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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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EWW Comments By: Anon on 2004-08-11
I am so sorry but i am not going to put urine on my face. That is disgusting I am not trying to be mean but who told you that?
I agree Comments By: Sara on 2004-08-12
That is a very gross and desperate way to get rid of zits and stuff. EW. And who in the first place thought "gee maybe pee will work"??
I love it!!!!!!! Comments By: Mr. Giggles on 2004-08-15
Man this really works. I actually found that using my dog's urine is a much better way of getting rid of my terrible acne. Man, whoever thought of using urine as a cure for acne is a genius.
Urine on your face? Comments By: christa on 2004-08-16
I'm sorry but that doesn't sound right. Not only is that gross but what's in your urine includes bacteria as well as wastes and toxins that your body exretes. Putting this on your face does not sound like a good idea.
Ok.. Comments By: Anon on 2004-08-16
This sound fishy (And gross) to me. Urinating is a way for your body to get rid of impurities and by putting it on your face would probably make it worse and might cause more.
urine Comments By: Christie on 2004-08-19
I have not tried this, but in ancient time people used to drink their urine & thought it healed several ailments. But urine does have tons of bacteria in it.
Pretty Gross Comments By: Allie on 2004-08-22
I have never tried this. Personally I think it sounds pretty gross. But I can remember reading something about urea (extracted from urine) is used in expensive lotions for dry skin. I'm not sure what it is supposed to do, but I have heard that it was good for skin. Another note, normal urine is actually sterile. There is no bacteria in it, unless an infection is present in the urinary tract.
My Rating is 0 Comments By: Simon Cowells Wife on 2004-08-29
To the person who made this part of the advice column you're a disgrace. I hope no one is gullible enough to try this. The only thing that would bathe in its own spit is a cat, no animal I know of uses what they excrete from their rear end. Of course you've never tried it.

If pee was meant to go on your face then every dermatologist would tell their patients the same thing. The best bet is using a mild astringent.

Get educated first! Comments By: anon on 2004-09-01
I think whoever has to comment on this should do their research first, instead of shouting their narrow minded views that they are cultured to believe. Urine therapy has been pervasive in many soceities for years now, and has plenty of healing properties. The reason why it is not populat is due to people's preconceived notions about urine being impure. My aunt who is 50 puts urine on her face daily, and hasn't got a single rinkle. We just need to get over our disgust and fear of what people may think, and try it!
urine Comments By: sandy on 2004-09-02
to be honest i have heard of this i personally have not tried this but i also think it cant be good for your skin but you cant dis something that you've never tried because you could be right it may actually work.
The "Yuck" Factor Comments By: Linz on 2004-09-05
First of all, urine does not contain bacteria. It is actually 95% water, 2.5% urea and 2.5% is a mixture of minerals,salts,hormones and enzymes.

Toxins are removed through the skin, liver, intestines and outbreath. So, urine is entirely sterie after secretion and has an antiseptic effect. Who knows untill you try it?

Cannot Comment Comments By: C L on 2004-09-13
It may be gross or whatever, but unless you've tried it, why bother commenting, personally I could consider trying it as urine is sterile and very good at healing, many chemicals from urine is used to cure blemishes, scars etc.
urine Comments By: Amanda on 2004-09-20
Technically in medical school they teach you that healthy urine is sterile.

My grandmother told me of the same remedy when I was a teenager, but I never got the courage to try it.

Technically that's disgusting Comments By: Margaret on 2004-09-25
I'm sorry for all of yall who think I am close minded and stuff. But how many people put urine on their face? And to the person whose aunt puts it on their face-EW!
Don't knock it till you try it. Comments By: Paradigm on 2004-09-27
Yes it is true. I had a severe sunburn and after it dissappeared I had a small "mole" appear. I researched the use of urine as a therapy and Waddayaknow - it worked. The "mole has completely disappeared and there is no scar.
Urine on baby's faces Comments By: Merritton on 2004-10-22
My grandma, born in Scotland in 1890, would take a baby's, wet with urine, cloth diaper and and wipe his/her face. I told her this was disgusting and she said it was so good for the complexion.
Gonna try it Comments By: Ben Johnston on 2004-10-25
Although I have never tried it, I have heard of this before and think that I might start trying it. I do know for a fact that, as other people have stated, urine is sterile when excreted. Bacteria will feed on urine, just as it will on any other sterile "food" source that it comes into contact with. One last thing for the unbelievers...before modern testing for diabetes was developed, doctors would taste a patient's urine. Diabetic patients often have a high sugar content in their urine. Just my $.02
EXCELLENT Comments By: Diana on 2004-11-14
I have just tried Urine on my dry skin..and it does work. Its the best moisteriser ever. My wrinkles are far less noticable already...Very excited about this. I have also found out it is best to use mid stream urine.
dont knock it till youve tried it Comments By: sara on 2004-11-17
its sooo good for skin blemishes, iv had trouble with spots and after going to the doctors about it and trying loads of cremes and lotions and none of them working i started using urine on monday and its the first time since i was a child that my skin has been clear, its amazing...
Eating bacteria-laden meat is more dangerous than drinking pee Comments By: Fatima Ahmed on 2005-01-04
The Old Testament has a quote about drinking one's own pee. A couple hundred years ago French ladies bathed in pee for softer skin. Urine therapy was also highly recommended by Hippocrates. So don't knock the urotherapy without having first studied or researched it.
not sure Comments By: indiff on 2005-01-15
it sounds gross but i might contemplate tryin it cos it does make sense that the only reason for it not bein widely heard of is te gross out factor. but think about it, would you rather eat dog poo or put it on ur face obviously put it on your face well urine has ALREADY been in ur system so why not put it on your face. ALso to paradigm that mole sounds like a form of sin cancer n if it is even slightly there still go to the doctor pronto! if u get one like it again run to the doctor.
will try on 12 year old son Comments By: willing on 2005-01-20
i was just told about this from a pharmacist.my son has severe excema over entire body.can't even go to school.he is in constant pain and itches so bad he can't even sleep.i am willing to try anything for him.
Im willing to try it Comments By: Anon on 2005-03-05
I break out every now and again and i think ill try urine on my face!
(who cares wat othas think)

urine therapy for dry skin Comments By: charliesou on 2005-03-24
dont listen to anyone who says urine is full of waste/toxins.etc. urine is 100% sterile and is wonderful for many skin complaints!!And no wonder the drug companies keep it quiet.. they need mugs like you to keep buying their worthless products!

Also urine doesnt smell and is natural and healthy , try being shipwrecked for a few weeks and tell me you wont drink it ..thousands have and lived to tell the tale!

... Comments By: some dude on 2005-03-25
The reason you never hear this from doctors is because if you had perfect skin, then they wouldn't make any profit.

So booya! In your face! ;)

doesn't smell? Comments By: kendi on 2005-04-01
okay, I'm willing to try it. however, whoever says urine doesn't smell needs to see a nose doctor.
It's true Comments By: Mike Kennedy on 2005-04-03
Look, I know this is crazy sounding but I had level 4 acne. A holistic website I found said that drinking urine will cure acne. A trustworthy friend let me drink his urine and it worked in days!! It may sound gross but so is walking around with pizza on your face. Try it! Urine also saved lives in the Mexico City Earthquake. Anyway, it works. And, really, it doesn't taste that bad!!
um Comments By: curious on 2005-04-03
does it make your breath smell and can you drink your own urine?
who wants to pee on my face??? Comments By: g-unit on 2005-04-23
ha ah ha ha i've just been reading all the posts and it pretty hilarious!! ha ha cuz everybody is talking about urine its weird. I don't know if i'll have the courage to try it but since a few of you say it works i don't know..i think if i get drunk enough and somebody dares me i'll do it. lol. it sounds interesting and i just might try it. Plus i've heard that urine is somewhat good for your skin; on the discovery channel they say if you get a jellyfish sting on you to pee on it (or have somebody do it)and you'll be cured.

Even that sounds crazy but i've heard it works. So the face thing doesn't sound tooo bad. And for those who say that it does work...this better not be some kind of sick joke!! cuz then that would be really messed up! lol.

The Truth Comments By: Dr. Phil on 2005-04-24
Urine is mostly water and urea which is pretty much an ammonia like compound. So, Truthfully, Urine is like glass cleaner.. lol But ammonia will kill germs and bacteria which is what causes acne so I woulden't dismiss this idea.
Contempt prior to investigation. Comments By: david on 2005-04-24
We will poison ourselves with alcohol, caffeine, cigarretts, etc. and yet ignore the fact that urine has saved many a life in different circumstances. I wish I had used urine on my back when I was young. Now my back is completely scarred.

Urine does not taste as bad as booze and the smell is much better than booze. Ha, and it is free. So why not experiment. Look what is getting on our skin in this smog infested society we live in today.

True to the fact Comments By: kex on 2005-05-12
These women wrote a book on remedies that help your health. and it was noted that using first morning urine on your skin will kill acne bacteria
I might Comments By: M on 2005-05-23
I might try it. I've also heard about urine therapy. One time when I was younger I drank some of my own urine out of curiosity.

Some of you guys should grow up, and stop being so prissy.
Well, I've got a face full of zits. I wont take medicine for it, so I think I will try this. I'll bookmark this page and tell you how it goes.

Day 1 Comments By: M on 2005-05-23
Well. I just did the cotton ball thing. This is my first day trying this. I have a face full of zits. Hey, I might make a website of this...hmm..yea maybe.
Tomorrow, i plan to continue with the using a cotton ball of urine on my face. Then I plan to drink I "morning stream" of urine. I'll tell you how it goes.

hmm Comments By: Anon on 2005-05-31
i was reading a magazine wich said some famous persone ( cant remember the name)said she actually puts her urine in a bowl and soaks her feet in it to keep them smoothe!sounds strang but it is really harmless!!!!
OMG Guys grow up! Comments By: BrunettesTakeOver on 2005-06-02
This really works! I am 27 years old and I have made it a daily ritual of using urine on my skin. It doesn't smell and my skin is beautiful.
i'll take a chance on you... Comments By: cris on 2005-06-06
i surf the web more than often just to find cure for my acne. i tried almost everything already, and i'll give this urine a chance. i'll be having an interview a week from now, and i hope this will work :)
Gonna keep usin it Comments By: Johnny M. on 2005-06-11
I did the cotton ball thing fer 2 days in a row and didnt see and difference, i guess ill keep at it to see if anything happens.
Instructions--PLEASE!!!! Comments By: confused on 2005-06-25
HELP!! I am willing to try this urine ritual-but am not sure how the process is. Can somone help me? do I just put it on face and then lotion or just the urine?
Do you do it at nite, morning? How does the whole thing work??? How soon will I see a difference?

ITs the Comments By: Nick on 2005-07-02
UREA in the Urine that is good for skin ive read a few regys in cosmetic creams the best ones ive paid for have contained UREA , so could come from a number of sources but i think you need to distill the URINE from your DOG CAT BIRD before apply to face , remove waste products till u get Pure form of Urea.
instructions Comments By: Anon on 2005-07-06
I looked into this and I read on a website that it is best to use urine that is four to eight days old. The ammonia smell helps more. I actually tried it once so far and I think I already see a difference. I put it on with a q tip a couple of hours before bed after I washed my face. It definately isn't sexy, but we'll do just about anything for beautiful skin and it is actually quite healthy. The website mught help any skeptics http://biomedx.com/urine/
in the process.... Comments By: lindsay on 2005-07-08
I started using this method 2 days ago, after going on about 10 different websites to learn more about urine therapy. I tried using older urine ( but i can't stand the smell) so im sticking to 1-2 days old. All I do is get a cotton ball and use it like a toner..after i wash my face in the morning.. or whenever i'll be home by myself for an hour or 2. After 1-2 hours i splash my face with warm water... or take a shower. The only thing I've noticed is that this morning I have a ton of little teenie tiny bumps that you can't really see...unless you have a microscope..( sort of look like the little bumps on a new born baby's face..but smaller) They dont hurt...it's not a rash... so I'm thinking that my pores are actually going through a deep cleaning to get all that junk out. If anyone knows what this is...please let me know! :o)
GOTTA GO! Comments By: Monica on 2005-07-28
i am 30 years old and have been fighting acne for more than half of my life! i am gona try it!!!
Interesting Comments By: Skyler on 2005-08-05
I've been having trouble with my acne for a while now. It's so bad, I make up excuses not to go out. I used to have clear skin, so I'm ready to try anything. I will come back here in about a month to give you a heads up, and let you know if this works. (August 5, 2005)
Nothing new Comments By: S on 2005-08-08
Though I don't have the stomach to try this, it is an old time way to medicate acne. I remember my friends mother telling me that she used baby diapers on her face as a teenager.

And to those commenting on the "bacteria" in urine... you better check your facts! As many have already stated, it is sterile!

Works On Everything Comments By: Dima on 2005-08-16
Well using urine is good it is a known secret for many years i know many people that used urine for healing and ve heard that you can also use it for wasp stings,red eye, flu, cuts, scars and many other things the use of universal and totally safe but your doctor will not tell you that because he/she want to make money! thats all they think about so all the natural remedies work but everyone is different! so if it does not work for one person It will work for another i'm 18 and ive used urine for acne and cuts... by the way all you people here saying its gross you should keep that to your self because you havent tryed it you should grow up! if you try it yull know its perfectly normal and their is nothing grossa bout it. and its all in your head!
What Kind of Urine? Comments By: Mark on 2005-08-23
Is it better to use the smelly Yellow Urine. Or the Clear Urine that is produced after drinking a lot of water?

