don't mark my workd tho.

ANOTHER TIP - after washing your face with warm water...make sure you rinse it with cold water (not freezing) to close the pores and prevent dirt coming into your pores.

yah yah Comments By: leahh on 2006-09-03
i was impressed by tootepaste wowie it works like so good i was amazed the colegate is good mint (it doesnt matter) or crest i had a picture day and i had like four pimples i dabed a little but on in the morning the tootthpaste was still on and i was praying and i worked and i never expected it to take my BLACKHEADS away too i am so happy i found out also the white part of the egg works excellent i had a ton of pimples and oily skin and no im ance free :]
eh so so Comments By: Tom on 2006-09-13
i read most of the comments and i was wondering.One night i decided to put toothpaste on my zits (only 2)i just wanted to get rid of them and get on with life.so once i was putting it on it stung like hell but it still made the zit decrease but one of my zits resulted as crap! it kept bleeding makin a layer of dried up blood plus it also burnt my skin( o >< lucky me) The point is continue using your face wash brands like neutrogena and hydrogen peroxide becuz if the ppl who have sensitive skin and already tried it thats some damage done to your face becuz your skin will start to peel off a tiny bit.if this happens that's why we gots them MOISTURIZERS or however u spell it
MY 11 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER Comments By: DINA on 2006-09-20
WARNING Comments By: ANNOYMOUS on 2006-09-29
PLEASE people.do not use toothpaste. it has not only ruined my face but has ruined my confidence and self esteem.its almost as if i am a new person.if you saw before and after pictures you would gasp. i tried this 7months ago by applying toothpaste to my entire face except my chin leaving it on overnite for 10 hours 2 nights in a row. the sad part is i didnt even have huge pimples to begin with.i had dots around my nose and forehead. as a result my face is extremely DRY and FOREVER peely.i have visible burn marks around my nose.i can no longer wear makeup w/out looking like a clown. my makeup does not blend. when i apply it, it is almost like putting icing on a cake. it is sticky and visible. putting bronzer on over the cover up makes me look like i got beat up.my face wont tan either. it is as if anything that i try to put on my face is rejected. i have huge pores-leatherly looking and feeling skin & wrinkles under my eyes. ive tried Everything from facials to imported moistorizers. when i did this at first, no one would admit it to me the changes in my skin. putting toothpaste on my face has bought me down so much that i even saw a therapist to get evaluated.i dont want to go through life having a michael jackson face.its not fair.the doctor wanted to prescribe me PROZAC for distorted body image until my mom finally admitted that my face is rough and doesn't hold makeup and the toothpaste RUINED my face. this is no lie people.PLEASE DONT EVER USE TOOTHPASTE!!!!!!!!!
fantastic Comments By: sagar kadyan on 2006-10-02
ya toothpaste works really well.I used it for 2 nights and it showed great results
Nah it doesnt work for nothing Comments By: cassy on 2006-10-15
NOOOO Toothpaste doesnt even work only burns your face and doesnt even reduce the pimple away for nothing so dont depend on that
the best secret Comments By: K Ro on 2006-11-02
drink at least 8-12 8oz glasses of water a day after about 3 days you will see results.
proactive Comments By: Elisa on 2006-11-09
i use proactive! But it didn't really work on my back so I bought some microdermabrasion and it really works though i'm about to try the toothpaste thing. My skin is tough...I'm black!!! I'm sure the toothpaste wont burn. Acne sucks!
tooth paste may work for some... but not for others Comments By: chelsey on 2006-11-19
i tried the tooth paste remedy thinking what the hael i have nothing to lose.well i left it on over night and now my skin is wicked dry. it burnt my skin the pimple may be gone but my skin isnt soft. i dont reccomend it
Toothpaste!!! Comments By: Anon on 2006-12-03
i would alwalys brush my teeth and wash my face in the morning after i brushed my teeth i washed my face with a bar of soap acidenly getting toothpaste on the soap realizing that my face started burning but it also helped alot! i wouldnt use it on a regular basis because that would be stupid or over nite but yea i guess it does work somwhat!
take caution before using! Comments By: Marisa on 2007-01-08
Okay well i read all these comments about the toothpaste on pimples because i wanted to try it.. well i tried it and it worked for me, i had it on for about 5 minutes and it took away the redness alot. all i havta say is that you shouldnt try it if you have sensitive skin... i would reccommend using Neutrogena products because they work really well with sensitive skin and clear up your face fast.
my solution Comments By: anon on 2007-01-23
toothpaste does not work.i have oilyish skin and i put on a litle bit of no mint no flouride white toothpaste and it sucks.
my skin is extremely dry where i got my pimples.
fortunately it cleared up after a week, so YAY.
if you want blemish free skin then,
splash your face with warm water
use a NATURAL exfoliater(in round motions and dont press hard)wash of with warm water. then use a facial soap(i use dove)and wash your face wiyh warm water
splash on cold water.
PAT dry ur face
use a oil free face cream(preferably nivea)
dab on calamine
in the morning wash with water to get the calamine off
and remember to drink water!!!
lavender oil works also ,before going out or swimming dab on a bit.
u will have pretty skin in no time!

Toothpaste effect Comments By: Bad toothpaste user on 2007-01-24
i left my pimples with toothpaste on it for the first nite and it did well. but for the 2nd nite, it burns the pimple together with the surrounding skin! its so ugly and difficult to get off! any treatments for burned toothpaste skin?
It works Comments By: ~*yumei*~ on 2007-01-31
Use the breathable tape and put it on the acne spot. It will vanish the next day.
y did u mess up my face? Comments By: mad guy on 2007-02-03
...ok i putt he damn paste on (non-mint) and i know i donthave sensitive skin...cuz last week me and my friends were bein tards and puttin oils on our skinz, but yea, mine never burned like my friends...so i was on teh phone wit my friend after i apllied the paste,a dn they told me to take it off and see wut it looks like, i washed off the paste AND THERE WAS A HUGE FIERY RED MARK ON MY PRETTIFUL FACE!!!! Y DID U MESS UP MY FACE!?!?!?!?!?!?!!
Dry, Tight Skin.. Comments By: Anon on 2007-02-06
If you're expirencing dry tight skin, I swear by Pond's Products!
Every night I wash my face, alternating each day between an intensive mask and a scrub, and follow it up with a layer of Pond's Cold Cream, Deep Cleanser. Apply the cream in a thin, even layer and massage it into your face gently. Rinse it off with a warm washcloth and a splash of cool water to close the pores, then follow up with a gentle lotion (I reccomend Pond's Prevent & Correct, Night and Day). It works wonders! And if you wake up with dark circles under your eyes, wet a Q-Tip and freeze it (for about 5 minutes), then rub it under your eyes. It disperses the blood and makes the circles go away!

Cool...i use it too! Comments By: Heidi on 2007-02-15
Wow! I thought I was the only one who did this! I actually take a little dab and spread it all over my face. have to rinse pretty fast thought because if i leave it on for more than 15 seconds it starts to burn really bad.
Try It first on a none noticable area "Chin" Comments By: Rocky on 2007-02-17
do this first so you can see if toothpaste is the solution for your face... So you immediately discontinue the use of toothpaste is irritation persist...
Toothpaste does sometimes works!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Leoric Primo on 2007-02-24
putting toothpaste sometimes works good! it depends on your skin if it is sensitive or not.. the first time i put toothpaste it kinda work.. try also putting a slice juice of lemons on your skin it helps allot.. 3rd try cleaning your face with a ice cube so that it will prevent oil. so yeah hope it works!!
Toothpaste Comments By: CC on 2007-02-25
You're not suppose to keep the toothpaste on over night. Your should put it on two or three hours prior to bed and the rinse it off with warm water before you go to sleep. Leaving it on overnight will definitely dry it out..sensitive skin or not!
what ? how ? why ? Comments By: Ovais on 2007-03-02
friends after seeing this all i dont know what to do an what to not ! Some Say Toothpaste Works And Some Says It don,t . I have A Oily Skin So What I have To Do now ?
4GET ABOUT IT Comments By: WILLIAM on 2007-03-04
Hemorrhoid cream and Visine Comments By: Kristin on 2007-03-08
For large, red, swollen zits, first put a drop of Visine (to reduce redness), and once that dries, you can put Hemorrhoid cream on the zit (to reduce swelling). The Hemorrhoid cream also works great under the eyes if they're puffy and swollen. Neither of these products will irritate the skin. The zit may not disappear completely, but the surface area and redness will both decrease significantly.
no no no believeme Comments By: deigh on 2007-03-14
never used toothpaste it will make in more worst just clean your face and have a moisturizer
Unfortunatly Not For Me! Comments By: Ashie-Roo on 2007-03-22
Toothpaste unfortunatly didn't work for me, but what DID work, and worked VERY well was Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. Quickly reduces pimple size and redness and won't over dry the skin! I love it!!
Its called lush Comments By: Lauren on 2007-03-30
Hey i dont no about toothpaste because i have had acne ever sence i was 8 years old and i still have them.But then i went to this store called Lush and its from plants and herbs and other helthy stuff and you get this green stuff and rub it all over your face and then rinse and then it comes with a spray. spray it on your face 2 times not alot then after 2 weeks all your acne is gone and now i have CLEAR SKIN FINALLY!
I think... Comments By: Anon on 2007-04-27
I have pimples on my chest and back and I am trying the toothpaste method right now...It is already drying out my pimples!!!
Doesn't Work Comments By: stephanie on 2007-05-01
I Put Toothpaste On
And The Next Day I Woke Up To More
It Burned My Face
My Skin Started Peeling It Burned
Like Two Layers Of My Skin.
Dont Try It.

Remember this first... Comments By: Ems on 2007-05-01
Hey guys, I've been using toothpaste (not gel) on my face after I use my anti-acne Clean and Clear facial wash. I only apply the toothpaste to the pimple and I dont leave it on overnight, you will find out how long you need to leave it on for after a few uses. Remember to dab some toothpaste on the delicate skin under your wrist for a few hours first. This is to make sure the tothpaste won't have any adverse affects on your face! If nothing happens, try it on your face. The toothpaste certainly helps dry out the pimple ad in about 24 hours theres usually just a tiny flaky scab left which can be scratched off, leaving nothing underneath!
Pimples Comments By: LJS on 2007-05-06
I m 12 years old and i have used Aquafreshh and it is working very good for me Tryy it =] BTW not over night just b4 you goto bed DUHH
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Comments By: Screw toothpaste on 2007-05-06
omggg do not leave on skin for more than 3 hours
paramedic had to come over and remove solid toothpaste of my face now i have a big wraping around my head i look like and idiot and i have NO facial skin

Not for everyone, but almost a miracle Comments By: anon on 2007-05-08
There is an endless array of skin varieties-some skin-types are more resistant and some are more sensitive. If you have sensitive skin, you probably should not use toothpaste to treat pimples. The reason is that there is often peroxide in toothpaste that will strip the top layers of your skin. If you dont know whether you have sensitive skin, a good test is to pay attention to the way your own skin reacts to different stimuli. If your skin tingles when you wash it with acne cleanser, or burns when you use toner, you probably have sensitive skin. if you still arent sure what your skin type is, go to your doctor! he or she can help you, even if its just a regular physician and not a dermatologist.
Didn't work for me Comments By: Erin on 2007-05-18
I have a friend that this worked great for, but it didn't do ANYTHING for me. The pimple is still there, not any smaller or anything, but it isn't burned or any of the other bad things you hear. So it works for some but not for all.
EVERY NIGHT 916 Comments By: T.J. WEBSTER 916 on 2007-05-25
every night b4 u go 2 bed get a wash rag put it in warm/hot water and then leave it on your face till the rag gets cold............trust me it work...it just takes bout 2/3 weeks till it works...keep on doin it and ur face wiil be clear 24/7
please don't use tooth paste Comments By: catalin on 2007-05-26
I am probably the worse case here ... I am 23 and 5 months , I am a boy , I wanted to have a better skin and I distroyed it. I used 2 lemon halves on my face ... waited 10 minutes ... washed it off with water ... then applied toothpaste started to burn really bad after 2 minutes so I washed it .
Today I have rinkles I ve never had before ,reddness on my face in the afternoon , I actuallylook better in the morning :) . and I cannot say a word to some girl I like and will work a long long time with ... beacause ... that's the way it was ment to be :.)

Nothing Comments By: BH on 2007-05-27
Toothpaste did absolutely nothing for me! I recommend oxy pads! Use one every night before you go to bed and you will rarely wake up having a pimple!!!!
hummm Comments By: Kathy on 2007-05-29
if people are saying that its so bad then why post it up?
i would try it but now that i read this i dont think its gunna work for me!
srry ''/

Rawr. Comments By: Marie on 2007-06-09
I have to agree that the toothpaste thing dosnt work it only makes it worse and burns really bad i now look worse than before
Works Great Comments By: John on 2007-07-02
Well I've come to the conclusion that everyone has different types of skin so there's really no definite answer. The only thing I am sure about is that some of you need to go back to school and learn to read and write properly! Text messaging has really spoiled many of you and you no longer know how to write! With that being said, the toothpaste worked really well for me and I would highly recommend anyone trying it to see what happens. If it doesn't work for you though, don't come back here blaming anyone for "messing up your beautiful skin"!
noooooo! Comments By: agustin on 2007-07-03
i had 2 huge zitz right before graduation...my antz freind said for big zipz put toothpaste on and slightly aroubnd it....i did for about a2 hours next thing i know it waz fine...next morning my skin waz burnt bad nad peeled about 3 times and wen it did it just got red...on 1 side tho it zorda went away but on the other i still have it and graduation waz horibly.if u know how to take it off plz tell me!!
gel or regular toothpaste Comments By: morgan on 2007-07-04
does it matter if u use a gel toothpaste or not??? let me know! (\___/)

TipKing says: Non Gel toothpaste is the one that most people have used.

It all depends on how your skin handles things Comments By: SurferBeachGirli on 2007-07-04

Ive been going through various over-the-counter skin treatments. But finally i was at the doctors getting a physical and just out of the blue, my doctor asked me if i had anything for my acne (when i didnt think it was that bad!. anyways, i got Lavoclin (creamy face wash) and Duac (topical gel) and those are amazing. but of course us normal people cant have perfect skin...

so for those really stubborn pimples this is what i do: i wash my face (no washcloth cause that can tear open some nasty pimples). then i take 2 Q-tips and put a little pressure on the sides. if it doesnt pop, then i usually take a cotton ball and soak it in hot (not scolding) water and apply it on the pimple and try the Q-tip thing again.

then i put a little toothpaste on my pimple after ive gotten everything out (sounds kinda gross...)

then i just sleep it off, and in the morning its GONE!

NO GEL TOOTHPASTE Comments By: SurferBeachGirli on 2007-07-04
gel toothpaste doesnt work. use the regulare run-of-the-mill toothpaste
14 yr old LOTS of acne GONE!OMG THANK GOD!! WOOHOOO!!! BEST SECRET Comments By: sarah on 2007-07-15
okay The secret is drink a heck lot of water!!! it serously works i meanits good for you and give up dariy for a week it wont hurt you !!milk is BAD for ur face!! and toothpaste works as lonf as you dont put too much on and not a mint kind!! try my advice thou it well work i bet you anything!! im a teen and im so happy so im sharing my joy hopping ur zits well go away as good as myn!!DRINK ONLY WATER FOR A MONTH AND USE TOOTHPASTE ON UR FACE OVER NIGHT!!:)
WHAT DO I DO???? Comments By: POLLY on 2007-07-15

TipKing says: Some people do seem to suffer a reaction to the toothpaste. I would think this is what has happened to you. It will calm down.

Impressive. Comments By: Sheila on 2007-07-17
The incredible amount of people who cannot spell or construct a proper sentence on this site is very impressive. I'm dumbfounded.

Also, why would you comment if you have never tried this? I was skeptical when I first heard this tip many years ago, and I have been doing this since I was a teenager and I have never had any issues with burning my skin so bad that I need a paramedic and bandages. If it hurts, then wash it off. It's not rocket science.

I do leave it on my pimples overnight (only on my pimples, not all over), and just a very thin layer. I use a gentle facial cleanser before applying it (I use a wide variety: Cetaphil, MD Skincare, Murad, DDF, Cosmedicine, and some others). I have never had an issue with scabbing, but the pimple is usually very dry in the morning if I leave it on over night, so I just use some good moisturizer and it's fine. Sometimes I use Neosporin once the pimple is gone and I just have a small little spot of dry skin left, just to help the peeling heal up faster.

Toothpaste is the best remedy for pimples I have found without a prescription. Obviously, going to a doctor and getting a prescription specifically for your skin type is the best, so if you are concerned about acne then go to a doctor.

THIS IS THE REAL SOLUTION. Comments By: Tracy on 2007-07-18
Okay, everyone, it's time for the truth.
I work for a local skin medical center in my area, and what I recommend is using a mask for 45 minutes with the following ingredients:
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
1/2 cup honey
3/4 water
It may sound ridiculous; but this is what we do at my job for facials before we do laser treatments.
What it does is not only moisturize the face, but also dries up the infected areas, resulting in a thin layer of skin growing over quickly, and if you let it leave it at that and not pick at it, in less than 2 days you will be acne free.
Good luck!

It works, it REALY works! Comments By: Brittany on 2007-07-24
I tried using toothpaste on my pimples and surprisingly it helped them a lot. I applied Aquafresh toothpaste and left it on them for about 45-hour. When I washed the toothpaste off, I could easily see that the majority of the redness had faded away and they werern't as puffy as they originally were. Perhaps using toothpaste doesn't work for everybody, but it does work for some. :)
well?!?!? Comments By: erin on 2007-08-01
welll yea
but when i first did it i was walking around my house and i thought i am sooo stupid
and it worked but it felt really cool on my head it felt really cold
but it work so i guess its ok then

Giving it a try! Comments By: laur on 2007-08-02
Hey guys! I used toothpaste on my two pimples last nite & it worked pretty well... but im trying it again tonight on more &ill let you know how it works out! =]
Dont leave it on!!! Comments By: mymomisapharmacist on 2007-08-03
When you're tyring this technique dont leave it on for more than five minutes. Leave it on to short of a time, this wont work. If you leave it on to long your face might burn! And just remember everyone's skin is different so do be discourged if this does not work for you.
Idiots!!! Comments By: Another Idiot on 2007-08-07
you guys are just going back and forth about how it either ruined your life or saved it. heres the PERFECT solution: to know if toothpaste is right for you, dont be a moron and slather a tube on your face, just put a dab on a SINGLE SPOT... if it works, awesome, you have a new anti-acne method! if not, you have to deal with ONE bad spot, and you can go on and find other methods.

