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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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cant wai till morning!!! Comments By: 1 2 b glowing! on 2008-06-03
I pee soooo often b/c i drink lots of water to clear my skin... but i have been breaking out since i was like 10, now at almost 27 still no change. I cant wait to try this tomorrow. I actually stumbled on this website when looking for "blue light theropy costs" and boy were they expensive and painful.... ah hello urine!!! i say "give pees a chance!"
Unrine DOES help Comments By: Honest Girl on 2008-06-03
It's true, unrine helps ...and yes, I've tried it. A friend of mine came to me all grossed out because she found out her grandparents were doing this. At first I thought it was gross too but her grandmother has awesome skin, she looks way younger than she really is ...so one night in the bathroom, all alone of course, I decided to bite the bullet and soak a cotton ball. I applied it and let it dry, I waited there a couple of minutes and then washed it off with warm water and finished with a splash of freezing cold water. My skin looked so good, I was tempted to tell everyone but I didn't and haven't. I'm only doing it now 'cause you don't know who I am :P.

Anyway, it really works. I do every time my skins starts to look shabby. What I do is drink a lot of water all day and by nighttime my pee is really clear and odorless so it's easier :)

Really people, don't be so quick to jump to ignorance. You'd be surprised what worse things you come across with in your daily routine.

Hope this helps.

update #1 Comments By: 1 2 B Glowing ;) on 2008-06-05
Wow, wow, wow!!! I have stared a routine of one or two morning applications, then two at night (all from the first mid-stream morning start on wednesday). [Ok i also gave it a go when i first got home on tues evening but not morning mid-stream, I just couldn't wait!] And my results so far are, smoother, no new break-outs and what a positive aditude I have now knowing that this all-natural, self-replenishing, answer-to-all-my-problems liquid gold is FREE!!! Stay tuned, I will update in a couple dayz ;)
Serena Comments By: Honest Girl on 2008-06-07
Serena (and others who might be thinking of this), don't drink it, at least not yet. Dab it on your problem areas and see if it works like that first. I never drank my pee, although I've heard that it's good for you, but yeah I wouldn't be able to do that either.

I used (use) it as a toner/astringent and it does miracles just like that. So maybe you don't have to pour it down the hatch at all :P.


Rating is 0 for closed minded people, for the topic however ^ Comments By: "Doctor" Honest Girl on 2008-06-07
One other thing, you don't have to ONLY use the first morning pee, the rest works too. But it is true that the first pee of the day is better.

If your pee is too concentrated drink more water. But I don't think it matters what color the pee is to be able to use it. Sometimes taking vitamins makes your pee glow anyway, I find it even better then.

To those having late results, make sure you wash your face as usual and then dab the urine. Let it dry, it doesn't have to be spread all over the face if you don't want that, try only the trouble spots. You can go to sleep with it still on (now I do that too) and in the morning wash it off and reapply fresh and go about your day. Since it's just a tiny dab, just moistening the surface really, no will notice ...especially if you wear makeup or any face creams. Give it time and faith, it'll work.

You know, we tell our children to wash their hands because of what they touch in (usually public) bathrooms: ie. toilet seat which has more than just urine, door handles and so on ...also it's true pee is smelly, but it's not dangerous.
Ask your doctor, a real one.

Best of luck to you, 1 2 B Glowing, ...soon you will :).

Update #2 Comments By: 1 2 B Glowing :) on 2008-06-07
Started on tues night, now sat afternoon, doing twice at night and once or twice in the morning
... VERDICT...
Weirdest thing, my skin is breaking out (as expected) but i can see and feel improvement in the texture and balance of the tone. I figured i would start to breakout aka the "cleansing process" but it definitely different than normal, and feels great as soon as i "cleanse" the area with "you know what."
***Total Believer*** (hangin' in there:)

Some Help? Comments By: 1 2 B Glowing :) on 2008-06-07
OK #1) Want to start drinking in the morning, but little grossed out can i try starting with drops, then drink with oj?
#2)Will it have the same effect?
#3)How long till results show improvement?

TipKing says: Where does it say about drinking it. The tip calls for external use

Break out stage!!! Comments By: 1 2 B Glowing :) on 2008-06-09
Ok well to answer "Tipking's Comment" above... If u read all the posts, there are lots of post in this form that speak of drinking.