TipKing says: I really do not know

It realy works Comments By: Emilie on 2005-08-28
I had acne for 10 years and I started using urine on my face . I dont wash it of and you dont have to be worry about the smell it will go away in a hour because the skin absorbe the urine. My acne is gone and it help also for acne scars . The ferst couples of days you will not see a diffrence but after a month are to you will. I only wash my skin with my urine I dont use any soap. Its helps your acne and it also make your skin verry soft.Before saying that its discosting you should try it. Like I said you will not see a diffrence in 3 days but after a month you will be verry suprise ...no new blemishes ..scars or fading ..skin his soft ....pores are smaller.Try it !!!!! Sorry for my English I am Fench !!!!
I agree, but.... Comments By: cherisa on 2005-09-02
I see lots of rave reviews, but nobody has pointed out the fact that Urine is waste that your body has rejected. It is full of toxins and other impurities that your body is trying to get rid of. Why on earth would you put impurities back on your skin? Go to the source, your diet. Please, read my post "Easy Surefire Ways to Zap Acne" and my comments in "Avoiding Fatty Foods" Your diet will probably take the longest to see results. This will take a 6-8 weeks at most. But,in the meantime, for quick fixes in less than 24 hours try rubbing ONION on your skin. The smell goes away after quickly and improvements can be seen within a day. Granted urine does work... it's used in Proactiv under the label uric acid. But sulfuric acid found in onion is also what makes Proactiv such a successful product. I believe even more so based on my quick results I have had during my pregnancy and dealing with bad skin from my hormones. But it's the sulfuric acid that is proven to kill bacteria. Rub a small slice of onion on your face and let the magic begin. Good Luck!
Urine IS sterile, and 99% water Comments By: Kim on 2005-09-07
Although I've never used it for zits, urine is not as gross as everyone thinks it is. That is, of course, if you're drinking enough water... Your urine should be very pale yellow, even clear! I work in a doctor's office and most people's urine is too concentrated because they're dehydrated.
Urine on the face or in the stomach? Comments By: Anon'. on 2005-09-24
I hope number five is the best ever.
not sure if it's one or five but the tips I've gotten here sure has helped me.
Thank you for the advice. Sure hope y'all know what you're talking about.
I've wondered if it was safe or harmful

Going to try Comments By: Anon on 2005-11-20
That does sound rather disgusting but if you think about it it is basically just the stuff you drink and pee is sterile. I have some really red pimples on my face and I'm going to try it. I don't think i can drink my urine though. :)
pee is good Comments By: david on 2005-11-20
why not, i've heard of peeing on your feet for athletes foot
poison ivy Comments By: mike on 2005-12-01
I've been telling people for years but no one believes me, even my wife, I don't get poison that bad but when I do guess what I do. Been told by a lot of old timers,(now I'm 50) that the best was chicken urine from under the pen.
what is it like to not wear makeup Comments By: Julse on 2006-01-26
there is nothing more painful than being held a prisoner because of acne infested skin you can't control. i wonder what it is like not to wear make up. what it's like to dive out of water, stand under a flurescent light and not hesitate.
anything is really worth a go. lets see if this urine works. thanks for the onion tip will try that too. having bad skin is so exhausting.

Don't Knock What You Havn't Tried Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-27
Actually, all you people saying it won't work. My great grandma worked in a manor house when she was 13, the girls there used to wash there hands in urine because it made their skin soft. So, it probably does work.
Gonna try this Comments By: kantrese on 2006-04-25
i've been fighting acne for years and it is funny because my son had ecezma and my aunt told me to rub him down with his own urine and it worked. But i never tried it on my skin until i ran into a friend the other day and her skin was sooo,soo beautiful she said she was doing urine therapy. so i think i'm gonna try this, i started this morning and it actually have skin feeling soft.and i've also did my research it's not harmful.
old tricks Comments By: clay evens on 2006-05-05
my greatgrandmom used to put my mom's baby sister's diapers on her and her sister's skin when they were young!! looking at old photos of my mom and aunt, their skin is flawless!! they would also pee in their bath water while taking a bath!! i've started doing the same, and my skin IS clearing!! i don't think i could ever bring myself to drink it though!! don't like the smell of old pee, just add some vanilla extract or aroma oils to it!!
This is kind of gross but it will work! Comments By: Shawn McMurphy on 2006-06-06
Back in the good old days fresh urine is what was used to cure ear infections. And come on people, you've never heard of peeing on a jelly fish sting? There is almost instant relief from excruciating pain. To all you people that are saying urine is full of bacteria, I sure hope you didnt graduate from high school or college biology with the simple minded thinking you exhibit here. Do some research before you look stupid from having your foot so far in your mouth you can taste your ***
so what are the steps to this urine procedure? Comments By: clueless on 2006-06-21
tell me how to do it. so i need to collect midstream urine. dap it with a cotton ball, do i need to dilute the urine in any way? then i swap it on my face, for how long? then do i wash my face with soap or plain water? do i need to moisturize it after that or leave it alone? how long will i need to wait to see result? are there any side effects like breakout of pimples, then should i stop with this urine therapy?

TipKing says: If you read through all the comments on the page you will get more information on this treatment. I have no personal knowledge of it.

please do some reseach on google Comments By: Sebastian on 2006-07-01
can someone please do a reseach on the net or health magazine that says this. then please post the link here . thanks
It truly works! Comments By: Anon on 2006-09-03
I'm a living example! I once had really bad acne and had other problems. My friend kept telling me to drink my pee and finally I looked it up on the web. I read alot and was convinced to give it a try. I started to drink it in the morning and at night I would put it on my face. I even stored some in a jar for 5 days to apply to my face. (I read that it worked better that way) Well.. In maybe about two weeks or so, I saw amazing results, I hadn't seen my skin so clear in a long time. I continued for two months. My health inproved and my skin was glowing. So many people commented on how I looked so good, I of course kept my little trick a secret :) So then I stopped for a while because I started traveling and eventually my skin got bad once again. Now I justr started it up again and i can already see the difference in my face. So amazing, it's really worth try!
True works on burns Comments By: vee on 2006-09-21
It is true and urine does work on minor burns my grandmother used to pee on us or ask us to pee on ourselves depending on where one is burnt to stop blistoring this should be done soon after the burns but I have never tried it on my face I will give it a go I have severe blemishes my face has uneven complexion and have tried a lot of skin products
wonderful self cure Comments By: dr. r.k.gupta on 2006-09-23
i am using since 1999,feeling healthy
HIP HIP HOORAY FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO TRY IT!!!!! Comments By: C.M.R on 2006-09-24
Knowledge is POWER people. Urine is a powerful healing remedy - not just for skin blemishes - but for a host of diseases. Do you want to know why you don't know about the magical powers of urine? Well, medical establishments and pharmaceutical companies are terrified people will find out the truth about this precious liquid which is actually PURE and will HEAL YOU!!!

So what do they do? They create the illusion that urine is dirty and toxic! BECAUSE they NEED YOU TO BE SICK so you can pay them for their services.

So...if you have skin blemishes and long for baby soft, SMOOTH glowing skin - SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TRY IT! you won't be disappointed AND THEN READ READ, READ about urine on the internet

Skin blemishes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what this healing modality can do.

And Yep...you probably guessed - I was very ill and had HORRIBLE skin blemishes. I was really at my wit's end and read about urine therapy on the internet one day. My eyebrows shot up almost to my forehead when I read it. I wondered if it could be true.

Fast forward to today and I am absolutely bursting with health :-)))

OH PEOPLE Comments By: Charelle on 2006-10-05
I HATE my skin more than anything in the world. It well gets me down. I tried out chinese doctor who gives me this mingin tea and thinkin about it I'd rather drink my own piss. Been doin this tea for ever now and they told me to change my diet but I cant eat greens I may aswell eat a tree. I've cut down the crap like chocolate n crisps but nothing is working. I'm gonna get in from work tonite and push out a mighty pee in a jug and throw it on my face, ok exaggeration, dab it on I dont want pee everywhere. Jade Goody from big brother does this and even tho shes mingin she has really nice clear skin. Thankyou people. However if this doesnt work I will not be happy. And I dont understand why the doctor or chinese people just say, especially when ur close to tears, drink ur urine. Theyre evil money grabbin t*%&s. What if a girl was so depressed and close to suicide coz she thought she was ugly wud they tell her then? I'm so happy to read this THANKYOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually..... Comments By: Dr. Sukin Chin Wang on 2006-10-21
Actually urine is very sterile, it was used during times of war to heal wounds. It actually works. I'm a Doctor and I've used it for some time now to clear up my skin. Think of it this way, it's your pee!
ok.... Comments By: jeanie on 2006-10-21
first of all... stop calling it urine.. its pee... you sound like a lot of teachers.. second of all... who ever said dat pee has bacteria in it is wrong.. because it doesnt.. you guys should actually listen in school and third of all.. my mom said that shes done it when she was little and said that it worked and was pimple free... :) haha.. im going to try it.. you people should too.. instead of just saying stuff that isnt true with out trying it
Old urine Comments By: BigWave on 2006-10-23
Do someone know if urine should get old in open or close container? To me it seems that open is better, but then it smells so bad that I dont know where to keep it. Is someone here doing urine massages?
=UrInE s D bEST= Comments By: nIkkI_cUtE on 2006-11-21


Somebody lay out the formula for success Comments By: TB on 2006-11-27
I have read this entire feed, and I cant seem to find the daily regimen. I completely believe that this works, however, all of the people who say it works have not given step by step instructions. Dab or drown? Morning or night? Internal or external application?
How, when and where to apply? Somebody who has been successful please give an outline of your exact regimen. Thanks!

Worked on my eczema!! Comments By: michael on 2007-01-20
I have suffered from eczema for years. Hydrocortizone applications just about keep it under control, but it,s expensive, and has side effects. I have tried bathing my skin and scalp with my wife's urine, and after a few days the scales and itching were almost gone!
i dont hav a clue?? Comments By: shauna on 2007-01-23
what if your pee is too concentrated...does it still work?? get back to me on dis!!
u ppl are crazy Comments By: george on 2007-01-27
how could u use pee on yr face...was everyone drunk when the tryed it. i would rather have bad skin than use my pee on my face. it is disgusting. for heavans sake if it was good for u y do u pee it OUT. if it was good yr body would keep it an use it.
This really works!! Comments By: Allison from Ohio on 2007-02-16
About a month ago: I'm 29 years old and I hate my skin. I've been breaking out for a year and a half now, and it won't stop. I plaster on the makeup and hope all day that people can't see through it. I hate it when people see me without any makeup on. I'm scarred up and depressed because I can't stop breaking out. I've tried so many alternative therapies and home remedies, but nothing is working...

January 20, 2007: I read about this "uropathy" thing today and started trying it right away. I'm just so desperate!

February 16, 2007: My skin is now much softer (I've always struggled with dry skin), and the big, swollen red spots are all gone. Almost no new zits to speak of. Even the scars are looking smaller...

My routine is this: I catch it on a cotton ball as it comes, dab on any trouble spots (wrinkles, blemishes, dry spots), and leave it on all day/night. I haven't gotten up the guts to drink it...yet.

Yes, sometimes it smells a little strange, but mostly it has started to smell kind of sweet to me. :) Cover up with a bit of perfume if you're paranoid!

By the way, urine is merely water that contains excess vitamins, minerals, salts, enzymes, antibodies, etc. that your body can't use at the moment. So take your vitamins and give it a try! :)

For more info, check out this link!

Urinology....?......DOES WORK......! Comments By: Gerry G on 2007-03-10
Urinology has work for centuries.....is the most saturated mineralized sterill solution you will find anywhere.....its not a beliving matter, there are many universal proven facts and cientific researches along its positive curing and healing results..... daily drinking a small dose of your own will cure you anything, diabetes, etc.....belive it or not....ask your doctor......
urine can heals asthma and toothaches Comments By: Rose on 2007-04-25
I was shocked to find in the internet about the goodness of urine. When I was young my grandma used to tell us that urine can cure toothache and she used it often. Then few years ago a friend told me that she let her son drank his urine after giving up on doctors medicines that did not help. But not until I came across this website that I began to believe it. But I cant bring myself to drink my pee yet. The thought of drinking it makes me want to vomit.... yak...
Hmmmm Comments By: G on 2007-05-06
I found this on a website....sorry I forgot the link, but I copied right from it......."Unfortunately, however, not everybody can just jump right in and start drinking their own urine without negative side effects. The Chinese Association of Urine Therapy1 warns that

Common symptoms include diarrhea, itch, pain, fatigue, soreness of the shoulder, fever, etc. These symptoms appear more frequently in patients suffering long term or more serious illnesses, and symptoms may repeat several times. Each episode may last 3-7 days, but sometimes it may last one month, or even worse over 6 months. It is a pity that many give up urine therapy because of such bad episode [sic]. Recovery reaction is just like the darkness before sunrise. If one persists and overcomes the difficulty, one can enjoy the eventual happiness of healthy life."

The article mentioned drinking the first days urine midstream. Not sure if I will try drinking it but I will give it a try on my skin.

it works Comments By: tina on 2007-06-05

I had acne few years back and now left with open pores. This morning itself I tried application of urine on my face. I applied it just fr 10-15 mints and took a bath after that. And lo, i reported fr work and m getting lot of compliments. My pores look smaller and skin is glowing like 1000 bulbs. Touchwood!

Try it out....

Give uropathy a chance! Comments By: Kris on 2007-06-16
I found out about uropathy (urine therapy) a few months ago. I have only used it externally but I am going to start using it orally. I have recived a lot of positive feed back on how my skin looks. One of my co-workers as well as my husband, thought that I was wearing makeup, the best part is I wasn't wearing any. My skin was glowing from the external use of urine. Please do the research for yourself. There are also several books on urine therapy on the market. Urine therapy cures and or aliviates over 165 diseases including AIDS, cancer, arthrtis,genital herpes, back pain, and so forth. A lot of medicine that is on the market today is made with urine constituates (please forgive my spelling). Urine therapy is also known as the fountain of youth. I am 29 and my husband told me that since I have been applying the urine to my face that I look like I'm 20. Just try it and you all may become the best looking and the most physically fit girls and guys in your neighborhoods! For the record, I am a woman of color and urine therapy is the only thing that I have tried that has remarkably cleared my face of acne.
Seb. cysts Comments By: cathy on 2007-06-26
had them for 4 yrs right under the eyes. Started using the urine on the cotton ball, using 4 day old urine and morning urine. Bought one of those masks to make day time dark and used that to secure the smelly urine while I slept. worked for me. The strong urine does burn,but it works.
No more $40 co-pay Comments By: Tryin to live well on 2007-07-04
I am a 26-year old woman who has been suffering from acne and blemishes since I was 11. I have played musical chairs with just about every RX oral and topical medication to treat my acne. I cringe every time I hear the total for all my acne prescriptions at the pharmacy. I am financially spent and so I am DEFINITELY willing and ready to try this urine therapy. I tried it for a couple of days a few months ago after a colleague told me she uses it. I was not consistent and could not see any quick results. This time I will be serioius about it by applying it to my skin daily (probably at night) and work my way up to drinking it. Hopefully I will start seeing results--I'll let you know! In the mean time, let's toast to a glass of pee!
Soldiers baths really work Comments By: David on 2007-07-25
I read somewhere years ago about soldiers and marines using their own urin to take baths with while out in combat. Then I read where using ones own urin on your skin and hair gets rid of all kinds of skin problems. So I tried it heating up plastic tumblers filled with my morning or evening pee in the microwave. People it really does work. After a few days and weeks of doing this it got rid of my exzema in by beard and helps to control and get rid of infectious dandruff sores in my hair. My skin feels wonderful all over like I've been taking baths with Sardo Bath Oil Beeds. It has also helped control and in some cases completely got rid of my toenail fungus on both my toes and fingernails. It also helps cure and gets rid of jockitch around a guys balls but it still dosen't hurt to use antifungal cream on there also. I've found it also keeps away mosquitoes during the summer months, I guess they don't like the smell. It's allright to drink a little of it if you mix it with tea or something. I don't work anymore so my smell dosen't affect me there.
what???? Comments By: kikopett on 2007-08-15
ehhww! i don't want to be mean but what a gross idea... maby it's just a frustration to eradicate blemishes and so funny to come up to that idea... and I guess anybody who were frustrated will try to do anything just to make the things they wished for... i only believe this if thier is someone who'll prove it to me about the changes on his/her face using the recommended urine.... bwahahaha....
i tried it on already Comments By: kelly on 2007-08-16
i have high level of pimples. i was kind of frustrated, until my friend of mine told me to wash my face every morning with my own pee. hmm,,, actually it's still bad, but i hope my face will get well soon. i wont give up, i will still face it with my pee. maybe it takes time.
The Facts Comments By: Anon on 2007-08-20
For all of you who have doubts of the effects of urine therapy, you should do some research or put a little though into it first. There are many natural cures out there that help us in many ways, and urine is one of them.