(be patient, one day more of having acne isnt all that bad when you think about how great it would be to have it all gone once you find the RIGHT solution)

Sort of worked Comments By: Kennady on 2007-08-07
It made the spots a lot smaller but my skin got even more irretated. I gave it a try and got 1 good result and one bad result. I would not recomend it. I do recomend a face cleanser without alchol. Like Stridex. It works for me!
works great for me Comments By: anon on 2007-08-09
I started to use toothpaste on super big zits only, i just leave on for an hour and it has baking soda & no mint. Than during the day, i use Clearasil daily acne control, i dont have acne, but you can wear it all day long and it works like a cover up. Not for sensitive skin, but my friends call it the miracle zit cream. Don't be stupid, try it in an area no one will see it, and if you have really sensitive skin than don't even bother trying.
yupp Comments By: urmomma on 2007-08-09
it duz work..ive known this for a long time
Well, let's see then..... Comments By: Cheater on 2007-08-13
I haven't tried this yet, and I'm about to put some toothpaste on as a mask for 30 min as a previous comment suggested. (I gave this a 3 rating because I'm not sure yet, I will change it later........
Maybe longer..... Comments By: Cheater on 2007-08-13
I just put toothpaste on a huge zit for about an hour and it did little for me, but I think I have to leave it on longer, maybe all night if I have to. It made it just a little bit smaller looking, and its a little drier, buts that's it.
Question Comments By: Erica Lee on 2007-08-14
Well, I have a huge big red pimple on the tip of my nose. And I kind of have a sensitive skin, should I put toothpaste? If so, my toothpaste is Mentadent. Is it okay to put it on my nose?
read this toothpaste works Comments By: danny on 2007-08-15
look toothpaste does work i dont get much pimples but it does work it drys out the skin and will shirnk in a matter of hours it will take time but it will work use colgate
Dont use it Comments By: Anon on 2007-08-16
I used it for 2 nights and the first night I woke up and my face was worse. I thought that was normal so I applied it the second night and I awoke to my face being TERRIBLY messed up I have burns on the right side of my face and my whole face is inflamed.
Try toothpaste!!!!! Comments By: kelly on 2007-08-16
The best thing you can do to get rid of pimples and acne is to put toothpaste on it!!Also drink lots of water and they will go away! Dont leave the toothpaste on too long though else it will hurt and leave marks.
works for only some Comments By: onlysome on 2007-08-16
i have read the commets and have concluded that this only works for some people...i also think that before using it try it somewhere were noone will notice if it all goes terribly wrong and u urn. it wasnt my miracle cure but i have heard of it working and i suggest regular instead of gel and no mint and no mouthwash should be in it
Toothpaste works better then anything i SWEAR!! Comments By: IWANNAHELP on 2007-08-17
put toothpaste on the pimple and leave it on for 1/2 hour or 1 hour and take it of in that time or else it will scar .Toothpaste (colgate) works so well try it i had a huge pimple and it shrinked down so much ! I sewr try it !!!!!
Wow Comments By: Courtney on 2007-08-20
I must say that when my 14 year old sister told me she puts toothpaste on her face I laughed. But she told me to try it. I'm 24 and I have had bad acne my hold life (well, since I was 10) I got to the piont where I gave up adn just picked an acne wash and stock with it. After trying toothpaste I found that it helped try up the oil. I have really oily skin. I used toothpaste for about a week now and I didnt tell anyome what i was useign but people at work have been coming up to me and telling me how great my face is and what was I using. It might now work for everyone but it did for me.
I Think So Comments By: Theresa on 2007-08-21
I've been using toothpaste for a couple of nights and it seems to be working well. My pimples seem smaller by far. I accidently got some on my eyebrows once and when i washed them they seemed smoother and less bushy...or maybe I was daydreaming!
Well Comments By: Dude Rocker on 2007-09-05
It didn't work at all for me, neither did it make anything worse, nor did it make anything better. Maybe its just that I'm not using Colgate or Aquafresh? I used another brand called Babool, guess it doesn't work, I'll try Colgate tonight. However it did burn like mad when I put it on, but surprisingly did nothing.
Your all Idiots Comments By: Moe on 2007-09-10
Everyone has different skin types.
Toothpaste will work for most.

You have to experiement with your face. (As risky as it sounds).
For me, i have to pop a pimple then put toothpaste on too nuke it away and within 2 days they're nothing!. Other dont need to pop and just apply a layer of toothpaste and overnight they'll clear.

Although i have to ask, what ingredients should i look out for in the toothpaste for maximum results?

Hmmm.... Comments By: Ashley on 2007-09-11
well i hav sever eczema so needless to say i have sensitive skin, but i tried the toothpaste thing before and nothign happened. i only left it on for like 15 minutes for fear of my skin, nothing happened. didnt get better and didnt get worse. so now that i know my face is not as sensitive should i try for a little longer? some people say an hour some say over night. what amount of time would you guys recomend for me?
Help?... Comments By: Grace on 2007-09-15
From my own experence, and reading through the comments, I've come to the conclusion that, for some, toothpaste will work wonders..and for others, it will do the opposite...I feel it would probably be better to find another method to get rid of your pimples, and maybe have to endure them for a couple more days, instead of taking the chance of a terrible reaction. I tryed it myself a couple days ago, the result,I know have severly dryed/burt? skin it the area I used it on. It looks terrible! does anyone have any suggestions to help it go away faster!?!?
worked pretty well Comments By: Jack Shepherd on 2007-09-24
I used colgate total, washed my face in warm water then dabbed it dry, put the paste on my pimples and left it for 30 mins, washed it off with cold water and they were alot less noticable - I'd reccomend it, i didnt check my skin with the paste first coz i have tough skin - not dark, pretty pasty actually but for some reason i just dont get sunburn and my skin is pretty tough, so i just slapped it on and it worked :)
try it if u have tough skin :)

Be rational! Comments By: Ramie Anne on 2007-09-27
we all know that using tooth paste in curing pimples work according to your skin types.. try to wash your face first, squiz your pimple then put an amount of toner on it, dry then place a tooth paste...Again, It only works for non-sensitive skin!
only for non-sensitive skin! Comments By: ram ram on 2007-09-27
mint which can be found in toothpaste works for pimples but, I'll make it clear that its ony for non-sensitive skin!
So dont expect a miracle on your face if you think that toothpaste chems. is not fit on your skin type

!!!!!!!!! I'VE TRIED IT AND IT WORKS SO MUCH !!!!!!! Comments By: aivan on 2007-09-28
toothpaste for me really works..i promise...i tried using it last last day and when i woke up in the morning my pimple get dried and it became small,then i washed it with warm water,i'm really thankful
Goodies Comments By: Anon on 2007-09-29
Dis stuff is prettyz goodies..
the toothpaste thing for 3 times a week, and for only a hour is GREAT if you are thinking "well..I tried it and it works...time for a overnight session!!" UR WRONG it will seriously make them come back worse! Ur skin needs air over night people, I tried it recently- and omfg big mistake lol! BUT...tomorrow i will try it again :D for 45 minutes of course!

Give it a Go Comments By: Anon on 2007-10-01
well when i used the toothpaste i didnt notice much of a change,but it didnt burn my skin either, and i have sensitive skin. But when you have a pimple that really hurts when touching it, toothpaste WILL ease the bump that you can feel underneith.
Funny, I should say... Comments By: Tanya on 2007-10-03
Before I started reading all the comments, I dabbed a bit of Colgate on my zit. (It's the only zit on my face right now, plus it's huge, so it's really noticeable.) Anyway, so when I finished reading the last comment, I rinsed the toothpaste off my face and voila! My zit has definitely appeared smaller and hardly noticeable.
DO NOT USE MINT TOOTHPASTE Comments By: achile on 2007-10-03
Mint burns ure face. It feels like its on fire. especially when the wind blows on it wooooh crazy. It works but dam crazy
OK i Belive in u Comments By: D.J. on 2007-11-06
ok if u all say it works it must work well im gonna try drinking water and using toothpaste....thanks for the advice
yeah no not the thing for sesitive skin Comments By: Julia on 2007-11-07
Really dont use tooth paste on your pimples for sensitive skin, i had a huge pimple on the top of my nose and it was an under ground kind i washed my face and tryed picking at it b4 i put the mint tooth paste on *yeah i did like everything wrong right there* and this morning i woke up and it was so swollen hurt and burnt the top layer of skin off it looks gross and feels worse i wouldnt go to school today and i still do tomarrow ppl already make fun of me at school so this is even better, im 13 and i already have to go threw this stupid stuff. just dont do its horrible for ppl with sesitive skin i cant even use sisylic acid on my skin. my self esteem is already low so if your the same DONT USE IT!
Trying it right now Comments By: anon on 2007-11-13
I am going on a vaca. in about a week and im going to see some friends that i havent seen in lie 9 months.. so as u might guess, this was long awaited, and anyway i used to have TONS f zits all over my forehead. but lately i havent had any but as u might guess the wk b4 im sposed to go c EVERYONE i get a huge nasty zit in the middle of my forehead... and well it made me mad... so i tried the windex thing last night and the night b4 and it seemed to dryit up a little but i want this thing gone fast so right now im trying the tooth paste thing.. im using crest regular paste... its on my face right now and it doesnt burn just a little tingly but the good tingle ya kno.. anyway, i will get back on tomorrow and tell you if there is any change
IT WORKED Comments By: anon on 2007-11-18
okay, so im the one that was writing about the nasty zit and going on vaca and all that...
IT WORKED! i did the T-paste thing and left on there for about 10 minutes and it dried it up... then the next day i popped it and now its gone! you cant tell i ever had one
so seriously TRY IT! IT WORKS AND IT DOESN'T BURN YOUR SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(unless you r like really sensitive or sumthin)

why toothpaste works like a miracle.. Comments By: salman on 2007-11-23
I did that too, and it works brilliant. *grins* I also tried another way of doing it is by pasting plaster over it. It was taught as a DIY style in a beauty book, but doctors do advise not to do as such for fear of worsing it.

I remembered reading this somewhere: attached below describe how toothpaste actually works for pimples:

In almost any toothpaste you'll find sodium monoflurorophosphate, or simply put, some chemical version of fluoride. Fluoride prevents tooth cavities. But in the skin, fluoride typically causes more damage that it corrects. For example, medicals studies have reported that large does of fluoride could cause systemic poisoning. Though the amount of fluoride in tooth paste is less than one percent you may not want predispose yourself to risk.

If toothpaste does help acne prone skin, it's most likely not due to the fluoride because this chemical can irritate or burn the skin and sometimes provoke skin allergies.

Glycerin, sorbitol and alumina:
Skimming down the list of toothpaste ingredients, we arrive at agents with the potential to delete zits like hydrated silica, sorbitol, alumina and glycerin. Silica and types of aluminum are used to treat acne via dermabrasive products. However, in the toothpaste, they are too fine to profoundly exfoliate the skin. Sorbitol is a flavoring agent while glycerin just makes the toothpaste feel better in your mouth.

Getting rid of calcium could mean getting rid of pimples:

Now we encounter sodium pyrophosphate, or some relative of this chemical resting in our toothpaste. Sodium pyrophosphate controls tartar deposits on the teeth by removing calcium and magnesium from saliva. It is with this calcium evicting phosphate that we may find a potential acne curative.

Skin levels of calcium directly influence skin cell growth and differentiation. One of the traits of acne includes improper shedding of the skin or improper skin cell separation. And according to research done by Chia-Ling L. Tu and colleagues, too much calcium in the epidermis skin causes more hair follicles to grow, makes the skin more susceptible to outside attacks and increases cell growth. None of these circumstances help contain acne so taking away a little calcium from acne prone skin may eliminate a cluster of zits. So we allot a point to pyrophosphate as a possible acne taming agent.

I hope the extract helps!

how LONG Comments By: Ruth on 2007-11-25
TipKing says: First you must test your skin for about 20 mins to make sure that you do not have sensitive skin. Some people leave the toothpaste on all night

http://hempworx.com/ Comments By: Blong on 2007-12-01
try toothpaste on it

tooth paste Comments By: xox on 2007-12-03
ive tryed it and it worked a little i think but i need help im affaid it will burn really bad and then just make it worse. but i know for a fact that putting an ice cube on ur pimples that are reallyyy red and may be a scab. put an icecube on until it melts completely and it will def make it less red. <3
it worked for me... Comments By: jessica on 2007-12-11
and i've got sensative skin. i left the toothpaste on for an hour or so then washed it off with warm/hot water. it felt real refreshing & did not leave any "scars" or "brown spots" on my face.
i dont think you should... Comments By: Katie on 2007-12-18
i have a pimple right in between the crease of my nose and it hurts a lot.

so i decided to put a little toothpaste on it.

it started burning!

yeah it made it smaller.
but my zit still hurts like heck.
i don't recommend it.
any tips on how to get mine to go away soon.
like by tomorrow.

Depends Comments By: Melissa on 2007-12-26
Okay First of all It all really Depends on your Skin type. I'm surviving acne right now I do not recomend Toothpast or any other House-hold Material. I now visit a Dermotoligist once every week, and they give me special medication for my acne. You shouldn't use any other products that isnt recomended by dermotoligist. one Product that Helps me with my acne so far is an "Salicylic Acid" from Clean&clear. Its recomended.

You can buy this at Wal-mart
Look for: Clean&Clear Advantage Daily Cleansing pads. Salicylic Acid Acne Medication.
It is only like 4 bucks and had 70 pads. Its a pretty resonable price.

Take my acvice and stop using products that arn't recomended.

This will help

DO NOT PUT TOOTHPAST ON YOUR PIMPLE Comments By: Joe on 2007-12-28
I put toothpast on my pimle over the night the nest morning it was way worse, it burned my skin and now i have a scab over my pimple and its red around the pimple. Can someone tell me what to do
Does toothpaste work or not? Comments By: Anon on 2008-01-02
Everyone has a different opinion.
Is it just the skin type difference or toothpaste itself?

Kind of worked, not really. Comments By: Nikki on 2008-01-04
I have kind of sensitive skin and I just tried it. I had to wash in off about five minutes later because of the burning. Now my skin is red and it hurts a little bit but the red is starting to go away and it looks a little bit smaller.
Wha..!? Comments By: confused on 2008-01-04
I don't get it...after reading all these comments is toothpaste good or bad??
HELP!! Comments By: Nina on 2008-01-05
OK so i should have read this form before i applied toothpaste. I have had a reaction like everyone else, i have dry skin and a weird color mark around my pimple spot which is very visible.

HOW DO I GET RID OF THE EFFECT of the toothpaste?

Thanks in advance!

Hmm .. Comments By: Anon on 2008-01-06
Right I Have Put Colgate Mint On .. Lets Have A look If It Work Guys !
my damn pimple Comments By: MIZZ KENNEDY on 2008-01-08
omg!! i heard toothpaste get rid of pimp so i tried it!! guess wat!! it didnt!! i mad it worst!! my pimp had a red ring around it and it look at if i had some sort of skin diseases!! i even had to walk around school looking lik that!! grrrr! it kinda look lik a mole or as if i had ring worm!! but after my shower i look lik a pimple again!! but i still have that red mark around it!!
Does it really work? Comments By: An Phan on 2008-01-13
I used toothpaste on my zit around the eye. I was scared at first because it was the eye area. (corner southwest of my eye) But i tried it and MADE sure it didnt go in my eye. I used mint flavor and it gave me the minty burning but does not hurt. I gave a big chunk and dab to it. So i dont know if that works or not. &the next morning its the same old zit.
Baking Soda Comments By: Amy on 2008-01-25
Tooth paste, i suggest the white kind with baking soda, its what absorbs the oils and clears up the pimples, i seen it on some cartoon...i think it was on Ozzy & Drix.
it all depends on the person Comments By: Jake on 2008-02-03
look, basically the results depend on the soul individual. i've tried it and it has helped to control my acne problem.
if you wash and scrub your face before you apply toothpaste, not the mint gel stuff, and leave it for a period from say, 1 hour or overnight, it can help to clear up your face; it just depends on the individual. to test it, apply it to a small part of your face overnight. see what happens.

Just use your brain... Comments By: Tom on 2008-02-06
I'm trying this as we speak. I'm using toothpaste with flouride and it has a slight minty tingle as I'm wearing it but it doesn't burn and I've had it on for about 20min now. It just depends what type of skin you have I guess. I'll see when I wash it off if it did anything (good or bad!).

Just a recommendation:
USE YOUR BRAIN! I read a lot of people on here complaining in that they left it on all night for two nights straight: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! Yes, I can see that you want results, but people you have to remember that your skin is a living organ of the body. You have to slowly introduce things to it.

I GOT TOOTHPASTE ON RIGHT NOW Comments By: ShAi on 2008-02-07
Terrible Comments By: Gary on 2008-02-10
So the debate has been started and it is clear to me that using toothpaste, while in the short term is beneficial, long term it is quite devastating. More often than not, toothpaste will cause intense drying of the skin which leads to more breakouts. Although the original pimple is gone, short after you can expect more to follow. In conclusion I do not recommend toothpaste because long term your face will suffer with more embarassing pimples than before.
I lesson learnt!!!!! DONT USE ON NOSE!!!! Comments By: anon on 2008-02-18
I have always used a little toothpaste on spots that have appeared on my chin so thought that using on my nose would be no different. How wrong was I!!!! After waking in the morning to a bright red nose that even makeup can not hide! Have had this for over 4 days now and the skin looks swollen and burnt. WARNING do not use toothpaste on sensitive parts of your face if you do not want something even worse than a pimple!!!!!!
A week to clearer skin Comments By: Allie on 2008-02-23
Toothpaste can help the pain of a big pimple, but not clear it.

Set up a bowl, add water and baking soda and make a paste. Dab on the pimples and leave over night for one week. This should clear the skin, and then to mantain it drink loads of water and fruit and vegetables. Wash your face with an oil free cleanser morning and night. Try not to touch your face, as it makes it all the more oily. Keep your hair well washed and off your face at all times.

Hope it works for you

ouchhhh Comments By: matt on 2008-02-25
everyone I'm using the toothpaste method right now. I'm a 14 year old kid using the regular colgate 12 hour tartar protection toothpaste. I'm using it on my pimples although theyl dont have heads yet and I'm using them on my blackheads on my nose. It hurts like crazy. It hurts really bad actually. I'm only leaving it on for like 30 minutes though. Dont sleep with toothpaste on your face. But I got to go take this off....it hurts so bad. Wish me luck.
PLEASE Comments By: JA on 2008-02-26
I am going insane. My face is braking out and it is PAINFUL! I want to use something that will work over night... i don't know about this toothpast thing, but i am going to try it. Any other tips for me, please post
Too easy to be simple Comments By: Dr Feelgood on 2008-02-29
You are only supposed to leave it on for 15 minutes, no more no less wihtout factors like irritation, an unexpected knock at the door, etc.

Just a dab, big enough to cover the affected area

DO NOT SKIP THIS COMMENT Comments By: Dan on 2008-03-01
Zits are skin infections caused by bacteria getting in the skin poors and finding food (dead skin/dirt particles etc.) to live and infect the skin.

Just like any infection, the only way an infection (like a zit) can go away is if all the bacteria dies.

A. From antibodies in your body fighting the bacteria off from inside your body (or under your skin)
B. From using products that kill bacteria without harming flesh from outside your body (or the surface of your skin).

