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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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As a 31 yr old female who has been struggling with adult acne on and off for 5 yrs I was desperate and would try anything. A friend of mine told me back in high school she had a really bad break out and her grandmother told her to use urine on her face, she said it cleared her skin so fast, so I decided to try it, its only been 3 days and I see results, my pores are smaller and the acne is clearing up, I will continue to use it and update the site.
get your facts right Comments By: tina on 2009-04-10
urine is sterile there isn't any bacteria
Liquid Gold is the Keyy? Comments By: CR on 2009-04-21
--I have been told about the pee remedy ; years before.! Im going to try again right now..im desperatee. [ lol ]
;p.s.prayingg is good too!*

TrackMe. Comments By: CR on 2009-04-21
Ive decided to track my progress ; and what better way then to tell either my success OR failure. Right now on my face rests a fresh batch of my own "lemonade". My Process:
1.Leaving it on for atleast 2 hours. [whenever i get home;3:40]
2.Take it off with warm water
3.Before I go to Bed ; apply more
I dont want my face to smell like pee.!

My experience has been positive Comments By: Kris. S on 2009-04-21
I've been using urine therapy for several years. I'm 39yrs old and look around 26. My skin is very soft with no wrinkles. Here's what I do. I get in the tub, completely cover my body head to foot (using around 16oz of collected urine) and just wait for 15min. The skin drinks it up immediately. It's gonna feel nasty because it gets kind of sticky... but it's doing some serious moisturizing in the process. After the 15min, I wash it off with warm water and mild soap. The results are amazing.
umm... Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-22
at first i thought like wot
but i actually tried it
and after 2 days nothing has happened
ill keep you guys posted though

TrackMe. [ Day 1 ] Comments By: CR on 2009-04-22
Nothingg happened.
--In the mornings; leave it on
for an hour. Then wash it off
with warm water and olay soap.
So, it can smell good!

Too earlyy in the game to
tell if my face is doing
better. But keep trying it.!!


grrr Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-26
seriously iv used this method for 2 weeks now and iv actually got more acne than before
i can't believe i was gullible and desperate enough to use urine it

Never tried it... Comments By: RJ on 2009-05-04
I have never tried it, but my grandmother's aunt used it on a daily basis. She was 98 when she passed away, and literally looked as though she might have been 70 at the most. Urine is not toxic impurities. It is made up largely of water and other minerals the body releases from the bladder. That is why it is okay to drink your own urine if you were stranded. It is the body's natural way of ridding it of excess water. The minerals get flushed out with the excess H20.
Have you tried it ? Comments By: Tried and Tested..it works on 2009-05-19
Folks, take my case, I was sufferring from Sleeping Apnea and over weight. I also used to snore a lot and didnt had sound sleep.

The day I started drinking the golden water, I went to bed at 9:30 pm and had very peaceful and sound sleep after years. Never the less, I am not snoring now. Also I have started applying it on my skin, and it looks like the time has stopped. No more wrinkles and the skin is so soft and has got golden tone.

I suggest you folks to first go through the various websites, read about it, experiment it and then comment.

With best Rgds,

Urine is a medicine Comments By: sitha on 2009-05-21
I don't know what urine works, but before, my sister felf off the tree and she was serious sick. My father asked her to pee in to a clean container and let her drink it. She drank it. I asked my father why sister need to drink it? He said it's the best medicine. And after that she became better and better.
for "Tried and Tested..it works " Comments By: me on 2009-05-23
After how long of using urine, your wrinkles disapear (become smaller) ?
I have wrinkles under my eyes, I've tried urine on my face for 2 months but nothing happend. But I'm still hopping that will be ok with urine.
Thank You.

good Comments By: Gerry on 2009-05-24
I had spots all over my chest and back,I sprayed cider vinegar on and they nearly disappeared but then the scientists paper said spray dilute bleach for acne ,leave for an hour then shower ,The spots dried up in 3 days

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