I am currently experimenting with this method to remove a mole on my face. The mole is flat and is fairly small. The first thing I did was penetrate the mole with a needle so that the urine could soak in and work more accurate. After this I took a cotton ball and dabbed the mole with the urine. I have been repeating these steps for about three days now, and will post my results on here to show if this method actually works.

The Facts Comments By: Anon on 2007-08-20
For all of you who have doubts of the effects of urine therapy, you should do some research or put a little though into it first. There are many natural cures out there that help us in many ways, and urine is one of them.

I am currently experimenting with this method to remove a mole on my face. The mole is flat and is fairly small. The first thing I did was penetrate the mole with a needle so that the urine could soak in and work more accurate. After this I took a cotton ball and dabbed the mole with the urine. I have been repeating these steps for about three days now, and will post my results on here to show if this method actually works.

Disgusting Comments By: Doctor Elizabeth Burns on 2007-08-25
Washing ones face in urine must be a sick joke. We teach our children to always wash their hands after using the toilet to avoid infections. Most public toilets and certainly all hospitals display notices reminding the public to wash their hands.DON'T FALL FOR THIS DISGUSTING HOAX.
narrow minded? Comments By: me on 2007-08-28
Actually, this isn't as outrageous as it sounds..if you check out most moisturises for acne, they all contain urea! Google it!! what is urea? it is pretty much urine! I wouldn't use the dogs though...my friend uses it and she said after a month she had perfect skin. I have just started, and yes it's weird, but no weirder than some ingrediants you guys have in ur ointments...
I might try it Comments By: judesterrr on 2007-09-01
My aunt has been using urine on her skin for years and I've never seen her with one single blemish. She said that since urine gets rid of bacteria in your body it works the same on your face.
I might. Comments By: Ufiie on 2007-09-10
After using tea tree oil for a few weeks *which has really helped* i think i might try this because i still have a lot of redness. They say you're menat to wee on yourself when you get stung by a jellyfish so it must be okay. I'm just scared of my face beginning to smell like my wee.
IT WORKS. Comments By: Kristi on 2007-09-12
kso i had the biggest breakout ever a few weeks ago, and trust me since then i've tried EVERYTHING. I've been using urine on my face for the past few days and it does work, i have hardy and redness left just a few bumps. Please people it's not as gross as it sounds you should realy give it a go.
urine heals Comments By: Anon. on 2007-09-16
It is very true, that urine can heal acne. And it is very wrong, that urine has bacteria. Urine is cleaner than blood. It is 95% water, the rest contain minerals, hormones, ammonia ( believe it is not toxic, but smells strong) and finally UREA! This is an ingredient contained in a lot of facials products you put on your face! Check out Urotherapy and related links.
Smelly feet! Pee on your feet! Comments By: anon. on 2007-09-16
Urine is sterile and can heal a lot of things. Even cancer cells disappear from drinking it. Got smelly feet! Pee on them! Smell will be gone in no time!
Urine for Acne Comments By: Jackie on 2007-11-10
To all those closeminded idiots who say urine doesn't work for acne...if you actually took the time to do research you would find there are numerous studes as well as medical evidence that acne works for acne as well as many other ailments. So before you judge someone for using a remedy that works, why don't you shut your mouth and keep your narrow minded opinions to yourself. And to those suffering from acne, why not try it. Urine IS sterile. There is no harm in using is and it has shown to work well. I just started trying it as I thought to myself why the hell not.
make your choice Comments By: odb on 2007-11-13
don't get dramatic,no one is telling you to drinking your urine or to wash your entire face on it
just put what is necessary 2-3 times a day and you'll get rid of the bastard in 3 days,it's a fact
choose between those 3 days or 14 days walking around with a volcano on your face

umm...what the hell? Comments By: Like im gonna say? on 2007-12-06
Well I've been searching the net for treatments on how to remove moles. All the moles on my face are very small; about a 1/8th the size of a pencil eraser.

I've been looking for ways to get rid of these things because I would look much better without. I think this is VERY disgusting and don't see how it could possibly work but I'll give anything a try. I will post back the results.

ahhh Comments By: Stina on 2007-12-12
I heard the same thing and it was off meths busters they said it'd one of the best things to use! No LIE I break out evey now and then .I hate the smell of piss,but I gonna try it.....
MY FIRST DAY Comments By: "H" on 2007-12-25

today(25.12.07) i tried this for the first time... i can't see any difference yet, but i will keep you guys updated. when i first came across this "urine for acne" i was like... okey wtf?? but then i did a little research i found several places where it had helped people,and after all it is MY pee, not my neighbours or whatever.. anyways, wish me good luck.

PULEAZE! Comments By: Maddie on 2007-12-29
Oh yes, it works especially well if you dip you face in the toliet after using it!
GREAT TIP!! Comments By: rofl on 2008-01-01
Brilliant - at last save your money Comments By: Linda on 2008-01-02
I've heard of urine therapy before and after reading up on it and reading her i guess it's time to bite the bullet and have a go, what have i to lose? nothing as it's free, and a darn lot cheaper than the creams i've been slapping on my face for years
worth a good try
for those of you that need to know how to apply (orally or on the skin externally) then go here:www.lightbalance.com and click the urine therapy link at the bottom of the page

It is true Comments By: anon on 2008-01-11
I heard about using baby urine from the diaper and wiping your face and I must say it kept my face very smooth and youthful looking. I dont know about animals piss I wont go there but I know my childrens worked well for me
Lordy. Comments By: buster on 2008-01-14
I am AMAZED at all this at all this corn fed timid pearl clutching that I'm reading in here.

Cherisa? Sweetums? URINE IS STERILE. It does not have toxins.

I have drank a cup of my urine (midstream and yes the morning piss is the best) for over a year now and my skin is flawless and it has cleared up MAJOR rosacea and redness that I used to have on my cheeks.

I don't know whether clear or yellow is better either, but I drink so much water that the coloration of my urine is a very clear light golden. I wake up eack morning, start taking a piss, pour a cup (midstream) and sip it like warm tea, I save enough to slather my face with it, watch the morning news, take a shower and am good to go.

I SWEAR to you that after TWO weeks I had five people (3 who weren't too quick with compliments on any level) comment on how great my skin looked. Of course, I didn't tell them that I'm "drinking from my own tap", I just told them "lots of water".

If your skin is crap, try it.

urine - hope Comments By: riu on 2008-01-21
i just heard about this yesterday when i was in my duty. an old woman approached me and asked about my face (which is full of BIG acnes) and recommended the urine. i was shocked and i almost laughed at her. but then she said that it cured the myoma of her sister. i just said that ill try it just to make her not feel bad. (but i never have the slightest intention to try it). but i have just read the comments and now i changed my mind. i might as well try it.
It works Comments By: Steph on 2008-02-10
I know it sounds gross. But my great grandmother use to take my urine soiled diper and wipe my face as an infant to ensure that I have great skin. I have never had acne or any skin problems. I have always had beutiful skin. I am now 37 and I always get told that I look like I am in my 20's. Maybe I am just blessed. But I trust that my granna would not have done anything harmful to me. Baby urine is very natural unlike adults.....lol.
hope for the best Comments By: sue on 2008-02-20
i read about urine therapy and came to the conclusion that i will try it.
i won't drink it though but use a cotton ball and wipe it on my face.

hopefully it works because i've tried everything else.

it's 2/21/08.

i'll report weekly...

trust me; it works! Comments By: Crazybaby on 2008-02-24
as disgusting as it may sounds, i decided to try putting urine on my face with a cotton ball. as soon as it started drying, my acne grew smaller and smaller. trust me guys, this stuff works. ive had trouble finding OTC medication that works for my skin but this did it. best of all, its free. i recommend doing it at night andleaving it on all night. its great!
sue Comments By: sue on 2008-02-27
it's been more than a week and my zits on my forehead have gotten smaller and some dryer. my zits on my cheeks takes a while to dry though...

we'll see what happens next week

makes sense .. Comments By: chill on 2008-03-05
i've tried everything .. at least ALMOST everything to clear up my skin n nothing is doing the job . how irritating to find out that all those years of suffering didn't have to happen. so .. i've tried it for two days and honestly, i've noticed my skin improving . i don't know if it's all in the mind or what, but i feel like it's doing what it's supposed 2. i don't drink it...i haven't gotten to that point yet. so does anybody use the pee only externally .. and if so .. how long did it take to get your skin clear?
nasty but i was desperate Comments By: beau on 2008-03-11
I started to get really bad acne on my shoulders and chest during football season from the constant rubbing and sweat build up from my shoulder pads. I had the acne for months and tried everything from proactive,over the counter sh*t,differin,clearasil,and acne pills. I somehow came across that urine could help to get rid of acne, and in the privacy of my own room(it really is nasty)I would take a couple gulps of my early morning acne and apply urine from cotton balls to my chest and shoulders and let it absorb in. and UHHHH ALL MY ACNE IS GONE!!! so for all you haters that wont try it bc it is nasty(it is kina nasty) I would rather have clear skin than look like a d bag with chest acne so F*** OFF!!!
if you think it's "GROSS" Comments By: StEvE on 2008-03-18
who's going to know except you? If you do it in the privacy of your bathroom no one will ever know except you :]
oh ye of little faith Comments By: anon on 2008-03-26
growing up my grandmotehr used to tell me to try it. so i did and guess what it worked. my skin over time became flawless and remains so to this day. i've been telling people over ther years and everyone always have the same reaction, no way. that is until they've tried everything else and it fails. then they start the advise of my morning routine. take your moring pee midstream and blott your skin with it. your can leave it on all day or wash with warm water after it's been on awhile. give it a couple of weeks and i promise you'll be a beleiver. i'm in the medical field and i've never seen anyone die from a little pee, grow up people.
It works...if you dare! Comments By: Stella on 2008-03-29
Back home in Greece, in the country, people use to pee in cuts, bruises and stings. My granma died 96 ys/o, she looked like 50. She used to often rinse her face with urine. I do the same. I am 57 and people say I look like 40.
true but... Comments By: yomama on 2008-04-02
it has to be the first pee of the day, and it does work.

HEY 1 LAST THING! Comments By: yomama on 2008-04-02
to all the women saying its gross, makeup has urea, urine, haha bithes!

It works against warts Comments By: Kati on 2008-04-07
I had a wart on my finger. It grew and grew. My mother in law told me to pee on it. I was disgusted. I tried everything to get rid of that wart. I even cut it down - it bled like crazy and grew profusely. Then I started peeing on it. The wart vanished within a week.
Cant Remember where i Heard This Method Comments By: kay on 2008-04-14
I cant remember where i heard this method but i tried it myself and it does work my skin when have done this feels soft as a babies bum!
I never heard its good for moles tho i have 1 and gonna do that!too
As wierd as it sounds this does really work..
My Daughter is going through her teenager spots and cant bring myself to tell her to do this its my secret i would feel embarrassed telling her....
As for Drinking it i would never beable to stomach it

The Clearer the Better? Comments By: ~Misa Amane~ on 2008-04-27
Ok, i have been using urine therapy for 6 days now. i have gotten absolutely no results. actually, it's gotten worse. but my urine was extreamely yellow and i could not see through it at all. But after finally noticing, i have worked hard to make it clear up in only one day. does anyone think that i may see results now?
Thank You! Comments By: Anon on 2008-04-28
Thank you all for finally suggesting something that will work! I'm so sick and tired of people making fun of my horrible acne and two moles on my face. My mom told me before that I should drink my own pee, but I didn't believe her. I have researched Urine Therapy and I'm going to give it a go. I'll let you know how it goes! =]

Help! Comments By: Serena on 2008-05-04
ok, so im on day 2 of urine therapy, but i tried to drink my morning stream this morning and i just couldnt bring myself to do it. its just too concentrated in the morning, i can however do it more in the afternoon after a few bottles of water, its much lighter and alot less harsh, if i drink in the afternoon will i still see results or does it absolutely have to be in the morning?
cant wai till morning!!! Comments By: 1 2 b glowing! on 2008-06-03
I pee soooo often b/c i drink lots of water to clear my skin... but i have been breaking out since i was like 10, now at almost 27 still no change. I cant wait to try this tomorrow. I actually stumbled on this website when looking for "blue light theropy costs" and boy were they expensive and painful.... ah hello urine!!! i say "give pees a chance!"
Unrine DOES help Comments By: Honest Girl on 2008-06-03
It's true, unrine helps ...and yes, I've tried it. A friend of mine came to me all grossed out because she found out her grandparents were doing this. At first I thought it was gross too but her grandmother has awesome skin, she looks way younger than she really is ...so one night in the bathroom, all alone of course, I decided to bite the bullet and soak a cotton ball. I applied it and let it dry, I waited there a couple of minutes and then washed it off with warm water and finished with a splash of freezing cold water. My skin looked so good, I was tempted to tell everyone but I didn't and haven't. I'm only doing it now 'cause you don't know who I am :P.

Anyway, it really works. I do every time my skins starts to look shabby. What I do is drink a lot of water all day and by nighttime my pee is really clear and odorless so it's easier :)

Really people, don't be so quick to jump to ignorance. You'd be surprised what worse things you come across with in your daily routine.