Problem with toothpaste is it kills living skin cells as well as bacteria...
Think of how we use peroxide to disinfect a cut. It is essential to use on it on cuts so all the bacteria dies before you close the wound so it won't cause internal infection. You're better off using peroxide than toothpaste. Its thinner and will work deeper into the poors.

In some cases when you have a zit, using toothpaste is effective because the zit is close enough to the surface where it can get to the core of the zit where all the bacteria is. Toothpaste isn't made to be sensitive to your skin because its made for killing bacteria living in BONES. You're mouth can take burns MUCH better than the surface of your skin and is only exposed to it briefly. Toothpaste is only effective for those more "surfacy" oily zitts and NOT for deep not-so-oily ones because toothpaste is just not going to go deep enough to kill bacteria. If you use toothpaste when the infection is deep it won't get to the bacteria to kill it, the toothpaste will actually just create more dead skin cells for the bacteria to feed off and chemically irritate the skin. Toothpaste kills some living skin cells as well, creating dried skin/dead skin which bacteria feed from)
so using toothpaste all depends on how deep and bad the infection is.
If you think your zitt is deep and just no possibility of popping it, then don't use toothpaste because you'll only create your zit to dry at the surface and possibly chemically irritate the skin depending on how long and how much you put on.
Toothpaste can work a little for some people because it has gotten to a little of the bacteria because it was close enough to the surface of the skin...
Toothpaste can completely eliminate zitts for others because the zit was at the surface of the skin where the chemicals can kill all the bacteria.
Toothpaste makes some zitts/infections much worse because you've now chemically irritated your skin which probably just doesn't react well with the chemicals in toothpaste.
Bacteria living in the skin is bad enough for your skin, do not put toothpaste on it unless your zitt is close enough to the surface where those chemicals will surely be able to get to the bacteria and kill them.


Got a huge deep zit?...
sorry to say you need to wait it out and let your body fight it from under the skin...

Got a surface zit?...
Go ahead and try toothpaste lightly and you'll just have to live with the dryness and white puss (which is dead bacteria waste product)

Not too sure?...
Its a gamble and go with your intuition.
Your best bet is not to gamble cause if you're thinking it might be a little too deep but your not too sure, then it probably is...
These are the cases where people don't really see any change or very little...

Works. Comments By: duan on 2008-03-04
The toothpaste trick is actually working. When I put the toothpaste on my zit, it kinda sting a bit. But it feels refreshing(maybe the mint). The next day, not only my pimple has lessen, but my scar is like fading away. Bravo!
works great! Comments By: tessa on 2008-03-07
I think it works great! I just read this and put it about 10 minutes ago. I'm only going to leave it on for a little while and not overnight because I don't want it to burn my skin. I have these 2 huge zits on my nose that are very sore. I put it on them and they are already not hurting anymore. WARNING though, don't put it on zits that you just popped. It will only sting very badly and make it worse. Believe me I just tried it :) Oh and just use regular toothpaste not gel or mint.
SLS = BAD! Comments By: Johnny on 2008-03-09
Read on a website that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate an ingredient in many toothpastes causes pimples near the mouth...

I JUST put on some TP that has that in it cuz ppl on here swear it does miracle...

*sigh* I'm just going to mix up a batch of baking soda

It works. Comments By: :D on 2008-03-21
It works incredibly but only if you do it right!
If you still dont see results the best thing thats always worked for me is Proactive.
Sure it not inexpensive but if you want great looking/feeling skin its for you.

OMG DO NO DO THIS Comments By: JOSPHINE on 2008-03-29
it kinda works Comments By: radhika on 2008-04-04
by mistake i used mint toothpaste =( but in the morning my cheeks were red and i think it was blood or somthing? the few pimples on my face did seem to be more less and i guess it worked but it will work more once i apply it more nights on! thx
DO NOT TRY THIS! TOO BAD THERE ISN'T A 0 RATING! Comments By: Anna on 2008-04-04
I tried this about two nights ago. I put the toothpaste on and was going to leave it on overnight, but after about... an hour maybe? It burnt so bad I had to take it off! The next day my face was all red and shiny, and now the redness got a litle better but it's PEELY AS HECK! I had to go throught teh whole day of school like this, and it was so embarassing! DO NOT TRY IT!
It works Comments By: Mark on 2008-04-13
The toothpaste thing works for me. I have pretty fair skin (oil wise) but i do get acne and i used the toothpaste on my zits one every other night and it works great. Also, if you get your face to dried out, i suggest Johnson's Baby Oil it works miracles for dry skin.
OMG OMG OMG Comments By: audrina on 2008-04-13
its really working.
when i took the toothpaste off after an hour it became smaller and less red
i then washed it off with warm water
then dried my face
then reapplied it again.
im going to leave it on for around 3 hours and see whats happens.
im using crest and it works.
all kinds of toothpaste works so dont worry
it burns at first but then it coolls down and then the buring feeling is gone!

tooth paste Comments By: pupupu pass on 2008-04-19
ok im a 14 year old girl with pimples on my face and back im puttin tooth paste on my face were i need it and it worked
but for ur back i tryed puttin tooth paste back there and it dident work i put hot water (NOT WARM)and it worked thank god

no Comments By: anon on 2008-05-04
It doesn't work for me at all, and my skin isn't exactly very sensitive to anything. So surprise, surprise, the toothpaste burned my skin and now I have a burn mark with a one centimeter diameter on my face a week before prom. =] It's fun stuff. I'm just trying to cover it with concealer, but seriously, don't. Buy legitimate acne/pimple stuff from like, Shoprite or whatever. Or see a doctor for these things.
yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Comments By: prettiest girl ALIVE on 2008-05-13
it work grat my face looks amazing... wel duh it always does!!!! lol well you should try it=)
works for most Comments By: Sara on 2008-05-21
for me, i put a REALLY thin mask on, or just dab on problem areas, and then leave it on for 10 minutes, wash my face with warm water, THEN STEAM MY FACE. I take a cloth with HOT HOT HOT water and leave it on for 2 minutes. It works wonders!
uhmm nothing really Comments By: Zoooee on 2008-05-22
i put toothpaste on a irratated spot on my forhead, and left it there for about ten to fifteen minutes, not that i have sensitive skin, i was just impatient. And nothing changed, i mean not even redness changed.
I decided maybe i didn't leave it on long enough So put a little bit less and im going to try it over night
(and this is an expiriment, do not worry, i can cover it with my bangs is it is a disaster :D)
I will update you guys on anything!

im trying it Comments By: Chloe on 2008-06-26
ok, i put crest mint on my pimples, im not going to leave it over night. just for an hour. im 14 years old. if this doesnt work, what do you recomend?
IM CONFUSED Comments By: looloo on 2008-06-26
everyone is saying use it use it!!!!!! but then there are a couple people saying heck no!! udk wat tipe of skin i have. i just no i brok out badly along my chin and my cheeks. i want to try it but what if it maks it wors. oh and i hav mentedent. will that stuff work or no? i need serious help for my acne but dont no how to get rid of it
Hydrogen Peroxide Comments By: Sorena on 2008-06-27
I'm sure the toothpaste works but to those of you too hesitant to try it or those who have tried it and it burned or whatever, just use Hydrogen Peroxide. Get a q-tip dip one end in the peroxide and then dab on your zit. If you can, set a drop of the peroxide on the pimple and stay still for a few minutes then wipe it off. In about 30 minutes or more (maybe less) the redness and swelling will go down and if you do this every day it will go away within a day or two.

The reason it works is because the peroxide dries the oil and kills the bacteria. Zits need three things to become zits. Bacteria, dirt, and oil. Take away at least one and the zit won't happen or it will go away.

WOW! Comments By: britt on 2008-07-02
you ppl are so dumb sometimes..DO NOT keep toothpaste on your face all night (unless you have teseted this toothpaste method indepth)..I'm telling you start off just a few minutes then you can go on for longer..never just try it once overnight you are setting yourself up for disaster!! Try it for a couple minutes everyday then double that time etc..eventually after a few weeks you can try it over nigth at teh rigth amounts :)
awesome Comments By: zanaja on 2008-07-02
it makes it look like makeup, you don't really don't see them. just leave on for like 30 minutes.
Pls dont use toothpaste Comments By: Teff on 2008-07-03
Dont be foolish to use toothpaste as a pimple gel. Try using aspirin (mixed with honey or yogurt) masks instead. Toothpaste BURNS the skin regardless of variant. That's why it's called TOOTHpaste. Our skin is too delicate and toothpaste would just burn the hell out of em. Tea tree oil, epsom salts, they all work the best. But definitely not toothpaste, hello!
It works for me.. Comments By: Honey on 2008-07-06
It works for me!
I've had small pimples for as long as i can remember, well since i was 12. And I've tried millions of products.
My mum has paid Hundreds, and all this time all i needed was toothpaste.
I heard of this from a friend at school. I had no idea how it workd though.
Luckily at home dad has this herbal toothpaste that he gets through a friend.
It's really good.
So I just tried it on my skin. Only on the area where i had pimples of course. I left it for only 10 minutes. It doesn't sound like much but trust me.
I had this Pimple that I thought I would never get rid of. But the toothpaste dried it out and it was fine. I rinsed it thouroughly. and patted it dry.
That was 3 days ago. Since then I've been using it. I have fairly sensitive skin. But if you just use your common sense than it wil be alright. I would neve use it over night.
Also try water. Drink LOTS AND LOTS of water.
It reallly helps .. =]
trust me
And it left my skin feeling extra clean!

I'm giving it a try Comments By: Katherine on 2008-07-10
Hello, my name is Katherine and I'm trying the stuff right now, I have mint toothpaste on and I'm having my doubts. Does Colgate work? It burns a little at the moment...
I'm trying it right now. Comments By: caroline. on 2008-07-12
Well, my friend told me that if you put toothpaste on pimples they go away. I was really suprised, so I looked it up which brought me here, and I'm trying it right now, after reading everyone's comments. I used mint gel tooth paste and I don't have sensivite skin . It burns alittle not much (i have it on right now) i'll get back to you to see if it works.
it works just have to use it right Comments By: Derek on 2008-07-16
See toothpaste works! I wouldnt reccomend leaving it on overnight though..
you could leave it on at 10 minutes at the most. and then after apply non clogging moisterizer. it works wonders!
: D

glycerin soap works Comments By: errol coutinho on 2008-07-22
heres wt i do....use a soap that is good for pimples ....i use himalaya herbal soap which contains turmeric,lemon and neem,,,,it works trust me...use a soap containing glycerin as it is good for pimples!
it really does work! Comments By: Sammi on 2008-07-25
Ive been using toothpaste on pimples for like a month now every so often and i really do see a difference. I have sensitive skin and you know its working when you feel a cooling or tingling sensation where the toothpaste is.
WOW!! Comments By: Macyla aka Kyla on 2008-07-28
hi i am a 14 year old girl and i have acne bad and well i wanted my skin to clear up befor school started and all and i tryed the thing with the toothpaste i used ultrabrite whitening toothpaste with baking soda and peroxide and i just used it for the first tme tonight and i left it on for 30 minutes and i already see an improvement my skin isnt to dry there in no redness and my pimples are already smaller so all i have to say is it works for some people if you have sensitvie skin i would not use this but for me IT WORKED!!!
Im sure Of THIS Comments By: Katie on 2008-07-28
HI im 15, and i have had anc,pimples,blackhead,everything you name it. Well Toothpaste is not A way to go, there are simple and fast home remedies for your face. #1, Lemon juice, it has a lot of citric acid and any citrus is great for the face, it opens the pores only for a little while to take in the acid, the acid evaporates to bad cells and Dirt which causes a pimple. Just apply a teaspoon rubbed all over your face after you wash.Or #2, this sounds weird but it works great foe white heads and black heads, a potatoe peel, its reallyy rich in vitamins and you rub it on your face like a sander which opens the poors releasing vitamins into your skin then wash. other ways to calm down acne, really ,you only think adults or old people should take there vitamins, but your skins acne is usually caused of lack of vitamin a b and c, so take them.and also drink a lot of water it purifies your diet in sugars and helps calm hormones.try to stay away from so much sugar.eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because there both high in vitamins and minerals for your skin.Another thing tooth[aste is only said to hep skin because it dries it. But you can use asprin mixed with water as a cleanser. I know its freaky but hey i have really awesome skin and its from keeping up with this list of things to do. Ance is also caused be lack of exercise and poor diet, so try to maintain a great diet and just take that extra walk and eat at least one apple a day,. I hope it helps..
TIPS..THEY DO WORK ! Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-28
ok so i've been using toothpaste lately and it has worked for me! its awesome my face looks so much better. You can also use honey apply it on face and leave it for 20 min. then wash it off. Antoher thing that works it might sound crazy but trust me it works becuase i've tried it is lemon juice put in on your face again for like 20 min. then wash it off. Don't leave it overnight i think it can cause some severe burns on your skin. But really try these and you'll see a difference in your skin! GOOD LUCK! =D
IT DOES NOT WORK Comments By: Asia on 2008-08-01
I had notice a pimple on my chin not to big but a little bit noticable I didnt apply toothpaste that night though I waited till the next night It didnt do anything and then I applied it the next night and after popping it and appling tea tree oil, now I have the hugest scar on my chin :-(, DOES ANYONE HAVE ANYONE IDEAS ON HOW TO GET RID OF THIS BURN CAUSED BY TOOTHPAST
Don't use toothpaste on your pimples!!!!!!!! Comments By: Claudia on 2008-08-03
I use toothpaste on my nose overnight cuz I have 2 zits on it. when I woke up and now my nose is all red and burnt!!! It ,make it worse! It ruined my life! Now I'm using aloe vera gel for my nose, maybe it will get better. don't ever use toothpaste for ur skin!!!!
What i've read. Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-08
Picked this up from a dermatology website. Hope it helps!

Toothpaste does more than help you achieve a winning smile. When dabbed on a pimple, toothpaste can get rid of it by morning. "It is drying and basically works like a clay mask," Kunin says. "It dehydrates the pimple and absorbs the oil," she says. Toothpaste works best on a pimple that has come to a head - like a whitehead, Kunin adds. "But be careful not to use a whitening toothpaste because they tend to have high levels of hydrogen peroxide that may irritate or burn the skin," she says. "If you are going to try it, use a white paste -- not a gel -- and skip this remedy if you have sensitive skin because it will be too irritating."

New harmless pimple WORKS!! Comments By: Travis on 2008-08-06
Okay, I tried somthing, since toothpaste or w/e clears pimples, i thought.
Baking soda.
I got a small container and mixed a large amount of baking soda with a small amount of very hot water.
Next, i Mixed until it was a soupy sandy feeling, then i dap'd the mixture on a zit, let it dry, it was a little irritating, BUT NO REDNESS! THE PIMPLE WAS LIKE SOOOOOOOOO SMALL IN ABOUT 15 mins
IT drys the HECK outa it

READ Comments By: bianca on 2008-08-11
toothpaste on pimples does work
but your pimples will get worse before they get better

yeah it works..but....... Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-16
it worked for me but the one thing is that u should leave it on all nightonly for about 15min...it will leave your skin soft...a little dry but just apply some co-coa butter on it and it will clear up in about 1 week do this before you go to bed or when u wake up remember but only for 15min.....im 13..........thx for reading
what eva Comments By: atlanta on 2008-08-24
ok i used the tooth paste thing and i dont have sensitive skin but i still got a huge red mark on my face! so dont try it!!!
Toopthpaste Comments By: Heather on 2008-08-25
I used toothpaste on my pimple for about 3-4 minutes and it reduced the rednessof it.
Feels good haha Comments By: Paulina on 2008-08-26
I got this huge pimple right by my nose. Its not THAT big but to me it is, cuz its the only thing i see when i look in the mirror lol. I put regular paste on it since alot of people are saying that mint wont help. Its been on for around 10 minutes now, but i dont know whether to leave it on for an hour or overnight. So many different opinions on how long to leave it on, so i have no clue -____-;; I HATE PIMPLES!! LOL
Testing it right now. Comments By: Chris on 2008-09-02
I put crest toothpaste on my pimple. It's right below my sideburns and Im going to get a back to school hair cut today. I hope the pimple goes down so they dont accidentally brush the pimple with the buzzer. Ouch.
Toothpaste...bad idea! Comments By: Manveer on 2008-09-02
Toothpaste nearly burned my skin and swollened up. I went to the doctors and he said he treated the fifth person that the same thing happened to me. I told him that it said it on E! news. He said that what everyone used!

I only left it on for 2 minutes ang my skin was stinging i took it off and i had a rash but i wasnt allergic to it. It was so weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


toothpaste ftw Comments By: mikhail moshninkov on 2008-09-03
im 13 and toothpaste worked great i left it on all night and when i woke up there was nothing left
Used since 14 Comments By: Jenn on 2008-09-04
I never asked anyone about the toothpaste thing.. i thought about it when i was 14 and i've just been doing it since its alwayz worked and its been 10 years
just put it on about an hour Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-06
ago. and now, my pimple(s) on my forehead look smalled, and the area in between my pimples look less dirty?

i have a really good feeling about this.

i actually put it on for an hour during
the day, and i'm probably gonna do it
before i go to sleep. BUT NOT TO LEAVE IT ON OVER NIGHT. sheesh people, get common sense.

my face feels nice, and hopefully, once the acne clears up, i'll keep my face nice by washing it every night with dove soap :)

^-^ Regarding Toothpaste. Comments By: iPikaNere on 2008-09-06
Well, Seems to me alot of you are debateing on weather toohpaste works or not. Well for those of you who get ''Dry skin'' after useing toothpaste:
Why don't you guys try some baby lotion or cocoa butter on them if you see dryness? I've seen NONE of you people even put '' The skin around and where the pimples used to be is now dry, I've tried baby lotion and cocoa butter but unfourtunately it did not work.'' I've seen NOBODY even attempt useing any kind of lotion. Gosh, I use toothpaste and my face is SUPER sens. Just wash it off if the irratation get worse.

Sara it does WORK!!! Comments By: Allyx on 2008-09-08
OOOOOK this is to sara!!! umm well i got sencitve skin aswell and it worked just find so i dont know what kind your useing... but it works for me and my bff and my two sisters so yeah! what id does is there is something inside it that heats up the skin then brings up the dirt and pores so its easier to pop but it does take a while it wont do much the first time but it will the 2nd or 3rd so stay tune because it does work!!!


Use with Caution Comments By: Angel on 2008-09-09
Toothpaste can work wonders. I recommend Colgate or Aquafresh, but not the gel (more so the whitish paste). However, please, please, PLEASE, do not leave it on your face over night. It does not bode well. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes like you would with a sulfur Proactiv refining mask, wash it off with warm water, pat dry (don't rub too hard...you'll irritate your skin), then apply some moisturizers. Make sure your skin is SUPER clean (no make up, no nothing) before you do this. If you want to do it in the morning, follow the same process, apply some moisturizer, and you can put on make up and what not.

There are a lot of homemade things you can use to treat your acne...you just have to be smart and use it in liberal amounts (once again, over night usage is a dumb thing to do and don't put globs of it. Just bits of it will do).

