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Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I've never personally tried it, though.

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Urine IS sterile, and 99% water Comments By: Kim on 2005-09-07
Although I've never used it for zits, urine is not as gross as everyone thinks it is. That is, of course, if you're drinking enough water... Your urine should be very pale yellow, even clear! I work in a doctor's office and most people's urine is too concentrated because they're dehydrated.
Urine on the face or in the stomach? Comments By: Anon'. on 2005-09-24
I hope number five is the best ever.
not sure if it's one or five but the tips I've gotten here sure has helped me.
Thank you for the advice. Sure hope y'all know what you're talking about.
I've wondered if it was safe or harmful

Going to try Comments By: Anon on 2005-11-20
That does sound rather disgusting but if you think about it it is basically just the stuff you drink and pee is sterile. I have some really red pimples on my face and I'm going to try it. I don't think i can drink my urine though. :)
pee is good Comments By: david on 2005-11-20
why not, i've heard of peeing on your feet for athletes foot
poison ivy Comments By: mike on 2005-12-01
I've been telling people for years but no one believes me, even my wife, I don't get poison that bad but when I do guess what I do. Been told by a lot of old timers,(now I'm 50) that the best was chicken urine from under the pen.
what is it like to not wear makeup Comments By: Julse on 2006-01-26
there is nothing more painful than being held a prisoner because of acne infested skin you can't control. i wonder what it is like not to wear make up. what it's like to dive out of water, stand under a flurescent light and not hesitate.
anything is really worth a go. lets see if this urine works. thanks for the onion tip will try that too. having bad skin is so exhausting.

Don't Knock What You Havn't Tried Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-27
Actually, all you people saying it won't work. My great grandma worked in a manor house when she was 13, the girls there used to wash there hands in urine because it made their skin soft. So, it probably does work.
Gonna try this Comments By: kantrese on 2006-04-25
i've been fighting acne for years and it is funny because my son had ecezma and my aunt told me to rub him down with his own urine and it worked. But i never tried it on my skin until i ran into a friend the other day and her skin was sooo,soo beautiful she said she was doing urine therapy. so i think i'm gonna try this, i started this morning and it actually have skin feeling soft.and i've also did my research it's not harmful.
old tricks Comments By: clay evens on 2006-05-05
my greatgrandmom used to put my mom's baby sister's diapers on her and her sister's skin when they were young!! looking at old photos of my mom and aunt, their skin is flawless!! they would also pee in their bath water while taking a bath!! i've started doing the same, and my skin IS clearing!! i don't think i could ever bring myself to drink it though!! don't like the smell of old pee, just add some vanilla extract or aroma oils to it!!
This is kind of gross but it will work! Comments By: Shawn McMurphy on 2006-06-06
Back in the good old days fresh urine is what was used to cure ear infections. And come on people, you've never heard of peeing on a jelly fish sting? There is almost instant relief from excruciating pain. To all you people that are saying urine is full of bacteria, I sure hope you didnt graduate from high school or college biology with the simple minded thinking you exhibit here. Do some research before you look stupid from having your foot so far in your mouth you can taste your ***
so what are the steps to this urine procedure? Comments By: clueless on 2006-06-21
tell me how to do it. so i need to collect midstream urine. dap it with a cotton ball, do i need to dilute the urine in any way? then i swap it on my face, for how long? then do i wash my face with soap or plain water? do i need to moisturize it after that or leave it alone? how long will i need to wait to see result? are there any side effects like breakout of pimples, then should i stop with this urine therapy?

TipKing says: If you read through all the comments on the page you will get more information on this treatment. I have no personal knowledge of it.

please do some reseach on google Comments By: Sebastian on 2006-07-01
can someone please do a reseach on the net or health magazine that says this. then please post the link here . thanks
It truly works! Comments By: Anon on 2006-09-03
I'm a living example! I once had really bad acne and had other problems. My friend kept telling me to drink my pee and finally I looked it up on the web. I read alot and was convinced to give it a try. I started to drink it in the morning and at night I would put it on my face. I even stored some in a jar for 5 days to apply to my face. (I read that it worked better that way) Well.. In maybe about two weeks or so, I saw amazing results, I hadn't seen my skin so clear in a long time. I continued for two months. My health inproved and my skin was glowing. So many people commented on how I looked so good, I of course kept my little trick a secret :) So then I stopped for a while because I started traveling and eventually my skin got bad once again. Now I justr started it up again and i can already see the difference in my face. So amazing, it's really worth try!

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