Hope this helps.

update #1 Comments By: 1 2 B Glowing ;) on 2008-06-05
Wow, wow, wow!!! I have stared a routine of one or two morning applications, then two at night (all from the first mid-stream morning start on wednesday). [Ok i also gave it a go when i first got home on tues evening but not morning mid-stream, I just couldn't wait!] And my results so far are, smoother, no new break-outs and what a positive aditude I have now knowing that this all-natural, self-replenishing, answer-to-all-my-problems liquid gold is FREE!!! Stay tuned, I will update in a couple dayz ;)
Serena Comments By: Honest Girl on 2008-06-07
Serena (and others who might be thinking of this), don't drink it, at least not yet. Dab it on your problem areas and see if it works like that first. I never drank my pee, although I've heard that it's good for you, but yeah I wouldn't be able to do that either.

I used (use) it as a toner/astringent and it does miracles just like that. So maybe you don't have to pour it down the hatch at all :P.


Rating is 0 for closed minded people, for the topic however ^ Comments By: "Doctor" Honest Girl on 2008-06-07
One other thing, you don't have to ONLY use the first morning pee, the rest works too. But it is true that the first pee of the day is better.

If your pee is too concentrated drink more water. But I don't think it matters what color the pee is to be able to use it. Sometimes taking vitamins makes your pee glow anyway, I find it even better then.

To those having late results, make sure you wash your face as usual and then dab the urine. Let it dry, it doesn't have to be spread all over the face if you don't want that, try only the trouble spots. You can go to sleep with it still on (now I do that too) and in the morning wash it off and reapply fresh and go about your day. Since it's just a tiny dab, just moistening the surface really, no will notice ...especially if you wear makeup or any face creams. Give it time and faith, it'll work.

You know, we tell our children to wash their hands because of what they touch in (usually public) bathrooms: ie. toilet seat which has more than just urine, door handles and so on ...also it's true pee is smelly, but it's not dangerous.
Ask your doctor, a real one.

Best of luck to you, 1 2 B Glowing, ...soon you will :).

Update #2 Comments By: 1 2 B Glowing :) on 2008-06-07
Started on tues night, now sat afternoon, doing twice at night and once or twice in the morning
... VERDICT...
Weirdest thing, my skin is breaking out (as expected) but i can see and feel improvement in the texture and balance of the tone. I figured i would start to breakout aka the "cleansing process" but it definitely different than normal, and feels great as soon as i "cleanse" the area with "you know what."
***Total Believer*** (hangin' in there:)

Some Help? Comments By: 1 2 B Glowing :) on 2008-06-07
OK #1) Want to start drinking in the morning, but little grossed out can i try starting with drops, then drink with oj?
#2)Will it have the same effect?
#3)How long till results show improvement?

TipKing says: Where does it say about drinking it. The tip calls for external use

Break out stage!!! Comments By: 1 2 B Glowing :) on 2008-06-09
Ok well to answer "Tipking's Comment" above... If u read all the posts, there are lots of post in this form that speak of drinking.

But... Back to my update oj the topical application...
Day 5 _ BREAKOUT CITY!!!!!!!!
I can hardly stand this ahhh, but I have read of this everywhere. The skin pushing the toxins out, did u know that the zits u see are actually around two weeks old? Thats right, a zit forms and is undetected for quite a while... So not seeing full results until 2 weeks makes perfect sense & I will continue my 3-4 applications a day (1 or 2 in morning & [email protected]). I still can't wait!!!

Pee is okay for your face Comments By: Lindsay on 2008-06-14
Urine is used in many skin medications, such as Kerol, because it is naturally acidic. This make it useful for killing bacteria and removing dead skin cells.
Urotherapy is GOOD!!! Comments By: Mel on 2008-06-14
Please check out this great site, and on there you will find great info on the entire topic about urine therapy ...also to those ignorant people on here that is making closed mineded comments, please keep your negativity to yourself and let the open mined people on here have there freedom of speach. We all can learn something from each others, if some of us just look and learn. And also, yes i drink my own urine to help me with my asthma,to fight off the flu and other health problem and it work GREAT!!! also here is a link for anyone who want more info on how to use it. www.dionysusjunior.com

This is for 12B Glow. To your concern with the breakout on your skin, i was reading where they stated that fresh urine can cause skin irritation, so just switch over to an 2 days are more urine (stale urine) my guess is that it cause less skin irritation, try it and see it that work for you. Peace

Are Urea and Urine the same thing? Comments By: RBonVP on 2008-06-23
No... Urea can be either animal derived or synthetic. Animal derived Urea is naturally present in the urine of all mammals. But nearly 100 years ago Synthetic Urea started to be commercially produced. Today it is extremely inexpensive. Therefore, just from a practical stand-point, manufacturers are not going to spend the time and money extracting the urea from mammal urine samples when they can buy synthetic for less money.
Miraculous! It works! Comments By: olu on 2008-06-26
It is hundred percent good on my body the moment I used it. I see the result immediately, maybe this is because a have a baby-like skin before. And it also work wonderful in my system. You know.
OMG THIS IS CRAZY! :) Comments By: Molly on 2008-07-14
I have been strugling with acne for about 4 yrs now, and I have tried every OTC item I could find.. it all failed. It put me into a deep depression, and made me feel like crap, I hated myself completly, and totally, Accutane, I thought about trying, but when I researched it, I found all the side effects, and how it is compared to cemo-therapy.. so yeah no, thats not happening.. lol..
i came across this page today, and researched everything about it..
I just started using this trick like an hour ago and after about 20 mins. I rinsed it off, I am sooo amazed at how much SOFTER the areas are!!! I am going to keep this up and teel you how it goes :) TO THE PPL WHO SAY EW: yes, it is a bit weird, but its completly natural, its YOURS! not your grandmas, or your BF/GFs.. its yours, and if you cant trust your own bady to make its own "healthy" decisions when it comes to this kinda stuff, how can you trust the ppl who are creating facial washed, and scrubs, that potentially iratate your skin and cause it to sweel and become red??
SERIOUSLLY PPL! its not that bad, I mean I didn't drink it or anything like that, but it idnt bad, its JUST PEE!! who knows what kinda food we eat now and days N e ways, I mean, Mccdonalds, Burger King, all that processed crap, I do occassionally eat like shit, but ( this is totally off subject but...) quite eating McCdonalds, and wendys and well, anything like that and I havent for about, 3 years, I was pushing 200 lbs when I was in 6th grade, now I am in HS, and I am 100lbs. it made a total difference. My point, you ask??? trust your body. If you can trust a stranger with everything you eat and use in your daily lives, you can at LEAST trust your body too.
BTW: I dont suggest using days old pee, I think just use it when you get it, I think it may be better, and if it is saved for days, it may create bacteria.. BAD.
and it smells NASTY.. oh, also.. the urea amount, or w/e increases during those days, may become to much for your skin to take.. atleast from readuing everything that has been said, I think that may be true.. not sure, but its a possibillity..
Again, best of luck..

Question Comments By: me1234 on 2008-07-19
Does the wrinkles disapear if You put urine on the skin ?
How good is for the wrinkles ?
i've used urine when i had conjunctivita, something to my eyes, and is is really works.

How do you do it? Comments By: tpain on 2008-07-28
What is all of your routines, and how do you it, when is it best?
My story Comments By: Seeker on 2008-07-30
I thought it was a stupid prank or something you usually find over the internet but I looked into it,had the guts to do it and guess what...it totally works!You people put all kind of chemicals on your face and are scared about trying something natural.Actually I had my share of using products to cure my acne but none really did it right.So give it a try people.
Next time you are going to take a leak wash your face with warm water,get a little middle stream urine rub it on your face,keep it on for like 30 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.Don't use regular soap because it will only do worse.I saw results the very next day I tried and kept on doing it... my sking is so much better.JUST FKIN DO IT ALREADY!

I will continue to put pizz on my face Comments By: The Pee-Pee Face Gurl on 2008-08-03
I was one of these that was like EWWWW! I will never be like that again. I have been washing my face with pee every night and then using blacksoap ("real" blacksoap - not the fake kind that stains your towels...) in the morning to wash off the pee.

My skin is clearing up and even old scars are getting lighter!

I will wash with Pizz until I die! BTW: you don't smell it so much after it dries....and I wash my face in the morning so it's gone during my "workday"...

Urine Therapy is For Real! Comments By: PurpleSwan3033 on 2008-08-08
Urine Therapy works. I drink it. I massage it into my body and scalp. I was my eyes with it using an eyecup. I soak my feet in it. I am diabetic and I have lots of diabetic complications that I treat using urine therapy. I catch the first morning stream, drink it, garble with it and wash my eyes with it. I collect urine throughout the rest of the day and save it in gallon containers that I save from products like juice, clorox, milk, etc. I save urine for 4 to 8 days and then use it to massage into my scalp and body. My complexion has cleared. I got rid of a mole under my left eye and a blood filled bump on my right thigh. Big corns on both my big toes are going away and I am experiencing good progress with an inflamed ingrown toe nail on the small toe on my right foot. Corns on the bottoms on my feet and hands are vanishing. Rough dry skin on my feet and hands are now soft and full of color because the blood underneath is circulating better. I use Urine Therapy with a coffee enema twice a week and my energy level is significantly increased, I don't feel the urge to pee as much. I was waking up 3 and 4 times a night to pee and suffering from lack of sleep. I am more rested now and I can control my bladder almost normally. The coffee enema cleansed my colon and liver improving my blood sugar level increasing my energy level and controlling my diabetes. Together with Urine Therapy, my body is detoxed and I think I can combat any sickness. I sniff urine to clear bronchial passages and I put urine drops in my ears to fight ear problems. Urine Therapy is for real, people, but if you have a closed mind, none of this will mean diddley to you.
Nobody answer to me ? Comments By: me1234 on 2008-08-25
Does anybody knows if the urine is good for wrinkles ? Does the wrinkles disapear or just became smaller ? After how long can You see any result ?
Thank You

Smelly but effective Comments By: Marianne Vega on 2008-09-09
I put urine on my face in the morning - the best kind to use is from your first pee because it's more potent. It is gross and smelly but... that's what we do for beauty ;) The smell doesn't last so just hold your breath and start getting clearer skin!
Proactive Contains Urea... Wonder Why? Comments By: Jesse McFarson on 2008-09-09
That's right! Proactive contains urea because it's good for your skin and helps clear blemishes. Your urine also contains urea so save your self $40 every two months and use your own urine. Like someone commented earlier - urine is not toxic, it's mostly water with some urea, minerals, and enzymes!
urine and wrinkles Comments By: me1234 on 2008-10-08
I'm using externally UT for wrinkles for almost 2 months. The urine is also almost 2 months old. And there isn't any difference with the wrinkles. The wrinkles didn't become smaller...
What do You think that I should do ?

urine for wrinkles Comments By: cathy on 2008-10-07
yes it works on wrinkles too, you will notice a big difference in a month.
ANY ONE WHO KNOES PLZ ANSWER Comments By: Aaron01f on 2008-10-08
does urine help get rid of little holes caused from black heads by Sqeezing them out like i got a couple of holes lil from black heads
Ummm ill give it a try Comments By: Aaron01f on 2008-10-08
i am a 17 year old boy and i been suffering from acne since i was 15 and right now my skin is at its worst i herd of this befor my sister told me to do i was like hells no and from reading these comments that it works i guess ill give it a try like i already washed my face like 2 hours ago and my skin is pretty not dry cause i washed my face yesterday and i used apricot scrub and it left my face so dry i had to put lotion on it and when i was done washin my face with pee jus a few hours ago my skin is not dry and i dont need lotion so ya ill give it a try i hope it works cause i tryed every thing befor and nothing helped Wish me luck yall
wrinkles Comments By: me1234 on 2008-10-11
Ok cathy, I will try one more month to see that big diference... because until now (in 2 months of using ut externally)nothing hapend with my wrinkles...
I really hope that something good will be.
Thank You

*UPDATE 1.* Comments By: BEE (= on 2008-10-15
I will try it. It is night titme right now and i just drank a bottle of water. My face is pretty dry right now and im trusting everyone who says it really works
I will update in a few days and tell you how its going (=

topical ointment.,.,..a cure? Comments By: farzad on 2008-10-20
hey.,.,.we all know benzoyl,accutane,retin a will do no shit.,.,so why not giving this a try.,.,.?but theres a catch.,.,.and the catch is.,..its not gonna work unlkess your liver's functioning good.,.!!!,..so.,.dont forget.,.,.acne is STH INTERNAL.,..!!!!
* UPDATE 2* Comments By: BEE (= on 2008-10-27

idk Comments By: anon on 2008-11-13
hey little help here. im just looking for quick and easy ways that work. i sound totally disgusting but hey never tried it. if you start do you have to contue after a surtain period of time? do you have to wait for blemished to heal first? does it make a permiment smell for ur skin? should i bother? help!!!
definitely works Comments By: Jennie on 2008-11-20
Hey everyone. I have struggled with breakouts since I entered college. Sometimes my complexion would go from perfect to red and acne covered over night, it was ridiculous. Over the past four years it's now worse. I breakout more often and my skin tone is always so red. The contrast between my face and neck is so different. Anyway, I have tried EVERYTHING. OTC does not work in the long run. Antibiotics oral and topical do not work. My doctor has placed me on birth control, YAZ, and I am taking 100,000IU (yes, one hundred thousand) of natural vitamin A per day for 3-4 months (this is month #2) instead of getting involved with accutane. Anyway, my face has gotten worse since beginning treatment as I was warned, but it does not make it any easier every day to deal with. My brother mentioned to me this urine therapy. At first I cringed as probably most of you have, thinking he was playing some sick "older brother" joke. After doing research, I have not seen one single "this didnt work for me" review. So, being that I'm sick of having a red face full of pimples, I said why not? To all of you hesitant-just do it! The smell is not that bad...and if it does bother you, dont wipe it above your lip. I leave it on at night and if I have some time, in the morning for a while then rinse. I saw results after the first night. Older acne marks have healed and the newer ones were so much smaller. It's unbelievable, seriously, try it! If you think its crazy, well then continue to suffer with acne, your loss. Hope this helps inspire some of you to try! As others have said, we go around smoking, doing drugs, etc with our bodies but are afraid to touch something completely sterile that comes out of our own body. Now quit reading and go start getting beautiful skin!!
skin blemishes Comments By: navi on 2008-11-25
i have very dark blemishes on my face .i have tried everything on my face bt it fails to work on my blemishes.could you tell me that i hv apply externally or i need to drink my urine too? i want clear skin as soon as possible
blemishes Comments By: navi on 2008-11-25
kindly give me advise to clear my blemishes,i am already applying urine on blemishes for the last 5days.
So....Why not Comments By: hiddenface on 2008-11-29
My mother was just saying today my gma used to take the baby diapers and rub on my sis and bros faces..I thought she was kidding but as a sufferer of acne in college and looking for a job....At this point I dont care what I do...and its free!!! So...I am going to start tommorrow morning. Oh yea...anyone using this with Apple Cider Vin?? What is the regimen...WAsh face with face wash then soak cotton ball then apply...let dry 30 splash off? Sounds about right...I can not really find a website that actually says the routine. But i did just apply some ACV 2 hours ago....well see
Wrinkles, Blemishes, Dry Skin and Moles Comments By: DLM on 2008-12-16
Apply urine to your skin really does work. I have used it for Wrinkles, Dry Skin, Blemishes and Moles. Its free, its easy to apply and most of all it is effective.
to DLM Comments By: me1234 on 2008-12-29
DLM, Can you explain with more details the effect of urine on wrinkles ? After how long did You see any changes, how often did You apply it, etc ? I'm asking this because I'm applying urine on my wrinkles for a while and I see not effect and I don't know what I should do.
Thank You

