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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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The reason you never hear this from doctors is because if you had perfect skin, then they wouldn't make any profit.

So booya! In your face! ;)

doesn't smell? Comments By: kendi on 2005-04-01
okay, I'm willing to try it. however, whoever says urine doesn't smell needs to see a nose doctor.
It's true Comments By: Mike Kennedy on 2005-04-03
Look, I know this is crazy sounding but I had level 4 acne. A holistic website I found said that drinking urine will cure acne. A trustworthy friend let me drink his urine and it worked in days!! It may sound gross but so is walking around with pizza on your face. Try it! Urine also saved lives in the Mexico City Earthquake. Anyway, it works. And, really, it doesn't taste that bad!!
um Comments By: curious on 2005-04-03
does it make your breath smell and can you drink your own urine?
who wants to pee on my face??? Comments By: g-unit on 2005-04-23
ha ah ha ha i've just been reading all the posts and it pretty hilarious!! ha ha cuz everybody is talking about urine its weird. I don't know if i'll have the courage to try it but since a few of you say it works i don't know..i think if i get drunk enough and somebody dares me i'll do it. lol. it sounds interesting and i just might try it. Plus i've heard that urine is somewhat good for your skin; on the discovery channel they say if you get a jellyfish sting on you to pee on it (or have somebody do it)and you'll be cured.

Even that sounds crazy but i've heard it works. So the face thing doesn't sound tooo bad. And for those who say that it does work...this better not be some kind of sick joke!! cuz then that would be really messed up! lol.

The Truth Comments By: Dr. Phil on 2005-04-24
Urine is mostly water and urea which is pretty much an ammonia like compound. So, Truthfully, Urine is like glass cleaner.. lol But ammonia will kill germs and bacteria which is what causes acne so I woulden't dismiss this idea.
Contempt prior to investigation. Comments By: david on 2005-04-24
We will poison ourselves with alcohol, caffeine, cigarretts, etc. and yet ignore the fact that urine has saved many a life in different circumstances. I wish I had used urine on my back when I was young. Now my back is completely scarred.

Urine does not taste as bad as booze and the smell is much better than booze. Ha, and it is free. So why not experiment. Look what is getting on our skin in this smog infested society we live in today.

True to the fact Comments By: kex on 2005-05-12
These women wrote a book on remedies that help your health. and it was noted that using first morning urine on your skin will kill acne bacteria
I might Comments By: M on 2005-05-23
I might try it. I've also heard about urine therapy. One time when I was younger I drank some of my own urine out of curiosity.

Some of you guys should grow up, and stop being so prissy.
Well, I've got a face full of zits. I wont take medicine for it, so I think I will try this. I'll bookmark this page and tell you how it goes.

Day 1 Comments By: M on 2005-05-23
Well. I just did the cotton ball thing. This is my first day trying this. I have a face full of zits. Hey, I might make a website of this...hmm..yea maybe.
Tomorrow, i plan to continue with the using a cotton ball of urine on my face. Then I plan to drink I "morning stream" of urine. I'll tell you how it goes.

hmm Comments By: Anon on 2005-05-31
i was reading a magazine wich said some famous persone ( cant remember the name)said she actually puts her urine in a bowl and soaks her feet in it to keep them smoothe!sounds strang but it is really harmless!!!!
OMG Guys grow up! Comments By: BrunettesTakeOver on 2005-06-02
This really works! I am 27 years old and I have made it a daily ritual of using urine on my skin. It doesn't smell and my skin is beautiful.
i'll take a chance on you... Comments By: cris on 2005-06-06
i surf the web more than often just to find cure for my acne. i tried almost everything already, and i'll give this urine a chance. i'll be having an interview a week from now, and i hope this will work :)

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