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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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It works Comments By: Ash on 2010-09-29
I was a little grossed out by the idea at first, but after trying it, the good outweighs the bad. It makes your skin alot more even toned, clears up acne REALLY quickly, and gives your skin a really pretty glow. It is best to do it in the morning (when your pee is darker, it is more concentrated). I usually dab it on, wait for it to dry and repeat a couple times about an hour before I take a shower. I have sensitive skin and this doesnt seem to bother it at all. Best thing Ive ever tried for my skin.
trench foot Comments By: dellboy on 2010-10-08
I had trench foot for about 15 years (like atheletes foot smelly and painfull and embarrasing) tried everything over the counter I had heard of peeing on your feet to get rid of it after getting over my squeemishness gave it a try in the shower and it worked never had a problem since I did'nt realise it would work on moles and warts and having one of each they are next
true!!! Comments By: waldz on 2010-10-14
to non believers- if ever that u shall have wounds later, use urine instaed of medicine from the drugs store. Apply fresh or old. Just soak the cotton with the urine and let it stay overnight on the affected area. The next morning. Im pretty sure that you'll be amazed!!! and become a believer... i bet.
been using it for like a week no results yet Comments By: headach on 2010-11-03
its smell until it drys but after that its ok i put it on my face
Tired Eyes!!! Comments By: waldz on 2010-11-14
If you"re a voracious reader, you are not exempt to suffer tired eyes, worse is, subsequently you wash your face... result? you"re sight is affected and the presence of red small vein on white area is getting apparent.Worst...you eyes cannot anymore bear the sun light without using sun glass or any eye protector. Act with this problem by making a at least one drop of fresh urine everyday. If you don`t...its one step to blindness which make your world darker...forever. What I wrote is a fact proven by actual experience
I Can Attest to this Personally Comments By: Twill on 2010-11-15
Okay I don't know about adult urine but it's something pure about an infant's urine that makes this statement true. When I was an infant and wet my diaper, my mom would take the wet diaper and wet my face with it. I never had blemishes, blackheads or acne growing up and ALWAYS had beautiful skin. Even to this day my skin is flawless at the age of 44. People actually think I'm in my mid 30's. I must say I'm glad she did it and she did to to my kids as well. So if you take infant urine now as an adult and you have acne, I don't know if it will clear up or not but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try.
i'll try this now that we have a baby in the house Comments By: anna on 2010-11-16
ok i have realy really severe acne, i was searching for aloe vera but i came across this instead so what im going to do is use the urine in the morning then aloe vera at night and let's see if my combo works....

i really pray it does, i have no other hope!!!! i'll update in a weeks time. hope it works for me too!

Been there, done that...sort of. Comments By: Claude Nall on 2010-11-20
I heard years ago that urine will kill athletes foot. Just get in the shower, pee on your feet, rub it in between your toes with your other foot, let it sit for a few seconds and then shower. IT WORKS! I haven't had athletes foot since trying this.
curious ????? Comments By: smiler on 2010-11-25
hey guys. This message is to the poeple who have had success with urine therapy.
Im 22,male. I always seem to get breakouts,
on my cheecks or forehead. For the past 2 years i dont think ive had a clear face, (get rid off one,get another)
im curious to know, what does mid stream mean?
A routine to use urine on face?
If drinking it, also when?
& how many times a day. Cheers guys, please reply.

Start trying oee on face today Comments By: Danny on 2010-12-06
Huhu, read so many comments, will start doing it. Check for my updates...
MIRACLE! Comments By: MIRACLE! on 2010-12-06
Not only does urine make pimples vanish quickly, but I have had severe ROSACEA around my nose for almost two years now. I have tried EVERYTHING to try to make this itchy, ugly, torturous, rashy mess on my face go away and nothing has worked. But finally, after only about two weeks of using urine around my nose, my redness is finally beginning to disappear! This is a huge blemish I thought I would have to live with for my entire life, and I am excited for the day when I will no longer have any redness around my nose. Thank you, nasty pee!! <3 :D
UP4me Comments By: PEEce on 2010-12-21
It works wonders for cold sores. Used to get them for weeks at a time even with abreva. Pee on your finger every time you go and dab it on your cold sore. Last cold sore breakout only lasted four days.
Do your Research: It's Free and It's yours Comments By: Chela on 2010-12-30

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