Pregnant Comments By: K on 2009-01-28
Does this work with urine even when you are pregnant? Not too sure if different things are mixed with it
Doesn't Hurt to Try It! Comments By: Urs on 2009-01-27
Urine is sterile, we put worse things in/on our bodies so why not give it a try? My uncle was in a car accident and his Dr. recommended for him to drink his own urine, he recovered fully and attributes his rapid healing to urine. My mom puts urine on her feet, hands, and face and her skin and nails are beautiful. I am trying urine on my face to clear up dark spots and blackheads, I believe it will work. I was brave enough to taste my urine while in the shower and it doesn't taste so bad, although I don't think I'll be drinking it anytime soon, but who knows!
Amazing Comments By: Elroy on 2009-01-25
I rubbed my acne with my urine this morning, and twice in my last shower. I am not kidding- a dark acne scar that I had this morning has already faded.
I tried it this morning Comments By: Elroy on 2009-01-25
and I haven't seen dramatic results, but I don't expect there to be. I am going to try this everyday and determine if urine really does help my skin. It's really not that gross once you do it the first time. :) I'll report back if my acne improves significantly.
IT WORKS Comments By: Elroy on 2009-01-31
I've been using urine on my skin for a week now. I used to tons of blemishes on my forehead, but after about a week of applying my own pee almost every time I could, I AM ACNE FREE. I'm not lying or joking. This is for real! I think I look weird now!!! It hasn't been like this in a long time! After a couple of days, you won't see results. Pimples will stay there and maybe 1 or 2 will even develop regardless of your diligent application of the urine. But don't stop until you tried it for a week. It really works!
I'm going to try putting it on my face Comments By: k on 2009-01-07
From what everyone's said I'm going to start rubbing it on my face. One day I may be brave enough to drink my own pee. I have this HORRIBLE pimple that just will not go away! so i hope this works...by the way how long will it take to work and how often should I put it on my face?
Keep an open mind!! Comments By: me on 2009-02-06
For you people who are narrow minded, and not willing to try new things. This is NOT gross of stupid. IT works. I have tried it and use the morning urine (which is most concentrated) and applied it to my face. It is now blemish free, I don;t need to wear foundation or make-up!! it great!! for u people who have blemishes or acne problems what do u have to loose?? its worth it. Don't look at it as being gross...it came out of your own body!! do some research!
Old Wives Tale or Not!!!! Comments By: KMS on 2009-02-06
My Mother told me, that whenever you have
chapped hands usually during the long cold Winter, that they should be wiped
over with Urine. Tried and tested many
times during my childhood.

Fools ... Comments By: Dr. Rectal Fingarito on 2009-02-07
urine is sterile ... do some research and then place your comments. As for it helping acne, that I don't know ...
It works and its free! Comments By: Sierra on 2009-02-08
It really works just pee in a cup and put a cotton ball in it and then wipe it on my face for about 1 week and a half. Really works guys
Acidic properties of Urine Comments By: Fritz on 2009-02-23
Urine is a very good cleanser. I was in Afghanistan for a year and a half, living in a little dirt hut, and no luxuries. Our medics told us about urinating on ur feet when we bathe to help fight the horrid foot problems we would get.
I had already known of urine being a great cleaner, as i am also a professional body piercer. I have done "exotic piercings" I know that genital piercings such as a "prince Albert" are some of the easiest piercings to keep clean and fee of infection. Because, urine the sterile, and lightly acidic fluid it is, always is passing over the piercing, killing the bacteria, etc... So yeah open ur minds, and don't knock something until u try it!

This is my 1st day Comments By: Agirlwithadreamofclearskin on 2009-03-04
I have been suffering from Sebaceous Cysts since about 4 years ago... the other day an uncle told me about doing this so I decided to search online. After reading all these comments I thought 'Yeah it could be nasty but what the hell, who has to know'. If it doesn't work it doesn't work but heck it's worth a try to end my days of acne... Today is my very first day trying it, I will check back at the end of the week with the results I see thus far.
Research information for skeptics Comments By: E on 2009-03-12
MY SUGGESTION IS TO USE THIS WEBSITE: http://biomedx.com/urine/



IMPORTANT MESSAGE: FOR THE FACETIOUS COMMENTS ABOUT FECES AS A MASK AND UNDERSTANDING HAND WASHING NECESSITIES- Failure to adequately wash hands is a major cause of infectious diseases. Individuals who practice poor personal hygiene may spread diseases such as hepatitis A, salmonellosis, and shigellosis.

UNDERSTAND THE COLON WHERE FECES DERIVES HAS A DIFFERENT FUNCTION THAN THE KIDNEYS. Since the urinary bladder has a transitional epithelium, compared to the intestine mucosa, the urinary bladder does not produce mucus.

Urine is normally sterile, which means that it contains no bacteria. A small number of bacteria may be found in the urine of many healthy people. This is usually considered to be harmless. However, a certain level of bacteria can mean that the bladder, urethra, or kidneys are infected.



DONT FORGET: Antibiotics may be informally defined as the subgroup of anti-infectives derived from bacterial sources and used to treat bacterial infections.









Only 3 days and yes great results Comments By: jay on 2009-04-06
As a 31 yr old female who has been struggling with adult acne on and off for 5 yrs I was desperate and would try anything. A friend of mine told me back in high school she had a really bad break out and her grandmother told her to use urine on her face, she said it cleared her skin so fast, so I decided to try it, its only been 3 days and I see results, my pores are smaller and the acne is clearing up, I will continue to use it and update the site.
get your facts right Comments By: tina on 2009-04-10
urine is sterile there isn't any bacteria
Liquid Gold is the Keyy? Comments By: CR on 2009-04-21
--I have been told about the pee remedy ; years before.! Im going to try again right now..im desperatee. [ lol ]
;p.s.prayingg is good too!*

TrackMe. Comments By: CR on 2009-04-21
Ive decided to track my progress ; and what better way then to tell either my success OR failure. Right now on my face rests a fresh batch of my own "lemonade". My Process:
1.Leaving it on for atleast 2 hours. [whenever i get home;3:40]
2.Take it off with warm water
3.Before I go to Bed ; apply more
I dont want my face to smell like pee.!

My experience has been positive Comments By: Kris. S on 2009-04-21
I've been using urine therapy for several years. I'm 39yrs old and look around 26. My skin is very soft with no wrinkles. Here's what I do. I get in the tub, completely cover my body head to foot (using around 16oz of collected urine) and just wait for 15min. The skin drinks it up immediately. It's gonna feel nasty because it gets kind of sticky... but it's doing some serious moisturizing in the process. After the 15min, I wash it off with warm water and mild soap. The results are amazing.
umm... Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-22
at first i thought like wot
but i actually tried it
and after 2 days nothing has happened
ill keep you guys posted though

TrackMe. [ Day 1 ] Comments By: CR on 2009-04-22
Nothingg happened.
--In the mornings; leave it on
for an hour. Then wash it off
with warm water and olay soap.
So, it can smell good!

Too earlyy in the game to
tell if my face is doing
better. But keep trying it.!!


grrr Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-26
seriously iv used this method for 2 weeks now and iv actually got more acne than before
i can't believe i was gullible and desperate enough to use urine it

Never tried it... Comments By: RJ on 2009-05-04
I have never tried it, but my grandmother's aunt used it on a daily basis. She was 98 when she passed away, and literally looked as though she might have been 70 at the most. Urine is not toxic impurities. It is made up largely of water and other minerals the body releases from the bladder. That is why it is okay to drink your own urine if you were stranded. It is the body's natural way of ridding it of excess water. The minerals get flushed out with the excess H20.
Have you tried it ? Comments By: Tried and Tested..it works on 2009-05-19
Folks, take my case, I was sufferring from Sleeping Apnea and over weight. I also used to snore a lot and didnt had sound sleep.

The day I started drinking the golden water, I went to bed at 9:30 pm and had very peaceful and sound sleep after years. Never the less, I am not snoring now. Also I have started applying it on my skin, and it looks like the time has stopped. No more wrinkles and the skin is so soft and has got golden tone.

I suggest you folks to first go through the various websites, read about it, experiment it and then comment.

With best Rgds,

Urine is a medicine Comments By: sitha on 2009-05-21
I don't know what urine works, but before, my sister felf off the tree and she was serious sick. My father asked her to pee in to a clean container and let her drink it. She drank it. I asked my father why sister need to drink it? He said it's the best medicine. And after that she became better and better.
for "Tried and Tested..it works " Comments By: me on 2009-05-23
After how long of using urine, your wrinkles disapear (become smaller) ?
I have wrinkles under my eyes, I've tried urine on my face for 2 months but nothing happend. But I'm still hopping that will be ok with urine.
Thank You.

good Comments By: Gerry on 2009-05-24
I had spots all over my chest and back,I sprayed cider vinegar on and they nearly disappeared but then the scientists paper said spray dilute bleach for acne ,leave for an hour then shower ,The spots dried up in 3 days
Urine Therapy is real and WORKS!!!!!!!!! Comments By: nel on 2009-05-31
To all those people who say 'ew', 'gross' and 'disgusting' - GROW UP AND DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU JUDGE!!!!!!!!

To all those people who have said they have or will try it - you are wise and obviously not afraid to let go of years of brainwashing into believing that urine is disgusting and dirty. This is all crap - yes it is sterile and yes it contains lots of amazing minerals and cures many types of ailments. I have personally used it on and seen positive results for - acne, sunburn, nettle stings, burns, dry skin, ear infections, athletes foot to name a few. I have 3 books on this subject and have read countless testimonies that it has cured aids, cancer, endemitriosis, depression to name but a few.

IF you are not willing to try it because of your pre-conceived ideas that it is dirty then I feel sorry for you that you are going to miss out on this amazing natural product. Continue to pay lots of money for your chemical creams (which, as lots of people on here have mentioned, contain UREA from URINE) - OR you could get it in its purest FREE form.

For those of you just starting to use this miracle cure - keep going - you will see the results!!!!!!!

Woooooooohooooooo :) Comments By: **sparkles** on 2009-06-01
One word 2 describe my results 'WOW' I've had acne for tooo long & it's realy affected me in many ways!! It realy gets ya down!! As sooon as I read abt urine therpy I was so eager 2 do it coz I've done allsorts from over the the counter products 2 everything off th docters & nothing worked!! I drink my urine & I splash it on my skin!! I can't get enough of it!! It works like a dream!! I never in a million years fort I'd be doin this but I am and I'm so glad I discovered abt it!!! If acne is Is getting 2 ya like it did me, just do it coz u will be amazed!! God gave everything a reason & tht includes ya wee wee!!! It works for everything!!! Get on wiv it!! Wooooo!! :) :) :)
don't knock it just yet Comments By: FIRST time for everything on 2009-06-15
I am a african-american women age 29. I happened to use this therapy two days ago for the first time. my skin not only feels 90% softer, but it looks as though it has lightning my complextion as well. although I was skeptical at first I will at least continue UT Therapy for a month. but honestly ican already feel & see the difference. GOD made everything, so all is pure in his image.
It works, and you get used to it. Comments By: Rob on 2009-06-27
Here's what worked for me:
1. Collect mid-stream pee in a close-able plastic container or something like that.
2. Before going to bed, apply wherever you need, using your fingertip. I have had better luck regarding breakouts when I DON'T wash my face beforehand, so give that a try.
3. Wash out the container and refill it every week or so.
Good luck!

spots / athletes foot / malascum Comments By: anon on 2009-06-28
I have used urine for years to treat the monthly hormonal spot or two and it has always worked fantastically. When my first child had malascum at the age of 4, I tried a number of different off the shelf treatments to no avail. As the malascum got worse I thought I would try urine and after 3 weeks the malascum stopped spreading and after 5 weeks had cleared up completely and has never returned. My husband used to suffer regularly from athletes foot - I suggested that he wee'd in the showever every morning - never had it since. Would recommend to anyone. For those of you narrow minded people out there who think it is totally disgusting - carry on wasting your money on off the shelf creams and potions that are filled with chemicals and such like (at least you know what's in your urine).
Apparently it does work! Comments By: Mark on 2009-06-28
I've heard from a few people I know that urine is good for your skin and I tried it for a few days using fresh urine and didnt notice any difference.

I heard its best to use 1 or 2 old urine as it contains ammonia which kills germs which can cause spots!

It's a miracle Comments By: ThePeeMeister on 2009-06-29
My great great great great great grandad drinks nothing but his urine and sleeps in a bath of it. He is alive and well today at the age of 203 and doesn't look a day over 20! He stinks a bit though... no I'm only kidding. I'm interested in this though and have just today started to try applying it to my face and drinking a little. It tasted a little salty but not as bad as I imagined.
gross yes, But Im a beleiver! Comments By: j.lynn on 2009-07-16
I know, it sound absolutely rediculious. But it works awesome. My skin was horrible 3 days ago and now not 1 belmish. And my skin is glowing. Abosoutley amazing. Dont tell anyone and just try it. You will be a believer.
Sterile until it makes its way out of your body Comments By: RN4Life on 2009-07-24
So technically speaking, urine is indeed sterile UNTIL it passes by from your bladder to the distal end of your urethra (the hole you pee out of). This is when it gets tricky.
Normal flora [normal microbiota]is
Not disease-causing:
Normal flora are those not-typically-disease-causing microorganisms normally found in and on healthy individuals.
Also known as normal microbiota.
Very abundant:
Normal flora are extremely abundant in terms of absolute numbers.
A normal human has approximately 1013 body cells and 1014 individual normal flora!
However, microorganisms also tend to be very small, bacteria especially are much smaller than are our own cells.
All found externally:
Normal flora are found mostly:
on the skin
in the eyes
in the nose
in the mouth
in the upper throat
in the lower urethra (the place urine passes prior to you "peeing")
So although it does have bacteria so does nearly every other orifice in your body. That's where the "good germs" that are part of your body's immune defense harbor. So you can snub your nose at the idea or you can be open minded and not so provincial. It is up to you. Atleast do yourself a favor and learn more about the less road traveled before you follow the rest of the sheep of the cliff..if you get my drift.