Hope this helped.[:

Doctors , arent worth the space now a days Comments By: anon on 2008-09-10
Hey, Ive tryed toothpaste on boils and guess what it does work..

If you use whitch hazel on a charlie horse that works too.. Ive tryed it..

Old fashioned ways are the best you dont need a doctor. All they will do is send you to a dermatologist..

Really who needs to make there pockets richer when toothpaste is cheaper then the doctors..

Get a medical book look it up or try certain things.. Nothing to lose. Least there are no side effects..

Oh , one more thing if you use baking soda in the tiolet it shines and gets out most of the yucky stuff and smell..

Food for thought.. enjoy

It sort of works Comments By: jess on 2008-09-18
I read this on the internet 1 day , and i thought "toothpaste on pimples " No way .. But 1 day i was desperate to try something to calm a really sore pimple tht hadnt surfaced yet .. i put a small bit and it actually worked ,I didnt have any sideaffects such as burning, It actually left my pimpled cooled and a lot less red .. I now use the toothpaste on all of my pimples twice to three times a week.

I reccomend it as its simple , not expensive as u should already have it in your bathroom

good luck

How long? Comments By: Wendiiee on 2008-09-20
i tried using toothpaste on my pimples overnight and it didn't do much. but if you put a bit of toothpaste on your pimples and leave it there for a few minutes, then wash it off, i found that that helps after a couple of tries. but you should only do it once a day.
UMMMMMM.. Comments By: janez on 2008-09-20
i think its working so far but i definitly say that if you have sensitive skin do not use it so far i guess it works by drying out your pimples/zits.. but if your not to sure talk to your docter
erasing a pimple from your face Comments By: can man on 2008-09-23
many people have an aversion to trying something as bizzare as toothpaste to rid yourself of pimples. I have never had any problems when I applied common sense to this treatment plan. Apply a thin coat on affected area [unopen or popped] pimples will burn, so use only on closed pimples. Leave on for about 20 minutes or until burning sensation increases to uncomfortable levels. Rinse face with warm water and use a name brand cleanser. Repeat these steps once in the morning and once around bedtime. There should be a noticable improvment by the next day. You also need to flush your system with a good filtered water,this means drink purified water and try to eliminate high sugar or greasy snacks.
depends Comments By: Ashley on 2008-09-24
It all depends on what kind of toothpaste you use and the different kind of ingredients. Different kinds can burn and irritate your skin kinds that include alchohol and stuff like that. When looking for a toothpaste look for a real toothpaste not a GEL.
toothpaste sucks for pimples :| Comments By: [:fersuremaybe on 2008-09-24
dude, dont even think about trying toothpaste!
i have this rly huge pimple on my cheek and i put some toothpaste on it for like 30 minutes and it made my face even more red and swollen than it was before
ughhh, so toothpaste is NOT a good idea.

BAKING SODA NOT TOOTHPASTE Comments By: Hannah on 2008-09-25
to the people that think toothpaste works: its not the toothpaste-- it is the baking soda IN the toothpaste.

mix baking soda with water to create paste (you won't need much water). THEN apply over the zit and let it sit 20 minutes, then wash off.

keep for fact clean.
stay away from the toothpaste-- it has other ingredients that can make the situation worse.

Something else that works for me:
1. Get a very hot rag-- to the point of almost not being able to hold it.
2. Lay over face, DO NOT RUB. Simply lay and let it soak.
3. While the pores are open, wash your face with a mild soap. GENTLY. don't scrub!!
4. once your face is clean, apply a COLD rag to close the pores.

works quite well.

it won't clear acne.. but it helps! Comments By: caitlin on 2008-10-13
I'm 14 and my acne isnt that bad, but i almost have the worst skin in year 8 so i am embaressed about it. But to keep it under control i..
as you rub it on your face it goes into one infected pore and then comes out and spreads into anoth causing more pimples in the long run
because it's not harsh on your skin and only removes the unwanted oil and pimple causing bacteria
leaving toothpaste on your skin overnight will most likely do more damage like drying, burning, flaking or it could clog up the pimple more
also, using a heavy moisturiser can lead to oilier skin and therefore more zits!
before i started doing all of the above to help my skin, i was even more self concious about my skin so i would wear heaps of foundation and powder to cover the acne.. honestly... when my mum told me to stop wearing so much makeup everyday (being a typical teenager)i thought she was over reacting and my skin wouldn't get worse.. it turned out she was VERY RIGHT! now everyday i wish i didn't wear so much makeup in he past. I was wearing thick foundation for half of this year.. and it's seriously affected me for the rest of the year, my acne could've been so much better if i didn't pack on the makeup.
i recommend mineral foundation :)
it doesnt clog your skin and its not oily
also, don't apply makeup with your fingers.. the oils in your fingers spread across your face in the foundation.. trust me.. i used to slather it on with my fingers :)
Greasy fatty foods cause oily skin

I got half of this advice from my dermatologist and the other half i learnt by experimenting and by some BIG mistakes.
And don't think your acne will just clear up, don't think you can put on some greasy foundation and powder and you'll be fine.
I NEVER LISTENED TO ANY OF THIS ADVICE when it was given to me, i was stubborn and thought i was always right.

follow these steps and your skin may not be PIMPLE FREE but it will be alot fresher, smoother and it will generally look healthier. it's not a cure..


DO NOT USE TOOTHPASTE ON YOUR SKIN! Comments By: Air on 2008-10-14
I had two spots on my chin which were taking ages to go, So at first i put a small layer of toothpaste and left it a few hours then rinsed off... The spots closed up abit and scabed.
Next night i covered my whole chin like an idiot for the whole night it was stinging however like others i thought this was the sign of it working!
woke up in the morning and my skin is extremely burnt, so tight, inflammed and wrinkly!
I dont knw what to do I left it the first day however now i have started to dolop loads of vaseline onto it hoping it will help!
DO NOT USE TOOTHPASTE it is not worth the risk! :-(
You will get spots its Nature.

Best Remedy......if used sensibly Comments By: Hellboy........ on 2008-10-20
I have oily skin and pimples were a daily issue. Tried all the remedies out there, some worked but most did not. Tried the "toothpaste" remedy as a last ditch attempt, and YES it worked. Word of caution though, apply just a little bit only over the affected area and not on clear skin. The pimple will start drying in about an hour. Test on one affected area to see if your skin has any sensitive reactions and then use over the rest. Leave overnight for better results. Btw, i used Colgate Total.
NEVER USE TOOTHPASTE ON YOUR PIMPLE! Comments By: Diamond on 2008-10-24
I left toothpaste on my pimple overnight, just as recomended,
now i have this HUGE burn!!!

i'd rather have 10000 pimples than this huge burn under my left eye

Help Comments By: Courtney on 2008-10-26
I have a HUGE bright red pimple on my cheek. Im thinking about using toothpaste but i dont want to end up with a burn on my face. Should i just let it heal itself or should i put it under my chin over night to see how it ends up? I really need some help any segestions!???
uhhh.. Comments By: anonymous on 2008-10-31
alright, well i realllllly wouldnt use toothpaste. i remember i had this huge pimple on my face so i put toothpaste on it, and i got this HUGE burn. do NOT do this. it will burn your face,
it even left a scar.. :/

so i really recommend not using toothpaste. theres so many other ways to get rid of a pimple, dont use this method.

I dunno what to do! HELLP!!!!! Comments By: Anna on 2008-11-02
I have a pimple and its huge,red, and swollen. I dont know wether to use toothpaste or something else. None of my creams work
We'll see Comments By: Feaster-san on 2008-11-07
Sooo I've got some toothpaste on my face now haha. I tried it before and it worked. I tried it a second time and it burnt my face. I think it's really just important to not have it on too long. This time, I'm tryin a new brand, so we'll see how it goes. Otherwise, I'd say wash your face with an acne fighting system (I've had some good luck with Clear.Now). Or just use a good face wash like Artistry or something
Omgggg Toothpast does its part Comments By: Amra on 2008-11-08
if u uhave any kind of skin toothpast dosnt work trust me i had tried right now!!!!i had cleaned my face with water and follolwed all of the steps and i had to get ready for 10mins, and for that ten mins i had put toooth past on my face was and is read like a big red tamatoo no joke this is for reall if u want to try toothpast try it on a liitle about were u cant see noo redishhh on ur face sooo trust me TOOTHPAST DOESNT WOrkkk!!!!
Toothpaste Comments By: Calvin on 2008-11-11
Put the toothpase on your skin and leave it over night. In the morning scrape it off and brush your teeth.
omg a miracle has happened Comments By: Michale on 2008-11-15
ok today i got my first pimple, and i freaked out!!! i got it from using clean and clear moisturizer ( i didnt notice that it said acne medication!! when i wanted reagular moisturizer) so after a few weeks from today of using it, i notice i got a pimple!!!! so i used the toothpaste trick for a bout a half an hour and it reduces redness...but once a put a steaming towel on my face i saw the pimple reduce redness alot and make the pimple less noticable...i still cant believe it!!! its a miracle!!! im definitley sewing clean and clear products!!and i have a freakin party to got o tonight in like 40 minutes!!!
THE TRUTH Comments By: sdc on 2008-11-15
When I had pimples, I washed my face everyday like 2 weeks yet. Then when I forgot to wash my face like everyday and played and did physical activities, my pimples came back. Then I tried toothpaste, then after 1 hour, I washed them then it stinged and became red. So I think it's better to just wash your face with Johnson's baby soap and water. When you wipe your face, just tap it with soft towel and leave it a little moist.
Colgate toothpatse Comments By: Need help on 2008-11-18
Guys , is the Colgate brand toothpaste a gel or paste type toothpatse ?
Hmmm Comments By: Jazzmine Edmonds on 2008-11-19
Well I think the best thing to do is NOT use toothpaste it wasn't intended to be used for acne solutions,I think you should let your acne fade out.NO pinching and NO toothpaste.
not too long Comments By: anonymous on 2008-11-25
people don't put it all over your face only put a dab on the zit and it will be fine......i hope.....
MODERATION Comments By: Cameron on 2008-12-05
Toothpase MAY work. It is not a guarantee, though it is helpful in some cases. I personally use it about every other day. I don't leave it on over night though, i simply use it like any other face wash; I put about a quarter size dollop in my palms, add some water, and rub it all over my face, after about twenty seconds i wash it off with cold water. The toothpaste makes my pores smaller and makes my skin tighter, the cold water keeps my pores small in order to keep bacteria out during the night.

I however, DO NOT advise this to everyone, and I certainly don't think that you should leave it on all night. It is NOT a product made specifically for your face, therefore it is NOT meant to be used in the manner. You run the risk of drying out your skin or making your acne worse.

However, I do use toothpaste as a face wash, and it gives your face a wonderful tingling feeling after you wash it off. :)

So, you decide, and use common sense; if you know you have sensitive skin, or you have something important to do over the next few days, I would not advise experimenting with such a risky product. Also, use your judgement; if you can feel your skin BURNING, wash it off, it's not worth it to burn your skin off. You will always be the judge of what is best for your skin, experiment, and find out what is suited to YOU, what is good for me could be totally wrong for you.

SO GOOD Comments By: Taylor on 2008-12-16
well i heard from my friend taht it worked

and it did!

i was so happy

and it works even on developing pimples

try it!

iF IT MAKES YOUR SKIN DRY Comments By: Denise on 2008-12-20
and red stop using it, use an overnight lotion on your face and the reddness and itching will start to calm itself down. Also try a face mask and wash it off with warm water. Toothpaste only works if you put on for an hour or so, Do not leave toothpaste on your face overnight, you will receive a rash or severe burns.
Be sensible. Comments By: David on 2009-01-01
Alright guys/girls. Toothpaste has antibacterial properties and so does mint. The bleach in the whitener also has antibacterial properties. Toothpaste actually is basic (that's where all your burns are coming from) IE it absorbs water thus the dryness.
I personally use the toothpaste as a wash. You'll find it will still give you that cooling sensation and will not dry your skin out too much. I also use it as a sort of facial cream but I don't slap it on. Mix a bit (about the size of a pea) with water well. Then apply that to your face like you would any other facial cream then wait for the water to evaporate and what is left is the toothpaste. Why? You ask? Because the toothpaste will draw from the water + toothpaste mixture (this means no drying of the skin) and the left over toothpaste (with all the antibacterial properties you want) is still present on you skin. Furthermore you'll find that this layer of toothpaste is practically invisible to onlookers.
At first I tried this as a means of ridding myself of pimples, however, I soon realised what genious had occurred. When mixed with a basic (oil from the skin), toothpaste (de-ionised) acts as a sort of repellant. This acts to isolate the oil from your skin much like a semi-permeable membrane. I found this to be quite odd when I first went to wash my face the morning after having applied the toothpaste. I found my skin still looked oily but when I went to wash my face with water the oil came off rather than staying on the skin. Granted, some oil still remained, but nonetheless i found most of it not remaining on my skin and in my pores but separated from the skin via the toothpaste layer (absorbed if you like).

My knowledge of toothpaste should lead me to assume that the anti-bacterial properties still come into effect during the course of this "separating" but I suspect the mints and bleaches may be transposed (absorbed if you like) by the oil from the skin. So you might still want to keep an option of the occasional mask.

I've not been using toothpaste too long but I can feel that my skin is in contact with oil a lot less and that encourages me as I endeavour to find a suitable cure to the ever menacing pimple.

My resolution Comments By: David on 2009-01-27
throughout this page about 70% of it has something to do with toothpaste.

well the way i got rid of my pimples was:
1. Wash your face around 3 times.
2. Use an exfoliation gel. It unclogs your pores.
3. Use a cleansing cream/milk. It fights bacteria and oils sitting beneath your pimple.

Just keep doing this 2 times a day, EVERYDAY to get your skin regenerised and secure.

yepp =] Comments By: Raeanne on 2009-01-17
well i have always had trouble with zits. i am 15 and most teens have it kinda bad. toothpaste helps me alot. but it only works if you leave it on for an hour. NEVER EVER leave it on over night. it will make a scab and it will burn your skin. it doesnt matter what kinda toothpaste it is. you can use mint or non mint. but it does work. but it depends on what kind of skin you have. if you have sensitive skin then it will burn faster. so just be careful.
works fine couple burns but not gonna kill me Comments By: Justin Lee on 2009-01-20
ive tried it the first day and now it just dried out my pimple cant really see it but this idea could be the new way to keep it from hurting =)
i don't know Comments By: chrissy on 2009-01-18
Hi my name is chrissy and i am a acne freak i hate acne so much i've tryed everything except toothpaste so to night im going to try it and i will come back and tell you what i think and i will not lie and say it was the best thing i ever tried i will tell you what i honestly [email protected]!!!
trying now Comments By: [email protected](dot)com on 2009-01-22
I read a couple forums and I gathered all the info...toothpaste...baking soda....honey...apple cider vinegar. I mixed them all together o and ttree oil. It made a great smelling past lol and it also tingles but I will see if it works. I might have a break through here.
toothpaste Comments By: dlsjgds on 2009-01-24
i have used toothpaste before && it dried it out.for me,it works really well because my pimples arent noticed that much.
UHH LiTTLE PiMPLES Comments By: Andrea on 2009-01-02
Im 13 and uhh well i got little pimples on my face you can really tell but in pictures you can i'll try toothpaste.if dont work the hot rag.if dont wont i'll try the baking soda
JuicyLime0065 Comments By: blah on 2009-01-02
omg im 13 and i have this big pimple under my nose and it hurts rlly bad =( what do i do!
Avoid Colgate Plus!!! Comments By: lemmiwinks on 2009-01-03
I agree that toothpaste is an effective remedy, but precautions must be taken as to it's brand and application. First, use a normal white toothpaste brand, avoid anything with stripes!! I used Colgate plus (the one with blue and white stripe, which contains tiny sparkly bits) and it burnt my skin. Now instead of having a standard pimple, I have a scab which strangely resembles a small planet?!
Second, apply a thin layer over pimple area. Too much paste won't dry quick enough and you'll end up rolling around on a pastey pillow, and too little will be ineffective.
I don't think toothpaste will get rid of a pimple overnight, but it will definately catalyses the clearing up process, if used correctly...

... Comments By: personwithpimples on 2009-01-03
i hate pimples!
oh come on Comments By: face on 2009-01-04
when yur brushing yur teeth and toothpaste gets on yur lips doesnt it burn? Toothpaste is abrasive and meant for teeth which has an enamel coat, our skin is sensitive and thin. Why would you do that to yurslef? Please don't, try baking soda on yur wet face for 45 seconds for a wekk and you'll see results
Toothpaste on ACNE!! Comments By: vanessa on 2009-02-14
Toothpaste on acne workssssss for me !! i have mild acne! and i hated it i dabbed some toothpaste on the affected areas thn sleptin it OVERNIGHTT! aand the nxt morning its still there. i wash it off and my acne is eitheir gone or smaller . no redness or irritationn! i first read it in some celebrity magazine and i just remebered noww ive trieddd more thn a dozen different acne products .most recently the one my dermitoligist perscribed it cost $140.00 ive was using it for more thn 4 months still no resultsss!! so i tried toothpaste results! in one night! i love it it may not work for some ppl but it worked for meee!
Wow Comments By: Jodie on 2009-02-17
For me it works, i have quite a few spots but they do bring me down so then i end up with even more spots. Also what helps me is in Boots ( the shop ) they do their own range called tea trazel and hazel, i use their products and they are great, really naturual (:
Hmm.... Still Questioning Comments By: Inquisitive Gurl on 2009-02-23
i havent really tried the toothpaste experimentation yet by judging by the results of current experiments i can infer that it is definantly nothing to play with because if u do it wrong u will proabably look jacked up for the next school day and girls u know we have to look good absolutly 24/7 so i am not tryin to do anything that i can look jacked up for any day of school but... as soon as i try it ill tell you oops well it looks like in 3 more minutes it will be time for me to take this toothpaste off !!! i hope it works. GTG bye
pimples and more Comments By: giiiiigiiiii on 2009-02-26
By the way I agree toothpaste and lemon juice are all good to rid pimples. But did you know that toothpaste is also amazingly great to put ontop of your mosquito bite too, it takes away the itchiness right away.
OKAYYY Comments By: BILYY JOE on 2009-02-28
Salty Water Comments By: James on 2009-02-27
Try Really Really salty hot water. not boiling though. Works great for me.
AIM works best Comments By: J[enna] on 2009-03-05
I do this alot and notice that AIM toothpaste seems to work best. The aqua blue colored one. For severe acne it's not going to be a miracle but still make you feel like you're making alot of progress. I usually use it after I pop a pimple and just started using it overnight. As long as you dont pack a load of it on, I wouldn't worry too much about scarring. Just be careful your face doesnt stick to the pillow lol!
dont use toothpaste over night Comments By: Cassie on 2009-03-10
i used toothpaste overnight for two nights and then when i woke up there were scabs and holes underneath my chin and above my lip, the strength of the mint burns the top layer of the skin. Also it starts to bleed. It was disgusting sooo i sugest not to use it but to get a good kind of toothpaste.
It depends what kind of toothpaste... Comments By: Mel on 2009-03-12
Of course you can use toothpaste on your pimples, but it all depends what kind of toothpaste. If you want to be sure enough, try using GANOZHI toothpaste by DXN, because it has ganoderma which is anti-bacterial but all natural and it is definitely good for the skin. You can check this site/link http://www.sulit.com.ph/index.php/view+classifieds/id/596102/Ganozhi+Toothpaste-pampaputi+ng+ipin%2C+walang+fluoride+na+nagbibigay+ng+bone+cancer+according+sa+research

nothing happens over night . Comments By: autumn on 2009-03-12
i am doing the mask thing right now ! :D it feels amazing . im going to leave it on and then wash it off before i go to bed . and in the morning i will post again ...

