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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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wrinkles Comments By: me1234 on 2008-10-11
Ok cathy, I will try one more month to see that big diference... because until now (in 2 months of using ut externally)nothing hapend with my wrinkles...
I really hope that something good will be.
Thank You

*UPDATE 1.* Comments By: BEE (= on 2008-10-15
I will try it. It is night titme right now and i just drank a bottle of water. My face is pretty dry right now and im trusting everyone who says it really works
I will update in a few days and tell you how its going (=

topical ointment.,.,..a cure? Comments By: farzad on 2008-10-20
hey.,.,.we all know benzoyl,accutane,retin a will do no shit.,.,so why not giving this a try.,.,.?but theres a catch.,.,.and the catch is.,..its not gonna work unlkess your liver's functioning good.,.!!!,..so.,.dont forget.,.,.acne is STH INTERNAL.,..!!!!
* UPDATE 2* Comments By: BEE (= on 2008-10-27

idk Comments By: anon on 2008-11-13
hey little help here. im just looking for quick and easy ways that work. i sound totally disgusting but hey never tried it. if you start do you have to contue after a surtain period of time? do you have to wait for blemished to heal first? does it make a permiment smell for ur skin? should i bother? help!!!
definitely works Comments By: Jennie on 2008-11-20
Hey everyone. I have struggled with breakouts since I entered college. Sometimes my complexion would go from perfect to red and acne covered over night, it was ridiculous. Over the past four years it's now worse. I breakout more often and my skin tone is always so red. The contrast between my face and neck is so different. Anyway, I have tried EVERYTHING. OTC does not work in the long run. Antibiotics oral and topical do not work. My doctor has placed me on birth control, YAZ, and I am taking 100,000IU (yes, one hundred thousand) of natural vitamin A per day for 3-4 months (this is month #2) instead of getting involved with accutane. Anyway, my face has gotten worse since beginning treatment as I was warned, but it does not make it any easier every day to deal with. My brother mentioned to me this urine therapy. At first I cringed as probably most of you have, thinking he was playing some sick "older brother" joke. After doing research, I have not seen one single "this didnt work for me" review. So, being that I'm sick of having a red face full of pimples, I said why not? To all of you hesitant-just do it! The smell is not that bad...and if it does bother you, dont wipe it above your lip. I leave it on at night and if I have some time, in the morning for a while then rinse. I saw results after the first night. Older acne marks have healed and the newer ones were so much smaller. It's unbelievable, seriously, try it! If you think its crazy, well then continue to suffer with acne, your loss. Hope this helps inspire some of you to try! As others have said, we go around smoking, doing drugs, etc with our bodies but are afraid to touch something completely sterile that comes out of our own body. Now quit reading and go start getting beautiful skin!!
skin blemishes Comments By: navi on 2008-11-25
i have very dark blemishes on my face .i have tried everything on my face bt it fails to work on my blemishes.could you tell me that i hv apply externally or i need to drink my urine too? i want clear skin as soon as possible
blemishes Comments By: navi on 2008-11-25
kindly give me advise to clear my blemishes,i am already applying urine on blemishes for the last 5days.
So....Why not Comments By: hiddenface on 2008-11-29
My mother was just saying today my gma used to take the baby diapers and rub on my sis and bros faces..I thought she was kidding but as a sufferer of acne in college and looking for a job....At this point I dont care what I do...and its free!!! So...I am going to start tommorrow morning. Oh yea...anyone using this with Apple Cider Vin?? What is the regimen...WAsh face with face wash then soak cotton ball then apply...let dry 30 splash off? Sounds about right...I can not really find a website that actually says the routine. But i did just apply some ACV 2 hours ago....well see
Wrinkles, Blemishes, Dry Skin and Moles Comments By: DLM on 2008-12-16
Apply urine to your skin really does work. I have used it for Wrinkles, Dry Skin, Blemishes and Moles. Its free, its easy to apply and most of all it is effective.
to DLM Comments By: me1234 on 2008-12-29
DLM, Can you explain with more details the effect of urine on wrinkles ? After how long did You see any changes, how often did You apply it, etc ? I'm asking this because I'm applying urine on my wrinkles for a while and I see not effect and I don't know what I should do.
Thank You

Pregnant Comments By: K on 2009-01-28
Does this work with urine even when you are pregnant? Not too sure if different things are mixed with it
Doesn't Hurt to Try It! Comments By: Urs on 2009-01-27

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