IT WORKS Comments By: JAYLEN on 2009-07-24
GROSS Comments By: bob on 2009-07-27
I've been drinking it for 2 weeks and it hasn't helped my acne.... I don't know how much more I can take, it's so gross...
stubborn wrinkles using urine Comments By: cathy on 2009-08-02
If you are not seeing results with wrinkles try eating more of the mediterrian diet. fruits,vegtables,salad plain etc. and see if that makes a difference. Also on the internet they say cow urine is good for wrinkles, they eat grass, unprocessed food.
back to update Comments By: j.lynn on 2009-08-02
I started this urine therapy on my face 2 weeks and 3 days ago, after 4 days I started breaking out more, but after some research I found out that your breakouts start underneath the skin 2 weeks before they break. As of 3 days ago!!!!I don't have 1 bump or blemish and my skin is soooo soft. Everyone is wondering what I am using!! My procedure??
1. Every morning I use a cotton ball and collect a little urine and dab it on my face.
2. Every 3 days collect a little night urine before bed. Add a dab of shampoo and some sugar, use this a as scrub, then go to bed. I wash it off in the morning, or if you can't sleep with it leave it on at least 1/2 hr.

I would love to try it internally, but can't find any information on how much or how often? Can anyone help?

I would say GOOD Luck, but none needed just URINE! Unbeleivable its FREE!!

acne blemishes on back Comments By: hope on 2009-08-01
what about really realy bad acne scars and blemishes on the back and chest,would urine help clear it? and how should it be taken orally or just external? and how long after should I see improvement
BUT IT WORKS Comments By: asdsdfdsaafsd on 2009-08-18
yea its not nice to think about but its actualy not as bad as the thought. if you moan about your skin being mad, then shut up or try it!!!!
what the point in being given a solution that works and not even trying it cause it sounds grose. its a horrible thing to have achni. i no iv had it for 10 yrs!!
so yea guess you can say im desperate but it flipping works. what would you rather be,,, spotty or have a little secrate and dabb some of your own pee on ur face.

cool! Comments By: sammy on 2009-08-25
I had acne,pimples and scars b4. and my skin use to look red.But after applying the urine, i havent had acne and pimples. and even the redness has gone.thnx for the urine thing
Starting this today! Comments By: Rebecca on 2009-08-25
I'm going to try this starting today. I'll keep everyone updated until 30 days, that should be long enough to see a difference. Wish my camera was working so i could take before and after photos.
The Lord Giveth........... Comments By: Dave on 2009-08-30
Before satan gave birth to the money-hungry health care industry, there were many natural cures for many ailments. This works and it will make your life great. The best things in life are FREE.......
ASSISTANCE PLEASE Comments By: CHANGES1808 on 2009-09-01
This works for unwanted facial hair and menopausal symptoms Comments By: anon on 2009-09-16
I am a 47 year old woman. I have been putting old and fresh urine on my face several times a day, and also drinking about 1 oz. in the morning and another at night. Only the first few days does it taste bad. To be honest, I was doing it for the supposed health benefits. I have only ever had acne while I was pregnant, never at any other time. Well, as soon as I started the urine therapy, I broke out in acne. However, I also noticed an immediate reduction in unwanted facial hair (due, I suppose because of hormones), and just before I began the urine therapy I was having peri-menopausal symptoms (rapid heart beat and sweating at night). All of these symptoms cleared up literally in one day. As for the acne, it isn't so bad and I am going to perservere with it and see what happens. I do believe, from the hours I have spent reading everything I can on urine therapy, that it really does 'innoculate' a person against illness - don't forget that urine would also contain antibodies your body has made. One warning - I have read that it is not good to use urine from a man, if you are a woman, and visa versa, because of the hormone differences. Personally, I think it is best to stick to your own.
urine Comments By: Toni T. on 2009-09-22
ive tried it ... why not? Im on day three .. apply with a cotton ball and massage into skin for about 10 min and allow to dry .. I have to say...My skin is smoot and has already lost that 'dry' look that 47 yr old skin developes...Im gonna try it for a bit more ...
What do you have to lose try it Comments By: sam on 2009-09-26
ok im a teenager n i have blemishes on my face, my grandmother n mother both said that urine is good for your face..rub it on with the urine you first wake up with...i never did it because i thought it was gross..my grandmother n mother looks ten times younger than dere actual age..dese ppl are beautiful,my friend n I were randomly talking about about skin and she told me that dis may sound gross but put urine on your face even Tyra Banks said thats good for your skin..im thinking about trying it tomrrow...
Sterile Comments By: Joesph David, RNc, MSN, FNP-BC on 2009-10-11
Urine, when it comes out of your body is sterile. If it's not, then you have a UTI. Get educated; this is a great homeopathic method of skin care.
Urine, an ancient remedy for many health problems Comments By: John on 2009-10-22
Before you turn up your nose,
Using urine for skin and other problems is probably about 5,000 +- years old.
The stuff that you get from your M.D. or pharmacy sometimes includes urine...but no one tells you that.
Research Ayurveda ( East Indian ) healing methods. This method probably was & is also used in China.
In the Middle East people sometimes use camel urine.
Urine is a clean substance, having been filtered a # of times by the body.

urine works wonders Comments By: cfrank on 2009-10-25
I put urine on my eczema for a few days and it has healed up. I don't think it is gross - many lotions use horse urine in them - why not use your own!!! It works!
it'll take time, but be worth it!! Comments By: r on 2009-11-02
i have tried using urine therapy for about 4/5 months now (both applying to my face and drinking morning stream), and haven't seen any results. then, i realized what the problem was; i had continued to wear skin makeup such as foundation, concealer, blush. i am a teenager and have oily skin, so this only made things worse.
5 days ago i determined the reason for lack of results and haven't been waering makeup since (i gave myself 2 weeks to see fresh results) and in 2 days i saw change.
all the usual stuff: softer skin, broken skin from old cystic breakouts healing, blackheads fading and shrinking, colour evening, you name it the urine did it!
so ladies(and even some of you fellas) when you're wanting to cure your complexion please, please, please don't wear face makeup! it's contaminated and even though the brands say it won't, it will clog your precious pores and destroy your face, thus making you want to wear more!!
i've been enduring acne for approx. 6 years and that's the same time i've been wearing makeup. also, other acne medications, cleansers, etc. will dry out your skin and cause it to over produce sebum(oils) thus more breakouts.
if you want to try urine therapy i suggest you fully dedicate a trial skin regimen to strictly that.(and no, you don't have to drink it if that makes you uncomfortable)
as the french say:"skin care lasts you a lifetime!while makeup lasts an 8 measly hours!"

Why Not? Comments By: Kitty on 2009-11-11
I have heard of this before and am definatly willing to try it now that I have done a good amount of research on the topic. I can't go a day without putting makeup on because if anyone saw what I looked like without it they would be shocked! My skin is awful....uneven, splotchy, drab, scarred. I have tried everything under the sun including $300 creams. Nothing has ever worked. I envy girls who go to the gym bare-faced and look perfect. Who arent afraid to wakeup beside your boyfriend in the morning without trying to beat him to the bathroom so you have a chance to make yourself look decent. A great complexion is an instant self esteem booster. I've often told people I'd rather be chubby than have bad skin because it's far easier to loose pounds than look flawess. I wish I had to pee right now!! I will keep posting on how it works. Maybe I can work up the nerve to drink it one day if applying it topically works out. I drink red wine and hated the taste the first time I drank it and now I love it- maybe pee will be the same! haha
lets try it Comments By: younginboi on 2009-11-12
Well I have open pores and I recently started breaking out so it looks 10 times worse! (Imagine) pimples on top of open pores yuck but anyways iam going to try this for a good month to see what happens it is november 12 and I will get back to yalls december to see if the results improved or didn't work at all
BABY URINE Comments By: babymama on 2009-11-17
Not adult urine, baby urine. Baby urine is all natural. This is what's use to clear acne.
urine=pure drink of the Gods Comments By: crickets on 2009-11-25
I drink my urine. I use it as an enema solution. I rub it on my skin. It is a wonder and a miracle drink. There is nothing toxic about our urine. It contains everything from our food that our body didn't need at the time it was filtered by the kidneys (enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and most importantly for acne, hormones.) If you think urine is a waste product you have the education of a ten year old. It can cure all ailments. Search urine therapy and bask in all it's glory. The general public is not informed of this because doctors withhold the information. Why? Because the government is evil and they will withhold any truths if it means less money up their ass. Period.
I've tried it! Comments By: Jileena Veale on 2009-11-28
My friend and I tried it one morning, we both thought it would be disgusting but its really not. We used our first morning pee and it does smell while you put it on but when you rinse it off the smell is gone.
also a lot of you say that there is bacteia in urine well its kinda like the flu shot they are giving you the flu bacteria to prevent you from getting it... all you're doing when you wash your face with urine is washing it with bacteria to kill the bacteria.
This remedy I think will work and after a month I guess me and my friend will find out.

urine Comments By: traney on 2009-12-09
urine works soo much on the face i bgeen tryin it soo much and even mixing it with facial products in my urine it clears up more faster than that
it works and some of these "doctors" arent doctors Comments By: D. M. on 2009-12-09
ok, it works, been at it ofr a few days because of ingrown hairs and infection.

I boiled down some after a few days and mixed it with my avacado and some other home remedy stuff(which wasnt working on it's own but made it a little easier to get use to lol) made into mask that i keep in a jar and use in the morning and evening. wearing it now. really cleans pores well

in my logic the hollistic claims make a little sense as urea is used in cosmetics and a sterile, ammonia like compound already adjusted from and adjusted to your body.

I looked up some of these doctors on here like "doctor Elizabeth Burns", a dentist here in st. louis, MO...no clinical expertise in skin care...and there were a couple of other "doctors" here withjust as non relevant phd's as well.

try it. anyone that can read can find out the truth about the miniscule bacteria present and sterility of urine, and it's historical use, holistic, true but effective, yes.

believer Comments By: ANON on 2009-12-25
use to put my baby brother's urine from cloth diaper on my face; skin smooth and clear; now my daughter's experiencing terrible acne...suggested she try using her own....see what happes
weman have been doing it for years Comments By: scronnie on 2009-12-30
My Aunt use to change everybodys baby diapers just so she could rub the urine on her face , she always had beautiful skin even in her eightys, so I don't think this is anything new.
Don't Knock it... Comments By: MizDee on 2010-01-05
Ignorance, narrow minds, lazinesses and plain stupidity will exist as long as man exists. Why argue? Believe what you like? Do what you like. Give it a try. Do it secretly if you're worried what others think. Either way, it's your health and your decision. Some will forever seek higher knowledge and understanding and I guess there will always be those people who follow the path to a cool drink of cyanide kool-aid.
I'm trying this first thing in the morning :) Comments By: NotBadButNotNicePimples on 2010-01-08
trying this first thing in the morning , a little nervous seeing as its piss and its the first time i've heard this, will keep you posted x
dunno but if yall saying ...... Comments By: deathelmo on 2010-01-15
hello i am 12 and this sounds really nasty but yeah if it is working on you then i might try it sounds nasty makes me wanna gag but i have acne and nothing is working if this doesnt work then imma get real mad cause i put pee on my face for no damn reason this better work or imma sue all of you for false whatever ! THIS BETTER WORK !
Urine Saves Lives Comments By: Jenya on 2010-01-21
A friend of mine woke up in the middle of the night with something swollen in his throat, he could barely breath and was suffocating. His wife called 911, and the ambulance technician said that they won't make it in time to save him and that he needs to drink urine immediately if he wants to live. She peed in a cup, he drank i and the swelling went down within minutes. By the time the ambulance got there he could breath.
Also, my grandmother always told me to put urine on any kind of burns, I do it every time I burn my skin and it helps heal immediately.
And I read that babies' and children's urine is the best.

yes it works stop blabbing Comments By: Tasheanna on 2010-01-21
at first im not going to lie i thought using PEE on my face was beyond grows!!! but then i was like well..my g-mommas face was beautiful because she used..PEE and when i tried it i was very surprised! it wont work like magic in days but in about a month you'll notice a BIG difference your face will be wonderful. and also you can try baking soda mixed with olive oil. and i little tiny bit of water. stir it until it gets really thick and put it on your face and let it sit. it will sting alil but works wonders and works a little faster
Urine Therapy is the Greatest Healer I have ever found! Comments By: Mark on 2010-01-23
I'll tell you something that I discovered after much research only because your a good friend. Don't go repeating it that I said it. Because I don't want to be judged out of peoples ignorance based on the lies we are sold our whole life. But it works and all the people that I have told and tried it is has worked for. You have to do it right though.

For most of my life I was sick off and on. In December and January back to back I got two sinus infections I took anti-biotics and then a month later I get the second one. I was really tired of being sick and did not want to take another anti-biotic but it was going into my lungs.

Someone had mentioned something too me. That I did not want to try, but I was so tired of being sick that I started researching it and found story after story of people having been healed so I was sick feeling like crap and had fever, green mucus in my sinus and going into my lungs. I have NEVER before beaten a infection like that with out drugs and even then it took a couple of weeks.

So I said screw it and I tried urine therapy after researching it all over the web and then I ordered 2 books on it.

They lie to us and tell us that our urine is a toxic waste product, it's NOT it's a perfect medicine for almost anything, we are swimming in it when we are in out mothers womb and if we did not breath it in our lungs would not develop.

It is sterile and has been used for thousands of years by other cultures to heal wounds. It heals burns, sunburn, softens the skin, fights depression, and has antibodies for almost every disease, it will heal cold sores, acne, etc

Anyway back to my story I was sick and said fuck it. I went to the bathroom pissed then put the cup in mid stream (that the way you are supposed to do it) and then drank it. I drank it 3 times a day 2 days later I felt better 5 days the infection was gone. It's will kill the flu, and anything else pretty much including cancer. You body also some how analyzes it when it passes back into your body and makes corrections it needs.

You should not be taking med if you do this if you do then you start with only a few drop until you are off the meds.

