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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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I put urine on my eczema for a few days and it has healed up. I don't think it is gross - many lotions use horse urine in them - why not use your own!!! It works!
it'll take time, but be worth it!! Comments By: r on 2009-11-02
i have tried using urine therapy for about 4/5 months now (both applying to my face and drinking morning stream), and haven't seen any results. then, i realized what the problem was; i had continued to wear skin makeup such as foundation, concealer, blush. i am a teenager and have oily skin, so this only made things worse.
5 days ago i determined the reason for lack of results and haven't been waering makeup since (i gave myself 2 weeks to see fresh results) and in 2 days i saw change.
all the usual stuff: softer skin, broken skin from old cystic breakouts healing, blackheads fading and shrinking, colour evening, you name it the urine did it!
so ladies(and even some of you fellas) when you're wanting to cure your complexion please, please, please don't wear face makeup! it's contaminated and even though the brands say it won't, it will clog your precious pores and destroy your face, thus making you want to wear more!!
i've been enduring acne for approx. 6 years and that's the same time i've been wearing makeup. also, other acne medications, cleansers, etc. will dry out your skin and cause it to over produce sebum(oils) thus more breakouts.
if you want to try urine therapy i suggest you fully dedicate a trial skin regimen to strictly that.(and no, you don't have to drink it if that makes you uncomfortable)
as the french say:"skin care lasts you a lifetime!while makeup lasts an 8 measly hours!"

Why Not? Comments By: Kitty on 2009-11-11
I have heard of this before and am definatly willing to try it now that I have done a good amount of research on the topic. I can't go a day without putting makeup on because if anyone saw what I looked like without it they would be shocked! My skin is awful....uneven, splotchy, drab, scarred. I have tried everything under the sun including $300 creams. Nothing has ever worked. I envy girls who go to the gym bare-faced and look perfect. Who arent afraid to wakeup beside your boyfriend in the morning without trying to beat him to the bathroom so you have a chance to make yourself look decent. A great complexion is an instant self esteem booster. I've often told people I'd rather be chubby than have bad skin because it's far easier to loose pounds than look flawess. I wish I had to pee right now!! I will keep posting on how it works. Maybe I can work up the nerve to drink it one day if applying it topically works out. I drink red wine and hated the taste the first time I drank it and now I love it- maybe pee will be the same! haha
lets try it Comments By: younginboi on 2009-11-12
Well I have open pores and I recently started breaking out so it looks 10 times worse! (Imagine) pimples on top of open pores yuck but anyways iam going to try this for a good month to see what happens it is november 12 and I will get back to yalls december to see if the results improved or didn't work at all
BABY URINE Comments By: babymama on 2009-11-17
Not adult urine, baby urine. Baby urine is all natural. This is what's use to clear acne.
urine=pure drink of the Gods Comments By: crickets on 2009-11-25
I drink my urine. I use it as an enema solution. I rub it on my skin. It is a wonder and a miracle drink. There is nothing toxic about our urine. It contains everything from our food that our body didn't need at the time it was filtered by the kidneys (enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and most importantly for acne, hormones.) If you think urine is a waste product you have the education of a ten year old. It can cure all ailments. Search urine therapy and bask in all it's glory. The general public is not informed of this because doctors withhold the information. Why? Because the government is evil and they will withhold any truths if it means less money up their ass. Period.
I've tried it! Comments By: Jileena Veale on 2009-11-28
My friend and I tried it one morning, we both thought it would be disgusting but its really not. We used our first morning pee and it does smell while you put it on but when you rinse it off the smell is gone.
also a lot of you say that there is bacteia in urine well its kinda like the flu shot they are giving you the flu bacteria to prevent you from getting it... all you're doing when you wash your face with urine is washing it with bacteria to kill the bacteria.
This remedy I think will work and after a month I guess me and my friend will find out.

urine Comments By: traney on 2009-12-09
urine works soo much on the face i bgeen tryin it soo much and even mixing it with facial products in my urine it clears up more faster than that
it works and some of these "doctors" arent doctors Comments By: D. M. on 2009-12-09
ok, it works, been at it ofr a few days because of ingrown hairs and infection.

I boiled down some after a few days and mixed it with my avacado and some other home remedy stuff(which wasnt working on it's own but made it a little easier to get use to lol) made into mask that i keep in a jar and use in the morning and evening. wearing it now. really cleans pores well

in my logic the hollistic claims make a little sense as urea is used in cosmetics and a sterile, ammonia like compound already adjusted from and adjusted to your body.

I looked up some of these doctors on here like "doctor Elizabeth Burns", a dentist here in st. louis, MO...no clinical expertise in skin care...and there were a couple of other "doctors" here withjust as non relevant phd's as well.

try it. anyone that can read can find out the truth about the miniscule bacteria present and sterility of urine, and it's historical use, holistic, true but effective, yes.

believer Comments By: ANON on 2009-12-25
use to put my baby brother's urine from cloth diaper on my face; skin smooth and clear; now my daughter's experiencing terrible acne...suggested she try using her own....see what happes
weman have been doing it for years Comments By: scronnie on 2009-12-30
My Aunt use to change everybodys baby diapers just so she could rub the urine on her face , she always had beautiful skin even in her eightys, so I don't think this is anything new.
Don't Knock it... Comments By: MizDee on 2010-01-05
Ignorance, narrow minds, lazinesses and plain stupidity will exist as long as man exists. Why argue? Believe what you like? Do what you like. Give it a try. Do it secretly if you're worried what others think. Either way, it's your health and your decision. Some will forever seek higher knowledge and understanding and I guess there will always be those people who follow the path to a cool drink of cyanide kool-aid.
I'm trying this first thing in the morning :) Comments By: NotBadButNotNicePimples on 2010-01-08
trying this first thing in the morning , a little nervous seeing as its piss and its the first time i've heard this, will keep you posted x

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