i am currently using the clean and clear acne treatment thing , but i dont have severe or even mild acne . i have a few pimples on my forhead but it still agrivats me . so , i took a shower , washed my fash with that ( like i do every night ) and i was reading so i thought i would try it ... im using the colgate regular paste . it contains no mint WHAT SO EVER , so we will see how it works and i will tell you in the morning if it did anything .

the title will be .. the morning result ?

morning result ? Comments By: autumn on 2009-03-13
okay , so i used colgate paste . there was NO mint what so ever . and it did abosultly nothing for my face . the redness is still there and my pimples are too . but i am going to go try the face wash with the water and MINT tooth paste and see if that works any better (:
TOOTHPASTE Comments By: rabecca on 2009-03-18
toothpaste really does work!
at first i was scared to try it thinking it would burn like crazy and it would dry my face out to much. the key is to not put a thin layer a thick layer is better but not like super thick. I tried over night and it dried my face out like CRAZY! my skin was flaking off! you should only do it for about 15-25 minutes. i used baby wipes to take it off and it works a lot better than when i washed it off with water. I took the mask off when the toothpaste started to get a pleather(plastic+leather) feel. DO NOT PUT IT NEAR YOUR EYES! the closest i got to my eyes was my eyebrow and that was ok. the toothpaste does sting but not any more than any other face mask, its a kind of clean and fresh burning. After you take it off, using about 4 wipes, you feel really refreshed! :D

I DID THIS 10 YEARS AGO Comments By: Lars on 2009-03-21
i had a bad case of acne when i was a teen, i saw this woman on a morning show saying that toothpaste was good for acne, so i started using it leaving it on overnight, sometimes for a couple of days. Results = a severe case of Seborrheic Dermatitis all over my face which lasts forever (no cure for that).
ewk Toothpaste Does NOt! Work Trust Me On This One Comments By: Helper on 2009-03-26
well i did as any teen desperate to fix a pimple problem so i tried the toothpaste it does NoT! work.right now i have a huge nickle size scab because of it...i didnt left overnight dats too much i left for about an hour..at first it was more red than before so as time went by the whole area around it turn brown with red.n its so embarrasing..i srsly hate it i dont even wanna go out at all.cried my eyes bt what can i do.it was so stupid.SO PLLZZZZ I DONT WANT YOU GALS TO GO THRU WHAT IM GOING RYT NOW
Im trying it tonight Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-20
Right before I go to bed, Im going to put toothpaste on some new pimples that have formed and see what happens. I'll post the results in the morning.
Helppp!! Comments By: ANON on 2009-04-22
IS THEIR ANY IDEAS ON HOW TO REMOVE THE BURN FROM THE TOOOTHPASTE????!!? at 1st it w0rked good but then turned out bad when i used the mint one.. SOO CAN SOMEONE HELP WITH THE SOLUTION! =(..II FEEL MORE HIDEOUS THAN BEFORE!!
toothpaste Comments By: Spelling Police on 2009-04-30
Why can't anyone who writes on this page spell? Come on people, I'm assuming you're all over the age of 8.
Ruined my life - Thoughts of suicide.. Comments By: Red Face on 2009-05-05
Well, I tried a tooth paste [Red mint] I put it ALLL over my face the whole tube, witch was ALOT. and now my face has a blood stain that WILL not come out, it's been there for 5 MONTHS.
ToothPaste Hurts Comments By: Ceejay on 2009-05-04
Well i put on the toothpaste for less than 2 minutes
and it immediately burned my friging skin it felt like Fire on my face
but the thing is i belive it works pain for glory!

IT BURNS!!! Comments By: Do Work Baby on 2009-05-10
I just put on Colgate mint and its burning... maybe that means it is working? ive heard it really works but can leave scars for ppl with sensative skin... lets c if it works for me!
OK OK OK!! Comments By: SOME GRL on 2009-05-15
Well I have to say alot of your comments are annoying me, the people who are doing it rong are the people saying they have burn or it could be there skin i skin incredibliy oliy skin and im only 11. i put it on nd its wrked fr me so ya no whats the point of complainin wen its your fault you have the scars if ur gonna do it dnt moan if you make a mistake!
hey listen to dis Comments By: simran on 2009-05-24
i tried using d toothpaste..n blv me..it works.. but..i'd suggest dont jus rub t al ova ur face.. put it only ova d pimple..just a small dot..f u overdo it..it l definitely burn ur skin..jus put t ovr d pimple n nt d skin
ask a doctor or sumthin Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-24
Umm I don't know who to trust in this situation. I'm 13 years old and I want a clear and healthy skin. I'd rather just ask a doctor or sumthin cuz I don't know who to believe and besides, not all of you who are writing these comments are doctors. I think that all of you people should just ask a doctor because you can't really believe everything you hear. Yeah I'm barely 13 and some of you are probably thinking," she's just a kid, what does she know?" you are wrong if you think that because I'm pretty smart for my age.
Ups and downs to toothpaste Comments By: Buri on 2009-05-28
Toothpaste is really helpful. It clears my skin. I had this huge one on my nose. It was one of those ones that hurt. And it cleared almost all the way over night. BUT... I found out the hard way that you can't use too much! I still use my normal face wash to wash my face and my moisturizer. It can really dry out your face if it isn't moisturized. I have a blueish scap under my nose because I used to much. If it burns don't do it. It dosen't burn for me normaly. But it did burn on that pimple and I ignored it
Toothpaste Usage! Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-30
I have this really ugly pimple on my forehead that I'm trying to get rid of, I tried popping it (Didn't work) Now I'm icing it! The swelling has gone down but its still blood red. Tonight I am debating weather to use toothpaste. The only kind I have is Aquafresh and it tastes a lot like it has mint in it. Will it burn and scar my face or will it work?
Questions Answered Comments By: B-Man on 2009-06-08
Toothpaste is the most classic and yet perfect remedy to get rid of acne. The burning is normal it just shows you that it works. If you just got through in the shower, then that's where it will burn the worst. If your skin has blisters after the treatment then your skin my be too sensitive. Other then that your toothpaste will make your skin as smooth as a baby's behind.
toothpaste for pimples Comments By: money mike on 2009-06-10
it does work use the white paste anti cavity brand wich is very cheap and fill the paste on where ever the pimple is at dont put the whole thing on you mite need it again if its still there just try it this is your face where talking about dont you want it glowing and shiny. for. more info ladies email me at [email protected] i. hope i helped your solution
Any toothpaste works Comments By: jojo on 2009-06-18
I know this sounds crazy, but the pain of the burning on ur skin from the toothpaste always makes me think that its helping. And ive been using the toothpaste every single day and i can see my pimples and acne going away. And didnt someone once say= beauty hurts?
It works differently for everyone! Comments By: M.D. on 2009-06-17
Because everybody has different skin, different tipes of pimples, spots, ect. the toothpaste thing might work or you might get horrible results. Anyway, these homemade cures are always risky. So, my advice: consult a doctor! They will know what's best for you personally. Yes, you will have to be patient, but it's better than ruining your skin for life, which will happen with the wrong type of treatment.
NOOOOO.........xx Comments By: Caren on 2009-06-22
I used toothpaste as a mask to get rid of my spots and pimples, i left it overnight and now my face stings and it is very red and itchy. However my spots did die down a little. To be honest, its not worth it.
The truth Comments By: Peter on 2009-06-22
Ok from my experience toothpaste always gets rid of my cyst but ive had some bad expierences with it. First dont put too much if it burns like crazy thats not good but if you feel some burn thats good. What always happens with me is i put the toothpaste on it at nIght i wake up and there is a red sore spot the red spot turns dark over the day (not good if your planning to go somwhere) then when i wake up the next morning its really gross but i leave it alone for at least half a day and peel it off and its great! Its tempting but dont peel it off too soon or it will bleed again and you will have to wait another day and a half and risk permenet scaring. Thats my experience may not be true for everyone though.
really works Comments By: bahati on 2009-06-24
i had a lot of pimples and i used every method to heal the pimples i kept my skin clean but none could work but when i went to the internent and found other methods to heal my pimples i spotted toothpaste and decided to try it but even the first two days i used it my pimples started to disappear and thats how i knew toothpaste really work
really works Comments By: bahati on 2009-06-24
i had a lot of pimples and i used every method to heal the pimples i kept my skin clean but none could work but when i went to the internent and found other methods to heal my pimples i spotted toothpaste and decided to try it but even the first two days i used it my pimples started to disappear and thats how i knew toothpaste really works
YES IT WORKS2 Comments By: Anon on 2009-06-27
I've had acne for quite i while. I was reading to see if toothpaste would work. i mostly have it around my nose and forehead....I found amandas comment most helpful, thank you. I'll try it! hope it works.
not acne.or bumps. Comments By: jean. on 2009-07-01
im female and 70yrs. so not acne.its tiny painful pimples, not bumps,on my nose.now it is bright red and swollen and sore. What are they ?. ive tried fresh lemon rubbed on,squeezed lemon juice in water to drink daily. That seemed to work well, but they come back.
Dont Use Toothpaste Comments By: Giselle on 2009-07-14
if you have a pimple dont put toothpaste on cause it will turn out as a scab and then a scor. i had a pimple and my uncle told me to put toothpaste on so i did it turn out to be a scab.
if your hace a scab now put Neosporin on for a week and it will go away.by by pimple

it does work forget all that other stuuf ppl say Comments By: anonymous on 2009-07-15
i just used colgate max-fresh with mini-breath-strips for ten minutes and it burnt a tiny bit but my pimples are now smaller and less red!!!
there haters toothpaste doesnt work they want ur skin all messed up Comments By: billy on 2009-07-18
these people is dumb toothpaste is sumthing to make ur pimple worst not betta for ur sake dont use it these people are haters and want ur skin all messed up like theres DONT LISTEN !!!
Ouch!! Comments By: lexi on 2009-07-20
I read everyone's comments before I tried the toothpaste and it scared me a little but i tried anyway. I had it on for about a minute and it started burning like CRAZY! I took it off a couple minutes later and my face continued to burn for about 5 minutes after. I thought all of my skin burned off but much to my surprise, even having it on for a few minutes decreased the redness of my zits. I wouldn't recommend it though, it hurt soooo bad!!
HELP?!?!?!!? Comments By: xoxoxo on 2009-07-20
okayy, people are saying toothpaste is bad or good, but what is it?? i am currently wearing toothpaste with a zit right in the middle of my forhead!!! i also put it in different places of my face but what should i do???
IT REALLY DOES WORK Comments By: you know it! BALLIN! lolls on 2009-07-23
its crazy.
it does work.
wash your face with warm water and either hypoallergenic soap or a gel cleanser.
apply toothpaste to AFFECTED SKIN NOT CLEAR SKIN!!!
leave it for ~15 minutes or until it burns intensely.
wash it off with cold water and then apply moisturizer.
do it at night and also in the morning!!!!

IT JUST WORKED FOR ME!!! Comments By: Nakoa Mercado on 2009-07-27
i am a 13 year old buy on my summer brake i been having a huge pimple on my nose. it hurt and it was hard and easy to see from far away. i just put toothpast on it for about 10 minutes and it went form a pea size to a nothing. it cleared the pimple away so fast. i used AQUAFRESH toothpast it was mint flavored and it worked perfect. i am glad i tried this. TOOTHPAST DOES WORK AS LONG AS YOU USE IT RIGHT!!!
THE TRUTH Comments By: Dallas on 2009-08-01
Okay. The truth is I used toothpaste on my pimple last night. I haven't read all these comments and I wish I had before I did what I did. I was on a diffrent website and it said use toothpaste on pimple or zit overnight and cover with bandaid. So that's what I did! I woke up and washed off my face and not only was my pimple gone...I had a blister/burn that hurts and I can't cover with makeup. It's very noticable so i'm actually wearing a banadaid over it right now. It looks bloody and red. The pimple is gone but i'm left with this now.... it's saddening because I didnt read all this info before. If you really want to stop acne change pillow cases every night or every other night. Drink lots of water and get alot of Vitamin A and E. Im guessing I have sensitive skin. Im only 16 and Im so embarrased by my face! So please DO NOT USE TOOTHPASTE OVERNIGHT!
LOLs. whos stupid enough to sleep with toothpast on . ommgg . ! Comments By: O1XLADYY. on 2009-08-05
it's not suppose to burn and peel off your skin like you guys are discribing .
if it did , its because you guys have let the toothpast overtime or , actually , it do works .

******DO NOT LET THE TOOTHPAST OVER YOUR SKIN MORE THAN 30MINS AND LESS ! 5-10mins / max 15min , its enough .******

Toothpaste burn Comments By: Prettynpink on 2009-08-05
so i heard toothpaste would help dry and take out that pimple i used it before and it worked but this time i popped my pimple and i covered it with toothpaste and slept with it overnight i woke up and it was gone but yes sadly left me with a burn scab right in between my eyebrows its not that bad but i have an event sat so im pretty rushed to cover this or hopefully it heals and i can pull off the scab i put vitamine a & e lotion for the face on to help it so will see i plan to buy some neosporin tomorrow. sucks cause im not able to cover it with any make up. i think i would of been ok if i didnt sleep with toothpaste overnight ):
Tester Comments By: Lilly-anabel on 2009-08-08
I am trying it right now and it hurts my skin! Should i wash it off or not?
THIS NEVER FAILED!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: ZIT-MASTA on 2009-08-12
Don't even try it! It's not worth it. I have a better idea. Take half and avacodo and mash it into bits. Then take one or two tablespoons(depending how big the avacado is-usaually two-)of honey and mash it until it's all one liquid. Then apply it evenly throughout your face and leave it on from thirty minutes to however long-just don't sleep with it on-and wash it of with preferably warm water. Ta-Da!
IT WORKS A LOT Comments By: rosselepretty on 2009-08-13
toothpaste can rid of pimles I ALREADY PROVEN IT
It causes burn marks at first Comments By: Aidan on 2009-08-13
It causes burn marks if you keep it on your skin for a while, and they look hideous. Ive done it before, and stayed home for about 3 days. HERE IS THE SOLUTION IF YOURE WORRIED THEY WONT GO AWAY (because they will). Get some neosporin/polysporin/or bactraban(reccomended) AND hydrocortisone cream (any brand),mix it together, and rub it on the affected area, make sure you keep the area moist throughout the day and sleep on your back at night so it doesnt rub off. I must warn you NOT to touch your face at allllll during these 3 days, and if you follow all these rules itll go away. Within 3 days the scars will dry out and rise to the top of your skin and peel off! leaving awsome blemish free/scar free skin :]

its probably the best homemade chemical peel out there.

What i did was use aspirin BC powder mixed with water, and rubbed it on my face then put toothpaste on after rinsing that off, and left it there for 10 minutes, rinsed the toothpaste with warm water and woke up the next day too find my face looking hideous as ever. I then did what i told you too do above and the burn scars peeled in 3 days. My skin is starting to look bad again and im considering doing this again lol

I wrote all this too give whoever tryed this and thinks theyre doomed hope, and a remedy to this. Because i sure thought i was doomed

Trying... Comments By: katie :) on 2009-08-13
okay so i put on a very thing layer of toothpaste around the areas for a couple minutes. then i washed the toothepaste off with water and used a gentle apricot scrub on my entire face as i do everyday. lets hope this does something good.
well..in my opinion Comments By: caaaaailyn on 2009-08-16
okay so i had a few pimples on my forhead.. and i have a wedding to go to in less then a week.. so i went on google and searched fast ways to get rid of pimples.. and i clicked on an add and it said toothpaste over night.. so i tried it but only for about an hour i left it on.. and while it was on it didn't burn but it kinda tingled and cooled a bit. after i rinced it off.. sure my face was a little dry but in my opinion, the dryness is from the toothpaste killing all living bacterial.. i rinced all toothpaste from my skin, and washed my face with just a deep cleaning cleanser( doesn't matter what brand) and my face has cleared up ..
This works for EVERYONE Comments By: Adry on 2009-08-17
Well. I can't really say anything for toothpaste because I haven't used it properly (I put a thick layer).
After I did an hour or 2 worth of exercising all my pimples looked smaller and my face looked cleaner because I ran more than 4.5 kilometers.
I think this might be the best solution because it's a natural way to lose pimples and remember to wash your face before exercise and wear no cream during exercising.

Toothpaste! Comments By: jane on 2009-08-20
toothpaste relly works not jokinh i put it on for like 90 min then i washed it off and it was seriouly crstyal clear i love my skin now!
toothpaste. (: Comments By: Kelly on 2009-08-22
ok believe me on this.
i am a dancer at my high school and practices would be really hot and i would sweat bad, which made my face break-out bad. make up wouldnt even cover it! i tried everything, even proactice, it did not work!
so i heard about toothpaste from my friend, who was having the same problem as me. it turns out if you put a little bit of toothpaste on your face where you need it, it will dry it out and have wonderful results. leave it on for only 10 minutes, cause thats all you need. everyone has problems with it over night, so do not use over night. it will make it really dry. only use it once a day after a clean shower for 10 minutes only. wash it off, and there will be a differnce. make you you dont get a whitening kind of toothpaste, cause it might bleach your skin and turn it a shader light. try finding normal toothpaste, and it will work.
but again, only use for 10 minutes, and it will work.