I have used it on burns and the heal over night, In germany they mix it with olive oil and use it for sun burn.

The woman I was dating has very bad allergies, she was always on claritin, she tried it no more allergies. People in other countries like India, Mexico etc.. Drink it daily. I know quite a few people that do it, but no one talks about it.

A couple years back there was an Asian man that was detained at the airport because he looked so much younger than his I.D. said. After hours and hours of questioning. They asked why do you look so young then. He told them "I drink a glass of my own urine every morning", There is also a MMA fighter from Brazil that has publicly stated his whole family does it. I wish I had known this since I was 8 years old all the sickness and medical bills could have been avoided.

Do some research, but only listen to people that have tried it not the skeptics quoting medical journals. There is a international conference on urine therapy every years and the former prime minister of India advocated that his entire country should practice it as he did and lived until 99 in good health.

They will never tell people the truth about this here in America, it would put the drug companies out of business over night and 1/6th of our economy is health care. But most disease would be wiped out if people did this, changed their diet and stopped smoking.

If you want to send this to people just make sure you cut and paste and leave my name out. I tell people that I know that I'm close to but not everyone I meet.

Go to Amazon.com and get a couple of books on it. There are some people that have done some great research. Oh yeah get this. They take human and animal urine and put it in drugs, and cosmetics (almost every face cream has urea in it) and charge us high prices for it. But tell us that our own urine is dirty. Such a scam!

You do have to do it right though or you can have bad reaction. You have to start slowly unless you are very sick already.

Some Info and never listen to the nay sayers that say it does not work, there is no proof or that it's bad. NONE of the have tried it.

Most people that have tried it got the the point of "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired" Or "I'd rather die than keep living like this" becuase it does take a major paradime shift. Especially when we are lied to about it all of the time.

Even some survival instructors will tell you not to drink it. Yet almost every person trapped without food an water that has survived, when asked how they said "I drank my own urine" I man was trapped after a natural disaster with his wife and daughter they died, they ask why he lived and they did not. He said I drink my urine and they refused to do it.

On the TV show Man Vs. Wild Bear Grylls drank his urine out of snake skin he just skinned off a snake when he was in the desert.

1. The morning urine is the strongest and worst tasting but also the most beneficial.
2. If you are on medication it's better to wait until you are off so you don;t over dose yourself. Or start off with only a table spoon or an ounce.
3. Cut your sodium intake back as well as all other crap foods.
4. Take it med stream that insure the sterility.
5. Try not to chase with water, there is something about the throat absorbing and analyzing it.
6. The next day it will taste different I noticed as you body has already started making changes.
7. If sick take it several times a day. I took about 4 ounces 3 time and make sure you are drinking plenty of water in between. If you are dehydrated it is more concentrated and tastes worse. Also you don't want to take all of it back in.

Now the misconception is that it's a waste product It' NOT. It's basically blood plasma. It's the excess nutrients that are not needed by the body at that particular moment in time. Just like when you eat your food you might get full and still have food on you plate, that food is not bad or dirty you just don't want any more so you through it out. That's exactly what you body is doing.

The waste comes from the colon in solid form and is not related to urine at all in any way shape or form they are entirely different paths in the body.

Only when it it really really strong and salty would you want to avoid drinking it. Start slow and make sure you are drinking a lot of water. I started fast and it worked. Only a couple of times I had a bad reaction and that was when I had to much sodium and you can taste that. The bad reaction is not really bad just inconvenient it will keep you in the bathroom all day. It's like taking a colonic with out the colonic. It basically does the same as the natural salt water flush many people do to flush their system.

But that can be avoided by taking only 2-3 ounces at a time. If you taste no sodium at all, you could do more like 4-5 ounces.

One thing I know is once you do this you start think about things differently, are more self accepting, and start to wonder what else you have been lied to about.

Oh yeah you can also mix it with salt water and use a neti pot to flush your sinus...That too me awhile to try. But it works better than anything else I have ever tried! And no you don't smell it all day...lol

The best part is all of it's 100% free.

PS: The medical community does not want people to know about this as it literally could put drug companies out of business.

wow it works Comments By: Kevin on 2010-01-28
i have started putting urine on my face .i have abig balck patch on my face left by a burn.now it is fadng
Urine has medicinal value Comments By: alhebert on 2010-02-04
Ignorance is bliss but for those with an open mind, as well as a desperate need for help with some problems, urine has real curative value and is not as gross as some people think they believe. Before you reject it (and possible ruin a chance for someone you influence to get some real relief), read up on Urine Therapy online. You will be surprised at what you will learn.
... Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-20
Yes, urine works, but you'd be better off just using a moisturizer or acne treatment that contains urea.
will fall for anything Comments By: not buying it on 2010-02-28
It's nice to have a little fun with dumb people, but if you fall for the one about putting dog urine one your face then dumb would be an under statement. I did the research online and found a ton of stuff, guess what I found when I researched off line? Zilch! Do you know why? You are being scammed! There is a underground erotic micterphage practice of having sex while being urinated on, it has been around for hundreds of years. (possibly longer) recently there was a public television show about the application of urine to the face for blemishes, the actors claimed to have practiced this for years, they still have terrible skin.
urine therapy Comments By: claudia on 2010-03-01
makes miracles. i am speechless. i've been using it for almost a year already!
It ABSOLUTELY WORKS Comments By: MONICA A on 2010-03-03




it really works!! Comments By: christina on 2010-03-26
have been drinking it for abt 10 yrs or more now...am 38 but look abt 25 ..gonna try applying on face to from today..
Uric acid Comments By: Cathy on 2010-04-14
That is what is working in the urine on your face, and read your acne creams, they say Uric acid as an ingrediant, so, you may as well use your own!
I Don't Think so!! Comments By: Jess on 2010-05-12
Okay..that is to far off the hook..I would not recommend that to anybody..haha..
This really works and its free Comments By: 123 on 2010-05-14
I started urine therapy when i was 17 i had terrible acne and some very small wrinckles im now 18 and i have not 1 pimple on my face my 2 moles disappeared and my skin is perfect. Give it a try you won't be disappointed.
Sceptic to a believer Comments By: Megan on 2010-05-16
at first I agreed with most of you that it is disgusting but then I found a website that showed the steps to get rid of the fear of using urine. Everybody thinks that urine smells .. which I did too but this website persuaded me to at least pee on a cotton ball then smell it and it really didn't! it only smells because of the ammonia but when I peed on the cotton pad the ammonia evaporated immediately and it did not smell at all. this got me over my initial fear also I too thought that urine was full of nasty bacteria but urine is completely sterile in the first 15 minutes after leaving the body. and even after that the bacteria are mostly good for you! After all urine is around 95% water and the rest is nutrients. the first time I tried it I wiped some on the back of my hand with a cotton ball and then smelt it. It had no odour and did not feel, oily and felt quite soft. After rinsing my hand 15 mins later I found that it was smooth and really soft. I then wiped my whole face with it. The only way I could do this though was by not thinking that it was pee I was wiping on my face and was just some facial oil or cream. After rinsing my face half an hour later it was really soft and smooth just like my hand and did not develop a smell in the time I had it on. My skin has cleared up and I feel confident. Even though I am no longer a sceptic, I believe that urines work, and have got over my initial disgust, I have not drank it yet, that is one step too far for me but every person for themselves.

this is the web site and is worth a look at : http://innerself.com/Health/urine.htm

I've tried it and it works, here's what I do Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-21
Hi. When I first heard about this (an 80 yr old grandma with barley any wrinkles!) I was grossed out. But my vanity got the best of me. What I do is as soon as I wake up, I go into the shower, pee a little (to catch the middle flow) and then apply the rest of the flow on my face. I know it sounds so gross and it is the first couple of times you do it, but then you realize its basically water and not that gross at all. I shampoo, condition, wash my body and then wash my face and rinse. I'm careful to not wet my face before I wash it so the urine stays on like 10 minutes while I wash up. After my face has beeen urine soaked 10 minutes, washed and rinsed, I towel dry with ligth pats and apply a moisturizer. I am almost 40 and completly wrinkle free! It truly is amazing, you will notice healthier skin around the first week and after a couple of months you will be radiant. Give it a try before knocking it.
works for sunburn Comments By: Honeeebee on 2010-05-25
Ive been using it for sunburned shoulders! I spent 5 hrs in my garden yesterday and today am having alot of pain and am really burnt.I have ran out if lavender oil and Apple cider vinegar so I used urine. I used it 5 times today and my burn has no pain now and is practically gone this is absolutely amazing!
the urine therapy really works Comments By: K.K. on 2010-05-26
It has to be first morning urine from mid stream. I wouldn' drink it though
willing to try Comments By: ski on 2010-05-26
i hope this work
Urine does work Comments By: Teri on 2010-05-27
Urine does work for many different things and has been used since the beging of time, it is still being used, this is a site you can go to to learn more about it, plus if you just google urine therapy, you can find many different sites.

truely it works Comments By: bella on 2010-06-02
i used to be fatigued most of the time when a friend of mine told me about urine i tried it! for sure it has changed my life.i have of recent started using it on my skin and i believe in the same wonders!
What are the steps??!! Comments By: christine on 2010-06-08
Hi, i am a skin sufferer of rosacea, ance and enalrge pores. willing to try out pee on my face (but i am not drinking it.). How should i do it? How many times? Will ppl smell it?? Thanks ya =)
IT REALLY WORKS Comments By: lerato on 2010-06-15
I am 30 years today and come winter my face become so dry you can even write on it but since i tried urine last year i am as smooth no scar no pimple NOTHING . its like velvet . At first i was like huh, what urine on my face. and i also learned that drinking cayenne pepper in rooibos tea with lemon before bed time helps . in the morning i use my first urine 30 minuet before bath time and wallah....
AMAZING! Comments By: FinallyClear on 2010-06-15
I came across urine therapy online and I didn't hesitate to try it because of all the positive reviews I read. I think this might possibly be the best decision of my life (next to becoming a Christian).
I love this! It makes my skin glow and I have no more pimples! My skin is soo soft and so even. It's perfect! I'm clear for the first time since middle school. Even my mom used to tell me that I had bad acne, now she is speechless!

Medications? Comments By: Christina on 2010-06-16
I'm almost 40 years old and suffering the worst cystic acne of my life. I'm embarrassed and horrified. I'm willing to try anything. My only concern is the medications I take. My understanding is these come through into my urine ... won't that hurt my skin rather than help it? Does anyone know anything about this?
Athlete's foot Comments By: My foot burns ! on 2010-06-22
I wanted to know if this will work on athlete's foot? I have if for almost 6 months, I have tried 4 different creams. I still have it...Anybody ever tried urine therapy for this condition.
erm Comments By: yayy on 2010-06-28
i've started using it for only 2 days, i found it refreshing when you apply it onto your face, my skin starts to glow alittle. but my pimples and acnes wasn't cleared. i think i'll try it further to see f it really works(: i kinda regret knowing this theraphy and didn't try it earlier. i so should've try this earlier. i'm desperate enough to do this and am not regretting. give it a try! whats there to lose?(:
IS THIS REALLY THE WAY TO GO???? Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-16
Okay i dont really have acne or bumps but i have like light discoloration on my face like liver splash and its funny because i was just shoppping the other day and a lady told me that i would think she was crazy but she had used urine on her face because she had the same marks but i just want somebody to confirm if i should use urine on my face?! please somebody answer!!!
Wow, Urine!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-20
I have heard that urine would cure achne, i didnt believe. I mentioned this to my teen daughter and she started using my newborns urine, she had very bad achne; needless to say about a week later after using it everyday after washing her face her achne is not as red and is going away. I have also started using it on my face because i have sun spots on my face and today i noticed a significant difference, they are not as dark as before.It worked for us!!
hey! Comments By: amazed person on 2010-07-22
hey, i heard the same thing! my mom was telling me that her frieds daughter did it (it obviousley has gone through alot of people) but she appearantly had such bad acne before, and her face started clearing up within a couple of weeks. hey Gandi drank his own urine every morning, and that didn't kill him, why would putting it on your face hurt
Best skin care treatment EVER! Comments By: kari on 2010-08-14
Urine is 'waste' in the way that its getting rid of excess vitamins and minerals. It only toxic if you have a UTI or some sort of kidney infection. I had acne for yrs! And tried many things and wasted money. This worked for me in less than 2 months! I have amazing skin now! And its free! I have nothing to gain telling people this.
urine is the answer Comments By: kim on 2010-08-23
if u have serious acne and your so digusted that u wont use urine ,then your stupid..because for many years baby urine has been the answer.. ive tried ever medication u can think of but when i listened to my grandma my skin cleared in no time.. :)
ph Comments By: kaela klapan on 2010-09-04
i really believe that all this stuff is true but my mom is insisting that i test the ph of my body first because if my body is acidic then i shouldnt put the pee back on my face because that would be putting for acid into my body. if you know anything about this please let me know.
i splash it on my face jaja i really enjoy it and the results are 100% Comments By: charlie on 2010-09-08
works 100% nuff sED
I'm gonna try it Comments By: Sara on 2010-09-10
I am 27. I am going to do my own experiment. I suffer from major fatigue, light acne, and back pain. I am going to take a before picture and every week of "treatment" I will take a pic to see if there is a difference in my skin and face. I am also going to at least try it on my feet-maybe soak them in it 3 times a week and see if any difference. May try putting some on a bandage for old scars or cuts and see what happens in a few days. I may possibly work up the courage to drink it daily and see if any of my other ailments improve. I look forward to this.
Kinda good Comments By: carlos on 2010-09-12
ok I did put it in my face...I was about to ahve it 25min but I could ot handle the smell adn took it off at 10min. I found it bit too agresive since i GOT SENSITIVE SKIN. I dont ahve acne but it certainly makes pores smaller and helps coplexion.Ill kee upadting but I dont find it as miraclous as mos comments.Its good as a tonic tho I think
it does work Comments By: jukka on 2010-09-26
but when u first wake up and u go to the bathroom take a cotton balland get a lil pee on it and put it on the areas with acne and let dry then wash your face with a facewash or ivory soap!
It works Comments By: Ash on 2010-09-29
I was a little grossed out by the idea at first, but after trying it, the good outweighs the bad. It makes your skin alot more even toned, clears up acne REALLY quickly, and gives your skin a really pretty glow. It is best to do it in the morning (when your pee is darker, it is more concentrated). I usually dab it on, wait for it to dry and repeat a couple times about an hour before I take a shower. I have sensitive skin and this doesnt seem to bother it at all. Best thing Ive ever tried for my skin.
trench foot Comments By: dellboy on 2010-10-08
I had trench foot for about 15 years (like atheletes foot smelly and painfull and embarrasing) tried everything over the counter I had heard of peeing on your feet to get rid of it after getting over my squeemishness gave it a try in the shower and it worked never had a problem since I did'nt realise it would work on moles and warts and having one of each they are next
true!!! Comments By: waldz on 2010-10-14
to non believers- if ever that u shall have wounds later, use urine instaed of medicine from the drugs store. Apply fresh or old. Just soak the cotton with the urine and let it stay overnight on the affected area. The next morning. Im pretty sure that you'll be amazed!!! and become a believer... i bet.
been using it for like a week no results yet Comments By: headach on 2010-11-03
its smell until it drys but after that its ok i put it on my face
Tired Eyes!!! Comments By: waldz on 2010-11-14
If you"re a voracious reader, you are not exempt to suffer tired eyes, worse is, subsequently you wash your face... result? you"re sight is affected and the presence of red small vein on white area is getting apparent.Worst...you eyes cannot anymore bear the sun light without using sun glass or any eye protector. Act with this problem by making a at least one drop of fresh urine everyday. If you don`t...its one step to blindness which make your world darker...forever. What I wrote is a fact proven by actual experience
I Can Attest to this Personally Comments By: Twill on 2010-11-15
Okay I don't know about adult urine but it's something pure about an infant's urine that makes this statement true. When I was an infant and wet my diaper, my mom would take the wet diaper and wet my face with it. I never had blemishes, blackheads or acne growing up and ALWAYS had beautiful skin. Even to this day my skin is flawless at the age of 44. People actually think I'm in my mid 30's. I must say I'm glad she did it and she did to to my kids as well. So if you take infant urine now as an adult and you have acne, I don't know if it will clear up or not but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try.
i'll try this now that we have a baby in the house Comments By: anna on 2010-11-16
ok i have realy really severe acne, i was searching for aloe vera but i came across this instead so what im going to do is use the urine in the morning then aloe vera at night and let's see if my combo works....

i really pray it does, i have no other hope!!!! i'll update in a weeks time. hope it works for me too!

