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Toothpaste for pimples

Submitted by marylou q

Use toothpaste to get rid of zits or pimples apply a little over night or if you already took your bath apply to the pimple.

The following was sent in by EvanLeviBlinn

Please people, what is with all of the miss-spelled words and abbreviations? No slang or jargon is to be written on websites!

Many of you do not follow PRECISE DIRECTIONS!

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, or water.
  2. Make sure you have PASTE not GEL. Apply to the acne and surrounding areas.
  3. Leave the treatment on for 30-60 minutes depending on your skin type.(if you feel severe burning STOP! and DO NOT leave in over night!)
  4. Wash your face with lukewarm water. Make sure that you remove all traces of acne for if you miss some it could burn your skin!
  5. Pat your skin dry. DO NOT RUB!!!
  6. Get a moisturizer and apply in a circular or left-to-right motion to your ENTIRE face.
  7. Make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep and in the morning, your acne will be reduced (NOT CURED!)

Good Luck! :D

Visitors comments

WHAT DO I DO???? Comments By: POLLY on 2007-07-15

TipKing says: Some people do seem to suffer a reaction to the toothpaste. I would think this is what has happened to you. It will calm down.

Impressive. Comments By: Sheila on 2007-07-17
The incredible amount of people who cannot spell or construct a proper sentence on this site is very impressive. I'm dumbfounded.

Also, why would you comment if you have never tried this? I was skeptical when I first heard this tip many years ago, and I have been doing this since I was a teenager and I have never had any issues with burning my skin so bad that I need a paramedic and bandages. If it hurts, then wash it off. It's not rocket science.

I do leave it on my pimples overnight (only on my pimples, not all over), and just a very thin layer. I use a gentle facial cleanser before applying it (I use a wide variety: Cetaphil, MD Skincare, Murad, DDF, Cosmedicine, and some others). I have never had an issue with scabbing, but the pimple is usually very dry in the morning if I leave it on over night, so I just use some good moisturizer and it's fine. Sometimes I use Neosporin once the pimple is gone and I just have a small little spot of dry skin left, just to help the peeling heal up faster.

Toothpaste is the best remedy for pimples I have found without a prescription. Obviously, going to a doctor and getting a prescription specifically for your skin type is the best, so if you are concerned about acne then go to a doctor.

THIS IS THE REAL SOLUTION. Comments By: Tracy on 2007-07-18
Okay, everyone, it's time for the truth.
I work for a local skin medical center in my area, and what I recommend is using a mask for 45 minutes with the following ingredients:
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
1/2 cup honey
3/4 water
It may sound ridiculous; but this is what we do at my job for facials before we do laser treatments.
What it does is not only moisturize the face, but also dries up the infected areas, resulting in a thin layer of skin growing over quickly, and if you let it leave it at that and not pick at it, in less than 2 days you will be acne free.
Good luck!

It works, it REALY works! Comments By: Brittany on 2007-07-24
I tried using toothpaste on my pimples and surprisingly it helped them a lot. I applied Aquafresh toothpaste and left it on them for about 45-hour. When I washed the toothpaste off, I could easily see that the majority of the redness had faded away and they werern't as puffy as they originally were. Perhaps using toothpaste doesn't work for everybody, but it does work for some. :)
well?!?!? Comments By: erin on 2007-08-01
welll yea
but when i first did it i was walking around my house and i thought i am sooo stupid
and it worked but it felt really cool on my head it felt really cold
but it work so i guess its ok then

Giving it a try! Comments By: laur on 2007-08-02
Hey guys! I used toothpaste on my two pimples last nite & it worked pretty well... but im trying it again tonight on more &ill let you know how it works out! =]
Dont leave it on!!! Comments By: mymomisapharmacist on 2007-08-03
When you're tyring this technique dont leave it on for more than five minutes. Leave it on to short of a time, this wont work. If you leave it on to long your face might burn! And just remember everyone's skin is different so do be discourged if this does not work for you.
Idiots!!! Comments By: Another Idiot on 2007-08-07
you guys are just going back and forth about how it either ruined your life or saved it. heres the PERFECT solution: to know if toothpaste is right for you, dont be a moron and slather a tube on your face, just put a dab on a SINGLE SPOT... if it works, awesome, you have a new anti-acne method! if not, you have to deal with ONE bad spot, and you can go on and find other methods.

(be patient, one day more of having acne isnt all that bad when you think about how great it would be to have it all gone once you find the RIGHT solution)

Sort of worked Comments By: Kennady on 2007-08-07
It made the spots a lot smaller but my skin got even more irretated. I gave it a try and got 1 good result and one bad result. I would not recomend it. I do recomend a face cleanser without alchol. Like Stridex. It works for me!
works great for me Comments By: anon on 2007-08-09
I started to use toothpaste on super big zits only, i just leave on for an hour and it has baking soda & no mint. Than during the day, i use Clearasil daily acne control, i dont have acne, but you can wear it all day long and it works like a cover up. Not for sensitive skin, but my friends call it the miracle zit cream. Don't be stupid, try it in an area no one will see it, and if you have really sensitive skin than don't even bother trying.
yupp Comments By: urmomma on 2007-08-09
it duz work..ive known this for a long time
Well, let's see then..... Comments By: Cheater on 2007-08-13
I haven't tried this yet, and I'm about to put some toothpaste on as a mask for 30 min as a previous comment suggested. (I gave this a 3 rating because I'm not sure yet, I will change it later........
Maybe longer..... Comments By: Cheater on 2007-08-13
I just put toothpaste on a huge zit for about an hour and it did little for me, but I think I have to leave it on longer, maybe all night if I have to. It made it just a little bit smaller looking, and its a little drier, buts that's it.
Question Comments By: Erica Lee on 2007-08-14
Well, I have a huge big red pimple on the tip of my nose. And I kind of have a sensitive skin, should I put toothpaste? If so, my toothpaste is Mentadent. Is it okay to put it on my nose?
read this toothpaste works Comments By: danny on 2007-08-15
look toothpaste does work i dont get much pimples but it does work it drys out the skin and will shirnk in a matter of hours it will take time but it will work use colgate
Dont use it Comments By: Anon on 2007-08-16
I used it for 2 nights and the first night I woke up and my face was worse. I thought that was normal so I applied it the second night and I awoke to my face being TERRIBLY messed up I have burns on the right side of my face and my whole face is inflamed.
Try toothpaste!!!!! Comments By: kelly on 2007-08-16
The best thing you can do to get rid of pimples and acne is to put toothpaste on it!!Also drink lots of water and they will go away! Dont leave the toothpaste on too long though else it will hurt and leave marks.
works for only some Comments By: onlysome on 2007-08-16
i have read the commets and have concluded that this only works for some people...i also think that before using it try it somewhere were noone will notice if it all goes terribly wrong and u urn. it wasnt my miracle cure but i have heard of it working and i suggest regular instead of gel and no mint and no mouthwash should be in it

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