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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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I have been strugling with acne for about 4 yrs now, and I have tried every OTC item I could find.. it all failed. It put me into a deep depression, and made me feel like crap, I hated myself completly, and totally, Accutane, I thought about trying, but when I researched it, I found all the side effects, and how it is compared to cemo-therapy.. so yeah no, thats not happening.. lol..
i came across this page today, and researched everything about it..
I just started using this trick like an hour ago and after about 20 mins. I rinsed it off, I am sooo amazed at how much SOFTER the areas are!!! I am going to keep this up and teel you how it goes :) TO THE PPL WHO SAY EW: yes, it is a bit weird, but its completly natural, its YOURS! not your grandmas, or your BF/GFs.. its yours, and if you cant trust your own bady to make its own "healthy" decisions when it comes to this kinda stuff, how can you trust the ppl who are creating facial washed, and scrubs, that potentially iratate your skin and cause it to sweel and become red??
SERIOUSLLY PPL! its not that bad, I mean I didn't drink it or anything like that, but it idnt bad, its JUST PEE!! who knows what kinda food we eat now and days N e ways, I mean, Mccdonalds, Burger King, all that processed crap, I do occassionally eat like shit, but ( this is totally off subject but...) quite eating McCdonalds, and wendys and well, anything like that and I havent for about, 3 years, I was pushing 200 lbs when I was in 6th grade, now I am in HS, and I am 100lbs. it made a total difference. My point, you ask??? trust your body. If you can trust a stranger with everything you eat and use in your daily lives, you can at LEAST trust your body too.
BTW: I dont suggest using days old pee, I think just use it when you get it, I think it may be better, and if it is saved for days, it may create bacteria.. BAD.
and it smells NASTY.. oh, also.. the urea amount, or w/e increases during those days, may become to much for your skin to take.. atleast from readuing everything that has been said, I think that may be true.. not sure, but its a possibillity..
Again, best of luck..

Question Comments By: me1234 on 2008-07-19
Does the wrinkles disapear if You put urine on the skin ?
How good is for the wrinkles ?
i've used urine when i had conjunctivita, something to my eyes, and is is really works.

How do you do it? Comments By: tpain on 2008-07-28
What is all of your routines, and how do you it, when is it best?
My story Comments By: Seeker on 2008-07-30
I thought it was a stupid prank or something you usually find over the internet but I looked into it,had the guts to do it and guess what...it totally works!You people put all kind of chemicals on your face and are scared about trying something natural.Actually I had my share of using products to cure my acne but none really did it right.So give it a try people.
Next time you are going to take a leak wash your face with warm water,get a little middle stream urine rub it on your face,keep it on for like 30 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.Don't use regular soap because it will only do worse.I saw results the very next day I tried and kept on doing it... my sking is so much better.JUST FKIN DO IT ALREADY!

I will continue to put pizz on my face Comments By: The Pee-Pee Face Gurl on 2008-08-03
I was one of these that was like EWWWW! I will never be like that again. I have been washing my face with pee every night and then using blacksoap ("real" blacksoap - not the fake kind that stains your towels...) in the morning to wash off the pee.

My skin is clearing up and even old scars are getting lighter!

I will wash with Pizz until I die! BTW: you don't smell it so much after it dries....and I wash my face in the morning so it's gone during my "workday"...

Urine Therapy is For Real! Comments By: PurpleSwan3033 on 2008-08-08
Urine Therapy works. I drink it. I massage it into my body and scalp. I was my eyes with it using an eyecup. I soak my feet in it. I am diabetic and I have lots of diabetic complications that I treat using urine therapy. I catch the first morning stream, drink it, garble with it and wash my eyes with it. I collect urine throughout the rest of the day and save it in gallon containers that I save from products like juice, clorox, milk, etc. I save urine for 4 to 8 days and then use it to massage into my scalp and body. My complexion has cleared. I got rid of a mole under my left eye and a blood filled bump on my right thigh. Big corns on both my big toes are going away and I am experiencing good progress with an inflamed ingrown toe nail on the small toe on my right foot. Corns on the bottoms on my feet and hands are vanishing. Rough dry skin on my feet and hands are now soft and full of color because the blood underneath is circulating better. I use Urine Therapy with a coffee enema twice a week and my energy level is significantly increased, I don't feel the urge to pee as much. I was waking up 3 and 4 times a night to pee and suffering from lack of sleep. I am more rested now and I can control my bladder almost normally. The coffee enema cleansed my colon and liver improving my blood sugar level increasing my energy level and controlling my diabetes. Together with Urine Therapy, my body is detoxed and I think I can combat any sickness. I sniff urine to clear bronchial passages and I put urine drops in my ears to fight ear problems. Urine Therapy is for real, people, but if you have a closed mind, none of this will mean diddley to you.
Nobody answer to me ? Comments By: me1234 on 2008-08-25
Does anybody knows if the urine is good for wrinkles ? Does the wrinkles disapear or just became smaller ? After how long can You see any result ?
Thank You

Smelly but effective Comments By: Marianne Vega on 2008-09-09
I put urine on my face in the morning - the best kind to use is from your first pee because it's more potent. It is gross and smelly but... that's what we do for beauty ;) The smell doesn't last so just hold your breath and start getting clearer skin!
Proactive Contains Urea... Wonder Why? Comments By: Jesse McFarson on 2008-09-09
That's right! Proactive contains urea because it's good for your skin and helps clear blemishes. Your urine also contains urea so save your self $40 every two months and use your own urine. Like someone commented earlier - urine is not toxic, it's mostly water with some urea, minerals, and enzymes!
urine and wrinkles Comments By: me1234 on 2008-10-08
I'm using externally UT for wrinkles for almost 2 months. The urine is also almost 2 months old. And there isn't any difference with the wrinkles. The wrinkles didn't become smaller...
What do You think that I should do ?

urine for wrinkles Comments By: cathy on 2008-10-07
yes it works on wrinkles too, you will notice a big difference in a month.
ANY ONE WHO KNOES PLZ ANSWER Comments By: Aaron01f on 2008-10-08
does urine help get rid of little holes caused from black heads by Sqeezing them out like i got a couple of holes lil from black heads
Ummm ill give it a try Comments By: Aaron01f on 2008-10-08
i am a 17 year old boy and i been suffering from acne since i was 15 and right now my skin is at its worst i herd of this befor my sister told me to do i was like hells no and from reading these comments that it works i guess ill give it a try like i already washed my face like 2 hours ago and my skin is pretty not dry cause i washed my face yesterday and i used apricot scrub and it left my face so dry i had to put lotion on it and when i was done washin my face with pee jus a few hours ago my skin is not dry and i dont need lotion so ya ill give it a try i hope it works cause i tryed every thing befor and nothing helped Wish me luck yall

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