SOS,,,,,,,,, Help ME Comments By: Braden Cottreau on 2009-08-24
i dont know what to do, people says toothpaste does work but other people sais it dont :(, , i'm scared to use it i dont wanto look like i fell in a fire, honestly,,i'm 14 year old boy and my name is Braen
mint toothpaste and blemishes Comments By: Ryanna on 2009-08-27
I have literally tried it all... all the creams, soaps, lotions, pills spending way more than I should have... then I read an article that spoke about using toothpaste and what kind of toothpaste to use for acne... turns out the reason it didn't work for me before was because i used the wrong kind of toothpaste... so i went out and got what the article mentioned, just the basic mint paste with no bells and whistles... I leave it on my face as a mask for 2 hours and then rinse and wash as usual using a basic soap... after each application i apply a thick layer of aloe and let my skin take it in.. Not only is the redness gone but the acne is coming to the surface quicker, my poores are smaller, and the blackheads vanished... my skin is extremely sensitive sometimes i don't do the mask daily sometimes i just apply it to the bad spots and let sit for 2 hours and then rinse..... no more acne pills or creams for me....
Gonna try :) Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-30
I have loads of pimples and I'm going back to school next week! So I'm hoping that this toothpaste cure will work. I put a little on earlier for 10 minutes, and the redness faded quite a bit. Using Colgate for the moment.
I have had success with it, but your results may vary Comments By: Scott on 2009-09-07
First off- I have used toothpaste for years, and it works very good- as long as you do it right. First off, ONLY use plain white toothpaste, such as REGULAR Colgate- no gels, no whitening, and ABSOLUTELY no tarter control! (this includes "total care" and whatnot) I used Tarter control toothpaste ONCE- and I got similar results to what a lot of people are saying- a nasty sore. I have never had a problem with plain white toothpaste though. Also- don't go spreading it all over your face until you have checked how it reacts to your skin first!
HOW TO USE IT CORRECTLY!!! Comments By: Jimmy on 2009-09-08
ok here's the deal people... it works if you use it correctly... firstly wash your face with HOT water... apply only a LITTLE bit of toothpaste to the zit... leave it for about 30 mins... wash it off with more HOT water then rinse with COLD water... DONT leave it on all night... it will just have a big red burn around it...
USE TOOTHPASTE TO EXFOLIATE NOT AS A MASK Comments By: avlonitis on 2009-09-16

In fact you know what.. I have generally dry skin which isnt easy to exfoliate.

Recently I began using toothpaste as a cleanser and exfoliant with great success.

All I do is apply a thin layer over my face like a mask making sure not to get it too close to my eyes...

And then I get a soft warm, damp terry cloth sponge and I rub my face in circles until it starts to come off into the sponge.

Then I wipe the area clean and move on until my entire face is free of toothpaste.

Then I wash with really mild soap to make sure its all off my skin.

My face is usually a little pink for a few minutes afterwards but only because its managed all of the dead skin cells are now gone and now im left with fresh healthy skin showing.

Then I apply a good mositurizer and my skin loses the pink flush and it looks like I got dermabrasion done.

I fricking love it.

My make up blends smoother after I do this. My skin feels firmer and more tone.

I recommdend not leaving it on any longer than it takes to apply it, wash with it and then clean off.

!? Comments By: anonymous on 2009-09-14
im severely worried after reading some comments... i used it today for a 2hrs or so and it made the pimple less visible but i want to get rid of the pimple by tomorrow... and im going to sleep now ...
dont ... know what to do

Works for me! Comments By: Sam on 2009-09-19
My face breaks out often but not TOO horribly. I tried it about a week ago and it worked great! Put a little on before you go to bed, let it dry, sleep, and viola! Sometimes I have to do the same spot 2 nights in a row but it always clears them up!
Works... Sometimes Comments By: Anon. on 2009-09-22
Toothpaste did make some of my pimples pop perfectly (I put a layer on and covered it with tissues to keep it from smearing) and when I woke up, it came right off. I also quickly rise with toothpaste and water to wake myself up - the coolness is fantastic-feeling, though it may feel like you're getting frostbitten. However, I used it on one of the pimples on my nose, and it got dry and scabby, and eventually bled everywhere and couldn't get wet without peeling and bleeding. So, it does work on the soreness and redness, but be careful!
Acne Burns Comments By: vofe on 2009-09-20
Im Not sure but I tried it with my face and it seemed to burn really bad My friends mom told me about it,so I tried it and it started to burn I left it on for a good 10 mins then I took it off and then put on a Nugregena mask and it cooled down my face!Toothpaste Does Work you should try it some time!It makes your face feel really clean and it feels like Air can finally hit your face.
HELP PLEASE Comments By: Me on 2009-09-26
How do you know what type of toothpaste it is? And if it its mint do i try putting it on at all? Please help, thanks!
Just don't leave on too long! Comments By: Madeline on 2009-10-01
So I put on a little non mint toothpaste... it burned pretty bad. Then I went onto this site, and looked at all the comments saying "don't use toothpaste!"

I hurriedly wiped it off with a cool rag. I had only left it on for fifteen or less minutes. My red spots were honestly easier to cover up, and although it wasn't some huge miracle, I'm glad I tried it.

My guys toothpaste Comments By: blahh on 2009-10-03
just have sex and have a guy cum all over ur face that should cure the pimples..trust me its good for the skin
We'll have to see, but Comments By: Anon on 2009-10-06
I have done this in the past but am trying again because I am getting despirite, but people MINT tingles if it is burning, why would you leave it on?
I am going to leave it overnight (unless I wake up in pain or something) but only a tiny bit and only where the three more annoying spots are.
If it is dry in the morning I will try moisterizer, and it can't look much worse than it does now, so I can cover it up.
And since this stuff goes in your mouth - I don't see how it can cause a reaction where you need an ambulance....
Also, how is it more drying than 10% BP?

mask of toothpastedoes work Comments By: anthony013 on 2009-10-11
ok so before i take a shower i get a tube of toothpaste and apply to myface then i get in the shower and keep it on till halfway through then i wash it off and use mosturizing body wash to clean my face frm the tooth paste leaving my skin sof smooth andzitless
shitty Comments By: melissa on 2009-10-15
well i used toothpaste on my pimples 3 days in a row, i actually left it one my skin overnight..the first day i saw dramatic changes the pimples were completly dried out so i thought hmm this might work....the next couple of days went ok till the thrid night when i woke and and washed my face my skin was leathery and peeling!!! i have big blothches around my cheeks that look like i have over applied blush on my cheeks...luckily i am at home for the entire week so im trying to find some remedies to cure it before i get back to school...its been 6 hours since i put honey on the inflammed parts of my face i did notice the red decreasing a bit but the leathery texture and peeling is still there HELP ME! any ideas on a quick cure?
read Comments By: Charles Barkley on 2009-10-17
Try reading your comment before you post it. Look for spelling errors and put some effort into using proper grammar. I am amazed at how many of you are seemingly morons.
my say counts Tooth paste is A OKAY! Comments By: Egyptian on 2009-10-17
Listen up, tooth paste works if you DONT LEAVE IT ON UR FACE OVER NITE!. This is not good at all, Im sorry for anyone who has tried this. If you dont want to try proactive, you should just try the mask I use it for spot treatments and it works great if your acne is very mild the use the mask for your whole face. But remember if you buy pro active or any treatment that you read how you are supposed to use it. The mask should only be done 1 or 2 nites a week. Or yes your skin will become like snakes skin. Using toothpaste is almost same as a mask however has an effective amount of NaF in it which dries your skin at much faster rate.
If I cheap out and dont use pro active mask, I put a big blob of tooth past and make a mask. Instantly you will feel the hotcool sensation on the acne. Leave it on for 30mins or until you can crack the dry toothpaste on your face by smiling. This is when you know you've used enough PRODUCT on your face FOR LONG ENOUGH. Rinse off with hot water and then rinse face off with cold water to close your facial pores. Cold water can help in a shower too, although no one likes a cold shower rinsing your face with cold blood shut water for 15secs helps your facial poresto not we wide open from a hot shower.
I definately feel for all of you still dealing with mild acne. I have been there, I still have scars on my forehead from pimples ontop of pimples I had in high school and you know back then I didnt know how to deal with these pimple mountains. So I took a razor and sliced them off. I couldnt look in the mirror knowing something was sticking out 1/2in.

oh brother.... Comments By: ashley on 2009-10-22
some of you anti-mint people arent the brightest bulbs are you? most facial masks out there have mint oils and extracts in them. thats why they feel so fresh on your skin. i use toothpaste twice a week as a thin mask... leave it for 20-30 mins and rinse with hot then cold water and use an oil free moisterizer. i have beautiful clear skin. i would never waste money on proactive or anything like it. but i only have mild acne so im not sure what to do with severe acne or blackheads!! good luck to you all.
Just Try It!!!!!!!! Comments By: EXPERIENCE on 2009-10-22
I tried the toothpaste thing and believe me it does work!!! You actually have to mix the paste with water to make it then, then you reb a thin layer on you face and let it air dry. Unce the paste is dry you dry it off and presto BEAUTIFUL SKIN!!!!
It does work! Also use TruBlend for moisture Comments By: Sam on 2009-10-28
Ok, So I am 16 started using toothpaste about 8-9 months ago and let me tell you what! My face looks AMAZING!!! I use arm and hammer with baking soda toothpaste ad it truly has worked wonders for me! Gel toothpaste or mint doesn't do anything but make your face look worse. The paste works best. I wash my face 2X a day 3-4 times a week with it.I wash my face with warm water and then put the paste on my forehead, nose, and chin or where ever there is a pimple. I leave it o for 20 to 30 min and then I rinse it with cool water. It may sting when you put it on the first couple of times but after that it won't.
I HIGHLY reccomend that anyone try this!!! I tried everything from Proactive to Neutrogena and nothing worked but toothpaste did after just using it once I saw a difference. It took maybe 5 ddays to a week for my face to be completly clear and my face has NEVER been so clear! Just try it and if it doesn't work for you than it doesn't but it's worth a shot!
I also use TruBled whipped foundation every day and it moisturizes your skin thoughout the day so that also helps not to mention both will make your face completely flawless!!! And they are the only 2 things I use on my face! I would never lie to anyone! It works!!! So just try it. What do you have to loose? BUt you have to remember you will still get those occassional monthly brakeouts but there won't be near as many pimples, trust me!

I hope it works for you and that you will feel more comfortable in your new skin! =)

YESSS! (: Comments By: Ashley on 2009-11-05
im 16 and it works GREAT for my face. I have only used it twice yesterday and twice today and now my bumps are barely noticeable. NO make up for school tomorrow!
It burnt my skin Comments By: sadgirl on 2009-11-08
Uhm yeah.. it burnt my skin :(
k, Comments By: anon on 2009-11-09
CLEARLY it's different for everyone, just because it didn't work with your skin type, doesn't mean it won't with others. i've been putting tooth paste on for quite some time and it works great for me, it tingles a little, but that can be a good sign.
My Routine, Toothpaste and Sudocrem Comments By: Emily on 2009-11-22
This is what helps me have clear skin:
1. cleanse- this removes dirt and oil
2. tone- helps alot with oily skin
3.moisturise- if you have frequent acne outbreaks use a light, oil-free moisturise
4. use a dab of toothpaste- only for 30 minutes or if you have sensitive skin use a dab of sudocrem

zit Comments By: HealthDoc on 2009-11-24
alright this sounds disgusting, but it really does work.
during the day make sure you drink loads of water and when it comes to night time urinate in a bowl or cup you dont use and rub the urine into your skin. leave for an hour then wash off with hot water then cold water! remember hot water opens your paw's allowing dirt to get in so cold water closes them. try it! amazing...

great Comments By: Justin on 2009-11-27
i first tried it on one or two pimples and it made them smaller almost immediately and now i just tried it as a facial. leave on for 30 mins and then wash off and then if u want use some mild moisturizer and you will have amazing results. I have heard that it is bad for some people with sensitive skin so if u r not sure just try it on one small pimple or if you have them on your body, try there. Best of luck
OMGG! :]] Comments By: secretoo :P on 2009-12-05
It works amaiseing! i put this blue toothpaste with little mints in it with a white minty tooth paste, left it on for an hour, and omg!
it depends! Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-06
i got a bad pimple and typed this in because i didnt know what to do BUT it depends on if you have sensitive skin or not if you get erritaded with skin products or others for the face DONT USE THIS! you will wake up withh scabs and puffy red pimples. if you dont have sesntive skin give it a try BUT do NOT put a lot and only on the pimple not the whole face and wake up and wash it throuly and put lotion/ neosporen on ur pimple and it will be okay.
First try results Comments By: Adrian on 2009-12-07
Well.. i tried it on for 20 min and it isn't really a miracle, but it did help my face relief itself from pain. I'm going to try it 2 days from now to see
if it helps my redness. but for now my face feels very fresh.

Good ol toothpate Comments By: Scott on 2009-12-14
Toothpaste takes your pimples away quickly. Just give it a shot
acne treatment Comments By: Linette on 2009-12-19
Okay reading one of the earlier comments.
Using toothpaste as a facemask. are you crazy!!! whoaa!!!
toothpaste should be only used last min spot treatment may be for 20 mins and ONLY on the affected area.

toothpaste? pimple remover or not? Comments By: khammo on 2009-12-27
well. wat kind of toothpaste brand shud i use? idk which one to use even tho i have lots at my house i still dnt knw which one to use. help?
Celebs use toothpaste! Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-27
well. im 14. Im nerveous to use it. I heard Debby Ryan from Suite Life on Deck uses it. She tried it for bout 3 days and said later her skin was flawless. Is the tooth paste really safe. I have durable skin cuz I use oil soaps sometimes. Plz is it good?!
unless you want a scar dont use Comments By: Reena on 2009-12-28
well i had great skin and one daii i had a pimple so my cousin was like use the proactiv mask so me bein young n stupid i used it and now my face is horrible!! but bac to the toothpaste thing ive tried it and it jus made the skin around the pimple red and it burns!! also it left a scab on my face!!!! i would rather a pimple than a scab any day!!
Burn baby burn Comments By: Li on 2009-12-31
I got so frustrated with my pimples i just slabed it on my face and it felt like fire. I then rushed to wash it off five min later n its so hard to take it off ur skin...i recomend not using it unless u put it on little stuff and use a wash cloth to wash ur face and wash ur face very extremely well..put on moisterizer
It works...however Comments By: Heidi on 2009-12-31
Tips for toothpaste:
1. When you use it, make sure it's not the kind of toothpaste that has a gel strip, mint strips, or gel at all. Most people use Colgate white, which is just regular toothpaste.
2. ONLY put it on the AFFECTED areas! Not only will it dry out your skin, but it will burn and get sores, so only on the pimples!
3. For sensitive skin, don't leave it on for more than 1 hour! Some people say they could leave it on overnight, but it's different for others with sensitive skin.
4. Moisturize your face before putting it on!
5. Don't put the toothpaste on pimples that have already been popped.

:) With those tips, it will work!

I Just Put It On! Comments By: Kameren on 2010-01-03
So far im not sure... It doesnt so much burn its more of a tingly type feeling... i have acne all over my face. so i applied a VERY THIN layer all over. i use colgate mint (its all i had) I am only going to leave it on for 20 minutes. Not overnight! Ill let you guys no in 20 minutes how it went. Wish me luck.
It works's 4/5 Comments By: lol1234 on 2010-01-08
Is relly a good Trick .But i have experience with pimplae,but my probleam is the black pimples,do you know any help
sleeping with toothpaste.... Comments By: Dabha roanoak on 2010-01-15
Ahh it works but it gets all over my sheets when i sleep and having toothpaste all in my hair,i know i can wash it but its really annoying!
scabbing Comments By: jake on 2010-01-20
hey i just wanted the ones saying there pimple scabbed because of toothpaste it might be that u tried to hard to pop the pimple and ripped some skin off or somethin i had a big underground pimple scab over without toothpaste because i tried to hard to pop it
Toothpaste causes red skin Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-23
I used it over night, and now my skin is smooth yes, shiny yes, and it is also RED. ITS BEEN RED THE WHOLE DAY. i thought it would work... but it didnt work for me...
USE WITH THE FOLLOWING WARNING Comments By: anon on 2010-01-21
i had heard some good things about using toothpaste but after what has happened i will never use it again!
i has a few blemishes so i put a but on before i went to bed but i put too much and i ignored the burning sensation on my face. the next day i woke up with huge BURNS in the places i had put the toothpaste.
if you do use it, make sure you read warnings on how to apply and how much.
because otherwise you'll make your face even worse.
and you can barely cover the burns up with makeup.

Toothpaste warning! Comments By: Be careful on 2010-01-21
I recently used a toothpaste mask on my face; it worked wonders...

The second time I did it, I felt a really bad burning sensation and my eyes were tearing up...It was horrible

I wouldn't really recommend it but it did work for me; I didn't think that I had sensitive skin but I do...

hmmmmmm well..... Comments By: morgan on 2010-01-25
i am 12 and of course like almost every one at this age.....i have acne. i have tried everything! cleanclear, and acnefree. i have just put toothpaste on SOME of my face b_cuz i dont waana make mi face allll red if it doesnt work... it is burning kinda badly. that may b a problem. BUT i tried nuetragena last night 4 the 1st time and it kinda works. i have tried ice packs for hours and hours and hours but sometimes it doesnt work.....IM READY 2 TRY ANYTHING NOW!
IT WORKS Comments By: SASSY0935 on 2010-01-25
Tooth paste is good for pimples Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-28
Toothpaste works great but mint toothpaste burns your face I tried to put mint tp on my face the next morning my face was red so no mint tp ever thank. Gansta money out
SO FAR SO GOOD Comments By: Caitlin on 2010-01-31
I put toothpaste on my pimples about an hour ago. It's mint because that's all I had. So far my pimples are not red anymore and are noticeably smaller. Its not burning my skin, but I guess it depends on your skin type. WILL KEEP USING!
Not Good for Skin Comments By: Anonymous on 2010-02-03
I dont recommend using this method, because after doing this in the past, I had a spot on my face that's just a tad bit lighter than my skin tone. Please people, if your are going to use toothpaste, DONT KEEP IT OVERNIGHT!
toothpaste Comments By: lash on 2010-02-07
do not use mint toothpaste. You can feel your skin tingling as soon as you put it on. It does burn your skin because it's too strong for any skin type. Use only regular none whitening/mint toothpaste, and you will see results.
Acne i HATE it.... Comments By: kate on 2010-02-10
okay so I got told by alot that acne is more likely to go away with toothpaste so I used it and it woks good! I wear make up and the whole dont wear make up.... it will help the cause of acne is totally opposite for me when I dont wear it i break out! but everyones skin is different! i tried this white face mask poor cleaner it is GREAT! it was just something from walmart, but back to the toothpaste yeah ten to thirty min it wont burn after the first five. It feels cool on your face but its cleaning it! =) but this is my opinions!!!
Acne Scarring!.... Comments By: sumen on 2010-02-11
umh.. im wondering if it gets rid of my acne scarring?.. you know the lame spots left behind after ur pimple is poped or something... :] please do tell me i need to know asap.
DON'T USE IT Comments By: Pryl on 2010-02-11
I talked to my dermatologist about using toothpaste on my skin. I have sensitive skin and she said absolutely not.
Mint and Cinnamon can over dry, irritate and burn the skin. Flouride that is in just about all toothpastes today can irritate the skin, cause topical skin allergies, and make breakouts worse and cause extra skin flakiness (from drying & irritation). She said that she had also treated patients that ended up with severe chemical burns from whitening agents that are in just about all toothpastes. (I already knew that I had a allergy to whitening agents, because after brushing my teeth it made my gums slough off (Peel) and my dentist told me to try using basic toothpaste with nothing added to it like tartar control or whitening agents~ its hard to find).
Ask yourself if it is really worth the chance of pain, more irritation to the skin, worse breakouts and possible chemical burns to the skin just to save a few bucks instead of buying a achne treatment product that is specifically designed to help clear the skin?

