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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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Gonna keep usin it Comments By: Johnny M. on 2005-06-11
I did the cotton ball thing fer 2 days in a row and didnt see and difference, i guess ill keep at it to see if anything happens.
Instructions--PLEASE!!!! Comments By: confused on 2005-06-25
HELP!! I am willing to try this urine ritual-but am not sure how the process is. Can somone help me? do I just put it on face and then lotion or just the urine?
Do you do it at nite, morning? How does the whole thing work??? How soon will I see a difference?

ITs the Comments By: Nick on 2005-07-02
UREA in the Urine that is good for skin ive read a few regys in cosmetic creams the best ones ive paid for have contained UREA , so could come from a number of sources but i think you need to distill the URINE from your DOG CAT BIRD before apply to face , remove waste products till u get Pure form of Urea.
instructions Comments By: Anon on 2005-07-06
I looked into this and I read on a website that it is best to use urine that is four to eight days old. The ammonia smell helps more. I actually tried it once so far and I think I already see a difference. I put it on with a q tip a couple of hours before bed after I washed my face. It definately isn't sexy, but we'll do just about anything for beautiful skin and it is actually quite healthy. The website mught help any skeptics http://biomedx.com/urine/
in the process.... Comments By: lindsay on 2005-07-08
I started using this method 2 days ago, after going on about 10 different websites to learn more about urine therapy. I tried using older urine ( but i can't stand the smell) so im sticking to 1-2 days old. All I do is get a cotton ball and use it like a toner..after i wash my face in the morning.. or whenever i'll be home by myself for an hour or 2. After 1-2 hours i splash my face with warm water... or take a shower. The only thing I've noticed is that this morning I have a ton of little teenie tiny bumps that you can't really see...unless you have a microscope..( sort of look like the little bumps on a new born baby's face..but smaller) They dont hurt...it's not a rash... so I'm thinking that my pores are actually going through a deep cleaning to get all that junk out. If anyone knows what this is...please let me know! :o)
GOTTA GO! Comments By: Monica on 2005-07-28
i am 30 years old and have been fighting acne for more than half of my life! i am gona try it!!!
Interesting Comments By: Skyler on 2005-08-05
I've been having trouble with my acne for a while now. It's so bad, I make up excuses not to go out. I used to have clear skin, so I'm ready to try anything. I will come back here in about a month to give you a heads up, and let you know if this works. (August 5, 2005)
Nothing new Comments By: S on 2005-08-08
Though I don't have the stomach to try this, it is an old time way to medicate acne. I remember my friends mother telling me that she used baby diapers on her face as a teenager.

And to those commenting on the "bacteria" in urine... you better check your facts! As many have already stated, it is sterile!

Works On Everything Comments By: Dima on 2005-08-16
Well using urine is good it is a known secret for many years i know many people that used urine for healing and ve heard that you can also use it for wasp stings,red eye, flu, cuts, scars and many other things the use of universal and totally safe but your doctor will not tell you that because he/she want to make money! thats all they think about so all the natural remedies work but everyone is different! so if it does not work for one person It will work for another i'm 18 and ive used urine for acne and cuts... by the way all you people here saying its gross you should keep that to your self because you havent tryed it you should grow up! if you try it yull know its perfectly normal and their is nothing grossa bout it. and its all in your head!
What Kind of Urine? Comments By: Mark on 2005-08-23
Is it better to use the smelly Yellow Urine. Or the Clear Urine that is produced after drinking a lot of water?

TipKing says: I really do not know

It realy works Comments By: Emilie on 2005-08-28
I had acne for 10 years and I started using urine on my face . I dont wash it of and you dont have to be worry about the smell it will go away in a hour because the skin absorbe the urine. My acne is gone and it help also for acne scars . The ferst couples of days you will not see a diffrence but after a month are to you will. I only wash my skin with my urine I dont use any soap. Its helps your acne and it also make your skin verry soft.Before saying that its discosting you should try it. Like I said you will not see a diffrence in 3 days but after a month you will be verry suprise ...no new blemishes ..scars or fading ..skin his soft ....pores are smaller.Try it !!!!! Sorry for my English I am Fench !!!!
I agree, but.... Comments By: cherisa on 2005-09-02
I see lots of rave reviews, but nobody has pointed out the fact that Urine is waste that your body has rejected. It is full of toxins and other impurities that your body is trying to get rid of. Why on earth would you put impurities back on your skin? Go to the source, your diet. Please, read my post "Easy Surefire Ways to Zap Acne" and my comments in "Avoiding Fatty Foods" Your diet will probably take the longest to see results. This will take a 6-8 weeks at most. But,in the meantime, for quick fixes in less than 24 hours try rubbing ONION on your skin. The smell goes away after quickly and improvements can be seen within a day. Granted urine does work... it's used in Proactiv under the label uric acid. But sulfuric acid found in onion is also what makes Proactiv such a successful product. I believe even more so based on my quick results I have had during my pregnancy and dealing with bad skin from my hormones. But it's the sulfuric acid that is proven to kill bacteria. Rub a small slice of onion on your face and let the magic begin. Good Luck!
Urine IS sterile, and 99% water Comments By: Kim on 2005-09-07

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