Been there, done that...sort of. Comments By: Claude Nall on 2010-11-20
I heard years ago that urine will kill athletes foot. Just get in the shower, pee on your feet, rub it in between your toes with your other foot, let it sit for a few seconds and then shower. IT WORKS! I haven't had athletes foot since trying this.
curious ????? Comments By: smiler on 2010-11-25
hey guys. This message is to the poeple who have had success with urine therapy.
Im 22,male. I always seem to get breakouts,
on my cheecks or forehead. For the past 2 years i dont think ive had a clear face, (get rid off one,get another)
im curious to know, what does mid stream mean?
A routine to use urine on face?
If drinking it, also when?
& how many times a day. Cheers guys, please reply.

Start trying oee on face today Comments By: Danny on 2010-12-06
Huhu, read so many comments, will start doing it. Check for my updates...
MIRACLE! Comments By: MIRACLE! on 2010-12-06
Not only does urine make pimples vanish quickly, but I have had severe ROSACEA around my nose for almost two years now. I have tried EVERYTHING to try to make this itchy, ugly, torturous, rashy mess on my face go away and nothing has worked. But finally, after only about two weeks of using urine around my nose, my redness is finally beginning to disappear! This is a huge blemish I thought I would have to live with for my entire life, and I am excited for the day when I will no longer have any redness around my nose. Thank you, nasty pee!! <3 :D
UP4me Comments By: PEEce on 2010-12-21
It works wonders for cold sores. Used to get them for weeks at a time even with abreva. Pee on your finger every time you go and dab it on your cold sore. Last cold sore breakout only lasted four days.
Do your Research: It's Free and It's yours Comments By: Chela on 2010-12-30
My mom told me to try urine because she noticed the blemishes on my face. i have been doing it for about two weeks now and i see the blemishes fading away!!! i thought it was weird and gross too but after research i was convinced to try it...HECK!!! It's free, natural, safe and it's your own urine. I recently researched urine therapy...I may try this as well. And to those who say why Dr. haven't mentioned anything on urine...why would they...if they did they wouldn't be making any money!!!! Good luck to those who try this and to those who don't good luck spending your money.
ATTN: Smiler Comments By: Chela on 2010-12-30
I hope since the time you have commented you have also done some research...but just in case....researchers say that the mid stream urine is the freshest, richest, most potent urine you will have all day, it is the second cup full of your urine in the morning(the first cup full is the urine that cleans the pathway of the urethra which you dispose of). Researchers also explain that you can drink your mid-stream urine only if you have a healthy urethra, no urinary track infection and are not taking any medications. you can also apply this urine directly to your face with a cotton swab. And apply urine throughout the day, all day long...leave it on your face for a few mins and wash off or simply leave it. Please do your research to get a much clearer understanding. i wish you luck! :)
ahhhh this is so funny Comments By: lolA on 2011-01-01
okay so i saw this site and people were arguing if it works or not so i had medical tape took a cotton ball with my urine absorbed into it and i taped it over a small beauty mark on my arm the next morning i woke up it looked a little darker but and i touched it it hurt a little like it was bruised and then it slowly started to get scabby and three days later it fell off and since it was a very small beauty mark there was no scar i keep trying it on bigger moles not evelvated ones flat on my skin and its not working i think it only works on really small ones but i promise you it does work and i have washed my face with my urine it cleans ur skin very very well your skin will feel softer and look tighter and shinier it woorkks people urine is the solution TRY IT THATS WHAT I DID ITS JUST YOUR URINE IT COMES OUT FROM YOURR BODYYY
hmmm.... Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-31
Well ive literaly just tried it, its made my skin soft but i cant see the affects yet... so hopefully it will work (fingers crossed)
You're all wrong Comments By: Sepia on 2011-01-31
Urine is sterile . . . contains no bacteria
Thank God for this! Comments By: Luke on 2011-01-30
For 9 months I had a wart on my finger that looked disgusting. I tried to sand it off, no success. I tried vinegar, no success. Duct tape method, no success. I went to a dermatologist who said that she can freeze it but it's not guaranteed to work.

I turned to urine and after 12 days of soaking my finger in a paper cup filled with urine, it just fell off before going to school. As I look at it now I can barely even see that it was there.

It also removed a burn mark I had on my thumb so I'm a big believer in this.

It works Comments By: Kim S. on 2011-02-02
I used to get mild breakouts and one of my friends told me about it. I used to pee on a tissue in the morning, wipe my face with it and rinse off 20 minutes later then washed with my regular face wash. Worked like a charm. I stopped because my skin seemed ok buy revisited the same thing since I am pregnant with my 2nd child and have had severe breakouts on my cheeks. Needless to say after a week I see a noticeable difference not only in no breakouts but my face is moist again. Thank goodness for pee lol
You have cure and food inside you Comments By: Uytre on 2011-02-05
A+ it works. Try it!
Urine therapy Comments By: D.H. on 2011-02-15
It is ironic that many people who are disgusted by the idea of urine therapy are using creams and ointments that contain urea and other chemicals. Of course, doctors aren't going to admit that urine is sterile and helpful! What, deprive themselves of all the money they make with their often detrimental treatments?!?
I guess when one's diet is disgusting, the urine is also disgusting. I eat a mostly raw, organic, healthy diet so my urine is not offensive and has been a boon in clearing up skin problems that occur.
Urine therapy is ancient and most likely far more effective than all the toxic crap people eat and get from doctors & pharmacists.

Rough hands.... Comments By: ShMnLxco on 2011-02-21
Being in arboreal profession, many a times one is stuck dragging wood, grabbing abrasive ropes, and constantly getting rough calloused hands. Needless to say I've been pissing(laughing @ self for such a line) on my hands, while in the shower, and vigorously rubbing them together. I try to get as much use out of my urine as possible, by leak, kegel stoppage, scrub in a beat, and repeat until I feel satisfied. To say that golden showers bring forth smoothness is an understatement. It works, have yet to try it on blemishes but definitely does the trick for rough hands. Hey you can go pay for some skin softener cream that cost some amount of $$$, or you can be smart and not let the valued honey water go to waste(laughter like a Mofo). Don't take my advice, try it, and if anything, if it's to icky and nasty for you, just go wash up with some soap. Urotherapy isn't really big cause it would kill the medical community. End of story. Have a good day and happy trails.....
Urine Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-01
I too find this gross, however, urine is sterile.
day one of my urine therapy Comments By: allthtnmo on 2011-03-17
ok i was told about urine on acne when i was a teenager and only used my babies urine when i had kids, and it did work, but now my skin has broken out badly and my kids are grown so i'm trying my own urine....i'm also taking pics so i'll keep posting and keeping you up to date on my results, don't think i'll ever drink it though.
HMM... Comments By: HopingForTheBest on 2011-03-28
Well my aunt told me about this yesterday but said that she hasnt tried it herelf but her mother in law does it everyday and she has the best skin ever. i am black african and been having bad acne for like 5years now. i am 19 at the moment. the worst acne is on my back and it hurts and gets really big. i am so willing to try this starting from 2mr mornin...actually tonight when everyone has gone to sleep hahaha.
what if you suffer from urinary tract infection? UTI Comments By: D on 2011-03-28
I have always suffered from urinary tract infection. Which comes and goes. Not even having sex with husband for last 1 year but still i have UTI. I also have lot of pimples and blemishes. I am fed up ! what to do if i suffer from UTI? is UTI urine safe?
it works Comments By: allthtnmo on 2011-03-29
ok i said i would come back an comment so here i am i've been cleaning my face with urine for two weeks now and have seen great results, scars are fading and right now i have zero acne, i'll post the before and after pics in 2 more weeks so that you all can see the beginning photos and photos after a month.
New to this Comments By: Missy on 2011-03-30
i have had acne for years and im now tired of spending all my money on one face scrub or the other.I have decided to try the urine, but i think im a bit scared. Ill track my progress and keep you posted
Been trying it for 5 days. Comments By: Tickoamy. on 2011-04-16
So I've started this about 4 or 5 days ago, it doesn't do much to my acne but I hope it will in the future.

One thing I realized is that my skin has gotten alot smoother and shinier o_o. It also gives off this really nice glow, which is good.

I've also used a needle to poke on my facial moles and then applied urine on my face as I've heard urine can actually make the moles fade too. Haven't seen my result yet but I hope it works.

I'll update again after a week or so.

it must be ok Comments By: irishmist on 2011-04-16
i think if it in your body it can't do much harm if you put it on your face it will have lots of excess vitamins you body did not need and what you put in your body did not bother you go on try it i am going to try it for a while i don't have acne but i think if it gives me a glow good stuff
it does work even though it sounds gross Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-23
applying urin to your face and even if you have suffered bad exema it helps dramatically. Sure you may think its is gross but it is infact very pure and serves as an antibacterial--infact those of you who are cluless?? what do you think antibiotics are made from, when you go to the doctor feeling sick and need antibiotics to get better?? Thats Right Urine, and not yours so using your own I think would be best don't you??.
hoping urine remove my syringoma... Comments By: chona on 2011-05-27
i just read about the urine... i will try it now.... im strongly believe, i can get the nice and good skin, i do hope it removes also my syringoma...
mid-stream urine Comments By: Ashleena on 2011-07-02
started today with drinking some mid-stream urine and applying it my face. Surprisingly it doesnt taste that bad at all. cant wait to report of the good results everyone else seems to be experiencing.

SUCK UP YOUR PRIDE! Comments By: NATASHA on 2011-07-06
URINE is not a waste product, its the product of your blood purifying!
so therefore its not as gross as people make out, AND IT WORKS
it really, really works!
urine therapy is used for many things, and i wish it was no longer a taboo!

Cpouldn't believe it!! Wife noticed difference immediately Comments By: NOYFB on 2011-07-07
I suffered with scaly, dry, blotchy skin for decades. Nothing helped, even the most expensive creams. I coated entire face with urine, (I don't have any stigma about urine, it sterile, surgeons releases it internally inside the body without concern) After the second day, my wife that night, was stroking my face and said " you put cream on your face, and did you put on aftershave, I like the smell) I could have died! I still haven't told her. Not sure how she will respond, probably like many in this listing. But I am sold on it. In fact I am going to try uropathy for other health issues. And yes, I have drank it and it takes some getting used to, but it has given me renewed energy.
Accepted Practices and Historical Uses of Urine Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-24
My great-grandmother grew up in Switzerland. She and her sisters would take the cows to the high pastures in the summer and wash their faces with urine. They did it to conserve the water they carried, but also because they knew it was great for the skin, and was just an accepted practice. They all had fabulous skin. Additionally, there are many bizzare first hand accounts about Russian soldiers, (Cossacks)taking off their boots after a long march and peeing on each others feet, i.e, to control fungal infections.
MOLE Comments By: KEZI on 2011-07-28
Everyone needs to grow up Comments By: Katy on 2011-07-29
Your pee is sterile, it's even better in the morning. The majority of the people that commented this needs to educate theirselves, instead of acting like a three year-old. "Eww, that's yucky!" grow up! Urine is extremely healthy and full of multiple-nutrients and vitamins. K? K!
GROSS!!! Comments By: Ryan Bautista on 2011-08-01
Ok. first of all I have nothing against this method.


those guys who commented doing this , can't you guys use your own pee instead?

I wanted it to work SOOOO BADLY.....IT DIDNT Comments By: Richard on 2011-08-02
I have struggled with breakouts for 13 years.....I used proactive for 10 of those years and it kept acne away....then last year i came off of it.....and went holistic on my diet and began to detox my body......my skin has been a major battle since.......i have leaky gut and candida....which is the root.....but my skin was clearing until i tried URINE THERAPY 1 1/2 weeks ago.....OMG....i wish i had not done it.....it cause my skin to be inflamed with little whiteheads everywhere.....i continued thinking it was just purging my skin.....until i looked at my skin under a light and saw that it was also inflamed underneath......THE ONLY good thing it may have done is soften my skin ....from the urea....I WANTED this to work SOOOOO BADLY......now my skin looks 10x worse.....TO ALL OF YOU WHO WANT TO TRY THIS>>>>BE CAUTIOUS.....try a samply patch of skin instead of all over......it made my face a disaster......NOW IM BACK TO JUST USING WATER ON MY SKIN.......I HATE THIS !
I'm giving this a 5 because Comments By: brandi on 2011-09-18
the person who said this probably has gotten many people across the world to pee on their faces. good job. i know people in africa drink elephant pee or something but when it comes to putting pee on your face wouldnt you rather go to the store and buy a thing of face wash for a dolla. oh and theres organic face wash too-just like your pee,only not toxic waste from your body.

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