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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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urine Comments By: Amanda on 2004-09-20
Technically in medical school they teach you that healthy urine is sterile.

My grandmother told me of the same remedy when I was a teenager, but I never got the courage to try it.

Technically that's disgusting Comments By: Margaret on 2004-09-25
I'm sorry for all of yall who think I am close minded and stuff. But how many people put urine on their face? And to the person whose aunt puts it on their face-EW!
Don't knock it till you try it. Comments By: Paradigm on 2004-09-27
Yes it is true. I had a severe sunburn and after it dissappeared I had a small "mole" appear. I researched the use of urine as a therapy and Waddayaknow - it worked. The "mole has completely disappeared and there is no scar.
Urine on baby's faces Comments By: Merritton on 2004-10-22
My grandma, born in Scotland in 1890, would take a baby's, wet with urine, cloth diaper and and wipe his/her face. I told her this was disgusting and she said it was so good for the complexion.
Gonna try it Comments By: Ben Johnston on 2004-10-25
Although I have never tried it, I have heard of this before and think that I might start trying it. I do know for a fact that, as other people have stated, urine is sterile when excreted. Bacteria will feed on urine, just as it will on any other sterile "food" source that it comes into contact with. One last thing for the unbelievers...before modern testing for diabetes was developed, doctors would taste a patient's urine. Diabetic patients often have a high sugar content in their urine. Just my $.02
EXCELLENT Comments By: Diana on 2004-11-14
I have just tried Urine on my dry skin..and it does work. Its the best moisteriser ever. My wrinkles are far less noticable already...Very excited about this. I have also found out it is best to use mid stream urine.
dont knock it till youve tried it Comments By: sara on 2004-11-17
its sooo good for skin blemishes, iv had trouble with spots and after going to the doctors about it and trying loads of cremes and lotions and none of them working i started using urine on monday and its the first time since i was a child that my skin has been clear, its amazing...
Eating bacteria-laden meat is more dangerous than drinking pee Comments By: Fatima Ahmed on 2005-01-04
The Old Testament has a quote about drinking one's own pee. A couple hundred years ago French ladies bathed in pee for softer skin. Urine therapy was also highly recommended by Hippocrates. So don't knock the urotherapy without having first studied or researched it.
not sure Comments By: indiff on 2005-01-15
it sounds gross but i might contemplate tryin it cos it does make sense that the only reason for it not bein widely heard of is te gross out factor. but think about it, would you rather eat dog poo or put it on ur face obviously put it on your face well urine has ALREADY been in ur system so why not put it on your face. ALso to paradigm that mole sounds like a form of sin cancer n if it is even slightly there still go to the doctor pronto! if u get one like it again run to the doctor.
will try on 12 year old son Comments By: willing on 2005-01-20
i was just told about this from a son has severe excema over entire body.can't even go to school.he is in constant pain and itches so bad he can't even sleep.i am willing to try anything for him.
Im willing to try it Comments By: Anon on 2005-03-05
I break out every now and again and i think ill try urine on my face!
(who cares wat othas think)

urine therapy for dry skin Comments By: charliesou on 2005-03-24
dont listen to anyone who says urine is full of waste/toxins.etc. urine is 100% sterile and is wonderful for many skin complaints!!And no wonder the drug companies keep it quiet.. they need mugs like you to keep buying their worthless products!

Also urine doesnt smell and is natural and healthy , try being shipwrecked for a few weeks and tell me you wont drink it ..thousands have and lived to tell the tale!

... Comments By: some dude on 2005-03-25
The reason you never hear this from doctors is because if you had perfect skin, then they wouldn't make any profit.

So booya! In your face! ;)

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