But... Back to my update oj the topical application...
Day 5 _ BREAKOUT CITY!!!!!!!!
I can hardly stand this ahhh, but I have read of this everywhere. The skin pushing the toxins out, did u know that the zits u see are actually around two weeks old? Thats right, a zit forms and is undetected for quite a while... So not seeing full results until 2 weeks makes perfect sense & I will continue my 3-4 applications a day (1 or 2 in morning & [email protected]). I still can't wait!!!

Pee is okay for your face Comments By: Lindsay on 2008-06-14
Urine is used in many skin medications, such as Kerol, because it is naturally acidic. This make it useful for killing bacteria and removing dead skin cells.
Urotherapy is GOOD!!! Comments By: Mel on 2008-06-14
Please check out this great site, and on there you will find great info on the entire topic about urine therapy ...also to those ignorant people on here that is making closed mineded comments, please keep your negativity to yourself and let the open mined people on here have there freedom of speach. We all can learn something from each others, if some of us just look and learn. And also, yes i drink my own urine to help me with my asthma,to fight off the flu and other health problem and it work GREAT!!! also here is a link for anyone who want more info on how to use it. www.dionysusjunior.com

This is for 12B Glow. To your concern with the breakout on your skin, i was reading where they stated that fresh urine can cause skin irritation, so just switch over to an 2 days are more urine (stale urine) my guess is that it cause less skin irritation, try it and see it that work for you. Peace

Are Urea and Urine the same thing? Comments By: RBonVP on 2008-06-23
No... Urea can be either animal derived or synthetic. Animal derived Urea is naturally present in the urine of all mammals. But nearly 100 years ago Synthetic Urea started to be commercially produced. Today it is extremely inexpensive. Therefore, just from a practical stand-point, manufacturers are not going to spend the time and money extracting the urea from mammal urine samples when they can buy synthetic for less money.
Miraculous! It works! Comments By: olu on 2008-06-26
It is hundred percent good on my body the moment I used it. I see the result immediately, maybe this is because a have a baby-like skin before. And it also work wonderful in my system. You know.
OMG THIS IS CRAZY! :) Comments By: Molly on 2008-07-14
I have been strugling with acne for about 4 yrs now, and I have tried every OTC item I could find.. it all failed. It put me into a deep depression, and made me feel like crap, I hated myself completly, and totally, Accutane, I thought about trying, but when I researched it, I found all the side effects, and how it is compared to cemo-therapy.. so yeah no, thats not happening.. lol..
i came across this page today, and researched everything about it..
I just started using this trick like an hour ago and after about 20 mins. I rinsed it off, I am sooo amazed at how much SOFTER the areas are!!! I am going to keep this up and teel you how it goes :) TO THE PPL WHO SAY EW: yes, it is a bit weird, but its completly natural, its YOURS! not your grandmas, or your BF/GFs.. its yours, and if you cant trust your own bady to make its own "healthy" decisions when it comes to this kinda stuff, how can you trust the ppl who are creating facial washed, and scrubs, that potentially iratate your skin and cause it to sweel and become red??
SERIOUSLLY PPL! its not that bad, I mean I didn't drink it or anything like that, but it idnt bad, its JUST PEE!! who knows what kinda food we eat now and days N e ways, I mean, Mccdonalds, Burger King, all that processed crap, I do occassionally eat like shit, but ( this is totally off subject but...) quite eating McCdonalds, and wendys and well, anything like that and I havent for about, 3 years, I was pushing 200 lbs when I was in 6th grade, now I am in HS, and I am 100lbs. it made a total difference. My point, you ask??? trust your body. If you can trust a stranger with everything you eat and use in your daily lives, you can at LEAST trust your body too.
BTW: I dont suggest using days old pee, I think just use it when you get it, I think it may be better, and if it is saved for days, it may create bacteria.. BAD.
and it smells NASTY.. oh, also.. the urea amount, or w/e increases during those days, may become to much for your skin to take.. atleast from readuing everything that has been said, I think that may be true.. not sure, but its a possibillity..
Again, best of luck..

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