It soooo work's :) Comments By: majbritt ( im a girl ) on 2010-02-14
hi suffers of acne...
I have a sulotion...
you can use sudo cream.
And It really works i'm
not joking...
I hope it works for you
other people,now all my spots
acne and pimples gone since last mounth
If you dont have sudo cream,
tooth paste will work as well..
all though sudo cream is better
I tested them myself...
I know cause my dad told me
and he knows cause he's
a doctor

hope it works

love from majbritt

IT WORKS! Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-18
Toothpaste works and I have sensitive skin. It absorbs all the humidity in the pimple. Put it on the nose/T-Zone area and you will see that a good amount of blackheads have gone away. Try it!
First Time.... Comments By: cYril on 2010-02-25

i read it all and i want to try it...

so this is my first time to try this..

if the result is bad..
what should i do??


not worth it.. Comments By: shannon on 2010-02-25
im 14 years old, and have around 4 spots on my forehead, they really get me down and wanted to do something about it, after reading all the comments on how good toothpaste should be i decided to try it. i left it on an area for 20mins it burnt a little but no major pain, i went to wipe it off and theres no change at all, really its just irritated my skin even more and brought the red pimples out! i wouldnt recommend trying this over my experience.
OMG!!!! Comments By: monica on 2010-02-27
There are so many things on here okay lets set things right!! I've used toothpaste and it works great for me specially on those zits that are bright red and hurt when you touch them i but toothpaste on the zit (DONT USE MINT) [i use the regular toothpaste] and leave it on i've never tried over night because i dont wanna get toothpaste all over my pillows but i leave it till i cant feel the cold spensation anymore then i take it off with water and a neutrogena shower gel! but on differin (you can get that by your doctor)-->^ and go to bed... Remember if you wear make up like cover up of consiler take it off first for better effect then put on the toothpaste. also try not to eat food that has a lot of fat like hambergers,french fries, or food like chocolate. try to stay away form milk. and Drink lots and lots of water!!!!! also what you can do is when your in the shower buy any cleaning product for you face!!!! i like to use neutrogena products. put the water as hot as i can stand it the hot water and stem opens up your poors put on the cleaning product and rub gently this will be easier to get all the nasty stuff out and will clear off your face!!! i've done all this and its worked great for me i just started this and it has cleared my face. try it and see how it works for you!!!! [toothpaste wont work on everybody's face as you can see on all the other comments
hi Comments By: yuri on 2010-03-07
ok toothpast worked for me so i put it on my embarising spot and after a minute it went small really small and i jumped so i put a dab on my area where there is smaal pimples around and i have at lesst 3 mins left so i'm really want it to work because i have school tomorrow and i hate hiding my pimples when ihave gym becaue i want to have my skin to show when i am so tired then trying to fix my hair to cover it so i hope it works
yeah sure Comments By: kira on 2010-03-08
i tried it for the first timeand it worked. no piimples wht so ever
It works, depending on your skin type. Comments By: Kate on 2010-03-15
Yes, it does work really really well if you dont have to sensitive skin. This is because toothpaste dries out the pimple leaving it not pussy, less red and more unoticible. I would recommend dabbing a small but of toothpaste to your pimple, or maybe a bit more depending how bad it is and leaving it overnight. I did this and i woke up and my pimple was almost completely gone! :)
Toothpaste rash (HELP!) Comments By: Graystream on 2010-03-17
I'm 13 and I heard that toothpaste was good for zits. I didn't reserach enough so I didn't know that you couldn't use mint toothpaste. I had these two jointed pimples on my cheeck that had not gone away for about a week so I put several types of toothpaste on it. In the begining it burnt and I got a rash. The skin around the area came off and it was very red. Finaly it scabed up and the scab fell off. And guess what was beneath the scab? THE PIMPLES WERE STILL THERE! It's been a month now and the pimples still haven't gone away. I'm already getting used to living with them, but they really bother me.

I recently just got two zits on my fourhead. I didn't know that you couldn't put mint toothpaste until today so I think I put it last night and now everything is burning again! It's all hapening again and I haven't even healed my last pimple! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU KNOW A WAY TO GET RID OF THESE BURNS OR RASHES OR WHATEVER THEY ARE. PLEASE!

comeing along... Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-16
I am 14 and is normally called very beatiful but,until my skin started breaking out i used a facial soap then i used toms natral mint toothpaste( i know everybody says dont use mint but in this case yes) since its natral it has no dyes. i left it on for about 10 mins. you could visibaly see the redness went down. it wasnt completly gone but its was comeing along. after that i used the facial soap again because my face was burning and after that the burning was gone.i believe if i countinue to use this method night and day i will be back to my normal self!
HELP Comments By: CRISTINA on 2010-04-01
use the toothpaste method Comments By: margii on 2010-04-06
i use toothpaste on my pimples and i only leave it on for 15 minutes and it completely works for me. DO NOT LEAVE IT ON ALL NIGHT!!!! i will cause blistering if you leave this on all night.
JUST BE CAREFUL Comments By: Jessica on 2010-04-09
I always had a prescription for my acne that works like a charm but my prescription ran out last week so I don't know what else to use. I heard of this from a friend and when I googled it I was told only 15 minutes is needed at a time.

So I only covered above the pimples and my nose so that MY ENTIRE FACE WAS NOT! COVERED. After a little burning I washed it off about 20 minutes later and seen that my nose was actually clear for once since it sucked everything out of the skin for me and my chin cleared up a little bit.

I recomend that anyone without sensitive skin use this method. DO NOT cover your entire face and DO NOT use it all night. Your skin will die because it can't air out like you need it to.

Dr says.... Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-28
Pop the suckers. if you let it stay later its gonna turn into hyperpigmentation
Don't Use Overnight!! Comments By: Nick Oleksiw on 2010-04-29
First night I left it on and was OK, but pimples still there.

SECOND night was awful. Woke up hurting on my face and saw RED SPOTS on the places I put the paste. Burned badly, it sucks a lot.

Should've used Lemon Juice...damn.

Sensitive Skin Comments By: Ashley on 2010-04-29
hey i have sensitive skin (REALLY SENSITIVE) and i tried toothpaste (it had whitener in it) and as soon as i put it on i cld feel it and i didn't leavve it on 4 more than 2 min. when i took it off i had a little bit of redness (from being irritated from the whitener im guessing) but the redness went away and my skin looked better. i suggest that when expirementing with toothpaste dont leave it on 4 long just try like 2-5 min. and DEFINETLY dont leave it on all night the first time u try it. the toothpaste did help a little :) dont put too much either and u shld b fine :)
Sensitive Skin Comments By: Ashley on 2010-04-29
hey i have sensitive skin (REALLY SENSITIVE) and i tried toothpaste (it had whitener in it) and as soon as i put it on i cld feel it and i didn't leavve it on 4 more than 2 min. when i took it off i had a little bit of redness (from being irritated from the whitener im guessing) but the redness went away and my skin looked better. i suggest that when expirementing with toothpaste dont leave it on 4 long just try like 2-5 min. and DEFINETLY dont leave it on all night the first time u try it. the toothpaste did help a little :) dont put too much either and u shld b fine :)
toothpaste remedy Comments By: jessica on 2010-05-15
It made my zit not be a bump anymore. make sure you dont load it on tho because one time i did and it pealed alooot!
What kind of toothpaste??? Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-16
I personally use Crest pro health toothpaste and it got rid of my pimples overnight! who knew?!
All Good Things in Moderation! Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-20
While I believe that using toothpaste works well, I don't think it should be on for more than 30 minutes. I only ever leave it on for 15. It stings a bit, and is red for a little while after (so it isn't instant gratification!)... but my face feels refreshed and much less oily after, and my pimples are reduced significantly.
Works for Me Comments By: Amelia Roundtree on 2010-05-20
I've been using toothpaste for my pimples ever since I first heard about it in an article when I was 13, and now I'll be 20 in a couple of weeks. It's a great "quick fix" that I use at least once a week. I dab a little on the breakouts at night, and wash it off with a scrub first thing in the morning. It may take a couple of days for mostly everything to be gone, but that's faster (and cheaper) than most acne products out there.

You HAVE to use a plain, white toothpaste. The gels and whitening toothpaste products are the worst on the skin, in my experience. They tend to burn the worst and help the least. Be aware that not every person and not every product is the same, so just because you or someone else had a single, bad experience does not mean that will always be the same result. Sometimes all it takes is a different brand, which makes the traveler packages very helpful when finding a good one.

Someone starting out may realize that toothpaste actually has an aroma. Try not to put it too close below and beside the eyes because the aroma alone can/will sting for about the first 30 seconds. This is normal and has no real harm that I know of. At least it's not as bad as cutting onions.

Avoid putting it on an already popped pimple. I learned the hard way that it stings terribly bad, but it does help clean out the last little bit and prevents a nasty infection. I've known people that have had pimples turn into an abscess.

Do know that I do have naturally dry and sensitive skin, particularly on the face and scalp. Thanks to lice shampoo, I found out from a doctor that it's actually more sensitive than normal. NEVER have I had any major problems with using toothpaste on my skin. It may sting a little, but this is normal for everyone. If you ignore it, it will go away after a few minutes. So stop the complaining. You might actually be tricking yourself into thinking it's worse without actually realizing it. Goes along the lines of "Mind over Matter."

My sister asked her dermatologist about this once, and responded by saying basically what I am saying now. It works for some but not all. It is a quick fix deal just as are most acne treatments on the market today. And it is in only rare cases that toothpaste will actually corrode the skin.

iffy Comments By: craig on 2010-05-21
Overnight is a very bad idea, it will burn your skin quite badly.
Doing it for up to a hour or so though then removing it works great for the red patches left over by spots though.

Goodness, people please! Comments By: BobbiJo on 2010-06-03
It depends on your type of skin, so stop scaring people to death with "oh no, it burns!" What happens with your skin, might not happen to other peoples.
Formula.. Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-10
Toothpaste works pretty well for me, Mint or no. The trick is - yes, even if you have sensitive skin like me - NOT TO LEAVE IT ON FOR TOO LONG. I put it on, get in the bath, and make sure it's completely gone before I'm out of the shower. So it's on for like 10-20 minutes MAX. It dries out your skin at first, but if you're willing to deal with the slight discomfort for an hour or so it'll go away. Otherwise, I take Vitamin C every day, plus drink lots of water. Vitamin C is really good for your skin, and so is water. If you stay away from the pop and junk food, you'll be pimple-free in a few weeks.
Not very sure.... Comments By: Lyssie on 2010-06-10
I tried but it was hot!I felt my skin burning. I then rinse it off.
Toothpaste Comments By: BOO on 2010-06-12
I have alot of pimple scare and there is some pimple that is red.. I am trying the toothpaste hope this will work, I want my clear face again not with lot of pimple around it...
toothpaste Comments By: john williams on 2010-06-15
i used Colgate cavity protection and it works amazing !
Errrrr.... Comments By: Pat on 2010-06-19
I have a pimple on my nose. I have never tried this before & the bad comments are making me have second thoughts... but I want it gone & fast... So how does it work for oily skin is my question.
Read First! Comments By: Shiki on 2010-06-22
There are people on here saying that they left the toothpaste on their face overnight and then say that toothpaste is bad... But the thing is, the instructions NEVER said to LEAVE THE TOOTHPASTE ON OVERNIGHT.

So read first before you say something possibly silly, foolish people.

Not badd Comments By: Victoriaaaa on 2010-07-17
Okay. I have this HUGE zit right under my nose, you can see from like really far away, its gross.
I've had it on for about 30 minutes now, and it burns a little. But I looked in the mirror and its not some huge big fat THING anymore. Thank gosh.
It was nastyyy. Anyways Im going to take it off in like 5 minutes and I'll review again.

Im backkk Comments By: Victoriaaaa on 2010-07-17
Nothing really happened..
I took it off and it was smaller, barely, but still.

So you got burned from toothpaste? Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-19
After you take off toothpaste mask and the pimple is popped or the toothpaste burned or scabbed the skin, the pimple is no longer a pimple but an open wound, and what do we put on open wounds? Neosporin!! With a q-tip apply neosporian to the area, do NOT apply anywhere that isn't infected because neosporin is a greasy healer and may break out other areas of your face. Also, the greasy healing power of neosporin is perfect for the burns or scabs left from the toothpaste!
Softer ! Comments By: Anonymous on 2010-07-23
Toothpaste works perfectly fine! The buring means it's killing bacteria which is a GOOD thing...many people i know use it. This seems to be the only solution i can use at this point.
i'm not on anyone's side.. Comments By: _siska_ on 2010-07-28
as for me...i used toothpaste after i use my cleanser...it work but make sure u don't rub yr skin to hard..that will hurt yr face real bad...u can at least give it a try..
[p.s somebody please correct if I'm wrong]...happy trying n good luck!!=)

WOW!!!!! Comments By: YAY on 2010-07-26
My Result Comments By: StDaRa on 2010-07-28
Well, I have about one big clump of pimples on my left cheek that's about 5 big red ones and small ones on my forehead and right cheek & I decided to try the toothpaste method. I put on some colgate toothpaste about 40 min back & removed about 10 min ago. Only kept it for 30 min & I have oily skin which is not sensitive. It burned for about 10 min & stopped soon after. When I went to remove it, my acne was slightly less red and slightly smaller. I was expecting the pimpled to get worse, but luckily, it did not :) It burned after I took it off and went to get me an egg. I separated the egg white from the egg yolk and threw away the yolk. I then got the egg white and put it on my face for about 10 minutes. It cooled down my face from the burn which was good. Well, I rinsed it off with cold water and my skin felt good, but the acne was still the same. It's your choice if you want to try it and for hor how long. It made no difference to me so I'm just going to use it to clean my teeth. I recommend trying Hydrogen Peroxide, it worked wonders for me the first week. It would've probably worked better if I didn't use it continuously as it said on the page I saw it on. Only rinse your face with warm water, then soak a cotten ball or q-tip with hydrogen peroxide and place on the only the acne. It will sting a bit and it'll seem as though you got whiteheads, but that's just the HP working on your skin. You can leave it on or wash it off after 30 min, your choice. That's about it & I hope I helped.
Read the Directions Comments By: Kylee on 2010-08-08
Those of you who said it made it worse, you left it on overnight, and he/she specifically says to rinse it off in 30-60 minutes, and not to leave it on overnight.

I haven't tried this, but I'm kind of excited to now (;

It burns!!! Comments By: braelyn on 2010-08-25
Ok so when i have a pimple i put a dab of toothpaste over it and it works fine.. but now i tried the toothpaste facial mask and it made my skin burn and when i took it off cause of the burning it was all red.. so i dont think you should try it unless you know for sure you dont have sesitive skin. :(
what can you dooo?! Comments By: Jennifer on 2010-09-01
i had a small pimple and iput a tab of tooth paste on it and left it over night ' when i woke up ihad a circle around my pimple it looks like i got burned what can i do?!
THIS SUCKS Comments By: ANTHONY on 2010-09-10
Toothpaste on pimples - Stannous Fluoride Comments By: thediesel1976 on 2010-09-16
I have a friend that is microbioligst with a Health Care company. She informed me that the active ingredient that has very good anti-microbial properties is Stannous Fluoride. This is the active ingredient found in some toothpastes. If you have a pimple, putting toothpaste on it that contains Stannous Fluoride should work.
TOOTHPASTE WILL MAKE YOU CRY! Comments By: Ateeka on 2010-09-20
DO NOT. I REPEAT DO NOT USE TOOTHPASTE ON YOUR SKIN. i used toothpaste on my skin and i woke up the next day with 2HUGE BURNS! ITS LIKE 2 HOLES ON YOUR FACE. I have no idea watt to do so im going to a doctor.
Don't even brother taking the risk of using toothpaste on your skin :)

CONFUSSED ! Comments By: Mary thompson on 2010-09-21
Ivbeen reading about toothpaste on my computer so i thought id try it .So iput it on over night , but it just rubbed off . So the next night i put toothpaste on the big red spot again and then i put a plaster on top of it, But when i peeled the plaster off there was yellow puss on it , and yeah the spot had gone down , but i have a bigred circle from where thesopt had been . I still have the spot now , So pleeasssseee HELP !! xx
OMG Comments By: Amber on 2010-09-26
It worked for me, I have clear pimple free skin. If it didnt work for u it is probably because:
- Ur skin may react differnetly to everyone elses
IF it doesnt work too bad look for another way

NEVER AGAINNN! Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-09
so yesterday i wus trying to figure out how to get rid of pimples cuz i had a big one on my forehead so i put toothpaste nd a bandaid on it n left it on all night and woke up with a big ugly burn on my face and cried im 13 and dont wanna go 2 school like this...how can i get rid of this burn FAST!
Burns Comments By: Ed on 2010-10-11
Guys, I am telling you.. this is not worth the risk.. i left the toothpaste on 4 small pimples overnight.. I woke up this morning and have 4 huge, round burn marks on my face.. i am trying desperatly hard to get rid of them.. i just dumped half a jar of vaseline on my face, and am preying these marks will go away.. it looks soooooo bad..
toothpaste Comments By: Isha on 2010-10-11
i did the toothpaste and it helped REALLY good the times i used it but 2 days ago i used mint toothpaste on accident and now i hav the really ugly brown marks on my face. They are REALLY annoying soo yah dont use mint toothpaste just stick with the whit one lol
IT WORKES!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-30
omg i am so glad i found this article!!! i have been putting toothpaste on my pimples every week for about 2 weeks and i only leave it on for 2 hrs. it cleared my pimples right up!!!!!
Surprising Solution Comments By: Laine on 2010-11-02
I have had years of suffering because of acne. I have seen countless doctors that ranged from dermatologist, to your regular physician. I tried almost everything - Proactive, Nuetrogena, Acne Free, etc etc even other homemade cures like yogurt masks or probiotics. THey either wouldn't work or would have little effect, and then my skin would build a tolerance. I nearly gave up until my sis told me what she discovered. I used toothpaste for my pimples before, but she recommended I wash my entire face with it and let it set for a couple minutes before complete removal. I thought she was insane.

I am happy to report that I have used it for 2 weeks now and have seen a dramatic improvement :) I have really a really oily complexion so toothpaste works perfectly. Aquafresh keeps new pimples from forming, reduces the size of existing pimples (and even my pores!) and because of its exfoliating properties, pretty much vanquished the acne scars I had!!

Personally - Toothpaste keeps my skin at a perfect moisture level, though I do apply a mild oil free moisturizer with spf 15 in the morning. I wouldn't suggest, however, to keep it on ALL night because it dries the skin out soooo well.

Keep in mind, this is my PERSONAL acne fighting regime. For some, this may be too intense or even not enough. For others, this may not work at all (if your skin tend to be sensitive). Test on a SMALL area and figure out YOUR OWN toothpaste treatment that your skin can handle :D

EXTREMELY Comments By: Eric H on 2010-12-01
this is so fukn cold on my face right now. my brother just attacked me with the tooth paste i got from the dentist office(those tiny ones) and so i have a big globb(yes theres 2 b's, deal with it) i feel like my face is ice x_x
So so Comments By: roxanna on 2010-12-03
I used toothpaste for my chin and around my mouth i used the minty kind its worked on some parts but i guess i put too much on a little part so first it was kind of blue( the color of the tooth paste) then i washed it again and its starting to turn brown and dry..what to i doooo???? ohh yeah it kind did work though the redness went down. im going out tommorow night i want to look good!!
it works, use common sense, be PATIENT Comments By: voltairine on 2010-12-26
Okay, look. Let me explain from the perspective of someone who is 43 and has had acne now for like 20 years.

