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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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Everyone needs to grow up Comments By: Katy on 2011-07-29
Your pee is sterile, it's even better in the morning. The majority of the people that commented this needs to educate theirselves, instead of acting like a three year-old. "Eww, that's yucky!" grow up! Urine is extremely healthy and full of multiple-nutrients and vitamins. K? K!
GROSS!!! Comments By: Ryan Bautista on 2011-08-01
Ok. first of all I have nothing against this method.


those guys who commented doing this , can't you guys use your own pee instead?

I wanted it to work SOOOO BADLY.....IT DIDNT Comments By: Richard on 2011-08-02
I have struggled with breakouts for 13 years.....I used proactive for 10 of those years and it kept acne away....then last year i came off of it.....and went holistic on my diet and began to detox my body......my skin has been a major battle since.......i have leaky gut and candida....which is the root.....but my skin was clearing until i tried URINE THERAPY 1 1/2 weeks ago.....OMG....i wish i had not done it.....it cause my skin to be inflamed with little whiteheads everywhere.....i continued thinking it was just purging my skin.....until i looked at my skin under a light and saw that it was also inflamed underneath......THE ONLY good thing it may have done is soften my skin ....from the urea....I WANTED this to work SOOOOO BADLY......now my skin looks 10x worse.....TO ALL OF YOU WHO WANT TO TRY THIS>>>>BE CAUTIOUS.....try a samply patch of skin instead of all over......it made my face a disaster......NOW IM BACK TO JUST USING WATER ON MY SKIN.......I HATE THIS !
I'm giving this a 5 because Comments By: brandi on 2011-09-18
the person who said this probably has gotten many people across the world to pee on their faces. good job. i know people in africa drink elephant pee or something but when it comes to putting pee on your face wouldnt you rather go to the store and buy a thing of face wash for a dolla. oh and theres organic face wash too-just like your pee,only not toxic waste from your body.

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