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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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makes sense .. Comments By: chill on 2008-03-05
i've tried everything .. at least ALMOST everything to clear up my skin n nothing is doing the job . how irritating to find out that all those years of suffering didn't have to happen. so .. i've tried it for two days and honestly, i've noticed my skin improving . i don't know if it's all in the mind or what, but i feel like it's doing what it's supposed 2. i don't drink it...i haven't gotten to that point yet. so does anybody use the pee only externally .. and if so .. how long did it take to get your skin clear?
nasty but i was desperate Comments By: beau on 2008-03-11
I started to get really bad acne on my shoulders and chest during football season from the constant rubbing and sweat build up from my shoulder pads. I had the acne for months and tried everything from proactive,over the counter sh*t,differin,clearasil,and acne pills. I somehow came across that urine could help to get rid of acne, and in the privacy of my own room(it really is nasty)I would take a couple gulps of my early morning acne and apply urine from cotton balls to my chest and shoulders and let it absorb in. and UHHHH ALL MY ACNE IS GONE!!! so for all you haters that wont try it bc it is nasty(it is kina nasty) I would rather have clear skin than look like a d bag with chest acne so F*** OFF!!!
if you think it's "GROSS" Comments By: StEvE on 2008-03-18
who's going to know except you? If you do it in the privacy of your bathroom no one will ever know except you :]
oh ye of little faith Comments By: anon on 2008-03-26
growing up my grandmotehr used to tell me to try it. so i did and guess what it worked. my skin over time became flawless and remains so to this day. i've been telling people over ther years and everyone always have the same reaction, no way. that is until they've tried everything else and it fails. then they start the advise of my morning routine. take your moring pee midstream and blott your skin with it. your can leave it on all day or wash with warm water after it's been on awhile. give it a couple of weeks and i promise you'll be a beleiver. i'm in the medical field and i've never seen anyone die from a little pee, grow up people.
It works...if you dare! Comments By: Stella on 2008-03-29
Back home in Greece, in the country, people use to pee in cuts, bruises and stings. My granma died 96 ys/o, she looked like 50. She used to often rinse her face with urine. I do the same. I am 57 and people say I look like 40.
true but... Comments By: yomama on 2008-04-02
it has to be the first pee of the day, and it does work.

HEY 1 LAST THING! Comments By: yomama on 2008-04-02
to all the women saying its gross, makeup has urea, urine, haha bithes!

It works against warts Comments By: Kati on 2008-04-07
I had a wart on my finger. It grew and grew. My mother in law told me to pee on it. I was disgusted. I tried everything to get rid of that wart. I even cut it down - it bled like crazy and grew profusely. Then I started peeing on it. The wart vanished within a week.
Cant Remember where i Heard This Method Comments By: kay on 2008-04-14
I cant remember where i heard this method but i tried it myself and it does work my skin when have done this feels soft as a babies bum!
I never heard its good for moles tho i have 1 and gonna do that!too
As wierd as it sounds this does really work..
My Daughter is going through her teenager spots and cant bring myself to tell her to do this its my secret i would feel embarrassed telling her....
As for Drinking it i would never beable to stomach it

The Clearer the Better? Comments By: ~Misa Amane~ on 2008-04-27
Ok, i have been using urine therapy for 6 days now. i have gotten absolutely no results. actually, it's gotten worse. but my urine was extreamely yellow and i could not see through it at all. But after finally noticing, i have worked hard to make it clear up in only one day. does anyone think that i may see results now?
Thank You! Comments By: Anon on 2008-04-28
Thank you all for finally suggesting something that will work! I'm so sick and tired of people making fun of my horrible acne and two moles on my face. My mom told me before that I should drink my own pee, but I didn't believe her. I have researched Urine Therapy and I'm going to give it a go. I'll let you know how it goes! =]

Help! Comments By: Serena on 2008-05-04
ok, so im on day 2 of urine therapy, but i tried to drink my morning stream this morning and i just couldnt bring myself to do it. its just too concentrated in the morning, i can however do it more in the afternoon after a few bottles of water, its much lighter and alot less harsh, if i drink in the afternoon will i still see results or does it absolutely have to be in the morning?
cant wai till morning!!! Comments By: 1 2 b glowing! on 2008-06-03

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