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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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I'm almost 40 years old and suffering the worst cystic acne of my life. I'm embarrassed and horrified. I'm willing to try anything. My only concern is the medications I take. My understanding is these come through into my urine ... won't that hurt my skin rather than help it? Does anyone know anything about this?
Athlete's foot Comments By: My foot burns ! on 2010-06-22
I wanted to know if this will work on athlete's foot? I have if for almost 6 months, I have tried 4 different creams. I still have it...Anybody ever tried urine therapy for this condition.
erm Comments By: yayy on 2010-06-28
i've started using it for only 2 days, i found it refreshing when you apply it onto your face, my skin starts to glow alittle. but my pimples and acnes wasn't cleared. i think i'll try it further to see f it really works(: i kinda regret knowing this theraphy and didn't try it earlier. i so should've try this earlier. i'm desperate enough to do this and am not regretting. give it a try! whats there to lose?(:
IS THIS REALLY THE WAY TO GO???? Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-16
Okay i dont really have acne or bumps but i have like light discoloration on my face like liver splash and its funny because i was just shoppping the other day and a lady told me that i would think she was crazy but she had used urine on her face because she had the same marks but i just want somebody to confirm if i should use urine on my face?! please somebody answer!!!
Wow, Urine!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-20
I have heard that urine would cure achne, i didnt believe. I mentioned this to my teen daughter and she started using my newborns urine, she had very bad achne; needless to say about a week later after using it everyday after washing her face her achne is not as red and is going away. I have also started using it on my face because i have sun spots on my face and today i noticed a significant difference, they are not as dark as before.It worked for us!!
hey! Comments By: amazed person on 2010-07-22
hey, i heard the same thing! my mom was telling me that her frieds daughter did it (it obviousley has gone through alot of people) but she appearantly had such bad acne before, and her face started clearing up within a couple of weeks. hey Gandi drank his own urine every morning, and that didn't kill him, why would putting it on your face hurt
Best skin care treatment EVER! Comments By: kari on 2010-08-14
Urine is 'waste' in the way that its getting rid of excess vitamins and minerals. It only toxic if you have a UTI or some sort of kidney infection. I had acne for yrs! And tried many things and wasted money. This worked for me in less than 2 months! I have amazing skin now! And its free! I have nothing to gain telling people this.
urine is the answer Comments By: kim on 2010-08-23
if u have serious acne and your so digusted that u wont use urine ,then your stupid..because for many years baby urine has been the answer.. ive tried ever medication u can think of but when i listened to my grandma my skin cleared in no time.. :)
ph Comments By: kaela klapan on 2010-09-04
i really believe that all this stuff is true but my mom is insisting that i test the ph of my body first because if my body is acidic then i shouldnt put the pee back on my face because that would be putting for acid into my body. if you know anything about this please let me know.
i splash it on my face jaja i really enjoy it and the results are 100% Comments By: charlie on 2010-09-08
works 100% nuff sED
I'm gonna try it Comments By: Sara on 2010-09-10
I am 27. I am going to do my own experiment. I suffer from major fatigue, light acne, and back pain. I am going to take a before picture and every week of "treatment" I will take a pic to see if there is a difference in my skin and face. I am also going to at least try it on my feet-maybe soak them in it 3 times a week and see if any difference. May try putting some on a bandage for old scars or cuts and see what happens in a few days. I may possibly work up the courage to drink it daily and see if any of my other ailments improve. I look forward to this.
Kinda good Comments By: carlos on 2010-09-12
ok I did put it in my face...I was about to ahve it 25min but I could ot handle the smell adn took it off at 10min. I found it bit too agresive since i GOT SENSITIVE SKIN. I dont ahve acne but it certainly makes pores smaller and helps coplexion.Ill kee upadting but I dont find it as miraclous as mos comments.Its good as a tonic tho I think
it does work Comments By: jukka on 2010-09-26
but when u first wake up and u go to the bathroom take a cotton balland get a lil pee on it and put it on the areas with acne and let dry then wash your face with a facewash or ivory soap!

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