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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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Do your Research: It's Free and It's yours Comments By: Chela on 2010-12-30
My mom told me to try urine because she noticed the blemishes on my face. i have been doing it for about two weeks now and i see the blemishes fading away!!! i thought it was weird and gross too but after research i was convinced to try it...HECK!!! It's free, natural, safe and it's your own urine. I recently researched urine therapy...I may try this as well. And to those who say why Dr. haven't mentioned anything on urine...why would they...if they did they wouldn't be making any money!!!! Good luck to those who try this and to those who don't good luck spending your money.
ATTN: Smiler Comments By: Chela on 2010-12-30
I hope since the time you have commented you have also done some research...but just in case....researchers say that the mid stream urine is the freshest, richest, most potent urine you will have all day, it is the second cup full of your urine in the morning(the first cup full is the urine that cleans the pathway of the urethra which you dispose of). Researchers also explain that you can drink your mid-stream urine only if you have a healthy urethra, no urinary track infection and are not taking any medications. you can also apply this urine directly to your face with a cotton swab. And apply urine throughout the day, all day long...leave it on your face for a few mins and wash off or simply leave it. Please do your research to get a much clearer understanding. i wish you luck! :)
ahhhh this is so funny Comments By: lolA on 2011-01-01
okay so i saw this site and people were arguing if it works or not so i had medical tape took a cotton ball with my urine absorbed into it and i taped it over a small beauty mark on my arm the next morning i woke up it looked a little darker but and i touched it it hurt a little like it was bruised and then it slowly started to get scabby and three days later it fell off and since it was a very small beauty mark there was no scar i keep trying it on bigger moles not evelvated ones flat on my skin and its not working i think it only works on really small ones but i promise you it does work and i have washed my face with my urine it cleans ur skin very very well your skin will feel softer and look tighter and shinier it woorkks people urine is the solution TRY IT THATS WHAT I DID ITS JUST YOUR URINE IT COMES OUT FROM YOURR BODYYY
hmmm.... Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-31
Well ive literaly just tried it, its made my skin soft but i cant see the affects yet... so hopefully it will work (fingers crossed)
You're all wrong Comments By: Sepia on 2011-01-31
Urine is sterile . . . contains no bacteria
Thank God for this! Comments By: Luke on 2011-01-30
For 9 months I had a wart on my finger that looked disgusting. I tried to sand it off, no success. I tried vinegar, no success. Duct tape method, no success. I went to a dermatologist who said that she can freeze it but it's not guaranteed to work.

I turned to urine and after 12 days of soaking my finger in a paper cup filled with urine, it just fell off before going to school. As I look at it now I can barely even see that it was there.

It also removed a burn mark I had on my thumb so I'm a big believer in this.

It works Comments By: Kim S. on 2011-02-02
I used to get mild breakouts and one of my friends told me about it. I used to pee on a tissue in the morning, wipe my face with it and rinse off 20 minutes later then washed with my regular face wash. Worked like a charm. I stopped because my skin seemed ok buy revisited the same thing since I am pregnant with my 2nd child and have had severe breakouts on my cheeks. Needless to say after a week I see a noticeable difference not only in no breakouts but my face is moist again. Thank goodness for pee lol
You have cure and food inside you Comments By: Uytre on 2011-02-05
A+ it works. Try it!
Urine therapy Comments By: D.H. on 2011-02-15
It is ironic that many people who are disgusted by the idea of urine therapy are using creams and ointments that contain urea and other chemicals. Of course, doctors aren't going to admit that urine is sterile and helpful! What, deprive themselves of all the money they make with their often detrimental treatments?!?
I guess when one's diet is disgusting, the urine is also disgusting. I eat a mostly raw, organic, healthy diet so my urine is not offensive and has been a boon in clearing up skin problems that occur.
Urine therapy is ancient and most likely far more effective than all the toxic crap people eat and get from doctors & pharmacists.

Rough hands.... Comments By: ShMnLxco on 2011-02-21
Being in arboreal profession, many a times one is stuck dragging wood, grabbing abrasive ropes, and constantly getting rough calloused hands. Needless to say I've been pissing(laughing @ self for such a line) on my hands, while in the shower, and vigorously rubbing them together. I try to get as much use out of my urine as possible, by leak, kegel stoppage, scrub in a beat, and repeat until I feel satisfied. To say that golden showers bring forth smoothness is an understatement. It works, have yet to try it on blemishes but definitely does the trick for rough hands. Hey you can go pay for some skin softener cream that cost some amount of $$$, or you can be smart and not let the valued honey water go to waste(laughter like a Mofo). Don't take my advice, try it, and if anything, if it's to icky and nasty for you, just go wash up with some soap. Urotherapy isn't really big cause it would kill the medical community. End of story. Have a good day and happy trails.....
Urine Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-01
I too find this gross, however, urine is sterile.
day one of my urine therapy Comments By: allthtnmo on 2011-03-17
ok i was told about urine on acne when i was a teenager and only used my babies urine when i had kids, and it did work, but now my skin has broken out badly and my kids are grown so i'm trying my own urine....i'm also taking pics so i'll keep posting and keeping you up to date on my results, don't think i'll ever drink it though.
HMM... Comments By: HopingForTheBest on 2011-03-28
Well my aunt told me about this yesterday but said that she hasnt tried it herelf but her mother in law does it everyday and she has the best skin ever. i am black african and been having bad acne for like 5years now. i am 19 at the moment. the worst acne is on my back and it hurts and gets really big. i am so willing to try this starting from 2mr mornin...actually tonight when everyone has gone to sleep hahaha.

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