I didn't have acne during my teen years. My skin was clear in high school, just to lull me into a false sense of security. My 3 sisters and 1 brother, however, all had bad skin in high school. My younger sister's bad skin started around age 9. But I did not escape, it was just delayed in my case. In my 20s then I started to get bad acne, too. I believe it's totally genetic, as we all get the same or similar acne very large, under-the-skin cyst-like acne, which often never comes to a head, you can't pop them (unless you REALLY) want to f--- it up for WEEKS to come, trust me!), and they just have to go away on their own. Collectively, we have tried EVERYTHING that is out there. And we have gone to dermatologists since the 1970s (my 2 older sisters) until the 00s (my younger sister).

In the 1970s, the dermatologist told my mother that acne was caused by fatty foods, and gave her a list of foods my older sisters couldn't eat (such as nuts, chocolate, fried foods, etc.). In the 90s, my dermatologist told me that diet was irrelevant, acne was caused by hormones and heredity. In the case of the 5 of us, heredity and hormones seem to be the case: my brother's acne cleared up after he was no longer an adolescent, and his skin has remained clear throughout adulthood (maybe 1 zit in 15+ years). In my and my sisters' cases, we break out monthly related to menstrual cycles.

Collectively, my sisters and I have been put on every medication that dermatology had to offer acne sufferers. The sulfur medicatons and soaps in the 70s; the oral and topical antibiotics and benzoyl peroxides in the 80s; the Retin-A, Different, etc. retinoid gels/creams/lotions in the 90s. I had one dermatologist prescribe me exactly the same regimen as my younger sister whose acne started at age 9 and who has incredibly oily skin, even though my acne didn't start until my 20s and I have very dry skin. We were both using alcohol-based topical antiobiotics, Retin-A gel, and benzoyl peroxide lotion with a special antibiotic soap. Needless to say, her skin cleared up somewhat while mine was completely fried, my face turned beet red like a bad sunburn/windburn combination, and was dried out and burned so badly that it began to crack and ooze. And I STILL got the huge, buried, under-the-skin, cyst-like zits. Clearly, when you see all problems as a nail, you solve them all with a hammer... even if you went to medical school. Yay, critical thinking.

As you can imagine, after that I was done with dermatologists. I began to do my own research. I found the web site www.acne.org and it basically saved my life. My acne didn't clear up completely, but it was vastly reduced just by following Dan's simple acne.org regimen AND, most importantly, I didn't have to burn or fry my skin to clear it up. The regimen (any regimen) requires discipline, good habits (ALWAYS wash your face before you go to bed, but DON'T wash your face too much, and use only MILD soap or cleanser) and perseverance, but it works. (Incidentally, Paula Begoun recommends basically the same regimen at www.cosmeticscop.com. I have used her products, but now I find them overpriced. She does have a nice moisturizing wrinkle serum, though, and one tube lasts a long time.)

But still, I broke out every month due to hormonal cycles. I would get at least 1, sometimes 2 of those deep, large, painful under-the-skin zits. And they would take weeks to go away. Nothing seemed to stop them, but the NUMBER of zits I got per monthly cycle was vastly reduced by following the acne.org/cosmeticscop.com acne regimens.

Then last summer, I had a bout of stomach flu that left me unable to drink milk anymore. Anytime I drank milk or ate cheese, I got terrible cramps, diarrhea, bloating and awful gas. That didn't happen with butter (on toast), yogurt (for breakfast), or cream (in coffee), just the milk and cheese. So I stopped drinking milk and eating cheese no more pizza, etc.

In four months, my skin cleared up tremendously. For 2 months I had NO ZITS at ALL. It was amazing. I realized it was a combination of what I ate *and* hormones *and* heredity (all of which makes sense). Paula also recommends using a mask of milk of magnesia periodically, and this helps calm down my skin, although it also dries my skin, as my skin is dry and sensitive. But, as long as I make sure I use only 2.5% benzoyl peroxide once a day, wash once a day with a very MILD cleanser (Cetaphil or store-brand knock-off), and moisturize, my skin is as clear as it is ever going to get.

Then I made a fatal mistake. Our Christmas party for work was at an Italian restaurant. They served pizza. Knowing in advance, I brought lactose-intolerance supplements (brand name: Lactaid, but I brought the generic pills) with me, so I could eat some pizza and baked manicotti. Big mistake. Less than 1 week after eating the pizza, my skin broke out horribly with 5-6 huge, under-the-skin, cyst-like zits. A couple came to a head, but most did not, they just stayed red and swollen, distending my chin and cheek.

As it is Christmas and I didn't want to look horrible, I thought about the toothpaste and zit thing. I had tried it years ago and it didn't work for me. But since it was Christmas and I felt and looked horrible, I was desperate. So I dabbed some toothpaste on my 4 biggest cyst-like zits (one which had come to a head and I popped, although not everything had come out). But I wanted to know *why* toothpaste would work, so I went on the Internet and Googled why does toothpaste work for pimples? And this Tipking web site came up.

As I read through people's experiences, the toothpaste on my zits tingled and burned. I got more and more nervous, reading about people whose faces were burned with black or purple marks from leaving it on overnight, or using Crest. I couldn't remember whether my toothpaste was Crest, or Colgate. I finally read one horrible experience, and jumped up like a shot and ran to wash the dabs of toothpaste off my face. (It turned out I used Colgate Sensitive, which has potassium nitrate to dull sensation in the teeth I have sensitive teeth, and this was a small sample tube of toothpaste from my dentists and also sodium fluoride as the active ingredients.) Then I applied some of my anti-wrinkle serum to the zits where the toothpaste had been, hoping I could stave off a burn. Then I dabbed milk of magnesia over them, which always seems to calm my skin.

Well, it's about 20 minutes later. I washed everything off and the zits I dabbed the toothpaste (then moisturizing serum, then milk of magnesia) on are 90% smaller than they were in 2 cases, they are basically invisible now, *including* the one that partially popped.

SO, I think we can all conclude here that toothpaste will probably work, IF you are careful, use common sense, and use good judgment. Don't put it all over your face; just put it on the zits you want to clear. Don't leave it on for hours or overnight you feel a burn for a reason after all: it IS burning! Leave on for a short time, maybe 10 minutes, then wash off. Moisturize afterward. Be gentle with skin afterward. DON'T OVERDO IT, should be your guiding principle. If you follow all these guidelines, you should have a good experience without any of the negatives.

I understand about wanting ALL your acne to go away YESTERDAY. I understand about wanting a super-quick fix because you're supposed to attend a big social event tomorrow/tonight/in 2 hours. I understand how these f------ zits can pop up out of nowhere, very quickly, and ruin you day/evening/date.

I also understand how you can scar your face by picking them, piercing them, popping them BEFORE they are ready to pop on their own, and just generally fussing with your face. The problem is, it's very hard to keep your hands off your face when it looks like hell; you just can't stop messing with it because you want to do something, *anything*, to speed up the process of getting better. Unfortunately, 9 times out of 10, all your fussing, cleaning, picking, popping, dabbing, etc. just makes the pimples worse, or infected, or scabbed and then scars.

Most importantly, the best way to learn to keep your hands off your face is to get your skin to clear up. In 20 years of having acne (and now, having to fight acne *and* wrinkles at the same time, argh), the only thing that has worked for me was the regimen at www.acne.org (I even bought the book, used, via Amazon), modified a bit by the regimen at www.cosmeticscop.com, and cutting out milk and cheese from my diet. My younger sister follows the same regimens, but recently went low-carb and cut all gluten from her diet. That cleared up her skin for *her* and she still drinks milk and eats cheese. (Since it's the holidays, she had some cookies and desserts with flour/gluten, and her face then broke out a bit see what happens when you break your regimen?) So even though we are related, and clearly our acne is very hereditary, it is still different for each of us.

Toothpaste DOES work. Be sensible, be cautious, use common sense, don't try to fix 1, 3, 5 or 10 years of acne problems in one night. ONLY put it on the zits, leave on for 5-10 minutes, wash off, moisturize, and leave it. If it's a few hours before your social event or yearbook/class photo, try the toothpaste solution ONCE MORE, wash off, and then LEAVE IT and let your skin heal! The human skin is an amazing organ with amazing regenerative powers, if you keep it hydrated, properly nourished, and don't excessively dry it out or aggravate it. Good luck everyone! With PATIENCE it will work! Remember, it was the tortoise who won, not the hare slow and steady wins the race!

SOS!!! NOTHIN!!!! Comments By: patty on 2010-12-30
It doesn't work. It didn't make the pimple smaller or less redder. It looks the same from b4. And I rlly dunno wut 2 do..I have 2 go bak 2 skool in 3 more days..:( I used Crest (whiteing) & nothin happened. I'm just supper mad & disappointed. Well...good luck ladies & gentlemen
not for everyone Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-31
This isnt for everyone obviously, but when I use a medium thick layer of toothpaste every night, in the morning its fine! but I wouldnt recommend using it when your sick because I did and it just made it much worse.
i like it... Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-09
I havent finished but it doesnt really burn, just a little, im just going to keep it on for about half on hour and see what happens, my skin isnt to sensitive and ive heard it works very well. i hope this works, because i have mutiple pimples on my forhead, and they are red, if anything i hope it justs makes them less red :p ill get back to you
Hmm. Comments By: yupyup on 2011-01-19
Well, I used it, not really knowing if it'll help or not, and it does seem to, tho I never leave it on overnight (toothpaste all over my pillow? No thnx...).

I have fairly sensitive skin, too. :|

better than toothpaaste Comments By: Shawndrekka :) on 2011-01-20
oooomg toothpaste does work buht heres something easier buht you probley dont want to do
1. Go to your local pharmacy
2. Order birthcontrol
3. Take it and dont miss a day
I know you dont want to take birth contorol but its better than putting toothpaste on your face buht just try. Birth Control takes away acne not black heads so when your acne is gon use the toothespaste for the blackheads you can ask dr.oz if any questions email me [email protected]

DOESNT WORK Comments By: Katie on 2011-01-31
Toothpaste does NOT work for me either! I wish that I would have known the downsides to it because it seems to be working for everyone else. I now have a bunch of dry spots on my face, that I can't seem to get rid of! And they are huge. If I would have not slept in the toothpaste, and just left it on for a few minuted, I probably would'nt have this problem. Any suggestons about how to get the dry spots to go away? PLease help!!!
Works For Me Comments By: Haley on 2011-02-02
I tried this about 5 years ago and have been doing it ever since. I found a way to spice it up, I guess you could say. I take a bit of toothpaste and cornstarch and mix together in the palm of my hand. This makes a thick paste perfect for a mask. It dilutes the toothpaste a bit, but not so much that it's ineffective. Leave it on for about an hour or until the tingly feeling is gone. Wash it off with warn water, rinse your face with cool water to close your pores up a tad, this reduces the risk of funk from getting in after their clean, and then pat dry. It always works for me, but I have tough, and very oily skin.
It works. Comments By: Me(: on 2011-02-03
I use toothpaste 3 times a week. It really helps. If you have sensitive skin don't use it overnight. It works well. It doesn't matter if it is mint or not. Also, drink LOTS of water.
Works for me! But... Comments By: A 14 year old smarter than the rest of you on 2011-02-06
OH COME ON PEOPLE I am thoroughly amazed at the level of stupidity our society has reached. You're not supposed to spread it ALL over your face [email protected], just dab a tiny bit on the zit itself. Geez. -.-
Not sure yet Comments By: Jonathan on 2011-02-10
Ok, so I am trying it now... but I am amazed at how many people complain at things they did that the directions specifically said not to do. For instance, Direction #3 says specifically, "DO NOT leave it on overnight" and yet people are ranting that they got burned and it's all because of their own recklessness. Geez people, READ THE DIRECTIONS, and most importantly... FOLLOW THEM!
mint toothpaste Comments By: anthony on 2011-02-14
what if you have mint tooth paste and you use it couldnt you take it off earlier so that your skin dosnt get hurt and your zit free

It Worked Like a Charm! Comments By: Amanda on 2011-02-21
This cheap and easy acne remover worked like a charm for my skin. Although I'm not really sure about my skin type, I think even sensitive skin can handle the toothpaste as long as you only leave it on for a short amount of time.(10-15 mins.) I would recommend 30-60 mins.(NOT OVERNIGHT,IT WILL DRY OUT AND BURN YOUR SKIN) with regular skin. My steps exactly: #1- I personally washed my face with Aveeno facial cleanser, but any mild face wash should do. #2- I gently pat-dried my face with a clean towel. #3- I applied a small amount of toothpaste onto the infected area. (I personally used Sensodyne toothpaste because that was the only paste that I had) I would recommend a mint-free,(flavoring is okay, just not the actual ingredient) white paste(whitening is okay) #4- I left the toothpaste on for 45 minutes. (It tingled for about 3 minutes and then calmed down; but if it burns or tingles for more than 10 minutes, rinse it immediately.) #5- I rinsed my face with warm water(you begin to notice a big difference) and then cold in order to close the pores to block bacteria form entering. #6- I patted dry with a towel and went to bed. I hope this remedy works for you; just remember to follow these steps to avoid burning of the skin.*** The reason toothpaste removes acne so well is because it dries out the skin in that particular area thus reducing swelling. ***
swallon lip Comments By: Key on 2011-03-15
I tried the toothpaste trick overnight and woke up with a burning and puffy lip. Guess the home remedy didn't work for me.....
It works!! Comments By: Jane on 2011-03-16
Dab it on with your finger make sure that its not wet. Don't keep it on over night. If it burns really bad only keep it on for 5 MINUTES.
DO NOT USE TOOTHPASTE! Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-17
It burns REALLY bad, no i don't have dry skin. Nope, didn't have any mint ingredients. It hurts, i took it off after having it on for 30 minutes. PLEASE do not use this it HARMS your skin and burns through your skin. My face is very sore
Never Tried it Before! Comments By: Adriana on 2011-03-21
Well,my mom told me that to get rid of pimples to use toothpaste,so i just put some on right now.. and reading all the comments i scared my skin will be red,dry and irritated.we'll see what happens though. Hopefully everything turns out ok. If it does i comment again saying it does!
If it doesnt work Comments By: Kylie on 2011-03-20
If the toothpaste irratates your skin, then try a home made honey mask, 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 teaspoons of milk (any milk works) mix it together well and leave it on your face around 10-15 minutes, honey doesnt irratate skin, but if it does, discontinue using it and try an asprin mask.
I dont know yet Comments By: Joshua on 2011-03-20
I keep on reading that it helps. I had a pimple about a month or two ago.I kept trying to pop it but it made it worse. It finally went awake the following week. Now i have another one, so im gunna try it. But DO NOT touch it, it makes it worse!!!
Okay. REGULAR TOOTHPASTE (No gel, no mint) works! The reason it burns is because if you use Whitening Toothpaste, It has high Hidrogen Peroxide in it so it swells up your skin, or EVEN BURNS IT! REmember, DONT POP IT! Wait for it to go away by itself! It all toothpastes dont work. To treat it, use tea tree oil, an ice pack, or liquid Benedryl. (:
PLEASE READ Comments By: 'Anon' on 2011-04-03
It does work, you just have to follow the directions.
DO NOT USE TOOTHPASTE THAT IS MADE FOR GETTING RID OF TARTAR! The chemicals are too harsh on the skin AND THAT IS WHAT MADE YOUR SKIN BURN! Also use ones that are white ( Aquafresh I found works best) and if all the sudden you feel it burn ( not tingle, it is supposed to do this ) wash your face immediately. Try it first for 5 minutes, if it burns, stop, then try for 10, then 2 hours, then overnight so your skin gets used to it, but do it on a different pimple every time.

best solution Comments By: victor on 2011-06-12
best solution for acne is to get laid... period... worked for me when i was 16
Dont try this at home... Comments By: Dr pimples on 2011-07-12
it burns and dries out your skin and start to itch..
@ I am just 12 Comments By: amele on 2011-07-16
hey look the same thing happened to me......rub your face because some layer of toothpaste is still present in your skin.....then you'll get hyper pigmentation which will go by the use of soaps useful for hyperpigmrntation
it works yay! Comments By: anon on 2011-07-17
toothpaste does work so does honey lemon and scrubs the best way is to let your skin have some air while trying to get rid of a pimple/zit dont try and cover it up with makeup just have a few days without around 4-5 days your skin will clear up you can get zit cream from most shops and chemist
TRY ON YOUR WRIST BEFORE YOUR FACE! Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-21
Before putting toothpaste on your face, its very important to try it on another part of your body, ie wrist, to ensure that you won't have a bad reaction. I tried it and it was fine when it was on my wrist but after I took the toothpaste off it started itching and it was very red. Just please make sure that your toothpaste won't make anything worse before you use it on your face. at least on another body part it won't be as noticeable.
Comments By: Matthew on 2011-08-05
Everyone whos said its bad has left it on overnight. just dont leave it on over night! i just left doller store touth PASTE not gel on my pimples for 30 minutes and they got TONS smaller but kinda irritated but after an hour they got lighter so u can barely see them.
how can i get rid of acne? Comments By: bless c. on 2011-08-07
hi there! i had these pimples since i was at the 4th grade i had a little bit at 3rd then got worse at 5th me and my family have tried lods of products i have read some things about toothpaste but some say it's not safe, i maybe stupid to say this but i really dont know if i have a sensitive skin i guess not much, what's the best remedy BTW? i'm really desprate. i'm going to a new school this september and i dont wanna be teased because of my pimples. hope you can help me thanks!
PIMPLE WAS ON MY FACE 4 MONTHS Comments By: Sara on 2011-08-08
I had this pimple 4 months because I kept messing with it and it would just keep getting irritated over and over again. Well, I finally put a dab of toothpaste on over night. The next morning I woke up, washed it off and a giant yellow head was on the pimple...FINALLY! I busted it and now it is healing and I think I won't have to deal with this ugly thing anymore.
Thanks Toothpaste!!

PS: Toothpaste works great for healing cuts as well!

Here's the Deal Comments By: Janis on 2011-08-08
I have been doing this pretty rarely. Just when I need it, ever since I was fourteen. It works great for me. But I don't have sensitive skin. It adjusts Yo everything. And stop freaking out about burning, because it does sting at first (just like alcohol pads may sting the cut and vicks and blistex sometimes stings as well) but give it a bit and distract yourself and you'll be fine.

Like people are saying, experiment a little with 10-20 minutes and only on a small area and not before a big day like prom or something. See if it works. I keep it over night. It's fine.

Please stop panicking and telling people it's horrible. If it didn't work for you, it didn't work. Butt there's science behind it and it gas worked for others. It so cheap so it doesn't hurt to try.

I do it like once every two months and I put colgate total.


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